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Image 9 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), June 27, 1799

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

XVAR CHEAJ5 GOODS. DEPARTMENT, , v , March 2,1, 1799. SmF Notice islbergby riven, "j&i TH& SUBSCRIBERS TTAVE ju(t received and now openingTH, separate propofalSwill be received aWhe omce uj tiic aeLieiiiiy ui uic uepariment 01 X.X. for Tale, at their ltore oppoute the of market honfe, Lexington, a very large War, until the expiration all the 23th of July next rations which may be ensuing, for the supply of and elegant alibrtmenc of required for the use of the United States, iiom the MERCHANDIZE, suitable to every season, which they will certainly sell low for cash But from the very low profit they now sell at, no credit can be given. TROTTER ir SCOTT. thirtj-firHda- " Eor Sale. FIVE HUNDRED acres of land on ofslate, or Lulbulgrud, in Clarke county. Also 29 J acres near the above. 400 acres on Giten river, about 16 miles from ( firlt day of Oftober, 1799, to the thirtieth day of September, 1800, both days inclusive, at the places and within the two diltrkts heiein alter fuft menti- oned ; and alio, that leparate proposals will be le- ceived at the said office until the expiration of the 25th day of July next enluing, for the supply of all rations which may be lequired as afo.elaid, from the first day of January in the year 1800, to the of December in the same year, both diys inclulive, at the place and within the fevcral states herein aster mentioned, viz: Firjl Propolals to supply all rations that may be required -- t Oswego; bt Niagara; at Prefqu'ifle ; at Michilinuckiuac ; at Fort Franklin ; atLe Breui; at Cincinnati; at Picque towrfpmd Loiumier's jloies: atFoit Waji.e; at Fort Defiance ; at any place below Fort Defiance on tie Miami river to .Lake Erie ; at Fort Knox, and Ouatanon on the n- er Wabaili; at Maiiac ; at any place or places on the Ball side of the nvei lUifmkppi, above the mouth oi the river Ohio, and upon the Illinois liver. Second Propoluls to lupply all rations that may be required at any plate or places, on the East side of the Milhilrppi lifer, below the mouth of theriv- ci Oluo to the fuutheru bomidary of the ltate of Kentucky and within the laid itate ; at Knoxillc ; c at all other polls and places the ltate ci vcit Point; at Tellico ; at south at St. Stephens on tlie uver Tombigby and any place orplaces within the Cherokee boundaries; beiuw the Southern boundary ot the ftatc of Tennel-fcand within the boundary of the United States. Propolals to lupply all rations that Tin ; at Uo'eraine; at be lequired, at yoint-rctr- c vanniii, and at any other place or places whei tioops are oc may be flaticned, marched or recruit ed wit.iin the Hate of Georgia; at all sorts or flattens on toe Oconnce aud'Alitainahaj and at all other places 111 the Cicek nation, within the limits of the United States, where tioops are or may be Lincoln couit honfe. About 300 acres Oil Big Brufli creek, in Green county. About400 acres on and near the road from to Frankfort, near Grays Horse Mill For terms apply to the fubferiber, in Jeffamine county- Samuel Yl'Dowel. tf April 9th, 1799. y Ten-nelfe- FRESH GOODS. Block-houl- TUST arrived and now opening, by the fubferiber, houre latelv occupied by Meffrs. Gardner , &: Boardman, (ajrfl adjoining to Mj Beatty's store) an extensive afTortment of ,-- f ' 1 DIVY GOODS, HARD WARE, & GROCERIES; QUEENS, ' e, e, f proposals will alfb extend to It is exposed the fupplvol rum, Vh:fkey, or other ardent spirits at the rate ofhalf a gill per ration, and vinegar, 'at the rate of two quaits for every bundled ra lions. T.c proposals will fhecify the price of the i as i.wuu, as "" ..n.. u 1' fubftituresoraltetnativesforparts tno( thorecf. 7"he rations are to Lle fnrnifhed in such quan. tities as that there shall at all times, during the term of the piopoled contracts, be inflicirnt for the confuinption rf the troops at Michilijnackinar, Detroit, Niagara and Oswego, for six months in ad- vance,rand ateach ol the other posts oirtheueflern waters, or at lead three months in advance, of gocd tl-- t. Tl tr 33 f-- ? rr 1 t 3. X JZ 2.N r-- t &. f. wc-i- n nC o ?; -- , c . S O or o o o 6 . 3 ft VJ. O -t rr-- . -. " ,0 o n o '2 O is " S X.T al,d wholesome proYiCons, is the same shall be rc- ouircd. It is also to be permitted to all and eveiy 2 qf tin commandants of fortified places or pofn, to o c ca" atfenlons nhen the same can be transported, g e" C or at au)' t;1e '" tare of urgency, futh supplies f like provisions in sdiarce, as in the discretion o s. of the commandant fiiall be deemed proper. It is Tm - " to !lc undcrftood that the contractor is to be at OwnZ tl,c expence and rlfk 0 ilCuin tl e Applies to the Hoops, and that ail Inflamed by the depre- Nations of an enemy, or by n cans ot the troops '. tne United States, fiiall be pa.d for at tie pi ice f" the article cfprnreil or ricflrovcd, on the "'ions 01 two or mote jerions oi creditable cha- - O 'r1 v rafters, aitd the certificate of a corrmifPoncd ofi"-ce- e, s ascertaining the circvmftcnces of tie lof-- , and the amcrrt 0' the aiticlcs, for which compenla-tio- n shall be The pRvileKe is to be underuopd to be refrrv ed to t,,e. United States of lequninf , thst nirc'cf the supplies which raa be'fhcci ui dcr aiw of the propoled contracts. shall he ifiueri, until tta'fi p plies, which have or may he furnifred under con tracls now in force have been confutned, . :.d that a supply in advance may be aluajs equ-red at any of the fixed posts on the 01 Indun frontiers not exceeding three 11 cnrUf G 50 fr ?5 V. H rt o - " W y i ' r. 2 a meeting of the Library Committic, AT1799, - v 111; - 16 n;p;U2 P- oc 3 n r JAMES JU'rfAVi.r, Sect tttirj of War. 4t-- co ra ri - - ts.c Ig jT Lexington Library. , n m 2 v x ft. 0 cJ - Z SS--.- 5 Zo S 3 rr n ffflasj Q S5 iv ?? ST c e-- 3 tjO-S- April, cr '.., R T 1 f Kefolved, that the following (hares in the Librar er the owners rf CHINA WARE, jT- - Fourth Proposals IL supply all rations that may ry, be forfeited, in eonlequ'ence ofdue thereon, viz. r ft) 3- rt "o to discharge fie arrears ' PAINTS &. be lequired at Fort Jofcnlon. atVort Pinckney, at No. 34, 41, 54, 55, 70, 71, 73, 75, 76, 79, rpjcr 93, CnaileiSn, or at .iny other place or places wnere 94, 105. PATENT MEDICINES, 2 c" 1; marched or recruitCxtrocl from tie tnlrutrj, CROWLEY SFKKL, &c. &c. troops art or may " - ?, " X Z 'I HO. T. BAitfl, C.L.L. C. " 5 3 - -- p" " S which will be fo'd at the moll reduced' prices for ed the ltate oi South Carolina. a tljtk propolals to lupply all rations that may CASH, he flatters h nielf that his old caftomers on V k' ''' "Q a the South side of Keutucky river, should thoy be leqmred attue (ort at Wilmington, Cape Fear; Ou" . Other (hares will be fnrfeited, is the arrcats ' 1!. 2. . 5 come to Lexington to tiade, will give him a call, at Beacon luano, wcracotK, atijianaite; at iaj- due, are not difchatged immediately. t 5' ctteville : at Saliibuiy, or at any other place or s 2r plitss- where troops aie or may be stationed, marS 2 S ft . ft ?o tf the ltateof North Carolina. Lexington, May f3th, 1799- ched or reciuitd Plan Proposals to fuppljalRrations that may gC S.rt I. There are to bo no more thap- two hundred be required at Norfolk, at Vcrtlmouth, at Keiupt. Shares may Clarke County, to wit. yt be had, at five dollars r? - O t' n r" o Oj Sville, at Chailotteville, at Winclic'itcrjjtStaunion, they aie transferable. "v r: a. 3- April court of quarter feffions, 1799 at Richmond, at Alexandria, at I.eeiburg, at P Every hdlder of a share pays 3 V! ? 3 o of a at CarterlvtUc, or at any otner place dollar on the" first Saturdays in eveiyjune and De5 ij Beall Kelj and Jo!m Duncan, compjiiuantJ) or places where troops aie or may be stationed, cember : and aster the money is dee, he can Uke v against Trt. .. ill .. !n n,...l marched or recmiteo, 111 toe ltate 01 Vugtma. Tt lirtnlr i'mm tli. 3 z r-"? y. Dri.Tif'alc - iitnnfv alt fn ' viiai.111 vfj George Kilgorc, defendant r i.u "i--- MtnHemy, at rttmtf .nfc ....- lucceiuve neglects, tns mare u lorleited, be requued at lart Baltimore, at An2. The fhartrs meet pn the first' Satnrdav in T. 2 "Z P "t? Hy najwlis, at Fredenck town, at LSonard town, at .every January, called bv the commit- - I! at Georgetown, at tee, vvhich they annually arioint. Each share is Hageis town, at Bladeniu-uighf fr - " defendant not havim; entered his appear-- . Haiper's terry, at n.auown, at uie Head ot Elk, .entitled to a vote, and all qaeftions are dctermin- o O herein, agreeabiv to law, and the rules and at any other place or places where troops are ed by a majority of; votes. a9wr of this cjurf, and it appearing to the fatisfacVton of or may be stationed, inarched or recruited within o. -n n Subfcribersmstydjreft to the amount of their subo o cr 3 the court that he is not an inhabitant of this com- the limits ot the slate ot Maryland. n a" Ycription,fcALibraridn to procure whnt books they 3 monwealth on the motion of the complainants by t0 fnW'y a" rations t1"' may please. Toetominttte appoints the Librarian, and q a P S. their counlel, it is ordered that he do appear Jiere sort Miffl n, at Philadelphia, at Dar- - enacts fuborttirate lujes. 1 on the first div of our next September term, and by, atiCTfter, at Vilkeibarre, at Reading, at c c- 3. The Library is keptat the honfe of Mr An- 2 art a. anfwe the complainant's bill, or that the same will Eriftol, at Yorktown, at Canille, at Lewiltown, diew M'Calla, on Short ftieet The Libraiianato be t..ken as confefleo; and that a copy of this 5 S -S r. 3 MiiSin countyj at Bedford, at Grceniburg, at Wa- - tends from half past two, to five o'clock, on the first n order be forthwith inferred in the Kentucky Ga- lhington, at Eallown, at Wilmington, at Chri- - Saturday m every month, to receive anil deliver a ?5 zette, foi two months furceilivelv, and a copy paftcd ltiana, at Dover, or at any otner place or pla- - ont books. . r f? M 5 e in Win- - ces where tioops are or may be stationed, marched up on the front door of the 15 3 tatn mare is entjtletl to receive out wo books, S5 chefter, and another ,copv published at the door of ar lei.ruitcd within the limits of the states of Penn- - which muflbe returned befoie three o'clock on the o Tue none meeting nouie on uowaras cieeK, lome fylvania and Delaware, except the posts within the first Saturday in the following month, is it be not re Mc 3 Sunday immediately aster divine service. ltate of PEruifylvania, enumerated in the first pro- - returned, he must pay 2d per volume is he neglects f A Copy.) p Telle, twjee the sine fuccefiively, the sine is 6d per volume o pofulsaforefaid. s (6s I). Bullock, c.c. qs. n2 Ninth Proposals to supply all rations that may is three times, lod is sour times, Is and 4d a w be required at Hackenl'ac, at Elizabeth town, at is fij?e times, 2s is six times, he forfeits his share. Cj -w at Burlington, at Woodbury, at n The Librarian is at liberty to change books 5o3yoO3 . and at any other place or places whpr.n for a fubferiber. but it mud he rpmrnpH nn thf Tientciu Has removed his flore to the houre lately occupied troops are or may be stationed, inarched or recruit- - ceeding first Saturday Compensation to be made by iaj. C. Beatty, where he hasjuft opened a hand- - ee within the limits ol the state of Jersey. for all booksdamaged whillt oat of the Library. n o co some ailortment of Tenth Proposals to lupply all rations that may - Shares are now selling at the old price, although West Point, at Flush- - considerable additions have been made to the Libra at K Jr be required at Fresh Goods. . at Haqrlcin, at West Chester, at Poughkeeplie, ry. It is contemplated to raise the price of Shares. I Hole yrSlt Kenderhook, at atillwatei, at Newburg, at Al- drew vi'ho Willi to purcnole may apply to Mr. An Lexington, April - . tf B P 3" O M'Calla, at the Library, toT'. T. Barr, 01 to banyr at Cnncjoharie, at Cherry Valley, and at 'J any other place orplaces-whertioopsaie ormay any memuer ot the coinnuitee. TO SELL OR RENT, be stationed marched or recruited within the limits o i gr n exceptthe pons within the of the state ot K) o s. Those who are inarrearswill be furnished with BriVk House on said state enumerated in the firlt proposals aforesaid. their accounts by applying at the Library ; and in S? r c g a Oi rn) street, opposite the Preibyrerian meeting honfe, Ekventh Propolals to supply all ratians that may case they sail to dilcharge them by the firlt Saturf5 Z. n market-hous3 and nearlv opposite the Lexington. be required at Hartford, as Hebion, at New Londay in June, may expedt their fhaies. forfeited aS J s I will receive in payment, half cash, and half pro- don, at Brooklynn, at Windham, at Litchfield) at the committee being determined in futuie to ftrift-l- y in 3 perty For further particulars apply to the fub- Guilford, at Njew Haven, at Fairfield, at Danbury, o 5 a. enforce the laws. ?2. feriber. at Middletown, and at any other place or places - 3 O 3- THO. T. BAIIR, C L. L. a Ross. where troops are or may be stationed, marched or recruited within the limits of the state of Con" a. I will attend bctjveen thefirft Saturdays, to the E April 9, 1799- " tf 3 n o 3 ra necticut. 1 receipt and delivery of books, from .sour o'elockin 3 5" 2 Proposals to supply all rations that may the afternoon, until dark, on every intervening SaJit 'ST RECEIVED, Sbe requiied at sort Wgott, at Brinton's Point, at turday. Cohtmualapplications render s: S'- it neceffaiyfor 2 O Z. f Newport, at Providencg'Saod at any place orplaces me to make thisiegulation. None need apply who do And now opening for sale, a large and general aflort-me-" where troops aie or maybeUtationcd, marched or not come prepared of their arreais. recruited within the limits of the state of ANDKEW M'CALLA, L. L. L. O O V.- -J DRY GOODS, ' 0o Propofalsto supply all rationsthatmay Thirteenth GROCERIES, a. o NOTIQg. . -- O .be required at Poitland in the Diftrift pf Jvlain?, ', A PPLICATION willbe made HARD WnRE, O to the county court Gloucelter, Cape Ann, aalem, marbieneadjEoiton, nr 'r QUEEN'S WARE, ti-ej. jl ui jeiidimne,at tneir ftngult term, tor an orat Springfield, at Uxbndge, nnd at any otherplace der to eftabllih a town on the lands of Z Z'-.n !r3 s the fubferi-berwh'ch will be sold very low for Cash; but "1 rZ m or places where troops are or may be itationed, on Hickman road, (being T3 . ta neea be expected. marched 01 recruited witnm the limits oi the by the court for their permanentthe place fixed on a .K seat of z. ta O " state of JvlasTachufctt: 23 affembly, entitled reeM.e t0,an pf An aa to supply all rations that ofils . F April tft, t799- 5 2's u w concerning die euaaiiinnig ol tow ns." i. tf Pnrrfmnnth '5 po n ": a. 3 TmiiAS Caldwell. Vindfor,at Bennington, at Kutland, oCTt' any tort, " Chesley Gates. 03' place or places, where troops arejomay be fta ESSEX, O a tioned, marched or recruited within the states rTHAKE notice, that I shall CP 3 PHYSICIAN, SURGEON, AND MAN MID of New.Hanipfhire and Vermont. C county court for the county of Jella- Th rtnfinn rn. ho fnnnllf.fl. ie tn WIFE, at in tlie year ounces ofbrcador" ' " following articles, viz: ; c v: 7i z rO Jay olt a town on my A PUPIL ofthe late Dr. John Hunter ot LordoriT ' Gr wh8n nel,lier can be obta"ied of one IW 'or t " W ft tc- hisfiientjs and the public that fiZ luart of r!cc' or one and a ha,f Poand of listed or land, m laid county, adjoinino- Tonas De- announces to f? tr continues to praflice-ithe several departments of Moulted Indian meal, one pound and a quarter)! venport's, and iituated on the Hickman E"a fresh bees, or one pmnd of salted bees, or three 5 "tt his profsffion. road agreeably t0 an aft of affenib, en S3S quarters of a pound of Jilted pork, and when fresh . ,? an aft Lexincton. 5eDt to nnQ ' concerning the eftabliflu eat is iiTued, fait, at the rate of two quarts for J"1"1' N B. Dr. Eflex resides in the house formorTv w.- ... .. r .luup lilt lt(.C UIr lUllf inn of tnwns." O ipicdbymr. Seitz, at that end of the town of j - v.iT nuiiuii.u irtLiuiiJ the ratei. of a pound and Lex- pounds, and candles at a JESSE STOBALL. ington which leads out to Frankfort. ti half for every hundred rations. April 2jth; 1 700. 2 m 3m GLASS, & IV -- i : b, - y t- 111 ?-- 111 cj' ' r Math. Hart. i- . of the Library. "5w 3 -- a -r ?4 three-quarter- ...' T 1' ' Ssyjy jF In Chancery. THE iVit-- "1 .....'. O- A) - cj- . ; v g-- Tr3 court-hous- IS Charles Humphreys fn-- New-Yor- k, &ing, Z V HHrXT New-Yor- Short . -- fH t -- & William D- t- 3- nt ', a . ri B-- r s, Geo. Tegarden. V 1$ W.V-Prop- . io ij,( ,. Dr. innlvtnth. ' " .. .:;. ... l""; ""gui trm '" 53' - - Ca 2 t,

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