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Image 5 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), June 27, 1799

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

r vx't z j ijie districl: ports in Maf tUCtef he district iishufetts. i 30 of Nantucket fliall include the. Island of Naife of Edgartown fliall include all the waters and shores within the county of Dukes, shall include all the waters and he dntrict of New-Bedfor- d, ihdres within the towns of Dartmouth, Well? jort, Rochester and Wareharn,together with all the Islands within the" county of Bristol. I he dutrict of Dighton shall include all the waters and. res on 1 aunton river, and in the town of Rehoboth. The district of Waldoborough shall include all the waters d shores from the middle of Damarafcotty river to the south-yardly ljde of the town of Northport. 1 he collectors of the leveral districts within that part or the fliall fronj ate of Maflachufetts, eastward of lme to time, agree upon a diviuonal line between their efpedtive districts, and transmit the same to the comptroller of the treasury ; and such districts, so agreed upon, fliall include all the waters, shores and Islands within the same, and all the and lands adjoining to the Britifli colonies of Lower Canada, within the eaflern part of the state of Maffa-- i chufetts aforesaid. And in case of disagreement between any of the said collectors, concerning fuchdivifional line, the President of the United States shall determine the same. New-Bedfor- d, ; New-Hampfliir- e, New-Brunswi- Diflriftsai ports ill Rhode I- fiand. Sec. 3. And be it further enabled, That in the State of and Providence Plantations, there fliall be two. districts, to wit : the district of Newport and the district of Providence. The district of Newport fliall comprehend all the waters, shores, bays, harbors, creeks and inlets, from the wef ; and northward, line of the said slate, all along the up the Narraganfet Bay as fa,r as the most fbutherly part of Warwick Neck, and from thence nearly a north east course, tQ 'the south end of Rumftick point, at high water mark and fliall include the several towns, harbors and landing places at Westerly, Charleflon, and all that part of Warwick southward of WarNeck, and also the towns, harbors and landing place wick lf Barrington, Warren, Bristol, Tiverton, Little Compton Jnd all the towns, harbors and landing places of the island of and, James-TowPrudence, eyery other island and place within the sad state, southward of W arwick Neck and Rumftick Point. The district of Providence fliall comprehend all the waters, ores, bays, harbors, creeks and inlets, within the state of northward of a line running yearly a north, east course from the south end of Warwick Neck to the south end qi Rumftick Point at high water mark, including only the wa- -. ters bounded by the east, and west shores of said Rumftick Point and Waryick Neck, leading up the "bay of the port of Providence. The town of New-Poshall be the sole fjort of entry in the said district of New-Po; and a collector, naval officer an4 Rhode-Islan- d sea-coa- st South-Kingfto'- Hhode-Iflan- d, Rhode-Islan- d, n, North-Kingsto- New-Shoreha- n, rt rt n, Eaft-preenwi- ch,

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