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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), August 25, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

r The Jeffersonia ALL KINDS OF PRINTING Executed to Order In the Latest and Best Style at Reasonable Rates. Apply at The Jeffersonian Office or Call Cumb. Phone 36-- 3 for Estimates. 4 ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY ' Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky Thursday, August 25, 1910. Vol. 4. No. 10. produce and commission house in The last report from him was favor, Buechel. able. He was broken down from overJacob Koch, a prominent butcher, work, and his church gave him an of Louisville, is building several cottages in the Crawford addition. vacation, which he and his To Ed. Hon had several fingers of his daughter, whe also is in delicate left hand oadly crushed last week For School Buildings to Cost health, expected to spend in travel Of Education of Jefferson County. while at work. among points of interest in the The Buechel Ice, Coal and Cold Orient. About $500,000 Storage Company is erecting a Met Saturday. stable on their lot in Buechel. Mrs. Chris. Ellingsworth, who was Reuben Rainey. a former section so badly injured by an automobile foreman of the Southern Railway, running into her buggy and throwing visited friends here this week. Advocated at Conf erenceat Commercial Club. Mr. her out, a few months ago, is still Much Business of Importance Transacted The macadamized road which is being built in the six mile lane is Committee of Nine to Sonnd suffering from the accident and con A Few New Members Connty Schools Misses Rooksby and Brooks Still Lead, But Misses nearing completion. Struck enterfined to her bed most of theitime Public on Matter. Open September 5. Mr. and Mrs. Nellis It is a miracle she was not killed tained the following at tennis Satur Hoke and Hall Are Giving Them a Close Race. She was rendered unconscious and day afternoon: Mr. and Mrs. Al. her head, neck and back are oadly Kanzler, Misses Dorothv Skiles. Gertrude Hikes, Sadie Skiles, Annie A notable campaign to make Jeff- injured. The Jefferson County Board of Ed Page, Miss Page, of Philadelphia, erson county's rural schools the equal Mrs. L. V. Hansbrough and son Mc- - ucation, composed of the chairmen to date follows : It sef. The vote Emma Whistler. Ethel Hikes and 12,220 Elizabeth Struck: Messrs. Conrad of any in the United States by the Clure attended the Taylorsville fair of the eight division boards in the Septenu Miss Pearl Rooksby, Anchorage expenditure of $500,000 in the erec Thursday and Friday, and were de- - county, met at the courthouse Sat school bu 11,010 Schaefer and Edward whistler. Miss Lila Brooks, Middletown Misses Dorothv and Adelia Bischoff tion of forty model buildings on model ighted with it. They were present urday afternoon. The Board is made at the int 10,620 attended the funeral of their aunt grounds, was launched last Saturday at their first fair Miss Mary M. Hoke, R. R. 21,Harrod's Creek last year and were up with a few new members, the Road am Matthews'! 10,480 Mrs. B. Schmietzer, of Louisville, at a meeting of citizens interested so well pleased and royally enter divisions having recently organized This sc" Miss Ruth Hall, St. Saturday. 7,305 chairmen. In the the for.' Mrs. John Buechel. Sr.. and Mrs. in the movement with members of tained they could not resist the and elected Miss Hattie Wetherby, Middletown Joe Buechel are on a visit to friends the State Development Committee temptation to attend this year. It third division Mr. Harry Hummel, Prospei Jeffersonian-Merchant'pop- in Cincinnati. With five popular girls in The of the Louisville Commercial Club was an improvement over last year. who has served as chairman for the Valley ( Magisterial District of Jefferson J. Russeil Seay will leave next building. past two years, declined to accept wood n' ularity contest in the First Thursday to make his future home the office again, and nominated Prof. limits county and twenty or thirty in the piano contests helping- them in California. His parents, Mr.yand The movement for the improve-mento- f school system of the R. H. Snively, who was elected. In wil; the B. ioin out, ballots have been coming in thick and fast during the past Mrs. J. and Seay. willWm. him later. county was rural most comprehensive Fegenbush Mrs. Mr. the the fourth division Dr. Geo. Breiden-tha- l Bweek. Miss Mary Hoke, of Harrod's Creek, moved up from moved last week to their handsome in its scope ever launched in Louis- could not hold his office aschair-malast position to third place, and is now in line for the lovely new home. Roederer will leave the dlle for a similar purpose. To make on account of the annexatir-- " George $50.00 diamond ring, if she "gets busy" the next few days. first of September to spend the possible the expenditure of the sum Will Start Off With Rush Next the city of his residence, a' winter with antumn E. C. Roy was elected in b' Miss Ruth Hall, the popular telephone operator at St. Mat- Danville.and The young relatives at named, the promoters of the project people of will have to ask at the meeting of Tuesday, Aug. 30. Mr. W. S. Kemp in divisic 2,000 votes to her credit during the past Hikes' Sunday-schoothews, added about chaperoned the General Assembly eighteen also a new member. Hikes week, and will doubtless give the leaders a "run tor first prize." by Mrs. H. C. give a and Mrs. John months hence that legislation be divisions are yet to be o farewell pound Diemer, will Miss Hattie Wetherby increased her vote, but did not make as party Tuesday evening at the school- - enacted allowing any county in the Four Days of Enjoyment Management The first business of honor. rapid progress as the two above named. The two leaders house in his Roggenkamp and Mrs. State by a vote of a majority of its transacted Saturday nfcs Mrs. L. Promises Best Ever Fine Horses parlance are George Roggenkamp were guests of electors to bond itself for any period sition to cor.'nlidate fever;' Misses Rooksby and Brooks in race-norsmay choose, not to exceed thirty aionj "the Prospect car lin it Already Coming In. neck" for first honors at present, but if the third and Mrs. T. S. Skiles this week. "neck and Miss Freda Schnieder was the years, provided that the proceeds of nformation regarding this is1 fourth contestants make as papid speed as they did the past guest Saturday and Sunday of her the bonds be expended in grounds, elsewhere. wppU-- thev had better look out there will surely be "some cousin. Miss Margaret Henn. school buildings and equipment for a Bids were opened fromcontrac " "1 Miss Abby Risinger left Monday The Jefferson County Fair will thi ig doing" on next Saturday. spend several weeks with modern school system. It was de- start next Tuesday, Aug. 30, and run for the erection of a new school . evening to Lyndon, and the Board asked to ai cided, hwever, to ask the General Miss Ivv Bohannon. of Shelbyville. The management Miss Jessie Seabolt returned home Assembly at that time to do exactly for lour days. thorize the buflding of the school. Important Points. promises the best fair ever given, Quite a Monday to Shelbyville after a that thing. discussion resulted. On ac and that means a great deal, as the several days' visit with her parents, closes next Saturday, August 27, 1910, promptly Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Berry, of Fern Just how serious the State Develop- Fern Creek fair has the reputation count of the Board r having heretofore! . The contest .V ment committee of the Commercial uuu lu r lavur oi allowing eacn oi Creek. at 3 o'clock p. m. No votes will be received after that time. is evidenced of being one of the best county the eight division boards in thecoun-tClub is in the project The winner will be given the privilege of selecting either the Mr. and Mrs. Horace Kincaid and by the fact that at the meeting J. B. fairs in the state. Quite a number to use $2,500 of the money raise' S50. 00 Diamond Ring, or $40.00 Set of Tableware. The seconc children, Roy. Kenneth and Addison, McFerran, chairman of the com- of fancy horses have already ar- by the levy, it was suggest! and Mrs. M. A. Fishback. of Louisgrounds the the prize the first does not select. The young lady ville, spent Saturday night and mittee, and J. M. Atherton, each rived atbeing beautiful fair show that the matter need not be broug to receive prepared to for to the attention of the County Boa ' Sunday with N. B. Fishback and pledged $500, Thruston Ballard. $100, and are receiving the third largest number of votes will receive some of the handsome premiums offamily. However, it seems as if the Coud and other persons present smaller $20.00 Eastman Camera. fered. Liberal premiums are also Board will act in 'the matter, amounts to finance a campaign in as' Votes are issued at the jewelery store of Chas. E. Seng, 306 Harrod's Creek, R. F. D. 21. On motion offf red for live stock, poultry, etc., building committee was named to: the and all kinds of farm products, as spect East Market St., Louisville 500 with each dollar in trade the grounds and condition of J. M. Atherton a committee of subscription to the Jeffersonian and with Aug. 15. Misses Nannie and Anna nine was authorized to arrange to well as household and other work. 100 with each the proposed new school and rep' Also. The first day will be taken up in at the next meeting. visiting take the sense of voters all over the Broyles spent the week-eneach dollar paid on job printing executed for parties in the relatives in Louisville. getting ready and placing everypresid-ocounty on the First District. Votes are also issued in the piano congests and Mr. and Mrs. C. E.Hunt and daugh the legislation matter of procuring thing in the floral hall in proper Mrs. John L. Woodbury, Louisvi' necessary, issuing the Alumnae Club of day the all contestants may help each other. was present and asked the Board bonds and building the school- - shape. The second ter. Mrs. J. B. Clore, have gone to will be alive with fancy horses an appropriation of $250 contest closes at d o clock Saturday! Have New York to visit relatives. They the Rtuiember the houses. toward According to the plan as outlined and mules. On this day there will erection of a model school buildi vour votes in promptly. We do not know who the winner expect to be gone several weeks. all desired also be a running race and premiums o be built the will be, but do know that they will be the ones receiving the Mr. Gypson Broyles, of Louisville by Chairman McFerran, it is division given for the best boy and girl riders. grounds. Uponatmotion State f days last to erect in each educational of Dr. visited his sisters several of votes. greatest number The third day is "Louisville Day" Wetherby, seconded by Mr. I week. of Jefferson county a $25,000 school you ma3' expect a large crowd. Roy the Board voted in favor o Miss Hattie Hunt had as herguests building cairying all grades and and The fourth and last day is ing the amount asked for. I'; at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Wm three years hig h school course. In CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. Hibbs. of Worthington, and Mr. and addrtion to this the promoters of "Bardstown Road Day" and is con- tion to th2 above amount the s un Mrs. P. A. Hunt, of Crestwood. the project would erect in each di- sidered the best of them all. The $800 has- heretofore been ra B under this head One Cent B. Ciore, Clay R. Hunt vision two other model $10,000 build- managers have spared neither money build the model school, as f Messrs. J. Advertisements 6r a word. No ad taken for less than 10c. nor work in preparing for the fair $250: City Coum-- '' Graded School Election Carries and Eugene Simms visited Mrs. C. F. ings and two model $5,000 buildings. this year, and all who attend may Fiscal Court. and by private subscription,.-Thomas at Mt. Sterling Sunday. This would he a total of forty new A party of ladies wasprese Messrs. Oscar and Lucian Hoke schools in the county, at the cost es- expect the time of their lives. By Large Majority. For Sale. spent Sunday with their sister, Mrs timated entailing an expenditure of U LV.OIU1L (I - aill.1L Llll. 1V.IV.L W. B. Markwell, at Fern Creek. of the teachers in division ONION SETS $440,000. With the $60,000 balance registered Berkshire sow. $30: Fob Sale to re, Mrs. Ed. Garwood is quite ill with the committee figures that ground but as the County Board has Duroc Jersey male hog. 130. elisible "old. yeai to do with the selection of teaF registered Jersey . Male. H Revival to Begin at Fairview Church Sept. malarial fever. ister: from five to ten acres in extent could .. , . . . ri nn $50. Dr. C. r Mr. and Mrs. Fred Grower and be purchased around each building To be Held for Thirty Days by Society of the matter was referred to th 4 Mr. and Mrs. Struck Entertain at sion board. Both phones. Louisville. daughter, Dora Stine, of Louisville, for practical and experimental farm Eqnity Big Meeting Last Saturday. A motion carried desi Tennis All the News. coming spent Sunday with their parents, ing as a part of the school building. Monday. September 5, as Fob Sale. two tine sorrel mares one for all county public schools " This plan if carried out," said Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Prather. four years old. bred to Jack:one good ton wagon, first class repair, The meeting of the American wing Chairman McFerran, "will place at buggy Horses and wagon can be seenKy. Jefferson county abreast of any Society of Equity of JefferROUTT. Buechel, Aug. 22. The ice cream John Frey's blacksmith shop. Buechel. county in the nation in its education- son county held at Beck's Hall in """" social given at the schoolhouse FriAddress J. B. SEAY. ibw 10"tfLouisville last Saturday, was attendKy. Louisville. day evening: for the benefit of Fair-vieAug. 22. Mr. J. S. Clark and al equipment and forever wipe out ed by about 150 members, and many rests on the fair Sunday-schowas quite an en- nephew, J. K. Smart, of Louisville, the stigma that important matters discussed. The Sale Good mule. E. V. Spbowl, joyable Fob event. A comparatively large pent the week-enwith Mr. S. B name of Kentucky in regard to her most important of which was Cumb. Phone. Jeffersontown. the depublic schools." There are, in crowd attended. Clark and family. cision to hold onion sets for thirty building and stock ith There was raised at the meeting The young people of Buechel, who Misses Winnie Clark and Ethel "bucket bowl" crea days, in order for members to get an and full set of tools. Enquire ot J. a. f unu. have been on a visit to Niagara Falls, and Margaret Reid, attended a house-part- y last Saturday a total of $1,165 to equitable price when they sell. Ky. Jeffersontown. ors are the kind wi Buffalo, Detroit, Toronto and other at the home of Mr. Bryant carry on the campaign of educating The society has already shipped pigs. LEE REEL. points, returned Friday night public opinion in favor of the pro Fob Sale Sow and eight after Williams on the Bardstown road the about 300 cars of onions and potatoes Jeffersontown. Ky. a delightful trip. last of the week, given in honor of posed improvement. In addition to from St. Matthews, all of which Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Struck enter- his granddaughter, Miss Nell Single $500 subscriptions of Messrs. McFer brought satisfactory prices. tained on Friday evening Mr. and ton, who will leave shortly to take ran and Atherton and Mr. Ballard's or Trade One well machine: Fob Sale Will power gasoline engine. Mrs. Al. Kanzler, Misses Minnie charge of her school. Quite a num- $100 subscription, Prof. Huntoon and three horse WORTHINGTON. trarip for anvthing of value. WALLACE Mitchell, Emma Whistler; Messrs. ber of young folks were present and E. R. Sprowl each subscribed $25 and KNAUER, Anchorage. Ky. Wm. B. Eagles $15. It is probable Henry Mitchell, Conrad Schaefer all spent a most enjoyable time. that lectures and address es will be Aug. 15. Mrs. Warner Hardin is enand William Burwinkle. Mr. J. R. Carrithers and family For Sale-- A Bone Black Fertilizer; HomeThere will be preaching at Fair-vie- tertained Sunday Mr. and Mrs. John given all over the county in behalf spending several weeks at Freuch stead Brands. H. L. GOOSE. Jeffersontown. Christian church Sunday morn- Carrithers and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest of the movement, and that numerous Lick Springs. stereopticon views will be used in The ladies' Missionary Society of ing and evening, Aug. 28. Everyone Davis. come and help to enlarge the con Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Davis and illustrating the possibilities of mod Springdale Presbyterirn Church, will Wanted. meet with Mrs. Henry Hahn this gregation. The following Sunday, little daughter, of Jeffersontown, el schools. Addresses were made at the meet week. Wanted All the young men of the town ton Sept. 4, a revival meeting will be visited Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Neel, last Misses Frances EckardandGeorgia playing Dilliards at opened by the Rev. T. S. Tinsley and week. ing last Saturday by Chairman Mc spend their leisure hours my tables. No swearing or gambling is toi will with Mrs. Ferran, J. M. Atherton, Prof. R. P. Miller spent the week-enMr. Bernus and G. W. Shake went continue two weeks. Everyone erated. Barber shop in connection. Fred is invited to Halleck, Prof. Miller, Prof. B. B. W. F. Baisch and family. attend and help to make with a party of young folks, chapera Prell. Jeffersontown. Mr. Dan Ellwanger, who has been this a success oned by Mr. Tom Carlin, to Niagara Huntoon, Thruston Ballard, Prof. R. very sick, is convalescent. coupons H. Snively and Mr. E. R. Sprowl. Wanted You to save vour free A scnool election washeld Tuesday Falls last week. Mr. and Mrs. Collis Maddox enter for some popular lady in the Jefferso Mrs. Ollie Patterson and children, Much enthusiasm was shown by the mntoct flast them each week for your to determine whether or not a grad and the numerous visitors tained a number of guests at dinner ed school should exist in Buechel of Decatur, Ala., are visiting rela- committee choice. Observe the plumb Sunday. present. The return showed a majority of 88 tives here. Mr. and Mrs. John Goinsspent Sun bob on rear of the TubMr. Walter Knapp and family, of Wanted. If you want to sell anything er votes in favor of the graded school. day with relatives in Reservoir want to buy anything, this column is the near Wilsonville, visited relatives ular frame. It makes FAIRM00NT. place to advertise. It is read by everybody. The trustees elected were Messrs. Park. Ed. Fegenbush, Charles Scoggan, near here Sunday. Rates only one cent a word. Mrs. Louis Kellar and son, Earl, leveling- quick, easy, acJacob Hikes, Charles Garr and Henry Mr. and Mrs. Claude Veech visited have returned to Louisville, after a the latter's mother near here last Rev. Blair Stricken With Wanted Farm hands: good wages offered. Dieme curate enables you 4c - inr r, r, Jeffersontown. Appendicitis Mrs. visit to Mrs. J. P. Goins. r Keep the Tabular Ethel F ikes entertained at week. The Misses Maddox entertained a Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Carrithers and Chris. Ellingsworth Still Feeling Effects number of young friends Wednesday tennis Thursday afternoon Miss and get the best in You to place your fire insurance Misses Winnie Clark and Ethel and Wanted evening. The guests were delightof Automobile Accident. Sadie Skiles and Messrs. Posev and very best companies. See J. C. Alcock, in the out of it. fully entertained with music by Miss Margaret Reid visited Mr. Chrisley pol: Alfred Hodges, of Memphis, Tenn. Agent, Jeffersontown. Ky. Young and Mr. Keller, of Louisville. Frederick and family near Butchel. reres Myrtle Hewetts, of Browns-boro- , Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Summers had Mis$ Mrs. Lee Harris, who has been is visiting her cousin, Miss Fairmount,Aug. 16. It will be painjla as yieir guests at dinner Tuesday real sick for a number of days, is CREEK. HARROD'S May Hardin. Mrs. Hodges and sons, Posey and somewhat improved at this writing. ful news to a host of relatives and Laura young people spent a A party friends of the Rev. G. A. Blair, of delightful of Alfred Hodges, of Memphis, Tens., I'OID evening with Miss Edith Mr. and Mrs. John Carrithers spent San Francisco, Cal., to learn he and Collier Sunday. Several got lost and Aug 23tMr. P.P. Huston has just and Miss Edmonia Bell, of Crescent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. John his eldest daughter had boarded a wer: late in arriving, but "better ;ock sold to Alexander Gilmore, of Louis- Hill. near Wilsonville. steamer at Seattle, Wash., which late than never." 20 ville, fourlots comprising about Misses Freda Schneider and Nina the p. The Worthington Threshing Co. was to carry them on a trip to the acres, at Huston Hills on the Pros- Parrott, Messrs. Hartford Parrott Notice To Buttermakers. e is a r. on a vacation when he was finished threshing Friday. They and pect car line. It is understood that and Ernest Miller attended the Creameries, buttermakers or far- Orient all the farmers are rejoicing with suddenly and seriously stricken with they were sold for about $400 per Harrodsburg fair last week. mers are hereby notified that The anisttack of appendicitis. He was them acre. Quite a large number of Buechel Jeffersonian is equipped to furnish ajble to sail, and was taken back Do vou take the city papers? Read Mrs. John Wilhoyte and Mrs. Jas. people attended the Shepherdsville puce vegetable parchment wrappers not av ERSON at the very lowest prices, either to San Francisco, where he was op- our clubbing offers. W e can save are visiting fair last Thursday. Pierce, of Owensboro, Call 36-- 3 erated on the same day he arrived. vou money. Charles Scoggan is building a printedornot. Free relatives at Prospect. COUNTY BONDS ONLY TWO MORE DAYS s' Until the Close of the Great Diamond Ring Popularity Contest. s - COUNTY FAIR - n l, L e . .1 - 11 y 20-ce- nt of movt-ment- . d -s show-ring- s BUECHEL. - L 1 LI 1 1 1 1 1 U - tT (1 11 I . 10-- . - ARE T7 w pl 10-t- f. d 1 FoaSALE-Blacksm- (9-2- t) t) 1 w 7-4t d f. - -; Mc-Kinle- v THE S Preston 0 ( A

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