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Image 1 of Louisville weekly courier, August 18, 1855

Part of Louisville weekly courier

iLOUISYI p,nTi TO U Si VI I VOLUME 12. NUMBER 33. Jtf D) rJ LOUISVILLE: SATURDAY, AUGUST 18, 1855. TT TT73 i-- L TO) LLU ) WHOLE DUMBER 605. raise no Telegraphic CoMrxrAT02. There is too TtViiJ a;:d Vole for Governor. ports. T2e :a:e Council. Verdict ftlj? Press. Tiie Cowardly Mob. other i" tot doomed. A bra cannon The Know Nothing State Council, we under e annex a comparative t jble, showincr the much truth in the complaint of the Buffalo Ex- We could fill our paper for a week were we to was If we couM f r a moment forget the sorrow am e street at the aide of whi a Wa i Chargeable wltu the Jlsrdf r en laad.ij were a bo ' stand, meets in this city on Wednesday next. In majorities for Morehcod and Clark and the gains . with mns'tet which say that the press now relies almost one-ha- lf undertake to expose as4 bayonet, of the wild and gloom which uvivf imrs us when the mind revert frets, W. N. HALDEMAN. Tli.s e police, in r.e of resistance trliigent members mui eee and admit that, as at of each in the counties as far as heard from: The Cincinnati Enquirer publishes the accoun on ns exclusively upon the telegraph for it general false reports of MonJay's riots flying through the to the criir.e ; : I hre:ofore almost unhard-- i : tiieir ; foiiowiko aT toa the diffeievt edition r of the house arfjciDin ti of the election .riot and comments: new s, and the employment of improper persons country. MOREHEAD. burcirg The telegraphic despatches for the as villainies vbici attach to themob of Mondav, the present constituted, the pfrty is an utter failure CLARK. or. per Trr vi Irishman, his fnre bathed ia $3 04 iblood, f. Maj. Gain. Maj. Gain. J near him at tha: time, as bi4 ekiv C to collate the report Las been a source of anNever were men stimulated into fiends b7 ir.3. sociated press were so partial as to excite gen 6th of August, various little incidents are de- and cannot hope to accomplish anything in a na Andorson, I' .y Lonr, l tut country, per rear friend w-344 :.; posd to be in 30 matory the smosir appeals more surely thaa by the LouLv.iie nouiti noyance and vexation with those who use and eral remark and a confident suspicion of their veloped from time tj time which are calculated to tional contest. These delegates, therefore, who Alien, 1 by him and saw honse. V e pa st ;j his hand ma.t " " S 1 - jura, oi .morning of the election; and if t a a Bourbon, arms moving. V e wre tcld other had been shot have the good of their country really at hear pay for the in. Instea I of giving the bare facts unfairness; but other reports were, if possible. lr Coon' place " Sam's men" in a very ludicrous light uoiiunui? tuouQi w&.cn anon 14 pnrsue ir.ur er. or Favette, I :recvp-eufc'eeklr one 624 57 to ilea h. and one man. raniht in thm t - lor press npon tae conductor of ihul pr:ss, ( .pvhiii.mi, more ridiculous md exaggerated. () to the press as they transpire, the reporters freThe Philadel wM before an appreciative world. Such scenes as and are not influenced by any selfish considera 161 Gallatin, of killing an American, had been hnng and sue 11 oave sweez companions indeed to dancceatten lar tions, should take prompt and effective steps to Grant, xoji the case, 'hough when cut down be was still 14 NO fAr8 E V I R SFr'T WLFSS THE MONEY EE quently undertake the task of furnishing fact and pliia Xorth American, for instance, has the fol transpired here on Monday are usualfy character noon that pleasant n, Tirrcoul tr th i 19-1 Alu IX ADVAM'k. 34 1 Klive, aad, so it was reported, was saved by tbe poliou.-e-, commcr tary together, thus often betraying the lowing: the party and place it in such a con Kenton, the Cataract and International. We hari ized by more or less of bravery or gallantry, but lice. Aa Irishman a few minutes before He J 17 3di no roo.u tor extmot now; onr citizens shall know ditioa that tt would command the support of thou press into a false position. The Louiii'.i'.le office, at 10$ o'c'ock, reports the we cannot hear of even one isolated act of gal Woodford, 326 from the burning house, but m riddled h h:r & 30 ADVERTISING. now we of Lonisv:2!e were d zen shots b. fore he ran balf a square. 477 4i The telegraph reporter everywhere should re- frequent discharges of cannon ia tbp direction of the lantry on the part of the aggressors calculated to sands of true Americans who with Ifadijon, body evary outrage bv thvir omn thn J.n-r- . .: ...i inerted at th rate of 10rnt per l:n Fr.inklin, Locner omee. of another aa was la;d opposite th burning 10 f" i l.e 1.rt iii!enion.mHl A mitts perl;oe iartuth i.reequnt Hi how truly its p incipal objects but are opposed to Know Jefferson, of the uttr lawlessness. CtHltj 20.-- 0 a i o: or i mjit rii,r,f nun loom a Lue i collect that they are n.ere relator ot facts and . be n.M ieeo, partially burned. While the excitement lasts, persons at a dis excite the admiration of Christian or pirate The mob unsTupaloosniSM, tyrany and inhnuun bnitulif v to hiTavKT ci it ilur:;oi mateT"for irE i r. n r m Nothingisni and its prescriptive features. J gat acred .a knots, and a mnrber keeninir 134 11 Scott, circumstances, end not contestants in the field ol Ko lensiiir alvertiteinents. tance cannot be too cautious in receiving and be- There is no relief from the general perfidy, vi waica its urcottnmuion.s tead has b. en fuIfiik J Mercer, cios-- i watch ou nooses 2'J3 77 political discussion. The Associated Press Lave xt fleeing Irishmen. One Iainy and cowardice which marked the fwtfiteps proper move from Kentucky at this time woul The Cincinnati Commercial savs: Oldham, man came cut a woman (the women and lieving reports. 52 46 n be exceedingly appropriate, and could not fail to Carroll, commenced the important work of discharging FalSe Itc ports. of the rioters from the hour at which they com were r.ot harmed) and vu uewl m women's 25 i Rittfn. and destita'e of even a nr. nf Trimble, JQ" While it has been almost impossible here menced their diabolical plot of crowding out lega do good. I re improper persons from their employ; and we hope 33 pie in its decay, it was the fate of ti.e Democrat ;.j The most ridiculous and exaggerated report ion w;a t .srnvprp,l an.t ha warn Owen, being rougl ly 100 rarry to oe arrayed, oj tms occasion, mrainrt an an i d, when the police avei bim. Let the State Council liberalise the order by do cf th election riot in this city on Monday are sincerely to see that branch of public service ren- to procure i.n accurate account of the riots and foreign voter at the polls, early in the raornin Clarke. 63" 100 I ishwoman came out f.f an a:!ev tagonist, whose corrupti n, happening ia its A yoang and s the cause that produced them, we are not at aiJ on through their arsons, larcenies and nurdcra ing away with its odious and proscriptive features, Garrard, dered respectable, by being placed in the Lands Cil'J ing through the country. In the interior 13 hr'j stage, was vei more o.Ten.,ive than its own, aid tr? burning house, with a 23 lint the bed srtmed too heavy. Her 240 surprised that papers at a distance are deceived luring the day, to the consummation of what and especially the portion that interferes with a Taylor. waosc pretences to principle, whenever it has had oa her back, this State thev have it that Col. Preston co:n- - of persons of character. Si:npson, 96 103 occa-io-u to act, have ever been nezatived fiv a n, !e. by false statements which they have Leard or man's religion. I,ct it deal more liberally w ith for luenced the difficulty and led on the German in Meade, lie struggle i.v-10-453 tice at once inconsistent aud disgraceful. PrfcN!nwith the aid cf citia-ns- , got Alsol. Last Sunday night, while cnjoviiiT a read. The Cincinnati Gazette in its comments seemed to be their grand design, the culminating eigners 721 who have been from their infancy in this Breckenridge, 313 .1 h:a awdr nn-- t k him tn ia l Th wnn. an epeeiai mission to inaugurate enlightened reason point of ail their hopesi the burning of the Tim, their attack on the American. The fact ia, ear cigar, and quietly musing on the instability of on Hardin, , 805 419 as the true governing powe.-- and to be dp her two rhii )r. a T. . r hnrnfil on tU.I country, and let it mrke such provisions as will XeLon. the riot says: things time and office sign ! Such a mob as the one in question Ij ::i the morning Col. Preston seeing how ien a- - in i .: .l i.vss and lett them MMBMint tut- things, our attention was attracted by 207 67S sworn gnuruian of the tsective fiachise, an 1 sentilook to future emigration without interferinz with Marion, American citizens were fired tft while riding in even fore ! ',." e number of children wr sav.f were fotng, and that if hi friend attempted to two cloud-lik- e 739 759 nel to the ballot-boxe- s of the land, it h.i pppearanee w hich wc supposed the streets, M a distance from the polls, and, in parts can command no respect Self respect, Kyle, 323 was sup. s I .. rs were among them. Tit a 4J er uegree man any our predecessors, driven reason rrclee their right as voter they would uo so tobe nebula', but afler some minutes they disap of t e city whTc there was no apparent excitement, one of the cheapest sentiments i3 altogether a single one of the rights and privileges of those Boone, woro-245 214 vvs declaring her two children iter. uoin me party arena; ami cmr'!ovinr it,.,rJ lost, and the cowardly knaves who participated now amongst us. Let them abandon their se Montgomery, 175 46 it the risk of their lives, left the polls and ad- peared. A star, which wa situated between or apy cause whatever for riots. aau oue a b .! by that fire. !"imiiijii:ig toe passions and mrtitniingtiiepre:!. Uce crecy, which is the fruit of so much corruption, Logan, 1153 213 Now, we can assure the Gazette that nothing actively in the outrages on Monday and Monday vised those w ho had intended to vote for him not the two oi manim i. it lis peen gru.ty of moie rinr?, apj The Ne w Aih n- - Le.lrr, speaking- - of the riot clouds, now commenced to increase in 19-- i Barren, 341 perpetrated more on'raes upon the ballot-boof the kind occurred No American citizen stand out alone in their perfidy, stript of ,nd come out with all their acts in the open light Rracken, night to attempt to do to. in this city sajs: 550 size and brightness until it attained the size and 439 within the year of its existence, than h.i r.rv;r,n of day, as becomes proud and gallant Kcntuck- - Jemamine, were fired at under the circumstances stated. 120 everything which renders life tolerable, save, per 40 They are the Iegv,i:.iate fruits of a secret political The follow ing dispatch appeared in the C a lustre of Jupiter; in a few moments it nanus oi any oner org :n;zatien, v mrum-- j at commenced But ;0 Nicholas, 189 lans.- Let them also utterly repudiate the die orcr ue passi iiis c f whose members are inflamed within ten times the period, since the sotne innocent persons, who were in no man haps, a remnant of the few hundred dollars and cinnati pajers : to fade away and went almost entirely out, then Lincoln, 500 164 o tie a ght degree by appeals to the most violent wa esiaoiisaeti. tation ot political and in all things Casey, ner connected with the riots, were injured by certain groceries and valuables, of which they Louisville, An?. 7, 5 P. IT. 2 10 6 When a nartv has distinnkheil Ujoir fir ,? rv ni.1 u.iv aiitrdayand n Upon in coHse- - increased as before. After amusing itself for random shots while passing in the vicinity of plundered their poor, defenseless victims, under look only to the good of their country. If thpy Shelby, Another outbreak is feared 750 319 Q9 h?a.!s of tl:e !eaii--rm ' ii iH mar cuarjrier, of thesss Jacobinical club ana il l eir.riioy-- th " .spen-c- r. eucoee of a large quantity of powder bavin? been some minutes in this facetious manner, it be houses 19 10 heed these suggestions they will Lave the cordial means by which the commission of snch cfi" mat rest the ri-- .nsibhitjr the- murder and ar whoe inmates had been attacked and the refreshing motto of rulim? America. fju id in possession of the Irish in the Cighth Ward came bright and remained so until we retired to Fleming, 4 10 250 son perpetrated, yesterday ar.d Ut aiht ia our si- w proper to Hold it to be uwicea, it i. of all and intelligent La Rue, frightened almost out of their wits, and who, to A k.-r- e The disrespect which one entertains for the camber of Irish are Laving the city. 200 130 r ci v. its acts . nd taeir consequences. The in'i.imm our chanilter. May not this Lave been the varia 83 Hancock. 39 T heaitr'-coilsy the most, were indiscreet in the manner in cowardly mob in question will be heightened by foreigners, as well as native eitizens. and sickens at the eonttn- conduct of the press, was, more than ary other All the stories about large quantitic of pow- - Lie y in Todd, star Algol which ha of late atti acted the at w hich they of these terribie fmgediea and thes 105 known cause, the occasion of the riot and ilrMitfnl attempted to defend themselves. The an examination of the ruins at the Lead .nfJe W iUTe"'. der and anus being discovered in the possession tention of astronomers in Europe and America Tragedies of Election Day. Powell, 370 77 The f ieu oy wnxa ta-cty, and vcril others in toe Gazette further says: 50 73 ve cuuiueu uiero Union have been recently to w;t:!isfrtf record na leiauu anu wrecii Bireeis. Had we been so dispcsed we might ha"ve"filled of the foreigner are unmitigated false hoods, cir It Las been especially noticed by Prof. Argelan and we ?re railed ' tmi. Campbell, 311 x oa 210 'e' ' E' hol sorry to say that of all the Besides, the vote of the city shows that the DemXafy wiQ serve to open some twenty buildings in the square riddled and our columns from day to day since the election Eath, literature culated for a purpose. We have made diligent dcr, of Bonn. It is as et one of the 313 120 le eyes of i! go-,- iren to the danger which threat unexplained ocrats polled their average vote, and therefore that j luiicn ujiuci nervation, we nave seen ens our iosnuit.ons from torn to pieces, some more and some less injured, w ith an account of the terri'de tragedies enacted W aahineton. enquiries, and are satisfied that so far from mak- wonder of the starry world. 700 713 none better calculated to beiret rlou in fact, to thev were not held back fioin voting by the Ameriorcaoiaationn wbich plait 120 120 ai sucn uemoniaical out raze upon r.fe and the excuse which the apologists of the on that mournful occasion; but we have felt an Henrv, cans. the very scenes that have occurred in onrsister ing preparation to attack the Americans, the Hart," 193 id EDperty and the uarant.ed right of the citi 70 city, than the pra?raph we quote below. Iboy Whaling. It is stated by the New London In the same number of the Gazette from which precious villains offer for the outrage is, that indisposition to parade all tha facts in our possesAduir, foreigner had not even made preparations to 513 373 are taken from the LouiM-iilJournal a paper de- zen rreen. 225 130 voted to the advocacy of i. The Iaillaua ;ioiii Setlinel savs: pnwrlv defend themselves in case of attack. If (Conn.) Star that the long mooted purpose of this is taken, the vote of Clarke, the Democratic somebody fired a shot from a brewery! We ob- sion before the community, knowing that they Estill, They 60 100 are from the hand, or were published under the suserved upon the window shutter of one of the would only heighten the excitement and aggra lite Wr of nrubliran i':stltnt!on they had determined on the course imputed to transferring the depot of the whaling business candidate for Governor, is put down at 1,203. uib'ak. rittenden. 150 60 pervision of a man of talent and exerienoe as aa ened aid disgr.-.cfrom the Massachusetts ports to some tioint in Col. Preston received 1,344 vjtes. At the last buildings the name of "Pilrfter" written in bold by the bloodvand shame.til pro- 2S3 them, is it at all likely that, w ith the advantage 5J editor one who is supposed to understand the vate the passion naturally ensuing. There are Cumberland, a son-- i r;i cut, muel nr refinement, Clinton, 2S0 the Pacific, is at length to be accomplished. Ac Presidential election Pierce received 2,759 votes, capitals. The building thus charmediy labeled 210 a d be fully impre-se- d s obiii-atioawith of some circumatunccs, however, that we cannot of lcir.g entrenched in their own Louses, thy i and g.:iiau!rv, for lovt'y ladies and lordly tossell. 100 ijj his proftssinn, and who produced tiie them, tho eve was less injured than many others in the same withhold from the public, in justice to ourselves Edmondson, toon, k. :s bwowe the theater of scenes) whirl would not Lave killed more than four or five of cording to the Star, arrangements arc already in and the vote of the city has increased consider215 205 of the election, we are l to believe, a the irry ns back t Pa.-- in 1T0J; with this di'erence. ably since that time. Col. Preston's friends, who locality. Various subterfuges of the kind were and the truth that we seek to establish. Of this Moigon, 500 310 effort of a giant intelc t in favor of a cause in which their assailants? Had the Irish on Main street, progress w ith several Louses to transfer their buvt tb Pansu.i moos bad just grounds of exaspe- Lanrcl, "5 (,) his heart was eulisteu. siness from New Bedford, New London, and Lad ascertained Lis strength before the election, resorted to to delude the cowardly rioters into g below Tenth, organized and made preparations a haracter are the following : Rockcastle, aii o;mui:c tyranny; the 237 8 After extracting the nceiuuary articles that bs conraiit : :nr,;(.r and arejn from th hrntu! W other places, to some California port. Livingston. San confidently expected to give him exceeding 3,500 the belief that the occupants were "all right on asail-an'- s 300 265 charged, w ould not they Lave killed their Young Long, son of the proprietor of the gro f rleui'iQi&c wickedness. appeared in the Journal on Monday, the Commer257 233 I rancisco, Benicia, Oakland and Monterey Lave votes. Clarke's vote would Lave been much less, the goose,'' some of which succeeded. Many cery store corner of Eleventh and Mafn streets, MeCrarken, he man who yrrn'i a ei iz.--n by violence from by scores before permitting themselves to be von. 40 40 cial further says: been indiscriminately spoken of, and orders Lave for there were many persons who intended to honest foreigners, however, who doubtless Lad that was bumed, states that half an hourprevious serein-- the elective frscchise isirohhr- - h nk. nliski. slaughtered! 175 260 iai of his pr!,nrtv. of h These are only specimens, and we ask. If vested ruht. and de- been given to captains of vessels now employed vole for Preston and the entire American ticket more thought for their reputations than their to a shot UOO 57 being fired in that section of the city a Caldwell, The poor creaiurps when, a they thought, ervestuepr-r.i.cnt- : try for so doing. ?1 7 were not designed to urce on riots, sn??-- t acts of in the North Pacific whale fisheries to recruit at w ith thst exception. The Gazette will see from lives and property, chose readily between friend of his, who is a member of the Know- - Wayne, il'U ia Lo iisvii.'e. murder and arson have Wn J efviolence, stimulate jealousy and uisinna'e murder, driven to the last extremity, did make some Knox, 250 73 the port of California. ed to for what, in tbe name of henvea.were they intend!.' and this hss been don with ma!!,-- . ravson, this into what a great error it Las been led. Pilcher and destruction, and submitted to the Nothing order, approached him and urged h's 112 77 fort to defon I themselves; but the small mortal. br:hoU7':t. Lilt ,nd Is there not tinder enonsli in the sons of Kentucky Weorrnrr,! McLean, 10 latter as preferable to the former. JfjF" In Philadelphia, Sunday afternoon, at leaving the store of his father. He sa d that at Daviess t tlectioos before the cxis'enee of th Knnw.Yn. ity their balls occasioned, showed their weapon already is not their horor sufficf ntly t '52 164 JQ" In May last, when we denounced, in the order. bur it was left for this monster, tie hid and their love of tight sufficiently active, t'nnt. low wa'er, the body of a fashionably dressed Spectators of tlic scene in the vicinity of Shel were not used a thev would Lave been by an atight an attack would be certainly made; tl at it Christian, 20 5i6 strongest terms we could use, the outrages perpecan dispense with the services of tl.U roll eous ott rring of fin i. icism and Vnfiverr. in nrmn. Hopkins, 111 70 they by street, where the serious riots began, have no was arranged to fire that block and shoot the in tacking party. In the upper part of the city the young female wa found in Gunner's Run, Queen ?.: disorder by a drilled and blooded incendiary, who deliberately sits down on system of Rntler, trated on inoffensive Germans in the upper part 250 207 aa i :,,'.., Germans who fired grins used oly shot. If street, Kensington, w ith her threat cut. When respect for the mob, and indulge many a hearty mates who dared escape. In accordance with morning of the election to play tbe part of u.her riots have been cas-:- !, rave?, 691 166 the of the city, we at the same time urged that the tbe suj,.-:- i hi. I spontaneous effervescence of Macbeth's phantom dagger to a whole community, Triffg, first discovered she was lying with her face in laugh at their expense. A handful of foreigners this advice Long removed his father and mother they had been determined to murder American 224 155 :ss,".u; bat the pointing it to murder? Strange indeed must be the respectable portion of the American party should have adopted riot- 700 400 there made a firm stand against the cowardly to a place of safety. He then returned to the Carter, would not their gun Lave been loaded with ball, the mud, and the wound on her neck looked quite as one of H eir tu'es of action, as a Dart of their infatuation strange the wast of conscience in an reenan. 300 323 not be held responsible for the action of the rufeditoi- - aaable and experienced editor wocan .iu of noera'ion. rioters, who were far superior to them in numand would they not Lave acted at least with some fresh, the blood still oozing from it Sho was store, where Ills two brothers were, and before Lewis, 200 308 fians who belong to it. We know that many of It is j.j. all id's- fo.'Tv. for the resrxcfa'.' men r.f thus for an end of to little consequent, taaiper 623 ell dressed, having on lace underslecves and several they could escape the attack wa made. In Mason, bers, and drove them back pell-me- ll small degree of concert! Heaven knows that we he party to .'.isclxm these proceedings. with his duty, his reputation, and the peace cf soThey ar Union, the best men in the city still belong to the Know-Nothin- g 50 lace collar, fastened with a large gold breastpin, squares on two different occasions. The ingloriwould be the last forever to defend foreigner caping himself Le received thirteen lullet ciety. yo.isn,:e . r i cm. because they have approvei lallard, 300 party; men who would scorn to stoop to an organization of which such conduct is the legiti123 ous manner in which the rioters fled, and the wounds, and is now confined, dangorously ill, Monroe, of attacking Americans, but when we containing two portraits. From all appearance guilty In order to show our reader what is thought mate rmit a dirty trick to gain success, and who now deuhlenl)nr5r. various individual and general exhibitions of from their effects. His two brothers were unable Pendleton, know that the xictim of the mob are guiltless of of the body it would appear that the woman had nounce the abroad of the disgrace ul riots here on Mondav, The Covmton Ki.iliichaA sav : 423 outrages of Monday as strongly as these two several to leave and were actually consumed in the conthe crime imputed them, it u but an act of just- been foully dealt with. Lawrence, 200 we continue to make extracts from our exchange, The news of the rioting and bloodshed fn th we do. We know that the respectable members cowardice which characterised Ballitt, 170 Mr of Lotilsville. on Monday retreat are edifying in the highest degree to the flagration. ice that the memories of the unfortunates, humlast election day and IndeA cent'.enun from Louisville savg it is not true, as of the order Lave an ut'.erLorror of mob laxr, and Henderson, 130 id sen 1 at'.viil of horror thronS mn trn.l r An Irishman residing in the same block ble though they were, should be vindicated. reponed, that tbe naturalized citizens were not al- we have never supposed anyone would hold them mind possessing a sense of the ludicrous. Why, pendent. Hoyd, 274 law an 1 ord.-thronghout the' !an,t "t. Kort lowed an opportunity to vote ui that city. He was to leave, but was shct and driven back. Marshall, We repeat that the foreigners were so frightethe ladies there who were spectators of their exThe Baltimore Patriot (K. N.) publishes the 699 kept from the contemplation 365 of mrh rTeL accountable for the damning deeds of the ruffians himself at all the voting places in the evening, and 139 hich are so ploits lost all opinion of the counge of "Sam's Again ha attempted to reach the street and was Fulton, to the country, and such a ned1 at the demonstrations made against themsa heard the officers calling for one-sidtelegarph report and says : C ay, "more voters," who did on Monday, many of whom did not even belong 107 200 upon our insutntioca. Men ace tiw li from vis.t ng the polls for theofpurpose are men," and have no more respect for them than driven back, receiving several shots. Weak and Calloway, early in the morning, that they did not even at- not come as fast as their votes could be taken. The despatches by telesrraph from Locisville, re815 139 to this city. The Journal may be horrified at our te.rc of Frankfort Commonxtcalth. cord scenes of riot, violence, and bloodshed, durinr has tbe brave German who, a short time after xerei-unfaint, he crawled out the back way, reached the tempt to go to the polls. This is conclusively t..e dearvst riifht r.f freemen : and th 19,13 11,144 the election held ia that city yesterday, which afl ballot b"x. the pailioium of our liberty, ia given Such effort to create an impression that w e entertaining and expressing such an opinion, but wards, died gloriously defending himself from paper-mi- ll demonstrated in the fact that in the First, Secyard, and finding a hole in the sand 11,141 that is precisely what we now think on the true lovers of law and order will denounce in the e tear toat we are rap.dlv rr iu r iiLui-iu- . the cowardly attack of his murderous enemies. bank, lay there all night, his wounds bleeding all ond and Eighth Wards, out of more than 2.220 Lad a fair election Lere are contemptibly little and subject. most solemn and emphatic language it is possible ::r.g into a state of anarchv: and that nn.'esii 7,039 to use. It matters not th it the occasion was one me favornMe chirre soon takes place, property One enthusiastic gentleman, who regarded it Lad, they only mean. After men were beaten and driven from vote the t while. We have now returns from all the State, with the of jjreat political ferment; it matters not who were id personal safety w'.il be at the mercy of iawlea- the polls, after they were attacked in their own The Rusains of the Mubde sen. Every day is peculiar province to assist in "ruling Amer- polled 3911 The ruffian who were bent on LavOf such a horrible nature were a hundred in ' Akear y have tue people of Louisv He turned exception of tn counties. Those to hear from the aggressors; the awtilants and the availed are ouses and so terrified that they were afraid to develops something new concerning the horrithat day, was fired with indignation when cidents that transpired during Monday. The heart alike deserving of indignant reprobation, since th-finding the German did ing a tew knock-down- s, pm themselves to ;;ht their streets hv t e flamesi will still further reduce the majority of Mr. More were both srnUty of violating the law, by usurping ' each other's houses, and deluge theni with each le first stampede occurred at the corner of Jef not come to the polls, went to their Louse, and leave them, it is not surprising there were no ble tragedies of Monday. Yesterday the rubbish, recoils at their contemplation the blood chills at head; yet it can scarcely come to so low a notch a the authority of the judiciary, and avenging with more voters" to respond to the call of the offi f jr a space of five feet, was cleared away in the ferson and Shelby. A lady witnessed his exhibi brutai'y beat them, and for this statement we thought of the heartlessness of that night at their own hands their real or fancied injuries. It is Such proceedings pnraliza industry and wholly 000 votes. cer of election. ruins of Quinn's row, on Main street, and a tion of patriotism. He affirmed that he feared tack, when innocent men were shot down and the from such shamefd riots as thesa t at our instituLhihii .te energy and enterprise. Lave the authority of respectable American who There is no long. of ths New York Tribune tions are brought into disgrace. It is not one city a.iy iueeu.iv: lor men to labor for the accumHla-number of bones were discovered. They were neither Jesus Christ nor the Devil; and swore property and lives ol men and women, who had 1--3 We Lave already mentioned tLe fact of an of the occurrences." were Mr. Buchanan s Place Offered n ot pio;.ery which m;.y. at any moment, b des- Gov. Reeder. alone wbich snilVrs from the effects of examined by Dr. G. W. Ronald and prolawlessness tbe whole country shares in the opprothat he would ami himself and shoot every DutchThe Cincinnati Timet publishes the following inoffensive Irishman being brutally assaulted at done no wrong, were recognized only that the Washington, August 5, 1355. i iae iu.e and tne dissolute. Pronerv th it brium. If such outrages are cont.n:ied: if tbe ma ist be constantly watched to protect it from tb Many important facU have transpired with ref the Court House on Monday, and that some ruf nounced; by Lim, to belong to the human frame. man that crossed Lis path. Some hours aftei the bullet and the torch might be applied to their w hich is incorrect in every particular: jesty of the law is not rendered paramount to the Huii.soi vi, iou.s is not wortl rossossm"- - and erence to the dismissal of Gov. Reetier, but there These continual developments render it impos- excitement had subsided in that locality, the same destruction. into Lis bsdy. Afler marchWe learn through passenrro by the Jacob Stra-fle- r, fian run a pitch-for- k ?nai e nnwi'iingto labor or and enn!-ih- nt tn th. aie one or two more, of whose authenticity I can aru oi lnuivinuHis; u in oroau uay, ana la trie midst of a crowded city, we are to settle onr quam is pport of the government which has neither th that the riot at Louisviile originated in an at- ing about for some time, the blood of the poor sible even to surmise the extent of the horror lady saw him approaching the scene of the late give you the most positive assurance which yet repower cor the inclination tempt ua'le by the Irish to take possession c.f the victim all the while dripping from the prongs of enacted on the night of the election. o protect them in in Massachusetts. The quire to be brought to the notice of an admiring with the bowie knifr, the rcvolver.and the firebran.l. Eternity excitement with the remnants of a musket upon we had better close our tribunals, ignore all gov-- I rt'ard polls. An Irishman presented bira-e- lf of their lives or their property. The ing lassachusetts orni. Platform has been the fork, the ruffian, w ho by the way, it is said, was can alone reveal hoiv many persons fell victims liis shoulder. It is not known whether he shot g at the polls, expressing his desire to vote. No soonerbad the Governor cemmnnicated with ernment except t!nt of force, and b ? prepared to dustrious and the enterprising will flt from such published. To Nativism it makes the concesLi papers by an American, be ilienged cu with the first person we encounter piace, and t ie Bp.sin. s3 ai 1 prosperity of anv from New Albany, stuck a loaf of bread on the to the fury of the mob. Mr. Pierce, after te had arrived in the Eastern try conclu-iiomany Dutchmen, but it was suspected that Lis v that is nnabla to qted such rioting must rarmi.'V rep ied by knocking dowiT the latter, whereupon sion of allowing all Protestant foreigners who States from Kansas, than the President besought in the street. out "move him' move him!" the fork and shouldering it, continued Lis march It is strange that tbe crowd cri-United nPThe census of New York discloses some musket wouldn't shoot, and that Lis pretended have been naturalized to become members of the him to resign, in order to relieve the Chief Magis- a people so sensitive the people of the in whichStates, sin!? into nothingness. npon iU through the streets. No effort whatever "was Louisvi'le inf.x-te.- i Irish flew to tbe First ward, and the row being of the opinion for preparation was only a cowardly exther bnsinesa and trate of the Un'on from the embarrassment in which curious facts respecting the social system of the absence an American was sbot dead. prosnerlty, on Monday last a stab from th .ir ist orsanization. It dec'arcs that all foreigners, be he louud himself. By way of inducement the Presi- - are held abroad who pride themselves on the freemade to arrest him. dom they eniov, on the tolerance they avow, and of which it will tike years to recover. Intense excitement ensued; the tumult increased vast hive of people. So far as reported, every cuse to avoid danger. The value ent proposed to eonfer on Gov. Reeder the appoint fore being allowed to become citizens, should bo In truth, the demonstration on Monday hardly especially on their capacity tor of its reai estate has been diminished tar to a fartul extent, and at 12 o'clock, when the mail Secret Sjcietiis is College. The faculties ward in the city has at least double the nunber Americanized, and fixes a residenoe of 21 years ment of Commissioner to China, then vacant by the snouid suaer themselves to become gailty of cets rotiM have been ejected by the most more thaa boat h'ft, was raging with awful violence in tbe return of Mr. McLane. This the Governor promptdisas'rooa eserves to be characterized as a mob; respectable of fiiuilies that it his d sellings for their accomTiiousauds of rnmors were flying of some of the Northern Colleges are taking dewhich are in their character, ar.d tire or tbe most sweeping and destructive pestdence. Firrt Ward. before naturalization. It protests against the re-- ly declined. o utterly destructive of all those conservative ele about, and the whole ciy was convulsed from cen- cided ground against the institution of secret modation, and in some wards the discrepancy is mobs do not insult women, murder children, steal This prouer bavin? thus proved insufficient, the The Albany Evening Journal, the leading eption of foreign paupers and criminals. On tre to circumference. money and stores, and destroy the property of President made a higher bid. He now said that on ments upon the permanence of which depends the societies among the students. The trustees of far greater. Thus the First Ward has 699 dwelWliig paper in Now York ior thirty years, say : the slavery question, the restoration of the Miscondition of Iieeder's vacating the Governorship ia existence of the republic. Princeton College Lave, by a unanimous vote, lings, and 2,703 families; the Sixth Ward, 1,270 inoffensive citizens. The most gallant act that souri compromise is demanded. The independAs usual when oue of these deplorable af.'aira AM The National Intelligencer remarks as follows, Kansas, he would give him the place "f EmbassaIlarcs and Religions. pproved the e can call to mind at present was the burning action of the faculty in requiring dwellings, and 5,C90 families ; the Eleventh i o the respective partie from dor are endtavor- The horrible occurrence that will forever ence of the judicary is asserted (having reference soon to England, The which Mr. Buchanan was and then copies and adopts as editorial the ex- occur, to return. splendor of this proposition icz .o irow tr.e t.a.-i.of its origin upon the op- -. from student entering that institution a pledge Ward. 2,433 d wellings, and 11.0S7 families, and of the Times office si?n. Even that was not done cause Monday last to be held in remembrance by to the late Kane decision in Philadelphia,) and was a matter to consider, and after two days the tract above from the Baltimore Palrut: posing faction. ith grace or determination; and the New Albany . eiLiertae S:ot insult was given, or tbe ffrst our citr ans, inspire us with gTeat alarm le6t the that they will not join any secret societies, and so on. In eleven wards heard from there are avery is declared sectional and liberty rational. Governor pave his ultimatum. He offered to'resiam The evidently not impartial and ruffians claim the credit of that exploit. We if the President would write him a letter asking exaggerated telegraphic despatcheswe tms treatlv blow struck, by a Democrat or a Know Nothing, an 0,522 dwellings and 53.0G3 families. hitherto peaceful political contests in this coun- Lave also directed the President to announce from American or a Foreigner, ir is ot easy to ascerhim to do so, and publish it in the Union, together suggest that their villainous companions should record scenes of riot violence, and bloodshed, try be hereafter but a scries of bloody encoun- publicly, at the opening of the next session of nor is it important. in Ohio. The Ohio K. Oatragea that in that city on the election 53 We do not expect ever to be able to re- institute suit against them for damaging their re N. State Council met at Columbus on the 9th with his reply, it bein snoniu De gazzexiea his ap- - duringall true loversheld law and order will Monday, tain, deservirvg of condemnation, byreprehensible and imme-iatewhomsoever omimeni o ters, leading eventually to intestine war. It is the College, that any student will be promptly-dismisseof which cord one-tenof the outrages on Monday, but putations, by claiming the only credit due them after. Th President refused to tmblish in tbe most solemn and emphatic language. denounce committal We care not whit provocation may be who may after that time be known to The action of the scceder from the such a correspondence, inst. well known that ever since the inauguration of plead. There is no provocation that can justify or and the Governor accordevery day adds to the list. A Protestant German, as rioters. g The New York Exprts (K. N.) also publishes even palliate t ae Philadelphia Convention was approved, and ingly left him under the necessity of turning oat a the party a party which La at- be a member of any such association. atrocity ef hanging on Ninth street, next door to Chestnut, was so strong resolutions were adopted: Territorial Executive for the sole reason that he the grossly incorrect despatches, anJ assuming a man without tml in the street, or of sl.ooting tempted to separate citizen into distinct classe 25a?A bey named Orms, living near Indianap A Monomaniac An old gentleman in New from the windows. badly wounded in the breast by a pistol ball that wou'd not lend himself to the establishment of sla them to be in the main correct, and that the for- down passers-br of bnroing elegates were appointed to attend a National very by foreign invasion and conquest, against the on account of their birth-plac- e and their religion, olis, was on Saturday last, while playing around dwelling tilled with women and children. It Gerhis recovery is considered doubtful. Two Irish- York has lately felt a tevere sickness, during eigners were altogether to blame for the outbreak, mans ar.d Irishmen commit the one, and Americana Abolition K. N. Convention whenever and wher will of the vast majority of the people of the Terand to inflict t:pon them politictl disabilities, our a mill, hoisted by a companion on the block and hich he exhibited a strange sort of monomania. disgrace .he.r name by the other, both are alike men were pursued by an infuriatad crowd to the ritory. A. B. ever it miy be called; the party were advised not yet it says: hitherto peaceful elections have been charactertackle used to lift grain into the mill. He was corner of Ninth and Magazine streets, where they One day he pretended that he was dead, and recriminal. tSpec-.aIn expressing tiuso sentiments, we do not mean Despatch to the New York Tr.bune.J Since the adv ent of the ized by riots, murders end arsons. Know-Not- h 'American Tarpulled clear up to the block, sixty feet from the escaped. The crowd, however, attacked a house quested that they should lay him out with due to make nominations this fall, leaving the mera- to be understood as sanctioning, or seeming to sancty" into tie political arena, these bitiody afTrav The .Massachusetts crs free to vote as they choose; and resolutions ing election riots Lave been a marked incident of ground. The end of the rope he was holding to tion, padiate or apologise for our countr :men if have alarmingly frequent. Cincinnati, St. ropriety, which not being done, he stormed there and shot one man and cut another across Springfield, Monday, August 6, 1855. ere passed that the order in Ohio had no organ, In every principal city of being pulled into the block, Lis Lands were forced indeed they were Americans who ra ised tha 's Lonis, New York, and now Loaisviile, have witaway at his attendants, and threatened to The Stata Council of the breast. Both were severely iniurcd. hold a torch aa a beacon of ravenge A thousand nessed greater destruction of ILe aud property from for anything the Union outrages Lave been perpetrated under off, and LeTell that fearful distance to the ground, convention in this city haunt them nightly. He thus continued to act and was not. therefore, responsible About fifty of WTongs cannot make oue light Because abrut.d for riots rained bv it th .n during tea years preceding. Know-Nothin- g the protection of the party, and in most cases the breaking Li leg and arms, and injuring Lim inMore Arrests. Yesterday afternoon a posse for several days, telling them it was abominable published in papers. the leadiuir men of the party have already arrived, eigner snap a pistol in our face, or shoots down even It would be unjust to anrihute to toe mass of that and nave been cauensm? at the Ma8so:t JConse. ah i lend or companion, m the streets, it is not the Party guilty Lave gone unwhipt of justice. Judge in'.en'ioa or deaire to bring ahont such a ternally. He lingered till Sunday noon, and of the police got on the trail of another terrible to keep him above ground for such a length of Congressional Elections. The Know- - Anions them are Gen. Wilson, M cssr. Foster, part of the true American to make general the oi- - lamentable resiu;. Nevertheless, it is the natural and Juries connected with the "order" have been died. gunpowder plot, and proceeded over to Corn Is time, and that he was fast mortifying. A few Morris and Davis, members of Conrew, . Nothings have elected Campbell in the Second, Lieut. Gov. Brown and others. Gov. Gardiner will jocts of his venjeaace. Conduct of that character is couseo'lewe here, as in ail countries, of introdu unable to rid themselves of their secret oaths, or land to arrest it. When they got there nothing the last nights ago, while no one was in the room, he Underwood in the Third, H. Marshall in the not be present. A lartre unmber of those present cowardly, and, tovigilance degree, unmanly and 1, cing qmirr'is or Itace and LeLgion into Politics. or Slaves. In Cincinnati, on was found, and the party dispersed The of the party as'zriove They who do so incur a grave responsibility for octhe prejudices engendered against foreigners, in various diare and will have a great in should be exerted to its utmost in discover ing the currences lii;e these. arose from bed, and jumped from the second eventh, Dr. Marshall in the Eighth, Cox in the F. W. Harris, of Mississippi, as agent and while perhaps imagining that their conduct Tuesday, rections, several going down town and others go fluence in window, and happened to strike in such a Ninth, and Swope in the Tenth Districts. The disposition eCectinjr a fusion. There seems to be no primary asrgressor, with a view to punish hira as be ory The Pittsburg Gxzette the eldest paper ia the of Nathaniel Hoggatt, of Adams county in that to avoid it. The result of the cauens- - deserves, but when that vigilance is supplanted by was all propriety, have been guilty of partiality in uptown. In the lower suburbs a brace of manner that he was not much hurt. He was is, in sntstance, to recommend a convention of a blind and infuriated passion, that hurls iu bolts west and Whig always, says : State, appeared before Judge Parker and manu Antics have succeeded with H. C. Burnett in the and favoritism in the extreaie. Irishmen were caught on the street armed, 'tis nil persons opposed to the Xation:d Administration, and its firebrands at friend and foe aase, the injured etermincd to go and bury Limself. Strangely First, A. G. Talbott in the Fourth, J. H Jewett in We apcreheailed riot and murder in Louisville. and the appointment of a But this is by no means the worst feature in mitted sixteen slaves. They were tbe property said, and were at once arrested and lugged off to enough, the fall perfectly cured him of the belief the Fifth, and J. M. Elliott in the Sixth Districts, all other committees in thecommittee to conferwith party hazards the loss of that public sympathy and because the whole tendency of the Know Xothiair Wilfred Hoggatt, who at Ids death gave them Commonwealth of Maspublic sentiment which, in a country like tiiis, movement there fjrweess back, has foreshadowed the case. The organization of this new order of of jiil. that he was dead, and he is nearly recovered. sachusetts who represent parties or fragments of sufficiently potent, la all cases, to enable the right the morsn which, if it was not premeditated, wait their freedom in Li will, but from unforsecn cir the delegation therefore stands six things, its proscriptive character, it secret operapartie-- s wiitms to stand on sucn a p:attorm. Tnere to t.iumph over wrong. The true American only is wiuked at ar.d encouraged. Scores of the most active participators in A preliminary riot cumstances tLe w ill w as not carried into effect to four Antics. is a diversity of opinion en the question of Amerispoke yesterday of the great change tions, and the necessary nature cf i he ho, under all .circumstances and upon all occatook place only a few weeks baci. ia which considfVicnres, Monday's riots arc well known, and yet, so far canism, but the most popular plank is that adopted sions, is found battling on the side, not of anarchy erable property wad destroyed, and much an Jeruig until Lis son Nathaniel arrived at legal age, when Nelson county by the new movewrought in Lave done much to disturb the social relations of Louisville correspondent of the Carroll- - by the Anti-Pap't here wiil and strife, but of lair and order. s wc can learn, no attempts have been made to Le caused their liberation. in5.cttd noon tae poorer class or foreign born ment. Formerly it was considered good for a ton Times, writing upon the night of the elec- - be a warm time in tlie convention before the g the country, to estrange friends and kindred, and If every man is to be his own avenger, or if mob spiiit which has been lae bring them to justice. Is it possible that those machinery is piven tip. It is generally be- - rule is to be the dispenser of pubic justice, fare ed growing apace during tbe canvas, culminated on Cnoics Liocons Our friend Thompson, of the Nov it Whig major' ty of five or six hundred. ion, defends the mob proceedings, and speaks destroy all the. beautiful and holy and delight- lieveu tuat the number of delegates m attendance toold lilue House on Fourth street, sent ns some of sworn to Lave our lawn properly administered then to public liberty, as well as public safetv. Tbe the day the election, and unhappy and degraded Las gone for the by a ma as if by authority of what further destruction was morrow will be small. ful ties that render life enjoyable. his choice brandy and champagne yesterday. It have determined to use no efforts to bring to juswhich provocation, which precipitated the Louisville was given np aa a city taken by storm to jority of 226. To the efficient manner in which contemplated by his K. N. allies. He says that We have an instance of the malign influence came most opportunely, for our" office was full of tice the ruffians who tire aud cartage. followed the assaults and attacks from the Germans Those men and those editor Guano a Preventative or Yellow Fever. disgraced our city on to patriotic Americans who had come to Lear and to and Irish, ia Louisville, it is true, was such as might who have originated and fanned tae beiiinh spirit, the canvass was conluctcd by our old friend Mc A correspondent of the Norfolk Herald "sutrsesta the Times and Courier offices are yet to be de of the new party in our own State. The county communicate tbe stirring news of Mondavi well are the wort enenles of their country, and vil but to have refrained the elections. Carty, of the Gazette, is this result in a great molished," and that in "aggravation of spirit" that gnano be tested as a preventative of yellow fe- from try one's forbearance,hanging at lampposts, v e scarcely know wbich was liest and most p r. of Nelson is one of the wealthiest and most inand have to r.nswer for their crimes not only to the ver. He the followina as the reason of his (trusting 1 1 the tribunals of justice for redress) cf Vigo county, Ind., degree to be attributed. tLThe Know-Nothinbilarating and intoxicating, the liqaor or the news. people when this frenzy ia past, bat to a tribunal the Americans were shouting "death to foreign telligent in Kentucky. It has, although the jjrestion: Thompson's name and Marshall's were shouted in refuse to swallow the "nigger." over wcold have been a victory amoral victor Tle.; their secret demagoguing will naught avail They have I take leave to state a fact which was related to influence." jority of the population is Catholic, been strongly tbe same breath. Journal of yettcrday. LSPThe bolting K. N. Convention at Colum them. me by Capt. H. II. Cocke, U. S. N., whilst he was one's self, that would have transcended the physical called a meeting at Terrc Haute, for Saturday attached to the Whig cause, always giving large won over the Germans and Irish And we presume, as a necessary consequence bus, Ohio, was a very sorry affair. Tbe dele The Kentucky Flu (Paris) siys: St. Louis, on the one, ultimately Our entire city police and city officers are, iu command of the sloop-of-wombined. coa-"- t majorities for the candidate cf that party. The with those excited and maddened by liquor, the next, of all those opposed to ths efforts now gates in attcn Jance were very few, the proceedof Brazil, during the awful rasre of yeilow feIt becomes our duty, as public joarnaltsts, to ree believe, w ith scarcely an exception, Know- - ver there some years back. He The New York Times says : matins to about ionize the whole Aorth. Hon. stated to me that the people were Lappy and contented enjoying their next shout raised was "down with the foreigncord another disgraceful riot upon election day. fruitNothings, yet we hear of no efforts being made crews of the merchant vessels were swept oil' in the R. W. Thompson is advertised to address the ings spiritless and the nominstions will be Untd we have r?ceivel more particular acccr.sts Louisville has followed Cincinnati, and put to were ers," and the editor and hi office full of "patripolitical and religious rights uadisturted most less. K. N.-isis quite dead in Ohio. I s aboin l;;o. of this shocking affray it will be impossible to form shame her neighbor ci'y n the enormity of Her to Lave a legal investigation of the recent dis- - pave awful manner, and every meeting. t?te St. Louis, shared the same fate ; and she. prosperous, untainted witii bigotry and proscripoi' the of the two otic Americans" were in a better condition than misdeeds. This "tate of things was anticipated by lition allies will preach the funeral over the raccful outrages. The occasion certainly called if my memory holds good, did not loose a sonl. any correct opinion enough relative guiltdemonstrate is known to parties. Bat qaite nianv who understood the state of public fee'lng ia tion, until in an evil Lour the dark spirit of ever to incite their friends to riot and bloodshed. Flouk Goixgs to Pittsburgh. The steamer Sara in October next. for the use of cxtraoidinary efforts, yet we Lear 1 ins ne attnl uted solely to a quantity of guaao be the imbecility of the city authorities, and Xhe fear- - that city, and the initt; minatory character of muca was introduced into the midst Sam Young, for Pittsburgh yesterday, had 3G0 aa pure nasea lor bis own farm, as an experiment fal nature of such collisions as hested contests f of the matter which has recently Issued from the f nothing whatever being done. Lcckt. In St. Louis the capital prize of 521,- - barrels of fhur on board for Pittsburgh, in addi The New Jersey The so when he had returned home. There was not more race and religion are sure to provoke. The theory presd. The Louisville Journal has been peculiarly f a peaceful community. Since then the change and sneh faith called resolution of the State iySome papers at a distance show a diijMjsi- - than onea or two barrels of it,he had it was hisabout of onr Government is that every citizen subject of indamatorv and io;cnt for several weeks past, and ha been remarkable. Old party line Lave been 166 50 was sold a day or two since, on a quar tion to which she took in 500 barrels for sifted in it as preventative, that the law bas a right to a voice in making it and has contributed more than any one canse to bring g Council in New Jersey, gives d faced, and nowhere we presume is there so ter ticket, to Mr. James Javcns, second mate of for the same destination. ioix to ass;st us in ascertaining the cause of the on the berth deck oi the ship. Not a day any attempt to exclude any chus from th exercise a'xnt the (!igrsoe!ul riots of election day. The the steamer F. X. Aubry. The risk w as in the much dissatisfaction on account of its equivocagrounds recent riots ia this city. A prominent K. N. much bitterness of feeling prevalent a between passes without shipments of flour from this reDistance from Liverpool to Chicago. The of this right, onaroue a either of race or reI:g"on. editors of Out journal have a responsibly upon passionate resentment, of Missouri State Lottery, Class No. 171 the lucky will inevitably tion. It is denounced by many of the Order, as, shoulders which we would not like to bear. g and Catholic of Nelson. the gion for the eastern markets. apcr in New York lays all the trouble to the bark Arabia, Capt. Poller arrived at Chicago direct which tbe natural result is just such coil.iona and theirlove We to triumph, but peaceably and legally. The from Liverpool, on the 2d instant, and was to leave numbers 11 17 71 the original outlay Si 25, in reality, an attempt to apologize for, and smooth door of Win. H. Seward. Families Lave been divided business firms disbloodshed as have disgraced the city of Louisville. K. X. triumph in Loo is v. lie will prove a btter curse on her return voyage on the 6th. After crossing f2"Mr. Graham, the brass founder who was over the Philadelphia Platform, instead of a mansolved the interchange cf the small kindly cour- and the net amount received nearly 55,000. The Cincinnati Times, (N. K.) comes to the to that city for years to come. Her prosperity dethe Atlantic, th Arabia passed into the St. Lawpends s much upon the common protection of all t2?The family of Mr. J. 11. Armstron-r- , in rence, and, snrmonnting its rapids by means of the following sensible conclusion: ly repudiation of it. tesies of Lfe Las ceased. It is war to tLe knife PcisoKEt Escaped. Jno. L Jackson, a no killed in the election riot, was a native of Pittsher citizens as any othr cause. Cincinnati, were poisoned Friday at breakfast. r.ntisn Canadian iocks ana canal, entered Lake burg. At the time of his death his w ifc was on a beyond belief that the Irish and GerIt 1 w ith powder and a w ar that, while not w age torious printer, lodged in the Lexington jail for North Carolina. The result of the Congtes-sion- A servant girl, Catherine Bryant, had been af-- Ontario, after sailing through which she overcame mans is almost The Tuffilo Democrarif says : of Lonisville, or any other place, wouid, with visit to her relations in that city. The sad news some 300 feet descent, in a!!, of the Nlacara river. cool premeditation, enact the part of savage bnt leel, finds expression in a thousand forms re- the murder cf G. W. Smith, escaped on Sunday election may be summed up thus: st dis 1 The responsibility of bis shocking aS"air will be onted and thus took her revenge. of her husband's death was forwarded her by tele by the locks of the Welland canal, and entered lake of their peaceful fellow citizens, as represented placed upon Strong in loui-vilivolting to the better instincts of the human evening. TLe Ley of the prison ws stolen from rict, R. T. Paine, K. N.; 2d,Thos Puffin, Dem.; Erie, thence through said bk the straits ami lake Pooriy as graph- think and heart. IJCharles Fulmer was stabbed at a German of St. Clair, lake Huron and lake Michigan, to Chi- by good authority. that, withontwehigher of thm, the entirepcssessLigthe police aand magistracy of private room in the residence of the jailor, by 3d; W. Winslow, Dem.; 4th, L.O.Branch, Dem.; we do not believe impelling city s' imnlatedbv newspaper Prese S'iJ'In Covington on Monday a party of young 5th, F. G. Rcade, K. N.; 6th,R. C. Puryear, Whig; ball in St. Louis Thursday night. Going home cago, in the heart of the American continent. At causes than flow spontaneously from their un- proscii' t.v9 if Cutiiolicj and the foreiga-bor- n Shall thi state cf case prevail throughout the some unknown person,who thus enabled the pris is somewhat np in the world, being at cultivated minds, undisciplined passions, and bewxs ins. lent and menacing bemen beat a German so dreadfully that his life is 7th; Burton S. Craipe, Dem.; Slh, Thot. L. he fell on the door steps, and was found by his Chicago she above country!-shalwe have peace, quiet and society oner to escape. l an elevation the level of the sea, which overclouded moral sense, these people would have been fore the openii.g of the polls of the bloody elecEgypt: ell disturlied because a few political tricksters Aggressive tion. and violent, what could have JS?Ve would recommend lr. fiurley's Sarsa- - endangered. His skull was fractured and other Clingman, Dem. ''Sam" was very nearly wiped mother next morning. He died that afternoon. tops the highest otpyramid oflabor and uch are the found acting tb.3 art of assassins, nndcr achievements civilization. science, certain to bring instant and severe retribu- been expfcted :rora its presence amon j the excited have chosen to institute a party in which classes parillato those requiring a good and safe medicine injuries done him. So it seems ihey Lave valiant out ly the election. Peace hath her victories, no less renowned than tion upon their heads. According to the Albany Express, the to of i".s passion, save opposition and hate. oojects and sects are arrayed against one another, not ia preference to any other wj are aware of; we are Americans in Covington as well as Lcrs. From t' is conjunction came izuv:tably a bloody tal investment in railroadj in the State of New wpt. The Frankfort Yeoman says : Commercial Leaving Us. The because of a difference in political principle, but induced to do so from having tried it, and received stride, and a'.as ' manvdeathsi Latest trom Washington. That the Cabinet The election is over ar.d the excitement alt-- 1'tt r?A duel was fought at Marysville onYne 12th states that since the riotsCincinnati hundred and York is 8130,000.000. birth-placmuch benefit, and that it will perform what is liow solerim a warning should th Louisville dead over one not a nuit that the President is for Mr. Tierce is em account of religious belief and it will soon die away, but the blood of ii. ir icrc-cf July, between Mr. Lippincott and Mr. Tevis, Republic, of the claimed for it, we see no reason to doubt. Most of t5FThe tobacco crop in Tennessee is now for tbe succession that the Premier is undermind- - victims will still cry aloud for vengeance; the tears be tr ali whi eit.z.-n- iionlafethe nnfraiemal to sop pre reached hs feeling, and in which the latter was shot through the heart, thirty German and Irish families have ing for Marev that the Kitchen is plotting for of widows and orphans will still flow, and tVirs oj passions J,2TDiring Monday the most excited and ex our city drug stores keep it for sate. aulO diw more promising than it has been at a correspond- Buchanan, and that Jeff. Davis is laving a train to arrvr acriin- -' each other the member of a common that city from this. Nothing else can be expectvenand expired immediately. The cause of the quarand moans will rise to Heaven and invoke its agerated reports were constantly in circulation, political family Galla-papperiod for live years . blow them all up. Sandwich Islands broke ed. Why should our foreign population remain ing Df.cline. Hon. John Scott Hsrrison declines rel was an occurence on the 4th of July. geance upon the heads of the perpetrators of the and to the effects they produced is to be attribuDomiUca sold out Cuba stock outrages. The passions cf the p ople of K'ntuci'.y abandoned Woth Seeiio. Oaan eminence near ta'scity the nomination for Governor by the boltinc K where they are subject to all manner of indignif.QiIn Pittsburgh, the penalty for selling li- belirw par. Kansas and Nebraska bills, no sale. will soon subside, and so'm-- r reflection will con e. may be een at one sight, sixteen thousand acres of ted, in a rreat measure, the difficulty in ascer Fourth District. We have every reason to ties! Cabinet meeting solemn, heavy and suspicions. Af N' of Ohio. He well know that the days f few fence. It corn in one boly. divi.le-- only by Oct State has been disgraced by one f.f :hsbIoo!iet quor on Sunday is a fine of 50 and imprisontaining the origin of the diificdlies. A crowd of fairs in the Kitchen tut and stal. All waiting for riot on record. Men, women up 'his of the Miami toward extrnd-nd children have that faction are numbered, and act w isely in re believe, from the complexion of the returns re newspapers all over the country comn ment thirty days. The law is rigidly enforced. our soit shell convention Soule's book on his riw-sio- n been shot down in our streets a. t utchere-- at their men and boys, who were ripe for mis At au avenge of sixty bushels to th ceived last night, that Albert G. Talbott, Anti, ia Lis name associate J with the sink fusing to have to Spain despatches from Mr. Podge, sod the firesides. What men l what iarty are responsiplain, and with great justice, of the imperfect chief, would, to increase the excitement and give vf, hich. we believe, is b low what, the averse elected to Congress from the Fourth District over S57"A bale of new cotton was received in arrival of Santa A una. Blessed are they who ex- ble for thee crimes and these lisirr'ces ? Let t:e will be. this body of land will yield nine hundred ing fortunes of any such party. and partial reports of the riots sent by the teletlu m an ecue for carrying out their wishes, F. T. Fox, and of the world consi hr all and sixty thousand or rvearly oue million bonhel of 3d inst, and sold at pect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed. people of Kentucky Montgomery, Ala., on the Rev. Dr. Humphrey, of this city, or rather graph reporter ift this city. i . iicraia. report that a certain Louse in a certain locality, con. Th g Id diggings of California scarcely tbe facts and then give thoir verdict. auction at 10J cents per pound. CThe Cincinnati Times is a genuine Know. ir Rr. The editor of the Evansville (Ia.) Journal, (X. eqaal it. Cj'The Cincinnati Times, of yesterday, the was filed willi Germans and Irish having of Fanvi'ile, is expected to deliver the address on is said that Miss Eliza Logan, the ac iiyGloversvilie, Fulton county, N. Y., w "ell weapon. Instantly the gang would repair the occasion of the dedication of the new chapel Nothing paper. It speaks of the election by the tress, and George Wood, of the People's Theatre, SSfHon. James Guthrie, Secretary of the principal organ of the K. N.'s in Chio, thus no- N.,) who was in the city on Monday am! witnamed. There ere niie there las year l,dUO,0UO Treasury, is spending some weeks at Cape May, tices the flight of the Irish from this city to that: nessed many of the occurrences, denounces the pairs thi'her, probably find a foreigner in the street, to of the American Female College at Glendale, O., IL N.'sof this Slate oUirclte out of the thirteen St. Ixuis, are about to marry. of cm-s- , worth about Sl.OoO.ooO. There members of Congress to which Kentucky is enti New Jersey. The Jacob Strader came np from Louisville this foreigner in the strongest possible terms and ara 2.COJ peoo.e 'here. whom they would give chase or knock down and on the 10th of September. The manufacinre commorning, bringing about 150 terrified Irishmen from throws all the blame on their shoulders. He menced lun buck,ki:i and veu ison were plenty in tled. John L. Dawson declines the aptQTHon. then throw rocks at the Louse. The terrified in jlfFelix G. Murphy Las been elected Presi- Lonisvule. ll is said that the inch view Cincinnati CsThe farmer in Calloway county, Missouri, s a.'j iuiag woo. s. Cf course. New Yorit ie no mates would probably reply by a discharge of are in a deplorable fix. A few Sundays ago, one Tlnth Pisteict. Later news reduces the pointment of Governor of Nebraska. Sensible dent of the Nelson county Agricultural Assaci-atio- as the haven of safety and protection for them, and makes out the strongest possible case for his own f longer able to 'u- i ail the material Te that the mass of that miserable population cf pau party, and narrates what he raw in the Eighth ke p ap with the aem iud, they import skins front g weapo!is they chanced to have, and in some in of them w a bitterly lamenting the condition of majority of Swope, the candi man. per Irish Catholics will emigrate thence to the Queen Ward, as follows. To Lis admission of what lui west, north, souu. and evea across the ocean. stance, random shots happened to hit innocent Li com crop. He La ten thousand bushels date, but Le is unquestionably elected. John Broadbcnt Vv' A patent has been granted JgyA bale of new cotton from Texas was re- City, uod fjibitt such a calamity. occurred fher we wish to direct special attcn-kopersons who were passing by. Thi wa then more than Le can gather. rrOtTicer Tcunantof New Orleans, has been E?Vm. Rainey, late a Deputy Marshall in of Oak Grove, in this state, for an improvement ceived iu New Orleans on the 31st July. ayThe following is from the Indianapolis Re considered by the mobocrtt sufficient provoca arrested for extorting b.ack-mafrom a jouug Cincinnati, has been arrested for pafsing couiv in looms. g org.m, whose publican, the regular before dark a riot ocenrred in the E:clith lady. Lr"The theater in lliis city w ill be ojxmcd in a Policemen appear to be a nuisance in a tion to tear djwn or burn down house after Jiit Didn't Pat. The' Teturns from the First L)b- - editor is a Method st preaeher. terfeit money. of Mr. Wm. C. Graham, who Ward, the extreme lower part of the city. When great many cities. few wctk under the management of George house, and maim and murder their inmates. It trict indicate that Gen. Pilcher' pilgrimage to Short dresses begin to prevail on Washington we visited the locality, an hour after the commenceLouisville has covered herrtelf with glory by the was shot in the riot on Monday, was taken to was such reports that originated most of the out Melius. that section didn't pay expenses. A correspondent street. They a.-- not bad to look at nor ars what ment of operations, aa awful scene met our gizr. a Pkche P.Tf M p. A Rev. W.Tt. HV-emrimmense majorities she has given f r the American Pittsburgh and interred there Thursday. candiiiate for the Legislature in Mjsis-ippi- . said they develope. It is so long since faxhion let day-ar.- Hundreds of men were gathered in thj neighborrages, and that almost caused the destruction of CP The Baltimore' &. Ohio Railroad, all the candidates. rankjort Cm in. in Graves county writes us thus: brick hou e. A row on toe stamp the other day, afier a most violent hood of a buruiLg ttree-stordies' ankies that it is a sort of godsenil. KTHorace Grcely returned home in tlie A kind of glory which, we imagine, few cities the Cathedral and the Catholic church on upper way between Baltimore and Wheeling, continues - diatnle aga.rt the Cathohcs, that "h would aa through this Tak a seat on the curb-ston- e It is thonght that Gen. Pilcher's tour for half a day and of other bouse were on fire in the rear. The eaI ce. country aided the Democrauo party very much. ginei itood idly by, or were feebly workod to pro- - oon preach, to ajackas as at Green street. having a regard for their reputation would covet, in good and thorough working order. LJiISViLLE WEEKLY COURIER, PVri.ISKi-- BY r. " A'!rii,i ul trt ' ji tr ira '''' f ar of tg 3? tThe tIt , O

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