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Image 13 of Annual report. 1908

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Kentueiry elgricultural Eavperiment Station. xiii in the number of brands and in the number of iirms, as well as _t in the number of analyses made. m ` The results ot the year’s work will be found `in Bulletins Nos. 136 and 138. " at /)i1:isi01t of Food (`·lO}ltil‘(}t.—Tl1C1'(2 were collected by our in- spectors 1361 samples of food stuffs and of these 1318 were analyzed g 391 sample`s were found to be adultcrated and 127 · samples, though adulterated, were so labeled. ’1`he bakeries ot the State were thorou<‘>·hlv ins >ected and found _ D .¤ to be i11 bad condition. As bread is eenerallv eaten without being O V D reheated, the sanitary conditions surrounding its manufacture and rrescrvation should be caretullv guarded. We itound in numerous [.i< \ .x D 7 I instances, that the bakeries were in close, contined cellars, without IC . . . . ‘ . , . proper ventilation and without being screened lroni tires. In sonic cases persons slept in places where the bread was made and but me little attention was paid to the handling of bread alter it was IN made, it often being handled by persons who were dirty in person _ and tilthy in dress. 'l.‘hree hundred and three slaughter houses were ses ins >ected and in most everv instance unhv<>‘ienie surroundin

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