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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, May 16, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

. if- - KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER. t WRONGS. FOR THE RIGHTS OP THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE OF KENTUCKY, NOT THEIR Volume SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, FRIDAY, MAY number is 2. WHOLE NUMBER 70 1C, 1913. used in England, the greater all the time and disturbing the FARMER'S FREE Connolley State. Superintendent Cora Wil portion being stone and brick. Muse. Anvhow. Mr. son Stewart was asked to open We note that hog pens and other didn't find me at the Tribune Want Column. e Issued 'Every Friday,. j;.. t mint the session, and presided for a put nouses are i.tii ui siuue. starid, and went back to Kansas jn order to show our farmer-Kans- as period of the first day and again Chester has a creater nercent of wi limit seeing me. From 1ERMS. ho wrote to me, care of that "It. pays to advertise" we third. She waapmented wooden houses than any other on the . .i . .. ...u:.u .:n Tl T.M. .,. !i $1.00 a year In advance will run mis column in wniku with a handsome gold medal of city of England. The greater me inuunu, uuksuu ,50 aix months j 8hyj-nwas re- - cacn subscriber may use, frco of his letter as Presi- number of them date a few cen- was CHURCH & LODGE DIRECT- - honcrforher service .125 tltiree months. turned to him. charge, fifteen words, in anyone dent of the Association last year, turies back. ORY. Now'lcomea the Mountaineer issue, to advertise anything he One of the most unique featur the first of such medals ever W..-- . arond class matter Jan If w can furnish the met. wo shall presented to anyone in the Asso es of Chester is its Rows which with its never failing fount of ,nnts to Iwv or sell, (from the at Sal' nuhllih thin directory for the public. 19 ioi9 t the truth.and-light-Mr- . Connelley, farm,) to secure work for him- yrvWl..Ky. undr. thi Act of March ra in Vnntv what retrular meetings X ciation. H. C. Black, trustee in are the extension of the lower sen or etc, are held In your community. Hope District, and Secre stories of these wooden buildings by the way, seta an oxamplc to self or hiro farm hands, for ost New Th anntri? wnlkprl nn thnw Knws hisMngblfm county friends by rent lands find owners SstyersvllU. tary of the County Boa. d of Ed The Baptist (Miisionary) Church- - ucation, won the 525 prize for Being one story from the enemy subscribing for the Mountaineer & Owner. S. . EL AM. Editor sun. nleht and 3rd nourishing Prhlnc first Additional words will be put the best essay on "TheDutiesof they had the advantage over payingfor sun. Morning and night. Conference 'Advertising Rates. bUIUIIUtO IICllllUa U iV.bU V. ...- - m BV OnU Ct'llk Utl WUIU Ul ana dra. a Fchool Trustee", in a contest them. Wednesdanight after the 1st. 10 cents per inch. We revisited the Cathedral and to the, editor with my address, advertisement may be run in with three hundred trustees cf S. S. 9:30 A. M. Sundays. supplied succeeding issues so iunK page ads twelve and one First Praver meetlne Wednesday nigm the state. The Un'ted States saw the tattered and weather With tho information ..v.a nor Inch. 'TInltBd Bandit 1st'.- Sat. and tun. Education, Hon. hmttpn flap that the English by tho Mountaineer of Salyers- Commissioner of - Five cents per inch extra lor fnllnwlncr- Tribune of New P. Claxton, was the great carried at the battle of Bunker villo which t,he nimnli, if you would get your, wants in .: M. E. S. S. and Union B. b. atsau P. I i V..1. nni.M Mf nrlM nnf .nua CUIUI111I.. pilllliv, ....!fn v.. noil w,. viii-v-lum kuumituwowl"Jtwl speaker of the occasion, and Hill. star per line for first A M nrh Sunday. Mr. C. tnkeajiis pen in hand and on U3 before Monday night, , r nnnM nflr line iwi M. E. Prayer meeting Thursday he declared that he was getting Advertisement. li w V.W. r MMTUUU. writes melt letter which ho could A A A NT I L--'r nlcrht. out a book frcm his Department Thptn never was a time when develop Buhseauent insertion. II I into a newspaper letter F. &. A. M. Friday night on or De- - nn Rowan County, and declared nAntilnnnnrpainted thoreal merits r -and send to you' for publication TO SELL One farm. Also tho Beeolutions and funeral notices fore full moon in each month. name of Rowan County of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy I n. O. F. Every Saturday night. that the homo see timber from another tract. For Cards of Thanks ana udkuwiw. woman in more than now. This 13 shown just to let the stay-a- t I. O. K. M. 1st and 3rd Thursday and the name of that - .ant nor word. Rowan would live forever. John by tho increase in sales and vo- what a salyersville native cat no furtherjparticulars inquire oi nights. loose in Announcements for County of i), M. Atkinson, K. O. T. M. 2nd and 4th wonaay B. McFerran, the grand old man luntary testimonials from persons when he turns himself ;m sh in advance. Salyersville, Ky Kansns, for Mr. C. has done a nigllts. of Kentucky who is giving all who have been cured by it. It $2. 50 , v bttsvar nf the Peace time and his money to build you or your children are troubled lot that ho jiover would lune Tno i his uruutej. imu. IOI done if ho hadn't gota move on. M. E. Church, 4th Sunday morning. :n UD Kentucky schools said bo- cough or cold give it a Eggs .from pen leaded by $10. with a ANNOUNCEMENTS. He is n writer, n politician, a S. at 9 o'clock. nuwuu trial and become acquainted onvuiiuuii, lore me cock, at wccn.a., ru,. przo in with its good qualities. For County Clerk and other things to announce Christian Church 4th Sunday of each County won the State We are authorized worth while I hope he will th eirls' Tomato Club work )ast sale by Dr. M. C. Kash. Post month pwank RLA1F. follow this letter with one all year, Rowan County won ine Grove . Beech candidate about himself since he left his of SalyersvlUe. as a and sun. prize for having the prettiest Send .... me for clerk oi United Baptist 3rdsat. native health, In the mean time child in the Cincinnati Pot Mrs. W. H. Caudil, following, s. s.9:30Jt I or can't you exchange with The Magoffin county, subject to the Baptist (Missionary), 4th sun. and s beauty contest, covering four Falcon, Ky, Halyersvillo, Ky. May 5. 1913 New York Tribune and keep it s. 9:30. action of the Kepuonc-- u States, now Rowan County has To the Creditors: posted on current events and United Baptist Church announce 2nd Ivyton.and sat. before. Law and won the prize for the nest essay Salyersville Supply Co public men? Gee whiz: sun. We are authorized to must the Ynn will bike notice L. C. BAILt'it that tho May 8, 1913. 109 West 51 St., FOUND A revolver that War. Order Society 2nd and 4th Sundays in .. mauer wim juU havo been lost during tho for the each month at 1 o'clock. Salyersville Supply Co. assigned of Falcon, as a candidate Magofn:., ..!.! iwt.tMi.i owlandsY" Moreneaa jviouni- - to" mo on the 30th day of April New York, N. Y. W. J. Owner cnll at this office, identify of office of County Judge ameer, and get it. to the action lst Sun. and Sat. before. 1913 their entire stock of merch fin county, subject Baptist Church Lakeville. . e Republican party. i andise together with all of this We arc authorized to announco TO SELL of the Best strain Indian Runner A GOOD TIME I.F..LEMASTER, outstanding account and all Dude eggs five cents cacn. .war, Louisa property of every kind. ,..:t" For the Bovs and Girls of announce cn of Bloominglon as candidate for We . authorized to i.All the pupils Of the LOUlsa sat. before. S. S. 9:30. The Creditors arc required to the nomination for Justico of ranveu tu -. PACE, W. W. res on, 4th sun. and sat. Graded school (this includes all verify their claims against said Peace of tho 2nd United magisterial the following. Baptist Salyersville, ivy. Cosnley, as a candidate for of between the ages of six Company and file tho same with- district subject to the action of Magoffin coun-t- note, we use smaii ss, Decause our uorsons office of Sheriff of twenty years.) are invited to in three months from date here the Republican party. CHOICEST LOTS IN SAL subject to the action of ,$he mne.tinROOM TAREE of the of YEHSVILE-.M.'A- . Y BE - AX ras party. Republican College next Saturday.. Majt-10- ; Assignee. M.F. Patrick BOUGHT? FROM THE To apologize i at two o'clock "We are authorized to'announce To begin oyer CHEAP TOO. The purpose of this meeting is Poor appetite is a sure sign of To be unselfish We arc clad to add some new PROCTOR PACE, organizing a ciud impaired digestion.A few doses They arc located near Mar for features to the Mountaineer this tn n an f r of Salyersvllle, as a candidate which in other cities of Kentuc of Chamberlain's Stomach and To take advice goffin Institute. of Magoffin week. The inside pages are fill To admit error Junior Civic Liver Tablets will stengthen the office of Jailor TO SELL a farm.of 125 acres, of A with such features as Mead kv is called the To face a sneer . county, subject to the action T. oner ue your digestion and improve your 25 acres in bottom land and one owbrook Farm, Cincinnati Mar To be charitablo the Republican party. Those who loin will be divided appetite. Thousands havo been fourth mile on Licking river. CO k e t . Foreign and Domestic To keep on trying into companies, and the work in benefited by taking these .ablets. acres in timber. Price $2000. To be considerate authorized to announce News. We are so many interesting things Sold by Dr. M. C. Kash. I will exchange to mineral or intention is to give to the eludes Our To avoid mistakes w. .T. PATRICK, each member will be sure to timbered lands. public tho best possible paper that To endure success a. candidate which ho or sho P. M. Elam. Mountaineer To keep out of tho rut Judge of considering the support given us lllKfH IOUU. 1I1CIU VYli u nviwu What The Kentucky, .. .t for the office.of County Wo hop, to improve To profit by mistakes but there will be a Did for Two Authors. Magoffin county, suDjeci w , K as time goes on. Let .us know0""", To think and then act of the Republican party. whether or not you like ttese To forgive and forget . and cirl who loins. , Mr. Editor: To make the best of little j f. announce new features. We are authorized to You wouldn'tsupposethat To subdue an unruly temper cjntnrilav r Mav 10.. at 2 Ttailov snonh Aft cents . " DOC G. HOWARD M Wl Mmivj f IUA. mi.m.wi, beSalyersville was a guide-pos- t To maintain a high standard a pair of mules o'clock in ROOM THREE of the of in advertisi-office York City, N. J. and as a candidate for the To shoulder a deserved blame bell and tween New a horse in the Mountaineer k. N c. Listen for the Topeka, Kansas, would you? Yet Judge of Magoffin county, sub- and Torecoirnizo the silver lining a few weeks azo. Mr. Bailey come. Brintr everybody you can No doubt you are, II ject to the action of the Repub- savs that the ad caused h!m to esneciallv your chum. Big it is and the Mountaineer is the BUT IT ALWAYS PAYS. Ex. you fuller lrom any 01 the through which . . valuable medium lican party. numerous ailments to i dispose oi Dotn muies anu nurse, vjandy jmows which an wromenare subdid its guiding. the guide-poject Headache, back- ; announce That's why he believes It pays interesting We are authorised to It is rather an ache, sldeache, nervous-to advertise." w R ADAMS. nets, weak, tired feeling, EUROPE, AS I SAW IT story and shows tho value of tho 1 Opportunity stares up n, are some ot the the If our farmers, a3 well as our a source of inforof Falcon as a candidate for and you must rid Mountaineer as tho yourselloltnemin order 1IUI11 U1U paui. nomination for sheriff of Magoffin merchants, realized that Being a Reminiscence of a tour through mation comnared with its esteem at VOU foleel well. Thousands county subject to the action of Mountaineer has hundreds o f England, Wales, Ireland, scoiiana, ed contemporary The New York ol women, who- have readers many of whom want the France, Belgium, Germany, Switzer Tribune. This is tho story: A- - Cjjlt may be a better been benefited by this the Republican party. remedy, urge you to verv article that they want to land, Italy, and Greece. just the cot bout a month ago Mr. Wm. E. position they would help their TAKE dispose of, S. S. ELAM. Connelley, born in Salyersville, By THE EDITOR. help tiiem to rent editor of the Mountaineer an- naner. as well as to now livinor at Toneka. Kansas, tage you want ng. nounces as a candidate for the selves by advertis wa in New York and wanted to OLD CHESTER. a chance to own a superintendent of days some cadi Everv few nomination for (Continued.) see me. Ho had seen my namo sub-ieBchools'of Magoffin County, ilatn tplla us that he exDect3 to tn VorsH in The Tribune and house on easy terms Wa visited the old stone wall, to the action of the Repub-ca- n Aortaa if lie mnkpa the race. thought I was on the staff of that cook an ambi Ttu Woman's Tonic party. or later on in the race, or if he which was built where the old tjaner, He called at the oiuce, a new it will pay. All of Roman walls had been, i tie pro- and was told I was not thire tious employe decides that Mrs. Sylvsota Woods, what must, We are authorized to announce tU.n nicilnni: in-- ". hii rlpciriVfl oonf- walls were built about 100 Rut. ho was not told I was not on oiaitton Mlns, Ky., says: 'I - ' ' W)M5 4UWMVltu 'BelorpiaklngCardol, rhorlM TV "Arnett " ,UtHH,w U .aV . ..finrlirlntp ftp cniirse. l)Ut I vpnr.4 hnfnre America was dis thp staff of the uaer. Nir was not? , .L. ,1,1. I was, at times, so weak I nf Wat Liberty as a candidate we would. suggest tnat u you are covereu anai serveui wiirui.ri.kuiu 1,0 fnM where I miirht be found could hardly walk, and ads bristle with for the nomination for State Sen oninir tn advertise, that vou m't eitv until srun nuwder came into Tho business end of a newspaper IJ Want the pain In my back and Dis ...oif tnn latp . nf ht. aath Senatorial The advertisincr nu. There are two miles of except on the noblo and untiring the intimacies of the "" head nearly killed me. " HI. iwv ...v. trict, siibject to the action of the fhf counts most is that which them. We went to the great rural nroas never knows anything Atter taking three bottles work-a-da- y world. You of Cardul, the pains dis- - ' ia Anno hefore the Deonle have Utono bridge of the river Dee the Democratic Party. its brain end. Besides it appeared. Now Heel as greatest single Span nhnnt in New York newspaper It is the made up their minds. well as'l ever did. Every is a rule can ill afford to overauthoriied to announce We are hrldce in EuroDe. being a i.iirrlno woman bc4. offices nover to tell strangers the JAMES DEEMS. trv Cardul." Oetabottle. delegation 200 foot snan. (America has its noets. because it 1st look them with your Countv had a r TVeville as candidate for today. the greatest single span stone thought to be unfavorable to the daily reading. h -- nmination for Justice of of seventeen members in attend bridge in the world.) hpst interests of poesy to nave Kentucky Educatio-i-a- l TV- ,-. nf the 4th magisterial ance at the Wi had already noticed that ringing poets up iiitrkt Kibject to th ction of Association in Louisville last there were few wooden strugtures bill collectors" was most signally week; and the Republican party. KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER. We are authorized to announce hon' red of any county T.ARET. MINIX of Sublett, as a candidate for the nomination for Jailor of Magoffin eountv. subject to the action of the Republican party. d ' ooat-offi- Stta5.,,dWtha dits "XdVANB. - ISXlSti 1 ' VVrlN li iuu .tL Bu" JiKTr V,. Assignment. " MB m'Mr;TT a. r,.-.i- Y ' . '3.3. y, Ti Tai.T-i.n- ' EDITORIAL. .. . R. pa, ' . U.f 1 Worn Out? 1 1 i st sytnp--tor- Carduig ct ...... T ( E-- 8

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