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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 15, 1965

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

University ar v See ky. zircon, rcv MOUNTAIN EAGLE IT SCREAMS! Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday, April file 132 STATE REPRESENTATIVEDem-ocratsW. R. (Bill) Jordan, Add Polly; Republicans, Eugene Daniel Jr. , W. H. (Henry) Sergent; Bill Adams, Lester Riley. COUNTY JUDGEDemocrats, Johnny Fulton, James M. Caudlll, Alvln B. Webb; Republicans Lcxle Potter. COUNTY ATTORNEY--Democra- ts John N. Cornett. COUNTY COURT CLERK Dem- 'tul CS5. , ocrats, Jimmy (Jim) Tucker, Oliver Holbrook, Charlie Hall, Wright; Republicans--Lew- is Hiram Mitchell. COUNTY TAX COMMISSIONER-DemocratsS- The county committee which hired him said three months ago when it asked for funds from the Office of Economic Opportunity in Washington that it would hire a person with wide experience in am Maynard Hogg. JAILERDemocrats Paul Lark, John Bedwell, Claude Collins, Karo (Roy) Bentley, Robert (Bob) Sexton. Republicans, Jack Combs, Andrew Taylor, Ben A. Adams. CORONER Democrats, Maude Hall, Mrs. Archie Cralt, Elder John Sexton. Republicans Fritz Maggard. COUNTY COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 1Democrats, Ancll Morgan, Ernest C. Adams, Dave Wagner, Verlon (Red) Hall, Varon Campbell. Republicans, Joseph ARTISTRY IN STONt--A- n outstanding example ol the anilities of Italian stone cutters who came to Letcher County about 1912 is this arched entranceway to the John A. Palumbo home on Cowan Street In Whitesburg. The arch was cut bv Alfonso Polichetti in 1919. Polichetti and Guy Alfano cut most of the ornamental stonework on the Palumbo residence from native sandstone quarried on River Road in Whitesburg just behind the Salyer residence. (Story, more pictures on Page 3). Center proposed Whitesburg Mayor Ferdinand COUNTY COMMISSIONER. Moore said b cfuy ,wiI1 TRICT Albert taln federal "Moon" Childers. Hobart Mullins, 3"em.P Appalachian development Arrowood. Deward Brown. bui.ld ,a heId'10usc and Republicans. Hugh Strunk, How- - P;Sram which would seat ard M Collier COUNTY COMMISSIONER. DIS- - 5. 000 persons at sports events. ,Moo'e fald the wwn'i engineer TRICT Harrison ' months ago signed a contract with I nn Ath bm pn Cl- H publicans, Herman Fields, Howard neer, Sturm which Sturcill will do under Brown. all architectural, engineering and MAGISTRATE, DISTRICT planning work lor the city. Stur-gi- ll W. M. Bill Sexton, is not an architect. Coy Morton, Charlie Ihrig. Re Moore said the plans will call tor publicans. John H. Polly, J. B. facilities to handle croups ot 1. 000 Banks, John B. Caudill, Lemon P. Collins, uscar M Fields Her- - Persons at dinner meetings and will wciuue. meeunc rooms ror comer- ben Maeeard. ences and civic clubs and space tor MAGISTRATE, DISTRICT 2 Kindergarten. Democrats. Hershel Keel. Eugene a The proposed buildinc would be Davis, Milburn (Coody) Hall. located adjacent to the DanW. Cantrell, Willis S. Haw-le- y, swimming pool on land municipal which is Jesse Vanover, Percy A. included in the city 's urban reRayG. Russell, Emmett newal project. Knight. Republicans, Archie V. Moore revealed the plans when Potter, Adolph Amburgey, Fred questioned by Mrs. Zenneth BentM. (Don) Kincer. ley, president ot the Letcher Coun MAGISTRATE, DISTRICT ty Historical Society, which has Lawrence Cornett; been seeking permission to use the J. B. Caudill, Hobert Sexton, same tract ol land as a site for reCharlie Shepherd. Republicans, location ol the old Jess Day log Chad Colton, Lloyd Day, house for use as a county museum Combs, Manus Ison, Wor-le- y and historical society headquarters, Cornett. City officials in previous months CONSTABLE, DISTRICT had indicated the historical sociLee Ross, John Stewety could use the land but In reart. Republicans, Paschal D. cent weeks hadrelused to give Fields. W. M. Gibson. approval to the plan. CONSTABLE, DISTRICT 2 Mrs. Bentley said the historical Democrats, Daniel Champion, society woulu not stand in the way Clyde J. Davis. Silas .Hall, ot the proposed new building if the Gibson. Republican, Millard city really thinks it can get the Green B. Thomas. project approved and tunds alloCONSTABLE, DISTRICT 3 But, she said, the society Democrats, Andrew Curtis, Brown, cated. does need to know it it will be Doyle Cornett, Donald Kuracka, permitted to use'the land so that John Doyle Burke. Repablicans, it can make necessary plans and coy uoggs, bod fcizemcre. locate another site tor n le ti-n- al MAY' llcan. iH.URG RCPUb POLICE JUDGE, WHITESpURG'- - Comlnueu on fage 16 building. the Day necessary. Moore sam it will he a vcar or sivbetore the eitv knov- - ii it will 11 be able to build the gymnasium. Mrs. Bentley then requested the city couneihuen to assist the historical society In linding a site tor the proposed museum. She said the society has been ollered free land at two sites outside the city. But, she said, the tociety believes the museum should be within Whitesburg since it is the un-Fr- ed Mt ' Lin-vil- Isaac B. "Ike" Caudill, 34, a typing teacher at Kingdom Come High School for the past two years, was employed this week to direct the proposed multi -- million dollar War on Poverty" and Appalachian Area development programs in Letcher County. Caudill was chosen by secret ballot by the Letcher County Economic Opportunity Committee. The committee voted on three other candidates who had been approved by a screening committee. Caudill will receive $7, 500 a year In his new job. He Is a native of Blackey and a member of a family which Is prominent in Democratic politics in the area. He attended Western High School in Detroit, Mich. , where he studied commerce, and is a graduate of Morehead State Teachers College. He was employed at one time as assistant manager for a B. F. Goodrich Co. store until the store closed and later worked for the Howard Oil Co. in Jackson. Clinton Webb. SHERIFF Democrats John Henry Hall, Ben H. Hall, Woodrow Stephens, Arthur Slone, Beckham Bates, Raymond (Tip) Wart, Natha Baker. Republicans, Sylvan Hall, SIMESS " 1965 Vol. 57, No. 48 Caudill hired persons One Hundred thirty-tw- o have filed for oltice In the 1965 county primary which will be held May 25. Alter weeks ot indecision, county Republican leaders got together a day before the filing deadline and came up with candidates lor most otiices. All candidates drew for position on the ballot Tuesday, and here's the way the drawings came out: (Candidates who are unopposed are listed here also, but their na, names will not appear on the May ballot since there is no provision for write-in- s in.the primary.) 15, dealing with state and federal In the general field of development. Caudill lias not had such experience. He appeared briefly before the committee to discuss his qualifications. Two of the other three applicants appeared also. They were Jimm,' Paul Enlow, a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institu'e with a degree in business Administration who is manager of several Harlan County coal mines; and James W. Back. Blackey, a graduate of Union College and a teacher at Letcher High School. The fourth applicant, Robert L. Gatton, was not notified of the meeting in time to make an appearance. Gatton learned of the meeting through a telephone call the morning of the day the meeting took place. He was In Lexington, where he has a fellowship at the University of Kentucky, is working on his doaorate In school administration and is employed by UK on a project designed to upgrade Eastern Kentucky schools. After the applicants na spoken, the committee voted without any discussion of their qualifications or relative merits. The committee had said it would advertise and write letters in an effort to obtain applications from qualified persons elsewhere, but 1 so far as Is known it did not do so. Ottis Amburgey of Ermine wat employed at $6,000 a year as the deputy director of the program. Other applicants for that job included former circuit clerk W. L. Stallardjr. and John W. King, Cromona, teacher of auto mechanics and of vocational training classes in Letcher County for the Hazard Area Vocational School. Amburgey is a graduate of Bowling Green Business College. He Is a former county tax commissioner and recently has worked as office deputy for Sheriff Lewis Hall. Nettie Ratliff, an office worker for Whitesburg Insurance Agency, was employed as secretary at $300 monthly. Other applicants for the job of secretary were Mrs. Lee Moore, Whitesburg; Miss Brenda Miller, Blackey, and Miss Patricia Sparks. Sergent. Salaries of the staff will be paid through a $22, 808 grant from the Office of Economic Opportunity. After employing the staff, the committee adjourned without discussing any proposals for projects which might assist the families at the heads of the hollows the anti -- poverty programs are supposed to help. The committee will meet again in May. Water rates may rise An increase in water rates may be just around the corner lor residents ot Whitesburg. The Municipal Water Commission county seat. requested the city council Tuesday Mrs. Bentley was joined in her night to approve a rate change requests to the council by M. L. which would add $1.05 a month Webb, Mayking, who is a memto most water bills. The council ol the society. Webb com ber declined to do so lor the present. mented that he thinks city oil Mavor Ferdinand Moore said the 'i in mak- cials and others interested council will be obligated starting Ing history should take time to see in August to pay f'SO.i monthly up that the history ot the mountains on bonds issued last year to help anu me mountain people ts oron- - finance the new water treatment erly recorded and preserved. plant. The water ytcjn currently is just about breaking even and will not have iunds needed to make the monthly bond payments, Moore l- This would In ellect be a boost in water rates. However, city sewer charges are 50 per cent ol the water charges, or vwt.vitbd in li lis instance, i mis the combined water and sewer charge increase would be $1. 05 a month. 70-ce- nt Salaries unchanged All Letcher County ofticiais will receive the same salaries during the next lour-yeterm, according to a motion passed this week by Letcher Fiscal Court. The court has to set the sal aries Athletes honored tor all offices betore May 15 of Steve Frazler was nann-- "athsaid. each county election year. An lete ol the year" In both football Council members questioned, ollicer's salary may not change and basketball at the annual athhowever, whether the needed Iunds during his term. letics banquet at Whitesburg High could be raised through better col '1 he court had been expected to School. lections oi delinquent water nill reduce the $200 a -- month salaries Frazler also received a trophy Although no lonnal vote was taknow being paid the three magisfor making the most successtul en, the councilmen said they want trates. Commissioner Herman foul shots in basketball. the water commission to try to im- Fields voted against the motion to Frailer, Andrea Collins, Williprove collections by cutting oil am Wright and Hoover Ncase were water to delinquent billpayers be-the continue the same salaries. The court will not meet in May. st honoreu as members oi the fore asking for a rate increase. Members said they will be too busy Kentucky Conference football Moore said the new water plant campaigning. team. will undergo testing during the Gary lloyd received a trophy for next lew days and is expected the best rebounding in basketball. be placed in use over the week to Whitesburg PTA end. Contest in proqress At the request ol the water comto meet at Students in the Oth, 7th and 8th mission, the council voted to regrades at Whitesburg Grade School lease Kemious Day Jr. from his I he Whitesburg I'.iu ut- 1 .u !u r are taking part in a poster contest duties as garbage collector so lie Association will hold its April sponsored by the Hand Booster. could be trained to operate t It in the l.ctelvr Coiihi meeting The posters concern the band con- new water plant. courthouse, in the couuiv iomi-roocert to he held at 7:30 p. m. '.iy I'tider the pnpoed rare change Monday night. 7 at the t.rade School audltorii in. water Users ui'iild pnv "Ml fur The subject ol the llueliiii; h Ii First prize in the contest will he their lirst iiin e.all'011 b books, and members will trur wnier second s:i and Mrd it. All each iiiontii. 1'iu tiovt gvt :!, tiou the new library quarters in the lv in. the ollice oj potcr iniK rlie next gallons lot ilia rear ol the building. Principal Uonaid Morgan by 1,000 gallon . nlU coy $.A0, Members will bring books Irom p. m. f'rldav. April .M. Winners and the rest ol the rate 'vhcdiilc their homes to donate to the liwill be announced April JU. would remain unclianged. brary . ar -- all-Ea- courthouse 1 ni ! $--

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