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Image 1 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), January 1, 1907

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

1o Ir oieioUOioioioioioioroioioioU oieOrbSOUOSOUOroioyoiorop CITIZEN eoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoloeoeoPoeoioTHE 4 bright New Year and a sunny If the new year is to be a better for you has been three things you must doand track IAlong an upward way a And a wing of praise ou looking t them backWhen the year has passed away Now every year the girls appear New pralso from our lips shall sound And golden shoavcH nor smalLnor I + more before KENTUCKY JANUARY WEDNESDAY ii you iiiinn you can clliU more Thirdly you must believe one can do are in God plansfor SECOND 1907 From tits TVIite World In Our Own Cuuntr7Commonwullh ol Kentucky Itooevell Letter Tim MoahtnlniChnmplon lnIIIt I it so for the others 8 t 5 > College I trill I IAOi FOtm Cain menu New 1notlmll llulff What tIt OHI AVIfn llrhiK hjr lr111111 of Injun Joe rem SIX r The Ilomr Good Ilcclpr The ok Ahead SrhilIx inor- Tli Hoy bnil the Ijiml liy 1I11lor7I Ijitnit ly Prof lln AV C Ilnncrj HeporUI self Ilevlew uf 1000 Year t PAOKIIIOIIT Kntern Kentucky Corrmpondenoe Starting oHclioal Believe in Him and let Him make you what He wants you to be and you will be sure to have a Happy New FROM THE WIDE WORLD I ° WINTER TERM EXTRA Chief Contents of This Number LIUUl Believe that He loves you and will do everything that is good for you if you arc obedient to Him He knows what you need much better tt V Let us 00000000000001 1007 1 more ready to help you and more ready to do what is fair and ChlldretlIepnrtmentlery l 1AdK 1IVK right than you think If you believe in them they will help A New Yjnr1 Ilvnolutliin Sundny Leone you and you can help them News 1roui Everywhere BEREA COLLEGE 1 o all make 1906I ONEIdem you also a good deal better than you think They WINTER TERM JANUARY COUNTY youThey few OPENS Happy New year you ever have I 1oeni A8nng 1AOK TWO of niailiir You were meant to be greater and better fiorlalthe arnfteraPAOKTIIIIKK than you are You can do some things that no one else Take NoticeVicinity tiers nnd in the world can do You have a splendid year before you Ijiw putt Under League This Is my New Years with for you i BEREA MADISON Jr If 1907 is to be better than doI IDEAS A 1 SPECIAL STUDENTS EDITION t ers Tho National Assembly of Ecuador South America on December 2lth lected pan Eloy Alfnro the tiding lllent to be jHjnnnnont cotmtitutloifel president for four years AHala received a largo majority of thu votes cant and his election Is vory popular On December 2lth Governor Ma lf j n appointlllgJCOll1mtMtou s It U reported that Itaisiill n sortof robber chief In tile country of Morocco iu Africa In firming bauds of near tho oily of Tauter unit It s that Ito Intends to attack the fortes of tho Sultnn who rules Morroco James Bryco n noted BriliHh statesman mn beta appointed am bassador of England to too United Stales Ho is clotting up his business uffairn and getting ready to como to 4men G J ¬ justI aboutIThe Washington King Leopold of Bolglutn haw given over his ownership nod rule of tho no called Congo Free Stale to Tho tho Belgian meat of that nJifoh8lCCptcd this action of the KJng on December M It U now tho pl P ° for Dulgium to annex tho CongqStateA constitution for tho Transvaal in South Africa which was conquered a foV years ngo by English sold low wait given to that country by England on December 12th It goes into effect immediately I J ft It Yiinnc Ijtdl Russia has approved of n bill giving 0 uto1ho Jews in Ruwia equal rights lthother citizens For a long time I ClJowB there us well as in mnuj other places sthnvo been fearfully t p pressed On December 2tth My made on negroes on Christmas day A race war la feared In Mississippi Negroes have filled the little town ot Wilwlik and threaten vengeance on the whiten bicausa a negro was killed by a conductor while ho was trying to quiet a disturbance on his train Soldier were oh the wily to Wahakik on Dtc 2Uh to protect tho white res ¬ IlleralI I wann debate in the U 8 Senile regard to the Mormon Senator ooh Senator Burrows of Michigan SenI tholMilate charged President Uoosevelt and the repub ¬ limn leaders with putting party sue s above national good In supporting Mormon candidates In Idaho Utah and Montana in tho last election c COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY Moro gold is being discovered In Estill county Some time ngo it was found at Wagersvillo nnd near Irvine and now within tho last few weeks n tmeil raiao bus been located at Cobb ly R result it is said of follow lug out some clown found in soma old papers loft by nn ludian Much Interest tins boon excited tint tho country by tho story of Lindsay B Hicks n Kentuckian by birth who was imprisoned for about two weeks in a mine in Bakersfield Cnl and after vary hard experiences was finally rescued December 22 HIcks Imr Dr 117101111Tnlouorm Dr Ullllnnt Ocxxloll VrotPrrildent llcrvn College- llerra Kentucky ident their I Jf Y- Septemberg01000 Fruits L wish you gout luck I molds nil Rood fortune to llrrrn College I tirllrrti profoutiilly In the lojnlty of tlir c mnuntnlll peeplefrotnamong whom mine Abrnhniu Ilnrciln one ut the two greatest Amrrlrnn PrrtldrnU Ilrrrn College hn inniln friend for these propln In tun North and In the IVitt In place where they wore lint IllUr known anti but little MItdeatNNL I firmly helleve that IhroiiBh the Inttrunirntnllty of nliimllonnl Inntllutlon mirh ni itrrrn Collrgv nil of Appnlnchlnn Ainnrlrn wIll prove n stnrohueof national vigor nnd r trl tUliinnil lint th rlM of thU part of our roiiiiiinn country will henii liiicnlrulnliln hvnrllt to nil the United Slnlr Mayor Wood war Joseph K Smith head ot this Nora mon Church some weeks ago confess ¬ ed that be had disobeyed the Jaw in unlawful cohabitation with one of hit 1wimp Now he has been summoned a director of tho Union Pacific n rOVHTIIU HAY 111 ol AI iiiTiits ill TIII IIKVOIVTIOV Ilrrra Course wlionmilorriidnnl mm who fought under Waat1hinfnu ot Atlanta Qai ordered all saloons ofthe city closed from 4 oclock p uatll Wednesday morning na Ultra wero rUmors that attacks would be t In oils IHljtlc 2jnuur IN OUR OWN COUNTRY S < that tho Ozar of is are 1 student cult led to all the priv homes probably from your home The Citizen gives can week by week You ileges of the Institution ¬ draw books from the library you hav comments on the Sunday School lea Ume son that you will have to study a a spat in the Chapel you have a It gives tho most im when you can use the elegant bath ¬ week ahead news of the world our room you are on the straight road to hspplness and honor and usefulness your you Every day you will learn something I clllBses and Rhetorical work things you will find dif ¬ Events new Some ferent from5Vjint you expected Some you wlirWtHKB as well as you expelled and some you will like a great wo simply ask that you subscribe for deal more When you have been hero it and give it a chance to do for you a month you will wish you had come what it can and when tho year is over a year ago and by the time you have you jvill think it was worth ten times been here a term you will have more tho cost friends In Berea than you have any where else Prof and Mrs Dodgo returned But you do not come mainly to bav Christmas morning from their trip a good time or even to make friends to Nashville Tennessee Prof Dodge You come to get useful knowledge and gave a lecture in the Howard Cong spoke to the stu to Improve your own mind Do not regational Church dents in Fisk University and had see be too Impatient You cannot some meetings with the twenty colo much good In planting corn for the redstudents Berea College is keeping tint tow days You put in the corn thereProf Joseph Dodge now a teacher and it grows under ground at first of East Stone So with your education You cannot iu tho public schools Gap Virginia a grandnephew of see all the benefit ot It the first day our Prof Dodge was visiting here But after a little you will find that weekWord your head Is full ot new Ideas you comes of the happy birth things you never under ¬ a sonon October 5th to Mr and Mrs understand stood before and long before tho first Dean of Vershire Vermont Mrs term is over you will be a changed Dean is well known to many Bereans personmore manly more womanly as Miss Eloise Partridge teacher and more selfpossessed with new pleas ¬ extension workes hero a few years ures and higher thoughts and more ngo She would bo glad to hear power for usefulness Twenty years old friends hence hundreds of people will be glad because they started to school NOW I did some serious thinking while shut up In the walls of earth anti granite and mado up his mind to lot whiskey nlono for tho rest of his JlCu It might bo well for n fow more Ken tuckiaus to be shut in mines n while The Mountain Champion Roosevelt Believes in the Moun ¬ tain PeopleDo We Believe in OurselvesThoughtsfor The latter ot President lloosavelt which wo print this week should clir tho heart of every man woman and child In Eastern Kentucky Eastern Tennessee tho western parts ot the two Virginias and tho two Carolinas and the northern parts of Georgia and Alabama Wo people of Ute mountains have been somewhat forgotten despised and run over by our neighbors in tho richer parts ot our states and no havo satnctlnu been either too proud or too taint hearted to stand up for ourselves in tho boot way Hut all that Is In tho past and ron be for ¬ gottenHero the President ot tho United States showing hie confidence in us Is and in what can be made out of our children He reminds us tttat Abrahai Lincoln was born In a Kentucky log iioosiviiT Wniilitiieliin In the Itevolutlonnry War will not come unlers we or sombody believes they can come Let us havo faith Let us thank God for our blessIngs and ask him for more The New Year is at hand Here is a place where we ought to stop and d some thinking We grow older right along God wants us to grow better as well What are our plans for im ¬ provement during 19077 Lot us believe that what has been done can be done What the moun ¬ taineers have done in educating their children we cando What tho people ot Swiss mountains have dono In road making we can do And do of oil other improvements And let us try to havoall the peo ¬ ple share In this progress Tho chil- ¬ dren of the most sorry families must be started on an upward path The first good resolution for the New Year will make more of myself to the glory of God The next good resolution for the New Year will be more helpful The such to my neighbor ot us oabln lIe expects that through education ae is coming in roach through lieroaCollcge all this moun- ¬ tain region will become a storehouse of national vigor and patriotism This Is what Dr Pearsons of Chica ¬ go believes and ho has shown his sin- ¬ cerity by Ms great gifts of money to Beroa to help the College help the mountain boys and glrlr This Is what thousands ot mountain parents and children have believed and by careful work and careful plan ¬ ning they havo put over a thousand students a year Into Bereo and now the army of school teachers trained farmers Improved housekeepers hon ¬ est lawyers skilled doctors competent carpentore devoted preachers faith ¬ ful and skillful young persons tor all callings In life that army is pouring forth from the College to bless the whole circle ot Southern states Now are your folks going to cot their share Do you believe that you have a child worth educating Do you young man believe that you could do greater things If you knew more Do you young lady know that you might be much more ot a blessing to your home and your friend If you had somo education Shall pride hinder us or faint hoartedocss turn us back And are wo going to have hotter roads better schools better churches better homes hotter laws and bettor people in tho mountains These thins IsI IsI HOW TO GET STARTED Whet Now Students llnve to Do First find your room Young lad to the Ladles halt and Inquire for this Robinson or Miss Welsh Young men go to the rear of the stone Library Building and soo Mr Cartmell It you have en ¬ gaged a room these officers will have It ready for you If not they will hel you to the best roam that is this time you make your Dollar De ¬ posit and got a receipt for it You will find Berea full of friendly peo ¬ lea go directly lertJt pleAfter this you will wish to see the Dean of Women or the President for advice about which department to en ¬ ter etc and they will tako down your name and address and the ad ¬ dress of your parents Then you will see the man at the head of the de ¬ partment you wish to enter The school Is like an army but you will soon find your own regiment and assigning officer company 11 This IIIslgnI you to the classes In which you can make most rapid progress Finally you will got a schedule which U a paper on which is written all your classes and appointments When you settle with tle Treasurer he signs this schedule and then you ¬ ¬ ofI r fromI Citizens Greeting to news Students HnppyNe useful time of study in Berea In tho first few days many of you You will not be will feel homesick well settled perhaps every Tho old homo now nnd strange old friends are far away The andI ers want to help you to be but they are very busy Tho old students aro ready to make you feel at homo but they dont know you rsand many of them are busy nnd s If you have never tried the they forget how they felt sometimes delightful appetizIng nutritious What when they first carne hero 5 shall you do f Tho best thing to do is to hunt up Xmas arrives you will by that one or two other now homesick time benefltted so much from its students and cheer them up Go use that your Xmas shopping out walking with themseo all the J its attendant worries its many j college buildings inside and out Go into tho beautiful new librnryI and then buckle down to got a splendidstart iu your becomes a pleasant duty and We want to say n word about what The Citizen can do and wants to do ft you will go thru it with a Sun S to keep you from homesickness and drake your stay in Berea happy Tho kinds of breakfast foods but SCitizen is tho College Paper It tolls wha is going on among both teachers K the superior kinds only Quo column is called and students In it you will 1 Ge tho Students Journal find out what the literarysocieties the different classes the athletic teams and individual students are do V Deliveries made to all parts the city ing On the last page you will find news from hundreds of mountain itt ltltltttltltl tlttatelait- I Zest for Christmas t I i foodk II nI ciI rtoday VA I t M ¬ GREEN j Oj j r YI C I r e Iv f >Jf II co t

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