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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), October 25, 1797

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

tim.yafcTggvA'w n jUR.-g-". Uj'lj jL" 'LiaiJJii&ifc' nanus. 1V THE KENTUCKY' GAZETTE M,JVbJ R WED.N&SDAT Offoh r 25, 1797. 569. J volume Printed Ton Wedncsdays iWSAfDRDAVsl i I. BRADFORD). Oil Main hreet inhere R,hfrrihtir,r, LEXINdrO n. t !.. cc Aivertifements Articles tj Intelligence, EQajs, ire. are tUntjutl received, and Panting in general executed tn a neat and correCl wanner. N 1 For Saie, t N I NA I TWO SECTIONS OF LAND, a, U on tas Uirf. 4 E Z UM A, , Spimm (lad, ironi Mexico, five fall nx 2Jiri old, hiceen hinds tiign, ana a. to be la,Wiior to any 01 bis bv .Mod kim- t"Ut us ever ap?.ard iff tins countiy. MARL, Wtcea, ban Vs A villi irrud B , f en veirs o'd, well calculated Tor tie. . .rtlia or ha.nels, b.nng remarkably fur traftable Jjjt, and pertelv hands and an A BLiC MARE, tmitecn i.tMiigi.of aaandlome ioimjanj cceed m eltner ly. no is 01 her li lor . . tit- nr flint V fourteen A trTnB bint BLACK MARE, -- ud rides has is and an inch high, six years old, 1 jniles fiom Lexington, on Tuesday night the ill instant, a sorrel Mare, 3 year;, old, a natural trotter, about : 4 hands high nobiand, her tail is tiotked, flie has a low carriage before, and keeps her nose out, a blaze down hei face, and a dark spot on her buttock, A rcwaid of ten dollars will be given for the Mare, and thief, or fiVe dolldrs for the Mare, and all other 3 6 and 22 and , .sw iuwi n 10 )ac- n.h comodated mav mmhrfr rr fortermsapplyeithrt to J. & A. HuitorWil- m Wei,s ln Cincinnati, to Col Oliver Spen-SoF"1".Colulia,or John W. Hunt, merchant, in note An indifjnita'ble fifle will immediate lybe given t& purehaferj. tt ' Cincinnati. Aliyuft 2 -J Cm-- ,i MONT 1 rcnui )L Humes and Fitzhtigln VAVE reasonable charges'. - THOMAS IRWIN. for ata at the!r Faftory near a gferitown, Wafhmgton countyMaryland, 1 A'ansfield August -- NAILS, " Afebr'Lll blooded of a beautiful bav, BROOD MAIUS, which they will dispose of on rea(6nable terms. March 20, 1797. Uorus With, two 15 Jiand."hig.i, 8 years old, to any gen-tleaiJt w Mid tro'y be an acquisition breeding line n con.n nt!y situated ior BANKS. tf Ajguft, '797- - JLenngtoo, 9 J IduSVJSCRlBEdS "" 1 . oit Merchant-Mi- ll fair and Diitillery, ft Gsorge Adams, itifSrmshis ESPLCTFUCLY " Jtv. friends and the public in gc- m- eral, thafhe has opened 1 avern street STANDING in Madison county hx miles irom the Kentucky uver. Alio, about 140 Acres of Land, i lie e cuii-mi- u 'j - -r , 1 rttt EPsrlon ' NOTICE partnerlhip of Rctd is Wllvain being all those Ais dav diflblved bf mutual consent, or book said firm, by bond, note indebted to aie requeued to come forwaidimmesettle their refpeftive balances a- diately and liVewife all those who have any demands . , forWard to 0 rainic laiu liiiu, .t, properly otnenoea .a, .or Bavid Reid, Jianos uu ment. in whole iettlement. Lexington, September 8, 1797- - .c- " i't an inierior qua lity, for a length ot time, at the widow n:ls 10aSCG OI Lom-..Th- ingS for fae( as being oi our manufaclory. We hereby declare to the public, that we did never 0ie any fait for sale on the toad This deception t.TCCn this place and Lexing. js caculated not only to injure dui reputatidn, but tj,e public at large "JAMES F. MOORE. ? CHARLES BEELER, 3 T) THE fubftribcr returns rpHE Xi RICHARD DAVEUfORT, Z mtnk tl late firm of for a September 11. Seitz & Lauman, ar? xtqwftsd to apply . -, u. a mTs who are niueureu to lfAlll dsTovvn Races, is hoped will make immediate pjyr accoants will be ment, otheiwife ilJ hands ol proper o beers ior collecliocDgi!,ommencd on the third WednefJay.!? oltyoePTJeSfc, and will continue Thurfdav affd SEIfZ. .cnci.ici' l.AVMAN. Fnfiav. free for any horse. maie orceldine The (list day, tile three mile heats, second day ni- - , l,MtV. rA Fr lost H.iv mu mil hP,f. t There is one- - hundred and fifty dollars sub- , fenbed now. The rules of the Jock Club of X Or .Sale, tms itate are to ue ouiervea in taeie iaces. SVO thoufancc a!res ot UAiN-U- , beptemoer 2, 1797 w.Y.lLnwrreelfrurveVedinthe . " .A..J;lt!: -- V&J l i!r,wii i 1 I Ins name of William" Hlemlng. 1 and includes DavisTsVUation, at tne soot ofCu,.berlanrmouh,,ln.-to- r i nui& fe wh-o- r .. 1 t. i 1 1 rv i v.vrsTI TAVT . . -- -t . 7 E. -i , uv,w. ..-..- Hiufe on Watei ltreet. ik , . be immediately onHigb WOT1C ma:y AndtbatfnsmodiptHonfeandlot - tQ Fefg is rhe. lDulatfid For ts.jss apiJy to Maj jan-- s Mor- e utiftribei ' ion in Lex.nitoo, qt I.,,i F.'klmru. 1.H lillliJ frbtrtTranl'jqit number of copies are sub td-t4- as USnJ 1797 b c'X--p-nnbe- r fcrjb&d & fflK,. JL,t5PtiBtr&H- wrc'S .1 7a: Apply to T Thirty Dollars Revjard. away from Waflrington, county, Kentucky,) fcnetfrl A time in May lalt, a Negio Man named & J LOUIS, (01 DUEabonttnenty-fftt- i years of vtage, five feet six or eight high, has a halt in one of his legs. The aboe reward will be given is secured in any jail in this Hate7. RAN HOI2MS A. tf J NOTJCCE. .77 The partnerlhip of Humphreys & Go. was diflblved ?L bn the iftinft. All persons indebted to laid firm are requefltd to make immediate psymem-a- nd thole wl,o hove any demands are reqaefted to c.U on the fublcn-b- cr for payment, inwndie hands the books See. are placed. ANDREW HOLMES. tf ApnliOr Vm ranted faulting From No ; Cloths, Hc-LMkS- ', " ' : JiHui ryA.K O) ' ""l to No. 6, lbifale at I ANDRHW STORE The cbiner of Mam and Mill flreets Le.ingttin. ( Xj7 X L, & . i enquire of the Printer. For sale F(?RCA. September 6, OR MERCHANDISE) A five hundred acres of LAND, lying oh the Twins, about 35 miles from the seat of government, and about ten from Drennon's lick Pud landwas located add Purveyed in the name ol Thomas Turpm, and adjoins a traft advertized by mr. T. Tlir-piof Woodford county. Any person inclinable to purehale, may know the terms by app'y-ln- g to Capt Wa'Aer Baylor near Lexington, or to tile fubfenber in Garrard countv WILLTAM M. BLEDSOE. June 19. tf ;97) Likely Negto Wrench. pply to the Printer. itr irir itin 3UJ1J n o,pSA,8p ajB .,un6B A 1 FOR SALE, . 'Ctlrtntt n, LAiGS rOR AND n ioi3q justnXBd SALi COWYEMENT lOT, Main street, Mith a godd flable, LL perfbns indebted to the fubfenbers, are Alfc, six thousand acres of Land requeued to make immediate payment. lick creek, about ten miles fiom on Banii the Ofiitf. as one of us intends rtarting for Baltimore on 7 he land is oi excellent quality, or a"bout the firfl of October next we reqneft indisputable. For teims apply to and the title a punftua attendance to this nonce, as anou- tf JUHN A. SEITZ, compuance win materially injure us SMITH r ' aR-THU- IJOUSS QN ASD L FOR SALE, Thetraclof LAN-Dowhicli I now live, lying Wmchefter, Augnft 26, 1797. n TWENTY DOLLAKS IlEYTAKn. 2b6at two miles from Lex oi S10Lr.N,fioin the ington, near yie Georgetown road, containfnrt mouth of Middle cieck, Hardin two hundred acres; it is well wateredand tin, V bered about 5o acres cleared the T 7 title indifJ Finable. For terms apply to the fubfer tec who now relides on tlie priniifes. ...I..JL, . 1, ,...1. I,.,.!, . 11.1IIU3 I11WI j IIIIIM . lll . lllltrl. .. . Tl tf ntANClS DILL. ft ro,c ,, I. -- . "' l"ulJ from txtendmg iv ?. "' i m. O . .., ,. ' - ner "r AbijAii ie. fonts w. huatt. . half waj his neck to- - WiOl'fb purehafs! atheif store in Lexingtori his ears on the 3 nurinriVv ns tail is dockpd flioi t, v. as ftod all j oaud TOBACCO and HEMP, when heleft me, not,biai)ded as I re- - For wHich i!he7 will a gperoni 0'th,r a gre; 5 years !ce (andtp cMe6L ,The old, ianctahaltthandnhigh, biand- They hate on hard a nrfij. ic ! J gc "f- "l0nieeanfJUuWer.H,j,he3.y ,. ,,.mniie nnti tail tlnrk colonrfi. hrrc ti i fniall Jmnp Letween lus thighs occa--ecutting, tl olS natui al, bad - et fietl r.nn U VII o IHIHII IS.., i..i f(.l4 - ..,i i...r. ..-i MIIU JJJ.'II 1.CT11 Wlipftver deliiers &i4 tlJfrsioiln M'lntire liiing qn a or VSfiS .l"trpmery caunt-yv ., nu toiibe-- lobUjibcr InTnioi at C ol lanieS he. ent , . i. -- -i of T i. noimes. due-bil- l, 1 Z'" A Lexington, July 26, 1797. per-so- .- fv will be given - x ,ej ANDrrf 3 ,hree mires from ION will be prpfpntc1 so I rr.Ti f ion, man rcccie ine auove jowara.r. alaiieinhly for ad- nex An ExpolsulaCory Letter x'.JOHN LYLE, ""jTMMapart of Bourbo l co"n.v, to ftffftToN to GWge tV.sKiKS- rroctncA-?October 18, 1797. R-- - H. rp 'Zt. jcoit.ryor b'He. to-.- , ijuat SACs'iTTHrsroFFrc-.TRci?9dj-'ffT5(5V- 2d" nt : , - Gieat.encou-rageme- foS:, nrinrin'rftlK. Is flnnil'v. f --.,c tlf L ' H. ..-- . l.lll II.KV 1.. Ull ..u, cII IJ in Lexington, have been lodged, will pleale to forward the number dic the For Sale. fubfciubers they have obtain- (1 NL 5.; N;G TON, ed, to the Office of the Ken- rrrri of Main and Cross- - CUCky Gazette, aS soon as poffiole, in Order that," the The corner cf Cross and" Wat-- r sieet: . ,. ., , ianplyto - .,iaM guiuuuui ink3 hands pro?ofaIs DISTILLER, 1 y)CTRAi.D , A " Two thousand ANCING SCHOOL. his thanks to those of Jolnr A. SeItz and who have patronized h.m in the line of his pro- Jiis FjiratwcWLAUMAS, hitherto trading un- feffian, and informs them, season, Ohool will A on Thursday Scitz & Lumai, has been dif-- be opened for the present Jrr f,e Mutual consent, on the I7tn inft. the 28th instant, at Mr. Bradford's room, ,n by solved of John Lengton-E- vry eteition to accomplish the Their books papers &c are in the hands all those willies ot bit patrons, will be maoe use of, by adiuftmen' to whom N01ICE, Also the diiTe.ent numbers, made by George Heytel. SaugRAIN, i Lexington. Lexington, April 28 and sold whole sale and retail, A h- tf3 at drew Houies's Stoie. . Ol ICE, tb those whom It may tf rL r Levillnrtnn ft'"" ""jmt o. concern That whereas have FOR SAI.k urchaled of Richard Chinnoweth of " . r. JerFerlon county, an aibitrdtion bond 0 CbRN) BACON Xnd Wins KEY. f on Col win. rlemino- of AppK so .havegivenhim in exchange my due A. notuisi. bill for fifty-sipdunds in nierchan uexington. dife , but have been credibly inform excellent Vtnegm forsale ed hnce, that thtfre is a deception in At my ,l,Jl I,0ufe in by txffct the bond, this is tb forewarn any n large or small c,lafetty fioin hading for or taking an ' SAUGKAJN. oh the said as I am determined not to discharge it until I Wanted Immediately, hear to the contrary. A GOOD JOURNEYMAN" SHOEMAKER, CLAY, JOHN to whom the highest v.ages will be E,Venl - 11 Scquainted-with- l Matting & Brewing of Beer, 1 July 10, I797; Nk B. Is the Mills are ndt sold when the third door below Cross ltreet savor himfinilhcd, they will be let for 7 years, where those Who please to with their euIloiu,UiaU meet wiui f 797. Matin's Lick, September nnlliWie attention. . 1 are well informed that some malicious' .u.;mmn;!inuhoureonMain c-- of rrir Franns Oownmg, on Hickman, sour miles from Lexington, on the 23d lrllant, a Jjrk bay horse, eight ornme years old., nearly fiiteen nanasmgii, a maze ana, imp, two hind iertwmte. Whoever will deliver the said horle to nlr.fran-- . ci sJDowmng,or to the fubfenber, lliallhave the above rcwaid. 1 George Smrt, Robert Smart tf 'IhOlHAb hAH'T. hree Dollars Reward. craved from the plantation A of Mhich are win De nmitieu in a sew weeks by an eiuineiit European millwright, and upon the belt con 'J he fitu.ttiou of the nulls liruclion. js weH known to be as good as any in 5"J the. Rate. The dam and ace. have flood the late heaxy floods wichout damage, and the Itieam continue!) the wjtiole year. Any peifon inclinable to purchase, may apply to George Smart in Lexington, or to Robeic Smait, at the mills. Twehty-fiv- The Siibfcriber, - VANTED person well A Lexington, fuly iy. ' is about to remove his old Rope Walk, VV will lay out the land on which it (lartds, i.l ficlcfsj sixty-fi- r: and two birds Jcet in Iront, and one hundred and forty batkj he will alio lay out a lot on the street he lives on, the same size intluding his black fmitli's hop, on three of the other lots will be three small brick houles, which will accomodate as many families; all of which will be sold on reasonable terms by ef Stones, together with a Saw-Mi- ll EtMG co a.mUiord AUC!IONERS un- Jn oJ states; ue? icavi: lu hidei tie ai '" t .e p JJi , t 01 goous m in fie Ule ol any Kinas difpontions. y' eit . oy public or private i d'tliAM (r BAvsKi. of ground. One Who have for fife two lotssprmiil and L.iiTie- . ..t : bo I'lieuiv l"""" rf "- - good two story stone ltraets, on which vs a 1 ne out fr Ml- - J d veiling house andsouth-we- nouies corner ot 1,?. nn the 66 leet, and sad llreets irentlOSOALimeltoiie occupied by on becoud, 165 feet, at pisfent preroiTes. Mr Allen, who will fiiew the Lexington, Septembei 25, '797- tf y M .. Jb'OK SALE. T?7Hd FOR SALE, " ' '' in-di- es 14. ii A LARGE AND GENEKAt ASSORTMENT OF -- of the sub: about two and a half FROM "e,'?S "'""hers, viz, ownlhip, 3, .. . ,.' r j. Yokl fifteen harHlvh.sB, well known for . and , j M --the ,. hisw'ent. asainlgfe ter.aod bis jowc-- k L&theSTOLEN plantation For Sale, nottS high bred Horse "he" I . T-,.t.-. '.'smon. V - r A ray - wtach A USeSr terms. "t) Lalt ioiice. LL those inikbted to the fnbfcrl bearo ohce more lfrcmedcd to rtfpecfive accounts A U thole indebted to Well and Cjuthila ai v iMjUCilL'U to make payment tnrhe'R fubfcribtr. as tliatpaitneifiip Js ,(- lolvCd by mutual confenr. up-tlfd- 10 - b: Nclfo IhomalTrnis a.nthor-ile- d to fetr'c the f bove accounts, bept. 27. EiJiVARD UrSTj v --, n ' ' &

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