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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 6, 1924

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

FOR ALL INDEPENDENT-SCREA- MS WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY, VOLUME EIGHTEEN Ine 'Winners Bonds Despite the Heavy Mountain Vote the Issue is Beaten by avalanche of votes. Latest re- ports are that the bond issue is defeated but the majority is no doubt less than first reported. The big Bluegrass and commercial centers of te State just outvoted the mountains and the western end of the State. Broken Doses We lived and in a way prospered without a State Road Bond Issue and we can probably pull along- some way in the future. Dan Fields was right when he said, "Why take a good man and lie a millstone around his neck and expect him to swim?" . i 1 Latest reports bear out the early returns that placed Kentucky in the Republican column. It looks like Coolidge's majorwill almost equal that of Mr. Harding in 1920, which was 404. ity in the electoral college In his message cf congratulation to President Coolidge on his election, Mr. Davis said, "Greater than any trcccicnt success is the welfare of our common country and to this is the duty and privilege of every citizen tp contribute, whether in office or out of it." We have heard nothing as to the result of the race over in the Ninth Cogressional district of Virginia. The sun still shines bright in Old Kentucky, and many people repoice. R. O. Branson, having finished a general couurse in agriculture at the Bowling Green Business University, is back at his old home on Rcckhouse. He was a visitor here. Mrs. O. W. Danner and Lewis Harvie Danner, of McRoberts, visited here. bonds, 6. Suger Grove Dem. 27, Rep. 62 ; for bonds 93 vs. bonds 4. Seco Dem. 57, Rep. 171, La Fol. 55, for bonds 320 vs bonds 4. Millstone Dem. 16, Rep. 56, for bonds 59, vs. bonds 8. Burdine Dem. 102, Rep. 125 LaFol. 15, for bonds 225, vs. bonds 3. Big Branch Dem. 5, Rep. 38, for bonds 33, vs, bonds 8. McRoberts Dem. 115, Rep. 201, LaFol.132, for bonds 412, vs. bonds 5. Hurricane Gap Dem. 0, Rep. 78, for bonds 80. Dunham Dem. 70, Rep. 125, LaFol. 33, for bonds' 205, vs. bonds 3. Collj' Gity Boi . Just Chaff Election Day Letcher's Vote W. W. Whitesb Dem. 125, Rep. 212, LaFol. 7; for bonds 282, vs. bonds 18. E, W. Whitesburg Dem. 126, Rep. 311, LaFol. 7; for bonds 463, vs. bonds 12. Colson Dem.Y28, Rep. 150, La Lose 'Over 50,000 Fol. 0, for bonds! 57; vs. "12. Cumberland Dem. 2, Rep. 48, for bonds 42, vs. bonds 5. The electorate of Kentucky Baker Dem. 75, Rep. 233, Tuesday buried the $75,000,000 LaFol. 16, for bonds 320, vs. road bond proposition under an November 6. 1924 Dem. 32, Rep. 194, for bonds 217, vs. bonds 2. E. W. Jenkins Dem. 86, Rep. 149, LaFol. 64, for bonds 263, vs bonds 3. Democrat Dem. 7, Rep. 60, for bonds 53, vs. bonds 14. FJemmg DemA 6a,Rep,-.fl20- , LaFol.89, for bonds 290, vs". bonds 5. Blackey Dem. 182, Rep. 13S, LaFol. 26, for bonds 359, vs. bonds 3. Dalna Dem. 116, Rep. 122, LaFol. 5, for bonds 265, vs. bonds 0. John White Sumner was Police Judge of Blackey. Even before the sun had smiled above the horizon the polls in the two wards here were opened and voting commenced. By eight o'clock the town had practically cast its vote and swarms from te country had gathered around the polls. "Tltcre was a fervid fever to vote and occasionally only did someone declare himself against the State bond issue. All hands were out talking for bonds regardless of politics. At ten o'clock as much as half the votes in the two precincts had been cast. That the women were not coming to the polls to vote anything like their strength was observed. Along up in the day word came from Seco that the 300 ballots furnished that precinct would soon be exhausted. Great regret was expressed on account of this. The law allows 50 per cent more ballots for each precinct' than votes cast at the last general election and this was done, besides 25 extra ballots were allowed each precinct for emergencies. Over 10,000 ballots were printed and distributed according to the official vote as cast last November. We would gladly have printed twice this number had we any idea es they would have pecially because of the bond sisue No would we have done- this. quieter election was ever held in been-needed- LaFollette ran away with the gears, plow-stoc-k and all at Haymond. Senator Stanley led the Demo cratic ticket in the county by atk least 100. And there stands Texas! Ma Ferguson will bar the door and tend to her knittin'. Two of the biggest sports in town yere Mrs. Sally Cook and Astor Hogg. There was not a frown on their face nor a tear in their eye. o A lot of good citizens came to town yesterday to learn how the country had gone. Some were sad, some sadder; some were glad, some gladder; some were mad, some madder. FOR PRESIDENT. CALVIN COOLIDGE, Many of our good women, mothers, sweethearts and old maids lost their votes, but they are brave, too, and will be found in the front ranks battling right on and with their noble sisters who rejoiced at their victory. Down Upon the Swanee River, Far, Far Away," oh, go South, young man, "The Yanks Are Coming!" "Our Captain Was as Brave a Man as Ever Commission Bore," but he "streamed bravely out behind." , ' Today is "I told you so day." The victor and the vanquished, This being true the Eagle- will the lion and the lamb, now em- speak seriously and tell its raad-er- s. brace each other and become in its oninon. the reason for tc7,ex,-ostrength cue overwwneimmgiy election oi loged voting in the national and country nobler "and better. Mr. Coolidge. It is this way: For State races as usual. Politics at the firs? time in the political best is a strange characteristic. Its human nature to feel bad life of the nation a fight was inFolks are jealous of the right to in defeat, but its Divine to for- augurated to run a Catholic for vote as they please and oftengive. The Eagle is just as happy President of the United States. cannot understand why all people as a big frog sitting on a sassa The battle was iinallyy staged in of the same blood and family do fras limb drinking in the sun Madison Square Garden, New not see alike. On our part this shine and batting its eyes in the York City. It was a fight to a Rep. 105, breed of "ticks" does not cut any Cowan Dem. 41, storm. It is for the people finish. Smith and McAdoo fought figure with us. The great underLaFol. 1, for bonds 121, vs. 2. right or wrong, and the people xunously, figuratively speaking,, Laviers Dem. 85 Rep. 78, La lying truth is that politics does are always right. Here's now to till blood dripped from their not make the man. In this coun-tr- T Fol. 18, for bonds 274. Letcher county ,its noble people brows. They were thrown from Eolia Uureported. there is great need for and its glorious heritage! We the stage without a compromise voting. Sticking 'to Thornton Dem.137 Rep. 139, bottle up the story of the past but with venom still rankling in 12, for bonds, 253, vs. any particular party or ticket is La Fol. election and grant to our good their bosoms. In the dying agon not the thing it once was. There bonds 17. and loyal friends the glorious ies of the convention and prob Marion Dem. 156, Rep. 71, is no chance for reforms in govright and privilege to know that ably after the battle-lashe- d CHARLES G. DAWES, FOR VICE PRESIDENT an ernment as long as free and LaFol. 6, for bonds 203, vs. 4. they have done best for them- tagonists had left the amphiHaymond Dem. 30, Rep. 30, y-loving citizens willingly do There never was an issue selves and all the people. We theatre, John W. Davis, a patri LaFol. 134, for bonds 205, vs. this. In this election, throughout brought before the people in extend to President Coolidge our ot and statesman, was chosen to the nation, there was probably bonds 3 te mountains that was more sub- sincere sympathies, our hopes lead a forlorn hope. Al Smith, W. W. Jenkins Dem. 97, Rep. more independent voting than stantially indorsed than the and our prayers in the battles he enough to get a fair proportion 109, LaFol. 42, for bonds 236, vs. ever before. This is an encourState Road Bond Question. Its must wage for the salvation of came a candidate for Governor aging sign. bonds 8. defeat in the State brings, con- this country in the years just of the Empire State. A million Haflie Dem. G2, Rep. 6, for sternation to all who fought go ahead. He'll need the weight of or more Catholics unsheathed bonds 34, vs bonds 10. Enough returns have been re- ardently and unselfishly for It. every loyal American in the their swords and joined in the Totals Dem. 1847, Rep. 3131, ceived from all oyer the United Ninety-nin- e that is to come. per cent of our peofray for their champion. Smith LaFollette 662, For bonds 5468 States to sow that Coolidge and ple regard it as a shame that the talked some for Davis, just Against bonds 150. Dawes, Republicans, have nvept big rich sections of the State ATTEND GRAND CHAPTER enough to et a fair proportion of the Protestant vote in his ORDER EASTERN STAR the land and are elected by a have knocked the prospects for J. S. Piersall, of Blackey, was good roads in the mountains deep State and insure his election. handsome plurality, if not by a in town. down in the mud.jlf the Hester Chapter No. 54, of His Catholic vote at home and majority. Davis and Bryan ran scheme to build roads for Whitesburg, was ably represent- the thirty million or more Cath- second, LaFollette and Wheeler us as preached by many in the ed at The Fiscal Court is in session the Grad Chapter in Louis- lics all over the country remem this week. The Republicans State is feasible, now let it ville last week by Miss Amanda bered the battle in the Garden a bad last. Gibson and Mrs. Minnie Fields, and carried their venom to tha gained several members m come, H. B. Branson and son, Grover two of its most ardent members. polls. They were not so much for Congress and one or two Sena' C, Harry Smith and Justice T. M, tors, among the latter Fred They report the meeting to have Coolidge, but they wanted to i MWmM WW BACK TO GOD'S COUNTRY C. Adams were up from Blackey. debeen one of the grandst in the show their strength in this na Sackett, of Kentucky, who history of the order with a large tion, and they did. After the feated Mr. Stanley. New York mi Coolidge but redo no good to talk about Among the many good Letcher attendance and a general good battle in New York was over the State went for It will elected Al Smith, Democrat, for folk away on temporary business time. Miss Gibson and Mrs. Democrats never had a ghost of the election now. Let's get it out of our system and see if we Governor over Teddy Roosevelt, who came home to vote for the Fields were accorded high hon- a show. It was a fight in the someting to make cannot do Jr. Ed Jackson, Republican, was bond issues and their choices for ors and given important assign- name of religion, and may we There is certainly elected Governor of Indiana. President, etc., none, were more ments at the meet. things better. Hester never see in this "country an to gladly welcomed than Mr. and Chapter has always stood well in other like it. John W. Langley is a crying demand for this. Congress in this district by Mrs. L. W. Fields, now commut- the Grand Chapter and a few FRED M. SACKETT, Rep. some 6,000 majority. For the ing in Lexington. To us they are years ago" Whitesburg was se Rierson, MASS MEETINGS ' Mr. and Mrs. Eric Elected U. S. Senator first time in its history Ken- and always will be Belle and Wil- - lected for the Grand Chapter. Angelia Eric, Jr., and Miss tucky has gone Republican, leck, fson, loved by all, and the good iTo this day some of the Grand A mass meeting of tho Demo left for their home at Middle Thornton School plans stock and barrel, with about news that they with their splen- Chapter delegates speak of the crats of Letcher County is Chapel, Va. a big educational rally and din- 10,000 plurality for Coolidge and did boys and girls will return wonderful time they had here. called to meet in the various here in the spring to live will be 'Mrs. Fields and Miss Gibson in precincts on Saturday, Dec. 6, kind! ner on Thanksgiving, Nov. 27, Ion nnn f. No disturbance of any Davis carried only the Solid joyfully received. And we would vited them to come again and 1924, at 2 p. m. to elect a Demcounty on was reported in he with a fine program of adresses South though the resulut in Ten- add, if there are other folk now share our hospitlity and perhaps ocratic committeeman for said account of the election. by many educators of the coun- nessee is close. LaFollette is away from home, and there are, they may at a later day. precincts. The committeemen so Jenkins, ty. The dinner will be free and conceded twelve votes in the ,the invitation is out for them to chosen will meet at the CourtJno. W. Wright, of MORE APPLES! all are asked to get behind this electoral college, though in Ken- 'return, to come "Back to God's house in Whitesburg on Satur was in town. move and make it the biggest tucky he polled 6ome 25,000 country." Mr. Murray, the apple king, day, Dec. 13r 1924, at 2 p. m. is here again and has just re- and elect a chairman and secreAt press time Sam Wilson, the thing of the kind ever held in votes, Letcher giving him about Mrs. Jas. P. Lewis arrived ceived a car load of fine Indiana tary of the Democratic commit Bettye J. 662 votes. The Republican maChairman, refuses to Eastern Kentucky. Democratic apples which he will sell to the tee of Letcher county. concede that Kentucky has gone Kincer and B. D. Blair are the jority in this county is placed from Georgetown to visit teachers. public. His aples are good. at 1,200. Coolidge. John A. Webb, Chmn'. for - - - more-independe- libert- Coolidge and. Dawes Elected , Defeats Stanley pay-as-you-- go -- I The Collins Bakery is now in full operation and turnig out a fine grade of bread. Really for the last few days everyting has been as dry here as snufl. Just don't see any rea-o- n for it except tat so many people are happy over the election, and some so mad. Spencer Harris, of Sergent, accidentally shot himself in the leg a few days ago. His condition is reported serious. A fine new baby is reported at the home of N. B. Hall and wife. Henry Pfening, Jr., is in cinnati on business. Cin- A small son of S. E. Adams Jr. is quite ill of diphtheria. ed J . Ri-ers- on j MUTILATED fc

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