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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., June 23, 1887

Part of The Big Sandy news.

BIG SANDY NEWS. .. ' ' VOL II. NO. ; I ; , ' Aut inremam nam, out faciam. CURRENT TOPICS. A COLLAPSED CORNER. ' CABDixALNswiiAB't health lsfat giving way. Tho Bottom Falls Out of tlio Biff A warra owl, a rarity, has been (hot la Wheat Deal In Chicago. ; Coventry, N. Y, Joaquin Miixbb hu told hit log cabin ia Washington for 16,01)0. ' Tin Jubilee celebration la Westminster Abbe; will cost ill 7,000. A San Juki (CbL) oourt fined a man ons dollar for winking at a lady. A ra brick la being made ol aauei and cinder In Man Francisco. A pig attracU attention on faun hr.r Jacksonville, Fla. The latest I'ariaian corset It of ordinary blue atrlpcd bod ticking, yet lt' 116. The city of London police roll contain the name of nearly fourteen thousand limn. ' Ellen K. Annorr la teaching her cvriity-tliir- d term of achool at Webster, a Itrcak of Rlahteaa Cant I'er Hulat Kevarat and Larga rallure llllwaultee IMalera A Paale Caaaed fcy Ooe-Ha- lf Caught WILD Tha Enact Klsewherfc ON TUB Juno 15. IC'BMM . rBICAOO BOAKD. Cbicaoo, wat by long odd tha wildest day the Chicago Board of Trade hua ever oon. The powerful wheat clique whlcu ha mystlflod and perplexed the speculative world for over three month uollnpsod and left It principal bankrupt. Two old and woll known communion Urm were carried down with , the wreck, and doaona of other are loft tottering on the verge of ruin. The failure of l'oler MeUeocu and tha collape of the lard corner, which occurred n. h. wa not a Just four year ugo All Hun luxurious pleasure carriages tn it effect to the collapse of are shod with India rubber tire lit Eng- yctturday. The McUeochdeal affected only land. the provision interest; tho proaintdeal afPbane James, the once noted (liwraa, fected every body. Never in the history of la clerking In a clothing alore at Dalian, tpeculallve trading haa a deal of ucb, proportion been engineered to long Tca. ucli secrecy. Canada proposes to let all the inmateaof and ytniatlcally, and with Though tbo deul haa covered a period of her Jail go free in honor of the (Jucen't throo months, probably not over a dozen jubilee. people, possibly not over half a dote a, Lakotbv l the reputed owner of know ilia principals, Bjno.otij worth of Now York real catato Tbo order raiuu from Cincinnati to C J. annrlgtge. It Kershaw, and were signed " W A beai'1 iniL t h portrait of (Junen at much a tho trade know, and even that Kaplolaal hat been received at the blate much wat not known until tho deal had DrpartmenU been under way for eevaral week. Miu.i.iNAiaa Floor, of Man Fra'ieisco, The clique bought May wheat atcad-iltho deal wa the time from Inclosed bit yard with MMJ worth of r tarled up to the expiration of that opb rente fence. . tion, at which time their tradoa were Tna (Irani Mnnument Associnllon, of chaitgnu into June. They readily took and Now York, la railing for deaigua Jor tho paid for all of I bo May wheat delivered to pmpoaod atraolura them, and evidently intended to do the Canbkiimib, Die aeat of Harvard Uni- tame wilh June, The action of the Hoard versity, haa a,Al Illiterates out of a total of Trade director In deolurlng rogular population of lares additional atorago capacity wa had which Tna London flim that there are tomothlng which they wcro nut calculated evidently not they few more handaome roina than the United on and for prepared. Slates CJO gold piece. Whuu it wna known that the director Jr!ti Wade, tbe only resident of g of the board favored giving tha trade rekilled during the battle ia to be lief by making additional ttorage-roohonored with a monument. regular, thu powerful bear who have The number of Confederate battle flaga grown rich on three years of deollulng tn bo surrendered to the rtouthorn Htales It market started In to try the clique enAve hundred and forty-live- . durance. Wheal wa shipped from every point, the aide-tracIkki Keahxet, of aaud lot notoriety avullaliM the road and this city are now In of ail of I running an intelligence onVe for Wash full of wheat brought In for that purpose. erwomen In Han Franclaxo, sold annum this wheal In tbs The TwmtTt riva thousand bar matdt of var open bear market and tho clique were the buIn ii a drgreea ol beauty dtapenae "'alf and yer. Prices steadily crept up and became 'all" to the thlraty doniicn of London. a further Inducement to farmer to market Tat German atilhorlllr have arrotcd a their product. At the time the collapse man In alelx for tolling pipe with the came June whoat was worth 91 onnts; by an assured head of lloulauger carved upon tho bowl. the lime tha collapse wa at month fart Knit" 0'liiit will be tendered tho 7:1 tho sum alca wore wa lulling pit made In the and rcnU, freedom nf the city of Dublin when he arat a atlll loW'ir flguro In tho excitement of rive at the galea of tho great Iriah yesterday, though none wore officially reTho drop In ported al let than Tll'icents. A bevival preacher in Tenneaaee cents. The nocoa-aarthe June option was hi audience a '"two-leggeexpense of handling tho large rehug," and aUo aa "pusillanimous ceipt of wheat waa too much for even the long purse of the clique, und they wore akunka." Tna Missouri Bute Senate haa passed a forced to tho walL Tho trail o of Maurice Hoaenfeld ft Co. bill by which only employe of railrnnd and preacher may ride on thu railroad of were oftlcially ordered closed out by the secretary of the Hoard of Trado at noon that Hiale on paaac. long before tho announceLinn Commissions Unas ay that yesterday, but tho crowd were proem-allwa mude about Sl.Onil.OUU acre will bo taken from ment assured thai tho clique had gone to the railroad who are not entitled to them piece. ' A secret meeting wn held at the and thrown open to settlement, Hotel Itiehelleu Monday night between Tn crate among Motion girl of good Joseph Wiltshire, of Cincinnati, a n family for In tho nude hat art banker, who Is said to have furnsuddenly terminated In the arrest of a ished iho money In the groat corner, and hi broken, l J. Kershaw, Frank Juhuaon, photographer la pood standlnE. of Rot"if' hl A Ce., and Irwin, (irsen H I'SBKimn, Qt Waynesboro, to and VViltahtra departed, after prom- Oa., a tun which bj f.3 irtrn ';, "tfaiioip tin Chi;-- i rpofatifi thai f.-- f twenty seven year. It yet bear .i Uepoaited to their muni.;., rania . tla markanf strength and durability. upon hie In Cincinnati. Up , Lakck aad owuoit In BaviiuwcnUi '"?' order cloaa of arrival 'chango yesterday Wiltin tha and county havo Joined an association aad shire hint fulled to keep his. promise, &Dd agreed to divide up their real oMutn and Itusenfeld A Co, became tlrod of waiting, tell It In amall lot on rcnvinnblu torma. and at noon ordered thoir trades closed : Tna Went Lelmnon (I'cnn.) Rolling Mill out. Kershaw wa more aaiiguiuo and, alCompany hu ahpped a chain weighing though ho admitted that the fund hud not arrived, still asked that his trades bo kept twenty Ave Uma for ue on a llve-nmIt said that ho lake tchooner. It requlrod two cara to open until this morning. expects money from source independent carry it. HacaitTAKT RaTtnn propoae to tee Dint of r the clique, and In that oase Ins fuiluro will be averted. the exportation of pimper to thit country It was pretty well understood among a by foreign i tlopped. Via tew of the big boars on 'ctnugo that tho have more of thatch of iimnigrauta now Monday night interview bad uot resulted than we noed. In any very pleasant conclusions for tho A MtMnxa of one of the moat llliitrinu clique, and word went around at tlio openJanilllea in Aualria, Trlucs Alfred von ing of the board to raid tlio market. Both Wredo, ha ahw ked the nerve of the aris- June and July whoat was offered from all tocracy by totting up aa a green grocer side of tho pit al the start; the former broke 6 mills and the latter ucarly 5 cents ear Vienna. Of the l,Ptt,nno people In Rnnaa, 173,-00- 0 la tho first live minuum. Tho first bid mada for May wheat are foreign born ; .Vi.non ar from Oer-manai,n) are from Ireland, 2t.tW from waa 81 ceuts. and aix minutes later wheat dropped to 7U cents, a difference of i England. Of the nalivo born Inhubiluntt cent from the closing price Monday 1H4.000 aro from Illinois. night Much a acurryiug of brokers and Tna ladle of NiMhvillo, Tenn., have mcaaongors I anldoui eon. Tiioy rushod formed an anaocinllon for tho purpose of In and out of the big room hntloss and out eroding a monument to the Cnnlcdrrute of breath, some to unloud wheal and dead of Tennessee. Nearly fw.iaa) hnvo others to gut Instructions. Within an already been tuhaerlbeit.' hour millions of bushols wore sold by the FKor. Toin', of Amhorat C'ollngo, hat de- Clique. Tho brokers supposed to bo running the ported for Jupnn to observe tlio coming tolur ecllpte. He took with him a largo cornor began by bidding W conta, while thu opposition wore offering wheat at telescope and other appnrnliia, which ho will set up about a hundred mile from A few minutes after olovon o'clock Murry Nelson approached President Wright nud Tokio, price of mado application At an American exhibition In London June whoat to bofor tho marginal fined. Mr. Wright rethore ia exhibited a fire proof and wnler-proo- f plied that tlio matter would bo convilla composed ontiroly of ilrnw. sidered at a meeting to bo bold later. Kvery part of It, from tho founduliona to Whllo tho above conversation was going 1 of straw compruusod to on tho alleged clique brokora wore telling . the chimnoya, form artificial wood. July wheat aguiuat tho cash wheat they ilHooicLTN hn achicvod a place among had boon carrying. The cxcitemont aa tho lunula on tho Indicator the cities of tweuta. Kight hnndrod thou-aun- d to 7Stf and then dropped to 78. A dollnrt ia nnnunlly exHinilod in that pointed to lntnr tho hand city by randy outers, mid fliil.Ono of thia minute aud drop of six couta, 77Jf, a turn ia for caramels, which if placed lu a All sorts of thu shorts were wild. Hot-toline would reach from Brooklyn to extravagant bid woro mado, but very The bids flucfew wore accoptod. A EW theory of tho lliml doatructlon o. tuated between 77,0 and 77e until tho big ia tluit tho polar loo is penetratthe earth bell on tho tower struck twelve, thon the ing the interior of tho globo like a wodge, indicator showed that u sale hnd boon and that as toon at it rcnche tlio fur- made at Ttljffo, when tho crowd waa wild. nace thoro will be an oxplcsion Unit will Tlio entire board wa little lesa than a boars deand tho split the world Into piece too small for pnn lemoniuiu retribution ou just clared it a truck patches. whoat manipulators. At bullish Hammibal Hamlin, the announco-montthntncame tha startling in August, who will be eovonty-eigh- t persons having trudes wilh hit frlonds that ho lools lilio a one of tha ollquo housos, healthy man of tif l y, and it constiintly Hnsenfeld & Co., them at once. The uproar counting bach under the rugue fooling should close had not subsided when July whoat took that a mistuko has been made in estliua-tin-g the fourth and worst turn of tho day and hi year. N dropped for a moment to 74 conta. Tub possibility of premature burial ha During the afternoon session It was offbeen considered to groul by the Miulrld icially announced that E. W. Bnlloy & Co. ' authorities that tlio municipal cemetery and Ham ill & Brine requested all parties hat boon provided with nn elect Ho signal- having trades with them to closo them ing upparatut which will notify the of out at once. Tho Instant this announceflcials of tho slightest movement In uuy ment waa made July wheat dreppod to but Boon recovered and wont back 78. coffin In tho receiving vaults. 54. . '. Enolixd Is to have a silver dollar, or It to Among tho tlrma concerning which most equivalent. A proclamation by tho Queen Interest was foil was that of Korshaw & appdart in the Lintliiu (latrlle, stating that Co., which was known to have uctod for It has boon thought lit to order that a new the clique hore. As soon aa tho board opened coin, to lie called a doublo ttorln, should 1)0 tho aei rotary rend a communication from coined. It will weigh !VIU grains, mid pass th.' firm to tho effect thnt un abundance ol ono-lifland tequost of tuiitut at the rutu of 4., or funds wascxpccto.l by y uiii that uadas u nut olossd cut, Oa the "that url FJ ti; am t JUNE LOUISA, LAWRENCE CO.. KY I. gf sa-aA Oa, announcement frost C t. July options rallied, and aleted at Hto, August closed at 7tlHV Beptasnbar T7Xa Decern bur Rlftc. Mr. Bailey wa seen in hi ofioe a shart time after the announcement of the secretary and to Inquiries stated that it would take several days to tell where tha flna stood; the drop had been an overwhelming surprise to them and they to meet It. From other Were unable learned It was sources that their by an unprecipitated was failure usually large amount of outside deals, which were open and could not be settled quickly enough to meet margin calls. The Urm is thought to have started Inte the K),0O0, and deal wilh a capital of about was in good standing on the floor, tills being their first embarrassment of any kind so far at known. Oood authority places their dnslings at the close at 6ou,gou bushels which they wort lung on. The sensational collapse did not squeesa the local hanks, and In fact had no serious effect whatever on them, Tbe basks bave bcon very conservative for soma time past In dealing relating to the fever of speculation aud over-co- n fldanoe that haa been prevalent In all kinds of business during tha last two months, and prominent bankers say that the local money market Is in Hrst-claa- a condition! that tha slight tightness that has existed during the lifo of lbs wheat clique waa diaalpatsd by tbe break yesterday, and that now a lane amount of money that was liod up lu wheat will be In circulation again. Well-knowflnsnclnra aay that the failures yesterday will be a warning to lbs business roon and speculators of the West, and that the effect will lmbua numbers of men with a cautiousness and couservatism of which they were much in need. CONFEDERATE IN KKW TORE. " AT points. Baltimoiib, Md., June 15. The Bo' more wheat market broke yestorda' cents on futui oonl on spot and 'i Ovur 1,845,000 bushels were sold. Duluth, Minn., Juno 15. A panic st' ck tha wheat market yesterday mor g, causing havoc among dealers. July op nt TO cents sellor and August 80 cent" "tier. July closed at Tli oonta and August at'THftf cents bid Minneapolis, Minn., June 15. C A, Plllsbury is authority for the atatomeni thnt no one hore was caught by tho hoav decline in wheat In Chicago. Juno wm .Inclined 10 cents below Monday's clnsl Millers here are genorally pleased at collapse of tha wheat coruax, ' :d Beturn-InffThe- Governor Foreker, or Ohio, Asks the President to Bavoke the Order. Columbus, O., June 15. Tha following telegraphic correspondence took place this afternoon: Hillsboko, O., June 15, H87. Host. J. B. Kohaxsb, Governor: Tbe old soldiora of Hlllaboro hope you will not give up any captured rebel flags In the Htate House at Columbus. Intense feeling here among the boys who wore the blue. B. Carson. In answer to the above the Governor tent the following telegram: Columbus, O., June 15, 1887. E. Cakson, Hillsboro, Ohio: No rebel flags will be surrendered while I am Governor. J. B. FORAKER. O., June 15, 1887. Governor J. B. Fokaker, Columbus: In behalf of the thirty-sevethousand comrades in this department, we respectfully ask you to protest cmphaticall v to the au thorities at Washington against the return of the rebel flags captured by tbe gallant sons of Ohio. D. C Putnam, Department Commander. Jas. K. Btbwart, Assistant Adjulant-GoneraIra W. Wallace, n A. Q. M. General. Upon the receipt of the foregoing, governor roraker sent the following telegram: Columbus, 0 June 15, 1887. To His Excellknct Groveb Cleveland, president of tbe United States, Washing ton, D. C. t I bave the honor to Inform you that I have just received the following telegram: Hore Is given the telegram from Commander Putnam to the Governor.J In transmitting thit message I desire to comply with its request, and do most carncatly protest against the action to which It relates. The patriotic people of this HUto are shocked and indignant beyond any thing I can express, I earn. estly request you to revoke the order that has given such unqualified offense. J. B. Fohaker, Governor of Ohio, the following was sent to Washington: i Coi.cMnus, O., June 15, 1887. General IL V. Boynton, Washington, D. C. : Get the best lcgul advice, and if action can be maintained have appropri ato legal proceedings instituted to enjoin the return of the rebel flags, especially those captured by Ohio troops. If this outrage must bo committed it will at leaat help us to endure It with greater patience to know that all lawful means have been used to prevent iU All expenses will bo y Nitw Yoiik, Juno 15. The whoat market broko badly upon receipt of the news of the decline at Chicago, and great excite mont followed, Reported heavy receipts at the West and the report that tha clique was broken depressed the market, early months being weakest At one p. in,, nftcr tho report of tho failure of a big bull houso In Chicugo, tbe excitoment was Wheat continuod nervous, the intense. extreme docline being 4V cents on July. June comes noxt with a break of S cents, and on lnlur months an irregular deplina cents. Tha option dealings of 1 to 1 bushols, the reached ucarly HO.000,000 largest evor recorded. Corn sympathised with wheat, and spots were X cent and futures K to cents lower, IS sr. Louis. Ft. Lotus, June 15. Thoro was a great deal of oxcitimont on 'change yesterday over the grout tumble in the price of wheat In Chicago, especially as the crowd has boon and Is still very bearish, nud ha beon playing tho short side both bare aic' in Chicago. As the break progressed ji , Chicago very hoavy offering wore ms bore, but there was also active buying ' shorts. The decline, therefore, was n' ) grout, being less than 3 cents, with slight recovery at the close, Strong Protest Affainat A IX CIXCIMNATt. rac MANIAC? AT LARGE. ana Death Straggle With HI Brother-ln-LaThe Peril of HI Wife. Bt. Joseph, Mo., June 19. James B. Mol' low, an insane patient, escaped from Blate Asylum No. 20 last evening, and made his way to his home, near Gower, twenty mile distant, arriving there about eleven o'clock. Hia wife had retired, but her brother, Mr. Allen, was up. The crazy man silently entered the rear door, struck Allen a terrible blow on the head with a bar of Iron, producing insensibility. Next he entered his wife's bedroom and awoke her. He had a pistol, which he presented to hor head and bade her follow. The frightened woman obeyed and be led to the orchard. He commanded hor to take a position with her back against a tree. The woman complied. The maniac drew from his pocket a number of stones whicb he picked up on the way, and, with a revolver in his left hand, pointed at tbe woman, began to pelt ber with them. When she turned to run into the house the maniac opened fire on her with a revolver, but did not succeed in hitting her. In the meantime Allen had returned to consciousness, and, hearing the shooting, rushed to the spot armed with a Winchester rifle. It wss very dark, and before bo knew it the maniac was within ten feet of him, and began firing. Allen raised his rifle and fired, Mollow falling to the ground with a shot through tho thigh. Thinking he had fatally injured the man, Allen dropped his rifle and went to his assistance. Just as he was stooping to raise him up tbe maniac caught him about the nock, and then ensued a life and death struggle. Tbe great strength of the craiy man soon overpowered Allen, and just as he was giving up Mrs. Mollow came up and struck her husband on tbe back of the head, knocking bim senseless. Boon after the sheriff and bis doputies arrived and Ironed the maniac, who is now safely lodged in the asylum hospital. A Lire Cincinnati, June 15. Tbe very general Impression that Cincinnati furnished a largo part of the clique which has been charged wit h managing the Chicago wheat deal turned attention in thia direction wheu the panic in wheat in Chicago developed. Mr. J. W. Wiltshire, who has been publicly namod as one of the mysterious members, flatly declared, when naked for information as to the cause of the trouble, that he kuew nothing about IL Others who were suspected of being One in the deal wore equally rcservod. of the loading men of tho supposed clique mon said be did not believe Cincinnati were in It at all, and that It was made up of operators In California and Cleveland. Whatevor the truth muy bo there la no sign of any suffering hero. A prominent broker, being asked his opinion of tho truth of tho chargea mada by Itoacufeld & Co that tho Cincinnati members of the clique bad failed to fur-nlsmoney said It was more likely thst the market was broken In Chicago by lying about Cincinnati banks. "Why," said he, "there woro fifty or mora y telegrams received on 'change 'Whoat weak, owing to resaying: port of run on Fidelity Bank,' or 'Wheat weak, account rumors weakness Cincinnati banks."' The Fidelity Bank has received from a nutuberof correspondents an" anonymous prinUxl circular intended to injure the bank's standing. They were mailed from this oity June 10, 11 and IU, and seem to have boon the origin of the rumors. The offlcera of the Fidelity Bank are making a rigid earch for the author of thi circular. Instead of any thing In the likeness of a run the bank waa busy receiving dopoalta. m xcilwackbr. MiLWAt'Kxa, Wis., June 16. Excitement on the Board of Trade was intense yesterday. The clicking of the telegraph keys was Incessant and mosaagoa from Chicago followed each Other thick stad fas'- - Tha failure of Ui clique houses and the reported run on the Fidelity Bauk at Cincinnati At noon Hill, to the excitement. ft Co., tha Milwaukee houso of C J. Korshav ft Co., of Chicago, threw up the sponge and confessed an Inability to pay :!0,ou0 on margins to Frank Wilson, it waa also understood that another 0 of Kershaw's Milwaukee brokers had bushols on his account margiued at 83 cents, a loss of nearly f'JO.OOJ more, Hooacr, Crittendon & Co. were also brokers for Kershaw, and It waa feared that they could not survive. B. T. Hooker said ho thought ho would be all right, but wa not ablo to say then; in fact, tbe solvency of tho throo houses mentioned depend upon Kershaw & Co. On the aftornoon board It was reported that Joseph Wilde, a broker, had thrown up the sponge. Tha e brokers tho exscones recall to citement of lb77 and tho days of Super-dollwheat. When the first dispatches were received from Chicago sliowiug that alarm was prevailing lliore and a panic In prices about to prevail brokors bore became intensely norvous, and began to offer holdings without number, but takers could not be found. Tho July option was tho oue dealt in hero most and It broke rapidly followed by the othors, Brokors who had dcnls had to stand by aud shoulder lossos becauso no ono would have the et.uff at any price, whllo brokera fairly crawled over each othor to got to tbo pit to offer their wh"nu July wheut sold off from so;o to FLAGS. I, 23, 1887. provided. J. Foraker, B. Clias. C. Walcutt, W. J. Cam nil, Geo. K. Nash, David Lanning, W.J.Klliott, H. M. Neil, P. W. Huntington, M. H. Neil, John C. Brown, C. D. Firestone, G. M. Peters, Putnam: Columbus, O., June 15, 1887. Putnam, Department prlnglield, O.: I Commander G...A.-M.- , have Jour tulegraut aud cheerfully comply with its request, notwithstanding I tia-.already asked w"h others t'mt buit be. brought to enjoin tho surrender; that being, in my judgment, tho method most likely to secure oonsiderate attcntiuu. J. B. Fohakrb. D. - d bridge-railin- g C. Paulding County Reservoir Again. Colimbis, O., Juno 15. Information was reccivod by tho Board of Public Works that tho coffor-daerected to shut off the water while repairs woro being made on tho main dam of the Paulding County reservoir, recently destroyed, bus bcon blown up with dynamite President Flieklnper, of the Board of Publio Works, telegraphod the superintendent at Bt j Mary's to protect the property at all hazards, and to put a guard of ono hundrejl men with guns over it if necessary. Flom information In possession of the boird it seems that a sorios of raids is to 1 made upon tbe Miami and Kris canal, ttio intention being to destroy tho locks, etc!, wilh a view to compelling tho IStato to abandon the Paulding County reservoir.' Female flghl a Duel With Razors. CoH'MBfs.K. C, June 15. A duel with razors occurred near Woodruff, 8. C, yesterday. Thi principals wore two dusky umuzons aid the causa was a mutuul swecthearti whose entire affections woro claimed byfbolh. Tho womon fought until thoy succuhilwd from exhaustion caused by loss of M' ,d. Both received sevoro and perhaps lot woi.nd. They fought with Keen '.isora which were skillfully manipulate'' ; V will probably not be found before it reaches Lewiston, eight miles down the river, which will not be before two or ' three days have elopaed- .Perfectionists Expelled. Cincinnati, June 19. The Per foctionisls, a fanatical sect, mostly within the Walnut Hills Mothodlst Church, hava all been expelled upon charges. One woman of the sect was worshiped as God, ber sister as Christ, and they taught that the church as at present constituted was the Babylon of the Bible, that Jesus was the son of Joseph, etc. A Jubilea Riot. Lonhon, June 111. A riot occurred during a jubilee celebration at Liverpool today between a party of Orangemen and u crowd of Socialists." Bticks and stones were frcoly used, and many on both sidos received sorious cuts and bruises. The police dispersed the rioters and arrested Ave of tho leading participants. Panic al a Circus. ' New Lisbon, O., June 19. A panic wa caused at a circus performance by a per- lorming elephant attacking a clown. In the excitement several ladies aud children wero hurt.und one of tho ludy equestriennes was thrown from hor horse and seriously injurea. A (600,000 Forger Caught. Toronto, Ont., Juno 19. James A. L. Wilson, the Philadelphia forger, was ar rested in this city last night. Ho has boeu living hore with his wife and family, an assumed name, for the past two months. His defalcations are reported to amount to ftiOO.Oft). un-d- Earthquake at Summervllle. B. C, June 19. A special to tho A'rwn and Courier reports a startling shock ol earthquake at Bummerville at 10:37 this morning, accompanied by tho most prolonged roaring heard since Octo 2 of last year. ber Charleston is quiet. Charleston, Hildas Wealth Unearthed. v Cross i, Wis., June 15. There is much 0 itcmaB'. over the recent discoveries of it i oro in Buffalo County. Evory shaft t k shows rich deposits, and four com-- t Aged Farmer Hangs Himself. j iie ha ve bona organized. The first one, BnELBYViLLB, Kv., Juno 19. Horman i iJ Bulfol County Mining, has been in-- i a woulthy .iporaud with a capital stock of 11,000,- - Rothschild, aged seventy-five- , farmer residing ncur Mouth villo, committed suicide by hanglug himself in his '' Sunday Law In SI. Louis. barn. He had been demented for soma , Juno 15. Preparations are bo- time, ng made in this city for tbe putting into Stage Coach Robbed. eftVctuf the Sunday law, closing all beer pardons, billiaid rooms, shootBt. Louis, June 19. The Ballwin am. aud howling galleries, theaters and Manchester stage couch, running from ing so hall parks. A test case will be Ballwin to Barrctte, Mo., containing passengers, wss stopped by masked men and about $U'0 tuken. Rowan County Prisonerl Pardoned. TiuNKcr, Kt., June 15. Governor Kentucky Union FtV.Ixu.-i8- I n iCooti has pardoned Dr. H. B. Logan and Uoi S' jClerg, who were indicted for nsansstiurion in tho Rowan County Court, aud hold n jail because persons willing to go their bail were intimidated for doing $ j Gambling Tools Incinerated. rhANrA, Ga., Juno 15. -- Yesterday morn-In- RESCINDED. LAKE MICHIGAN DISASTER. Tha praaldeat Oaelaraa That tha Mat . Rests Wit Bad the F1(S ConareiM, Ohamplatn Destroyed by Will Xemala (Jndistnrbed. Steamer Washihotok, June 16. Secretary Endir Flames. received the following letters cott I "ExBccnvB Mansion, Wasbisotoh, D. C, June IS, 1RH7. f a Bod' Mora Than Twenty Persons Meet To THE 8 ECU start or Wa: I hsve tan and Horrible Death An Exploding considered with more care then when the subLamp Believed to Be tbe Causa. me the action of your y to-d- f ject was orally presented Mich., June 18. The steam er Champlain, of the Northern Michigan line, bound for Cheboygan, from Chicago, burned at midnight between Norwood and Charlevoix, at the mouth of the Urand Traverse Bay. The boat was running ten miles an hour, when flames suddenly shot up from beneath tho engine, driving the engineer from his post with his clothes on Are: He ran to the hurricane deck, plunged Into a tank and then returned to his work, but was too late to stop The his engine or connect the hose. alarm waa given, the sleeping passengers had aroused, and when been fastened on all, they gathered on the and life forward deck. Two life-boa-ts rafts were lowered, but the steamer was running so fast that they got away. In ton minutes from the time toe boat caught fire the passengers, who had secured life-preservers, were all compelled to jump into persons the lake. There were fifty-seve- n on board, including tho crew. The !o. are as follows: Ella Cooper Bmitb, Robert Hlsley, J W. Geo. Wilkes and K. I of Charlevoix; Mrs. M. Kohoe. M. KcKeol, Steward Bean's two chlU ! dren, aged three and five, of Chicago ; Captain Lucas, of Petoskey: Henry Brennan, the clerk, and a fireman and a second cook and cabin boy, of Chicago; Mr. Russell, of the Jackson (Mich.) Corset Company, a gentleman and boy from Milwaukee, bound for Mackinac; one waiter and four Indian deck hands; a lady and daughter from Frankfort, names unknown. Tbe saved are John McCaffery, engineer, badly burned; Mabel Kehoe, Mrs. Jack Ingalls, Martin Bow, steward, and wife; Henry Bow, porter; Ira Bishop, mate; Stephen Withers, Cross Village; James Bellgar, Liverpool, James McKay, watchman, Canada; Captain E. Casey; Antoine Sparrow, fireman; Fred Wrisley, Mlsa Wilson, Mary Wakefield, Charlevoix; George W. Miller, Mrs. Harrison, Bedford; W. A. Albright, of Bher-- '. win Williams Co., Chicago. The bodies ol Mrs. Smith, Captain Lucas, of Petoskey, the two Bow children, R. M. McKeel, Charlevoix, and five other bodies which have not been identified, have been recovered. Those saved floated an hour and a half, when they were rescued by a yawl and flshboats from the shore. Several of those saved were badly burned. There are seven not accounted for, the above list of lost com prising only those known to have perished. The boat burned to the hull, and has been towed here. It is impossible now to toll the cause of the Are, but it is thought it may have been caused by a lamp exploding. Seven bodies have already been recovered. The Champlain was valued at CnABLEVoix, OVER, THE FALLS. (olelde of a Visitor From Washington at Klacmra Fall by Leaping Into the Flood. Niagara Falls, N. T., June 19. About four o'clock this afternoon a party of visitors who wero viewing the scenery from the Three Sisters Island observed a middle-ageman, apparently bent on sightseeing like themselves, standing on the third bridge that con nects the Islands. Looking back a few minutes later the man was seen to have his coat and hat off, and wat in the ac. of leaping from the bridge into the water, The party were at too great a distance to do aught but stand and witness tbe fatal leap. Tbe body sank at once and passe J over the Horseshoe Falls. Hastening bacu to tbe bridge the party found the coat an. was a chulk hat, and on the mark,evidently placed thore by the suicide to mark tho spot where he mode the leap From papers in the pocket of the coat was learned that the man was F. Trigg, of Washington, D. C, a guest at the Interna about 110,009. tional Hotel for the past few days. The hotel people know nothing about the man THE BIO BALLOON. except that he bad come there a fow days ago and registered as stated. The body It Finally Gets Off From SU Louis Fame half-pa- FlMttf. department directing letters to be addressed to the Governors of all the State, onerina to return, If desired, to the loyal State, the Union flog captured is the war of the rebellion by the Confederate forces snd afterward recovered by government troops; and to the Confederate States the flag captured by the Union force, all of which, for many year, bave been packed IB boms and stored In the cellar and attle of the War Department I am of the opinion that the return of these flairs In tha manner thus contemplated is not authorized try existing law nor Justined aa aa Executive act. be I request, theretore, that no further steps Intaken In tha matter, exoept to examine tad ventory these Datri and adopf proper measures for their preservation. Any direction a to the final disposition of them should originate with Congress. Your , truly, Ghotbw Clevelahd.". utthb supreme court. Secretary Kndleott Unjoined from Rsaa ing Those Battle Flagrs. Washihotok, June 16. At I o'clock this Boutwell and afternoon Bhellabarger appeared before the District Supreme Court, repre- senting the Bute of Ohio, apd moved for a rule to require the Secretary of war to show cause wby he should not be enjoined from placing out of his hands witnout authority of law the battle flags Ohio troops and placed in his custody by authority of law. This la the beginning of the fight authorized by Governor Forager's telegram of last night, and is the political sensation of the day here. Tornado In Dakota. " N Gbaxd Fobks, Dak., June 16. This afternoon this city and vicinity waa visited ' by tbe most destructive storm ever known here. Telegraph wires are all down and complete reports are hard to secure. Two persona were killed and a number woundbuildings wore ed. About seventy-twleveled. Tbe North Dakota University waa . demolished,causing damage almoat totally to tne extent of 112,000. The Catholic church was completely ruined and the Congregational church considerably damaged. About three hundred buildings were damaged to a more or less extent. An incoming Manitoba train, containing a smoking-ca- r s coach, was blown off and a the track and down an embankment, rolling over two or three times. A number of the passengers were injured. The force of the wind was so strong that a heavy ' building belonging to the Austin Ponder Company was blown fully half a mile. o first-clas- ' King Kalakaua't Throne in Danger. Sax Fbaxcisco, June 16. News from Honolulu, brought here by the steamer Australia, shows that the Government there has been searching for and detaining arms on the ground of publio sarety. It ia claimed that the people have become exasperated at the King' action in fortifying tho and taking in supplios of suimani-tiothere, and that the American and Over Detroit. a r 1... IT Tlio ITapM anil Piut. British residents have apneaVig-t-!,,.',?- for protection IHnxUeh balloon was cut loose at 4:26n. m, US 'mxrVS tt'ovoruincnU and asked that a man or war be sent to at Rpnrt iinan TnfTr.' 'null Honolulu. It waa oven rumored tluta. skimmiMrTuslover the roofs of revolution has begun. small houses in the vicinity, mailt for the earth and then a caperl Welcomed lo Boston. grove of tall trees, but two! Boston, June 16. Robert E. Lee Camp of pallaBt being hastily sprinkled No. 1, Confederate Veterans of Richmond, monster lunged into the upper spair and Va,, arrived In Boston at nine o'clock this in a few minutes appeared at a morning. They are the guests of Post 15, resplendent speck among the iftecy Grand Army of the Republic. Upon their clouds, racing toward the east. Invha arrival In Boston a procession was formed Moore, aeronaut.' car are four I.- A. consisting of the FfVst Regiment Infantry, T Prof. J.G. Doughty. photographer; EdwardV Notio Bl Lancier, Po8t 21. A. R. ana Duffy, World correspondent; Prof. H. fto p Q A R The uoys gray receiv Allen Huzen, of the Signal Service ed ah, ovation thiyegiout thS entire line of Bureau. Prof. Hazon says the current of morcb, tul"jaiir.m oi ineir greeting air to an altitude of one thousand feet la being extremiy marked. northeast, and at five thousand foot it is rr--U Wat All a Joke. almost directly east It is within the power of the aeronaut to ascend or deMacon, Ga., June 16. Banks Hill and C. scend to these currents as he desires, and D. Little, young men belonging to the best thereby choose his course. families in the city, went outside the city Detroit, Mich., June 18. A large bal- limits to fight a duel yesterday afternoon. loon that started from Bt Louis last evenLittle knew that the pistols were not ing at 4 :S0 o'clock passed over this city at loaded with bullets, but Hill took the matone o'clock this morning, and when last ter seriously, and bravoly went through. seen was proceeding west, northwest. Two shots were fired, when Little foil, and Hill wanted a pistol to kill himseir. ' A Zealous Catholic's Reward. He was then told of the joke. On their reGreen Bat, Wis., June 17. J. H. M. turn to the city, both men shook hands Wigman, of this city, has been mode a and are now friends. Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Blaine in England. Great, for his teal and service to the London, June 16 Mr. James. G.Blaine church. The breve conveying the title is a large piece of parchment written in and family arrived at Southampton a large Latin, sealed with the Pope's seal, and Mr. Blaine was met at the dock by among The number of Americans, prominent signed by Cardinal Ledoohowskl. whom was Mr.' George H. Pendleton, emblem of the Order is a golden octagonal and bear- United States Minister to Gormany, and cross, with the upper part-reescorted to his hotel. Ho will probably ing in a red Bold the figure of Pope Gregory the Great. This is worn with a red remain a few days at Southampton boforo proceeding to London. All of Mr. Blalue'a silk ribbon, fringed with gold, upon the family are well. left breast. . W. Y. Miles, A. B. BushnolL After the above bad been sent Governor Foraker tolcgraphod as follows to General ""Gkneral ' P, MEET ; r tmnrkuulu eight waa witnessed at lite suction of throo of the principal )ls it Atlanta. Bix wagon loads of f blinjr outfit was reduced to ashes. An ja.u.on jq crowd wltnossed the burning. Kver since Atlnnta went dry an extracranial-.? effort has been made by the police authorities to suppress gaming in every form. During the past eighteen month's tho police have raided many gambling; establishments, ond captured a large quantity of the paraphernalia usually found In gaming establishment. Labor Party. ranktort, Juno 19. Tho Union Labor party of Kentucky has put a full ticket in the field. A. H. Unrgin, of Crittenden, is the candidato for Governor Tbe convention was held at La Gruuge. Teacher "How many zonea are there?" Boy" Six." " No, thore are only five." "Yes, there are six." "Name them." "The torrid lone, the northern and southern temperate, the northern and southern frigid" That's five; what is the other loner" Ozone." QoUUtn Days. Felix "What are you doing in tlio Frank P" Frank "SowFelix "What for?" ing Frank "Why, to raise aome canary birds, ol tourta," QeliUn Jayt, f flower-garde- bird-seed- palace--wall- n ' - it A Slats With Two Governors. Citt or Mexico, via Galveston, June e situation in Chihuahua, where there are two rival Governors and Stale Legislatures, excites interest here, but it is not believed that the Federal Government Will actively interfere to presorvo the peace. It is said in Government circles that tbe mutter will be settled according to due process of law and without resort to arms, Soldiers' Monument. New Haven, Ct., June 17. The oltisens of this city have erected a monument one hundred and ten foot high, upon "East Rock," an olovation of four hundred and five feet above sea lovel, in commemoration of her heroes of the revolutionary war, Mexican war, war of 1813 and the civil war, Mormons Want Statehood. 17. Mormons today issued a call for a constitutional convention to meet In this city June 30. The purpose of the convention is to apply for Salt Lake, Utah, June Statehood. Against Commercial Union. , Drowned in Time lo Save His Insurance. Erie, Pa., June 1(1. Hon. Samuel L. ono of the most prominent members of the Erie bar, was accidentally" drownod Gil-so- y while fishing. Mr. Gilson was In the net of casting the anchor whon a lurch of the boat threw him out, and he was held down by the anchor. He had 113,000 insurance upon his life, (0,000 of which would have expired in less than two hours after ' tho time of his death. , Prohibition ii Little Rhody. ' Providence, R. I., June 18. The.Housa passed the bill to enforce the prohibitory amendment 33 to 30. It wos not a party vote, as many Democrats objected to overriding the present act which had only a fow weeks' trial. The new bill kills the office of Chief of State Police, loaviug tho enforcement of the law to local authorities. y Dies After Fasting Ninety Days. CaptniaJackson, Tenn., June who has fasted ninety days, taking neither food nor drink tearing that time, died yesterday. - Msr-chiso- n, Deadly as Yellow Jack. Tohonto, Ont., June 17. After a long, Aniz., June 10. Parties arrivdebate last night a decision was arrived at that commercial union with the Unitod ing from Guaynias report an epidemic of States would not be in the interest of Can- fever at that place and also at other points ada. Tbe meeting was made up of mem- along tho coast, Tho disease is called bers closely ldentiltod with the manufac- "Sardinia fever," and is said to bo someturing interests of Canada. what similar to yellow fovor. One man who came yesterday says he noted at many Favorable lo Yellow Fever. as twelvo funeral in ono day. Key West, Fla., June 17. The wet weather favors the spread of yellow fever. Guilty in the Second Degree. There were three new cases yesterday, BrvrtLO, June 16. The jury in tho case A largo number of refu but no deaths. Mrs. I'enseyrcs, for tlio murder of her gees sailed for New York by the swaiuir of husband, brought a vsrdiut f munte ia C'ai ondslal last night. the seuead degree, :

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