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Page 46 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 32 no. 3 1956

Part of Mountain Life and Work

46 WHIMMYDIDDLER Under the aegis of Richard Chase, teller of tales, an ancient pioneer toy, locally re-named "Gee-haw Whimmydiddle", has grown into an active and wage-earning home industry on Cove, Laurel, Buckeye, and Beech Creeks, North Carolina. Several families, "of an evening" when the outside work is done, are scraping off bark, whittling, sandpapering, notching, and burnishing sticks of laurel and beech "bresh" into a fascinating and tricky toy. „r% The Gee-haw Whimmydiddle will "gee" or "haw" at the will of the operator. (And the trick is quite imperceptible. ) Its origin remains a mystery, but it is said it is "as old as the hills." Many old-timers know it and say they have often made one-"and it sure delights the young 'uns. 11 #####

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