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Page 0 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 08 no. 1 April, 1932

Part of Mountain Life and Work

VOLUME VIII APRIL, 1932 Mountaineers Underground -Malcolm Ross 1 The Winter Session at the John C. Campbell Folk School -Olive D. Campbell 4 Opportunity School-1932 -Mary P. Dupuy 6 Books for Everybody -Mary U. Rothrock 10 For Us Who Dwell in Mountains (Poem) -Ruth E. Campbell 13 The Struggle for Independence -Everett Dix 14 A Home for Nellie -Marjorie Burt 16 Two Poems -Ann Cobb 19 Shall We Use Leisure Time Constructively? -Homer L. Morris 20 Faith That Moves Mountains -Nola Pease Vander Meer 22 Pulling Together Through Play -Marguerite Butler 25 Men of the Rail in the Tennessee Mountains -James D. Burton 26 Rural Library Service for Hamilton County, Tennessee -Nora Crimmins 28 News from Our Economic and Social Study 37 NUMBER I Published Quarterly at Berea College, Berea, Ky., in the interest of fellowship and mutual understanding between the Appalachian Mountains and the rest of the nation

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