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Image 771 of The Historical Records of North Carolina

Part of North Carolina Works Progress Administration Publications

Immx 753 ` { Lumberton, seat of Robeson Merchants accounts. See Ac- ` County, mentioned, 272; list counts of merchants. of records at, 274-298. Merchants and Farmers Bank (gogigegon County), accounts o , . M Merchants National Bank (Wake County), draft regis- ~ McAdoo, Hotel (Greensboro), ter of, 573. i register of, 319. Mercy Hospital (Wilson Coun- McAuly, J. A. (Richmond Coun- ty), reports of, 693. ty), accounts of, 267. Mill, accounts of, St. Johns Mill McCubbins, J. F. (Rowan Coun- (Rowan County), 355. ty), personal letters of, 355. Miller, B. B. (Rowan County), McDonald, D. P. M., and Com- papers of, 355. . pany (Richmond County), ac- Miller, F. B. (Pamlico County), counts of, 267. accounts of, 108. McDonald, R. S. M. (Richmond Militia, court-martial minutes of, County), accounts of, 267. Northampton County, 52; Ran- McFarland, Tryam (Richmond d01Dh COUHW, 238; Warren . County), barter book of estate C0tY, 593; 11St of 0fiC<-irs in of, 260; inventory of estate of, 23rd 1`g11t of N01th Caro- 25()_ lina (Warren County), 606. Mclnnis, John, Sr. (Richmond Monroe; Seat of U91011 County, County), deposition relating mentioned, 524; list of records to death or, 247, at 525-542. McNutt, John (Robeson Coun- M?I` J- M- (Person CutY)y ty), miscellaneous papers of, Mmventmy Of estate O; 169- , 273_ organ District Superior Court Q Manufacturngla ilompalyiw ac_ ggilkes County), papers of, Q counts o , ic mon anu- . _ facturing Company (Rich- 1331* t Bank. Raleigh Q mond COUHW), 267 amina$:io1$lbIiy572rp0rt On ex- M?%i`33d c$5S%$)?rcZ1S%% Mg-mw Brg}j<=r; g-d ,H on examination of, 572. (Wake County), 556. f Medical Examiners, State Board Myband, James, first courts of g, of (Polk County), summons Sampson County held in house Q; for, 218. of, 382. ~

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