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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, April 10, 1804

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

a- - rrwr1HT71 flA'Jh i Hi 4. W h 'xz- v y" fr 'rir i J , V 'vmi' gB J Vi r.rS-- - I &3 il. vA : AND GENERAL ADVERTISER. VOL. XVII. sxssssczsinc: N.i9i7. John Jordan Jim, rauitj"""'"' an absence of nearly his old ft nil in fort, irear the Tei'ry Sind Ware-housnow informs his friends and the that he has reftim d Ins o'd place AFTER 3 600 Dollars for twelve BY Frank- MA Gl.bhNG, - AUIHUnllY. public.) of WHEAT, SALT-P- E I RL, BEES-WATALLOW, HOG's LARD, PORK, COUN RY LINEN, AND THREAD. SCHHME or e, TUESDAY, APRIL io, x . CHEAP GOODS. IRCHANDIZE, DOhl-AttpJl- -- ) 1 Cidssics, Barrow's Travels into tbs in- - Has a JL"ge and General Affortment of This paper is puMifhed weekly, at Xartor of Africa, and Deion's. Faveis TWO wir Vrrtyt. d.irmv the cam interns of pen. vance. rreTiHnAyf. . i4 i"iM (fi rn rjll jt fru QUI FABLE for the prelein, or ap " urn '"" Those who wri te to the Editor, Kjt pioaching fealon, which he will sell ' ul"lc "'" L"L?ZZ.Y: f their letters. pay the postage o ! ! ! low for 5 CASH, TOI3ACCO,HLMP, ' - Thomas Love,1 "h sJ6ttijwlJi3533.aKSflSi giUftijaUMJJ3J.dMaSMa.iJMtS Sa?'l. Hatl & iVioney Gfo. Tko'tter, just received from PhiUdi ow AliRCHANlJibL, Of the latell ion( Lji( ns from huropr, md the Lait and West lubes fundi nt i) t r Phinckl. ' 'i i'ir f "t iH q 'i bala f , 11 of xt ni"i 1 all th. v,ai anc s Ke hac Mercl.r. . to he f Id uni fn or fuih artitli-- j ot C covsisiuto or Dr) Goods, Haid Ware, Groceries, China, Queen's and Wares. J ' 1 IT 1 opening at thtu Store on Main ftiect, Lexington, An extend' e iflonn e of phn, and are WT""V'i.- art'ivO'llUM a")9VJ3X'JfV'TCHS' BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON. Gentlemen who fublcribed TERMS OF THE GAZETTE rTHObKDi. Bron, for Select British . vnth ;- ''' ')H'yiiA""T.J.!-J,-'-tV"'"'MWJ'- ,tw Manufa-'ture- , m- - tlHt 10 t t r suit h ru VT'Thole iiidebted to the late fini A of John Jordan h Co. aie n j For sale by the ) rrl To build a house for the Kentucky uelltd to call and pay or at leas! fi.t- Here Where those that may pleale to call on Medical Society, in the town of fk their Accounts. Tin est. him, imy rely on meeting .th every Lexington, K. Nov. 14th 1F03. tf Lexington. All of which were puVchafed on tha Lexia;ton; ISth M 804. both as to theaufelves and atte .uni, loueft terms, and will be sold either hoi ftb, that this country will afford. FIRST CLASS. iVLU'ARY LANDS. A. by wholesale cjr retail for Calb Private pit ties may hare rooms undif-turb-- d j a Iprge and bustle of a '1 avern : and on band with the SCHEME. For Sa'r, Amongd which are the following artilesJ ddpofed to have private affortmert of is Boll. TWO valuable Pries of Do of ?ITLI Fine and Coaiie Cloths, be accommodated to their boaiding, can 1 600 last drawn tieftct, 600 lAtfrLAKU,, mate on th. Coatings, willies. 500 2 250 Ohio (ftatd of Oh o) about 2 Frankfurt, Feb 22, i8o4 '8 400 sJrhch they will sell unufuallv low for Flannels, 4 100 , liicluciT -j C joint, and ftrip'sd Blan- below 'Limt-itone10 500 Casv, ilepxp, Jobacce, ivbiskey, Rose, 2 iGarra'd Cucuit, 50 mouth of J'ear c etk, ind est., d r , kets, & Bees February term, 1804. 400 Country Linen, Salt-Petr20 20 up the .river icJ0 perches Caffimeres, , ,' 400 Wax. 10 40 James Guthrie, compl't. ) month ot Maple creek. One of Lexington, March 13th, 1804. Fancy Cord, 1200 6 yln Chancery 200 again! these tiacls containing 1400 arrc, Irifli Linene, j Alexander Cains, deft.) was granted to Gtn. John Nevwl' ADVERTISEMENT. Bllurs 4000 Chintzes, ipHE defendant not having entered 277 Prizes. the other contaim r . JL 'Whereas, I am legally authorized Callicoes, herein, agieeable to(523 Blanks h appearance granted to Genl. d" liel io,K..n! by power of attorney, granted by India Rluflins, law, and the rules of this cotirt, and ndt 800 Tickets at 5 Dollars is Doll. 4000 John Wilson of Philadelphia, an Britidi Plain Jaconett, Tambored, si iaC proponti. n o' each ot tl ele being an inhabitant of thei state, on tratn s, is nvt r hot rot r,f the firfr quadated tne 15th of September, 1803, the complainant, by his counicl, Lappett, Book & Cambric do, lity, on wliic.h are feveial nrpr, THE laudable objf-- of this Lotte- to make leafea of tvo tracts of Unci, Scarlet Cloaks, it is'oidered that the said defendant ap; the bilanc excellent pear here on the thud day of our next ry the aluable Prices offered (there enterecLfunrved and patented in TurV ey Cotton, upland May term, and answer the cdmpls.nant'3 not being two blanks and a half to a ie naiiie of 1 nomas l'ranklin, lyine Cotton and Wool wall watered ai ' timbeied. '1 ho Catds, v . ?i will be taken for Priz--- ) are conliderations which excitr bill, otherwise it lines of furve vi!i oe fheun b Jowaters of Kentucky riVer ; Saddlery, ; and that a copy of this order be well grounded hope in the managers nathan Talor, or Ptter Lemols, ontainintr. bv fnrvev dated iron forthwith mlerted in the Kentucky Ga- that tht sale of the tickets will be np"l uho live or the lai ds. oay of August, 1784. 1 16,656 jAnviU, zette, for two months according to law. l"he diawmg will commence on the sin" 1 w II sell on a loi the other, by furvev dated Vices, g credit, on the Tells A copy. Monday in May next, and thirty da intt tllbeing paid nnuaiP - lor rftpf the same month and vear, Steel, C. G. C. C. aster the completion of the drawing, Ben;. Letcher, imir": 108, T44 a res, to such Cut and Hammered Nails aflorted furthtr-'nforation enquire of Jan es 1CL. the Prizes will be paid tp the fortunate ' Momon,in Lexington, Ken' ,.ky, of perfofys as may be t'cCrous of sett- Hvfon, A valuable trail of LAN for sale, adventurers., fubje& to a deduction ' Peas, fresh & of who is in poffeffion of . draogt at 5 per cent, inch prizei s inall not e ling on fnth lands and nonfuch Young Hyfon, iNG o.i S t fne rrrnthuig Sand), beginning for demanded within twelve months aster terms asarc 'mittedbr th-- - i id pow-- t Souchong, and j the befi quality. o. the lnves, or 'hefub-knu- er and extending up in Pittsburgh.' tne drawing is fmifhed, lhall be lonfiacr-e- d of'altor ley. 'ihtisrf-- ' e J here Green ; being part ot a military quantity J ot tie bj give rtt'tn , that apii' ition can i Coffee and Chocolate, as relinquished for the proii'td n 54 and patented in 1772 EY NEVILL. Oft. 8, 1S03. Will be la,d off in lots to iuit the pur- - Society. For the iatisnction of the be made to t in Ltti .' n, where tLoaf ai'd Brown Sutrar. o b afers ; ?t1 ma be paid in Cadi, Ne- - purchalers, it may be ncteffarv so ir.en I will be rtac to a t ;;i ti "ibly to Irdigo, of a fupenor quality, THFSUBSCIBER, roes, gooa y ung Htoifs or Bonds on tion, tint the manageis havv. given ? the powers n r ' 1 J, relitcs SJbj 10 Window Gilts, IJ'L cont,n'' in the n, THvaule in a Ihort time. A- - bond foi the due payment of the pr fs. to the inaki ood r im(h deeds and Glen's andGlafs Ware, affoi ted by m . iuuic laccij occupied b I rrt. eifn) purthhti(j more than one hun- - thit mav be drawn. Tickets to be ha f'r?nis as mu he required dred aci , may expect a niorr creait ior of the managers. w the power? er'ed in fsv virtu N. B. One of the fubfcribeis in - nd r w openmjj a J I e naft of Und is of fjpenor 1 John Pope, Pe,ven g. , a. me, I heie.v lorewani all peilons ending to ftarl foi r hilad, !phia,in irji ailj wcj olen afK rtmoiL of Tbos. Wallace, quant di to soil, timbeij raflg' , and woikingfalt-Vetr- e a sew days, request thole who are in ' cutting tinner, uent ninerv : Alio ine main roau Geo. Trotter, jun. MPs'CHANDJZL Ipi.nes, coal c ebted to them to make liomeaiate r,( t!,a I...I) u caes, . r .. ..a u.Tta.ions from ? u. friim K Itucky to Greenbrier in VirgiDanl. Bradford, or mineral" of an) JrU nia, ' 3s thn uh the laid tiaft. An rope, fuuable for the present and l'iskback, I, jn'ines they are iutho'i'"il ri tion, payment Jas. b lpe without S. & G. T. indi i ittable- 'itle will be made ov the appioaihmg season , conideblo Andrew liPCalla, cial contrary ; or in any nn nei ti Fublt-- r b r, nv, vmgon the premiles. ad Jtin. 1804. part of which being pui chased v Tbos. Bodlcy, J on lie aboe lards, ac an GLORGE SHOR TRIDGE. To Leas, eai.i, enables In. to lellufonu'u-fua- l CHEAP GOODS. M5icli2d, 1804. prfon offvi dm i hcren, will be prof-ecutt- d low terms, but no credit can be LUABLE FARM, L1. I here are leveral small farms on N. with the utmofi njor of the J)aG in Mercer county on Salt n- - given whatever. the land in giod repiir. , law. 1 vewabrirt one mile and halt above fvlai. GEo. TROTTER fen. JOHN M. BOGGS. FOR SALE chaSfan's mill, on the road leading Lex. 26th Dec. jutl received from 1803. t from Frankfort to Harrodfburgh with Lexington, 15th Oel. IJ03. 2 be three story BRICK H0U$E, and are now opening, at then Harrison Circuit Com t SeL N Mini Itieetl Lexington, about 100 acres of Cleared Land, a nearly Store on Main street, an extenfne, ele FOR SALE, .rood Dwelling House and other Cone-tien- t oppifite Mr. Benjamin Stout's, at gant affortmen' of Februa.v term, 1604, At a r'd-rep 'C in Cash end personal resent occu ied by "$Jlt. Edwards. The Buildings, a lare apple and Peach John Allifen&Trnplainanr, v CHEAP MERCHANDIZE, Agt riTf' propei tj at at' .itisn, the J lUvwing Orchard, Meadow and Pasture ; the roperty will be sold very low ior cash. as th- Wilhm Ware, G'orge Ward, Jbfoph and ? Htcft European importations, 111 111 good whole or teims app'j to the iublcnber, repair. B. Wards, defendmtv. ) chiefly purchased from vendue houlc,- retown. fames Maccoun. IN CHALt Ry. which they are determined to sell at the 400 acrr tnfred foi John M?y, on lexington, March 14. 1803. T, W. HAWKINS. J T appearing to the la is . ,011 of the coi rt lowest prices that Goods are sold at in the north hdi of tl e Kentucky r.ver, and March U, 1804. 4w I tbpt the dcttiidanr, , im wrd, i.unt ' this state, for Cash. They h ie afo i ovstJ!CR ot CVdai k. aninhabitant ofihis ftitc , ii not havirg enS H Thursday, the 12th of April large and general niTirtment of tered hlsappeir nee herein, - isordere 5n en a, pa-- t oi 40, cnteied b) Geo. t V next, is fair, is not, the next fair Mav be had in that valiuhle ami handlome he to appear here, on the t' ir Ida) ol n n tiie ial' BOOKS, rnS 'ncty. fii.lfl day, will be lilicd at my houle, on the lu e tcii, and enter his appear ice .ciein OF I SNI . 216 of the la'efl publications ; add keep a ir ci hir j 4C3 1.2 entered T IVREON I now lne, m the cnuntv of aud HefetuntT to perform t e de.rec ol the WinrheOer road, by John V- , nn J tl e the last rntiy c ti't, jthirwte the cempla constant iupply ot 1 011 ua.' s torK ot K.ikti,rn, r"nt ,i Wjil le Two valuable NEGRO MEN; 2 ()a'i 2, it n' UO, ei teied, M? containing 45 or 4&o "Cre, well improved, riffi ipainn im lor coi Itiier ani'' NAILS, And will be told 1700, by G M6e IVj j, n r Lydia's an.) generally t iouj,ht to be a- - hardfome a o dci be pubhlhtd in ft,mt pubhek iievvipajor Several good BROOD MARES, made of the best Pcnniylvania lion, at Mount. , f. Is inL in lio'nili I J 1.11. H.ipllfrn Km. In in .ins ijie, ior tuo niontiislucceiii.tly i'..bVLl IU .liOaH uui. Hill 1. A c py -. l.Fi.1 Atttft, 10 t oor! blood, and in foal by Specuh- - their Nail Miniitictot). MV ICCI I.. III " lit I, II, ha's of .TOO, n the "ame of I. Ulwide, (, li. I', 111, 3 U.n. ' , plain l,li", U. 400 "cres, Lvington, Jan. 16. 1804 m H- p neat, finifl ed in a nu'iber 01 other tnings too t ''core, C. II. C. C. 22 manner tnr Kliiy, a 0inin the latt eiitei Av BLuE DYING. terttsui to mention. Credit until the fa.t IK county, let. a j mil '5, 1780. G?.'9T Mil I , filft Jay ot J imiary next, )wll be given. Ao.rce is bei eb ven. A t'ltSO aciCi, hein-t' nt put ol o pair of loner, one of i.hici ?ri SUBSCRIBER, Gord fecunty tequited. Any of the T purluant to an ft of the hit Ken- ihn ' is t,0, intlud rt )( rnn tl.em mnd d?ni wereallhu it jl "it ttunjs will be sold at pnvstt sale. tc inform the public, r'i- - rt Ufll ce of tV S 'Utti nk Leginatme, nut ' e niopbs po, and nre gene a' who v.r re appointed b- - tin tl comnufli nrs V rk Governor lorthe 1 't WII L7A.M N. LNE. that he continues to carrv on th LiKui,, " li Ins i inn ili-- j to crinr ds fait A', anv mi'ls in the urp r of pei.uat itg sell monviconccirMi" CI rke com ty, 2 Ji " I n ch, 804. ni, nd all under .voi i. of the 4tf BLUE DYING, on Main Crols tj'V, and including a p.irt ot the town and pjoen wh C, wcieNdtOroveil timberi! T ere iic about ISo the rccoins ?lls Street, between Mr. Adam Weber's tiie Ute nlhce ot tl F Hhrna'h. coiptv,the Irtid coni- es ot pen unu, medd w. and jrfafj lot in Hj.tiiLrs The voted Ho' se q win continue and Mr. My cs's, where he will dye ? par ' irirl Mere inchic'ed ; fpinp ind (lock wjrer thjt wiv home ol uri countv, iurtor c et at the court Ci6 lcres, Y, ldpurpole, tin 7 he title lsinriifputab't. nowii to sill Cotton, Linen and Wool, with a J tn nOvJ, 'i tlir so l.s ! i.iekii Mie first iVoncavincveiy monc1- until the first lie FOmiERLY th- - rronerty of warm dye Cotton deepelt blue, it 'dioini' ; e l"fl "t tn , ai d im led dif , sour puiini 1 p icre, c ifh, dav ol JuW at which time their ofiice e h H the monvy pa c Mr Niciul is Eew s, will Hand the 4f6 per pound as commif oner1; epire ol Fa'nflltl Puente 11o frr ,)i nJ pei ac ool at is 6 pti h lemtlid e nv n'l s credit, the , 'i.sher all liy ordei ol (aid Commiflioticrs. enfuma; leaGin at tht plant ition of pound, which lie wi'l In d ixrnif made lui ictt co the pavmert war' ant to b. IQ h July, 17u6. I LV 1 1 ODD, C1L. bt fubfen'oer on the-- e id of Jeffa- - equal 'o any dye in the town of Lex acies. r irf of qnmel Me will sell the whole together, or the m.ll ind 1?33 Mirch 12th, 1R04. 2000 Ties 50 or loo jcretu it'ntlnri, 01 ohrwiic divide, iiiinf, and will be let to .nares at ington. redith's & Geort f I irk 'I V-Patented 14 h ? mty fmt bed forti iijei pi tienhrs, by P"ih Dollirs the sear. n, in Young Ns ICE, a ipphipf tot'ie G.blci bei living on f lep'enn JACOB BOSHART. in P nk r 17S6. creel vovemb NCaMle Cotton. Pork, Wheat, Hem), Lpin?;fon, may he infori ie.', and ill 1 n r"ll'.T on tl e fi ft dav of eKt May c0lm ', i'i pcrlon stf June 1803. tv ouit, to be hi lor Hendei m 966 3 or Country Linen, delivedif 'n psif (' Trniifl Vrr hk wile. ccm y, we fliall notion i nd oirt to 1 Joan P t" at my boufe by the lall of July, re nr"HL partnership of rottei ami luh a ntl Gforp f lv " 1' .,( n, v iti 4 town and rpi omt trufte's toi he ' nuaiy 26, 1804. tf J in Ma) tin- -, l reeiblv to not paid by that tune Six Dollars j Scott, wis on the 14.' h ult. dil de rt Lickui'r ard 01 1, to! ' !sn l ,c , i consent. All those lOOObefoie mentis ned. pi ilp Ci'e n d, n CaHi. Fifteen Shillings cash the "Dteobv mutual til 10, 1804. . 'inn, on r't'i'uu v. ' nrhid V.r.l , 1000 a. res, enf red for Ben. H debted by either bond, note, 01 nta ir I pnrtd m iingie leap, and Sixteen dollirs V M - , - ,t 11 a't lie in pine A. s S IHF . r i and ciecl. ,.! lav, on Battle creen, adoining J wvt bn Kettur, for H vntv, 01 liwnrv dve bout lour nuJei. above the GoodiDOOK account, are requeued to make inture 1 mare to be withfo.l. nouth otWabafli is" u&. r Saunders- ., pavhle ne'tf Mav The p ibl c n river. naftiirage gratis for mares roning ""eui ite oayment to George i rot 1000 acres, enten- ' lor John A rr ' tl e fnd I'cit n"i ' nn o ' I'lf f n Cy, from a dittance, but vill net be an- - ter itn. wno win lettie on tne Dun lorth Tide of the H. lima- toik (vnfuJlrrT,tlPl, t. rh h .01 t ti nie (jJ en u it t7lV ..... I.a...l iL t 'tfS h T ineis 01 lata mm tnoie wno wil ty t , I '1 iorrc fwerable for accidents or escapes e L oinmtT itnnti inn,, r. Fbrnarv t, 180 . 2am 311 not avail themselves of tms notice, including the mruth of Wic;irvi j, aoja ., ilion's cieek. JAMES COGAR. ' V will compel us to the disagreeable All perform ar IvmcH fr r to the a'mve pircels ce n The T PUBLISHED, ed I onhk 11" ni,r e neceffity of commencing suits with- land t'ini" d, h) private contraifts t " RAGS. JUS lie deduce enbv n ro t ji out respect to persons. cent net pound or 1 "!. Ard for sale at this office, '9 from the peilons for wl om they were . vtO, I GFo. TROTTER fen. P ice 25 cents. w eight, given for cle-(&r rrftnr''-t, located. n.ailootpa ,t.ii 'j en or cotton rip-qTHE PILGRIM'S SONGSTER. ALUx. SCOTF. CEO. r. ETBB. at CliarUf s cr fi. Lex. 26th Dec. 1803, BY J H A. GttANADE. 3, 1804. tf. Lexmgn, J-Mai printing office, Lexington. 12m LOTTERY ENTERTAINMENT, Ju. Jr.: SEITZ&CO. JOHN HAVE tras Merchandize, -- e, ton. & V a ve-me- r con-f--iT- F I ael-inp'- ue fur-ve- PFSJ ' v. N n W l f jn" falt-wat- r WEeccoun & ilford, HAVE 1 4 tJ Lands, a !c, A Great Bargain, srrr -- I 1 j ffJ w UV.V 111 iu I 'tt l- ltnis ZtjniE r i! y jHI "wishe: 11 1 1 1 2-- MJ-.DLI- - 11 1 V i Ie, 1 -3 dniii T f 2, 11 11 ntnl""" ,,Ma -t, , , , c -- - -- . c ""vi"" i hi t" 1. J& i ' . j r , T . - , ii '0

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