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Image 1 of Semi-weekly interior journal, April 26, 1895

Part of Semi-weekly interior journal

y Interior Journal. Semi-Weekl- y vol. xxiii. LANCASTER, STANFORD. KY.. FRIDAY, APRIL 26. 1895. CARRARD COUNTY. LIBERTY, CASEY COUNTY. Prof. J. M. Hubbard, ol Centre College, liaq accepted u call to th Presbyterian church of this place. Tim entertainment of "Louva, tho I'aupor" presented by the Stanford Opera Company waB enjoyed by our amusement MT. VERNON, ROCKCASTLE We have had beautiful weather COUNTY. MATRIMONIAL NO. 47 MATTERS. .... "iiij ii ii. i nnii ism Jnnfc worn twmicv It is said that Col. Bennett H. '''"'V'"1 h scrimmage near Younp, of Louisville, is to wed Mies i)Uj. lin m wsh n rln ti. Sharp, of Bardstown, at an early day. R7 -- T" IflrS Pr,JV0,,,,t,,, held n convention Tin r Tho wife of A. D. Brown, boh of row '9 U,U,U " county here Monday and nominated W. H. Whit-- , Gov. Brown, has Becured a divorce from Z Wc carry the Fonvood Shoe Mfg Co.'s Shoes for both men and laM !' JI H co,""y conven-lake- r "," for tho Legislature, him on the ground of abandonment. lovers. dies. They cannot be excelled in style or wear. In cheap and meWM McCoy.our Three Jellico men have claimed Tho distillery in our vicinity leased oannnln." !7 dium price ladies Shoes our $i 29, $1 50 and $2 goods are bargains. now Lincoln county wives by Mr. John W. Miller to Cincinnati """" ,,,,,, lo BUen" i"er residences an appearance of Spring fresh- - our girls went thero and since a couple of . opened a milliWhen uuDiurns iiuiieri'. ine IoIIoaIiil- - were Co. is about Hearing completion. Wc carry a full line of men's, youths' and boys' Clothing, in mediIlfHH. nery a year or two ago. finished it will bu a handsome brick appoint, d as delegates to that conven Klder Joseph BjIIou preached n serRev. II. O. Morrison, the evangelist um price goods. Our men's 7 50 and 10.00 suits arc great bargains; tion. W. B. Cochran, James Gibony, F. structure, with agroater capacity. mon on Sanctiflcatiou to n largo audi- has proved that he believes Kenthat it is P. Combeat, Frank Boll, alternate. Mr. Charles Alien Thouiau, of call and examine our stock wc take pleasure in showing our M. ence Sunday evening. Sunday morning "not good for man to live alone" by taka young man of or G. McLure; K S. Allen, ulternate. tucky ruiverBity and F. C he delivered an excellent discourse oil ing unto himself a wife at Sau Jose, Cal., stock and it costs you nothing to look. atorical fame, will till the pulpit of Klder Land, K. P. Mies, alternate. Dr. W. T. Conversion. a Miss Peddlar. Ilia fiist uif. vcaa a George Gownn at the Christian church Murphy, Jolin D Alston, attentat. H. The republican convention Mouday daughter of George W. Bain, the temper here, both Sunday morning and evening S Hector; T. J, Bull, alternate. X. F. was a lively affair. After vainly trying ance orator. Klder John KarieeoMAn, of Turkish Mills; Frank Lane, alternate. Win. to come to ord-- r in tho e Mrs. Marcissa Sims, who was yesterthey origin, who is a student of the Bible Pierce; Mitchell Taylor, alternate. W. Bdjourned to tho street, divided forces day married to LaFayette Leach, aged of Lexington, lectured to a crowded T. Garner; J. 0. Ijy, alternate. Col. Siand counted noses. 25, in the South Fork neighborhood, is liouso on last Sunday night, on the man las Adams were appointed delegatea-at-largTo Mrs. Hosalind Nesbitt, who has breaking the record in multiplying matnors and customs of bin people of ArAIho all other republicans present long been a temperance worker, was as rimonial alliances. But 20 summers have menia. at tho convention were appointed dele- signed me subject, 'The Voice of Sci shed their sunny rays on her golden hair The romaiua of Mm. II. T. Johnson, gates A motion was carried to instruct ence We sell as low as the lowest these two superior wall finishes. Call Concerning Alcohol'," for a paper to and yet this is tho third time she has who was Miss Lucy Hjzley, of Lincoln, for Wm. O. Bradley for uovernnr. Th be read beforo the District W. 0. T. V. ttken upon herself the vows of a wife. and examine samples and color cards. Prices free. was interred in our cemetery on Tues- rest of the ticket was left uninstructed convention, which met at Richmond We do not know what became of tho day. The deceased leaves a husband for. this weok. other two husbands, except that they an several children, besides other near Tlio writer has information that Misa Florelle Brown returned Mon- were likely legally disposed of. and dear relatives to mourn her iocs. Prof. H II. Carothers, of Louisville, has day from Indiana. Mrs. Durman and Mr. W. S. Garner, the clever horseA Christian Kndeavor Society has consented o let his name be put beforo sister, MisiSnllie Puraoll, of Brodhead, man, was married Wednesday to Misa White Lead and Oils, Paint Brushes, strictly pure materials and been by tho young people the publican State convention as n canvisited Mrs. Nannie Albright last week. Kincaid, a handsome lady of Maryville, Oils, sold at a small profit. Remember the Drug Store of here and moota evuty Sunday afternoon. didate for superintendent of public in- Misses Susie Thompson, Clura Kennedy Tonn. Six weeks ngo Mr. Garner was The following are the olllcetn: Mitt.1) struction. If tho State should bo bo un. and Ida May Adams visited Miss Kva utterly ignorant of tho existence KHz i Lusk, president, of the MIki Florence fortunate amid tho great political land Martin at Maretsburg last week. lady who now bears such a closo relaHarris, treasurer, Miss Mamie Noel, sec- fllldea of the present duy to be lost to tlio Matt. Burk and Mrs. Hall were mar- tionship. About that time Bhe came retary". democratic party, no better man for tho ried at the jail here Wednesday. Burk with Miss Hattie Buchanan to visit at Wo are glad to report that norno of echool Interest could bo selected. Though is the man whon wife was killed by Mr. W. F. Abrahams'. Mr. Garner met the sick are improving. Misa Botfly My-e- honest in hia political convictions, his Bill N'ewcum, who is now in tlio peni- her thero. It was a case of love at first la better; Mrs. T. V. Olds ia improvlife has been free from party wrangles, tentiary for tho crime. Burk afterward sight with him and Cupid seems to have ing, MIbs Saliie Tillott, better; Mrs. V. but his life work has been devoted to the shot at N'owcum In the e dualso fired his dart into the heart of the A. Arnold is reported worse in the punt cause of education. Ho has broad views ring the trial. Burk gave bond, which object of his affections. She returned few days. Mrs. Capt. Dillion is improved oiiBiisuDjecti connected with popular uu . a . (aior uroiliMit ill home. He followed her shortly and yesgreatly, Mr. Nathan Thompson continues education, tur ! I....... I. I . i .iioMoimn Iueeu n i hihi BiirrenilMrxil. liv hia l....t terday she returned with him for good inite ill and Is liable to die at any time. practical teacher. For six or uluht veara ' tiilfil. r. . . . . and all. May their union prove a g Minn Altio Markabury has returned lie uns been tlio editor and businessman All kinds of Wagon, Buggy and Carriage Making and Repairing There is always something developof joy as long as they both shall from an extended visit to relatives in ger of one of the leading educational ing in the mountains, where the hills live. done in first class style. Tailahassie, Fla. Mies Kva C. Grtnt and journals in tho United States, ami for are stored with coal, iron, silver, etc. The marriage of Miss Lottie McL. brother of Dinville, were visiting Lan- many years ho has been secretary of the Since an English company purchased Givens, daughter of Mr. James Walker caster relativeu last week. V. I. Wil- State teachers' association. No man is such large tracts of land in this section, Givens, and Mr. J. H. Barker was duly liams is the guest of his parents, Mr. and better informed or has been more cloBely a Special attention to horses with diseased feet. We have an artistic route for another railroad will bo sur- solemnized at Mrs. R. B. McKinuey's at Mrs. I) X. Williams, of dmpbellsvllle. associated with tne schools of the State veyed at once. It is thought that the 10:30 Wednesday, Rev. W. Trimmer who will satisfy the taste of the most fastidious in his work. W.Bruce Mr. F. I). Gaines ami wife, of Danville, than Prof. Carothers. most level and least expensive track can officiating. Misses Jennio McKinnoy were visiting Mrs. Gaines" pirenta, Mr. R. H. KIRLEY. KE 8XPERIERCED PMKTER. be laid by starting at Mt. Vernon. The and Nannie Kennedy were maids of HUSTONVILLE. and Mra. Theodore Curry, tho first of the right of way can be secured Bnd mpny honor. A nice lunch was Has charge of our Painting Department. Give us a trial. enjoyed im week. Mrs. J. W. How land, of Point -- Sim Lusk is convalescent and you along tho route promise large gratuitous mediately after the ceremony and the Burnside, is a visitor of her Hinit'n, Mrn. muy expect to see him dow n town noon. contributions of timber, land and rock. young couple with a number of their George Douny, Sr. W. S Ferguson has W. D. Weatherford sold a yearling Let us have the new road by all means. friends drove to Stanford and took the returned from a visit to hia mother at Shetland to a Somerset man for 50. She Three strangers caused a ripple of train for Jellico, where Mr. Barker Iies f Covington. Dr. Steele itailey and daugh is n.spotted mare and a little beauty. excitement on Skagg's Creek last week n paying grocery trade. He is spo ter, Mlsn Isabella, of Stanford, were Madam Humor has it that one of our by visiting very quietly the old oil wells ONken of as a fine business man and that gueataof Mr. D. M. Lackey and family best widowers is about to take unto him ttiat were bored years ajo by Mr. James he is a man of taste is shown in his seon Tuesday. 'Miss Alice Hudson has re- self a bride. Neither will his light bo Smith, of Ohio. Oil was found but not lection of a wife, for his bride is pretty, turned from a visit to friends and rela- under n bushel, but on a hill that every- in paying quantities then. Wo hope wlnBome and attractive, and gifted with tives in Richmond. Mrs. Allen Beazley, body may pee it. that capitalists will come bore aud spend a sweet and sunny disposition, which of Stanford, was the guest of Mrs. Mary Mrs. Dr. Lee Huffman and little, enough money ti give this matter a scatters sunshine all about her. That Elkin. Mra. Ji. L. Owsley has returned daughter, Annie Cook, are tho guests of thorough test. Natural gas has exuded they will be very happy, the Lntkrior from Richmond, where she has been fcr relative! hero. Mrs. Except Glassware, which is already to Rock Bottom. Jennie Carpenter is for years from a spring of water noar Journal hopes and believes", while exseveral weeks atteudiug the bedside cf in Danville on a visit. J. B. Cook was Brodhead. People called it the "Burn- tending its compliments and good wishher son, William. We are glad to report over from Lawrenceburg a few days. ing Well" long before they knew what es. he is improving. Fred Frisbio has reMoso Cook, who has been attending caused tho phenomenon. Mr. S. P. Gray, of Richland, Va., turned from a visit to hia cousin, Her- tho Vanderbilt University of Pharmacy On Thursday morning. April 23th aud Miss Maggie, the pretty daughter of bert Price, of Danville. Miss Gertrudo at Nashville, has accepted a position in Miss Nettie Mr. S. A. Middieton, were married at his Header, of Georgetown, is her n drug store, but will also continue hia The death of Cocks died of peritonitis. home Wednesday at 11 this beautiful young lady a. m. by Elder J. IN VIEW OF- inenu, Airs, raacoe, at tne liousr, B.luilea ami comni,M pmitBl, nurt has cast a gloom over the whole commu G. Livingston. The bride is spoken of year. He always liovora near tho 100 nity. For her gentleness and amiability as a very lovable young lady and good OF A LOCAL NATURE. mark in his monthly examinations she was belovod by nil who knew her. reports come from his State as to the A few of our "young" ladies and Only last Saturday II. G. Bonta, a citizen evening she filled standing of the groom. Their marriage of Mercer, is dead. gentlemen rigged up their fishing tackle, her place as organist during resulted in a rather romantic way. A year church JULY 1, 1895, we offer Pinovillo doctors deny that thero Is' grips and knapsacks, Saturday, and hied In tho Sunday-schooat school, or more ago, Mr. Gray wrote to Mrs W. a case of small-pothero. them away to the bonnie batiks of Green in society and in the broken home cir-c- 'o K. Buchanan, to send him the names of The Madison circuit court sent eight River to llsln") Those who wont were: she will be missed, but her last words some eligible unmarried ladies. She did men to the penitentiary from two to Mr. F. 11. Twidwell and .Miss Anna Reid, atlord sweet consolation to those who so and ho selected Miss Middieton to write eight years. Mr. W. S. Dryo and Miss Jessie Cook, mu iuii iu mourn, mr sue expressed a to. A correspondence began in that way Everything in our line, such as The Woodford county republicans Mr. J. W. Allun and Mian Jennio Reid perlect willingness to go and trust in and in due Urns Mr. Gray made a visit instructed lor Col. W. 0. Bradley and and Mr. L. M. Held and Miss Mary Lusk God's overshadowing love. to the young lady, who had charmed endorsed a single gold standard. Boat riding and the inevitable It is seldom that husbaud wife com- him by her letters. They were mutually W 11 KS) J.O.XXiVJ.1 About 10 Madison county corpora(so some sty) were a prominent fea plete their earthly labors ami respond to pleased with each other and their admirtions have been indicted for failure to ture of the affair, call of the relentless reaper, death, ation gradually developed into love. He Stoves, Queensware, Glassware, Hardware, Table and Pocket Cutlery, tho lite reports with the secretary of within tho samo week, as in tho case of proposed, she accepted nnd the rest is Groceries of all kinds. Come now and help yourself while have you Tlio negro children of Fred Douglass State. Mr. Willis Adams and his wife, Mra. told above. It is said that true mar- a large stock to select from. It looks very much like Adkins will by his llrst wife, a former slave, are su- Margaret Maret Adams, of Garrard coun riages are made in Heaven. May this he convicted at Barbourvillo of the as- ing in tho courts for the estate. Doug- ty. The latter passed quietly away on couple so romantically brought together sassination of Judge Combs. The lass married a second time, hia last wife Enster Sunday; three days later her hus- realize that a divinity haa shaped their trial Is attracting great crowds, many being a white woman from Boston, to band died of tho same disease, pneu- ends. by a desiro to pee whomheleltby will the bulk of hia monia. Mr. AJauis was persons Mr. J. W. Batighman, of this place, well known in property, amounting to near $200,000. Coi. Billy Breckinridge, wiio is defendthis section, being a member of au old aud Miss Lizzie Dunn, of Danville, were William Whitelauf was shot and ing him. and influential family. He leaves many married at tho bride's father's, Mr. David killed by his cousin, Jacob Brewer, G. M. Hauptman, a veteran oil man relatives hero to mourn his loss. His W. Du nn's, in that city, Tuesday mornfrom the North, who has been fn Wayne whilo seated at the hreaktast table nt excellent wifo was a daughter of Jack ing., Dr. Ledyard officiating. In a reKY. county with other foreign prospectors, Paducah. He claims that It was acci- Maret, of Garrard county. Out of ten in cent issue of this paper wo gave our says ho expects tho Wayne county fields dental, but be will bo tried for tho deed the Maret family, seven have died of readers intimation mat tins marriage I have an immense stock of goods now arriving which will revoluto soon become of national importance. all the pamo. pneuaionia in tho month of April. Mr. would occur in a very short time, but tionize the retail trade. The prices mentioned below will seem imTho grounds and equipments of tho A largo number of wells that had good James Maret and son, of this place, aro Mr. Baughman den'ed it so positively possible to a great many people but I will pay any one's toll coming Versailles Fair and Trotting Association How have been plugged up by lessees. the only male descendants of Jack Mar- we begin to tear that we were proma-tur- to my store and not finding them as I represent them. All of these The graud ury at Richmond indict- were sold publicly by order of the court et bearing his surname now living in It only took a little time, howey goods will arrive in the next few days. ed the L. & N. and the R. N. I. & B. to satisfy a debt of f 12,000. Isham er, to prove the fulfillment of our Kentucky. was tho purchaser at f 10,000. railroads for not providing separate acand now that Mr. Baughman has Bimetallista of tho Texas Legislature Lucky Baldwin, the rich horeoman, won his prize and is enjoying a delightcommodation for ladies at their depots A good black slicker $1.25, very fine rubber coat Si. 50 worth S3, there. This action is unprecedented in have adopted a resolution callitig upon demurs to a suit for betrayal and breach ful honeymoon, wo trust ho will forgive Ii,ack caPc Mcintosh S3. 75 worth S5.50. iMcns' . sandals worth 7SC is going n the people not to bo misguided by tho of promise against him by a youug us for giving away the secret. After the this part of the Stato and y . ! r f """"! Bt Sin Francisco, ou tho ground ceremony a delightful lunch was served, lor Ladies sandals worth 50c lor 35c. Uoy's knee pant suits for little further than any jury has over gone action of those democrats who lmvu dethat his reputation lis so well known and then the happy couple left for At- 65c, Si. 10, 1.40, 2.00, 2.50 and 3.50, worth almost double. Mens' before in tho effort to regulate railroads. clared for for free coinage. Thomas MoKeever, of Columbu,0., that no woman of experience would lanta to visit the groom'a relutivee. They and Youth s suits, coat, pants and vest, S2.50 to S7.50, worth $$ to Powell, tho eight months old son of stolo a pair of 50c socks and was given a trust him and that the fair plaintiff knew will return Saturday or Sunday and tako Si 5. Mens' fine suits, imported goods, elegantly trimmed and tailor Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dalton, died Wednesyear in tlio pen. A few days after his he was not be trusted. rooms at the St. Asaph Hotel. The hrido made for Si 2. 50 to Si 5. former price 18 to 25 dollars. These goods day of brouchitis. lie had been sick for confinement he became insane aud is In declining to bo interviewed Gen. is a lovely young lady, accomplished and are equal to suits that tailors charge double the money for. several days, but was not considered sernow a raving maniac. Harrison says that when he has any- very popular, and will prove a joy forev-o- r iously ill. Mrs. Dalton got up to cook S Brig. Gen. Wcslov Morritt haa been thing to say on the silver question or ! to him to whom she has linked her folbreakfast and as usual left the little appointed Major General to succeed any other public issue he will make life. Mr. Baughman is tlio junior mem. hIio was goods in great variety of style and quality and I know Woolen dress low asleep. When she returned Gen. McCook. Col. Znus Q. Bliss and known lus views in a speech and not her of the livery firm of M. S. & J. V. horrified to find that its little life had Col. John that I own them way down below their actual value and will sell them J. Coppinger become Briga- through the press. He doea'nt like tho Baughman nnd is a splondid young man. lower than the lowest. Don't buy your dress or silk shirt waist unlied. . dier Generals. press anyway. His name is aynonymn with Bticcesa and til you see how cheap I will sell them to you. Wash Fabricks I have James M. Bryant, of Bracken coun- The Russian government has sent a few uieu are his peer morally, Starting The Queen & Crescent Route will con. , fcllu . uuvuiuw, uuui m aLvit ciiiu luiui, j. nave a nut; ui duct a low rate excarsion to Cincinnati ty.tapped a sugar tree on his farm which note to japan lutimaiing tuai inero are out in pro,n check, striped and figured white goods carried over from last year for and return from all stations, Danyillo to ran 30 gallons of sugar water in 21 hours. various provisions in the treaty of peace ttous lrcuuistances we predict Ii ir The Fiah Commissioner is prepar- between China and Japan which Rus- and Mrs. Baughman a pleasant and sucCrittenden, under the auspices of tho Carpets and Mattings. My prices on these will surprise you. They Ladles' Endeavor Society, May Oth. ing to send out 700,000,000 to bo put in sia can uot allow to bo put into execu- cessful journey and join their many are all new, not a single piece of carried over stock. the various waters of the country. tion. friends iu hoping that their tailing will Tickets good going, and returning only Miss Roberta Coleman of Harroda-bur- g A Great Bargain. A black stiff hat, the very latest shaye, forSi.15 Morris Hopkins, negro, was hanged always be over seas where tempests are on day named. Ask your agent for parand Dr. Browning, of Chicago, were at Richmond, Vs., for the murder of a unknown and where breakers never ap- worth S3. "The sequel Buy and sell for Cash. P. A., Cin ticulars. Ohau.W. Zell.D. married Wednesday. white man. pear. I AMES FRYE, Ilustonville, Ky. cinnati, uuiu. Ul for ii-- 1. w.i.. ' ,, SHOES f"'ner9 aro kncked down during "PlHn. M ?"' wide-awa- I W 4 CLOTHING ke 11 W. E. PERKINS, Crab Orchard. court-hous- Col-lo- e Wall Paper&Alabastine e. Mixed Paints & Varnishes, 1 Wo Bo - St. rs mlBJB2B&TSo Asaph Carriage Co., STANFORD, KENTUCKY, court-hous- MERSHON "-"- I GREER, Proprietors. & well-sprin- Horse Shoeing and Biacksmithing of all Kinds. ER. EASTER REDUCTION -- All Goods In Our Store. - JEWELER. DANKS, Ai 11 vli-itin- .,, well-know- -- n ser-vice- s. l, x AT COST FOR CASH love-makin- WAr,nN.mnws.HARNF.rc g O-- J-J- VJ FARRIS & HARDIN James Frye, being-draw- m i.'l If. I IIUSTONYIIXE, e. Rai-le- y GLOTHIIIfcTG- pro-dictio- wo-ma- I I n 45, D.RESS ..... .- . O-OOID- t- -t I I t, ft nv-- , - 3. !t'r ?.jryt2 ,- - f-- . -- 4 ti '',' " itA,- - (m v- ii'.-ft- -- :...mi,m' j,, , i.totv &

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