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Page 163 of Accolon of Gaul : with other poems / by Madison J. Cawein.

GENIUS LOCI. Pray!-then to dream where thou didst dream before, Benevolent! . here where the veiny leaves Bask broad the fuzzy bosoms of their hands O'er wistful waters: 'neath this sycamore, Smooth, giraffe-brindled, where each ripple weaves A twinkling quiver as of marching bands III. Of Elfin chivalry, that, helmed with gold, Split spilled the scaley sunbeams wrinkled off. What brought thee here -This wind that steals the old Weird legends from the forests, with a scoff To laugh them thro' their beards Or, in those weeds, The hermit brook so busy with his beads - How many Aves, Paters doth he say In one droned minute on his rosary Of bubbles-wot'st thou -Pucker-eyed didst mark Yon lank hag-tapers, yellow by yon way, A haggard company of seven -See How dry swim by such curled brown bits of bark IV. Didst mark the ghostly gold of this grave, still, Conceited minnow thro' these twisted roots, Thrust o'er the smoky topaz of this rill, Dull-slumbering here Or did those insect flutes- x 63

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