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Image 6 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), June 27, 1799

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

i 3 1 surveyor for the diftricT (hall be appointed, to reside at the said . D. town of Newport : and North Kingstown, East Greenwich, and po.t$ Barrington, Warren, Bristol Pawcatuck river in "Vefterly, i be ports of delivery only; and a surveyor shall be .appoint- - Island-tto reside at each of the ports of North Kingston, East Greenwich, Warren, Bristol and Pawcatuck river, and the surveyor to reside at Warren shall be surveyor for the port of Harrington. The town of Providence fliall be the sate port df ntry, in the said diftricT of Providence ; and Patuxet in the same diftricT. shall be a port of delivery only : and a collector, naval officer and surveyor shall be appointed, to reside at Providence ; and a surveyor fliall be appointed to reside' at Patuxet. 4. And be it further enaSled, That in the state of Con- v;hedlicut, there shall be sour diftricTs, to wit ; f Fairfield, and Middletown. The.dftlrlcT of shall extend from "the eaftline of the fald state of to the east line of the town of Lyme, and fliall include the several towns or landing places of Njbrwich, Stoning-to- n n and Groton, as ports of delivery only ; and .to be the sole port of entry ; and a collector and surveyor for ; and a .the diftricT. fliall be appointed, to reside at ' surveyor to reside at Stonington. fliall extend from the west line of n The diftricT of diftricT; of weftwardly topufatumnickriver,to " which shall be annexed the several" towns' or landing places of tJuilford, Branford, Milford and Derby, as ports of delivery ' n fliall be the sold port of entry ; and a .only ; arid collector and surveyor for the diftricT shill be appointed, to re- ?fideat The diftricT of Fairfield shall includeall the ports and places tin the said state of ConnecTicut west of the diftricT; of to which fliall be annexed th several towns or landing splaces of Norwalk, Stratford, Stamfod and Greenwich as ports of delivery only ; Fairfield fliall be tpe sole port of entry ; and 4 be appointed, to reside at Fait- . a collecTor for the district shall field. The diftricT of Middletown shall include the several towns Jind landing placesof Lyme, Saybr6ok, Killingfworth, Haddam, East Haddam, Mddletown, Chatham, Weathcrsfield, Glaftcn-biirHartford, aft Hartford, Windsor, and East Windsor,.of which Middletown fliall be the sole port of entry ; and the other towns and landing places before named, fliall be ports of delivery only ;and a collecTor arid surveyor fliall be appointed, to reside at Middletown ; and a surveyor shall be appointed, to .reside at Hartford, and another to reside at Saybrook. Sdc. 51 And ke it further engtted, That in the state of New- - niflriand York, there fliill be six diftricTs, to wit : Sagg Harbour on ?om in Naflau or Longllfland, the city of the city of Hud- son, Champlainl Oswego and Niagara The diftricT of Sagg Harbour shall include all the bays, harbours, rivers an'd within the two points of land which are Rhodo-Jha- ll DlHr-fl- New-Londo- "New-Have- n, New-iond- n, on Coii-jiecTic- New-Londo- -- New-Lond- New-Have- New-Londo- n, New-Have- New-Have- n. New-Have- n, y, New-Yor- fog-res- , 1w-Yor- k, s

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