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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 11, 1909

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

1 HI GREAT OPPORTUNITY The Jeffersonian For a United time you can get the Daily Louisville Times and The both one year, Cfj $0i3U for only n, 1910 CALENDARS Save your orders for Calendars for The Jeffersonian. Our representative will call to see you. ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday Vol. 2. No. 35. AWAKENED ADVERTISING. CLASSIFIED Advertisements under this head One Cent a word. No ad taken for less than 10c. To the Importance of Bettering School Conditions. On account of a general shortage of strawberry plants you should net your orders for plants in as early as possible so as to be sure to tret the varieties you need. I am representing the well known plant nursery of J. A. B. C. Writes Interesting Letter of the W. .lones & Son. of Allen. Md.. and will give Happenings Along the R. F. D. Route your orders prompt attertion. Will mail you catalogue on application. and of the "Saints." N. B. Johnson. Jeffetsontown. 34-- Kentucky Ben. licensed Jersey Bull, not registered. cnse No. 91; service fee $1.00. St. Matthews, Feb. 8. The groundLein positively retained on both cow and calf hog' came on schedule time: saw his until service fee is paid. H. L. Im ise. Jeffer- shadow, and retired decently and in order, as well bred hoys should do. for a sojourn of seven weeks. Well, it's comforting to know what is coni- Foh Sale Second Cro: Iowa Seedling Po j lac (if Vu can believe such rubbish): tatoes; 40 shocks of corn todder. William then, we can prepare forbad weather, Hryan. Jeffersontown. and enjoy to the uttermost any KOK SALIC. citizens living between Fisherville and Elk Creek, Kentucky, wherein the recommendation is made that star route service be again establish ed between Fisherville and Elk Creek, I have the honor to inform yu that an advertisement has been issued today Inviting proposals for carrying the mail from Fisherville by Wilson ville to Elk Creek and back, six times a week. If a reasonable and properly executed bid he received, it is the intention of the Department to award a contract under the pending adver tisement for service to begin March 15. 1509, and to discontinue the service now in operation on star route No. 30135, Wilson ville to Elk Creek, from March 13, 1909. You will be further advised in the matter at the earliest possible moment. Very Respectfully, Joseph Stewart, Second Assistant Postmaster Gen. 35-- 2 Kok Salk Privately, at the Peter Miller place, near Union store. Bardstown Road, will be sold a lot of nice furniture including the named piece: Piano, graphophone. parlor liuite. brass standing lamp. sofa, center table, couch, chiffonier, single bedstead, mattress, dresser, bouffet. kitchen safe with glass ! door, brass stand. -- spring-lik- e day that slips in occa sionallyeven time So, our lives is a checkered affair: in OVER ONE HUNDRED ground-hog- s' made up of joys and sorrows, and we Subscribers to The Jeffersonian In Past must receive them as a part of the Month Friends Taking advantage of discipline necessary to bring out of Prize Offers. us our greatest possibilities. 1 4 dle, you deserve a prise. To me it being offered. The spoons and shears Fob Sale One No. 2 Austin well machine; seems equal to Samson's riddle of are fully guaranteed and are purone No. S horse portable engine. H. L. the "lion and the honey." f chased from a reliable wholesale Buechel. Ky. firm. In a few minutes' time you can The "League" is fully established earn either or both of these handFob Sale One work horse, or will trade at our "Goose Creek" school. The some prizes. for two Jersey heifers: 4 coming mules. cow with second calf. people are gradually (we do everyThis proposition is not confined to T. C Bbinlet. Middletown. Ky. thing gradually) being awakened to any particular neighborhood, but is the importance of having a fund open to any one anywhere who will Fob S alb -- Farm of 60 acres: cheap for ready for emergencies. Nothing but send us the required number of subcas'n. Db Pounds. Jeffersontown. Ky. good can result from arousing inter- scriptions. These offers may be est in the conc.ition of the school-hous- withdrawn at any time. So the time Fob Sale -- Timothy hay. mixed hay. clover and its surroundings: also the to act is now. hay, rye straw, bright: both baled and loose. literature for the pupils. "Attempt The Jeffersonian will be sent .to K. L. SMITH. Route 12. Buechel. Kv. great things, expect great things and any address in the United States one flat, cottage, Fob Rent cottage Ij miles great things will follow." Place the year for one dollar. in Jeffersontown. from Jeffersontown: on Jeffersontown and right kind of reading before children and it will mould their thoughts acSeatonsville Road. Fob Sale 3 good work mules. 2 good work cordingly; children always imitate horses. Apply to J. C. Bbuce, Jeffersontown, some, one. So if we engage their at Ky. tention and have them follow right To Be Given Feb. 22nd at Middletown for Fob Sale Lewelleu pups, two months old. principles, all things of an unworthy Benefit of School by ImproveDb. E. L. Floobe, Jeffersontown. nature is crowded out. This is indeed ment League. work; and every person, es Fob Sale A thoroughbred Duroc Jersey a noble two years old. Stock of K. W. Har pecially parents, should contribute boar, ris. Morganfleld. weighs about 300 pounds. of their money and time to make it Middletown, Feb. 8. The ImproveAlso Jersey Heifer, fresh about Feb. 10. successful. ment League, which held its first Chas Bbtan. R. F. D. 13. Jeffersontown. Cumb. meeting at the schoolhouse ThursI reported last week that our rural day, Feb. 4th, has decided to have its Fob Sale Hay: six stacks of Timothy and carrier had laid aside as "no good" regular meetings on the evenings of Clover mixed. See John Mettlino at Sweeny his horse, and came out in flying the first and Third Tuesdays of each tf. Ranch. colors with a new automobile to carmonth. They will have a box social Recleaned Clover Seed at mar- ry our mail: feeling that his troubles and a country store at the school on Fob Sale ket price in any quantity desired. J. Spicher were over; never again have to call lj miles east of Middletown on Shelbyville "get up;" who never mended his pace, the evening of the 22nd, to raise money to pay off a debt of a year's standDike. no matter how urgent the need or ing. All who are interested in the Fob Sale Space in this uoiumn at one cent earnest the exhortation. But, he al a word. It's the best way to dispose of any- ways managed to get in on time; and welfare of their children's education should contribute liberally to this sothing. Read by 8.000 people every week, tf can you believe it, the automobile cial, as the league is in its infancy dinn't! It has fits; stubborn, stand- and needs all WANTED. the help it can get. Waitted You to protect your family after still, spasms; that no amount of coaxvour death by insuring in the Pacific Mutual ing or whipping, or even "cussing" Epworth League. Very low rates. For information see J. C can budge it. It stews and sulks, tf. Alcock. Jeffersontown. advances a little, recedes a little; Subjects for meeting to be held at the Methodist church February 21. Wanted You to stop and think, and ask acts as provoking as a woman can, The Condition of Our Discipleship question, what agent Is devoting when she is determined not to "give yourself the Leader Miss Ethel Sprowl. development of Jefferson up" until the "right one" comes who his entire time to the County, and Is selling more farms than any knows just what to do. Then all Opening Song No. 1. other real estate man? If you are posted, you Prayer. are bond to admit that it is B. R. SPROWL. difficulties disappear like mist before Scripture Reading John xv. case, shou Id the sun. So it was with our Zoeller; of Jeffersontown. That being the he not have your patronager His fees are he worked and sweated until he Matt. xvi. reasonable, and being strictly in the real understood the combination, then he Song No. 14. estate business, and pushing it for all it is flew Paper Miss Camille Semonin. like the wind, reached his destiworth, he is in a better position to serve you Reading Miss Lucy Carpenter Ken than some who not being in the habit of nation somewhat out of patience, making more than a dollar or two per day. but with the people's letters, &c, all nedy. Song No. 257. consider five dollars as big pay for "crying" right. He can be depended upon, no a sale, when he may loose you $100 in doing Talk Prof. A. B. Cannadv. it. or the city agent who is not in as close matter what trouble arises. Selection from the Era Miss Mar touch with the situation. HELP THE ONE The Ladies Aid, of Beargrass garet Harris. THAT HELPS YOU. and when you have an . 35-t- -- 1 34-- 2 t. e, 34-- 1 1 1 BOYSOCIAL 34-- tt 34-- 1 34-- 3t 8; 24-2- auction, or property to list call on, or address church, gave a "Measuring Party" E. R. SPROWL. Jeffersontown. Ky. at Mr. Jule Arterburn's last week. Cumberland phone 30-.ndly remember that Sprowl A most enjoyable time was experiN. B. Alsc represents one of the best lumber concerns enced by old and young. To swell In the city, and can save you money when in the treasury, each person was measneed of ALL KINDS OF BUILDING ured by Mr. James Rudy, claiming cents a foot and one cent an inch for the length of you. Such rejoicing when the long Jonah's arrived! They must dive into their pocket-book- s for all the "change" in sight; the measuring man, himself, had to contribute nearly a pint of nickles and Cents for towering over five my shop for a nice Wanted You to call at shave or haircut. Fbmd Pbbll. Wakted I will pay a reasonable price for i pairs of old brass trimmed andirons in good condition. Address The Jeffersonian. 1 or 33-4- i - Wajtted You to let me cut your hair; your work. trife la tirVd of the job. First-clatf. Fred Pj',1 Jeffersontown. ss C. o four-year-ol- 1 Wanted Reliable farm hand: house furnished: steady job. John Lausman, Jr.. St. ' Matthews. Ky. rent a good farm of Jo to 50 Wahted acres. 10 to 80 miles from city. Must have good house and barn and plenty of water. Give full description and price. Address this -- To " office. Friday night. Feb. 5. between Sims' store and Dr. Groves' farm on Bardstown pike. Finder please return and L. Lurding, R. F. D. II. receive reward. Bueceel. Ky. Lost Lap-ru- For ng call on The first-cla- ss job print-- 1 efferson-ia- n. Skilled printers; new material. 7. Announcements. Closing Song No. 50. League Benediction. . Wil-sonvill- e, which will be long remembered by all present. We have just received our regalia and new badges and the boys BUECHEL. feel proud in their new suits. LAKE CITY We had a nice chopping, as we gave nine new All the News of Interest Told in members the protection degree. It Beautifully Situated in Lovely s:ated before in one of our arBrief. Land ot Flowers. ticles that we mumbered about 50 members: it was a little over estimated, but our exact number at present, Many Social Events During the Past Week s with new members Snow of January 31st Came Near Bury- that took pro- Incidents of Trip and Description of City and tection degree Saturday night, will Country Given by Jeffersontown Lady ing R. F. D. Carrier. reach 53, and we have some more apAn Interesting Letter. plications. We are growing steadily, but sure. The interest taken is Feb. 9. A large play party given enough to show to the outside that we Lake City, Fla.. Jan. 29. No doubt at the Union Store hall and chap- mean business as there were 42 members out of 53 present. New members many of your readers will be sureroned by Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Reid, prised to hear of my sojourning here J. H. P. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hawes, Mr. and are solicited to join us. in this beautiful C ty of Lakes and Mrs. Harry O. and Mrs. Chas. Sea-birLand of Flowers. I will try and write was enjoyed by the Fern Creek DRAMA a few lines regarding this place and young people Wednesday evening. my trip here. I left Louisville Dec. An excellent treat was served. 10, at 9:30 p. m. over the Louisville k Philip Graff, Sr., lost a valuable In Four Acts, "A Noble Outcast," to Be Nashville, via Flomaton and Pensa-colwork horse accidentally last week. My trip was delightful, the Given at Masonic Hall in Middletown Miss Mabel Frederick is attending scenery beautiful, especially as we on February 26th. Campbellsburg High School. wound our way around Pensacola bay. The following young people comThe railroad track is built on trestle posed a skating party last week: work for fourteen miles over water. Misses Gertrude Hikes, Sadie Skiles, Middletown, Ky., Feb. 9. and Cleona Summers; Messrs. Stuart The four act drama, "A Noble Out We could look out over that large Carpenter, Hugh Summers and Rus- cast," will be given at the Masonic body of water, the gulf of Mexico, sell Seay. Hall on the evening of Feb. 26th, for and watch the white caps rolling hifh Miss Rosa Christin was given a the benefit of the Christian church. and vessels of every description plowsurprise party by Mr. and Mrs. Those taking art are Mr. and Mrs. ing the mighty waters. We passed Edward Buechel on last Thursday Lloyd Gates, Miss Etta Witherbee, through Chattahoochee, where the night. Excellent refreshments were Miss Pearl North, Mr. Lawrence Wa- home of the state asylum is located, served. Those present were Misses ters, Herbert Cochran and Arch Brin-le- then through Tallahassee the capital. Effie Seay, Rosa Christin, Gertrude The play is being coached by Not many miles awav we passed Hikes, Gertrude Burwinkle, Ida Belle Mrs. W. D. Newbill. This play is en- through the beautiful little city of Kaiser, Mayme Kaiser, Cleone Sum- tirely different from any that has Madison, built upon high clay hills, mers; Messrs. Warren Frederick, been presented at Middletown, is full the home of one whom so many of us Paul Powell, Henry Mitchell, Hugh of pathetic and touching scenes and know, Mr. Ben Tucker. Then last, but not least, on the morning of the Summers, Russell Seay, and Fieldon is sure to please. 12th, at 8 o'clock a. m., the train Frederi:k. pulled into the Union Depot at Lake C. A. Seaton had a valuable dog Honor Roll. City. by the electric car Monday killed Honor roll of Highland Park Graded You who have teen separated from morning. Common School for month ending an only brother fcr a number of years, Mrs. Louisiana Wilhoyte died Sun Feb. 5, 1905: can imagine the joy I felt as I stepped day morning after an illness of sev EIGHTH GRADE. from the train tD meet him again. reeral months of tuberculosis. Her W. Lee Napier, teacher. We entered a carriage and were were laid away in Cave Hill mains Birdie Gaugh, Florence Schneider, driven to his beautiful home, surcemetery, Monday. She leaves many Edith Joyce, Frederica Clark, Susie rounded by beautiful flowers and relatives to mourn her loss. Miss Nellie Singleton and Hugh Wilson, Augusta Roskofsky, Hettie vines, roses, geraniums and all kinds successfully rassed the Owens, Carl Cooper, George Scott, of flowers in full bloom. The foliage Summers county examination with high aver- lee Ashcraft, Herron Reynolds, of the magnolia palm, camphor, cabFrank Aisip, James Meador, Melvin bage palmetto, oak and pine trees, ages. and many others are green the year A dinner party was given Sunday McCann. SIXTH AND SEVENTH GRADES. around and makes one think of Kenat the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miss Teresa McDermott, teacher. tucky in May. One of the chief Mc- Weller, in honor of Mrs. James Cullough's and Mr. Weller's birthd J Nona Burnett, Pearl Rupe, Lillian glories of the "City of Lakes" is her many stately and graceful eaks. This Scott. Those present were :r. and M is a beautiful city surrVunded by FIFH GRADE, y and James McCullough, Sr. Miss Florence Carothers, teacher. lakes and with two large lawes in the W. O. Weller, Mr. and ? Vs. "George Beatrice Cunningham, Nettie center of the city. There are seven Bridwell, Mr. and Mrs.' Tom Weller, Deats, Ruby Deitchman, Clara Ernst, churches fere. Methodist, Baptist, McCul-lougMisses Susie Weller, Virginia Advent, Catholic, Maude and Ruby Lee Bridwell, Alice Owens, Lucy Raffety, Mary Presbyterian, and Stanley Weller. Vogel, Maggie Wurfel, Ruth Jones, Christian and Episcopaliau; also a Warren Weller Miss Emma Whistler returned home Bessie Burnett, Archie Childress, fine graded school and Baptist College this week, after several weeks' visit Orlin Clark, George Ernst, Robert and a $35,000 hotel and a fine Courtto relatives and friends in Jeffersen- - Ernst, John Rupe, Sam Vogel, Irvin house. The E ks have a very handsome home, with a lake front. We Spalding. ville and New Albany. FOURTH CRADE. have all the tropical fruits we can snow of Jan. 31 had drifted in The use, and fresh vegetables. We also Miss Fannie Watson, teacher. many places five feet, so that rural carriers found it impossible to render Claude Morrison, Monroe Schuster, have a public library. My brother and family do every complete service for several days. Russell Cook, John Irwin Brooks, Curtis Merrifield, Jennings Deitch- thing they can to make my visit pleasCarrier No. 10 was met by Dr. D. A. We often take drives out Bates, Miss Irene Hall, W. Smith, Jr man, Edgar Ernst, John Wheeler, ant. and Wm. Pegram. These good peo Robert Gilbert, Leroy Ewing, Eliza through the ;?ine woods. The forest Margaret is draped w'.th Spanish moss. The Marie Cook, pie led him through at different: Moore, Mitchell, Eva Childress, Annie Lou wild jesamine is very sweet and places, or he would have been buried in the snow; he was unaware of thi Jones, Ada Williams, Katie Voclair. plentiful and everything is grand to behold. Sunnier every day doors THIRD GRADE. danger before him. If we had many and windows open. The weather is along the road that would manifest Miss Fannie Graham, Teacher. an interest in the rural carrier as Clifford Marcum, Mamie Rayman, delightful and nature is at her best. those have done, the mail service Frances Waterfill, Alice Williams, I expect to visit St. Augustine and Jacksonville before returning to Jeffwould be more satisfactory. Minnie Childs. ersontown. I could write many pages, Mrs. Rosa Etzel has returned home SECOND GRADE. but for fear I may tire you I will close. stay in Louisville with from a week's Miss Lida Ross, teacher. Wishing the Jeffersonian a successful her son, George Etzel, where she at Mary Thompson, Eva Age, Josie tended the funeral of her daughter, Williams, Alberta Reichart, Western year, and with kind regards to the editor, I am, respectfully. Mrs. Baltes. Gilbert, Jr., Herbert Scott, Hawes Mrs. Mollie Shafar. Ernst, Jesse Burnett, Charles Voclair, MOSES BRUCE Shelton Allen. FAIRM0TJNT. t, -- FERN CREEK The teacher and pupils will give an entertainment on the evening of the close of the school to which the public is invited. The Christian Endeavor of the Fairmount Chapel will hold their meetings at 3 p. m. Mrs. Thornton Guthrie entertaint'd Wednesday with an elegant dinner. She had as guests, Mesdames Leo Ziegler, Marvin Hart. William Farm er, Orlando Tyler and Lizzie Dean, Miss Nettie Hawkins, and Master Charles Guthrie Tvler. Miss Ruth Farmer was the guest of her cousin, Miss Bettie D. Farmer, on Wednesday last. Mr. Hezekiah Collings is repairing the storeroom of Roy Sims, which was recently slightly damaged by fire. Mr. A. J. Smith and family have moved into Mr. William Morrison's house. The sale of the effects of the late Almarene Stout this week was largely attended and good prices were realized on all articles offered. "BRICKS OF GOLD" List of Students Passed amination and Will Enter City Who Mid-Ye- Ex- High Schools. y. h, FIRST GRADE. Feb. 6. Mrs. Thomas Ash, Master Jessie Finney, teacher. Rector Jaggers, Raymond Wil- Marvin Ash and Miss Zelma Ash, liams, Amelia Sippel, Elizabeth have returned from a six weeks' visit Orval Deitchman, Hays Cessna, to San Diego, Cal. Mr. H. Harvey Tyler and Master John Barthel. Leonard Tyler have arrived from EASTWOOD. California for an indefinite stay with re'?tives and friends ip this commuFeb. 6. Misses Blackwell gave a nity. Mr. and Mrs. James Bates, Master skating party last Tuesday night. Earl Bates and Miss Abbie Bates, Those who attended were: Misses y guests of Dr. and Mrs. Caruth Nicholson, Evelyn Hoke, Lula were Funk, Aline Unseld, Sue, Mary and William Farmer on Sunday last. Mr. George Tyler has returned Blanche Beckwell; Messrs. James and Howell Beckley, Max and Robert from California, where he spent the Pearce, Fred Spicher, Lee Downey, winter with his brothers, Messrs. Virgil Allen, Louis Newbill, Chas. Harvey ;ind Levi Tyler, and other relatives. Allen and William Blackwell. The public school in District No. 6, Mrs. J. C. Allen and daughter, Miss being tught by Mrs. Anna Vincent, Mary, visited Mrs. Allen's brother, Mr. J. Duncan, of Shelbyville, last will close on Friday, the 12th inst. Louisville, Ky., Feb. 4 It is with the greatest of pleasure that I announce the result of our mid-yeexamination. If you will recall the blizzard of Jan. 29 and 30 you will see why I am especially anxious to have the pupils have honorable mention. Many came to the office nearly froz en. We had to bathe their hands and resort to vigorous rubbing before they could write. Boys and girls who are so eager to go through such weather to a long, hard examination are "Bricks of Gold." No wonder they did so well in the examinations. Those examined were: Frank Aisip, district 46; Lillian Olges, district 28; Cleveland Swearingen, district 65; Hugh Lee Summers, district 1: Jessie J. Wiser, district 19; Alice Reinstedler, district 34; Lydia Lee Baker, district 6: Nellie Singleton, district 5: George Scott, district 4rt. Colored pupils: Elizabeth Hall, district D: Annis Neighbors, district ar B. Mrs. Stonestreet has been too ill to attend to her duties this week. Supt. Crable made a visit to the office during the examination and spoke a word of praise to the childL. Kurkamp. ren. Honor Soli West Louisville County's Citizens, Passes Away. Who Was One of Jefferson Best Fern Creek, Feb. 9. On Sunday "evening, Feb. 7, the spark of life 'eft the body of Moses Bruce, who resided miles east of about one and this place. He had been in bad he.ilth for some time but was not seriously ill until Friday, when he was suffering from stomach trouble. He was born in Gallatin county, Ky., and was 71 years of age. He moved into this county about 1880 and had been a resident since that time. He wajone of our best citizens, quiet, conservative and industrious: a good husband, an excellent citizen and a consistent Christian. After coming to this county he married a second wife, Miss Barbara Ann Hawes, whe survives him. There were no children by this marriage, but three by a former marriage, who survive him Mrs. J". W. Omer, of Jeffersontown, and J. C. and W. J. Bruce, of this couaty. The funeral services were held at the Christian church in Jefferscntown Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock, con- uuctea Dy Jtvev. a., a. Keuoeic, aiter which the interment took place in the Jeffersontown cemetery. lf Woodman of The World. Fern Creek, Feb. 8. Maple Camp, Pid-geo- n, all-da- week. Mrs. B. Melone was in Louisville last week. Mr. and Mrs. A. Levy have gone to Louisville to spend the winter. Mrs. Elizabeth Wise, of Louisville, mid-yea- . aVMHaaVataVaVataVB T ler, Elsie Reitz, Clarence Markert, Magel, Schley Berkstresser, Virginia Claggett, Katie Magel, Edna Blaes, Gladys Queen, Ora Mark-keand Walter Amy. W Perfect punctuality and attendance for past month: Eddie Alsmil-leWalter Arny, Fred Brunner, Andrew Crull, Alvin Eisenmenger, Clarence Markert. Chas. Russell, Eugene Scherer. Joseph Scherer, Frank Schulter, Walter Wolf, Ruth Blankenbaker, Libie Brunner, Lizzie Brunner, Edna Doerhoefer, Gertie Eisenmenger, Estella Eisenmenger, Alvina Fischer, Gladys Green, Irma Layer, Lulie Magel, Ida Magel, Katie Magel, Amelia Miller, Dollie Russell, Lizzie Schmidt. Lizzie Bach, Teacher. Lulie rt r, Reports Stimulate Pupils. Louisville, Ky., Feb. 8. Enclosed find check for subscription to The Jeffersonian. It is worth much more than the subscription price to me in the stimulus it offords my pupils through the published school report each month. I put every pupil on the report who averages 85 in denort- ment. punctuality and lessons. They work very hard for this, and I am sure I should lose much of their interest if I placed on the published roll only those who made an average of 95. Also I find my pupils greatly interested in having credit for perfect attendance. With kind wishes for the success of The Jeffersonian, and thanking you for your courtesy and kindly interest in publishing the reports, I am, very truly. Daisy D. Bryan. 4 3 Wood, Stubbs & Co.'s Blue Ribbon Seeds visiting her granddaughter, Mrs-EP. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Blackwell spent iast Wednesday in Louisville. J.' D. Johnson met with quite a serious accident last week. While V chopping wood the axe slipped and X cut his hand very badly. Several stitches were taken. On Feb. 21, there will be a children's .3 exercise at Tunnel Hill church at (A p. m. All are cordially invited to come and bring their children. Bro. B. F. Pearcy will give an interesting 7y talk. V is liiet a.1 a regular meeting Saturday night, it being the first meeting of the rjionth. We want to state just here thjat we w .11 meet each firstlid third Saturday night at The Jeffersonian and Louisville u turtne r notice. We had a very interesting meeting, Times, both one year, $3.50. No. 125, W. O. W., Subscribe for the Jeffersonian. School. The following pupils received honors at the examinati .;' held during the past week Ida Magel, Lizzie Schmidt, Amelia Mil- Miss one-ha- Feb. 8. At an examination of pupils from the common schools for admis sion to the high school in the city, Miss Nellie Singleton, of Dictnct No. 5, and Miss Lee Baker, of District No. 6, passed successfully. Miss Edith Maple, of Quincy, 111., has been visiting Misses Lula and Eunice Johnson for a few days. Mrs. Thomas Ash, who has been his fellows. Many of us will always visiting relatives in California for be thankfuj that it was not decreed some weeks, has returned to Ken to pay for our circumference. Oh tucky. me, there would have been a financial H. H. Tyler, a former resident of stringency in this vicinity the bal- this place, ana his little son, Leonard, candy, who have been living in San Diego. ance of 1909. The home-mad- e Cal., for some time, have returned to etc., sold readily. We told before of old Kentucky to stay. the famous caterers on Beargrass, Dr. Wm. Rush has removed his consequently, when the money was office from the old Cartwright home 'measured" they realized quarts of stead to the new cottage occupied by hard cash. Music and courting was Mr. Spurling, corner Main and Fryer avenue. in progress, of which I will relate re Nine candidates were initiated by sults in the future. Older folks com the Woodmen ot the World Saturday pared notes, and with ominous nods, evening. declared it was not so in "my day." Mr. Geo. Walker, who on Friday last had a very severe attack of acute A. B. C. indigestion, has improved considerably, but is still far from being well. Mail Route to be Reestablished. As the close of the public school Washing- term approaches the time of the Post Office Department, children is beinp diverted from ton, D. C. February 1, 1909. Again studies in order to have a good their time referring to the letter addressed to in the way of public entertainments. Between holidays, legal and otheryou by Mr. H. B. Donaldson, of Kentucky, filed by you in wise, and so called entertainments, the public is paying for a good deal this office, on the 5th ultimo, together they don't get in the way of with a petition signed by a number of ! d buy a pair of three- - or mare mules. 15 or 15 hands high. 35-W. Talbott. Route 13. Jeffersontown. Wantbd-T- Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year February 11, 1909. a. Over one hundred subscribers to The R. F. D. folks are doing "head Fob Sal One colt, three years old in The Jeffersoniau since the special spring, sired by Kagle Bird 221. dam sired by work"' only. Such planning and ar. Earl Baltic 211. Address or call Cumberland guing about their "'acres'' is beyond prize offers were started! That is phone. W. M. Barrickman, Harrod's Creek. the happy result of giving a set of me to describe. Hear the hubbub 3.VV six W. H. Rogers silver spoons with (one would think there was a pugilisFob Sale -- Grapevines, all standard va- tic contest in operation): when I ask each three subscriptions and a pair rieties Address C. S. Blankenbeker, Rural '"what's the matter with you men?" of patent tension spring scissors with 35-Route 14. Jeffersontown. the master only says, "Oh ! go on, each two subscriptions to this paper. seed, we're just resting and Fob Sale 1H0 pounds yellow onion chatting." From the start our friends took Carnion seed potatoes, orchard grass seed. Now, if you can untangle that mud- hold of this proposition and many 35-Henry Haag. Jeffersontown. K" have secured the valuable prizes Hick-taan- , J W Are the BEST for your GARDEN and FARM uescriptive Catalogue Mailed hree. Acme Brand Fertilizers the leaders in Jefferson county. They produce the LARGEST and BEST Quality of Are Crops. & R Wood, Stubbs & Co., Seedsmen ft jT INCORPORATED 2 r. 215-21- 7 E. Jefferson St., Louisyltte. i

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