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Image 8 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 15, 1965

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE .. W HITESDURG , LETCHER KENTUCKY . . . THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 1965 COUNTY, . . . PAGE 8 SALE STARTS SATURDAY APRIL 17 ENDS SATURDAY, MAY 1 SAME LOCATION -- - LARGEST DISPLAY OF' HARDWARE JIH MmLuuitsIf in. store. appliances fill these shelves in our Here are some of the brand names you will find: Sunbeam, Westing-hous- e, Dominion, Mirro, Universal, Arvin, and many others. Famous-nam- e newly-remodel- AND FURNITURE jHHh I 111 Harrison Fields (right) and his ed sop operation of the newly enlarged David Fields will serve as manager Fields) as office manager. They ha in hardware merchandising. Fie CHOOSE YOUR HOUSEWARES, HOME TOOLS AND GARDEN SUPPLIES FROM OUR LARGE SELECTION OF NAME BRANDS! can opener i Pencil Flame Torch 4, Answer for 101 jobs that ItAND LIMITED TIME ONLY AP1IL Onhj $ 79 2 SAVE 66c WEAR-EVE- heat I 30. 1965 KEG. 13.4S VAIUE need I SPECIAL PRICE OFFER 6 CUP PYREX TEAPOT with Remove paint puttA Solder gutters Sweat copper tubing Light charcoal fires L 7 A CORNINGvWARE SAUCEPAN SET SAVE $2.45 ii pitttj pvrcnaseo separately. 517.40 14 95 It's I'j. 1'. Ql. Saucepans. 3 Covert, Detachable Handle, Serving Cradle air NO smooth, life. $2 fron BIRUE IEMPER. In our basement appliance ded ROCKET TEFLON 0 COO r extra-lon- g INCIUDES...I. R o SCOU geared-fo- easy cutting and freezers, washers, dryers and wiTm HAMMER CHAN-O- CIWKM coNtaot IAUCI .(j' 2 0T tN '1.99 2.19 No. A16 VA H.F. vacuum cleaner Steel handle absorbs shocks , Powerful suction gets the hidden dirt. Attachments cleanincluded for above-floo- r ing. 40Q88 ,...,. Model 635 00 kv deep-down- ; 2.99 .34.99 YALE PADLOCKS FAMOUS FOR QUALITY - ai yaleiaU. anrr fur fcja mail a Black Decker U-1- The Right Lock For Every Need 4 30 Utility eHtBi. ) v a VaTlTTll likD i 1 i h TAPE RULE UFECUARO YELLOW BLADE CIRCULAR SAW cuts 2" lumber it 45' away sawdust ejection from vision and line of cut Price Includes rip fence. Mm SEEUD powerlock u2 mmim 5429 I (Mil . . . LONGER No PL10 LASTING . . EASIER READING WITH FREE OFFER WOODWORKING BOOK PLYMOUTH TILLERS Take the natural way to better soil, a faster growing garden. You duplicate nature's own method of building soil fertility with a Plymouth tiller. See us for a demonstration.

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