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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 26, 1905

Part of The Adair County news.

Jy t tv I < 7 i I I o c < ft i = 1 LldbtF 1> 1 f yl r J VOLUMES PETE CONOVER DEPUTY am to 930 p m School SuptW D Jones M Russell Coroner C CITY CoURTRegular court second I Monday in each month Judge Jas Eubank G f Convention I I MarshalI CK5JKCH DIKECTORX PRESBYTERIAN BURKESVILLE STREETRev W C Clemens pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in a each month SundaySchool at 9 m every SabPrayermeeting every Wednesday night bath METHODIST Rev F E Lewis pastor Services first and third Sundays in each month m Prayer SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 meeting Thursday night BURKESVILLE STREET Notice is hereby given that a Repub ¬ lican mass convention will be held in the courthouse iI the town of Colum- ¬ bia Ky on Saturday April 22 at 1 oclock p m for the purpose of elect ¬ ing delegates to attend a district con ¬ vention at Breeding Ky on Monday April 24 to ratify the nomination of Hon W H Cole who has been nomi- ¬ nated by the Republican primary in Cumberland couny to represent the 37th Legislative district in the Lower House of the General Assembly ofI KentuckyM Rey Yarberry ChairmanF R Winfrey Sec a ft DiflitUDaroNo by husbandS about 85 years old uality I insure trade breed to other 7R prosperityoJ ¬ all RUBBER TIRE We keep a stock of the best material and repairs W rk done at Sour ehoplis guaranteed in workmanship andpricea iSJi8j1ecitea enpo1 street near Main Give usacalL1 I PARSON 30 ly las VSicould 4 7 s v > j St S J Sd4 3 J5-I 1 fS SS l t f S3 1 51 t T t I Acts as Trustee Registar and Transfer Agentfor railroads and other corporations and and as Fiscal Agent for the payment of coupons S Depository for Trustees Guardians Executors Administrators and fiduciaries 1 = T S Notes Mr and Mrs J T Johnston and little daughter made the school a visit one day last week MrsM J Vurrell and Mrs Mattie Vance of Bliss visited at the Hall LW z 1 1 SundayJ L < fJDeaslesJ 1 I I 1T5T f lrt throughtms < t >< The father and sister of Mr Harold and Miss Lilla Furgerson visited them Saturday and We are glad that so many of the LindsayWilson students are being benefittedty the meeting and we hope thatmany more will make the wise lyf onday choice before the close of the services f Miss Bess Walker of Gradyvilje is iErofS L Frogge is the Chairman 555 with us again after several weeks ab- of the Adair County Sunday School t sence on account Convention which is to meet at Absher Mr Charley Huchinsori wife arid child Good to extra light 120 to ibH 160 Miss Jennie McFarland who wasiab May 20 Rev E A Fox 540 J and th Yin ister has his whole heart in ren paid their respects to TheNewsv 1 sent two weeks on account of measles J who is the State Secretary of Louisville dHlLKP AND LAMBS V the WorkThe members of the church the first of the week ixpectd1 is with us again v poo to extra shipping r f i tobe pteseiitandthk prtin vi ff Sh p 4 1VI04 5Prof R R Moss and his sister Miss cises The services will continue a11i MissvSalhe Field is visiting friends gence in the congregation often brings Irt ood i42537- 1Iary left Friday morjiing to spend a day ran enjoyable time is anticipa f in Lduisvillei good results about t 503O3- Jew days at their home in Hartcounty ted coITn tJ medinm < 1l S k v are charge of real estate collectsirents pays taxes insurance etc and mekes sales Man and uninipaoved prperty Acts as gent and attorney for nonresidents agement of estates a specialty I I h- IITake v c Thanking 1 shipping5Oai liar fee Iattorney Ky CLARK 100C trulyN 1 rates CompanySouthwcstGorner LOcrISVILLE RY I HOTEL Ky y rate The Louisville Trust I 5 Carapbellsville fed at a COFFEY BROS Mr James F Caldwell a former County Judge of Taylor county well known in Columbia is ina critical con ¬ dition and for two weeks has been in an piness and S CARPENTER < infirmary at Louisville Itis our urtder AND RESAURANT standing thathe has cancerous growth WA Myers has qualified and is now LIVE STOCK MARKET on his neck Judge Caldwell was mar ¬ the Town Marshal of Columbia He ned in Columbia his wife beingMiss accepts the position with the determi- ¬ Reported by thf Louisville LWe nation of carrying out the duties of the Meals at all Hours Comfortable Annie Read Stock Exchange Bourbon Stockoffice Rooms Location opposite Depot for Sale Yards CA rLK A farm containing 216 acres of good Joseph Jefferson the noted actor Extra shipping BELLS OLD STAND J5 Oa5 50 lying three miles West of Colum¬ land who had played Rip Van Winkle in Light 475 bia This property is known as the W CusiVh of Adair and adjoining cJttnties United 3 764 25 J Atkins farm Itpro6uces well and every important city in the Europe Best butchers respectfully solicited 3 754 00 Fair to good butchers there are upon it a good dwelling good States and many points in Good feeders 3 7of f4 25 barn andall other necessary outbuild ¬ Is dead TL ings There is also much valuable timauob NOTICE Dr D McDonald and Prof C R ber FOT further information address Hunt principal of Alexander College Choice packing and but b G A AjkinsT Golumbia Ky WE ARE NOW RE DYToDO ANY KINIto 300 ftK 555 L of Blacksmithinfir Burks jlle arrived in Ooyumbia horseshoeing and wood t 3P ers 200gOOd packing 160 t work all kinds of Buggy Carriage andjf Wagon Monday afternoon i The meetingatthe Methodist church apply to 200tb8 also prepared to fwill or in and for accidents for past favors I In the the mare the to pay pastured at 200 per a registered trained at plucked stable attacbed Repairing We are kinds of new grey 153 with breeding Kentucky strictly highclassS every particular being nothing highclass of make the at our barn at MrG > T any harness required for that No7 Kentucky JT Lebanon T thoroughbredS Eagle The degrees in Columbia Chapter No A M were conferred upon Glide wellJE C Sturm Burks villd and W H Newby this place last Friday Capt 1 S Bow G B is no better place to stop Stephenson VP Jones and C R Hicks THERE at the aboved named hotel Royal Arch Masons of BurksviUe and Good sample rooms and a firstclass members of Columbia Chapter were table Rates very reasonable Feed here to witness the work BRINTON Joe Coffey up 1956 SQUIRREL UI1r4GOLN I T Qradyville by Red Bird I Monticello is to have a railroad At COLUMBIA CHAPTER R A M No 7 T R StultsI1TH- a meeting held at Burnside last Tues ¬ night after full moon orace Jeffries Secretary day the Directors of the Cumberland River and Nashville Railroad Company let the contract for building a section Farm for Sale of the road from Burnside to Monti I have a farm of 250 acres of good cello to a Cincinnati construction com- ¬ bluegrass land 2 miles from Middle being twentyfive burg College My place lies on the Mid pany the distance dleburg and Hustonville pike well wat ¬ miles This rbad will run through the ered improvement good enough for heart of the Wayne oil fields any ohe A house with six rooms ice Mr Tom Marcum of Wayne county house hen house barn 2 miles to Republican candidate for the State churches and bank onefourth a mile Senate was in Columbia Thursday to common school 3 miles to railroad He stated to the News that he was out Will sell a man the farm with the money of the State when the primary was Call or write me afMount Salem Ky called that he could not see the ne ¬ A HICKS cessity for the expense of one but that he would abide the action of the committee and was ready to put up his pro rata ii 1957 Red Bird 1955 by Joe Brown 1955 by Cabbells Lexington is a dark bay Stallion 15 hands foaled 1895 1st dam by Baileys Dex ¬ ter by Cabbelis Lexington 2nd dam by Elastic horse 3rd dam by Waxie 4th dam Sir Archie Thoroughbred Red Bird is a horse of extreme substance finish and action He has produced more highclass horses than any horse in this section of Kentucky The dealers all search for his colts and buy them at fancy pricesas fast as they mature Breeding to this horse is not an experiment a3 he has demonstrated the fact to all who knov him that he is a uniform breeder and a sire of the highest type of horses that the market constantly demands I hImselfI Prop E W La Beaume G P TA Cotton Belt Rte St Louis Mo 7 Red Lexington Nc t MI M WILMORE 1956 Mahogany bay black points white only on left hind foot 9 years old 15 3Ks hands high weighs 1200 pounds strong flat bone heavy mane and We desire to extend our sympathy to tail good back with long craney tapering neck highmounted shoulders a saddle horse Mr J R Ward editor of the Green well set inear on him model head and a under halter always County Record who was bereft of the wears blue string in model rings wonderful style companion of his bosom last Thursday in harness a show horse sure When one year old night She was a lady of strong wore all honors in his class wherever shown alsc sweepstake the at Christian character and had been a de- ¬ age blue tie in 3yearold harness rings 14 same he was shown When a times Foaled in 1902 by Marion Squirrel No 1908 by Black Squirrel 58 vout member of the Presbyterian and wore 13blue strings has never been defeated Eagle Bird 2nd dam by On Time 3rd dam by Black church for seven years May the bless- in fancy harness rings has always been the victor 1st dam in stallion stake ring as a breeder whenshown ings of Him who doeth all things for 4th dam Denmark imported with three or more of the best comfort the sorrowing and general conformation his get for size style and and for all purposes He isi Lincoln Squirrel is a steel and individ ¬ lonely a saddle horse with five distinct gaits fast line equal to horse in He is a acting racker good in two walks and a niceloper void of horse in Virgil P Jones is perhaps one of the very positive in his trot under saddle and in har¬ saddle and all most enthusiastic Masons in Cumber ¬ ness great sire around action as is required for an is a Stallion gf high priced sale horse forsaddle uptodate land county He is Master of the lodge I or harness He is a sure enough harness horse The two above Stallions will season 1905 at Burksville and is amember of Co ¬ graceful stylish and fast can show eighths in 10 to a living colt Money due when colt is foaled seconds a 228 gait with but little h andlingl lumbia Chapter RAM neighborhood from case you sell or remove Through his influence quite a number 118 this last fall one year ago after res in the spring He is possessed of wonderful of Cumberland county Masons have J nerve and speed enough to geta trotter for track you will become due stock above taken the degrees in the Chapter here use or gentlemens roadsters large handsome all cases be expected reasonable same Mares Companion Jones never failing to be f stylish heayy andstrong enough to get carriage horses with a kindly disposition for all purposes of or month an escort t family horse He is the horse to sire parkers ia Q C Boar We also have stylish graceful substance and docility It ha B Cheatham this place been given up by horsemen that he one of sII Horses reasonable left a lot of apple blooms at this office most uniform breeders inKentucky He types hisI We will in no way be responsible you colts after himself sired a sorrel which had been rom different The most profitable has never the farmer and horse for yours we trees in his orchard Frost had not in ¬ breeder ± Q produce is the horse which serves the jured them in the least and he stated widest range of purposes well His coltsare there would be an abundance of apples show colts of the highest type blue string win ¬ ners from the oldest to the youngest on the hill PEDIGREE Sired by Chester Dare 10 N S H R OFFICE PHONE 9 RESIDENCE PHONE 77 by Black Squirrel Eagle 74 he Dr James Triplett is not only a good he King William 67 58 he by Black Denmark by he by Washington dentist but a fine fisherman Last 64 he by Gaines Denmark 61 he by I Thursday he caught three qhoice perch Denmark F S he by Imp Hedgeford DignitysI first dam Lizziemont by Welchmont below the town bridge One of them 341 he was nineteen inches in length another T H R he by William Welch secondbydam is by j Hambletonian 10 Dignitys seventeen and the third twelve Abdallah Messenger 3rd dam by Gills Vermont 4th dam by Thoroughbred Welchmonts first j dam Pauline by Almont Forest 2863 Notice TERMS Dignity Dare will make the season of Anyone wanting tin work will find a 1905 at my stable in Hustonville Lincoln Co Ky man in my shop at any hour All or ¬ at 25 to insure a living colt when foaled Mares traded or removed forfeit insurance and money Acts as Executor Administrator Trustee Guardian Assignee etc and as agent and ders promptly attenned to Give me a becomes due and must be paid at tune of such in fact of iriexperienced persons and of Benevolent and Religious Institutions and call L V Hall Mares grazed at 250 per month and transaction in Tact fills every position of trust that can be held by an individual bills to be paid before removal of mares Grain Safe Deposit Boxes or Drawers in the largest and strongest fireproof and burgSquire John Eubank is 75 years old fed if desired at reasonable rates Mares entrust ¬ I larProOf vaults in the entire Soutn Takes care of Silverware and other valuable property ed to me will receive my personal attention but I today Tuesday and is as sprightly in its capacious fireproof storage vaults as a 16 year old His many friends will not be responsible for accidents or escapes Phone in residence Hustonville Ky Pays interest on deposits in its Savings Department and compounds the interest semi wish for him many more years of hap ¬ annually D meets Friday W I drug store I Wilmore Hotel orS All surface Cancers are now known to be curable by Buchlens Arnica Salve Jas Walters of Duffield Va writes I had a cancar on my lip for years that seemed incurable till Buchlens Arnica Salve healed it and now it is perfectly well Guaranteed cure for cuts and biirnes 25c at T E Paulls Francis McElroy an old and re- ¬ spected citizen of Esto Russell county MASONIC ¬ flegnlar was reported dangerously ill last Mon COLUMBIA LODGE No 96 F and A M Mr McElroy belongs to a remark- ¬ meeting in their hall over bank on Friday nightI day When the war of the able family on or before the full moon in each month Gordon Montgomery W rebellion broke out he had sixteen U D meets 2nd FridayI night after full moon in each month JAn GARNETT T T R STULTS RECORDER t ji We will tell you ex actly what your ticket will cost oneway or round trip we will see that your baggage is checked and that you are comfortably lo ¬ cated on the right train Write for our illustrated descriptive lit ¬ erature maps list of real estate agents and let us help you finda better home in the country along the Cotton Belt Route Write today to JL 0 SCHAFFER T P A Cotton Belt Route Cincinnati 0 Kew Cine for Cancer LOJQE8I IMr COL MBIA COUNCIL NUMBER 23 faretwice The story of the sad ending of the life of a poor girl has just reached here from Burkesville Miss Fetna Neil eighte n years old who made her home vith Mrs Comas knowirg that her shame woud soon become public ended her life in the Cumberland river It occurred last Saturday night the girl not being miss ¬ ed from her accustomed abiding place until Suuday morning when search was instituted On the river bank her hat cloakand handkerchief were found and and also a note to her mother The riy er was dragged and late in the after¬ noon the body was found proving that the deceased was in an interesting con ¬ dition Itis said that the author of her ruin lives in Burkesville 5 Atkins Secretary I RED BIRD CHEAP RATES SCUTHWE8T Ii t The District Cooperation meeting of STREETReV J P Scruggs pastor Christian churches will be held at Creels GnEENSBURG First and third Sundays in each month Sunday boro Russell county on Friday night School every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayermeeting hefore the fourth Sunday in May Ser¬ Tuesday night vices will continue through Sunday The district comprises the counties of CHRISTIAN Adair Russell Cumberland and Met pastor CAMPBELLSVILLE PIKE calfe The State Evangelist H W Services First Third and Fourth Sundays in every Sabbath at 930 Elliott and R M Hopkins Sunday each month SundaySchool school worker will be present Every c m Prayermeeting Wednesday night body cordially invited G rs41py li i ¬ BAPTIST E iDj 1905 SK I The Adair County Ginseng Company was organized in Columbia on Monday with a capital stock of 800070 The CO CRT tfCRJBCTOKY officers are as follows Pres C S Harris Vice Pres J N CmcuiT CoURTThree sessions a yearThird Monday in January third Monday in May and Naylor Sec Coy E Dudgeon Treas T B Lyon General Manager of the third Monday in September Circuit JudgeH C Baker garden Sel Bennett The Company I t A A Huddterton Commonwealths Attorney readily placed its stock except 150000 which is held as a treasury or emergen ¬ Sheriff F W Miller cy fund The Company has an option Circuit ClcrkJ F Neat on 100 acres of land and will take this COUNTY COURT First Monday In each month up within a few days but has sold all Judge T A MurrelL except 10 acres which will be used in the County Attorney Jas Garnett growth of the plant This Company ClerkT R Stults will demonstrate the worth of ginseng JailerJ K P Conover farming in this section and unless some Assessor J P Pelly great disaster to the plant or price will SurveyorR T McCaffree realize handsomely on the investment days730 Office hours week WEDNESDAY APRIL One of the rarest treats the people of Columbia will enjoy for years is Southern Missouri Arkansasj Louisiana and Texas in store for them Ralph Bingham the famous humorist and impersonator of HOMESEEKERS OPPORTUNITIES Philadelphia is to be here May 10th He is the prince of platform entertainHeres your chance Very low ers and is recognized all over the coun ¬ oneway and round trip rates try as a star of the first magnitude Southwest this winterabout half ExGov Bob Taylor says of him the regular a month consider him the finest all round enter Good time to visit Southeast Mis ¬ tamer on the American platform souri Arkansas Louisiana or He is not only a humorist and master of Texas and pick out a location monologue and story telling but is un- ¬ Round trip tickets permit stop- ¬ rivaled as a musician He will appear r over on the going trip return here Wednesday evening May the lOt limit 21 days Write and tell us at the courthouse Tickets will be on your starting point and where you sale this week ¬ want to go The Adair County Ginseng Company Organized POSTMASTER M RUSSELL Ralph Bingham Coming ADDITIONAL LOCAL POST OFFICE DIRECTORY t t COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY I L I L I f K f ifi f3iJ tc k f S S 5l r l i > f i i > f r 5j > 4 > < t oi r 5 1 f SS k S Sjr1 j 5c tJ t W 1th 3i z I 5 i j ft io 1 q4S- 1iit i1t > L 5 5 14

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