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Image 2 of The Adair County news., February 27, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

I THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS 2 COLUMBIA KY FEBRUARY 27 1907 + f1 4- I 1TSNO TROUbLET- I e- in Greensburg now and Bridge o Cross the trouble at GreensburgHOBSON to when you are Biggest Line of it will no show you for JOHN A the be I t I Paper Wall Rubber Roofing Metal and Cement Hardware Harness Sash Doors Furniture Lime II and Wire Fence Wire SAMPLES OF WALL PAPER SENT ON APPLICATION AND AT THE LOWEST CASH PRICES JOHN A HOBSON Greensburg Ky r 1 i I fI iI f4r f rli r 2 that although engaged in war we mented by his actual experience on the field of battle had eminently prepared him for the new position Having a keen sense of the responsibility now resting upon him he introduced many At changes and brought about many reforms in the Academy that were whole ¬ some and conducive to the best inter ¬ lelivered Grider Rev R B may- armyI I SPLENDID ADDRESS fif T1U i have a human regard for the sacred JackofallTrades our done So we see that when Gen oNf Lee fJfl Pumps Shells HEJ t 1lJ t- f WaterI Grinds Feed Saws Wood Runs Cider Mills Churns Butter Runs Ice Cream Freezers Runs Cream Separators J Runs Printing Presses and other machinery surrendered His army to Gen Grant the instead of sacrificing it to him he ap- ¬ proached the ideal by showing his re ¬ t sent to Fort gard for his men and taking one step Pr lie Is Running along the toward disarmament after the settle ¬ ment of all great questions by arbitra ¬ Following is the address in full de- coast with a corps of engineers to make For This Paper livered by Rev R B Grider at the greater preparation for the coast de tionTo give you some idea of the strict ft costs nothing to keep when Court House here upon the one hun- Tense Little did he think that within working It costs from 1 to 2 cents she with a great army honesty of Gen Lee I will tell you dredth aniversary celebration of the the next few year j dealing with his youngest son For particul hour when working birth of General Robt Edward Lee on would be as eagerly engaged in an ef about his The boy wanted to enter the army call on or addrefort to destroy these fortifications 19th 1907 January the When the dark clouds of the Civi and Gen Lee permitted him to do so Ladies and Gentlemen I appreciate Co ssFairbanksMorse asvery much the honor the Daughters of War were gathering Gen Lee was upon condition that he would enlist How vastly different thatthe Confederacy have conferred upon stationed in Texas The infirmities of a private so upon Gen Scott as to was from some modern methods by w F age were KENTUCKY JOB by inviting me to deliver the ad tO L At LOUISVILLE we would expect the boy to be dress on the occasion of the one hun practically unfit him for further service which derdth aniversary of the birth of that at the head of the army in the field great and good manGeneral Robert It became apparent that Gen Lee was request of the boys mother Edward Lee and yet I feel some de the logical man to succeed Gen Scott reply to a a secessionist that he should be kept near his father tree of embarrassment in attempting a Lee himself was not Gen Lee said he wanted him to be task so great before some who having and declared when approached upon among strangers and merit promotion I the subject that If the millions of Been personally acquainted with Gen KehmckyaYiWttE7pDbA and receive it by recommendation from oral Lee and having so loyally followed slaves in the South were mine I would than relatives CAN149tl11Vf 7 Y9 WaiB7 7 1 Wf lim through the great struggle between free them all with one stroke of the i others beforehisthe close of the war Just Every influthe States knew him better than it is pen to avert this war MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF PLASTERING MATERIAL ence possible was being brought to bear some men were sent to the Southwest possible for me to know him cavalry SOUTHERN ACiENTS FUR Robert E Lee was the son of Gen upon General Lee to induce him to re to purchase horses for Lees the war closed before the purchase was Henry Lee familiarly known as Light main with the Federal government to SACKETT PLASTER BOARD Horse Harry Lee of Revolutionary this end President Lincoln sent a mes made It had been necessary for each¬ I of the men to carry five thousand dol lame He descended from a long line of senger to Gen Lee and offered to give BOTH PHONES 2267 VfRrook 9Rhmr him supreme command of the forces in lars in gold On hearing of Lees sur ¬ noble English ancestry one of the men returnedwith He loved the Stars and render Gen Henry Lee died when his son the field I I money but was at a loss to know was but eleven years old thus Stripes under which he fought so his Robert what to do with it One man suggest ¬ upon his young shoulders fell the bur- bravely in the Mexican War and to ac BRANDS ed that they divide it Another said den of caring for his widowed mother cept Mr Lincolns offer meant to take When Gen Givfnt to an orphanage LOUISVILLE WOOD FIDES perhaps no Loy vas ever more thought cornmuiidcf a finely equipped rmyI It is aj This the wealth of the Federal Lee was consulted he said with ful for the wants of a mother than CAJV5PBELLS CEMEWT PLASTER without sand spoils of war and direct ¬ I Robert E Lee He was so devoted to government and its vast resources of part of the to be turned over to the Federal her that when he was leaving home toI men and munitions of war back of himI ed it Write for testimonials It has been said of Gen ¬ government enter the Military Academy his mother would in all probability lead to victo Lee that As great as he was in war said How can I do without Robert ryVictory would ultimately result in he was greater in peace Shortly presidency his election to the He is both som and daughter to me lnd Phone 555 Also Operating KOOS1ER WALL FRASTER PLANT Jeffersonville after the close of the war he was elect¬ Having been preceded by an ancestry True to his convictions of right he ed president of Washington College at cf statesmen and warriors reaching far replied to the messenger Mr Blair r Lexington Va Before the war the ra u Lack into Englands history it seemed I cannot bear arms largest enro lment of the College was Thus but natural that young Robert should my home and my children one hundred During the war the decide to enter the army He accord ¬ without fear of consequences or hope of school was suspended and the buildings i ingly entered the Military Academy at personal gain he cast his lot with the were used for shelter for cavalry horsesI West Point at the age of eighteen and Confe Gen Lee saw the desolation graduated four years later with second Southwest Corner When General Lees mind was fully country and knew the way to develop II honors in his class and without a single made up and his position taken Gen Jf Fifth and Market it most rapidly was to educate its citi- ¬ demerit u Lee would have been zens He accordingly set about the Scott said Those who were familiar with young worth ten thousand volunteers to us work with as great zeal as had ever Lee while in the Nil itary Academy and Whether his final position was right characterized him on the battle field knew of his good deportment his cor ¬ or wrong he was true to his convic His Organized uuder a special charter for the safe keeping of valuables of The en- ¬ success was phenomenal rect habits of study his strict integrity tions and no temptation with the ex ¬ rollment soon reached four hundred and every kind and description and the transaction ofa general trust Lua = and his superior intellectual ability ception of the temptation of Jesus ten So great was his success that the State as Executor Admin ¬ ness is authorized to act in any part of predicted for him a career of greater Christ in the wilderness has come to name of the College was afterwards Assignee Receiver and to fill qvery jwi usefulness than that of the average man greater than this Federal offer to changed to Washington and Lee Uniistrator Trustee Guardian raduate from the military Academy tion of trust that can e held by an individual Gen Lee and neverhas temptation re ¬ versity i ¬ Soon after he graduated he was vealed truer character General Lee was a man of strictest ried to Miss Mary Custis who was theI The great struggle having begun Christain integrity Rev Mr Jones It accepts and executes trusts of varied character and its fair impar greatgranddaughter of Mrs He was the sincerest by his brilliant attacks and ma- ¬ said of him j Lee tial and profitable management is guaranteed by its large assets its corWashington this perhaps had a great neuvers baffled and defeated McClell ¬ and most consecrated Christian I ever deal to do in determining the future of and on every hand until he absolutely saw porate property its magnificent fireproof office building an i Its great Gen Lee said on one occasion that brilliant young soldier for he had forced him from the field and caused that his College work would be a fail ¬ financial strength married a woman of superior intellect the Federal Government to take his ure if all his pupils were not converted I vt rrV wT5 1 of nnvcvrf v fln1 Ant command irym mm During his presidency of the College rr r ind culture and great kindness of Las then defeated oie tt Ltr another he tk as rrtv ri than once offered ti luige j heart thus the domestic relations ol Geni salary if he would only allow his name was finally confronted by Gen Lee must have approached very until he CARRY ALL HEIGHTS IS STCCi Grant with one of the finest armies the to be used in connection with life in learly the American Ideal He declined by seen For some time surance companies Gen Lee first came into great mil ¬ world has ever held his own until final ¬ saying that he could not give value re itary prominence by the distinguished Lee more than seeing he was so greatly outnum ¬ ceived and that his name would mis- ¬ services he performed in the Mexican ly the struggle represent matters and be fraudulent War for which he was covered with bered that to prolong men he sur ¬ of his brevets He showed such extraordina ¬ meant the murder fieldconi ry skill as a tactician and renderedI we have before us an ideal dander that General Scott referred to less talk of graft and investigation for 116 E Market St as > The very best soldier I ever General The world has been inclined fraud could not exist If we had men kim to idealize the victor without any re ¬ saw in the field and it like Gen Lee to superintend the Milita ¬ Just after the Mexican War he be gard for how victory was won succeeds ry Academy we would never hear of Louisville nothing came Superintendent of the Military has been said that Sendfor Catalogue His thorough knowledge of like success but this is too general a hazingPerhaps the greatest test to Academy hIcha Academy in former days being aug term to apply in this case Little by the Continued on Page 3 little we are begining to understand IIbration bodyI the J I I I i I I j I StreetI j i I JEFFS promotI I iC I It j j i i I I i j iOUR j i i i I i j stateb T eracyi I The Louisville Trust C om n a r f j i LOLJISvILLE j i I tr I I 1 1 1 T> I r JIL > Dehler Brothers I ofal1lour I I I I Y r = J- 1 i R nH < i I 0 tJt j i i

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