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Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, June 26, 1959

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

2 -- THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, Friday, July 3, 1959 HTll IVCll lUClty IVGl IlCl Ddttt Pi EpSllotl Readers' Forum 1 To The Editor: TgCCS 3 barft sue nuffman, Lexington and gtudenu were r national Dr. Charles Pinkerton, Palntsvile. As I left the library I 6bscrved ed into Delta Pi Epsilon, Mrs. Carr Greenhow, Lexington, . University of Kentucky several students walking at a fast graduate business education fratern, Entered at the Port Offlce at LinRton, KentucVv m iecond claw matter under th Boone Tavern, president, and Dr. Vermont gait, discussing the coming All nity, at a dinner at Act of March 3, 1879. business Jed head olf the Berea. Publinhed wcrkly during the imm"r uruion. Star baseball game. It was too The new Initiates are Miss Ann ucatlon department, were In charge SIX DOLLARS A SCHOOL YEAR late to get anything at the Stu- Brooking, Georgetown; Miss Bar of the program. Bob Anderson and Suzy Horn, dent Union to satisfy the cmpti-ncss- 'I Annk Fixk and Ciirista Finley, Editorial Assistants felt inside so I decided to Perry Asiiley, Business Manager Bill Neixerx, Editorial Writer ' try the "snack bar" for every day Hank Chapman, Cartoonist Joiin Mitchell, Thotographer that I passed I had seen the sign in the window advertising an evening special for students. There was a brisk breeze in the Now that the dean's lists of the various colleges have been re- air, but there was a warmth which leased, it will not be long before the figures are released concerning seemed to be rushing the summer. the number of students who, for scholastic reasons, will not be back Many people spoke as I covered the ground between the library in school next fall. and the bar. I returned their It will be particularly interesting to note the number of freshmen r greetings which seemed to brightwho will be the first to fall victims to the increased grade standards en my attitude. As I approached of the University. Already there are murmurings among students my destination I observed some of concerning the fate of these unfortunates, and soon a great hue and my fellow students and stopped to cry will be raised. chat with them. As the emptiness The voices of the righteous will bemoan the fate of these un- in my stomach swelled, I took fortunate students who are desined to be cast to the side of the leave of the bull session and headacademic path. They never had a chance to prove themselves it. will ed for the bar. be said time and again. Given more time, they would have found I sat down at the open counter themselves and shown that they have what it takes to be a credit to at which were two other students, the University community; but alas, they never had that chance. one a very dark foreigner of my That is true, TO AN EXTENT. Their chances were almost nil complexion, but the remainder of 1 Block from University from the very start, they weren't properly prepared to enter college the stools were empty. One waitand were as lambs before the slaughter, so to speak. But just as de- ress looked at me for 'a minute as 820 S. Limestone St. fenseless lambs are slaughtered, so these freshmen were eradicated she finished the conversation with from the University's rolls. When she two other is, the thinning of the unsuited and unadaptable was almost directly in. front of me Cruel though it Cochran High St. .from the freshman class is in compliance with that oldest of all laws I asked her for the evening spethe law of the jungle. cial. She looked at me.cjuestion-ingl- y and went into a back room. It is often preached to us by insipid pollyannas and fiery cruRd. 944 e saders that the University is life in miniature and events which take When she returned there was a man following her. place here have their parallels in the everyday world outside the UniThey stopped and she pointed toversity. That is certainly' true in this case. On the very lowest plane there is the Darwinian law which states ward me. The man came over that the weakest must perish and fall by the wayside that the strong 'and asked me to leave quiedy or may survive and perpetrate a stronger race. In the highly complex he would have me arrested for world of big business, it is commonly accepted .that the employee who disturbing the peace. I left as he had ordered, headdoes not produce is fired to make room for someone who" will. The. trouble is that this all proves very repugnant to the deep ing f6r the self service canteen in rooted American sense of fair play, that rather nebulous ideal which order to satisfy, the emptiness I has motivated the greatest Americans from Pocahontas to Joe Palooka. felt inside. We all can do our part to retradition of giving It is not in keeping with the rah-ramove such blotches in American a person a second chance, or a third or fourth, if he needs it. is not in keeping with Hollywood's lovely Ivy League extrava- democracy. Simply let the manIt ganza in which the coach, sends the hero, back into the game although ager know that you have no add he has fumbled nine times on the line merely because he verse feelings concerning his serving ayone. insists that "I can do it, coach." realize that we are engaged in a massive A Negro Student The sooner people struggle gainst the most insidious enemy our country has ever faced, the sooner they will realize we cannot let up. Our national survival He'll Never Learn alert citizens, not a mass of will depend on A University student who remediocraty. turned his book to the library aftThere's one consolation, mediocraty lends itself well to a slave er a month's delinquency Wednesday apparently didn't learn anylabor camp. thing from it. The title of the book? "Something there Is that doesn'i HUMPTY-DUMPTY Juvenile Delinquency. love a wall." - Mus-sclma- Co-Edito- rs e Life In Miniature " FOR THE FINEST IN REFRESHMENT TRY J tee cream and Winchester well-dresse- d h five-yar- well-traine- half-educate- d, d . CLASSIFIED ADS First TELEPHONE: needed, licensed operator Contact R. H. AJbera. WBKY, claas, RADIO part-tim- cxt 2264. e. Unlver-alt- y 19J4t Hamburger Wi,h MALE'S " 'T1 KENTUCKY TYPEWRITER SERVICE Regular Size 15c Fried Onions Typewriters, Adding Machines Sales To Go, 7 for $1 ARCHIE'S Oil 106 W. 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