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Image 4 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), September 29, 1836

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

TRANSYLVANIA BOIAMC PllACTiCL Oi N. BENEDICT, Ky. HT DEPARTMENT. TWauicrnss l5J-Aw- street, m" al ay UNIVERSITY, MED l CAL MLDI-CIN- E. 'H1IIE Lectures in this Iistitntion will com B mence, DoiiV. LEWIS'S STnU'LATING LIN-- I 'November , as usual, on the first Monday 111 and terminate on the first Monday of AMFNT remlrkallo lor relievn g pain, Kc jyjarch 1 lie courses are on ILT.N. BENEDICK for ..1. by Anatomy and Surgery, by Doctor Dudley ; and Institutes of Medicine, Clinical BOTANIC DRUG STORE AND Medical ,urisptudence, by Doctor Practice, Caluwlll Y. INFIRM At Theory and Practice of Medicine, by Doctor r. HOMF t'014 THE AFFLICTED. Maincross TnfctlJn :. n-- v TIllfID " r- - N. BENEDICT. TO PRINTERS. , Cooks Obstetncksand the diseases of women and clul ilren by Doctor Richardson. Materia Medicaand Medical Botany; by Doc LeMigton :;. - tor Short Chemistry defiiriini ns pmhnrkmff in a hnmness bllllllldl IU my ';,.: Ill'fllUl dell. 1.11. Dunne the entire term the of Ana toiny and Surgery lectures nine times each week, and the other, Professors daily, sabbath exrepted Til feetotha enure course, witn mainculation and use or an extensive library, is $110! 'ihe graduation see is $i0. It is 111 ueht proper to state, inasmuch as re ports have been current a the high price of hoard in Lexington and the difficulty of obtaining it, that many student, during the last session, sound cum Portable board, inrluding lodging, fuel, lights. servants' attendance, and in some instances ash mg, for 3,00 per week, and itts confidently be lieved , notwithstanding the increased puce of every aiticleoriivlng, which is felt here in com' mun with all other parts of the country, that sm dents will be as comfortably accommodated, and upon as reasonable terms, as at any other respec-tablMedical School in the Union . By order ns the Faculty. C. W . SHORT, M. D. Dean. Lex. Ky. July 11th, 183b 37- -t 1st Nov. The publishers of the following papers are re quested to insert the above to the amount ns $5, and send the papers containing it to the Dean, on the receipt of a hich the money will be remitted, Louisville; Eegle, May-svill- e, viz: Journal will sell nti accommodating te.nis, my in 1 1IU KF.N UCKY Al.tjlSILR. beiii); the one liall of said office. The paper lias an exiensive circulation, a libe tal share of advertising, (as may be seen bj refer ence to its culumns,) and a sirs rale run of Jot) work; which, with its location, renders the establishment one of the mpst desirable and eligihle he country situations in the State of Kentucky Printing materials are nearly new, and embrace all the necessary appurtenances for Newspaper, Hook and Jobwotk. Primers wishing to embark in the business, would do well to drop me a line, or visit the place I am determined to and see the establishment sell, and will give a good bargain. H CAULFIELD. J. Ehzabethtown, Ky-- , Ang. 31 55-- 3t. 1,, ,wi"i.i(the OTFICC OF (KrTO PRINTERS.) Valuable Printiiso Establishment FOR SALE. OFFER S PRINTING for sale, on reasonable ESTABLISHMENT Yak and Pharmacy, by Doctor tyrris, my iii Dan- 'I he Materials arp almost entirely new It is one of ihe oldest Offi es in the State, havirg sustained itself 17 yeais, and us patronage is still To an industrious young nun just increasing. commencing business, this establislnnei t offeis an Any person in tiicement rarely lobe met with. wishing to will call and examine us situation. J J. POLK. ville Gazelle, Cincinnati; fcttate Journal, Cnlnuihus. Ohio; lug and Bainer, Nashville, I en ; Republican, St Louis, Mo; Southern lluntsville, Ala. Slate Intelligencer, I Mississippi Journal Natchez; Kegistri , Vicksburgh, Miss; uulletin, New Orleai s. He Mobile, Ala ; Pensacola Gazette Kccor gi'ter. fepJJJ-55- -tr. der, Milladgeville, Ged; Republican, savannah; Courier ii Meriuiy, ( harleston, S. C; Register, HOUSE aild Lo' situated on Main Street Raleigh, N. C; Observer, Fayetteville N C; Whig liichmond, Virginia; Kepubliran, Win- ALm nsa rl ir nmkAc iln lha rsiLiranro ns Is nhjrf Todd I sq. on the lot s a never falling W ell of Chester, Virginia; Intelligencer and G'obe, jPush- esre lent water, it not sod will he (oi Rent next '"- -' "" ninnih ; for paiticulars apply to Peter 'I illon corFOR SALE ner of Mill and shori street. WILLIAM W YLKER. SffHAT beautiful country residence , upon the Pate's creek road, about a 54 1m Lexington Sept. 12th, 18JG mile from the limits of Lexington, recently occu Ky . VV " PUBLIC SALE. "Sf SAVING H. disposed otinv Farm, f will ex-- pied Dy A II JUorlon I he place contains about 50 Acres, has aii excellent Brick House wilh six rooms, necessary out houses: a spnng of delightful waier, and a Bsgging Fart )ry with twelve Loom's' t which is attached an excellent Grist .'Hill. The title indisputable Liberal credits will be Apply to given to the purchaser. COLEMAN cy WARD, Louisville, u pnsp to public sale all my Crop and Stock of every kind, on the ith dan of OcVber, next; 00 Acres ns standing Corn, Oats, Hay &c ; unbroken Htmp; a ver extensive and valuable stock of Horses, consisting us valuable Brood Mares and CorjJjrojLJurking in three y.ars old ; sii' king and 2 viSWGhl Mules, aula sine young Jack; a very vanjnfta sn k ns Cattle consisting or to CHARLTON HUNT, Lexington, of about 70 head us very sine sour years old Steers; July 15, Ia30 18-- tf a good main ve y valulble blooded Ciws an-Calves; anexcillent stuck of lings abcint 150 ready lor fattening; three Yokeol valuable Oxen; a (lock of Merino heep; one Wagon and I art; Farming Utensil-- ; II eliol. I and Kitchen FUR. N Thursday, the 29ih of Septembei, I83B, NII'lUM ; An excellent conking stove; besides wni oe nirl on the premises at Kuhhc Auc a vanrty of arm les not enumerated. All sums tion, 'hat of five lollars and mi ler, rash in hand; ill over tna estate VALUABLE FARM he oneine to oi liicharn A. Uurd, dee'd., contain2 months rre.'it, except the large hogs and steers ing about 00 acres, situate tji Wiinrifhril cm uty, which Hill be soil at a crerlit of Ihico-riouth- s; between the Rail road and Frankfort road, and bond and security to begiten adjoining each, about 10 miles 'rom Lexington JAMES MASON. The Farm is finely watered and remaikahly well September 10th 1S1G. 5 4t timbered, and in every respect admirably calcu laten for a stock farm. Soil equal to arj in Ken tucky. O le third of the purchase money in Terms F I RSTRRIVAL OF hand, and the balance in equal payments of ore and two years without interest. Possession will & be given on the 1st of October following the sale, with the privilege reserved of securing and removTILFORD, HOLLO W AY &, CO. I(L receiving and opening, 3t their storerooms ing the rrop at present on the land. L No. 49, Main street, a laree s'ock of Fane At the same time and placa will be sold all i and Staple MI'RCII NDISE, selected with care the crnp nu the ground, consistine of Hemo. Corn. from the latest arrivals in the 1 astern citie, to and small grain. All the stock, consisline ns wliirhdjiey would respect ully invite the attention Cattle, Horses, Hogs, and a beautiful flock of Mieep. 9ijo, all the Farming Utensils. Also, oi six very valuable and likely SLAVES, consistLex Aug 23 49-l- 2t W1 of, 3 Men, a Woman and two children. ing Terms. ArreditofO months for all sums over 510, bond wilh appioven security being given by TO JOURNEYMEN PRINTERS. the purchaser. JOHN ( URD, LVr. jNL. or two leadj, industrious Journe; men ELtiANOIl H. CURD.Extr'x. will meet with constant u nlnir- Pnniers 45-t- ds August 3, 1836 ment, is immediate application is made at this "tire l.exingion, July 28, lSfi JUST RECEIVED. To THE l'ATlt NS AND FllIl'NDSOF FRESH, and GENERAL AS PUBLIC SALE. To Wholesale Dealers. FALL WINTER GOODS nnn T II f HI1C ALRGE, MONITOR. K publisher of this pper, partaking of the generil feeling of the rieniocraci of Ken. lur-lcas regards ihe prospects of succe-- s for their cindi tales in the eu'tiing Noiemher elections-an- d believing that the accomplishment of this object depends upon ihe zi a) ind exertions of their mends, in tineading beloie ihe people sound po lilical luteilignnce, and counteracting ihe baleful effmts of their Ices induced to suggest to his political friends and patrons, th- propriety of ex ten ling the calculation of the Maysville Monitor as an auxiliaryjnlna consumation of this c.e' sired end. to render Ihe Monitor uelul in the cifrse, e patriotism and democracy. while lhe.y jjave been asiriuous and untiring, have been attenrien1 with no inconsiderable expense. The extension of the subscription list, he flatters himself, may be attended with lejults favorable to the promotion oi the cause or Kepuhlican principles, ami destructive to faction the same time It will enable him to perseiere in tne improvement of his paper. Our friends in the Slate are siifficieitly aware of ihe sleepless vigilance of theirjtj5oi ents at all li nes, to know that their success in the late election wi le attended with no relaxation ns their rff uts, but on the contrary will inepirit and em-hlen them to greater daring and omrage, than has ever ( et marked their hostility to ihe puritv of I heir er itors, Iheifciffice republican principlesr holdeis, tiieirontors an I private me, uliefi will be in the field, and evej eTiiit that inteiest. mal-ir- e, or ingenuity cansuggel;, will be pUceri in speedy lequisitiOn. Vrjnite, justice, nor even the restiants of uintality, will be regarded, when an object as great as the ovenhrow of ihe towering collosns of American rights, is before their s. I'heirphalanx of newspapers, whosa ed llorslong lor the spoils of victcrj,witb more anxiety than the hartpanieth for the cooling brook " have displayed In the late encounter, a reckless and daruiz lodustry, seldom is ever exceeded h anr political pirtisans What may we not it from them untie succeeding conflictl Their papeis find their wp Into every nook and corner ns ihe Stale, ard ff we expect to cope with them, we should al east be placed upon an equal soot" Let the first Abject then be to give a wide li g. circulation lo the Demn-rali- c papers in the 8iie Let tnem 'allow the poison for which they will me aninioie our inencls in every countv from couimltlees, and inak" this primary objeitnf their i reation Oijro makeitan object with the Hnmnrnn to circulate the Moiinnr. it will be afford-- H (,- the comi R Three Months, to companies ns .ten, or toe nniiiiitpr. requiring ihis or a greater number at the rate nl per ten c u uairt in ad-- v Si ,gle c .p s, , nice P llllmber than leu, will con tne u.udl , 6.1 cents lor IhreP , months Agnixan I subscribers to the Monftnr, are re- ...irst I ro u e he r evertions m a dinninl ua ne , and will cooler a faor by ienc in theqi immediately to ihisuffice, Maysville, Sept. 1st. 18S6. Jt 10 family use. S Among which .j, eZpJjTMM, rjc F ,(--,, 150 " do 75 GUM ALOES, 75 " PULf RHUBARB. 40 " SUPERIOR CAi OMEL, - Acr'l GUM OPIUM. 12doz SIV AIM'S ChLER ED PAXACFA, RAT for ihe cure of bcroiuia, 5bbls. Cold Expressed CASTOR OIL, superior, warranted 5 " ALCOHOL, &c, JAMES Dlcn -f 23,- -1 and many other articles too tedious to e mmerate. Sold wholesale and retail at the Drug & Chemical Store of SAML C. TROTTER, Cheapside, near the Noth'n. Bk. Lexington, Ky. July 20, 1831 . 39-- tf 'Tontine House. V- - -- i COOK. Herald DAILY STAGE FOil CIN( 1NNAII rW HE stages pn the direct route from Lexing JL ton to Cincinnati, will leave the office at RECEIVED, one hundred Hams nl f.r faanlty U.ealsO a sew kegs ol leal lard, which will be sold low for cash I.OBEKI- - G7lY. Jl'ST Lex. August 15, 1836-4- KY. ns the Northern Bink of Kentucky are hereby notified, that the sixth, instalment nl twenty Dollars on each share, is requ-reto be paid on the I .ith November next. By order of the Board of Directors M T SCOTT, Cash'r. Lexington, ug. 2, 1836 44-t- d NOTICE. wi'lbe made to the Norm at Lrxington, to re new a certifii ate of one share m said Bank, in the name of the subscriber which has been lost ur mis- June 30th 1816 34. JOSEPH FICKLIN. BOLTING hanrfand ONAN( HOR penoi ipialitv. OXOTES. sale. N'os. 3, 4 5, 6, 7 and 8 BOLTING CLOTHS of... f..r HOLOWAYIcCO. N. YORK SPIrtir OF THE TIMES, TURF REGISTER, TJI'BLISHED weekly at 157 Broadway, N York, at 5 per annum Paiahle in ail vauce. Sept V. T. POK I'Blt. Editor. . TK It M BULL, J. Agent fur Lexington, 15, 1816 51- - is. Fayele Co. THE PEATHBa ASXQYjXCOZL now in operation, on Mam street, nearly opposite the Grand Masonic Hall. Those who wish iheir Buls renovated, woul.l Ho well to made an eany application, as ihe prers of business will he on in a 'ew weeks Beds, in ihe city, will be sent for, renovated, and leiurued the same day. Attention will be paid hy IS MO-sE- Lexington, Aug 2,'36 HEADING TON. 4'1-- tf PUBLIC SALE. nfOctoUer,! will ofTer ON forSaturday, the I5lh suitable ttUlLlilJfli sale, a number ns john 5G-t- ds Lisbon, Old Cognac Brandj-- , Holland Gin, f St. Croix Rum, Old Peach Brandy, J ; ipi, f Also '. " Jessamine en Aug 11-- Rail Road Company. rBlHE undersigned having been appointed by the Uovernorof Kriitucky, Commissioners fnr receiving subscriptions for the stock ns the a- hove enrananv. will open Books for Ihe siibserin. tnn ns Sixty Thousand Shares of One Hundred Dollarseach, at the Hotel of Mr John Brennan, nn ihe third Monday in October next, and keep the same open, between the hours of ID o'clock m the innrniug, an I 4 o'clock in the afternoon for six successive days. JL He has also fitted up his upper large and com moflious Koom. ai a great expense, for th- - p irpose of accommodating Society JVoetings and sine tew. July 13, 9rJ3r-i- f """ JOHN FISHBACK. LOUISVILLE, CINCINNATI, AND CHARLESTON An assortment ns BrSST FRENCEI CORDIALS. HWI .MADION C.JOHNSON, liu ill It I "'"t-'- ' It MFrr. Commmiontn. ex,ng,Srpt.aS,1( Obs.rr.rsnd Intellicencenns.rtiil have place f July HUN 4i tf 9tht1616 I.4NI) FOR fBV) nl, nO .llatp.ihir I rMt ha ne I ," nieil J,'iA'0S' rO( I'atMil ( ieu himoi Piano hi il I o IIOUACt JnrianT Uuw , 5th itoiir ff exuiEtnn, Apul 3!, lKb 17- -tl snte Uu 1i in Warn g'fj 's nu lll.r I ...& . ... iillliini TV1 1, jiw.ti's st.hulsiino , the ly. rehpect ully oflfert 'in sirrires t the ntizens of Lexmetnn and its virimty He nr( units tne name office with Dr. Uudl, at the nld staiio) wher. he may he sound .tu.i.giird.t: t,ght at .Mrs. Crittenden's Bnai'liug House. Jn. dan's 41-3- m Kow. Lexington, J uly ii, 18 111 . A C WA VTEI, .. assist "satl acute lad tnIIJENrtYm a Coffee DY ''""' 15 f. I83t-4t- APPRENTICES WANTED TO THE CONr EITIONAH TOV THS from Y BUSINESS. ns age, ul re will he preferrer. Pa- they would like In have learn a good and p.nfitahle trade one which is as good, ir not belter than any other now fo'low ed, would do well to apply iimnediatelt to 14 to 15 years J kpecble families reins who have children Sepl M.GIUON, 6.-5- 3-IT Mill street, Lennjtou Ky. WHITE n MP'l-- ' i'.cs,j eT. ,',. I). J II. ( . VN'IM.H ,M. N T. D. WM i OV Dr. W M. M. (.I FFIN, Dr. . N LI'Sh The aoiive Lini.neui, ti a general assniiiiieui ol HOI 4. Ml MKIt INE- ..r sale at IHE BO I AMI DliUN slO.K, MiilIikim II T. . IIENr.HK H. I N. Bene lict .onMoties u dvutr his lime lo the Botanic 1'ia. tirr ns Medicine. Chase-- , l.afnf fases, f,(losi ,,. ts,Kk.i k) i HIII,1 a.tnle u'ei' i.i the Pruning Itii.Mirfsri't'ini sale an-furui.heil on imtire.'TOdtlijyTie lake., in exchange fnr new at nine truls per oilmen N. B Newspaper propnelors Vl?oswilrS5,. the above three iiiseituui., will be enlitf?ii ninpise Drllars in such arliclps a,s they selrr; frnm out rprt,nuriig, K. U HI IT & W . IIAL'F.U. New Vo.k.Ort. I, Ia35-4- rtr M, ery Just rerrnel, .p I ayennr; 'nni Slip Dm, ol supr.ior ipialit . T N. BFA'EDI' T, Ast H Lrxioilmi. Jour Jl Pulv CABINET SHOP. 4. KE Snb.rnl.rr rr.,., .n.iij limillcfslo lhtt c",z f Lrx,..,. ami its vicinity, lha i.rhaj..s1r..n.,.letr.t- - ho ugh rrpairof l,.,.h,.., mmmmmUtmSKM& a.d.snim ready tn wail upon I.,, rusin.nrrs with in) Hung in ihr labuiet lir. II, .n 'A win iravr llD- i run iTs. mgai7 oVIork. and irtnrning, will lease ,'""""' notice, be able to luriiKh I OFFINS of " -- Lrxington - H, J ' -- evrry l Lex. July 4 lb3G. - astkifAltl ssW V Nn. - W - U 1 R LONG, Lt-- a . k. - Mill-s- l, v 0 sia.Hna, K f.irsulf liv . July 4, 1M Ls-x- ''"'"''""knr ihr rstei.i p..f r(i r ouotry. Ills shop ls , Hi a strict nn in. alien. n Touiiieiis he hones to receive a thar-ir ..r... - . - !. UIIMIIC Ui ,r"IM?F- J. KUIMNC.MIM . - ,. March III, I3T), 10- i nn LEXINGTOA II II A v., n a 1,Jl . V . I n, precee-lingth- t I ","" """""""'""'S'lu.nmllvoi. tposite thr Jail, and his lamly ,r,lf),lice ; ,f( " I J.iL 4, lh3(5. t.(ti 9rW ' .. """""'"" ramd l.rorr.irs lor 'lllir: R. I.ON f! M!ll,f Olirfai"fcll"l ! F jS"r Vr lie .no r"P,,ons He has a NEW for USE 7 tie heller the o"li """,w',""f"'"' h CABINET f" equal to.,,, si II K I El 8 of good g".se rreek salt fiaalk - .Iri s).xV.B in. soilment ns the very best sa e bv 'I 5 o'cl. ck ! Dr. J. practice Jtfriut. "UR and OnsTfc.1 Hies, and SlllNui LS. Sc WM HiuKity LI.V inform the Printers ol . the United bta tes. to whm.i i... .'-individually known as established Letter Found er,llMt me. ha.enow foriucrt a roparmTsh, f,', said business, and from iheir united skill Tfiri extensive experience, they hnpe tn be able to. sal.slact.on to all who may fayni the.,, w,i, ,?,,.;, orders. A; The iiitr.Kiii.tion or machine,, , placrof thr tr- - ions a.miiidiealih, prn.rssol by hand ades.dnaium hy th, Eu.opean wa. In American inge,,y ai,d a heavy fnumleis, ,. tore., and mnnev .m the part ol ..,rx. r, ri. paMnrr. firsi arrooiplishr,'.? xtru. sive usenl the ...arhioe rist ln(rr ha, Inlli'iestert and estahhshrd n. superior,,, , lal ver those cast hy the i lit pn cess. The Letter Foundry Business wilt he'reaiier bs csmedonhy Ihe brl.ur i.ame..rUi.drr the hro.of White. Ilage,,& I'o I hei, s, e'hib.t. a., nnplete series from Diamuud Sixty sour lines P.ra. he book and news lypebeine in Ihe most moderate light ami style. While, Haeer & ( o , are agents forlhesale ns .uithaiK- - Id, st P.inlng Press, which they ran their ri slomris at nianiifirti rerjs p.urs. ' nn Ihe day at Danville win mseit 1 TO FRINTERB. jE. I afternoon at water. TH S LEWI'S. 1 plarn will bf s ilii. one At the $a ne time Maste. of I rasiortatton ynne IB one rmufnrt'thlt fan ily new Ifs4i5in il (e' and u'arunnt Utr.i-tl- f. (2 .infer J Carnage an L'nwisf, fi m 7 head of llnuehnld Fiirmt.ire ymiin Itore? and some jri iijj ( atlle Sold a LO T of superior Famili Flour, v. till a s reeablv tn the lavt will and U'lament .( i"haileo t I. lislrinr kimul K.bI. ...! nail uaiirrj in y, ,,,,, i'un! ill be maile deceased Ihe term F. Nnurse, suit pun hasers, kept r nsiantlf an band and for known of Sale, he Olive Branch MILLION OF -- 1 1 ireeijr I AIILHAKO i-- ft WAV OAK. nnrr a week nun! day us salt and call on the Ex ecutoisloi payment. BEDSTEADS iU(.loii3I the usual nr customary carriage. Pe.sons wauling Inpoirhase, will please' tnJOSKFII D SWIFT, in LexIngToirgSui Iheir order will be promptly filled. J NO B. Mel LV A INK Maj, 23, lKlJ3-MjLe- x. Int. urimii, nn the 5th 41-i- ds A . i."b,. 20ll,liOII i omninu it.., jUst )rreived vstl) obi t the Market price, or deliv. red m KrX b Ifl6-i0- -ll of SALI-- . JWr PA - 3t o,ooo9 te'r' ad I rhM Si. oidei on shoitn lice. i HALF nr-- it JOHNSON. ! JOSEPH Lfxiiiginn. Per, la. If35 I.IN1MSNT, In Manufactured and sold it, M. L Lewis, wholesale and retail. 1HIS LINIMENI is cilebrate.l for it.1 m. soothing and inundating qualities, In those It has a tie. ided adtanlage in pain over all other Liniments kiumii, as it is not so' volatile; .here is a body i.t it whirh keeps the t ilesot .tiuitilaui fiou. es. aping tint. i ihes.sieiu, ai.'t v. hen the ahso.bant vessels take up the substance ot tnr liililiueul, it puts the system inlt ai lion, an then the covering i thronn off, ai.i, prrspiratc u mak. its appeaiaiur, he l.uTow ing rertlhratr will snow to the .ead er,nhatias hern dune with the ah ive aitin Inwards irlu in g Itiosr hn havr use it, who wore sorely afflicteti w iih pant. M r. ih un.teisuneit, having u ed th Lewis's Lluiuiri I. hrliesr II lo be as goo as is ircoiu l.ut fC5" rVJ.AOVor'3 nad- - I salt l tu-i- -' I nilontie notes 9 H .unit nlri he has short notire and good terms He invites all mt t" pinrhase tn ll upon lum, I as goo.i an Families or dealers supplied h the ijuautitt aithe wh lesale puces N II. large supply of measures, hall hush- els. pecas and half pecks, sraled. on hsnd and Inr & ( O. resperr- - -- FAMILY SJIIOCERILS, I as rlicuxs ran nr imiI ii thr.ity. J, -n rhiovkiv hi, CABIKEI SHOP mi llw riling llou-- e to ihr stand T"LTL rmerlv T-irn i ncrunird lit J J. H . k she.idan. nu Alan. , Ij opposite the Masonic Hall, wheieall aitirles in his hue of business can he had on FRESH May MR-Ji- his kssUpMa jcustnn.ers. ami the public W Ihe nhlir generally, that h" lias taken Ilia stau I nu Iaui street lately uci upieii r . Kankio, a sew doors belo v llieuuau's lloiel and inimedialely i ppn.ile Mls s.isaii ('.ink's B.ard .111 Huiise, wheie he I as ami ii.trn I" krepu.g nu hand a gei rial ass uimeul ol , .Cr NEW I ON. A,!-.- . May 11, exingion MAKlNGi l CURTlt J SMITI 4TOll.l) espritiullt i.i'uiii) Ins jnru , i FIRE! Insurance SZ SSs?Vf,"K sr..r.her lullx informs m Sew Grocery More. I' U Ki.lKrViL. rti hnw n.ei rown i, DIMK K. Tiio- -. I '''' will he taken by tne Cen- -. and Man,,. I.,. o. Furniture in town or try pecifiritiiius, m wriin... n s. -i. irnu. wt 'S'S, PI" ' n inc sunsciioer tn Fuii'mI tm a snpii ihple rerf ih Al-"- x I lent thr Ex'rs of the last will and test tment ns July 25, I83(i E. F. JYoursc I83li6.n . .,,, IhS. ln; upi lit-- Uit4. t illllllMl BEItNXI.D f.UNFSs. THO". M'CI.NIHS, Juli BRU;Y! $ to heei NO Cf astern mi.n AN M. Uy nl Oct 'b i next, n Ih-- pr iine, 110 lying o f)i 1(1111, ailjutiiiPfr or rjnrrrsof the tarn,"' Win Ntturfe,!!! .Aferrer rniinl , ncr ly renlral bieen the towns nl Omm - liar rnrlsbtiriih and lerryville. Sixtv ie clearet--l ami timlei leice the halanre well iimher ed. Theie is a oo'l ivo stnrv liewefUlo-- ; hui-and barn newly built (not nniithe.l) ; gnul lasting i, Jeilciin ItOIIEItT PRCEIf. iiigimi Fire. I. lie ni. m 4i uitprnvrrt a"d ap.roed; will all oilwr ar laga.nst Fire, on Buildings Iron-i- n hall league..! thir ..Jvw'ththe' he greate-- t car- - and with the purest AFfW UraiUi 7"JHt '"' eieif, with h un'lersii ei for rullr-im- n Thop niflebfrd will plrrise pmie furudnl anH f'tschrr th'ir artunts Iiuiiiai1i4te1i , ntherAiSP sir inslr rted tn place them in gmi, to the money hy sen-linme the book and papers io mi rusi or skiers. s omce in Micholasville. l 1 Ai stin'. Cnlniry, ! exas, very difcihlj. situated nn Di(k' or Dickson's t reek, a navigable stream, emptsing intofialvastou Bay, al wkose ii tne town of Powhatan is lai 1 uut, l a sine harbor T he above t.a. t vau. se lected for the proprietor by uersoos lamiliar tin every league in the I oluny it rnn.isU fa . of prairie and timherei laud, and isthr Hues! that ran be, for the cultivation ns Cnttiui or uaar, all conditions having been It.l'illed, and expenses paid. It is recuuiineiit r.t to persons oi. ucrtt ir. emigrate to 'Texas, as .avii.g much trouble, and delay. Ii quire at this office. Lex Aug 27, IM31 35-- tf T. FRAZKR J. NfJ (lifEcnut'iMif't heir, to, ( I ettPhl rtl. arim An FK vZFI!. P. S rrangf.nents are made in receive Vew Gnoils every sixty days Merchants from the cnuntn are respectfully inv.led to cal'.asthev can be supplied at Now York wholesale prices. wun carnage. Lexingtnn, Ky.. May 27, I8'I6. 21 tf A terms. ..05r n",0,"'t assistance KCvlMPriON. will ocrx. fm-e- J. r. . I Lexnigi. plan, tried in les in thnr ftP ihey are preparrti r Fancy Articles, SAI.I ur 011 rnrni-ne- FRhSH Fi.OUK OULD most respectfulli inform hi'friinds ahd acquaintances and ihe public in sen- pakk::h. eral,that behasopeiiel a t OFFE IIOUsK, nn Pept 17, 1M6 der the above name, on jlill street, next door to I L JlcCrarkeu's Grocerj, and nearly opposite Mt Giron's C nfectionary POCKET BOOK LOST. His st ick of superi, or KiVvV'.S and LIQUORS, an.l close attention a ket Hook Jll-l- sin. lair coloredit;Po.had in onewnharali to business, induces hiuyn believe that he will reg around side sour, five or six silver hall dollars and a good many valceive a potlion of public'patronage. II is stock is composes of the foilowiog assortment; uable pepers tn me. 'The finder shall be welcome Barc-eloni- llovt n ttiirkntfi IlfH ry 1-OI- t l. " in his line. HE Stockholders laid. descnp'ion. Togetner with a lull ami complete assortiueni of ,! LOST, fi in I nuiniaii, uiiftersigneii. reieu-,la,s basing increased ihir sim k n t tiiuiiiir-- . wfor1SI . rr m, ..... .! 0f have lite pleasure ul nllentga arge as. irlineul h"(l M "n ,l,e Initials J ,. CV mttpHtn iiiifl wiUriiiirvnr tokrrp Mitha HwilirtM &hf llirn CHtiMiim tn I.iih..i lliniof r mi fts npii is Ihr fimler ill rrrrive the th.JT. ne nM.erhv Ucw hetr-- . it to ihi- - I'f.ntrn rr...... short nolirp mt a favmahr terina 'r'I hrv havr now m )mv jiikI will ci'iihiinr to man 'r this uffirr Angut IS, - tf ularttirf the fothm nig r BARLEY!! BAK LY" ns- - ' irtiiM. I PS. AK''KV. so, whnrr, m Ho ('IL tIfciUBK' L. Uirsii 2 tnrrtuito I abtrh,ffx paid mi rash as -- non as ,lelvv tin ilu " v ered al ihe L"xr..gtu Brewery. Also no fVutrr ta Farmers -- ' 1 P'.ug "r ran seed, a.i engag- tfi dfi " Pirr mepts made tnr next year's crop. Kurhpd fl4nn SlnHs Ho, CLEAR!' iz RAA'Er MaliMPaiu utnst f t. 1 83S. -- 45- it Ejttfninii, lltl' ani Si f bear I 'I ablts; Fiem h Muroc hue, Black, ami B'u-aten, Kid, and Kid llaed I'ruiu ella , Bonnets, Parasols, Gloves, and Hosiery iif-v- e 6. NORTHERN BANK OF KENTUC APPLICATION sixors. RUN aX JL.F W HGE MAYI'Sic IIURM E r NE SHAW, ' fcp. Cnlomt-i- , Phssiciaos of the ritt and neinh,-tvion ill he supplied with genuine medicines. aiM n.mtrv JVerrlniiK who rel ul llrugscanbr u JF ('II It theniu-lvc- s having tUr piactice of ihe LA W , in ilic FaMl ' in mt Court, will attend to all business entiuMe to d pronipnturle their care u ith zeal Lexiiigi.ii, Msroh 4, IS3G 9-- is HAT MANJL FACTO KY. tf limes: Families ihuuli I Yl srai,rrs 4fi Stilh. ol Lime, H 3-tf tv Sil Ql!siXfiTiniE ivi.r. WI i M GOODS, MAYES 6f BLANCHA.iD. Dry GoocIn. Iiexingtnn, A'U 1836-1- aptil-2- IHL JOim 15 1836- Get MEDICINES, 41 HOUSE ocer. the lower end of Lexington, bunting on Man. strert. ih Itailrnad and Ihe Bi earery. reasmable credit will be given. Champaigne, (best branils,) ") Jia am 'ena, Golden Sherry, Pale do Muscat, M Claret, (Modoc &r. St Julian) Best quality Old Port, W S mtarciie, (white,) (A . ,&' Malaga , SPR C0 lio. NEW DRUG STORE. TUST OPENING, in the new F house, east corner of ine Public: Sq .aie, hack of lie Courthouse, an enliraly NEW IN SUMMER VNI) Fl( KH assortment of a veiy CIDMPRISlNG variety general assortment ns of Faexj and Staple Articles .wmWi kept in Drv Good llousrs, CHEMICALS, SURf.ICAL INSTRU are a choice lot of Clnths and "asi meres. Men an I B ivs' Suuimer Goods, Hats and MENTS,' Ladies' Bonnets, Boots and1 Sh es Also, llard-wai- e. Pefumery, Paints, Dye stuffs, Sfc. Se, QueeiKwaie, and China in Tea a d Dinner AM()C WHICH ARI invitT Kr.-..niQetts, Grirenrs, Sir. They re.H-rtlull- y E Sir rhnmpr ih-itistnmeiaiirt friends to call jnd examine. Mjri)Lini-,(Tili,nilr- . three story BlflCK on Yam siren, occupied1 formerly hy Moinsnn and Bradley, awf al preteut hy Messrs Isles and W right as Dry Gonct Store. 1 his extensive property, 30 feet from, running back to Water strret opposite the Rtl Roa I Warehouse, contains a brick SlabJe, krriige house and other buildings; fiMoiutg altogethe a mostvaluable possession tor stores and family resiTor terms appN at mv residenceon the denceLIU Y D (UIDWIJOD. premises. Lexington, May ). 't6"--2-- tf i liUy CO. $ Are now rereiving their iav STORE. Ll'TS M iiniYltY DAY (r FOR SALE. ilHIRwrllknirn . 1830. SAMUEL ROBINSON er;, payable on the hrt Mnnav in June ext. A. O NEWTON. Secretary. JtLex. F. L andM. l Co Brenans every day a i o'clock P M. and arrive next innming at 10; Leave Cincinnati ever niorningbv six and arrive same evening hs 10, i sixteen hours from p irt 10 port, fare six dollars, this route is perhaps as pleasiut 10 travel as am : tin- - roads are ixiw hue, the trms, coaches, an l.'Ollfapsille lietCCll I) . WjiI drivers a'i not surnaed any where, rirners ns ' Mies JJiiok More ai d .1. 1). skill and entirely ns sober habits; leani". weH Wholesale G i broke and perfectly safe; cnaches new and ns pleasant size an! in no case will moie lhan nine f sunsrrher would respcrrfull in'iuin ln passenger be admitted inside, no accident ha fliends and ihe public grneiallt , ttial he nig occurred on this r nits during the season o hasjitst rci"ivr frimi the City ns New rk , a far, is the only assurance we offer of the riispoei cciirpltte assnrttiif nt of una of the propnelors to do their duty, to give uniiresai sausfactinn and receive that patruuage which Ihe public may think pioper to bestow. suitable foi the present season; an I havn t form PRATT A GAlNl S, Proprietors ed an aceucv in ih it t its , lo purihase ami mipnit Lexingtnn July 5, 1H36 -- Nms reduce1 1 he Observer will iiuert 3msaud charge P&G. hi goods, he will he shir In His assortment ronsists, in pait pines, for cast ns the follow ii g aiticles; Super Blue ( loths; Black do WHOLESALE and RETAIL Violet do; Brown do Court Blown new style Invisible Green; Polish do Ihe undersigned, CIO- PARTNERSHIP respectfully informs llotlledo; Pea do lor past savors, Loudnll "siiii ke, Bruuze do hi friend and the dnhlic thai he has taken his Ca let Mix; Grey brother IIikam Shaw, into parli eiship. The Single milled Cas.unere; Double do husinfss in fuluie will he con tided al the old Super Ilii e and Black do cheap stand, north corner nl Maui and main ( rnss streets, AbootsloiO Plaid -- new style under the name of Pink Mix, double and single milled N. & H. Ribbed ( assnuerc do, and dowith eveiy otri Where one nr both ut them may always be fnunil description. to wait in those that give them a call. Super Veiings I hey have on hand, and will continue to keep, Super Super Satins English and Frencn an excellent assortment ns all kinds of HAI'S, And Summer Vestiugs of every des ripnort and will sell nu as accunimndatii g terms as any qualitv, and price house in the city. Bombazines and I hihel ( Inths, cheaper tn-tNAT. SII W. eier offered in the I uy, anil olSUPFUIOli 36-- tl Lex. June 6, 1&36 QUALI I Y. Those having unsettled accounts, will N. B HATS, BOO.S, AND SHOES, please call and settle them with either ol us. N. S. EtJT quality; Prunella, Moroxu, ami Kid Pinups ; Umbrellas, Cotliis,, in.ik-- , Ciaxats, H. C. COONS, Attorney at L;iw, ri Pocket llauiikerchlt-ls- . LL prar lice m the seveial CnurN held at Fine fiCallus, Si ks, and Snawles tiuspltce. All business eutiusted to his Plain ilks He will he be promptly attended to tare will Painted Muslins, and French (hunt ound at Geueial Cnmbs's Omre, mmer of Short Fri nrli. English, and D unestic Prints and Church streets, opposite the Northern Ilai k. Flue Plaid Muslins Lexington, Aug 15 '36 47 is t Figured -- wui, Jaconet, and B ok Mu-liu- s Diinily ft "B Furniture Prints, and l)iaper Mii-Iitf HARRELS brown sugar superior W q lality, a small lot and Bleacned, Brown, and Plaid do a lot ol 50 casks Mar-saillpickled Herrings; and al-Cnton Osuaburgs, (a heay arlic e toi JUaderia tV (M. superior q lality for sale by shirting.) iV. WsTA SOA". X.ADI S' 15 Iliiytions Jt adapted HEW GOODS rOR NOTICE. II at the Cliffs, on Kentucky river: The business in suture will be conducted in their names, and they wilt be responsible for all rnutractt and business ennnected with this wnik from the commence menl to the close of their nuriaiious. Their characters as contrartors, a d iheirbusi-nes- s habits will , no doubt, sufficiently recommend them to the company and the public IT I FO D. Lex Aug 23, '36-49- -l'jt MEDICINES, particularly NOTICE. f'thel meeting RCl'MSTANCrS having transpired,1! A TLexingUin ns the bnarrtnf Directors ef ' Fire. F ife and Ma rine Insur .Mrhr.i.H.c.i .,i..i,.,.i rr .,.. i., rmicii. i VB mate an intended paitnership wilh hetrinn k Compam." it was resolved, that a. f all of Fl McClelland for Ihe construction of theonewoik DOLLARS per 'haie he madeonihestockhold- OH Poil d. ''",., . regular grtr r i..,.. , ,n, " ,,,., I,.., " ""l'wr-k,a,iN0- ,rpse, discount h, day V1'. S W1 ' De u fy in Jr urs Bai.koS a LJ ALLEK.Co,,, -ii t MNi;Millst 3(-.- Iiii Vlr(. pur.haslm aitaAVomn si.icko, iniUntiv jii:unm,)ZI t Ins '' ",., ...iu.i '"'"""' "He. It hole .al. and llr'ail, on s lair and rea.onahle ter s likrguodscan hr hoogl any maikrt west ..r thytf I hey are iiiniu.lanis. . resVrd io ,pa,r lo arronimndalr and plra-- r Ihus, who may (avo. them with a rail. Tu thr old panoos c( ,,e house, ihey look with rli mn, an.l solicit t- a rniitiiiuaiicr of .heir rus i, t,oni whci) ins hoped a mutual benefit and satisfaction will hr de d MONEY LOS'l I nil DOLI.AICS thr tuwiinf F.aukfort, nn thr mor nitig nl thr 4 h msl , brtween IV eisigrr's tivern ami thrhrad of thr inclined plane, a sealed pack etrootainiig THREE THOUSAND JOL- IARS, III sj.'.ll notes ol the Rink ol Kentucky, probably all payable at the mother Bank at Li n.s villa. 'Ihe envelope uassealed, and ihe notes nvrd. double! in the ml Idle, an I as ell as ircoller endorsed nn the em elopement as lollows: ' 4; I0H0 LFB WORI.nY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,! to pay a note in the Lexington llianch Bank , C--J nier.haiiriiirto M.L KisOil M,(j Jfc ,J rawn b Smith fi Keats, or George Keals, the lakes great pleasure in ecouin.eihlinc IO hf nroerol John Brand, Esq." miners and patrons, ol iheir .teal, ci, The above regard will o paid to any persr n i - with his siicre.sors, at thr olrt stan.i , who "ill deliver said pa. kage to ol IViei Dud Ihr upper end ul the Public Square. He opposite ley, in Frauklort, to 1essis mitli Sz Keals, io thr same time very simeiely retu.n his would at thanks Looisvi le, or to mysrlf m Lexington Ihel bera. palrnnage extender' to loin diuf,,, for Banks and nthrrs oia.v help in ihe discovery hy cmitiiiuan. e in biisn,-,- s. It ,, hi ,sh a.sperdil, .king notice ul whom limy leceive notes of the as possiblr it clnsehis business, and he hopes th above description, allthose who have open accounts will call and D. A. SAYRE. close Ihem by note or payment witnoui d.l.v. 10, 836. mar. lrvjlois Ky- 11 t -- ij- . F. Iis-1- -- (

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