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Page 259 of Aunt Leanna, or, early scenes in Kentucky.

E A R L Y S CENES I N K E N T U C K Y . 259 p roved condition of the colored man when transplanted to the l and o f his forefathers." H e s ays further : " I have the strongest f aith i n t he bright future that awaits L i b e r i a , a nd the strongest confidence that she w i l l w i e l d the most powerful i nfluence in regenerating A f r i c a . " C ommodore M a y o a lso states that the slave trade has been i n a great m easure suppressed, but he thinks the w ithdrawal o f t he A m e r i c a n squadron would be attended w i t h i n jurious r esults, l i e thinks the acclimating fever is b ut l ittle d angerous to those of A f r i c a n d escent, and t he climate is one of unusual salubrity. I n ow q uote f rom the N a t i o n a l M agazine, o f M a r c h , 1 854: " F o r a number of years after the commeucement o f the L i b e r i a c olony, the governors were white men, a nd a ppointed by the A m e r i c a n Colonization Society. I t w as always designed by the friends of that noble c ause, that colored men should o ccupy t he important p ost, w h e n the proper time should a rrive. I t came, a nd M r . Joseph J . Roberts for six years successfully p resided over the destinies of the young commonwealth, as its governor. " U nder the auspices aud guidance of the A m e r i can C olonization Society, the settlement continued g radually to advance, its population increased, and a griculture p rospered, and the t erritory g rew. G r a d ually t he colonization society withdrew its influence i n r egard to the government of L i b e r i a . I ts management was left to themselves i n 1846.

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