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Page 253 of The Union cause in Kentucky, 1860-1865

The Guerrilla Evil 253 To this letter the following answer was made: "Confederate States ok America, War Dep't, " July 20, 1861. " Col. B. W. Blakewood, " Spottswood Hotel, Richmond, Va. "Sir: In reply to your letter of the 13th instant, I am directed by the Secretary of War to say that a regiment armed and equipped would be accepted, electing its own field officers. But no pledge can be given of the service it will be required to perform or of its field of operations. " Respectfully, " A. T. Bledsoe, " Chief of Bureau of War." {Ib., 491.) It might be supposed by those who, at the present time, claim to hold "guerrillas " to have been a lot of wretches, "deserters from both sides," and "condemned by both sides," that when propositions to organize "guerrilla" regiments or companies or bands were made to the Confederate authorities they would have been indignantly spurned, but the foregoing correspondence shows the contrary, and the following is to the same effect: "Butler, Choctaw Co., Ala., July 26, 1S61. "L. P. Walker, Esq. " Dear Sir: Quite a number of men of undoubted respectability are anxious to serve the government on their own account. It is proposed to form a company or companies and proceed against the enemy in any manner that will cripple the enemy most, and do our government most service. It is further proposed in forming such companies and in going to war, in order to sustain such companies, to seize, take, and convey all and every kind of property captured to the use of such companies. In other words, such companies propose going and fighting without restraint and under no orders, and convey the property so captured to their own private use, thereby benefiting their own pecuniary circumstances, as

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