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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), August 30, 1946

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

as Received filMed JMtife The JEFFERSONIAN Hq. 15 JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, Ccwuty Shocked By tSlayiug of Boy Scout and Tritt tyVlM r of Tritt Doris Siraub Wins Clyde Carrithers Serious Condition Popularity Crows report Miss While Still In Serious Condition Miss "Trudy" White, daughter of County Commissioner E. P. White, Jr., and Mrs. White of Gilmore Lane who underwent an emergency appendectomy at Bloomington, Indiana where she was attending the University of Indiana, has been removed to the Baptist Hospital in Louisville where she is under the care of Drs. Charles Edelen and R. R. , Mavis Saudliu Throws Baseball For Record achieved by a County boy or girl to Jefferson County. As an award for winning the national championship, she received a gold medal, a laurel wreath and the olive tree. The olive tree is to be planted by the champion and as it (rows to maturity it becomes a lasting reminder of the national feat accomplished. Not only did Mavis Sandlin at- tracf national recognition to the Both girls were proclaimed champions publicly as thousands of people watched in the magnificent Cleveland Stadium. The awards were made by the Mayor of the City of Cleveland. Slucher. Miss White's condition is considered serious although friends are confident that stamina and fighting spirit still her her will bring her through. Several transfusions have been necessary and the physicians are attempting to build her strength to the point where additional surgical measures can be taken. Trudy has a host of friends and acquaintances in Jefferson County and Louisville who are hopig for her quick recovery. ..SmmmmI mmmmWJmmbmbmmmmmI 3 maintained her advantage throughout the campaign. In second place was Miss Mary Lois Hornbeck, who came from behind to finish next to the leader. Miss Hornbeck was the recipient of the $35 bracelet. Other contestants followed close on the heels of the two winners. and Mrs. Larry Tyler Mary Lois Hornbeck entertained at dinner last Tuesday Mrs. Pauline Snyder, Miss ing of the $100 wrist watch to the Elisabeth Hummel and Mr. Field successful candidate. Miss Straub A NEWS ITEM: Leichhardt. took an early lead in votes and The .'efferson'an. 5143 Mr. Phom DEATH? At Nuermberg a company of men charged with loosen ing the scourge of war upon an unwilling world and per forming atrocities unequalled in their magnitude in the history of civilization, wait stoically the sentence that is " : 777 soon to be handed down from a l the proceeds of which will be repre- - divided equally with the High a tribunal composed of sentatives from nations that View Volunteer Fire Department halted 4he German reign of as a contribution toward replacLUC 0 LV.V.UV1J C4UIIIUCil terror. by fire V 1 v Hedden, Jeffersontown Work has begun this week on served as guard at the ses- the new fire station at Buechel sions of the world court at and it is hoped that the structure Nuermberg and for months ob- -, can be completed without delay. served the conduct of the trials standing at the elbow of Her-- I man Goerlng former right hand Boosters Donate of Adolph Hitler and leading personality among the Nazi pris-- ! Memorial Ground Royce G. L, f sl si jft- - oners. For several months, Hedden Hans Frank former gauleiter of Poland from his cell to the court, returning him to y confinement after the day's sion. Frank, says Hedden, dls- posed to be a bit difficult at first finally settled into his daily rou-- ' In tine and gave no troublehis cell he spent most of his reading the Bible and laughing as he read. In the pictures at the left Goering is seen listening to the remarks made by a fellow pris-'th- e oner while Hedden watches un concernedly. In the lower picture Goering is addressing the court as he did frequently. Hedden in the helmet marked "X" stands at his post. During recesses in the court proceedings, the Nazi prisoners cheerfully wrote their autographs for Hedden as shown in the reproductions of the signases-,b- tlltlt, ' r I A m J' f Mr CM . ' - : I tru Announcement was made this of the gift of a plot of ground for use as a site for the projected Buechel War Memorial, the Buechel Boosters Club, The lot which is 60x200 feet fronts on Bradford Lane, a stone's throw from Bardstown Road and south of the Junior Order Hall, week conducted ( Weak-Knee- remarked that Kendall, tailored costumes; Caro- lyn Bates, towel and holder: Luvinia Hughes, Alice Inako and Alma Smith, aprons and Barbara smith, school costumes. Emily Stutzenberger, Mary Ann Huflage and Frankie Smith were winners in the canning exhibit and Dixie H,endricksoo, Margaret Cotton, Marjorie Stafford, Barbara Parrott and Patsv Magruder received blue ribbons in the food show. County club members won top honors in the H exhibit in which 62 counties exhibited. and Pastrv exhibits were lacking displays of canning while were apparently equal to those of previous years. The concessions were condemned on every hand for their more than usual element of "gyp" and the entire absence of or seats about the benches grounds came in for a share of "griping." The attendance wnich was disappointing for the opening days appeared to be Increasing Wednesday and Thursday. 4-- H 4-- County Boys and Girls Score at Cleveland to be licked by the glamour sur-- i Buddy Murphyj Tom Hudson iuuiiumu such uig Lines as and Norman Crutcher carrying Cleveland, Cincinnati, Erie, Brooklyn and thirteen other tre colors; lourth place in the d large centers of population. relay was captured by Arthel Georee. Vallev: Mavis Bunky Stone, Cane Run; Jane Cane Run; Shirley Sandlin, Anchorage, and Evelyn Parks, d Kinkton, Anchorage, created a George, Valley, and Cecelai by running and erenz, Okolona. sensation Gloria Ising, Okolona, was jumping on the cinder track in their bare feet. In fact the Jef - fourth in the running broad jump; d shuttle ferson County Playground and fifth place in the Recreation Boards' entries were relay was won by Mary LaMont, many times referred to as the Betty Thompson, Gloria Ising and Mary Swenck, all of Okolona "Shoeless Marvels." The Jefferson County PlayEvelyn Kinkton, Lyndon, won ground and Recreation Board the bronze medal for gaining third team scored 40 points to tie for piace m the standing broad jump; fifth place with Toronto. Cm- - Hilda Zehner received a silver cinnati won the meet, Cleveland medal for second place in the was second, Erie, third, and Lor- - senior girls, baseball throw arid raine, fourth. In all there were: Mavis Sandlin was awarded the sixteen teams representing the goid medal for winning the of the nation. tional championship for Jefferson The following County boys County in the junior girls base-an- d girls scored points for the ban throw with a heave of 156 County Playground feet 2 inches. Jefferson I T1 ana riecreauon ooara in me XT Summarizing the achievements tional meet: 0f the boys and girls representing Mavis Sandhn, fourth in the 50 T pi,vlrn.,nH 6.5; Ralph Huff yard dash-ti- me, in the Na- d Recreation sey, St. Matthews fourth in the tjonaj Olympics we find that three dash for boys time, 7 medals were brought back to Jef. flat; Evelyn Kinkton, Lyndon, ferson County, 16 ribbons, the fifth in the dash time, national championship and the 7.9. n"n The shuttle relay "Z tinn brought fourth ptoce to Jefferson ifcrn Count kids made a hit County through the efforts of flnd scored a victory for County manna ocnencn, wiioiuna, raioy recreati0n. Sloan, Cane Run; Mavis Sandlin, Lyndon, and Anne Parks, Cane Louisville School of Law, the Run time, 34.6 In the dash for senior oldest law school West of the nirls. Doris Blankenbaker of Allegheny Mountains in uontin- Jeffersontown ran fifth with a uous operation, celebrated its relay 100th anniversary August 6th. d time of 9.7; the will be deedec to the War Memo-tim- e rial Committee for use so long as the memorial gtanda and is given care. An adjacent plot, 75x75 feet, property of the Gulf Refining Company, will be added to the memorial park through the courtesy of she oil company. All organizations as well as individuals interested in the erection of the Buechel memorial will be asked to aid in raising funds to finance the project which will honor those Buechel servicemen who gaye their lives in World War I and World War U in defense of their country. tures. The plans provide for the build- Hedden believes there is little m th win? 3 stne chance that the "supermen" will extending on flr.ePlace side against either H0 escape the death pe nalwhich stone , benches will be set. , ... . is of the opinion that the culprits , , yiai-. UUHllUfj locc an - nrp ,; win v.4W CACL above the fireplace with the steeled against the day of their names of Buechel heroes in- executlon. Having watched and scr jbed neara ine mass 01 u.v The committee h to com. was piled up against the warj ,ete the memorial b Armistice criminals and the flimsy excuses, Day and to hold a blic dedica. presented by the defense which Uon at that tjme attempt- admitted the crimes but plot of ground will be ed to shift the blame, Hedden iandscaped and the site used for believes that any verdict except outdoor gatherings by the corn-deat- h would make the entire munjtv procedings ridiculous O'BANNON BOY ENTERS TRAINING Buechel Firemen To Eb-mil- na-be- st 1 T" 1 rt 60-ya- Hv&PN mMuT HUbbbcSMKOM: MMn BHmWt BImmUk' W uKI laHm "4 ml 'mmm M bPH faPffi .. rd 880-yar- Clark Atkins Appointed Anchorage School Head It was announced this week by the Anchorage School Board that Clark Atkins, former Bloomington, Ind., high school principal, had been appointed superintendent of Anchorage Schools to succeed Richard VanHoose, who resigned to take charge of the Valley teacher at duPont Manual TrainHigh School in the county ing High School. Atkins was principal of the school system. high school for The Atkins appointment came Bloomington twelve years prior to his enlistment in the Air Forces soon after Pearl Harbor. He was commissioned a First Lieutenant and served as instructor until Jan- uary 1945. He was sent to Japanl . . j after tnat country surrenaerea m j Aid High View Dept. Jefferson County Gets National Recognition Again the Jefferson County Playground and Recreation, Board I program has been recognized nationally. At the Cleveland Junior Olympics, held in the Municipal Stadium on beautiful Lake Erie, county recreation was proclaimed irreat bv such r. ' " uoiauics as nraci! .iimpson oi radio Station WIW of Cleve sports. Father Flannigan said land, Father Flannigan of Boys' that next year he would bring a team to the Junior Olympics from Town and "Red" Grange, the I.I . -- his famous Boys' Town. Ghost" of Illinois. Vettiner was then put on WJWs "Red" Grange remarked to hook-u- p to tell how County recre Charlie Vettiner, County recreation chief, that it was amazing ation was functioning in Jeffer- explain how it how a group of County kids could son ou nty and run and jump with the best the might be set UP m ther counties-natioThe Jefferson County Play-formcould produce. When in-- 1 that track had never been ground and Recreation Board was emphasized in Jefferson County, Praised highly because it was the Redhead thought that the progressive, never passing up an work the Jefferson County Play- - opportunity of placing its young-groun- d and Recreation Board was sters before the nation, doing to show its recreational j It was the opinion of many that value was remarkable. the group from Jefferson County Father Flannigan was all for was the and best-th- e County recreation program mannered group of kids present, ' and pointed out that he had never This, in itself, was a tribute to had a minute's trouble with any the Jefferson County Playground boy who engaged in seasonal and Recreation Board. old "Gallopin I n j ed i best-behav- 60-ya- 200-ya- i " (Continued on Page 3) 240-yar- - JKmBPmmtImmsw d present political regime. "The promise made by the county administration that gambling would be wiped out," said another county resident, "should have been kept inviolate. They were among the most positive statements of County Judge Horace M. Barker and police chief, Tom Dover. The people of Jefferson County expect to see the criminal element that centers around county gambling spots find the county so unhealthy for them that they would crawl back into Louisville or elsewhere' The general opinion in the county may be summed up in another statement made up by a resident who admitted that he had been on occasion a patron of some of the county hot spots. "I may gamble some. I put a bet on a horse at intervals. I enjoy a sociable game of poker, at my home with a few old cronies. But, I know that it is best for county welfare, for the, development of our communities, policy stand that a weak-knee- d which suffers the undisturbed placing of slot machines at various county spots, some of them extremely unsavory, discounts any improvement that might have been made in the county police system. There is also in the county an attitude on the part of some that nothing better could be expected That politics are politics and that established precedents in the conduct of the police will not be discarded. Said a resident of Buechel: "There is something naive in the expectation that county departments will be run on strictly business bases by either of the two major parties. It is common knowledge that campaign funds are dependent upon the collections made from privileges farmed out to Teams came from all over the country to Cleveland to par The Republicans the underworld. are doing what ticipate in the National Junior Olvmoics last Saturdav. Bovs and the Democrats did before them." girls, representing the Jefferson County Playground and RecreaWhile the above was the more tion Hoard, amazed the crowd in the Cleveland Stadium by tying sophisticated expression it was not the most common. A number tor tilth place with the team for senior boys brought another from Toronto, Canada. Men and women from all over fifth place to the Jefferson the United States marveled at County Playground and Recrea- these country kids who refused tion Board with Arthel George, j WAIT SENTENCE NAZI CRIMINALS mk. Local Gambling Threatens to Undermine Confidence of People In Administration County John Roederer's Swine That Residents Call Policy To Place Allows Gaming Interests First at State Fair Slot Machines In County Night Spots. 300-yar- READY FOR THE VERDICT BST Every Friday at $150 Per Yaw 846 Duroc-Jerse- man will recover fully. i mLR COUNTY John Roederer, Jeffersontown, continued his habit of By A. G. Heat winning championships at this year's State Fair, making a A partial survey of county opinion on the gambling sitclean sweep oi the F. F. A. Poland China classes and staking uation under fire by Louisville dailies, indicates that county first place in the open classes with his junior yearling boar, residents are lifting their eyebrows at the failure of county his aged sow and his senior. police to carry out promises made both before and after elec i Visitors to the fair were al- SOW pig. hammer. tion to eradicate illegal gam stated that the attitude of county Other eountv wlnnpra worp most unanimous in their praise ing in the county. The whole affair is a very un livestock display and the police towards gaming was deand regretful occur- Doris Lee Smith of Buechel with ' ot fortunate Many county leaders take the stroying their confidence In the y hog; Audrey Pultry and produce exhibits. young her ence. It is hoped that the u was the cake - The national spotlight this week is focused on the Presbyterian Home at Anchorage, which is under the supervision of Robert G. Haney. Two attractive little girls went to Cleveland on the Jefferson County Playground and Recreation Board's Olympic trip and won national Jefferson County Playground and honors. Recreation Board and the PresMavis Sandlin, las- byterian Home at Anchorage, but sie, set a national record for the also Evelyn Kinkton, her buddy, baseball throw with a toss of 156 received the bronze medal emblefeet 2 inches. This heave by matic of the third place she won Miss Sandlin brought the first national championship ever to be in the national broad jump. h ReDorted as still being in a serious condition. Clyde Car rithers, who was Injured In an altercation with Otiey aeim, oi near Oak Grove, two weeks ago, was removed to his hom In the edge of Bullitt County. The incident was reported last week by The Jeffersonian's Oak Grove correspondent. The stated incidently that, "according to report," a gun figured In the affair. However, members ot the Carrithers family have since stated positively that there was no Bun involved. Clyde wa struck in the head with a Carnival held la?t Saturday under the auspices of Jefferson County was stunned horrified by the slaying the Buechel Civic Club was an Ronnie in Auduhon Park, last Friday. outstanding success, according to 6oy Scout n nn,'C Mr. and Mrs. J. fc. of reports of the committee in U3 leal Jlpad, was last seen when he started from his home charge. Vuu " rooo turn tor a fellow scene of the crime, the rope The attendance was one of the with cout who had left his rope several strands of hair, the lad's nanging in a tree near the Tritt clothes were all the police had to home. work on. Last Tuesday i was His failure to return home learned that Ronnie and another alarmed his parents and police boy about the same age had visand Boy Scouts were called upon ited a Preston Highway barber to conduct a search. Early Sat- shop between the hours of 1 and urday morning hla strangled 3:30 Friday afternoon. Ronnie abused body was found In a va- waited while his friend had his m cant lot a Mock from his home. hair cut and then went out with Ronnie had been hung from a him. Efforts were made to learn limb of a three and his body later the Identity of Ronnie's comcut down with the rope knotted panion. Meanwhile, parents are keeping about his neck. An autopsy revealed that he had died from their children close to home and strangulation after assault by a police are attempting to locate known sex offenders as possible sex maniac. of the crime. County police called on the perpetratorsservices were Funeral held at Louisville Police Department for Ronnie's home at 8:30 Tuesday aid in locating the slayer and morning and at Our Mother of Cpunty Judge Horace M- Barker Sorrows Church at 9 o'clock. received assurances from the Burial was in Calvary Cemetery. JB.I. that their office would aid Besides his Darents. Ronnie is sur Doris Straub to tracking down the culprit. vived by a sistei.( Anne( 10 years largest ever assembled at a simiFew clews were left at the old. lar affair and games, food and .. i other features were patronized by an enthusiastic crowd. The premium event was the crowning of Mis Doris Straub popularity queen and the award- The Bueche JEFFERSON AN INDEPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED JUNE 1907 VoL 40 ALMOST 40 YEARS OF SERVICE TO ALL Frank Wiechel Drummond, 18, Clark Atkins son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Drumof the mond, O'Bannon, iCy., has re- after the decision of Joseph C. The board of directors Buechel Volunteer Fire Depart- ported for recruit training at the Howard who was named for the ment have announced that a fish United States Training Center, position, to continue in his capa- supper will be held October 12, Bainbridge, Md. d history as economic i j ' and served as an education specialist in Tokio and other places until last April. He is also a veteran of World War I, serving with an artillery division in France. Atkins is a graduate of Indiana University where he received his bachelor and master of arts degrees. He also studied at Butler and Columbia universities and has nearly completed his work for a doctor's degree. The family of the new superintendent have taken residence in Anchorage. Their daughter, Miss Barbara Ann Atkins is a member of the junior class at the Univer-- I sity of Indiana. Miss Elizabeth Ewina will hp administrative assistant to Atkins and Mrs. Vivian Griffin has been y appointed principal of the mentory school. ele-dt- Attention ! County Residents ! (Statement From Your Good Government Committee) THE GOOD GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE OF JEFFERSON COUNTY IS A NON PARTISAN BODY COMPOSED OF COUNTY RESIDENTS, APPOINTED BY COUNTY JUDGE HORACE M. BARKER, BUT WHICH FUNCTIONS INDEPENDENTLY and only in the interest of the citizens of Jefferson County. THE VIRILITY of the Jefferson County Good Government Committee depends upon the manner in which the citizens of the County implement the committee with suggestions, information and constructive criticism of the various County government departments. The committee is NOT interested in personal or party differences, the promotion of any particular brand of politics, the choice of any individual for appointive office or the protection of any clique that attempts to use pressure in securing selfish benefits for any particular community. The committee IS interested in the efficient operation of County departments, the diligent and capable performance of County employees, the suppression ot crime of all kinds, the enforcement of laws and the; improvement of public facilities. The committee IS interested in the progress of the County along all lines and in the conduct of County departments to that end. The committee WILL NOT be used as a cat's paw by any group or community to further any project that does not benefit the majority of the citizens of the. County or that community which is solely concerned. The Jefferson County Good Government Committee serves without remuneration, gives freely of its time and will continue its functions so long as it is given free rein and unlimited scope to advise, criticize and assist the local County government in bringing the best possible administration to the residents of the County. The people of Jefferson County are invited to make the committee their agent in bringing the needs of the County to the attention of County officials. The officials of Jefferson County are using the services of the committee in bringing governmental problems of the County to the people. C. A. HUMMEL, Chairman, Jefferson County Good Government Committee. (This space contributed to the Jefferson County Good Goverment Committee by Trie Jeffersonian.)

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