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Image 1 of The Voice-Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.), April 13, 1972

Part of The Voice-Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.)

clf.r.r-- c; .J k C- J k w Oo w ed . we're not planning to make . a big l3sue out of It or fine a lot of people. "I ll be pleased If we get good r I ""V j m L Thursday, April 13, 1372 . t ri J 1 T , Lilt. ' fiUV Z! 'P. 1 grades were to be given for compliance with the law, Town Square would probably reIf school grade. Every shop in Greenbriar, on Galene Drive, has a number posted near its door; in the J Town Center, however, only about 7 of 17 shops facing the Taylorsville Road parking lot are so posted. Most of the older structures on Town Square, at the intersection of Watteraon Trail and Taylorsville Road, are in compliance. Noteworthy "violators," however, Include such landmarks as the Chamber of Commerce, Federal Savings and Loan, and the Liberty National Bank-U.- S. Post Office building. Until recently, the most note- worthy "violator" of all was City Hall itself, where Jeffersontown Public Works Superintendent Bill Husband was seen hurriedly nailing up numbers the day after the enforcement order was pas- CITY HALL ... has numbers now compliance (on thehousenumber-ln- g ordinance) within twelve months," the mayor added. The ordinance has been on the books for many years, but has not been rigidly enforced, the mayor explained. Thus, particularly in some of the city's newer areas, It's possible to drive for blocks without seeing a house number. This situation has been a cause for some alarm to the city's police department and volunteer firemen, the mayor added. He explained the police and fire fighters fear "a serious if they're called out on an emergency run and can't find the house they're looking for. So, policemen have been instructed, to "keep an eye cut? for homes with no visible number, and to Inform the homeowner of his violation. No citation is to be Issued at that time. If a homeowner fails to comply within three days after notification, he would then be subject to citation and a possible fine in Police Court. "We pro--ble- i 41 u. A v GREENBRIAR Centor. bove rates an "A" crada with a house number cn every shop; the bank and ' i Just as it was at Christmas time, the F.aster season inspired many kind friends to bring cheer into our world at the Lutheran Horn.? on Watterson Trail. We are so grateful to these friends and neighbors. We also have been cheered by the arrival of two new residents, Mrs. Annette Irwin from Calvary Lutheran, and Miss l.illle Hyerly llrst Lutheran. Raster time, a kindergarten group from the St. Andrew United Church of Christ gave us a lively and entertaining program of songs. They sang so vigorously, with from At Jeffersonian Phot: 1 J by Robin Garr O bring J i cookies. containers of candy topped by bunny heads with tall ears cam; from friends at Third Lutheran. The Cotta Circle of First Lutheran sent a donation to provide a treat for our Easter Eve meal-oy- ster stew for the household. Our Easter season has been cheered by thethoughtful kindness of these and other visitors who showed love for others and added meaning to this sacred season. The garden department of the Charlane Heights Homemakers Club came to call, and told us they plan to make this visit Hand-decorat- boys that the materials from the sale of promotion items for the fair must be turned in on April IS at the Jeffersontown Methodist Church from 10 am until 2 pm. Any information may be obtained by contacting Mrs. Dee Paulin, Just four weeks from tomorrow will be fair time in Jeffersontown as Little League combines carnival its regular with the annual community fair, Mrs. Mary Lou Schulte, president of the baseball organizaAuxiliary, says tion's Ladles business at last week's board meeting centered chiefly on the Ma.y 12 and 13 event, which will be held at the Community Center. This is the firstyearthe League has "taken over"the community fair, which promises to feature "something for everyone." The fair opens at 5 pm on May 12, and closes at 11 pm. On the following day, Saturday, a parade at 9 am will kick off the day's activltleR. The theme of this year's parade is "The Good Ole Summertime," in which all baseball teams will be represented by floats. M:. Schnire also reminds theIt fund-raisi- ng 267-173- 267-744- or Mrs. Von Caulfield, 3, 3. Mrs. Wllma Quire and Mrs. of Joyce Money are the Little League's Fair Board. of the special events In charge Is Mrs. Betty Young. Mrs. Young hopes enough residents will be interested in a pie and contest to warrant obtaining judges for the comcake-baki- ng She asks interested petitions. 3. persons to contact her at 267-640- - Entrants in the sewing and baking contests must be at least 12 years of age, according to Mrs. Young, There will be a nominal entrance fee, she added, yet to be Babies must be determined. within six months to a year of age to be eligible for competition. W. u i 0PEC3DC36 home-bak- ed ed fourth-Tuesd- Taylorsville Rd. (across from tlOU APR. 15, - .1 . 1972 v r occa- ay Potti Lane & Shopping Center) SAT. UI1TIL sion. This Is something nice for us to look forward to. i ' I ra r J 4 witn ,illuP ( 10 fial,, The annual 'Little Miss Jeffersontown" contest, sponsored by the Jeffersontown Jaycettes, will be another highlight of the fair's activities. To be held on May 12 at 7 pm, the compeltion' among four to is the only event at the fair which Is not being sponsored by the Little League. Not only the girls, but the boys also, will have a chance to win a crown as a "Little Mr. Jeffersontown" will be chosen. The same age qualifications apply for the boys as the girls, and there Is ar a sponsorship fee In both categories. A menu of fried chicken or fish, baked beans, slaw or potato salad, plus a choice of drinks, will be prepared by the ladles' circle of Jeffersontown Christian Church. Serving time will be from 12:30 lds five-doll- until 8 , CoIotratsoQ brought us each a decorated tin filled with v , Wm 'Good Ole Summertime' theme to keynote annual community fair Staff Writer I ' Gactoc jjoy I By Janet Biller .1 , ent all their hearts, and presented several old favorites that were especially fun for us, Including "On top of spaghetti," "Workin on the railroad," and "Comln' round the mountain." They h2d made small bouquet favors for us. . .we hope they will come again. Dr. Thomas M. BeMiller of Christ Lutheran Church in Jeffersontown brought the Communion services especially for those unable to leave the house. We all enjoy his monthly visit and the meditations. From St. John's congregation, Scout Troop 36 prepared a treat for each of us, F.aster baskets they made themselves. A women's Bible class from Baptist ishervlllc Church Jean Slaight Louisville Lutheran Home By t A desire for universal numbering. Etind ffrioncV 3 r post office on Town Squsra at left, however, need soma attention. sed down. Hank Brodfehrer, and manager atLibertyNat-lcr.- il Jeffersontown. ..4 .. . Bank's. branch (10419 Watterson Trail) expressed the opinion, "If they tell us to put up numbers, we'll sure do it." Brodfehrer, like most merchants contacted, expressed ignorance of the city law, but agreed police and firemen "have a good point" in their vice-presid- V v. pm. organization In Jeffersontown desiring to have a booth at the fair Is asked to call Mrs. Barbara Voll at after Any 267-63- 125 2 Ply FcdoS-Fooccc- r:!!l izzo TAYlOHSVIllE P.J. u (:trcjs frcn r p 'm 38 2:30 pm. I, i;a m - J L in S'.-pl-n c rj f: Center rr n r) ; ! .; IW . ; i Wat-ters- on m" v, --1 n mm 9 L. i MM ceive a "C"; the JTown Shopping Center would be lucky to get a "D"; and only the Greenbriar Center would take home an "A" 0 mm 5 house-numberi- ng law. uyuLjuyy mm expect any problems, don't though," the mayor added. Mayor Chambers also hinted the city intends to be lenient in its Interpretation of size and location for house numbers. The ordinance, strictly interpreted, would indicate that numbers must be at least three inches in height, and must be located on the wall of the house, close to the front door. However, the mayor said, "I certainly see no problems at all if the number is located on a mall-bo- x, lamp post or small sign in the front lawn. As long as the house can be Identified, that's all we're after." A ' quick survey of the city's shopping areas indicate that not the only homeowners are "violators" of the I04I6 m A, ;. IC Jeffersontown residents who are alarmed at the city's recently-announcIntention to enforce the liw requiring house numbers to I j posted on every dwelling may Enforcement Is coming, says Mayor Franklin Chambers, "but Ill, I mmmsJ Robin Garr III Staff Writer rest a little easier. V " .By now a parpCs) . w .7 ! i

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