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Image 8 of The Kentucky building code

CHAPTER 1 ADMINISTRATION · SECTION 101 GENERAL 101.1 Title. These regulations shall be known as the i- Th? 'sl'9‘°U$_9"°UP sPPiY'[l9 isi ills Wsilisl Kentucky Bui/ding Code, hereinafter referred to as "this exists ici spliliusi and i€i'9'°Us Puiposss slid code." This edition of the Kentucky Building Code was 'lioiioimed s°ieiYi°"€‘qU€‘Siih's Wailisii (KBC) is essentially the 2006 international Building 2. The religious group‘s belief system conflicts with Code (IBC) and shall be utilized in conjunction with the a requirement of the Kentucky Building Code, 2006 IBC except where specifically amended in these Kentucky Residential Code, Kentucky Plumbing regulations. Code or referenced standard; 101.2 Scope. The provisions of the Kentucky Building 3. The religious group can demonstrate that the Code shall apply to the construction, alteration, portion of its belief system which conflicts with movement, enlargement, replacement, repair, the Kentucky Building Code, Kentucky equipment, use and occupancy, location, maintenance Residential Code, Kentucky Plumbing C0de, Or and removal of every building or structure or any referenced standard is historical and not created appurtenances connected or attached to such buildings solely in response to the project for which the or structures, whether hereafter erected or, where waiver is being requested; expressly stated in this code, existing; and whether on 4_ Tirie waiver is ngt being rgquggtgd eeieiy iei land- 0Vei water. Qi On water. PsimsnenilY m00l'ed l0 economic, aesthetic or convenience reasons; *¤n¤·¤n¤ substenueuyelene structure 5. The waiver would not create a situation so Exceptions: unsafe that there is an overriding interest in 1. Farm dwellings and other buildings. Farm lelredlhe llealllll and Safely Ol the eellellel dwellings and other buildings and structures `_ _ located on farms which are incident to the e· Tnelel'g'°us gieup nesieken adequate siepsie operation of the farm and located outside the ensure ine pleleei Wul be bleugni up id eede ln boundary of a municipality; but only if they are ine event ine 'eI'g'eus gleule ne Iengei Owns ine not Used in the business Oi retail trade, as a building or otherwise no longer qualifies for the · regular place of work for 10 or more people or We'Vel· for the processing or storage of timber products 101.3 l Intent. The purpose of this code is to establish 2. Manufactured homes. Manufactured homes ieee Inunlmum r¤¤¤·r¤n<·¤niS te Safeguard the public constructed under federal HUD standards. eelt ’ Safety end general Weliale thleugh Structural However, the exterior eieetrici weier end sewer strength, means of BQTBSS-I&C|Il'[I€S, stability, sanitation, Connections end eddiiiene in ine heme ere not adequate light and ventilation, energy conservation, and exempt. safety to life and property from fire and other hazards _ I Jam" dwemn S Detached Sm I6- attributed tothe built environment. Sl gnlweye dwellings sriallgcempiy with Secgon gill-fl Referenced codes. The other codes listed in 101.4.7, except ther, permits, inspections end ections 1-01.4.1 through 101.4.7. and referenced eeriifieeiee O1 Oeeupeney ere required eniy ee elsewhere in this code shall be considered part of the eetienn in ieeei Ordinances. requirements of this code to the prescribed extent of 4 Swimming pools Swimming Pools each Such reference l l 101.4.1 Electrical. In every instance in which °°“s"“°ied °°"‘i"eie'Y eb°"e g'e°e· tiia loc lslcctrical ccua is listed, it shall be replaced 101-2-1 Special religious use 9T°UP- Updn with NFPA 70, National Electrical ccca. The applicatidn by a religidus srddp whose relididds provisions of NFPA to shall apply tc thc installation beliefs Wsiild be Vislsisd bY ills eppllceiiun 0i ills of electrical systems, including alterations, repairs, KsiiiUCl

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