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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), August 19, 1909

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

MOM I MMOM THE JEFFERSONIAN IOIIMM MM JEFFERSONTOWN. KY. 1 THE TOWN PUMP. Member of Kentucky Press Association and Eighth District Publishers League. "t K MMitMIIIIMMHMIMMt HAD BATHER The Town Pump has been used so t,IYE IH A COOHTRY much lately, on account of the exHAVINC NEW8PAPER8 treme warm weather and dry "spell," AND HO UW was afraid that I would be detected, THAR IN OHE my vacation. so I went away on HAYING LAWt ARD Money ran out and I had to come KO HEWPAPER8." home, and here I am again, at my old station and with the Jeffersonian's Local Newspaper, Published Every Thursday permission will give accurrences For the People of All the County. around the pump as I see them. C. ALCOCK, Editor and C. E. ALCOCK, Business J. Publisher. Manager. Advertising Rates Cards of Thanks Obituaries Readers S.x words to the line. Display, one insertion only : 5c 5c 10c see somebody has nominated my dear old "Uncle Rube" as a contestant in your Mammoth Cave and Ring Con test. I'm fer him: If he can run like per line he can write, he show will win. 1 ALL SHOES LOOK ALIKE the outside, but did you ever stop to think that the important parts of ..mj iuk ever a shoe, such as counters and inside soles, are covercu uF, so good on the outside but if the soles and counters are not solid leather it is impossible for the shoe to give satisfaction. A shoe has to be made right inside or it will not be comfortable or servicable. "STAR BRAND" Shoes are made made right both inside and outside. They are comfort-givin-by expert shoe makers g shoes. In the who know how to make good wearing, stylish, eleven big specialty factories where "STAR BRAND" Shoes are made there is IF I nothing but the best leather money can buy to make shoes. makesPEOPLE of shoes ONLY KNEW how superior "STAR BRAND" Shoes are to other On our business would double in thirty days. second-clas- "STAR BRAND SHOES ARE CORRECTLY POT s Very unfair means are being used bv a Louisville political newspaper to defeat Mr. Orville Stivers, regular Democratic nominee for County Sup erintendent of Schools for Jeffersan County, on the charge of incomp etency, because he failed to pass the STAR BRAND SHOES ARE BETTER' B ft LbbbbbbV Incorporated TOGETHER." 132 E. Market St., LOUISVILLE, KY. COME IN AND LET US SHOW YOU OUR "STARS." satntm (aaaaBaaaWaV naaaaaaajKXiaiBlV at." V naaHaaaBBjaaaaBvpavawMu SWCES AT COT PRICES I Jeffersontown has the stingiest man I in Kentucky, if not in the world, and 50c Mace I offer a premium of $25 for his su Mustard Seed . . . . 15c Hie got 50c perior in closehstedness. utmeg 15c 10c Celery Seed Mixed Pickle Spice, pound married to a home girl to save ex25c Cloves 35c 15c Black Pepper, 2 pounds county examination for teachers penses. They walked around the Caraway Seed 25c Chillie Pods 25c 15c more than five years ago. The paper square for a bridal tour. He bought Tumeric String Sealing Wax, 100 candy 25c Red Pepper 10c daily publishes ridiculous answers to her a nickel's worth of stick 25c Ginger Acid, package 15c Coriander questions Mr. Stivers gave in his ex for a wedding present, and then Allspice spoiling. Keeps fruit and vegetables from 20c amination, and the cartoons printed suggested that they save the candy are very amusing to some people for the children. Preston and Market Streets This is unjust to this young man who applied himself and has You know Jap Clem, Abe Anderson, has since Incorporated. struirtrled hard to overcome ditficul et al., took atrip recently to Niagara ties. Mr. Stivers passed a very cred Falls and several interesting places LOUISVILLE'S BEST DRUG STORE. itable examination in 1907 and se in Canada. The boys tell some intercured a state teachers' certificate, esting storit-- of their trip. Clem which qualifies him to serve as Countj said when he asked the Cumberland DAY. OLD Superintendent in case of his election Company if he might go they simply in November. His failure in the ex "took his head off." But Jap had his TRUCK amination five vears ago, and his own way, as the head officials know Celebrated at Vallsy Station, Where Many suhseouent efforts to overcome dif they can't get along with out him MMMMM MMM00M0MO he is made of the here. The sun was so warm it ficulties, show that Helpful Thoughts Were Given Wordown riirht kind of material. The county simply suffocated him, he said. When Well, Hannah has settled season shipped God As In Days of Old. is greatly in need of such young men, the boys got to the great Falls, of once more. The blackberry she was out so long she and Mr. Stivers should be encouraged course, they had to take a trip arounu is over, but blackberry in his efforts. At present he has two all the chfts and go under the water- kinder reminded me of a Valley Statio l, Aug. 16. The serwhen she came in. She was so sun- vices were conducted by Rev. Chas. nominee, fall. When they got about half-waopponents the Republican looked H. H. Sims, who it is charged, has up a hill, Clem said "I slipped, fell burned she was black: she Young Boggess, the oldest person in For Circuit Judge, First Chancery . over a clift and broke my neck! rather seedy, and she was awful failed to pass the required examin-tionthe house. Tie hymns were lined Division and Mrs. Rosa A. Stonestreet. indeed yes. And when big Abe lifted sweet. way, JUDGE SHACKELFORD MILLER. and sung in tie In regard to Mr. Sims, we have noth- me up and pulled me back on the before organs were used in the For Circuit Ivtsyei, First Division, ing to say, as we do not know his trail I absolutely died from the pain. The "buds'" around here had a churches. Rev. Boggess read I Cor. Common Pleas but Mrs. Stonestreet But before long I was able to go on picnic in Bridwell's woods Thursday, 13, and told sorie very interesting and qualifications, WILLIAM H. FIELD. "buds" helpful experiences of his life. Rev. is receiving some severe criticism for under the falls, but by the time we there were about twenty-fiv- e For Circuit Judge. Second Chancery making the race after being defeated were almost there I callapsed and sat and not a single "buddy," but they J. W. Conkling, of the Christian Division for the nomination in the Democratic down for I could never breathe again. said they had a good time anyhow. church, made a short, though helpful SAMUEL B. KIRBT. pull myself convention. Her chance for election But they made me and appropriate, talk on "Our Alle independent together, and in time we got under For Circuit Judge, Second Division, is very slim, for an 'Tis strange the notions women giance to God." Common Pleas candidate seldom wins, and Mrs. the water, and there it was so cold I take! Now one lady out here decided Z p. m. servicer were opened uy THOMAS R. GORDON. And I was so Stonestreet has made many enemies froze to death. life, so Rev. E. D. Boggess for the young she wanted to be little all her in the county bv coming out against glad, I tell you, when we came out at she married a Mr. Little. One of our people, the organ being used at this For Circuit Judge, Third Division, Common Pleas the regular Democratic party, which last, and as soon as they got me to girls desires to attain a great height time. Bro. Boggess' subject was, WALTER P. LINCOLN. has supported her for many years, the hotel. I went to bed, dead from (Will Hite) and so the story goes. now thy Creator in the "Remember and for taking a stand against a exhaustion.'" Criminal Judge days of thy youth." For Now you can believe that, if you model school for the country children JAMES P. GREGORY. May all that heard these good folks Will some one tell me what has of the county. In the latter, how- want to. Clem told me about it the become of the Totalrooster? Oh! how be benefited and be the means of For County Judge ever, she has made some friends next day after he returned from his we miss him. helping others. All had an enjoyable MUIR WEISSINGER. among those opposed to the high-tatrip. He's like a cat has several day. the one sad thought being since For County Attorney and a model school. It can also be lives. I see some one has entered my name our last meeting several had passed A. SCOTT BDLLITT. TOTALROOSTER. said of Mrs. Stonestreet that she has in the great JefTersonian contest. away from our midst. For Commonwealth's Attorney done much for the schools in Jefferson Now, I am afraid to make a canvass JOSEPH M. HDFFAKER. LONG BUN. county since she has held the office of get me SEAT0NVILLE BOY'S. for fear the "Marshall" will School Superintendent, and has so u. me. For County Sheriff or some one will "Lynch kept her records that anyone desiring ALBERT M. EMLER. Aug. 16. Mrs. J. G. Morris spent G. Whizz!" some one help me. There is Mr. Guy Mills-- He to know conditions in Jefferson county Monday in Louisville. County Circuit Court For just can t be beat: could easily do so by calling at her Miss Bessie Gregg, of Louisville, LODIS SUMMERS. The other day Hannah said: "Rube, Whoever get t his company. May think quite a treat. office. This was a great improvehas returned home after a visit with just come out and see my pretty County Clerk For ment that she made in this office. relatives here. There were almost fifty Next comes Pretty" Harvey PRES S. RAT. name; great deal of Miss Stella Webb spent last Thurs- hens." That is his latest But she has caused a beauties. That very night I went to The girls all think he is awful cute. For County Assessor bitter opposition on account of "play- day with Miss Fannie Bell Good- fasten the hen house door and, would And I just .hink the same. EDWARD BARRT. ing politics," as has been charged, night. you believe it, there was nothing Mr. Pound and Mr. Morsey, For County Jailer and it was plain to be seen at the Mr. Herbert Long spent lastFriday there but roosters. Hannah nearly Who I muM not forget. JOHN R. PFLANZ. county convention that the people in Louisville. of course I told her, but they ar; our young- business men; doesn't matter Misses Clara and Marguerite Neel, fainted when hens had only gone to For we are proud of them "you bet!" were against her. It For County Surveyor And I explained the how well qualified she is for the of Finchville, were guests of relatives RUSSELL B. GAINES. j ust a little bashful. course were roosters. There is Jo roost and of position, if her party turns her down here. Though h t is kind and true; Uncle Rube. For County Coroner Although ysu are seldom with us. and the people do not want her, it Miss Ona Belle Demaree has reDR. ELLIS DUNCAN. step down turned to her home at Todd's Point There's some one waiting for you. appears that she should One Of 'Em Benxine Buggies. For County School Superintendent and out and let some one else have after spending a week with relatives and Mr .Frederick We dont't know how true this is, Mr. Tenneli are the dandiest boys yet. ORYILLE J. STIVERS. They say the office. here. but the "Around the Town" man of And I am sorry to say Crosby entertained the Miss Calien SENATOR. the Louisville Times said it, and we That these voung men have never met. INGRATITUDE. Long Run Club last Thursday evening. give it to you: Thirty-sixtDistrict Mr. Swan ind Roland Tyler. Quite a number were present. near Seatonville town; Who doc 't HERMAN D. NEWCOMB. Patrolman Chas. Schneidt- - But when we live soour parties dingive One of the most common sins in the Mrs. G. B. Neel entertained at m;iir nf Harrod's Creek, thought he Thev an: always invited around. past age is that of ingratitude in- ner last Wednesday for the following: had it on his brother officers when he LEGISLATOR. but lot gratitude for the blessings of God Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Smith.Mr. and Mrs. got an automobile, ne being tne omy Last, is a good least,jolly boy, Forty-fourtDistrict and He teen in the county you guess who? girls, that we enjoy and ingratitude that J. E. Justice, Mrs. J. G. Morris, L. C. OWINGS. one oi Now it iscan't dandy friend, Roy, wun our Whv, we show to those of the world who Missi6 Clara and Marguerite Neel, service who is supplied ouggies. MAGISTRATES. Now. boy s, don't be astonished, accomplish something for their Beatrice Morris, and Mr. William 'em there benzine "sixteen-io-ou- c try to nns rhc rimer When you nnd out the writer's name: First District R. O. DORSEY. laugh on Schneidt- - I must close now: fellow citizens. We turn to God when Crosby. officers have the Second Dist CHAS. C. WHEELER. I remai n as ever, the same. call to xYLldcUe- upon beds of affliction and beseech IlllliV. Mrs. A. N. Yeager and children, of mtllpr He went on aand maoe a rec Sum Shine. Third District H. D. ROBB. town the other night Him to give aid, but when He permits Lvndon. spent last Thursday with Fourth District S. S. HOLLIS. run just to snow tnai tne mdcuiucs ord us to enjoy life and bestows abundant Mrs. W. H. Childs. anu are an mcj are the proper tning CONSTABLES. gifts upon us, many of us forget Him. un" to be. . . Mrs. Marshall Humphrey has re- tii i gow District CHAS. T. OSBORXE First It should be a pleasant duty to be turned to her heme in Louisville after He went sO fast that tne engine tne Second District J. W. FLOORE. nnri " U " grateful to God, who has forever pro- spending some time with Miss Bernice nr.r rofeor1 rnwhen he Stopped Third District H. G. ROBB, JR. Btart. nn acain. tected and comforted us. Nothing in Grady. Fourth District L. M. CAMP. his sleuth Schneidtmiller received behind a team of this life is absolutely ours, but lent Mrs. Moore, ot Eminence, was the had consid-wit- h 1909 us from the hand 1909 November Electios guest of her daughter, Mrs. James mules on a farm. He has machinery in People too often forget this fact, and O'Brien. the shape of farming implements and C. devote their lives to the world and Quite a number from this neighbor- therefore when the automobile at first the devil instead of showing their hood attended the meeting at Kavan-aug- h failed to operate he was not mucn rnnfident that he ri.A TT Democratic Nominee appreciation by living true to God Camp grounds Sunday. wnnW hp able to remedy the trouble The same ingratiMagistrate, Second District. and to mankind. " v ill ll a'litw- r tude is manifested in our dealings triprl his mechanical How's This? UJ ciiv- - ... . . . to with humanity. Let some good man 1909 NOVEMBER ELECTION. 1909 Dollars Re knowledge when the engine faileda. We offer One Hundred offer to contribute a large sum of start properly, ne got uuuci n.nuts, any case of Catarrh that worked, screwed bolts, tightened money to a church or a school and ward for can not be cured bv Hall's Catarrh odinctpil 3nd read iusted the sparker, C. OWINGS there will be those who will charge Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co. , Toledo, O. sweated, pulled and tugged at the he is doing this for show. Pracwas sore, puffed that We. the undersigned, have known r.rank until his arm finally and tical illustrations could be given F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, QPnt sweated some more, andbuggy Democratic Nominee for the hnmp for his horse and serve every day. Our school trustees him perfectly honorable reason the other sixteen believe That the the people without pay or apprecia and business transactions, and finan- county ispatrolmen are laughing town trustees are not paid in all tion. The able to carry out any obligai a cent for their services, and when cially Bring Results. 1 THE WORK tions made by his firm. they make an effort to collect delinWalding, Kinnan & Martin, From the 44th Legislative DisIf you have a farm for sale, want to I THE BEAT town, inquent taxes or improve the Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. rent a place, or want to buy or sell trict of Jefferson county. stead of receiving the thanks that PRICE livestock, try the Jeffersonian's classiHall's Catarrh Cure is taken interare rightfully due them, they are ads bring reRIGHT Many of us know our duty nally, acting directly upon the blood fied ad column. Class criticized. Wahtmv You to know the Jeffersonlan mucous surfaces of the system. sults Will onlv cost vou one cent a to God and humanity, but we forget and can save you money if Ton subscribe for the Jeffersontown. 75c word. Phone 36-ourselves. Let's be up and doing, Testimonials sent free. Price, Louisville dally papers. oer bottle. Sold by all Druggists. and "render unto Caesar the things Our beef is killed right at home for consti Take Hall's Subscribe for the Jeffersonlan. that are Caesar's, and unto Go Fanelli Bros pationthings that are God's." GMiM DIn SHOEJ3 sun & son, "STAR BRAND SHOES ARE BETTER" "STAR BRAND SHOES ARE LEATHER" The most amusing thing I have 25c per inch heard the last few days happened evening about 5 o'clock PRICE $1.00 PER YEAR Saturday SUBSCRIPTION young lady's father came IN ADVANCE. PAYABLE A lovely over to the Pump to get a drink of matter June 13. 1907. water. This was the chance of a lifeEntered as at the postofflce at Jeffersontown. Kentucky time for the girl's sweetheart to ask under the Act of Congress of Marcti 3. 1B79. for her. He did, and met with the inquiry, "So you want to marry my Thursday, August 19, 1909. daughter' Got any money?" He was a fly young man and answered, "Ves, I UNJUST CRITICISM. have a little: how much do you hold her star ... Fruit THEO. RECTANUS CO. ICE! ICE! PLENTY OF ICE. Buechel Ice, Coal and Cumb. East 764-A- . Storage Co. BUECHEI KY. s I PATCH. FOLK'S i Democratic Ticket. Are ready to supply your v for ICE and COAL at city WE KINDLY SOLICIT YOUR Pf y Don't forget we are in ket for onions and potat A-jfc Oo-o- h. IN AND HIPPODROME BUILU1NU RACES NATIELLO AND HIS BAND DAILY FREE ATTRACTIONS FIRE WORKS 25 GREAT SIDE SHOWS ON THE PASS PAVII-IO- HORSE SHOW x i 30,00O.pm1 P6 BIG nigtits 25 N Here the finest live stock and the best farm products are assembled friend meets Show rain or shine, day and friend, amusement is combined with information. night in the largest and most magnificent Live Stock Pavilior. in the world. Quarter of a Million Will Be Here. COME. LOW RAILROAD KATES CATALOGUE FOR. INFORMATION ENTRY BLANKS. ADDRESS J. W. NEWMAN, Secretary, Louisville. 320 Paul Jones Bide. BY E. R. Ky. SPROWL. , PUBLIC SALE! Three Cozy Little Homes and Building Site. h Tuesday Afternoon, Aug. 24, at 3:30 O'clock p. m, h .. a.-lrerl V ht" HAND! flr 1 vy 1 US YOLTO ORDERS FOR Chas. Wheeler for fK.-- MR. BUFORD WHEELER (as he is ffoinir to leave the state), has instructed me to sell his sweet little home on Leslie Avenue in Gregrgr's First Addition to Jeffersontown. Ky. It is an extra well built dwelling- of five rooms, colonial porch, good well, cistern, large yard, garden, etc. Lot 207x111 feet, concrete pavement and on one of the prettiest streets in Jeffersontown. MR. L. C. OWINOS also says "SELL his property on Grigg s Avenue insame addi tion." It has a frontage of 227! feet and a depth of 233J feet to an alley. Comparatively anmrnpr VitphPTl VCCi hi m . WHll (tr j n:H..f f.ii.i-nnin-a Ucw UWCI1IUK ui luui 1 v m in j , u ...... . MR. R. O. ELLINGSWORTH has a well built dwelling of four rooms, on Main street, in Gregg's Second Addition, which he instructs me to sell. Lot 141x215 feet. Good well, etc. Also a nice building site on same street, 00x816 feet. If you are looking for a nice little home, or safe investment that will yield yo a profit, you cannot afford to miss this sale. Terms on day of sale aad they will be very reasonable - , E. R. SPROWL, Auctioneer, Cumb. Phone PRINTINGi Legislature IS THE 1 We Are at your -x--.mG - 4 I r A Now Ready to Glean Your Onion Seed own home with our new, chine; gasoline power. up-to-d- ate IVE US ACAL ma- L S. S. COE & SON. R. R. 14, Jeffersontown, Ky. Jeffersontown IS 3, Jeffersontown, ky." 36-- 3. L. JOB . Hotel Newly Furnished Throughout MRS. J. W. KELLER, Prop. JEFFERSONTOWN, KY. We are now prepared to entertain the public, and solicit your patronage. furnished with the best on the market. Transient or Regular Boarders at Reasonable Rates. Table

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