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Roger W. Barbour, (1919-1993) Collection, 1946-1984

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Roger W. Barbour, (1919-1993) Collection




Morehead State University Special Collections and Archives

Morehead, Kentucky 40351 USA

Conditions Governing Access note

Collection is open for research.

Preferred Citation Note

[Identification of item], Roger W. Barbour, (1919-1993) Photograph Collection, 92BP,Special Collections and Archives, Morehead State University.


1,389 Color Slides


Roger William Barbour was born April 5, 1919 in Morehead, Rowan County, Kentucky to John William, a farmer, and Laura Hall Barbour. He was married in December 1938 to Bernice Lewis, also of Rowan County, and they are the parents of three children. He died in Lexington, Kentucky August 26, 1993.

As a boy of 15, Barbour enrolled in what was then Morehead State Teacher's College. He graduated in 1938 and had already completed the fieldwork for his thesis for the master's degree he later received from Cornell University.

Barbour received his B.S. degree in 1938, Morehead State Teachers College (Biology major, Chemistry and English minors); M.S. degree in 1939, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (Ornithology major, Nature Study minor); and Ph.D. degree in 1949, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (Vertebrate Zoology major, Nature Study and Ornithology minors).

Dr. Barbour began his teaching career as an instructor in Biology at the Morehead State Teachers College where he served from June 1939 until August 1940. He became an instructor in Biology at Western Kentucky State Teachers College in Bowling Green, Kentucky (September 1942-August, 1943). Barbour spent the bulk of his career in the department of Zoology at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky, serving as Instructor (1950-1952); Assistant Professor (1952-1956); Associate Professor (1956-1968); and Professor (1968-1984). He retired in June 1984. The two years from 1957-1959 were spent in Indonesia as a teaching member of the Kentucky Contract Team at the Institute Teknologi Di Bandung.

Among Dr. Barbour's many awards and honors are: Distinguished Professor (1974-75), College of Arts and Sciences, University of Kentucky; Kentucky's Naturalist of the Year Award (1975), Kentucky Society of Natural History; Conservation Communicator of the Year Award (1977), by the National Wildlife Federation and the League of Kentucky Sportsmen; and Distinguished Scientist award (1981), Kentucky Academy of Science. He also served in the U.S. Army from March 1945-March 1946.

Dr. Barbour has written or collaborated on several books, which taken together chronicle nearly every aspect of natural life in Kentucky and beyond. Among his works are: The Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky, Trees and Shrubs of Kentucky, and Bluegrass Land and Life with Mary Wharton; Mammals of Kentucky and Bats of America with Wayne H. Davis; Kentucky Birds: A Finding Guide , with C. Peterson and others; Amphibians and Reptiles of Kentucky; Turtles of the United States, Snakes of Eastern North America , and Turtles of the World with C. H. Ernst; and The American Darters , with R. A. Kuehne.

The Roger W. Barbour Room is located on the fifth floor of the Camden-Carroll Library at Morehead State University, Morehead, Kentucky. Hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. and on Tuesday evenings 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. when classes are in session. Phone 606-783-2829.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of eight photographic series; Fish, Turtles, Snakes, Lizards, Salamanders, Frogs and Toads, Bats, and Mammals. The series consist of 35 mm slides, originals various ca 1970. Kodachrome duplicates were created in 1994.

User Restrictions

Photographs from the Roger W. Barbour Collection are the property of Morehead State University. In the event of publication of the photographs, permission must be obtained in writing, and a per photograph usage fee shall be paid to the Roger W. Barbour Collection, Camden-Carroll Library, MSU, Morehead, Kentucky 40351. Any duplicates to be kept on file must be clearly marked "Roger W. Barbour" and used only with permission.

Collection Inventory

Fish 92BP1
283 slides
Ambloplites rupestris Rock Bass 92BP1-1
[item: 1-001] browse
Ammocrypta asprella Crystal Darter 92BP1-2
[item: 1-002] browse
Ammocrypta beani Naked Sand Darter 92BP1-3
[item: 1-003] browse
A. bifascia Florida Sand Darter 92BP1-4
[item: 1-004] browse
Ammocrypta clara Western Sand Darter 92BP1-5
[item: 1-005] browse
A. meridiana Southern Sand Darter 92BP1-6
[item: 1-006] browse
Ammocrypta pellucida Eastern Sand Darter 92BP1-7
[item: 1-007] browse
Ammocrypta vivax Scaly Sand Darter 92BP1-8
[item: 1-008] browse
Aphredoderus sayanus Pirate Perch 92BP1-9
[item: 1-009] browse
Aplodinotus grunniens Freshwater drum 92BP1-10
[item: 1-010] browse
Aplodinotus grunniens Freshwater drum 92BP1-11
[item: 1-011] browse
Campostoma c. anomalum Central Stoneroller 92BP1-12
[item: 1-012] browse
Carpiodes carpio River Carpsucker 92BP1-13
[item: 1-013] browse
Centrarchus macropterus Flier 92BP1-14
[item: 1-014] browse
Chologaster agassizi Swampfish 92BP1-15
[item: 1-015] browse
Chologaster cornuta Swampfish 92BP1-16
[item: 1-016] browse
Chrosomus erythrogaster Redbelly dace 92BP1-17
[item: 1-017] browse
Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum Rio Grande Cichlid 92BP1-18
[item: 1-018] browse
Clinostomus funduloides Rosyside Dace 92BP1-19
[item: 1-019] browse
Cottus bairdi Mottled sculpin 92BP1-20
[item: 1-020] browse
Cottus carolinae Banded sculpin 92BP1-21
[item: 1-021] browse
Cottus carolinae Banded sculpin 92BP1-22
[item: 1-022] browse
Cottus pygmaeus Pygmy sculpin 92BP1-23
[item: 1-023] browse
Dionda diaboli Devils River minnow 92BP1-24
[item: 1-024] browse
Elassoma okefenokee Okefenokee Pygmy/Dwarf Sunfish 92BP1-25
[item: 1-025] browse
Elassoma zonatum Banded Pygmy Sunfish 92BP1-26
[item: 1-026] browse
Enneacanthus obesus Banded Sunfish 92BP1-27
[item: 1-027] browse
Enneacanthus gloriosus Bluespotted Sunfish 92BP1-28
[item: 1-028] browse
Ericymba buccata Silverjaw Minnow 92BP1-29
[item: 1-029] browse
Erimyzon oblongus Creek Chubsucker 92BP1-30
[item: 1-030] browse
Erimyzon sucetta Lake Chubsucker 92BP1-31
[item: 1-031] browse
Etheostoma asprigene Mud Darter 92BP1-32
[item: 1-032] browse
Etheostoma atripinne Cumberland Snubnose Darter 92BP1-33
[item: 1-033] browse
Etheostoma baileyi Emerald Darter 92BP1-34
[item: 1-034] browse
Etheostoma barbouri Teardrop Darter 92BP1-35
[item: 1-035] browse
Etheostoma bellum Orangefin Darter 92BP1-36
[item: 1-036] browse
Etheostoma blennioides Greenside Darter 92BP1-37
[item: 1-037] browse
Etheostoma blennius Blenny Darter 92BP1-38
[item: 1-038] browse
Etheostoma caeruleum Rainbow Darter 92BP1-39
[item: 1-039] browse
Etheostoma caeruleum Rainbow Darter 92BP1-40
[item: 1-040] browse
Etheostoma camurum Bluebreast Darter 92BP1-41
[item: 1-041] browse
Etheostoma chlorosomum Bluntnose Darter 92BP1-42
[item: 1-042] browse
Etheostoma chlorosomum Bluntnose Darter 92BP1-43
[item: 1-043] browse
Etheostoma cinereum Ashy Darter 92BP1-44
[item: 1-044] browse
Etheostoma collettei Creole Darter 92BP1-45
[item: 1-045] browse
Etheostoma collis Carolina Darter 92BP1-46
[item: 1-046] browse
Etheostoma coosae Coosa Darter 92BP1-47
[item: 1-047] browse
Etheostoma coosae Coosa Darter 92BP1-48
[item: 1-048] browse
Etheostoma cragini Arkansas Darter 92BP1-49
[item: 1-049] browse
Etheostoma ditrema Coldwater Darter 92BP1-50
[item: 1-050] browse
Etheostoma ditrema Coldwater Darter 92BP1-51
[item: 1-051] browse
Etheostoma ditrema Coldwater Darter 92BP1-52
[item: 1-052] browse
Etheostoma duryi Blackside Snubnose Darter 92BP1-53
[item: 1-053] browse
Etheostoma eduieni 92BP1-54
[item: 1-054] browse
Etheostoma edwini Brown Darter 92BP1-55
[item: 1-055] browse
Etheostoma euzonum Arkansas Saddled Darter 92BP1-56
[item: 1-056] browse
Etheostoma exile Iowa Darter 92BP1-57
[item: 1-057] browse
Etheostoma exile Iowa Darter 92BP1-58
[item: 1-058] browse
Etheostoma flabellare Fantail Darter 92BP1-59
[item: 1-059] browse
Etheostoma fonticola Fountain Darter 92BP1-60
[item: 1-060] browse
Etheostoma fricksium Savannah Darter 92BP1-61
[item: 1-061] browse
Etheostoma fusiforme Swamp Darter 92BP1-62
[item: 1-062] browse
Etheostoma fusiforme Swamp Darter 92BP1-63
[item: 1-063] browse
Etheostoma gracile Slough Darter 92BP1-64
[item: 1-064] browse
Etheostoma grahami Rio Grande Darter 92BP1-65
[item: 1-065] browse
Etheostoma histrio Harlequin Darter 92BP1-66
[item: 1-066] browse
Etheostoma hopkinsi Christmas Darter 92BP1-67
[item: 1-067] browse
Etheostoma hopkinsi Christmas Darter 92BP1-68
[item: 1-068] browse
Etheostoma hopkinsi lauototum Christmas Darter 92BP1-69
[item: 1-069] browse
Etheostoma inscriptum Turquoise Darter 92BP1-70
[item: 1-070] browse
Etheostoma jessiae Blueside Darter 92BP1-71
[item: 1-071] browse
Etheostoma jordani Greenbreast Darter 92BP1-72
[item: 1-072] browse
Etheostoma juliae Yoke Darter 92BP1-73
[item: 1-073] browse
Etheostoma kanawhae Kanawha Darter 92BP1-74
[item: 1-074] browse
Etheostoma kennicotti Stripetail Darter 92BP1-75
[item: 1-075] browse
Etheostoma lepidum Greenthroat Darter 92BP1-76
[item: 1-076] browse
Etheostoma longimanum Longfin Darter 92BP1-77
[item: 1-077] browse
Etheostoma longimanum Longfin Darter 92BP1-78
[item: 1-078] browse
Etheostoma longimanum Longfin Darter 92BP1-79
[item: 1-079] browse
Etheostoma luteovinctum Redband Darter 92BP1-80
[item: 1-080] browse
Etheostoma m. maculatum potted Darter 92BP1-81
[item: 1-081] browse
Etheostoma maculatum sanguifluum Red Spotted Darter 92BP1-82
[item: 1-082] browse
Etheostoma maculatum vulneratum Red Spotted Darter 92BP1-83
[item: 1-083] browse
Etheostoma mariae Pinewoods Darter 92BP1-84
[item: 1-084] browse
Etheostoma mariae Pinewoods Darter 92BP1-85
[item: 1-085] browse
Etheostoma microlepidum Smallscale Darter 92BP1-86
[item: 1-086] browse
Etheostoma microperca Least Darter 92BP1-87
[item: 1-087] browse
Etheostoma moorei Yellowcheek Darter 92BP1-88
[item: 1-088] browse
Etheostoma neopterum Lollypop Darter 92BP1-89
[item: 1-089] browse
Etheostoma nigrum Longfin Darter 92BP1-90
[item: 1-090] browse
Etheostoma nuchale Watercress Darter 92BP1-91
[item: 1-091] browse
Etheostoma obeyense Barcheek Darter 92BP1-92
[item: 1-092] browse
Etheostoma okaloosae Okaloosa Darter 92BP1-93
[item: 1-093] browse
Etheostoma olivaceum Sooty Darter 92BP1-94
[item: 1-094] browse
Etheostoma olmstedi Tesselated Darter 92BP1-95
[item: 1-095] browse
Etheostoma olmstedi Tesselated Darter 92BP1-96
[item: 1-096] browse
Etheostoma osburni Finescale Saddled Darter 92BP1-97
[item: 1-097] browse
Etheostoma pallididorsum Paleback Darter 92BP1-98
[item: 1-098] browse
Etheostoma parvipinne Goldstripe Darter 92BP1-99
[item: 1-099] browse
Etheostoma perlongum Waccamaw Darter 92BP1-100
[item: 1-100] browse
Etheostoma podostemone Riverweed Darter 92BP1-101
[item: 1-101] browse
Etheostoma proeliare Cypress Darter 92BP1-102
[item: 1-102] browse
Etheostoma punctulatum Stippled Darter 92BP1-103
[item: 1-103] browse
Etheostoma radiosum Orangebelly Darter 92BP1-104
[item: 1-104] browse
Etheostoma rupestre Rock Darter 92BP1-105
[item: 1-105] browse
Etheostoma rubrum Bayou Darter 92BP1-106
[item: 1-106] browse
Etheostoma rufilineatum Redline Darter 92BP1-107
[item: 1-107] browse
Etheostoma rufilineatum Redline Darter 92BP1-108
[item: 1-108] browse
Etheostoma sagitta Arrow Darter 92BP1-109
[item: 1-109] browse
Etheostoma s. sagitta Arrow Darter 92BP1-110
[item: 1-110] browse
Etheostoma saludae Saluda Darter 92BP1-111
[item: 1-111] browse
Etheostoma sellare Maryland Darter 92BP1-112
[item: 1-112] browse
Etheostoma serriferum Sawcheek Darter 92BP1-113
[item: 1-113] browse
Etheostoma simoterum Tennessee Snubnose Darter 92BP1-114
[item: 1-114] browse
Etheostoma smithi Slabrock Darter 92BP1-115
[item: 1-115] browse
Etheostoma spectabile Strangethroat Darter 92BP1-116
[item: 1-116] browse
Etheostoma spectabile Orangethroat Darter 92BP1-117
[item: 1-117] browse
Etheostoma squamiceps Spottail Darter 92BP1-118
[item: 1-118] browse
Etheostoma stigmaeum Speckled Darter 92BP1-119
[item: 1-119] browse
Etheostoma swaini Gulf Darter 92BP1-120
[item: 1-120] browse
Etheostoma swannanoa Swannanoa Darter 92BP1-121
[item: 1-121] browse
Etheostoma tetrazonum Missouri Saddled Darter 92BP1-122
[item: 1-122] browse
Etheostoma thallasinum Seagreen Darter 92BP1-123
[item: 1-123] browse
Etheostoma thalassinum Seagreen Darter 92BP1-124
[item: 1-124] browse
Ethiostoma tippecanoe Tippecanoe Darter 92BP1-125
[item: 1-125] browse
Etheostoma trisella Trispot Darter 92BP1-126
[item: 1-126] browse
Etheostoma tuscumbia Tuscumbia Darter 92BP1-127
[item: 1-127] browse
Etheostoma variatum Variegate Darter 92BP1-128
[item: 1-128] browse
Etheostoma virgatum Striped Darter 92BP1-129
[item: 1-129] browse
Etheostoma vitreum Glassy Darter 92BP1-130
[item: 1-130] browse
Etheostoma whipplei Redfin Darter 92BP1-131
[item: 1-131] browse
E. whipplei artesiae Redfin Darter (came from artesian well) 92BP1-132
[item: 1-132] browse
E. whipplei artesiae Redfin Darter (came from artesian well) 92BP1-133
[item: 1-133] browse
Etheostoma zonale Banded Darter 92BP1-134
[item: 1-134] browse
Exoglossum laurae Tonguetied Minnow 92BP1-135
[item: 1-135] browse
Fundulus catenatus Northern Studfish 92BP1-136
[item: 1-136] browse
Fundulus catenatus Northern Studfish 92BP1-137
[item: 1-137] browse
Fundulus notti Southern Starhead Topminnow 92BP1-138
[item: 1-138] browse
Fundulus olivaceus Blackspotted Topminnow 92BP1-139
[item: 1-139] browse
Fundulus olivaceus Blackspotted Topminnow 92BP1-140
[item: 1-140] browse
Fundulus waccamensis Waccamaw Killifish 92BP1-141
[item: 1-141] browse
Gambusia affinis Western Mosquitofish 92BP1-142
[item: 1-142] browse
Hybognathus nuchalis Mississippi Silvery Minnow 92BP1-143
[item: 1-143] browse
Hybopsis aestivalis Speckled Chub 92BP1-144
[item: 1-144] browse
Hybospis amblops Bigeye Chub 92BP1-145
[item: 1-145] browse
Hybopsis dissimilis Chub 92BP1-146
[item: 1-146] browse
Hybopsis insignis Chub 92BP1-147
[item: 1-147] browse
Hybopsis rubrifrons Rosyface Chub 92BP1-148
[item: 1-148] browse
Hybopsis winchelli Clear Chub 92BP1-149
[item: 1-149] browse
Hypentelium etowanum Alabama Hog Sucker 92BP1-150
[item: 1-150] browse
Hypentelium nigricans Northern Hog Sucker 92BP1-151
[item: 1-151] browse
Hypentelium roanokense Roanoke Hog Sucker 92BP1-152
[item: 1-152] browse
Ictalurus natalis Yellow Bullhead/Catfish 92BP1-153
[item: 1-153] browse
Ictalurus punctatus Channel Catfish 92BP1-154
[item: 1-154] browse
Ictalurus punctatus Channel Catfish 92BP1-155
[item: 1-155] browse
Labidesthes sicculus Brook Silverside 92BP1-156
[item: 1-156] browse
Lepomis auritis Redbreast Sunfish 92BP1-157
[item: 1-157] browse
Lepomis gibbosus Pumpkinseed Sunfish 92BP1-158
[item: 1-158] browse
Lepomis gulosus Warmouth 92BP1-159
[item: 1-159] browse
Lepomis humilis Orangespotted Sunfish 92BP1-160
[item: 1-160] browse
Lepomis macrochirus Bluegill 92BP1-161
[item: 1-161] browse
Lepomis macrochirus Bluegill 92BP1-162
[item: 1-162] browse
Lepomis megalotis Longear Sunfish 92BP1-163
[item: 1-163] browse
Lepomis megalotis Longear Sunfish 92BP1-164
[item: 1-164] browse
Lepomis megalotis Longear Sunfish 92BP1-165
[item: 1-165] browse
Lepomis megalotis Longear Sunfish 92BP1-166
[item: 1-166] browse
Lepomis megalotis Longear Sunfish 92BP1-167
[item: 1-167] browse
Lepomis microlophus Redear Sunfish 92BP1-168
[item: 1-168] browse
Lepomis punctatus Spotted Sunfish 92BP1-169
[item: 1-169] browse
Lepomis symmetricus Bantam Sunfish 92BP1-170
[item: 1-170] browse
Lucania goodei Bluefin Killifish 92BP1-171
[item: 1-171] browse
Micropterus coosae Redeye Bass 92BP1-172
[item: 1-172] browse
Micropterus coosae Redeye Bass 92BP1-173
[item: 1-173] browse
Micropterus dolomieui Smallmouth Bass 92BP1-174
[item: 1-174] browse
Micropterus punctulatus Spotted Bass 92BP1-175
[item: 1-175] browse
Minytrema melanops Spotted Sucker 92BP1-176
[item: 1-176] browse
Moxostoma cervinum Black Jumprock 92BP1-177
[item: 1-177] browse
Moxostoma erythrurum Golden Redhorse 92BP1-178
[item: 1-178] browse
Moxostoma erythrurum Golden Redhorse 92BP1-179
[item: 1-179] browse
Moxostoma hamiltoni Redhorse 92BP1-180
[item: 1-180] browse
Moxostoma macrolepidotum Northern Redhorse 92BP1-181
[item: 1-181] browse
M. macrolepidotum breviceps-Northern Shorthead Redhorse 92BP1-182
[item: 1-182] browse
Moxostoma rhothoecum Torrent Sucker 92BP1-183
[item: 1-183] browse
Nocomis biguttatus Hornyhead Chub 92BP1-184
[item: 1-184] browse
Nocomis effusus Redtail Chub 92BP1-185
[item: 1-185] browse
Nocomis leptocephalus Bluehead Chub 92BP1-186
[item: 1-186] browse
Nocomis leptocephalus Bluehead Chub 92BP1-187
[item: 1-187] browse
Nocomis micropogon River Chub 92BP1-188
[item: 1-188] browse
Notropis amabilis Texas Shiner 92BP1-189
[item: 1-189] browse
Notropis ardens Rosefin Shiner 92BP1-190
[item: 1-190] browse
Notropis ariommus Popeye Shiner 92BP1-191
[item: 1-191] browse
Notropis asperifrons Burrhead Shiner 92BP1-192
[item: 1-192] browse
Notropis atherinoides Emerald Shiner 92BP1-193
[item: 1-193] browse
Notropis boops Bigeye Shiner 92BP1-194
[item: 1-194] browse
Notropis callistius Alabama Shiner 92BP1-195
[item: 1-195] browse
Notropis cerasinus Crescent Shiner 92BP1-196
[item: 1-196] browse
Notropis chlorocephalus Greenhead Shiner 92BP1- 197
[item: 1-197] browse
Notropis chrosomus Rainbow Shiner 92BP1-198
[item: 1-198] browse
Notropis chrosomus Rainbow Shiner 92BP1-199
[item: 1-199] browse
Notropis chrysocephalus Striped Shiner 92BP1-200
[item: 1-200] browse
Notropis emiliae Pugnose Minnow 92BP1-201
[item: 1-201] browse
Notropis galacturus Whitetail Shiner 92BP1-202
[item: 1-202] browse
Notropis heterolepis Blacknose Shiner 92BP1-203
[item: 1-203] browse
Notropis leuciodus Tennessee Shiner 92BP1-204
[item: 1-204] browse
Notropis longirostrus Longnose Shiner 92BP1-205
[item: 1-205] browse
Notropis lutipinnis Yellowfin Shiner 92BP1-206
[item: 1-206] browse
Notropis photogenis Silver Shiner 92BP1-207
[item: 1-207] browse
Notropis pilsbryi Duskystripe Shiner 92BP1-208
[item: 1-208] browse
Notropis pilsbryi Duskystripe Shiner 92BP1-209
[item: 1-209] browse
Notropis proserpinus Proserpine Shiner 92BP1-210
[item: 1-210] browse
Notropis rubellus Rosyface Shiner 92BP1-211
[item: 1-211] browse
Notropis rubellus Rosyface Shiner 92BP1-212
[item: 1-212] browse
Notropis rubellus Rosyface Shiner 92BP1-213
[item: 1-213] browse
Notropis signipinnis Flagfin Shiner 92BP1-214
[item: 1-214] browse
Notropis stramineus Sand Shiner 92BP1-215
[item: 1-215] browse
Notropis umbratilis Redfin Shiner 92BP1-216
[item: 1-216] browse
Notropis venustus Blacktail Shiner 92BP1-217
[item: 1-217] browse
Noturus elegans Elegant Madtom 92BP1-218
[item: 1-218] browse
Noturus exilis Slender Madtom 92BP1-219
[item: 1-219] browse
Noturus flavus Stonecat 92BP1-220
[item: 1-220] browse
Noturus flavus Stonecat 92BP1-221
[item: 1-221] browse
Noturus gilberti Orangefin Madtom 92BP1-222
[item: 1-222] browse
Noturus gilberti Orangefin Madtom 92BP1-223
[item: 1-223] browse
Noturus gyrinus Tadpole Madtom 92BP1-224
[item: 1-224] browse
Noturus insignis Margined Madtom 92BP1-225
[item: 1-225] browse
Noturus insignis Margined Madtom 92BP1-226
[item: 1-226] browse
Noturus miurus Brindled Madtom 92BP1-227
[item: 1-227] browse
Noturus miurus Brindled Madtom 92BP1-228
[item: 1-228] browse
Notorus nocturnus Freckled Madtom 92BP1-229
[item: 1-229] browse
Noturus taylori Taylor's Madtom? 92BP1-230
[item: 1-230] browse
Perca flavescens Yellow Perch 92BP1-231
[item: 1-231] browse
Percina antesella Amber Darter 92BP1-232
[item: 1-232] browse
Percina aurantiaca Tangerine Darter 92BP1-233
[item: 1-233] browse
Percina auarantiaca Tangerine Darter 92BP1-234
[item: 1-234] browse
Percina aurolineata Goldline Darter 92BP1-235
[item: 1-235] browse
Percina burtoni Blotchside Logperch 92BP1-236
[item: 1-236] browse
Percina caprodes Logperch 92BP1-237
[item: 1-237] browse
Percina copelandi Channel Darter 92BP1-238
[item: 1-238] browse
Percina cymatotaenia Bluestripe Darter 92BP1-239
[item: 1-239] browse
Percina evides Gilt Darter 92BP1-240
[item: 1-240] browse
Percina evides Gilt Darter 92BP1-241
[item: 1-241] browse
Percina gymnocephala Appalachia Darter 92BP1-242
[item: 1-242] browse
Percina lenticula Freckled Darter 92BP1-243
[item: 1-243] browse
Percina macrocephala Longhead Darter 92BP1-244
[item: 1-244] browse
Percina macrolepida Bigscale Logperch 92BP1-245
[item: 1-245] browse
Percina maculata Blackside Darter 92BP1-246
[item: 1-246] browse
Percina nasuta Longnose Darter 92BP1-247
[item: 1-247] browse
Percina notogramma Stripeback Darter 92BP1-248
[item: 1-248] browse
Percina nigrofasciata Blackbanded Darter 92BP1-249
[item: 1-249] browse
Percina nigrofasciata raneyi Blackbanded Darter (confined to Savannah River in Georgia & South Carolina) 92BP1-250
[item: 1-250] browse
Percina ouachitae Saddleback Darter 92BP1-251
[item: 1-251] browse
Percina oxyrhyncha Sharpnose Darter 92BP1-252
[item: 1-252] browse
Percina palmaris Bronze Darter 92BP1-253
[item: 1-253] browse
Percina palmaris Bronze Darter 92BP1-254
[item: 1-254] browse
Percina pantherina Leopard Darter 92BP1-255
[item: 1-255] browse
Percina peltata Shield Darter 92BP1-256
[item: 1-256] browse
Percina phoxocephala Slenderhead Darter 92BP1-257
[item: 1-257] browse
Percina rex Roanoke Logperch 92BP1-258
[item: 1-258] browse
Percina roanoaka Roanoke Darter 92BP1-259
[item: 1-259] browse
Percina roanoka Roanoke Darter 92BP1-260
[item: 1-260] browse
Percina sciera Dusky Darter 92BP1-261
[item: 1-261] browse
Percina sciera Dusky Darter 92BP1-262
[item: 1-262] browse
Percina sciera apristis Dusky Darter (confined to Guadalupe, San Marcos, & Blanco Rivers) 92BP1-263
[item: 1-263] browse
Percina squamata Olive Darter 92BP1-264
[item: 1-264] browse
Percina tanasi Snail Darter 92BP1-265
[item: 1-265] browse
Percina uranidea Stargazing Darter 92BP1-266
[item: 1-266] browse
Phenacobius crassilabrum Fatlips Minnow 92BP1-267
[item: 1-267] browse
Phenacobius uranops Stargazing Minnow 92BP1-268
[item: 1-268] browse
Phoxinus cumberlandensis Blackside Dace 92BP1-269
[item: 1-269] browse
Phoxinus erythrogaster Southern Redbelly Dace 92BP1-270
[item: 1-270] browse
Phoxinus oreas Mountain Redbelly Dace 92BP1-271
[item: 1-271] browse
Pimephales notatus Bluntnose Minnow 92BP1-272
[item: 1-272] browse
Pimephales notatus Bluntnose Minnow 92BP1-273
[item: 1-273] browse
Pimephales promelas Fathead Minnow 92BP1-274
[item: 1-274] browse
Pimephales vigilax Bullhead Minnow 92BP1-275
[item: 1-275] browse
Poecilia latipinna Sailfin Molly 92BP1-276
[item: 1-276] browse
Pomoxis annularis White Crappie 92BP1-277
[item: 1-277] browse
Pomoxis nigromaculatus Black Crappie 92BP1-278
[item: 1-278] browse
Pylodictis olivaris Flathead Catfish 92BP1-279
[item: 1-279] browse
Rhinichthys atratulus Blacknose Dace 92BP1-280
[item: 1-280] browse
Rhinichthys cataractae Longnose Dace 92BP1-281
[item: 1-281] browse
Semotilus atromaculatus Creek Chub 92BP1-282
[item: 1-282] browse
Umbra pygmaea Eastern Mudminnow 92BP1-283
[item: 1-283] browse
Turtles 92BP2
506 slides
Pelusios adansonii 92BP2-1
[item: 2-001] browse
Pelusios adansonii 92BP2-2
[item: 2-002] browse
Pelusios carinatus 92BP2-3
[item: 2-003] browse
Pelusios carinatus 92BP2-4
[item: 2-004] browse
Pelusios carinatus 92BP2-5
[item: 2-005] browse
Pelusios carinatus 92BP2-6
[item: 2-006] browse
Pelusios castaneus 92BP2-7
[item: 2-007] browse
Pelusios gabonensis 92BP2-9
[item: 2-009] browse
Pelusios gabonensis 92BP2-10
[item: 2-010] browse
Pelusios gabonensis 92BP2-11
[item: 2-011] browse
Pelusios niger 92BP2-12
[item: 2-012] browse
Pelusios sinuatus 92BP2-13
[item: 2-013] browse
Pelusios sinuatus 92BP2-14
[item: 2-014] browse
Pelusios sinuatus 92BP2-15
[item: 2-015] browse
Pelusios subniger 92BP2-16
[item: 2-016] browse
Pelusios subniger 92BP2-17
[item: 2-017] browse
Pelusios subniger 92BP2-18
[item: 2-018] browse
Pelusios subniger 92BP2-19
[item: 2-019] browse
Pelusios subniger 92BP2-20
[item: 2-020] browse
Pelusios subniger 92BP2-21
[item: 2-021] browse
Pelusios subniger 92BP2-22
[item: 2-022] browse
Podocnemis expansa 92BP2-23
[item: 2-023] browse
Podocnemis expansa 92BP2-24
[item: 2-024] browse
Podocnemis expansa 92BP2-25
[item: 2-025] browse
Podocnemis lewyana 92BP2-26
[item: 2-026] browse
Podocnemis lewyana 92BP2-27
[item: 2-027] browse
Podocnemis lewyana 92BP2-28
[item: 2-028] browse
Podacnemis sextuberculata 92BP2-29
[item: 2-029] browse
Podacnemis sextuberculata 92BP2-30
[item: 2-030] browse
Podacnemis sextuberculata 92BP2-31
[item: 2-031] browse
Podacnemis unifilis 92BP2-32
[item: 2-032] browse
Podacnemis unifilis 92BP2-33
[item: 2-033] browse
Podacnemis unifilis 92BP2-34
[item: 2-034] browse
Podacnemis unifilis 92BP2-35
[item: 2-035] browse
Podacnemis unifilis 92BP2-36
[item: 2-036] browse
Podacnemis unifilis 92BP2-37
[item: 2-037] browse
Chelodina expansa 92BP2-38
[item: 2-038] browse
Chelodina expansa 92BP2-39
[item: 2-039] browse
Chelodina expansa 92BP2-40
[item: 2-040] browse
Chelodina expansa 92BP2-41
[item: 2-041] browse
Chelodina longicollis 92BP2-42
[item: 2-042] browse
Chelodina longicollis 92BP2-43
[item: 2-043] browse
Chelodina longicollis 92BP2-44
[item: 2-044] browse
Chelodina longicollis 92BP2-45
[item: 2-045] browse
Chelodina longicollis 92BP2-46
[item: 2-046] browse
Chelodina oblonga 92BP2-47
[item: 2-047] browse
Chelodina oblonga 92BP2-48
[item: 2-048] browse
Chelodina parkari 92BP2-49
[item: 2-049] browse
Elseya dentata 92BP2-50
[item: 2-050] browse
Elseya dentata 92BP2-51
[item: 2-051] browse
Elseya dentata 92BP2-52
[item: 2-052] browse
Elseya latisternum 92BP2-53
[item: 2-053] browse
Elseya latisternum 92BP2-54
[item: 2-054] browse
Elseya latisternum 92BP2-55
[item: 2-055] browse
Elseya latisternum 92BP2-56
[item: 2-056] browse
Elseya novaeguineae 92BP2-57
[item: 2-057] browse
Emydura kreffti 92BP2-58
[item: 2-058] browse
Emydura kreffti 92BP2-59
[item: 2-059] browse
Emydura kreffti 92BP2-60
[item: 2-060] browse
Emydura kreffti 92BP2-61
[item: 2-061] browse
Emydura macquarrii signata 92BP2-62
[item: 2-062] browse
Emydura macquarrii signata 92BP2-63
[item: 2-063] browse
Emydura subglobosa 92BP2-64
[item: 2-064] browse
Emydura subglobosa 92BP2-65
[item: 2-065] browse
Hydromedusa tectifera 92BP2-66
[item: 2-066] browse
Phrynops dahli 92BP2-67
[item: 2-067] browse
Phrynops dahli 92BP2-68
[item: 2-068] browse
Phrynops dahli 92BP2-69
[item: 2-069] browse
Phrynops g. geoffroanus 92BP2-70
[item: 2-070] browse
Phrynops g. geoffroanus 92BP2-71
[item: 2-071] browse
Phrynops g. geoffroanus 92BP2-72
[item: 2-072] browse
Phrynops g. geoffroanus 92BP2-73
[item: 2-073] browse
Phrynops gibbus 92BP2-74
[item: 2-074] browse
Phrynops gibbus 92BP2-75
[item: 2-075] browse
Phrynops gibbus 92BP2-76
[item: 2-076] browse
Phrynops gibbus 92BP2-77
[item: 2-077] browse
Phrynops hilarii 92BP2-78
[item: 2-078] browse
Phrynops hilarii 92BP2-79
[item: 2-079] browse
Phrynops hilarii 92BP2-80
[item: 2-080] browse
Phrynops hogei 92BP2-81
[item: 2-081] browse
Phrynops hogei 92BP2-82
[item: 2-082] browse
Phrynops n. nasutus 92BP2-83
[item: 2-083] browse
Phrynops n. nasutus 92BP2-84
[item: 2-084] browse
Phrynops n. nasutus 92BP2-85
[item: 2-085] browse
Phrynops g. tuberosus 92BP2-86
[item: 2-086] browse
Phrynops g. tuberosus 92BP2-87
[item: 2-087] browse
Phrynops g. tuberosus 92BP2-88
[item: 2-088] browse
Phrynops n. wermuthi 92BP2-89
[item: 2-089] browse
Phrynops n. wermuthi 92BP2-90
[item: 2-090] browse
Platemys platycephala melanonota 92BP2-91
[item: 2-091] browse
Platemys platycephala melanonota 92BP2-92
[item: 2-092] browse
Platemys platycephala platycephala 92BP2-93
[item: 2-093] browse
Platemys spixii 92BP2-94
[item: 2-094] browse
Platemys spixii 92BP2-95
[item: 2-095] browse
Chelus fimbriatus 92BP2-96
[item: 2-096] browse
Chelus fimbriatus 92BP2-97
[item: 2-097] browse
Chelus fimbriatus 92BP2-98
[item: 2-098] browse
Chelus fimbriatus 92BP2-99
[item: 2-099] browse
Chelus fimbriatus 92BP2-100
[item: 2-100] browse
Chelus fimbriatus 92BP2-101
[item: 2-101] browse
Staurotypus saluini 92BP2-102
[item: 2-102] browse
Staurotypus saluini 92BP2-103
[item: 2-103] browse
Staurotypus saluini 92BP2-104
[item: 2-104] browse
Staurotypus saluini 92BP2-105
[item: 2-105] browse
Staurotypus triporctus 92BP2-106
[item: 2-106] browse
Kinosternon acutum 92BP2-107
[item: 2-107] browse
Kinosternon alamosae 92BP2-108
[item: 2-108] browse
Kinosternon alamosae 92BP2-109
[item: 2-109] browse
Kinosternon alamosae 92BP2-110
[item: 2-110] browse
Kinosternon baurii 92BP2-111
[item: 2-111] browse
Kinosternon baurii 92BP2-112
[item: 2-112] browse
Kinosternon carinatum 92BP2-113
[item: 2-113] browse
Kinosternon carinatum 92BP2-114
[item: 2-114] browse
Kinosternon carinatum 92BP2-115
[item: 2-115] browse
Kinosternon carinatum 92BP2-116
[item: 2-116] browse
Kinosternon creaseri 92BP2-117
[item: 2-117] browse
Kinosternon creaseri 92BP2-118
[item: 2-118] browse
Kinosternon depressum 92BP2-119
[item: 2-119] browse
Kinosternon depressum 92BP2-120
[item: 2-120] browse
Kinosternon depressum 92BP2-121
[item: 2-121] browse
Kinosternon depressum 92BP2-122
[item: 2-122] browse
Kinosternon flavescens 92BP2-123
[item: 2-123] browse
Kinosternon flavescens 92BP2-124
[item: 2-124] browse
Kinosternon flavescens 92BP2-125
[item: 2-125] browse
Kinosternon herrerai 92BP2-126
[item: 2-126] browse
Kinosternon hirtipes murrayi 92BP2-127
[item: 2-127] browse
Kinosternon integrum 92BP2-128
[item: 2-128] browse
Kinosternon integrum 92BP2-129
[item: 2-129] browse
Kinosternon leucostomum 92BP2-130
[item: 2-130] browse
Kinosternon leucostomum 92BP2-131
[item: 2-131] browse
Kinosternon minor 92BP2-132
[item: 2-132] browse
Kinosternon minor 92BP2-133
[item: 2-133] browse
Kinosternon minor 92BP2-134
[item: 2-134] browse
Kinosternon minor 92BP2-135
[item: 2-135] browse
Kinosternon minor 92BP2-136
[item: 2-136] browse
Kinosternon minor peltifer 92BP2-137
[item: 2-137] browse
Kinosternon minor peltifer 92BP2-138
[item: 2-138] browse
Kinosternon minor peltifer 92BP2-139
[item: 2-139] browse
Kinosternon minor peltifer 92BP2-140
[item: 2-140] browse
Kinosternon odoratum 92BP2-141
[item: 2-141] browse
Kinosternon odoratum 92BP2-142
[item: 2-142] browse
Kinosternon odoratum 92BP2-143
[item: 2-143] browse
Kinosternon odoratum 92BP2-144
[item: 2-144] browse
Kinosternon odoratum 92BP2-145
[item: 2-145] browse
Kinosternon odoratum 92BP2-146
[item: 2-146] browse
Kinosternon odoratum 92BP2-147
[item: 2-147] browse
Kinosternon scorpioides 92BP2-148
[item: 2-148] browse
Kinosternon scarpioides abaxillare 92BP2-149
[item: 2-149] browse
Kinosternon scarpioides abaxillare 92BP2-150
[item: 2-150] browse
Kinosternon scarpioides cruentatum 92BP2-151
[item: 2-151] browse
Kinosternon sonoriense 92BP2-152
[item: 2-152] browse
Kinosternon subrubrum 92BP2-153
[item: 2-153] browse
Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis 92BP2-154
[item: 2-154] browse
Kinosternon subrubrum 92BP2-155
[item: 2-155] browse
Dermatemys mawii 92BP2-156
[item: 2-156] browse
Dermatemys mawii 92BP2-157
[item: 2-157] browse
Carettochelys insculpta 92BP2-158
[item: 2-158] browse
Carettochelys insculpta 92BP2-159
[item: 2-159] browse
Carettochelys insculpta 92BP2-160
[item: 2-160] browse
Trionyx triunguis 92BP2-161
[item: 2-161] browse
Trionyx triunguis 92BP2-162
[item: 2-162] browse
Trionyx triunguis 92BP2-163
[item: 2-163] browse
Trionyx triunguis 92BP2-164
[item: 2-164] browse
Trionyx triunguis 92BP2-165
[item: 2-165] browse
Apalone ferox 92BP2-166
[item: 2-166] browse
Apalone mutica 92BP2-167
[item: 2-167] browse
Apalone mutica 92BP2-168
[item: 2-168] browse
Apalone mutica 92BP2-169
[item: 2-169] browse
Apalone mutica 92BP2-170
[item: 2-170] browse
Apalone spinifera emoryi 92BP2-171
[item: 2-171] browse
Apalone spinifera emoryi 92BP2-172
[item: 2-172] browse
Apalone spinifera spinifera 92BP2-173
[item: 2-173] browse
Apalone spinifera hartwegi 92BP2-174
[item: 2-174] browse
Apalone spinifera hartwegi 92BP2-175
[item: 2-175] browse
Chelonia depressa 92BP2-176
[item: 2-176] browse
Chelonia mydas 92BP2-177
[item: 2-177] browse
Chelonia mydas 92BP2-178
[item: 2-178] browse
Chelonia mydas 92BP2-179
[item: 2-179] browse
Chelonia mydas 92BP2-180
[item: 2-180] browse
Chelonia mydas 92BP2-181
[item: 2-181] browse
Eretmochelys imbricata 92BP2-182
[item: 2-182] browse
Eretmochelys imbricata 92BP2-183
[item: 2-183] browse
Eretmochelys imbricata 92BP2-184
[item: 2-184] browse
Caretta caretta 92BP2-185
[item: 2-185] browse
Caretta caretta 92BP2-186
[item: 2-186] browse
Lepidochelys kempii 92BP2-18
[item: 2-187] browse
Lepidochelys kempii 92BP2-188
[item: 2-188] browse
Chelydra serpentina 92BP2-189
[item: 2-189] browse
Chelydra serpentina 92BP2-190
[item: 2-190] browse
Chelydra serpentina 92BP2-191
[item: 2-191] browse
Chelydra serpentina 92BP2-192
[item: 2-192] browse
Chelydra serpentina 92BP2-193
[item: 2-193] browse
Chelydra serpentina osceola 92BP2-194
[item: 2-194] browse
Chelydra serpentina osceola 92BP2-195
[item: 2-195] browse
Chelydra serpentina osceola 92BP2-196
[item: 2-196] browse
Chelydra serpentina rassignonii 92BP2-197
[item: 2-197] browse
Chelydra serpentina rassignonii 92BP2-198
[item: 2-198] browse
Chelydra serpentina rassignonii 92BP2-199
[item: 2-199] browse
Macroclemys temminckii 92BP2-200
[item: 2-200] browse
Macroclemys temminckii 92BP2-201
[item: 2-201] browse
Platysternon m. megacephalum 92BP2-202
[item: 2-202] browse
Platysternon m. megacephalum 92BP2-203
[item: 2-203] browse
Annamemys annamensis 92BP2-204
[item: 2-204] browse
Annamemys annamensis 92BP2-205
[item: 2-205] browse
Batagur baska 92BP2-206
[item: 2-206] browse
Callagur borneoensis 92BP2-207
[item: 2-207] browse
Callagur borneoensis 92BP2-208
[item: 2-208] browse
Callagur borneoensis 92BP2-209
[item: 2-209] browse
Chinemys reevesii 92BP2-210
[item: 2-210] browse
Chinemys reevesii 92BP2-211
[item: 2-211] browse
Chinemys reevesii 92BP2-212
[item: 2-212] browse
Cuora amboinensis 92BP2-213
[item: 2-213] browse
Cuora amboinensis 92BP2-214
[item: 2-214] browse
Cuora amboinensis 92BP2-215
[item: 2-215] browse
Cuora flavomarginata 92BP2-216
[item: 2-216] browse
Cuora flavomarginata 92BP2-217
[item: 2-217] browse
Cuora flavomarginata 92BP2-218
[item: 2-218] browse
Cuora trifasciata 92BP2-219
[item: 2-219] browse
Cuora trifasciata 92BP2-220
[item: 2-220] browse
Cuora trifasciata 92BP2-221
[item: 2-221] browse
Cyclemys dentata 92BP2-222
[item: 2-222] browse
Cyclemys dentata 92BP2-223
[item: 2-223] browse
Cyclemys dentata 92BP2-224
[item: 2-224] browse
Geoclemys hamiltonii 92BP2-225
[item: 2-225] browse
Geoclemys hamiltonii 92BP2-226
[item: 2-226] browse
Geoclemys hamiltonii 92BP2-227
[item: 2-227] browse
Hardella thurjii 92BP2-228
[item: 2-228] browse
Hardella thurjii 92BP2-229
[item: 2-229] browse
Hardella thurjii 92BP2-230
[item: 2-230] browse
Heosemys grandis 92BP2-231
[item: 2-231] browse
Heosemys grandis 92BP2-232
[item: 2-232] browse
Heosemys grandis 92BP2-233
[item: 2-233] browse
Heosemys grandis 92BP2-234
[item: 2-234] browse
Heosemys grandis 92BP2-235
[item: 2-235] browse
Heosemys grandis 92BP2-236
[item: 2-236] browse
Heosemys spinosa 92BP2-237
[item: 2-237] browse
Heosemys spinosa 92BP2-238
[item: 2-238] browse
Heosemys spinosa 92BP2-239
[item: 2-239] browse
Hieremys annandalei 92BP2-240
[item: 2-240] browse
Hieremys annandalei 92BP2-241
[item: 2-241] browse
Hieremys annandalei 92BP2-242
[item: 2-242] browse
Hieremys annandalei 92BP2-243
[item: 2-243] browse
Kachuga smithi Kachuga smithi 92BP2-244
[item: 2-244] browse
Kachuga smithi 92BP2-245
[item: 2-245] browse
Kachuga smithi 92BP2-246
[item: 2-246] browse
Kachuga tecta 92BP2-247
[item: 2-247] browse
Kachuga tecta 92BP2-248
[item: 2-248] browse
Kachuga tecta 92BP2-249
[item: 2-249] browse
Kachuga tecta 92BP2-250
[item: 2-250] browse
Kachuga tecta 92BP2-251
[item: 2-251] browse
Kachuga tentoria 92BP2-252
[item: 2-252] browse
Kachuga tentoria 92BP2-253
[item: 2-253] browse
Kachuga tentoria 92BP2-254
[item: 2-254] browse
Mauremys leprosa 92BP2-255
[item: 2-255] browse
Mauremys leprosa 92BP2-256
[item: 2-256] browse
Mauremys nigricans 92BP2-257
[item: 2-257] browse
Melanochelys trijuga coronata 92BP2-258
[item: 2-258] browse
Melanochelys trijuga coronata 92BP2-259
[item: 2-259] browse
Melanochelys trijuga thermalis 92BP2-260
[item: 2-260] browse
Melanochelys trijuga thermalis 92BP2-261
[item: 2-261] browse
Melanochelys trijuga thermalis 92BP2-262
[item: 2-262] browse
Melanochelys trijuga thermalis 92BP2-263
[item: 2-263] browse
Notochelys platynota 92BP2-264
[item: 2-264] browse
Notochelys platynota 92BP2-265
[item: 2-265] browse
Ocadia sinensis 92BP2-266
[item: 2-266] browse
Ocadia sinensis 92BP2-267
[item: 2-267] browse
Pyxidea mouhotii 92BP2-268
[item: 2-268] browse
Pyxidea mouhotii 92BP2-269
[item: 2-269] browse
Rhinoclemmys areolata 92BP2-270
[item: 2-270] browse
Rhinoclemmys areolata 92BP2-271
[item: 2-271] browse
Rhinoclemmys annulata 92BP2-272
[item: 2-272] browse
Rhinoclemmys annulata 92BP2-273
[item: 2-273] browse
Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima incisa 92BP2-274
[item: 2-274] browse
Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima incisa 92BP2-275
[item: 2-275] browse
Rhinoclemmys p. incisa 92BP2-276
[item: 2-276] browse
Rhinoclemmys p. manni 92BP2-277
[item: 2-277] browse
Rhinoclemmys p. manni 92BP2-278
[item: 2-278] browse
Rhinoclemmys p. manni 92BP2-279
[item: 2-279] browse
Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima rogerbarbouri 92BP2-280
[item: 2-280] browse
Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima rogerbarbouri 92BP2-281
[item: 2-281] browse
Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima rogerbarbouri 92BP2-282
[item: 2-282] browse
Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima rogerbarbouri 92BP2-283
[item: 2-283] browse
Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima rogerbarbouri 92BP2-284
[item: 2-284] browse
Rhinoclemmys punctularia diademata 92BP2-285
[item: 2-285] browse
Rhinoclemmys punctularia diademata 92BP2-286
[item: 2-286] browse
Rhinoclemmys rubida perixantha 92BP2-287
[item: 2-287] browse
Rhinoclemmys rubida perixantha 92BP2-288
[item: 2-288] browse
Sacalia bealei 92BP2-289
[item: 2-289] browse
Sacalia bealei 92BP2-290
[item: 2-290] browse
Siebenrockiella crassicollis 92BP2-291
[item: 2-291] browse
Siebenrockiella crassicollis 92BP2-292
[item: 2-292] browse
Clemmys guttata 92BP2-293
[item: 2-293] browse
Clemmys guttata 92BP2-294
[item: 2-294] browse
Clemmys guttata 92BP2-295
[item: 2-295] browse
Clemmys guttata 92BP2-296
[item: 2-296] browse
Clemmys insculpta 92BP2-297
[item: 2-297] browse
Clemmys insculpta 92BP2-298
[item: 2-298] browse
Clemmys marmorata 92BP2-299
[item: 2-299] browse
Clemmys marmorata 92BP2-300
[item: 2-300] browse
Clemmys marmorata 92BP2-301
[item: 2-301] browse
Clemmys marmorata 92BP2-302
[item: 2-302] browse
Clemmys muhlenbergii 92BP2-303
[item: 2-303] browse
Clemmys muhlenbergii 92BP2-304
[item: 2-304] browse
Clemmys muhlenbergii 92BP2-305
[item: 2-305] browse
Clemmys muhlenbergii 92BP2-306
[item: 2-306] browse
Terrapene carolina bauri 92BP2-307
[item: 2-307] browse
Terrapene carolina bauri 92BP2-308
[item: 2-308] browse
Terrapene carolina carolina 92BP2-309
[item: 2-309] browse
Terrapene carolina carolina 92BP2-310
[item: 2-310] browse
Terrapene carolina major 92BP2-311
[item: 2-311] browse
Terrapene carolina mexicana 92BP2-312
[item: 2-312] browse
Terrapene carolina mexicana 92BP2-313
[item: 2-313] browse
Terrapene carolina triunguis 92BP2-314
[item: 2-314] browse
Terrapene carolina triunguis 92BP2-315
[item: 2-315] browse
Terrapene carolina triunguis 92BP2-316
[item: 2-316] browse
Terrapene carolina yucantana 92BP2-317
[item: 2-317] browse
Terrapene carolina yucantana 92BP2-318
[item: 2-318] browse
Terrapene coahuila 92BP2-319
[item: 2-319] browse
Terrapene coahuila 92BP2-320
[item: 2-320] browse
Terrapene nelsoni klauberi 92BP2-321
[item: 2-321] browse
Terrapene nelsoni klauberi 92BP2-322
[item: 2-322] browse
Terrapene ornata luteola 92BP2-323
[item: 2-323] browse
Terrapene ornata luteola 92BP2-324
[item: 2-324] browse
Terrapene ornata ornata 92BP2-325
[item: 2-325] browse
Terrapene ornata ornata 92BP2-326
[item: 2-326] browse
Emydoidea blandingii 92BP2-327
[item: 2-327] browse
Emydoidea blandingii 92BP2-328
[item: 2-328] browse
Emydoidea blandingii 92BP2-329
[item: 2-329] browse
Emys orbicularis 92BP2-330
[item: 2-330] browse
Emys orbicularis 92BP2-331
[item: 2-331] browse
Emys orbicularis 92BP2-332
[item: 2-332] browse
Emys orbicularis 92BP2-333
[item: 2-333] browse
Chrysemys floridana 92BP2-334
[item: 2-334] browse
Chrysemys picta 92BP2-335
[item: 2-335] browse
Chrysemys picta 92BP2-336
[item: 2-336] browse
Chrysemys picta 92BP2-337
[item: 2-337] browse
Chrysemys picta 92BP2-338
[item: 2-338] browse
Chrysemys picta 92BP2-339
[item: 2-339] browse
Chrysemys picta bellii 92BP2-340
[item: 2-340] browse
Chrysemys picta bellii 92BP2-341
[item: 2-341] browse
Chrysemys picta bellii 92BP2-342
[item: 2-342] browse
Chrysemys picta dorsalis 92BP2-343
[item: 2-343] browse
Chrysemys picta dorsalis 92BP2-344
[item: 2-344] browse
Chrysemys picta dorsalis 92BP2-345
[item: 2-345] browse
Chrysemys picta marginata 92BP2-346
[item: 2-346] browse
Chrysemys picta marginata 92BP2-347
[item: 2-347] browse
Chrysemys picta marginata 92BP2-348
[item: 2-348] browse
Chrysemys picta marginata 92BP2-349
[item: 2-349] browse
Chrysemys r. rubriventris 92BP2-350
[item: 2-350] browse
Chrysemys r. rubriventris 92BP2-351
[item: 2-351] browse
Trachemys decussata angusta 92BP2-352
[item: 2-352] browse
Trachemys decussata angusta 92BP2-353
[item: 2-353] browse
Trachemys decussata angusta 92BP2-354
[item: 2-354] browse
Trachemys scripta cataspida 92BP2-355
[item: 2-355] browse
Trachemys scripta cataspida 92BP2-356
[item: 2-356] browse
Trachemys scripta cataspida 92BP2-357
[item: 2-357] browse
Trachemys scripta callirostris 92BP2-358
[item: 2-358] browse
Trachemys scripta callirostris 92BP2-359
[item: 2-359] browse
Trachemys scripta callirostris 92BP2-360
[item: 2-360] browse
Trachemys scripta elegans 92BP2-361
[item: 2-361] browse
Trachemys scripta elegans 92BP2-362
[item: 2-362] browse
Trachemys scripta gaigeae 92BP2-363
[item: 2-363] browse
Trachemys scripta scripta 92BP2-364
[item: 2-364] browse
Trachemys scripta scripta 92BP2-365
[item: 2-365] browse
Trachemys scripta troostii 92BP2-366
[item: 2-366] browse
Trachemys scripta troostii 92BP2-367
[item: 2-367] browse
Trachemys stejnegeri malonei 92BP2-368
[item: 2-368] browse
Trachemys stejnegeri malonei 92BP2-369
[item: 2-369] browse
Pseudemys alabamensis 92BP2-370
[item: 2-370] browse
Pseudemys alabamensis 92BP2-371
[item: 2-371] browse
Pseudemys c. concinna 92BP2-372
[item: 2-372] browse
Pseudemys c. concinna 92BP2-373
[item: 2-373] browse
Pseudemys c. hieroglyphica 92BP2-374
[item: 2-374] browse
Pseudemys c. hieroglyphica 92BP2-375
[item: 2-375] browse
Pseudemys c. texana 92BP2-376
[item: 2-376] browse
Pseudemys c. texana 92BP2-377
[item: 2-377] browse
Pseudemys felis 92BP2-378
[item: 2-378] browse
Pseudemys felis 92BP2-379
[item: 2-379] browse
Pseudemys felis 92BP2-380
[item: 2-380] browse
Pseudemys f. hoyi 92BP2-381
[item: 2-381] browse
Pseudemys f. hoyi 92BP2-382
[item: 2-382] browse
Pseudemys f. floridana 92BP2-383
[item: 2-383] browse
Pseudemys f. floridana 92BP2-384
[item: 2-384] browse
Pseudemys f. peninsularis 92BP2-385
[item: 2-385] browse
Pseudemys f. peninsularis 92BP2-386
[item: 2-386] browse
Pseudemys f. peninsularis 92BP2-387
[item: 2-387] browse
Pseudemys nelsoni 92BP2-388
[item: 2-388] browse
Pseudemys nelsoni 92BP2-389
[item: 2-389] browse
Pseudemys rubriventris 92BP2-390
[item: 2-390] browse
Pseudemys rubriventris 92BP2-391
[item: 2-391] browse
Deirochelys reticularia 92BP2-392
[item: 2-392] browse
Deirochelys reticularia 92BP2-393
[item: 2-393] browse
Deirochelys reticularia 92BP2-394
[item: 2-394] browse
Deirochelys reticularia 92BP2-395
[item: 2-395] browse
Deirochelys reticularia 92BP2-396
[item: 2-396] browse
Deirochelys reticularia chrysea 92BP2-397
[item: 2-397] browse
Deirochelys reticularia chrysea 92BP2-398
[item: 2-398] browse
Deirochelys reticularia chrysea 92BP2-399
[item: 2-399] browse
Graptemys barbouri 92BP2-400
[item: 2-400] browse
Graptemys barbouri 92BP2-401
[item: 2-401] browse
Graptemys barbouri 92BP2-402
[item: 2-402] browse
Graptemys barbouri 92BP2-403
[item: 2-403] browse
Graptemys caglei 92BP2-404
[item: 2-404] browse
Graptemys caglei 92BP2-405
[item: 2-405] browse
Graptemys caglei 92BP2-406
[item: 2-406] browse
Graptemys flavimaculata 92BP2-407
[item: 2-407] browse
Graptemys flavimaculata 92BP2-408
[item: 2-408] browse
Graptemys flavimaculata 92BP2-409
[item: 2-409] browse
Graptemys flavimaculata 92BP2-410
[item: 2-410] browse
Graptemys geographica 92BP2-411
[item: 2-411] browse
Graptemys geographica 92BP2-412
[item: 2-412] browse
Graptemys geographica 92BP2-413
[item: 2-413] browse
Graptemys kohnii 92BP2-414
[item: 2-414] browse
Graptemys kohnii 92BP2-415
[item: 2-415] browse
Graptemys kohnii 92BP2-416
[item: 2-416] browse
Graptemys nigrinoda nigrinoda 92BP2-417
[item: 2-417] browse
Graptemys nigrinoda delicola 92BP2-418
[item: 2-418] browse
Graptemys nigrinoda delicola 92BP2-41
[item: 2-419] browse
Graptemys ouachitensis 92BP2-420
[item: 2-420] browse
Graptemys ouachitensis 92BP2-421
[item: 2-421] browse
Graptemys ouachitensis 92BP2-422
[item: 2-422] browse
Graptemys ouachitensis 92BP2-423
[item: 2-423] browse
Graptemys pseudogeographica 92BP2-424
[item: 2-424] browse
Graptemys pseudogeographica 92BP2-425
[item: 2-425] browse
Graptemys pulchra 92BP2-426
[item: 2-426] browse
Graptemys pulchra 92BP2-427
[item: 2-427] browse
Graptemys pulchra 92BP2-428
[item: 2-428] browse
Graptemys pulchra 92BP2-429
[item: 2-429] browse
Graptemys versa 92BP2-430
[item: 2-430] browse
Graptemys versa 92BP2-431
[item: 2-431] browse
Graptemys versa 92BP2-432
[item: 2-432] browse
Malachemys t. centrata 92BP2-433
[item: 2-433] browse
Malachemys t. centrata 92BP2-434
[item: 2-434] browse
Malachemys t. littoralis 92BP2-435
[item: 2-435] browse
Malachemys t. littoralis 92BP2-436
[item: 2-436] browse
Malachemys t. littoralis 92BP2-437
[item: 2-437] browse
Malachemys t. macrospilota 92BP2-438
[item: 2-438] browse
Malachemys t. macrospilota 92BP2-439
[item: 2-439] browse
Malachemys t. pileata 92BP2-440
[item: 2-440] browse
Malachemys t. rizophorarum 92BP2-441
[item: 2-441] browse
Malachemys t. terrapin 92BP2-442
[item: 2-442] browse
Malachemys t. terrapin 92BP2-443
[item: 2-443] browse
Malachemys t. terrapin 92BP2-444
[item: 2-444] browse
Malachemys t. terrapin 92BP2-445
[item: 2-445] browse
Malachemys t. tequesta 92BP2-446
[item: 2-446] browse
Malachemys t. tequesta 92BP2-447
[item: 2-447] browse
Malachemys t. tequesta 92BP2-448
[item: 2-448] browse
Kinixys belliana 92BP2-449
[item: 2-449] browse
Kinixys belliana 92BP2-450
[item: 2-450] browse
Kinixys belliana 92BP2-451
[item: 2-451] browse
Kinixys belliana 92BP2-452
[item: 2-452] browse
Kinixys homeana 92BP2-453
[item: 2-453] browse
Kinixys homeana 92BP2-454
[item: 2-454] browse
Acinixys planicauda 92BP2-455
[item: 2-455] browse
Acinixys planicauda 92BP2-456
[item: 2-456] browse
Acinixys planicauda 92BP2-457
[item: 2-457] browse
Pyxis arachnoides 92BP2-458
[item: 2-458] browse
Pyxis arachnoides 92BP2-459
[item: 2-459] browse
Pyxis arachnoides 92BP2-460
[item: 2-460] browse
Indotestudo elongata 92BP2-461
[item: 2-461] browse
Geochelone abingoni 92BP2-462
[item: 2-462] browse
Geochelone carbonaria 92BP2-463
[item: 2-463] browse
Geochelone carbonaria 92BP2-464
[item: 2-464] browse
Geochelone carbonaria 92BP2-465
[item: 2-465] browse
Geochelone carbonaria 92BP2-466
[item: 2-466] browse
Geochelone carbonaria 92BP2-467
[item: 2-467] browse
Geochelone chilensis 92BP2-468
[item: 2-468] browse
Geochelone chilensis 92BP2-469
[item: 2-469] browse
Geochelone denticulata 92BP2-470
[item: 2-470] browse
Geochelone denticulata 92BP2-471
[item: 2-471] browse
Geochelone elegans 92BP2-472
[item: 2-472] browse
Geochelone elegans 92BP2-473
[item: 2-473] browse
Geochelone elegans 92BP2-474
[item: 2-474] browse
Geochelone elephantopsus 92BP2-475
[item: 2-475] browse
Geochelone elephantopsus 92BP2-476
[item: 2-476] browse
Geochelone elephantopsus 92BP2-477
[item: 2-477] browse
Geochelone elephantopsus 92BP2-478
[item: 2-478] browse
Geochelone gigantea 92BP2-479
[item: 2-479] browse
Geochelone gigantea 92BP2-480
[item: 2-480] browse
Geochelone gigantea 92BP2-481
[item: 2-481] browse
Geochelone nigrita 92BP2-482
[item: 2-482] browse
Geochelone pardalis 92BP2-483
[item: 2-483] browse
Geochelone pardalis 92BP2-484
[item: 2-484] browse
Geochelone pardalis 92BP2-485
[item: 2-485] browse
Geochelone pardalis 92BP2-486
[item: 2-486] browse
Geochelone radiata 92BP2-487
[item: 2-487] browse
Geochelone radiata 92BP2-488
[item: 2-488] browse
Geochelone radiata 92BP2-489
[item: 2-489] browse
Geochelone sulcata 92BP2-490
[item: 2-490] browse
Testudo graeca graeca 92BP2-491
[item: 2-491] browse
Testudo graeca graeca 92BP2-492
[item: 2-492] browse
Testudo graeca graeca 92BP2-493
[item: 2-493] browse
Testudo graeca graeca 92BP2-494
[item: 2-494] browse
Testudo h. hermanni 92BP2-495
[item: 2-495] browse
Testudo horsfieldi 92BP2-496
[item: 2-496] browse
Testudo horsfieldi 92BP2-497
[item: 2-497] browse
Testudo horsfieldi 92BP2-498
[item: 2-498] browse
Gopherus agassizii 92BP2-499
[item: 2-499] browse
Gopherus agassizii 92BP2-500
[item: 2-500] browse
Gopherus berlandieri 92BP2-501
[item: 2-501] browse
Gopherus berlandieri 92BP2-502
[item: 2-502] browse
Gopherus berlandieri 92BP2-503
[item: 2-503] browse
Gopherus polyphemus 92BP2-504
[item: 2-504] browse
Gopherus polyphemus 92BP2-505
[item: 2-505] browse
Gopherus polyphemus 92BP2-506
[item: 2-506] browse
Snakes 92BP3
107 slides
Agkistrodon contortrix 92BP3-1
[item: 3-001] browse
Agkistrodon c. mokasen 92BP3-2
[item: 3-002] browse
Agkistrodon piscivorus 92BP3-3
[item: 3-003] browse
Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma 92BP3-4
[item: 3-004] browse
Carphophis amoenus 92BP3-5
[item: 3-005] browse
Carphophis a. amoenus 92BP3-6
[item: 3-006] browse
Carphophis amoenus vermis 92BP3-7
[item: 3-007] browse
Clonophis kirtlandii 92BP3-8
[item: 3-008] browse
Clonophis kirtlandii 92BP3-9
[item: 3-009] browse
Coluber constrictor 92BP3-10
[item: 3-010] browse
Coluber constrictor 92BP3-11
[item: 3-011] browse
Coluber constrictor paludicola 92BP3-12
[item: 3-012] browse
Crotalus adamanteus 92BP3-13
[item: 3-013] browse
Crotalus adamanteus 92BP3-14
[item: 3-014] browse
Crotalus horridus 92BP3-15
[item: 3-015] browse
Crotalus viridis 92BP3-16
[item: 3-016] browse
Diadophis punctatus 92BP3-17
[item: 3-017] browse
Diadophis punctatus edwardii 92BP3-18
[item: 3-018] browse
Elaphe guttata 92BP3-19
[item: 3-019] browse
Elaphe obsoleta 92BP3-20
[item: 3-020] browse
Elaphe obsoleta 92BP3-21
[item: 3-021] browse
Elaphe obsoleta 92BP3-22
[item: 3-022] browse
Elaphe obsoleta 92BP3-23
[item: 3-023] browse
Elaphe obsoleta 92BP3-24
[item: 3-024] browse
Elaphe obsoleta 92BP3-25
[item: 3-025] browse
Farancia abacura 92BP3-26
[item: 3-026] browse
Farancia abacura 92BP3-27
[item: 3-027] browse
Farancia abacura reinwardtii 92BP3-28
[item: 3-028] browse
Farancia abacura reinwardtii 92BP3-29
[item: 3-029] browse
Heterodon platyrhinos 92BP3-30
[item: 3-030] browse
Heterodon platyrhinos 92BP3-31
[item: 3-031] browse
Heterodon platyrhinos 92BP3-32
[item: 3-032] browse
Heterodon platyrhinos 92BP3-33
[item: 3-033] browse
Lampropeltis calligaster 92BP3-34
[item: 3-034] browse
Lampropeltis calligaster 92BP3-35
[item: 3-035] browse
Lampropeltis getulus 92BP3-36
[item: 3-036] browse
Lampropeltis getulus niger 92BP3-37
[item: 3-037] browse
Lampropeltis getulus niger 92BP3-38
[item: 3-038] browse
Lampropeltis getulus niger 92BP3-39
[item: 3-039] browse
Lampropeltis pyromelana 92BP3-40
[item: 3-040] browse
Lampropeltis pyromelana 92BP3-41
[item: 3-041] browse
Lampropeltis triangulum 92BP3-42
[item: 3-042] browse
Lampropeltis triangulum syspila 92BP3-43
[item: 3-043] browse
Lampropeltis t. triangulum 92BP3-44
[item: 3-044] browse
Lampropeltis t. triangulum 92BP3-45
[item: 3-045] browse
Masticophis bilineatus 92BP3-46
[item: 3-046] browse
Masticophis bilineatus 92BP3-47
[item: 3-047] browse
Nerodia cyclopion 92BP3-48
[item: 3-048] browse
Nerodia c. cyclopion 92BP3-49
[item: 3-049] browse
Nerodia erythogaster 92BP3-50
[item: 3-050] browse
Nerodia erythogaster 92BP3-51
[item: 3-051] browse
Nerodia erythogaster flavigaster 92BP3-52
[item: 3-052] browse
Nerodia erythogaster flavigaster 92BP3-53
[item: 3-053] browse
Nerodia fasciata 92BP3-54
[item: 3-054] browse
Nerodia f. confluens 92BP3-55
[item: 3-055] browse
Nerodia f. confluens 92BP3-56
[item: 3-056] browse
Nerodia f. confluens 92BP3-57
[item: 3-057] browse
Nerodia f.floridana 92BP3-58
[item: 3-058] browse
Nerodia f.floridana 92BP3-59
[item: 3-059] browse
Nerodia f. pictiventris 92BP3-60
[item: 3-060] browse
Nerodia f. pictiventris 92BP3-61
[item: 3-061] browse
Nerodia rhombifera 92BP3-62
[item: 3-062] browse
Nerodia rhombifera 92BP3-63
[item: 3-063] browse
Nerodia sipdeon 92BP3-64
[item: 3-064] browse
Nerodia sipdeon 92BP3-65
[item: 3-065] browse
Nerodia sipdeon pleuralis 92BP3-66
[item: 3-066] browse
Opheodrys aestivus 92BP3-67
[item: 3-067] browse
Opheodrys aestivus 92BP3-68
[item: 3-068] browse
Opheodrys aestivus 92BP3-69
[item: 3-069] browse
Regina alleni 92BP3-70
[item: 3-070] browse
Regina rigida 92BP3-71
[item: 3-071] browse
Regina septemvittata 92BP3-72
[item: 3-072] browse
Regina septemvittata 92BP3-73
[item: 3-073] browse
Seminatrix pygaea 92BP3-74
[item: 3-074] browse
Seminatrix pygaea paludis 92BP3-75
[item: 3-075] browse
Sistrurus catenatus 92BP3-76
[item: 3-076] browse
Sistrurus miliarius 92BP3-77
[item: 3-077] browse
Sistrurus m. barbouri 92BP3-78
[item: 3-078] browse
Storeria dekayi 92BP3-79
[item: 3-079] browse
Storeria dekayi 92BP3-80
[item: 3-080] browse
S. O. occipitomaculatum 92BP3-81
[item: 3-081] browse
Storeria dekayi victa 92BP3-82
[item: 3-082] browse
Storeria dekayi victa 92BP3-83
[item: 3-083] browse
Storeria dekayi wrightorum 92BP3-84
[item: 3-084] browse
Storeria dekayi wrightorum 92BP3-85
[item: 3-085] browse
Tantilla coronata 92BP3-86
[item: 3-086] browse
Tantilla coronata 92BP3-87
[item: 3-087] browse
Tantilla nigriceps 92BP3-88
[item: 3-088] browse
Thamnophis branchystoma 92BP3-89
[item: 3-089] browse
Thamnophis butleri 92BP3-90
[item: 3-090] browse
Thamnophis maracianus 92BP3-91
[item: 3-091] browse
Thamnophis maracianus 92BP3-92
[item: 3-092] browse
Thamnophis proximus 92BP3-93
[item: 3-093] browse
Thamnophis proximus 92BP3-94
[item: 3-094] browse
Thamnophis proximus 92BP3-95
[item: 3-095] browse
Thamnophis p. proximus 92BP3-96
[item: 3-096] browse
Thamnophis radix 92BP3-97
[item: 3-097] browse
Thamnophis sauritus 92BP3-98
[item: 3-098] browse
Thamnophis sauritus 92BP3-99
[item: 3-099] browse
Thamnophis sirtalis 92BP3-100
[item: 3-100] browse
Thamnophis sirtalis 92BP3-101
[item: 3-101] browse
Thamnophis sirtalis 92BP3-102
[item: 3-102] browse
Thamnophis sirtalis 92BP3-103
[item: 3-103] browse
Virginia valeriae 92BP3-104
[item: 3-104] browse
Virginia valeriae 92BP3-105
[item: 3-105] browse
Virginia valeriae elegans 92BP3-106
[item: 3-106] browse
Virginia valeriae pulchra 92BP3-107
[item: 3-107] browse
Lizards 92BP4
37 slides
Alligator mississippienis 92BP4-1
[item: 4-001] browse
Alligator mississippienis 92BP4-2
[item: 4-002] browse
Alligator mississippiensis 92BP4-3
[item: 4-003] browse
Anolis carolinensis 92BP4-4
[item: 4-004] browse
Anolis carolinensis 92BP4-5
[item: 4-005] browse
Anolis carolinensis 92BP4-6
[item: 4-006] browse
Cnemidophorus sexlineatus 92BP4-7
[item: 4-007] browse
Cnemidophorus sexlineatus 92BP4-8
[item: 4-008] browse
Cnemidophorus sexlineatus 92BP4-9
[item: 4-009] browse
Crotaphytus collaris 92BP4-10
[item: 4-010] browse
Crotaphytus collaris 92BP4-11
[item: 4-011] browse
Crotaphytus wislizen 92BP4-12
[item: 4-012] browse
Crotaphytus wislizen 92BP4-13
[item: 4-013] browse
Eumeces fasciatus 92BP4-14
[item: 4-014] browse
Eumeces fasciatus 92BP4-15
[item: 4-015] browse
Eumeces inexpectatus 92BP4-16
[item: 4-016] browse
Eumeces laticeps 92BP4-17
[item: 4-017] browse
Eumeces septentrionalis 92BP4-18
[item: 4-018] browse
Eumeces septentrionalis 92BP4-19
[item: 4-019] browse
Iguana iguana 92BP4-20
[item: 4-020] browse
Lygosoma lateralis 92BP4-21
[item: 4-021] browse
Ophisaurus attenuatus 92BP4-22
[item: 4-022] browse
Ophisaurus attenuatus longicaudus 92BP4-23
[item: 4-023] browse
Ophisaurus ventralis 92BP4-24
[item: 4-024] browse
Phrynosoma cornutum 92BP4-25
[item: 4-025] browse
Phrynosoma cornutum 92BP4-26
[item: 4-026] browse
Phrynosoma douglassii 92BP4-27
[item: 4-027] browse
Sauromalus obesus 92BP4-28
[item: 4-028] browse
Sauromalus obesus 92BP4-29
[item: 4-029] browse
Sceloporus clarkii 92BP4-30
[item: 4-030] browse
Sceloporus jarrovii 92BP4-31
[item: 4-031] browse
Sceloporus jarrovii 92BP4-32
[item: 4-032] browse
Sceloporus undulatus 92BP4-33
[item: 4-033] browse
Sceloporus undulatus 92BP4-34
[item: 4-034] browse
Sceloporus u. hyacinth 92BP4-35
[item: 4-035] browse
Urosarus ornatus 92BP4-36
[item: 4-036] browse
Urosarus ornatus 92BP4-37
[item: 4-037] browse
Salamanders 92BP5
81 slides
Ambystoma jeffersonianum 92BP5-1
[item: 5-001] browse
Ambystoma jeffersonianum 92BP5-2
[item: 5-002] browse
Ambystoma maculatum 92BP5-3
[item: 5-003] browse
Ambystoma maculatum 92BP5-4
[item: 5-004] browse
Ambystoma maculatum 92BP5-5
[item: 5-005] browse
Ambystoma opacum 92BP5-6
[item: 5-006] browse
Ambystoma opacum 92BP5-7
[item: 5-007] browse
Ambystoma platineum 92BP5-8
[item: 5-008] browse
Ambystoma platineum 92BP5-9
[item: 5-009] browse
Ambystoma talpoideum 92BP5-10
[item: 5-010] browse
Ambystoma talpoideum 92BP5-11
[item: 5-011] browse
Ambystoma texanum 92BP5-12
[item: 5-012] browse
Ambystoma texanum 92BP5-13
[item: 5-013] browse
Ambystoma tigrinum 92BP5-14
[item: 5-014] browse
Ambystoma tigrinum 92BP5-15
[item: 5-015] browse
Ambystoma tigrinum 92BP5-16
[item: 5-016] browse
Amphiuma means 92BP5-17
[item: 5-017] browse
Amphiuma means 92BP5-18
[item: 5-018] browse
Aneides aeneus 92BP5-19
[item: 5-019] browse
Aneides aeneus 92BP5-20
[item: 5-020] browse
Desmognathus fuscus 92BP5-21
[item: 5-021] browse
Desmognathus fuscus 92BP5-22
[item: 5-022] browse
Desmognathus fuscus conanti 92BP5-23
[item: 5-023] browse
Desmognathus imitator 92BP5-24
[item: 5-024] browse
Desmognathus imitator 92BP5-25
[item: 5-025] browse
Desmognathus imitator 92BP5-26
[item: 5-026] browse
Desmognathus monticola 92BP5-27
[item: 5-027] browse
Desmognathus monticola 92BP5-28
[item: 5-028] browse
Desmognathus ochrophaeus 92BP5-29
[item: 5-029] browse
Desmognathus ochrophaeus 92BP5-30
[item: 5-030] browse
Desmognathus ochrophaeus 92BP5-31
[item: 5-031] browse
Desmognathus ochrophaeus 92BP5-32
[item: 5-032] browse
Desmognathus ochrophaeus carolinensis 92BP5-33
[item: 5-033] browse
Desmognathus welteri 92BP5-34
[item: 5-034] browse
Desmognathus welteri 92BP5-35
[item: 5-035] browse
Desmognathus wrighti 92BP5-36
[item: 5-036] browse
Desmognathus wrighti 92BP5-37
[item: 5-037] browse
Diemictytus viridescens 92BP5-38
[item: 5-038] browse
Ensatina eschscholtzii 92BP5-39
[item: 5-039] browse
Ensatina eschscholtzii 92BP5-40
[item: 5-040] browse
Ensatina eschscholtzii xanthroptica 92BP5-41
[item: 5-041] browse
Eurycea bislineata 92BP5-42
[item: 5-042] browse
Eurycea bislineata currigena 92BP5-43
[item: 5-043] browse
Eurycea longicauda 92BP5-44
[item: 5-044] browse
Eurycea longicauda guttalineata 92BP5-45
[item: 5-045] browse
Eurycea l. melanopleura 92BP5-46
[item: 5-046] browse
Eurycea lucifuga 92BP5-47
[item: 5-047] browse
Eurycea lucifuga 92BP5-48
[item: 5-048] browse
Eurycea neotenes 92BP5-49
[item: 5-049] browse
Eurycea sp. 92BP5-50
[item: 5-050] browse
Gyrinophilus palleucus 92BP5-51
[item: 5-051] browse
Gyrinophilus porphyriticus 92BP5-52
[item: 5-052] browse
Hemidactylium scutatum 92BP5-53
[item: 5-053] browse
Hemidactylium scutatum 92BP5-54
[item: 5-054] browse
Necturus alabamensis 92BP5-55
[item: 5-055] browse
Necturus maculosis 92BP5-56
[item: 5-056] browse
Notophthalmus dorsalis 92BP5-57
[item: 5-057] browse
Notophthalmus viridescens 92BP5-58
[item: 5-058] browse
Notophthalmus viridescens 92BP5-59
[item: 5-059] browse
Notophthalmus v. dorsalis 92BP5-60
[item: 5-060] browse
Notophthalmus viridescens louisianensis 92BP5-61
[item: 5-061] browse
Notophthalmus v. viridescens 92BP5-62
[item: 5-062] browse
Plethodon cinereus 92BP5-62
[item: 5-063] browse
Plethodon cinereus 92BP5-64
[item: 5-064] browse
Plethodon cinereus 92BP5-65
[item: 5-065] browse
Plethodon dorsalis 92BP5-66
[item: 5-066] browse
Plethodon dorsalis 92BP5-67
[item: 5-067] browse
Plethodon glutinosus 92BP5-68
[item: 5-068] browse
Plethodon glutinosus 92BP5-69
[item: 5-069] browse
Plethodon kentucki 92BP5-70
[item: 5-070] browse
Plethodon welleri 92BP5-71
[item: 5-071] browse
Plethodon welleri 92BP5-72
[item: 5-072] browse
Plethodon yonahlossee 92BP5-73
[item: 5-073] browse
Pseudotriton motanus diastictus 92BP5-74
[item: 5-074] browse
Pseudotriton ruber 92BP5-75
[item: 5-075] browse
Pseudotriton r. ruber 92BP5-76
[item: 5-076] browse
Salamander Olympic National Park 92BP5-77
[item: 5-077] browse
Siren intermedia nettingi 92BP5-78
[item: 5-078] browse
Siren intermedia nettingi 92BP5-79
[item: 5-079] browse
Typhlotriton spelaeus 92BP5-80
[item: 5-080] browse
Typhlotriton spelaeus 92BP5-81
[item: 5-081] browse
Frogs and toads 92BP6
44 slides
Acris crepitans blanchardi 92BP6-1
[item: 6-001] browse
Acris crepitans blanchardi 92BP6-2
[item: 6-002] browse
Bufo a. americanus 92BP6-3
[item: 6-003] browse
Bufo a. americanus 92BP6-4
[item: 6-004] browse
Bufo americanus charlesmithii 92BP6-5
[item: 6-005] browse
Bufo americanus charlesmithii 92BP6-6
[item: 6-006] browse
Bufo cognatus 92BP6-7
[item: 6-007] browse
Bufo quercicus 92BP6-8
[item: 6-008] browse
Bufo speciosus 92BP6-9
[item: 6-009] browse
Bufo speciosus 92BP6-10
[item: 6-010] browse
Bufo woodhusii fowleri 92BP6-11
[item: 6-011] browse
Bufo woodhusii fowleri 92BP6-12
[item: 6-012] browse
Bufo woodhusii fowleri 92BP6-13
[item: 6-013] browse
Gastrophryne carolinensis 92BP6-14
[item: 6-014] browse
Gastrophryne carolinensis 92BP6-15
[item: 6-015] browse
Gastrophryne olivacea 92BP6-16
[item: 6-016] browse
Hyla avivoca 92BP6-17
[item: 6-017] browse
Hyla avivoca 92BP6-18
[item: 6-018] browse
Hyla cinerea 92BP6-19
[item: 6-019] browse
Hyla crucifer 92BP6-20
[item: 6-020] browse
Hyla gratiosa 92BP6-21
[item: 6-021] browse
Hyla gratiosa 92BP6-22
[item: 6-022] browse
Hyla squirella 92BP6-23
[item: 6-023] browse
Hyla versicolor 92BP6-24
[item: 6-024] browse
Hyla versicolor 92BP6-25
[item: 6-025] browse
Hyla versicolor 92BP6-26
[item: 6-026] browse
Hyla-Acris Mix 92BP6-27
[item: 6-027] browse
Pseudacris clarkii 92BP6-28
[item: 6-028] browse
Pseudacris clarkii 92BP6-29
[item: 6-029] browse
Pseudacris triseriata feriarum 92BP6-30
[item: 6-030] browse
Rana areolata 92BP6-31
[item: 6-031] browse
Rana catesbeiana 92BP6-32
[item: 6-032] browse
Rana catesbeiana 92BP6-33
[item: 6-033] browse
Rana catesbeiana 92BP6-34
[item: 6-034] browse
Rana catesbeiana 92BP6-35
[item: 6-035] browse
Rana clamitans 92BP6-36
[item: 6-036] browse
Rana grylio 92BP6-37
[item: 6-037] browse
Rana palustris 92BP6-38
[item: 6-038] browse
Rana pipiens 92BP6-39
[item: 6-039] browse
Rana sylvatica 92BP6-40
[item: 6-040] browse
Scaphiopus bombifrons 92BP6-41
[item: 6-041] browse
Scaphiopus couchii 92BP6-42
[item: 6-042] browse
Scaphiopus h. holbrookii 92BP6-43
[item: 6-043] browse
Scaphiopus h. holbrookii 92BP6-44
[item: 6-044] browse
Bats 92BP7
85 slides
Antrozous pallidus Pallid Bad 92BP7-1
[item: 7-001] browse
Antrozous pallidus Pallid Bad 92BP7-2
[item: 7-002] browse
Choeronycteris mexicana Mexican Long-tongued Bat 92BP7-3
[item: 7-003] browse
Eptesicus fuscus Big Brown Bat 92BP7-4
[item: 7-004] browse
Eptesicus fuscus Big Brown Bat 92BP7-5
[item: 7-005] browse
Euderma maculatum Spotted Bat 92BP7-6
[item: 7-006] browse
Euderma maculatum Spotted Bat 92BP7-7
[item: 7-007] browse
Eumops glaucinus 92BP7-8
[item: 7-008] browse
Eumops glaucinus 92BP7-9
[item: 7-009] browse
Eumops glaucinus 92BP7-10
[item: 7-010] browse
Eumops perotis 92BP7-11
[item: 7-011] browse
Eumops perotis 92BP7-12
[item: 7-012] browse
Eumops perotis 92BP7-13
[item: 7-013] browse
Eumops perotis 92BP7-14
[item: 7-014] browse
Eumops underwoodi 92BP7-15
[item: 7-015] browse
Lasionycteris noctivagans 92BP7-16 (no slide available)
Lasiurus borealis Red Bat 92BP7-17
[item: 7-017] browse
Lasiurus borealis Red Bat 92BP7-18
[item: 7-018] browse
Lasiurus cinereus Hoary Bat 92BP7-19
[item: 7-019] browse
Lasiurus cinereus Hoary Bat 92BP7-20
[item: 7-020] browse
Lasiurus ega 92BP7-21
[item: 7-021] browse
Lasiurus ega 92BP7-22
[item: 7-022] browse
Lasiurus intermedius Northern Yellow Bat 92BP7-23
[item: 7-023] browse
Lasiurus intermedius Northern Yellow Bat 92BP7-24
[item: 7-024] browse
Lasiurus seminolus Seminole Bat, 92BP7-25
[item: 7-025] browse
Lasiurus seminolus Seminole Bat 92BP7-26
[item: 7-026] browse
Leptonycteris nivalis Big Long-nosed Bat 92BP7-27
[item: 7-027] browse
Leptonycteris nivalis Big Long-nosed Bat 92BP7-28
[item: 7-028] browse
Leptonycteris sanborni 92BP7-29
[item: 7-029] browse
Leptonycteris sanborni 92BP7-30
[item: 7-030] browse
Macrotus waterhousii californicus 92BP7-31
[item: 7-031] browse
Macrotus waterhousii californicus 92BP7-32
[item: 7-032] browse
Mormoops megalophylla 92BP7-33
[item: 7-033] browse
Myotis auriculus Southwestern Myotis 92BP7-34
[item: 7-034] browse
Myotis auriculus Southwestern Myotis 92BP7-35
[item: 7-035] browse
Myotis austroriparius Southeastern Myotis 92BP7-36 (no slide available)
Myotis austroriparius Southeastern Myotis 92BP7-37
[item: 7-037] browse
Myotis californicus 92BP7-38
[item: 7-038] browse
Myotis californicus 92BP7-39
[item: 7-039] browse
Myotis fortidens 92BP7-40
[item: 7-040] browse
Myotis fortidens 92BP7-41
[item: 7-041] browse
Myotis grisescens 92BP7-42
[item: 7-042] browse
Myotis grisescens 92BP7-43
[item: 7-043] browse
Myotis keenii 92BP7-44
[item: 7-044] browse
Myotis keenii 92BP7-45
[item: 7-045] browse
Myotis keenii 92BP7-46
[item: 7-046] browse
Myotis leibii 92BP7-47
[item: 7-047] browse
Myotis leibii 92BP7-48
[item: 7-048] browse
Myotis lucifugus 92BP7-49
[item: 7-049] browse
Myotis lucifugus 92BP7-50
[item: 7-050] browse
Myotis lucifugus 92BP7-51
[item: 7-051] browse
Myotis occultus 92BP7-52
[item: 7-052] browse
Myotis occultus 92BP7-53
[item: 7-053] browse
Myotis sodalis 92BP7-54
[item: 7-054] browse
Myotis sodalis 92BP7-55
[item: 7-055] browse
Myotis thysanodes 92BP7-56
[item: 7-056] browse
Myotis thysanodes 92BP7-57
[item: 7-057] browse
Myotis velifer 92BP7-58
[item: 7-058] browse
Myotis velifer 92BP7-59 (no slide available)
Myotis volans 92BP7-60
[item: 7-060] browse
Myotis volans 92BP7-61
[item: 7-061] browse
Myotis yumanensis 92BP7-62
[item: 7-062] browse
Natalus stramineus 92BP7-63
[item: 7-063] browse
Natalus stramineus 92BP7-64
[item: 7-064] browse
Nycticeius humeralis 92BP7-65
[item: 7-065] browse
Nycticeius humeralis 92BP7-66
[item: 7-066] browse
Nycticeius humeralis 92BP7-67
[item: 7-067] browse
Pipistrellus hesperus 92BP7-68
[item: 7-068] browse
Pipistrellus hesperus 92BP7-69
[item: 7-069] browse
Pipistrellus subflavus 92BP7-70
[item: 7-070] browse
Pipistrellus subflavus 92BP7-71
[item: 7-071] browse
Pipistrellus subflavus 92BP7-72
[item: 7-072] browse
Plecotus phyllotis 92BP7-73
[item: 7-073] browse
Plecotus phyllotis 92BP7-74
[item: 7-074] browse
Plecotus phyllotis 92BP7-75
[item: 7-075] browse
Plecotus rafinesquii 92BP7-76
[item: 7-076] browse
Plecotus rafinesquii 92BP7-77
[item: 7-077] browse
Plecotus rafinesquii 92BP7-78
[item: 7-078] browse
Plecotus townsendii 92BP7-79
[item: 7-079] browse
Plecotus townsendii 92BP7-80
[item: 7-080] browse
Pteronotus dauyi 92BP7-81
[item: 7-081] browse
Pteronotus dauyi 92BP7-82
[item: 7-082] browse
Tadarida femorosaccas 92BP7-83
[item: 7-083] browse
Tadarida macrotis 92BP7-84
[item: 7-084] browse
Tadarida macrotis 92BP7-85
[item: 7-085] browse
Mammals 92BP8
246 slides
Didelphis virginiana Virginia oppossum 92BP8-1
[item: 8-001] browse
Didelphis virginiana Virginia oppossum 92BP8-2
[item: 8-002] browse
Didelphis virginiana Virginia oppossum 92BP8-3
[item: 8-003] browse
Blarina brevicauda Northern short-tailed shrew 92BP8-4
[item: 8-004] browse
Blarina brevicauda Northern short-tailed shrew 92BP8-5
[item: 8-005] browse
Blarina brevicauda Northern short-tailed shrew 92BP8-6
[item: 8-006] browse
Blarina carolinensis Southern short-tailed shrew 92BP8-7
[item: 8-007] browse
Cryptotis parva American least shrew 92BP8-8
[item: 8-008] browse
Cryptotis parva American least shrew 92BP8-9
[item: 8-009] browse
Cryptotis parva American least shrew 92BP8-10
[item: 8-010] browse
Notiosorex crawfordi Desert shrew or gray shrew 92BP8-11
[item: 8-011] browse
Notiosorex crawfordi Desert shrew or gray shrew 92BP8-12
[item: 8-012] browse
Notiosorex crawfordi Desert shrew or gray shrew 92BP8-13
[item: 8-013] browse
Sorex cinereus Masked or cinereus shrew 92BP8-14
[item: 8-014] browse
Sorex cinereus Masked or cinereus shrew 92BP8-15
[item: 8-015] browse
Sorex cinereus Masked or cinereus shrew 92BP8-16
[item: 8-016] browse
Sorex dispar Long-tailed or rock shrew 92BP8-17
[item: 8-017] browse
Sorex dispar Long-tailed or rock shrew 92BP8-18
[item: 8-018] browse
Sorex fumeus Smoky shrew 92BP8-19
[item: 8-019] browse
Sorex fumeus Smoky shrew 92BP8-20
[item: 8-020] browse
Sorex longirostris Southeastern shrew 92BP8-21
[item: 8-021] browse
Sorex longirostris Southeastern shrew 92BP8-22
[item: 8-022] browse
Sorex palustris American water shrew 92BP8-23
[item: 8-023] browse
Sorex palustris American water shrew 92BP8-24
[item: 8-024] browse
Sorex vagrans Vagrant shrew 92BP8-25
[item: 8-025] browse
Sorex vagrans Vagrant shrew 92BP8-26
[item: 8-026] browse
Parascalops breweri Hairy-tailed mole; Brewer's mole 92BP8-27
[item: 8-027] browse
Scalopus aquaticus Eastern mole 92BP8-28
[item: 8-028] browse
Dasypus novemcinctus Nine-banded armadillo 92BP8-29
[item: 8-029] browse
Dasypus novemcinctus Nine-banded armadillo 92BP8-30
[item: 8-030] browse
Lepus americanus Snowshoe, or varying, hare 92BP8-31
[item: 8-031] browse
Lepus americanus Snowshoe, or varying, hare 92BP8-32
[item: 8-032] browse
Lepus californicus Black-tailed jackrabbit 92BP8-33
[item: 8-033] browse
Sylvilagus audubonii Audubon's, or desert, cottontail 92BP8-34
[item: 8-034] browse
Sylvilagus audubonii Audubon's, or desert, cottontail 92BP8-35
[item: 8-035] browse
Sylvilagus audubonii Audubon's, or desert, cottontail 92BP8-36
[item: 8-036] browse
Sylvilagus floridanus Eastern cottontail 92BP8-37
[item: 8-037] browse
Sylvilagus palustris Marsh rabbit 92BP8-38
[item: 8-038] browse
Ammospermophilus harrisii Harris' antelope-squirrel 92BP8-39
[item: 8-039] browse
Cynomys leucurus White-tailed prairie dog 92BP8-40
[item: 8-040] browse
Cynomys leucurus White-tailed prairie dog 92BP8-41
[item: 8-041] browse
Cynomys leucurus White-tailed prairie dog 92BP8-42
[item: 8-042] browse
Cynomys leucurus White-tailed prairie dog 92BP8-43
[item: 8-043] browse
Cynomys leucurus White-tailed prairie dog 92BP8-44
[item: 8-044] browse
Glaucomys volans Southern flying squirrel 92BP8-45
[item: 8-045] browse
Glaucomys volans Southern flying squirrel 92BP8-46
[item: 8-046] browse
Marmota flaviventris nosophora Yellow-bellied marmot 92BP8-47
[item: 8-047] browse
Marmota flaviventris luteola Yellow-bellied marmot 92BP8-48
[item: 8-048] browse
Marmota flaviventris luteola Yellow-bellied marmot 92BP8-49
[item: 8-049] browse
Marmota monax Woodchuck 92BP8-50
[item: 8-050] browse
Marmota olympus Olympic marmot 92BP8-51
[item: 8-051] browse
Marmota olympus Olympic marmot 92BP8-52
[item: 8-052] browse
Marmota olympus Olympic marmot 92BP8-53
[item: 8-053] browse
Sciurus carolinensis Eastern gray squirrel 92BP8-54
[item: 8-054] browse
Sciurus carolinensis Eastern gray squirrel 92BP8-55
[item: 8-055] browse
Sciurus niger Fox squirrel 92BP8-56
[item: 8-056] browse
Sciurus niger avicennia Fox squirrel 92BP8-57
[item: 8-057] browse
Sciurus niger avicennia Fox squirrel 92BP8-58
[item: 8-058] browse
Sciurus limitis 92BP8-59
[item: 8-059] browse
Sciurus limitis 92BP8-60
[item: 8-060] browse
Sciurus limitis 92BP8-61
[item: 8-071] browse
Spermophilus beecheyi Beechey's, or California, ground squirrel 92BP8-62
[item: 8-062] browse
Spermophilus franklinii Franklin's ground squirrel 92BP8-63
[item: 8-063] browse
Spermophilus lateralis Golden mantled ground squirrel 92BP8-64
[item: 8-064] browse
Spermophilus lateralis Golden mantled ground squirrel 92BP8-65
[item: 8-065] browse
Spermophilus mexicanus Mexican ground squirrel 92BP8-66
[item: 8-066] browse
Spermophilus mexicanus Mexican ground squirrel 92BP8-67
[item: 8-067] browse
Spermophilus richardsonii Richardson's ground squirrel 92BP8-68
[item: 8-068] browse
Spermophilus richardsonii Richardson's ground squirrel 92BP8-69
[item: 8-069] browse
Spermophilus tereticaudus Round-tailed ground squirrel 92BP8-70
[item: 8-070] browse
Spermophilus tereticaudus Round-tailed ground squirrel 92BP8-71
[item: 8-071] browse
Spermophilus tridecemlineatus Thirteen-lined ground squirrel 92BP8-72
[item: 8-072] browse
Spermophilus variegatus Rock squirrel 92BP8-73
[item: 8-073] browse
Tamias striatus Eastern chipmunk 92BP8-74
[item: 8-074] browse
Tamias striatus Eastern chipmunk 92BP8-75
[item: 8-075] browse
Tamias striatus Eastern chipmunk 92BP8-76
[item: 8-076] browse
Tamiasciurus douglasii Douglas' squirrel 92BP8-77
[item: 8-077] browse
Tamiasciurus douglasii Douglas' squirrel 92BP8-78
[item: 8-078] browse
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus Red squirrel 92BP8-79
[item: 8-079] browse
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus Red squirrel 92BP8-80
[item: 8-080] browse
Geomys bursarius Plains pocket gopher 92BP8-81
[item: 8-081] browse
Geomys bursarius Plains pocket gopher 92BP8-82
[item: 8-082] browse
Geomys pinetis Southeastern pocket gopher 92BP8-83
[item: 8-083] browse
Geomys pinetis Southeastern pocket gopher 92BP8-84
[item: 8-084] browse
Pappogeomys castanops Yellow-faced pocket gopher 92BP8-85
[item: 8-085] browse
Pappogeomys castanops Yellow-faced pocket gopher 92BP8-86
[item: 8-086] browse
Dipodomys ordii Ord's kangaroo rat 92BP8-87
[item: 8-087] browse
Dipodomys ordii Ord's kangaroo rat 92BP8-88
[item: 8-088] browse
Dipodomys spectabilis Banner-tailed kangaroo rat 92BP8-89
[item: 8-089] browse
Dipodomys spectabilis Banner-tailed kangaroo rat 92BP8-90
[item: 8-090] browse
Liomys irroratus Mexican spiny pocket mouse 92BP8-91
[item: 8-091] browse
Liomys irroratus Mexican spiny pocket mouse 92BP8-92
[item: 8-092] browse
Perognathus amplus Arizona pocket mouse 92BP8-93
[item: 8-093] browse
Perognathus amplus Arizona pocket mouse 92BP8-94
[item: 8-094] browse
Perognathus baileyi 92BP8-95
[item: 8-095] browse
Perognathus baileyi 92BP8-96
[item: 8-096] browse
Perognathus baileyi 92BP8-97
[item: 8-097] browse
Perognathus penicillatus 92BP8-98
[item: 8-098] browse
Perognathus penicillatus 92BP8-99
[item: 8-099] browse
Castor canadensis Beaver 92BP8-100
[item: 8-100] browse
Castor canadensis Beaver 92BP8-101
[item: 8-101] browse
Clethrionomys gapperi 92BP8-102
[item: 8-102] browse
Clethrionomys gapperi 92BP8-103
[item: 8-103] browse
Microtus chrotorrhinus 92BP8-104
[item: 8-104] browse
Microtus chrotorrhinus 92BP8-105
[item: 8-105] browse
Microtus longicaudus 92BP8-106
[item: 8-106] browse
Microtus longicaudus 92BP8-107
[item: 8-107] browse
Microtus montanus 92BP8-108
[item: 8-108] browse
Microtus montanus 92BP8-109
[item: 8-109] browse
Microtus ochrogaster 92BP8-110
[item: 8-110] browse
Microtus ochrogaster 92BP8-111
[item: 8-111] browse
Microtus pennsylvanicus 92BP8-112
[item: 8-112] browse
Microtus pennsylvanicus 92BP8-113
[item: 8-113] browse
Microtus pennsylvanicus pullatus 92BP8-114
[item: 8-114] browse
Microtus pennsylvanicus pullatus 92BP8-115
[item: 8-115] browse
Pitymys pinetorum 92BP8-116
[item: 8-116] browse
Neotoma albigula 92BP8-117
[item: 8-117] browse
Neotoma albigula 92BP8-118
[item: 8-118] browse
Neotoma cinera 92BP8-119
[item: 8-119] browse
Neotoma cinera 92BP8-120
[item: 8-120] browse
Neotoma floridana 92BP8-121
[item: 8-121] browse
Neotoma fuscipes 92BP8-122
[item: 8-122] browse
Neotoma fuscipes 92BP8-123
[item: 8-123] browse
Neotoma micropus 92BP8-124
[item: 8-124] browse
Neotoma micropus 92BP8-125
[item: 8-125] browse
Ochrotomys nuttalli 92BP8-126
[item: 8-126] browse
Ochrotomys nuttalli 92BP8-127
[item: 8-127] browse
Onychomys leucogaster 92BP8-128
[item: 8-128] browse
Onychomys leucogaster 92BP8-129
[item: 8-129] browse
Onychomys torridus 92BP8-130
[item: 8-130] browse
Ondatra zibethicus 92BP8-131
[item: 8-131] browse
Ondatra zibethicus 92BP8-132
[item: 8-132] browse
Oryzomys palustris 92BP8-133
[item: 8-133] browse
Oryzomys palustris 92BP8-134
[item: 8-134] browse
Peromyscus californicus 92BP8-135
[item: 8-135] browse
Peromyscus eremicus 92BP8-136
[item: 8-136] browse
Peromyscus eremicus 92BP8-137
[item: 8-137] browse
Peromyscus gossypinus 92BP8-138
[item: 8-138] browse
Peromyscus leucopus 92BP8-139
[item: 8-139] browse
Peromyscus leucopus 92BP8-140
[item: 8-140] browse
Peromyscus maniculatus 92BP8-141
[item: 8-141] browse
Peromyscus maniculatus 92BP8-142
[item: 8-142] browse
Peromyscus polionotus 92BP8-143
[item: 8-143] browse
Peromyscus polionotus 92BP8-144
[item: 8-144] browse
Peromyscus polionotus 92BP8-145
[item: 8-145] browse
Peromyscus polionotus 92BP8-146
[item: 8-146] browse
Reithrodontomys fulvescens 92BP8-147
[item: 8-147] browse
Reithrodontomys fulvescens 92BP8-148
[item: 8-148] browse
Reithrodontomys humulis 92BP8-149
[item: 8-149] browse
Reithrodontomys humulis 92BP8-150
[item: 8-150] browse
Sigmodon hispidus 92BP8-151
[item: 8-151] browse
Sigmodon ochrognathus 92BP8-152
[item: 8-152] browse
Sigmodon ochrognathus 92BP8-153
[item: 8-153] browse
Synaptomys cooperi 92BP8-154
[item: 8-154] browse
Synaptomys cooperi 92BP8-155
[item: 8-155] browse
Mus musculus 92BP8-156
[item: 8-156] browse
Rattus norvegicus 92BP8-157
[item: 8-157] browse
Rattus norvegicus 92BP8-158
[item: 8-158] browse
Rattus rattus 92BP8-159
[item: 8-159] browse
Napaeozapus insignis 92BP8-160
[item: 8-160] browse
Napaeozapus insignis 92BP8-161
[item: 8-161] browse
Napaeozapus insignis 92BP8-162
[item: 8-162] browse
Napaeozapus insignis 92BP8-163
[item: 8-163] browse
Zapus hudsonius 92BP8-164
[item: 8-164] browse
Zapus hudsonius 92BP8-165
[item: 8-165] browse
Zapus princeps 92BP8-166
[item: 8-166] browse
Zapus princeps 92BP8-167
[item: 8-167] browse
Myocastor coypus Coypu, Nutria, Ratao do Banhado 92BP8-168
[item: 8-168] browse
Myocastor coypus Coypu, Nutria, Ratao do Banhado 92BP8-169
[item: 8-169] browse
Canis latrans Coyote (Spanish) 92BP8-170
[item: 8-170] browse
Canis latrans Coyote (Spanish)92BP8-171
[item: 8-171] browse
Canis lupus Coyote (Spanish) 92BP8-172
[item: 8-172] browse
Canis lupus mexicana Wolf (English); Lang (Chinese) 92BP8-173
[item: 8-173] browse
Canis rufus Red wolf 92BP8-174
[item: 8-174] browse
Canis rufus Red wolf 92BP8-175
[item: 8-175] browse
Urocyon cinereoargenteus Gray Fox 92BP8-176
[item: 8-176] browse
Vulpes macrotis 92BP8-177
[item: 8-177] browse
Vulpes vulpes Red Fox 92BP8-178
[item: 8-178] browse
Procyon lotor Raccoon 92BP8-179
[item: 8-179] browse
Enhydra lutris Sea otter 92BP8-180
[item: 8-180] browse
Enhydra lutris Sea otter 92BP8-181
[item: 8-181] browse
Enhydra lutris Sea otter 92BP8-182
[item: 8-182] browse
Gulo gulo Wolverine 92BP8-183
[item: 8-183] browse
Lutra canadensis Canadian otter 92BP8-184
[item: 8-184] browse
Lutra canadensis Canadian otter 92BP8-185
[item: 8-185] browse
Lutra canadensis Canadian otter 92BP8-186
[item: 8-186] browse
Martes pennanti Fisher 92BP8-187
[item: 8-187] browse
Martes pennanti Fisher 92BP8-188
[item: 8-188] browse
Mephitis mephitis Striped skunk 92BP8-189
[item: 8-189] browse
Mephitis mephitis Striped skunk 92BP8-190
[item: 8-190] browse
Mustela frenata Long-tailed Weasel 92BP8-191
[item: 8-191] browse
Mustela frenata Long-tailed Weasel 92BP8-192
[item: 8-192] browse
Spilogale putorius 92BP8-193
[item: 8-193] browse
Spilogale putorius 92BP8-194
[item: 8-194] browse
Felis concolor 92BP8-195
[item: 8-195] browse
Felis concolor 92BP8-196
[item: 8-196] browse
Felis perdalis 92BP8-197
[item: 8-197] browse
Felis wiedii 92BP8-198
[item: 8-198] browse
Felis wiedii 92BP8-199
[item: 8-199] browse
Felis yagouaroundi 92BP8-200
[item: 8-200] browse
Felis yagouaroundi 92BP8-201
[item: 8-201] browse
Lynx canadensis Canadian lynx 92BP8-202
[item: 8-202] browse
Lynx canadensis Canadian lynx 92BP8-203
[item: 8-203] browse
Lynx rufus Bobcat 92BP8-204
[item: 8-204] browse
Lynx rufus Bobcat 92BP8-205
[item: 8-205] browse
Lynx rufus Bobcat 92BP8-206
[item: 8-206] browse
Panthera onca Jaguar 92BP8-207
[item: 8-207] browse
Panthera onca Jaguar 92BP8-208
[item: 8-208] browse
Callorhinus ursinus Northern, Pribilof, or Alaska fur seal 92BP8-209
[item: 8-209] browse
Callorhinus ursinus Northern, Pribilof, or Alaska fur seal 92BP8-210
[item: 8-210] browse
Callorhinus ursinus Northern, Pribilof, or Alaska fur seal 92BP8-211
[item: 8-211] browse
Callorhinus ursinus Northern, Pribilof, or Alaska fur seal 92BP8-212
[item: 8-212] browse
Zalophus californianus 92BP8-213
[item: 8-213] browse
Zalophus californianus 92BP8-214
[item: 8-214] browse
Zalophus californianus 92BP8-215
[item: 8-215] browse
Odobenus rosmarus Walrus 92BP8-216
[item: 8-216] browse
Halichoerus grypus Grey seal 92BP8-217
[item: 8-217] browse
Mirounga angustirostris Northern elephant seal 92BP8-218
[item: 8-218] browse
Mirounga angustirostris Northern elephant seal 92BP8-219
[item: 8-219] browse
Mirounga angustirostris Northern elephant seal 92BP8-220
[item: 8-220] browse
Mirounga angustirostris Northern elephant seal 92BP8-221
[item: 8-221] browse
Mirounga angustirostris Northern elephant seal 92BP8-222
[item: 8-222] browse
Phoca vitulina Harbor seal 92BP8-223
[item: 8-223] browse
Phoca vitulina Harbor seal 92BP8-224
[item: 8-224] browse
Alces alces Elk, Moose 92BP8-225
[item: 8-225] browse
Alces alces Elk, Moose 92BP8-226
[item: 8-226] browse
Alces alces Elk, Moose 92BP8-227
[item: 8-227] browse
Cervus dama 92BP8-228
[item: 8-228] browse
Cervus elaphus nannodes Red Deer, Elk 92BP8-229
[item: 8-229] browse
Cervus elaphus nannodes Red Deer, Elk 92BP8-230
[item: 8-230] browse
Cervus elaphus nannodes Red Deer, Elk 92BP8-231
[item: 8-231] browse
Cervus elaphus roosevelti 92BP8-232
[item: 8-232] browse
Cervus elaphus roosevelti 92BP8-233
[item: 8-233] browse
Odocoileus hemionus Mule or Black-tailed Deer 92BP8-234
[item: 8-234] browse
Odocoileus hemionus Mule or Black-tailed Deer 92BP8-235
[item: 8-235] browse
Odocoileus virginianus White-tailed Deer 92BP8-236
[item: 8-236] browse
Odocoileus virginianus White-tailed Deer 92BP8-237
[item: 8-237] browse
Antilocapra americana Pronghorn 92BP8-238
[item: 8-238] browse
Antilocapra americana Pronghorn 92BP8-239
[item: 8-239] browse
Antilocapra americana Pronghorn 92BP8-240
[item: 8-240] browse
Antilocapra americana Pronghorn 92BP8-241
[item: 8-241] browse
Bison 92BP8-242
[item: 8-242] browse
Bison bison American Bison, Buffalo 92BP8-243
[item: 8-243] browse
Bison bison American Bison, Buffalo 92BP8-244
[item: 8-244] browse
Ovibos moschatus Muskox 92BP8-245
[item: 8-245] browse
Ovis canadensis Bighorn or Mountain Sheep 92BP8-246
[item: 8-246] browse

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