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Page 316 of Afloat on the Ohio : an historical pilgrimage of a thousand miles in a skiff, from Redstone to Cairo / by Reuben Gold Thwaites.

AFLOAT ON THE OHIO As early as 1754, Franklin, in his famous Albany Plan of Union for the colonies, had a device for establishing new states in the West, upon lands purchased from the Indians. In 1773, he displayed interest in the Walpole plan for another colony, -variously called Pittsylvania, Vandalia, and New Barataria- with its proposed capital at the mouth of the Great Kanawha. There were, too, several other Western colonial schemes, - among them the Henderson colony of Transylvania, between the Cumberland and the Tennessee, the seat of which was Boonesborough. Read- ers of Roosevelt well know its brief but bril- liant career, intimately connected with the development of Tennessee and Kentucky. But the most of these hopeful enterprises came to grief with the political secession of the colonies; and when the coast States ceded their Western land-claims to the new general government, and the Ordinance of 1787 pro- vided for the organization of the Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, there was no room for further enterprises of this character. See Turner's " Western State-Making in the Revolution- ary Era," in Amer. Hist. Rev., Vol. I.; also, Alden's " New Governments West of the Alleghanies," in Bull. Univ. Wis., Hist. Series, Vol. II. 316

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