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Page 561 of Plays / by Clyde Fitch ; edited, with an introd., by Montrose J. Moses and Virginia Gerson. (vol. 3)

HER OWN WA Y DICK. No, Coast did. GEORGLXNA. Don't you think I'm doing right DICK. If you love him, of course, old girl, you're doing right. I think I must go now. [Rises.] Good-by. GEORGIANA. No, don't go yet, please. I can't bear to have you go. DICK. It's good of you to care so much. [Leans against the table.] You know only yesterday I woke up and suddenly began to hope- GEORGIANA. What - DICK. Nothing; I don't hope it any more, any- way! I say, Georgiana, you'll go around and see mother and father once in a while, won't you GEORGIANA. Of course I will - DICK. It'll cheer them up a lot, you know - they feel so badly; it's pretty tough on them, my leaving. GEORGIANA. I feel badly too - 56i

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