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Image 778 of The Historical Records of North Carolina

Part of North Carolina Works Progress Administration Publications

760 THE CoUNrY Rrconns or Nonrn CAno1.mA Wilson Postal Savings and Loan Wright, Gideon, first Surry Association (Wilson County), County courts held in house oigsanization certificates of, of, 457. 7 - Wri ht, T. S. Richmond Coun- Winsfad (WHS0!1 Ci>'Y), i tyg, settlemnt of, with coun- surance maps of, 707. ty, 25g_ Wolf scalps, bounty receipts for ( (Rowan County), 355. ` Woodmen of the World (Samp Y son County), receipt book of _ _ _ clerk Of, 337_ Yadkin County, introduction to Wgolgy, D1; P, W, (Stanly records of, 711; list of records County), accounts of, 427. Of, 712-724- World War, list of soldiers in, Yadkin River, Little (Stokes fI0m Nash COUYUY, 5; 101dS County), papers relating to a of veterans of (Northampton bridge on, 45()_ Countyh ol? records of sol' Yadkinville seat of Yadkin diers discharged from, from County nentioned 711. ust (Onslow County), 69; record Of 1.ecOi.dS at 712_i24 of men examined for service Y C . ` . in (Pitt County), 184; record ancoyd Ogntvl fnsroducoon to of veterans who are descend- ro1I;26s of 725# hst of records ants from Confederate veter- o * '7 2 ans (Rowan County), 375; records of selling of savings Z stamps of (Stanly County), 419; record of soldiers dis- Zebulon Bank and Trust Com- charged from, from (Vance pany (Wake County), reports County), 546. on examination of, 572.

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