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James Walters photograph collection on Balkan, 1910

Part of James Walters photograph collection on Balkan

2014av024Walters, James photograph collection on BalkanJames Walters photograph collection on Balkan, 1910-2012, undated 2014av024Carolyne MillsapUniversity of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center2016 March 24Special Collections Research CenterMargaret I. King Building, NorthLexington 40506-0039SCLREF@LSV.UKY.EDUURL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2016-08-15 09:41:29 -0400.Describing Archives: A Content Standard English University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center James Walters photograph collection on Balkan Ferguson, Sherry 2014av024 1.95 Cubic Feet 10 boxes, 1 folder 1910-2012, undated Processing Information The collection was previously organized by the University of Kentucky Appalachian Center and the original numbering was retained. Several items in the photographs series were moved to the Balkan, Kentucky, research materials series. These include numbers 4, 144, 152-153, 160b, 168, 177, 221, 223, 252, 266, 271-272, 287-288, 309, and 320. Conditions Governing Use The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center. Preferred Citation 2014av024: [identification of item], James Walters photograph collection on Balkan, 1910-2012, undated, University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center. Coal mines and mining -- Kentucky. Kentucky -- History. Balkan (Ky.) Boardtree (Ky.) Ferguson, Sherry Ferguson, Sherry Balkan, Kentucky photographsSeries I.1910-2012, undatedBell, appears to be behind church, reproductionundated11Men and women being baptized, originalundated12Men and women gathered around water for baptism, originalundated13Baptizing at Balkan, Kentucky, Reverend Bill Melzoni, photocopyundated45Baptizing at Balkan, Kentucky, photocopyundated46Group of women being led out of water after baptism, reproductionundated17Baptism at Baptist Church, photocopyundated48Crowd of people on edge of river watching a baptism, photocopyundated49Crowd of people posing preparing for baptism, photocopyundated410Reverend Bill Melzoni baptizing at Balkan, reproductionundated111aMen and women holding hands preparing for baptism by Reverend Bill Melzoni, reproductionundated111bPhotograph of an article on the Balkan Basketball team of 1928-1931, includes team photo, reproductionundated112Crowd of people around school house with two men sitting on roof, reproductionundated413Kids inside one room school house in Bell County, Kentucky, photocopy1946414Group of kids in front of school yard, reproductionundated115Group of all boys in school yard, reproductionundated116Photograph of Balkan High School football field with article about Balkan High School sports from the 1930s-1960s, reproductionundated117Group of young boys, possibly baseball team, reproductionundated118Schoolhouse in Balkan, Kentucky, reproductionundated119aAbandoned schoolhouse, original2003119b-cLarge group of kids in front of schoolhouse, reproductionundated120Class photograph, teacher Cara Dussini, originalcirca 1928421Students posing in front of two female teachers, reproductionundated422Students posing in front of brick school, Wasioto, Bell County, Kentucky, photocopyundated423Children in front of school house, reproductionundated424Snowy road in front of house, reproductionundated125Old car in front of Barn, reproductionundated126Houses on mountainside in Balkan, Kentucky, reproductionundated427a-bHouse near lumber yard, photocopyundated428Modern tipple, original2007129Closing of Whipple coal mine, Boardtree, Kentucky, originalcirca 1960s130Coal man-car aerial view, reproductionundated131Railroad tracks, reproductionundated132Balkan Mines, John Bunch, originalundated133Balkan church on the hill, originalundated134Man-car landing after mine closed, reproductionundated135Tipple, reproductionundated136Houses in Balkan, Kentucky, reproductionundated137Man-car on train tracks in wooded area, reproduction1936138Scope and ContentsCourtesy of Harry Lee Jackson.Man sitting on machine, reproduction of item 33undated139Man standing near train tracks, originalundated140Man walking on train tracks, reproductionundated141Two men working inside mine near post; an index card of instructions on coal mining, not of Balkan, reproductionundated142Man standing near detonator leg; an index card of instructions on coal mining, not of Balkan, reproductionundated143Man working on detonator inside mine; an index card of instructions on coal mining, not of Balkan, reproductionundated144Small concrete building, reproductionundated145Two men working on man-car track inside mine; an index card of instructions on coal mining, not of Balkan, reproductionundated146Two men working on man-car; an index card of instructions on coal mining, not of Balkan, reproductionundated147Man inspecting cable inside mine; an index card of instructions on coal mining, not of Balkan, reproductionundated148Tipple, originalundated149Man holding lantern inside mine, reproductionundated150Man spraying coal, reproductionundated151Electric tower, reproductionundated152Coal in carts, reproductionundated153Miner standing in mine, reproductionundated154Tipplle, Balkan, Kentucky, originalundated455Sherwood Greene standing on Balkan man-car track, originalundated456Two men standing on man-car, Balkan, originalundated457Men gathered near track pushing a man-car, originalundated458View of mine, carpenter shop on right and tipple, originalundated459Man standing at fork in tracks in mine, reproductionundated160A man standing with large stick and man crouching with bucket inside mine, reproductionundated161Man holding detonator wire, reproductionundated162Man bending near track inside mine, reproductionundated163Large cart of coal, reproductionundated164Man inspecting wall inside of mine, reproductionundated165Man holding a medical instrument, reproductionundated166Man dressed in black standing in all white room, reproductionundated167Two men standing inside mine placing long stick in roof, reproductionundated168Mine tunnel, reproductionundated169Coal carts strung along a track, reproductionundated170Man in hat with hammer fixing man-car track, reproductionundated171Picture of mining equipment standing vertically, reproductionundated172Man working on piece of equipment, reproductionundated173Two men bent over chopping wood, reproductionundated174Men holding steel beam, reproductionundated175Man placing explosive wire on wooden beam, reproductionundated176Man standing in between two carts full of coal, reproductionundated177Man-car sitting on track near miner inspecting the contents, reproductionundated178Large horn-shaped coal processing facility, reproductionundated179Two men standing inside mine holding a stick of dynamite, reproductionundated180Two men standing near white tall inside mine, reproductionundated181Masked miner working on wooden beam inside mine, reproductionundated182Older man using hammer to break open wooden box, reproductionundated183Two men using a maching spewing a white substance inside mine, reproductionundated184A man crouching in the back corner of mine, reproductionundated185Man writing on wall of mine, reproductionundated186Man kneeling on ground of mine, reproductionundated187Man spraying substance near large machinery inside mine, reproductionundated188Two men spraying substance near wall inside mine, reproductionundated189Two of the miners taken at the Headhouse, Balkan, Kentucky, originalundated190Group of men on mancar coming down track, originalcirca 1940191Man trip - Balkan, original1940 October192Man-car track situated on a hill near mine, originalundated193Condalee Gatliff and Bobby Binch, man-car and tipple in background, originalcirca 1920s194Scope and ContentsCourtesy of Mrs. Judy Jones.Man-car and night crew, Balkan, Kentucky, original1940 October195Mine worker leaning off the side of the front part of a man-car, originalundated196Group of miners standing and sitting near entrance of mine; an index card of instructions on coal mining, not of Balkan, reproductionundated197Logging facility on the bottom of large mountain with tracks running along side, reproductionundated198[Dody?] in mine to control air supply where miners are working, braddish cloth covers one side of the gap to seal the door, reproductioncirca 1930s199Logging facility on the bottom of large mountain with tracks running along side, reproductionundated2100Aerial view of mining facility, reproductionundated2101Man with newsboy hat, white button down and bow tie sitting in man-car, reproductionundated2102Two children standing on man-car, reproductionundated2103One woman and group of men standing in a row inside clothing store, originalundated2104Mine tipples near Loyall, Kentucky, loaded L&N hopper cars, originalundated4105Railroad crossing at T.J. Asher & sons, originalundated4106Aerial view of Balkan with houses and mining facility below, reproductionundated4107Railroad crossing at T.J. Asher & sons, reproductionundated4108Aerial view of Balkan with houses and mining facility below, reproductionundated4109Gentle handling loading boom, photocopyundated4110Marcus Screens in No. 2 Tipple, photocopyundated4111Railroad tracks, originalundated2112Wooden house at the bottom of hill, reproductionundated2113From Highway 119 at Calloway Overlooking Cumberland River on the left, and the former coal mining camp of Mathel. The road to Board-Tree and Balkan is across the Te-jay Bridge and railroad at the foot of the high mountain to the east, photocopyundated4114Hopper car loaded with coal on railroad track, reproductionundated4115Tipple, Balkan, Kentucky, reproductionundated4116Men pushing man-car on track, reproductionundated2117Hopper cart filled with coal, reproductionundated4118Big John Nelson, Balkan, Kentucky, original1940 October2119aMotor - Balkan, original1940 October2119bMan trip - Balkan, original1940 October2119cS. Siler and Herb Nilder, Balkan, Kentucky, original1940 October2119dImages of mining facility showing tripple and mining equipment, photocopyundated4120Railroad tracks, photocopyundated4121Railroad tracks and tipple, reproductionundated4122Railroad tracks on hillside, reproductionundated4123Drawing of map outlining coal camp, photocopyundated4124Supply house, First Commissary at lower level, Doctor's building to the right, incline in background, reproductionundated2125Houses in Balkan, Kentucky, photocopy of item 37undated2126White house in Balkan, reproductionundated4127Aerial of houses in Balkan, reproductionundated4128Houses in Balkan, reproductionundated4129Corn husking bee from 1900s, newspaper article, photocopyundated4130Whipple Coal Company and house on edge of mountain, reproductionundated4131A Balkan home, originalundated4132Balkan coal mining camp village, reproductionundated2133Looking east to the village-like row of houses with Church overlooking the Camp and across the valley to the mountain and mine, photocopyundated2134Houses along river side in Board-tree and houses along foot of mountainside, reproductionundated4135a-bMan standing in front of loaded freight train car, originalundated4136Wasioto and Black Mountain Railroad owner, Thomas Jefferson Ashercirca 1908-19154137Group of L&N crew scenes standing in front of coal tipple, newspaper article, photocopyundated4138Man placing mail pouch on pole for train pickup without stopping, photocopyundated4139First train to Harlan, Kentucky, photocopy19114140Men standing in front of L&N North Steam Train, newspaper article, photocopyundated4141Moving train, photocopyundated4142The L&N Passenger train just leaving the Tejay Depot station, reproductionundated4143Covers of Louisville and Nashville Employee's Magazine, reproduction1926-19282145-147Water tank station found on L&N steamer, reproductionundated2148Man posing in front of train tunnel, reproductionundated2149Modern facade of Balkan school opened in 1935, original20094150Railroad bridge, originalundated2151White house on side of hill with stack of logs in foreground, labeled Palace on back of photograph, reproductionundated2154Railroad tracks from a distance in the snow, originalundated2155Balkan Reunion at Remodel School, original20092156a-cOld picture of original Balkan school, reproductioncirca 19334157Motor and man trip coming out of the mines Balkan, Kentucky, original1940 October2158aMan-car on track and railroad track, photocopyundated4158bCoal train, photocopy19454159Balkan Band, Liberty Bond Drive during World War I, J.W. Walters director, original19182160aBalkan Baptist Church, reproduction19142161Te-jay swinging bridge over the Cumberland River with Myrtle Birch and friend standing on the bridge, reproduction19222162Scope and ContentsOnly known photograph of the first foot (Swinging Bridge, Te-Jay) over the Cumberland River, build circa 1913. One of eight built by R. T. Boatright of Brownies Creek. R. T. said, I learned how to built my first one at Te-jay, over the Cumberland River. Then Board-Tree and built eight or more. This photograph was made by Lynn Birch in 1922. The woman on the left is his wife, Myrtle Birch, the other woman is unknown but could be her friend, Myrtle Walters. Courtesy of their son, Robert Birch.House on the Hill, original house of Edwin Roberts, postmaster and commissary manager, later occupied by James W. Walters, reproductioncirca 19102163Houses in Balkan near riverside, reproductionundated2164Boy playing in Tom's Creek behind Balkan school, reproductionundated4165Cross road in foreground of Mountain range, reproductionundated4166Bridge surrounded by vegetation, reproduction and photocopyundated4167a-bBalkan, Kentucky, reproductioncirca 1940s4169Scope and ContentsCourtesy of Dr. Clayton Lowery.Two men standing on a steam engine, originalundated2170Coal car full of coal on front of mountains, snow, original1929 April2171Mail pouch for train pickup without stopping, reproductionundated2172L&N coal train car, originalundated2173Houses next to a railway line. Wasioto and Black Mountain Railroad, originalundated2174Cover of the Louisville and Nashville Employee's Magazine, reproduction1926 May2175Picture of tracks over a hill with a small shed, reproductionundated2176Crowd at the Mountain Laurel Festival, Pine Mountain Amphitheater, Pineville, Kentucky, originalundated2178Scope and ContentsStamped on back - Negatives of this picture on file at Jackson Studio, Pineville, KentuckyCrowd at the Mountain Laurel Festival, Pioneer Days, Pine Mountain Amphitheater, Pineville, Kentucky, originalundated2179Two young men making molasses, reproductionundated2180Mountain Laurel Parade, Pineville, Kentucky, reproductionundated2181Balkan Veterans Memorial stone, originalundated4182Swinging bridge at Boardtree, photocopyundated4183Sunday outing Balkan mine, group of men and women standing on a hillside, reproductionundated2184Sunday outing Balkan mine, men and women on some sort of rail car, reproductionundated2185Several buildings: Baptist Church, commissary, restaurant, and supplies, originalundated2186Two men standing behind the counter of the commissary, originalundated2187Men and women behind the counter of the commissary. First permanent commissary after it burned 1910-1920, originalundated2188Men, women, and one child on a rail car, photocopyundated4189View of church at Balkan, Kentucky, original1940 October2190Men playing baseball, reproductionundated2191Two young boys standing with their hands in their pockets, reproductionundated2192Reunion in 1965, dinner on the grounds, Ruth H. Harkness is left/center, reproduction19652193Prestonia School Band, originalundated2194-195Group of women playing the instruments, reproductionundated2196-197List of Band personnel, reproductionundated2198Photograph of band published in the Courier-Journal, reproduction1951 January 142199Hazard Mechanics Shop Band, W. B. Decoursley, sponsor, original1929 January2200Large group in front of a building, some are holding instruments, reproductionundated4201Balkan, Kentucky concert band in front of the Continental Hotel in Pineville, reproduction19182202Troop No. 1 Boy Scouts of America, Ravenna, Kentucky, Band, originalundated2203All women band, reproductionundated2204Band with a young woman on guitar, one member in blackface, reproductionundated2205Balkan Concert Band 1034 on Bell County Courthouse lawn, reproductionundated2206Benham Concert Band, includes members Little Johnny, Humpy Meyers, ENoch Willis, and John Kegley, photocopy1917 August 174207Large group, including a band, in front of a building, originalundated2208Wilton Band in 1920, J.W. Walters superintendent of the mines is a trumpet player, reproductionundated2209Ye Old Hometown Band, Corbin, Kentucky, contains Balkan players, reproductionundated2210Brass Band, reproduction19114211Landscape of company homes in a valley, taken in 1913 by Ann Roberts, reproduction19132212Two men standing behind the counter of the commissary, originalundated2213Mildred and chickens, Balkan, Kentucky, originalundated2214Scope and ContentsStamped on back with The Barner Studio, Pineville, Kentucky.Commissary building, originalundated2215Five men standing in front of train engine, originalundated2216Train tracks running up a hill, reproductionundated2217Baptizing in Cumberland River at Balkan, Kentucky, originalundated2218Balkan basketball team, J.W. Walters is third from the left, original1935-19362219John Bunch, next to car, originalundated2220 Hardburley Coal Tipple, near Hazard, Kentucky, postcardundated2222John Bunch, Balkan Mines, reproduction of item 33undated2224Large group of miners sitting on cars outside of a mine portal, reproductionundated2225Picture of two rails in a coal operation, reproductionundated2226Three men working on the rails at a coal mine, reproductionundated2227Landscape, covered bridge, T.J. Asher and Sons store, reproductionundated4228Swinging bridge at Balkan with shrubbery in image, reproductionundated4229Metal beamed bridge in Balkan2230Seven sisters, reproductionundated3231Tom's Creek, original20104232Big rock behind school in Tom's Creek, original20104233Aerial photograph of Balkan, reproductionundated4234Post-office shared by Boadtree and Balkan, reproductionundated4235Men in front of Balkan, Kentucky, post office, verso George and friend in the mountains of Kentucky, originalundated3236First commissary, originalcirca 1912-19203237Scope and ContentsCourtesy of Mrs. George Young.Second commissary, originalafter 19203238Children in front of a building, Balkan, Kentucky, original1942 February3239Railroad track, originalundated3240L&N coal car, originalundated3241Upward view of railroad track, reproductionundated3242Balkan today, original20073243Large truck in Balkan, original19993244Several coal miners posing in front of a horse, reproductionundated3245Coal tipple in modern Balkan, original20073246-248Aspect of coal tipple in modern Balkan, originalundated3248View of Balkan community from elevated point, reproductionundated3249View of another neighborhood in Balkan, reproductionundated3250Man-cart tracks up a mountain, originalundated3251aInterior of mine to show electrical assembly lay out, originalcirca 19233251bScope and ContentsPhotograph taken by Lynn Birch.Lynn Birch in coveralls, waiting on other workers in a mine, originalcirca 19233251cMine electrical display further up the track, includes privy, originalcirca 19233251dCaptions for items 251b-d4251eBalkan, Kentucky annual Homecoming, Labor Day on Sunday on grounds of Balkan Public School, originalundated4253Crowd gathered in front of Balkan Public school, reproductionundated4254Miners placing electrical installation near tracks where coal gons were parked before being loaded at the tipple, originalcirca 19233255aElectrical installation near tracks where coal gons were parked before being loaded at the tipple, originalcirca 19233255bCaptions for items 255a-b4255cTwo miners working on track, reproductionundated4256First train steams over newly build L&N tracks into Harlan, original1911 July4257Balkan band, sports team and crowd gathered in field, originalundated4258aLouisville Male High School Band, reproductionundated3258bL&N Railroad Shop Employee Band of Mobile Shops, Mobile, Alabama, reproductionundated3258cDr. Anne Kingsolver with previous Balkan residents, original20123259-261Balkan residents, original20123262-263Water pump, reproductionundated4264Lester Southerland with trip of coal at Balkan Mines, originalundated3265Coal mining facility, reproductionundated5267Scope and ContentsMarker damage on photograph.Sunday trips to the mines, reproductionundated5268Balkan men at the College of Engineering at the University of Kentucky taking the Mine Foreman Examination, originalundated3269Winter scenery in Black Mountains, originalundated5270aWinter at Coxton, houses, originalundated5270bView toward Little Black Mountain, originalundated5270cOffices, commissary, and officals' houses, originalundated5270dNumber one or Coxton Tipple, originalundated5270eNumber two or Kayu Tipple, original5270fElectric Haulage, originalundated5270gCoal coming down the conv at number two mine, originalundated5270hMarcus screens in number two tipple, originalundated5270iGentle handling by Loading Boom, originalundated5270jPanoramic of a large crowd of men and boys outside of the Balkan Post Office, originalundated5275Scope and ContentsHomemade panoramic photograph.Bed and lamp from Vivian Douglas, original201032761937 Balkan Furniture, originalundated3277Balkan, Kentucky, baseball diamond with school in background, reproduction19473278Scope and ContentsPhotograph taken by Harold Evans.Two men standing outside of the old commissary that later burned. Church on hill in background, reproductionundated3279Commissary, reproductionundated3280Boys playing baseball on the Balkan Diamond, reproductionundated3281Several men and a young girl standing outside of the commissary, reproductionundated3282Aerial view of coal camp homes, reproductionundated5283Tipple, reproductionundated3284A large group of men walking down rails, originalundated3285Lumber, tracks, and a building, originalundated3286Two children standing on a rail car, reproductionundated3289Wasioto and Black Mountain Railroad, first train in Harlan, Hazard, Kentucky, photocopy19115290Engine no. 2401 of L&N Railroad, pictured near Corbin, Kentucky, photocopyapproximately 19205291Train on the tracks, photocopyundated5292Harmony [?] Band, originalundated3293Bethel College Band, all men, reproductionundated3294Prestonia School children's band, reproductionundated3295a-bL&N Band, Ravenna, Kentucky, reproductionundated3296Franklin Civic Club Band, Franklin, Kentucky, reproduction1928 December3297Drum and Bugle Corps, Worsham Post No. 40, American Legion, Henderson, Kentucky, reproduction1928 September3298Kentucky Military Institute marching band, reproduction19443299Five man band, portrait, reproductionundated3300All men band, reproductionundated3301Wasiota and Black Mountain Railroad by Thomas Jefferson Asher, reproductionundated3302Commissary, two women standing in front, reproductionundated3303Commissary, groups of men in front, reproductionundated3304Butcher Shop, by H.D. Miracle, reproductionundated3305Baseball game on Balkan Baseball Diamond, reproductionundated3306-307Baseball diamond, reproductionundated3308Mine worker sitting on man-car, reproductionundated3310Man standing near mining facility, reproductionundated3311Man walking on track, originalundated3312Henry Lee Jackson sitting on edge of man-car at Balkan Mines, reproduction19363313Hillside view of Balkan, reproductionundated3314View of housetop and hillside in Balkan, reproductionundated3315View of hillside, reproductionundated3316Mail pouch for train pickup without stopping, reproduction, same as item 172undated3317Balkan man-car landing after mine close, reproductionundated3318Several coal miners posing in front of a horse, same as item 245, reproductionundated3319Hillside, reproductionundated3321Man crouched over entering mine, reproductionundated3322Scope and ContentsCourtesy of David Thompson.Balkan tipple, reproductionundated33231960s coal tipple tracks for empty gondolas, originalundated3324View of Balkan House in the winter, photocopyundated5325Balkan coal tipple, photocopy1960s5326Coal coming down from mine to be processed, photocopyundated5327Southern Mining Co. eight ton coal monitor overlooking the upper part of Balkan, Kentucky, reproduction and photocopyundated5328a-bMan-cars and jump cart filled with coal, reproductionundated5329Photograph of map of Balkan, reproductionundated3330Bell county coal tipple near Cardinal, Kentucky, photocopyundated5331Sketch of Balkan mining facilities, photocopy19365332Two men leaning out of a train engine, originalundated3333Sunday outing at mines, Balkan family leaning on man-car, photocopyundated5334Above perspective of monitor on way to coal tipple, reproduction19365336Scope and ContentsThe Monitor on way to Coal Tipple with eight tons of coal - at the same time pulls the empty back to the Headhouse. Courtesy of Harry Lee Jackson.Man crouching on track while looking at camera, reproduction19303337-338Aerial view of Balkan, photocopiesundated5346a-bBalkan men's baseball team, reproductionundated3347Scope and ContentsFront Row, Left to Right: Tom Nelson, Frank Nelson, Bradley Miracle, Warren Prater, Vermont Owens, Bill Childers, Sam Edwards. Standing, Left to Right: ? Miller, Paul Miller, Clarence Miracle, Herman Edwards, Tilford Day Jr., Clifford Owens (Joyce his wife in background).Blank Balkan Veterans' Memorial, originalundated51Aerial view of Balkan mining facility, reproductionundated52Close up on side of Balkan School, originalundated53Mining facility, caption T.J. Asher and Sons, originalafter 189054Scope and ContentsBusiness purchased by T.J. Asher & Sons in 1890. Capacity was 18,000 ft. per day. By the year 1895, with good business practice and management, the capacity of production daily was 50,000 ft. The plant considered to be the best equipped in the south or elsewhere and raw materials available and under owner's control was surpassed by none and equaled by few in AmericaAerial view of Balkan and Boardtree, Kentucky, reproduction195155Creek in Balkan, originalundated56Box lunch auction, altered picture of J.W. Walters, reproductionundated57A baseball game661Coal miners on mules662Scan of Commissary663Picture copy of Views of the Camp, looking east from commissary; postcard of an unknown mining camp in Cinncinati, Ohio664Stone wall and chimney665Water pump in front of the Lowery home666Ginseng garden on Clear Creek1906 July 14667Small picture of a brass band668Straight Creek coal miners with a horse669Small picture of Balkan, scenery670Close up of the aerial of Balkan and Boardtree, Kentucky1951671Aerial photogrpah of Balkan and Boardtree, Kentucky1951672Black and white photograph of houses by train tracks673Black and white picture of Balkan, scenery674Picture of the commissary2012 January 1675Black and white copy of picture of New Balkan School676New Laurel Coal Company Store, Pittsburg, Kentucky677Balkan Veterans' Memorial678Balkan dioramaSeries II.2005, undatedBalkan diorama200571Research for the Balkan dioramaundated72PhotographsSubseries A.circa 2005Balkan Diorama - Balkan Baptist Church and Balkan Commissarycirca 20053348Balkan Diorama - Balkan Schoolcirca 20053349Balkan diorama from abovecirca 200558Balkan diorama on displaycirca 200559James Walters and Fred Woods at Bell County Historical Society Museumcirca 200561James Walters and Fred Woods by the Balkan dioramacirca 200562Community Concert Band drumcirca 200563Picture of a picture of ruined school housecirca 200564Model of the commissarycirca 200565Model of churchcirca 200566Model of commissarycirca 200567James Walters talkingcirca 200568James Walters with the Balkan dioramacirca 200569James Walters and friend with the dioramacirca 2005610Balkan artifact displaycirca 2005611Commissary modelcirca 2005612A train in the hills, not at the museumcirca 2005613Community Concert Band displaycirca 2005614Fred Woods in the Balkan museumcirca 2005615James Walters talkingcirca 2005616Overhead picture of James Walters looking at the dioramacirca 2005817Leonard Kik and James Walters working on the dioramacirca 2005618James Walters looking at the model churchcirca 2005619Base of the dioramacirca 2005620Base mapcirca 2005621Base map, unpaintedcirca 2005622Leonard Kik designing the elevationscirca 2005623Sculpting elevationscirca 2005624Topographic mapcirca 2005625Leonard Kik painting the base mapcirca 2005626Camera man filming early stages of the construction of the dioramacirca 2005627Leonard Kik adding pink and yellow paint to the dioramacirca 2005628Base diorama painted greencirca 2005629Leonard Kik adding treescirca 2005630Green diorama with a rivercirca 2005631Measuring the edges of the dioramacirca 2005632Leonard Kik adding roads to the dioramacirca 2005633James Walters and Leonard Kik in the workshopcirca 2005634Very blurry photo of Leonard Kik adding trees to the dioramacirca 2005635Diorama with roads, a river, and some treescirca 2005636Adding buildings to the dioramacirca 2005637Adding gravestones by the church on the dioramacirca 2005638Close up of trees on the dioramacirca 2005639Trees placed on the dioramacirca 2005640Close up of buildings and a bridge on the dioramacirca 2005641James Walters by the completed dioramacirca 2005642Close up of James Walters and the completed dioramacirca 2005643Overhead view of completed dioramacirca 2005644Completed dioramacirca 2005645Closeup of river on finished dioramacirca 2005646James Walters transporting the dioramacirca 2005647Transporting the diorama, uncoveredcirca 2005648Nearly completed diorama propper upcirca 2005649Diorama at the museumcirca 2005650Overhead of diorama at the museumcirca 2005651Close up of the river and traincirca 2005652Overhead of the diorama, focused on the towncirca 2005653Overhead of dioramacirca 2005654Closeup of farms on the dioramacirca 2005655Upper half of the dioramacirca 2005656Closeup of the train yardcirca 2005657Black and white picture of topographic modelcirca 2005658Black and white picture of Leonard Kik molding the base dioramacirca 2005659Black and white picture of Leonard Kik designing elevationscirca 2005660Balkan, Kentucky research materialsSeries III.1910-2005, undatedBalkan, Kentucky history bindercirca 200573-5Newspaper article on baptism at Wilton Lakeundated76Coal Mining Towns, Marshall M. McGee200577Journal article The Kentucky Mountains: Transportation and Commerce 1750-1911, a study in the economic history of a coal field, photocopy191178Journal article The Prehistoric Men of Kentucky: A Hisotry of what is known of their lives and habits, together with a description of their implements, photocopy191079Journal article The Wilderness Road to Kentucky: Its Location and Features, photocopyundated710Wilderness Road Drama program1974711Drawing of Balkan train stations, includes African-American waiting room, photocopy1919712Commissary in Balkanundated713List of Balkan Community Band members, photocopy1911-1938714Program for Balkan 75th Anniversary celebration, photocopy1986 August 31715Balkan baptism Rules of Decorum, photocopyundated716Southern Mining Co. time card for Herman Wilson1948 January717Southern Mining Trading Card; South Mining Company number 323 Bob Harkness1935 July718Scope and ContentsBob Harkness was the father of Ruth H. Walters and father-in law to James E. Walters.State of Kentucky Hunting License, issued to Robert (Bob) Harkness1935 January 1719Notification of State and County Taxes to Mrs. Frank Harkness1934720Report of inspector of mines, Bell County, Asher Coal Mining Co., Wasioto, Kentucky, photocopy1911721L&N, list of stations and agents1911 November 1722Coal mine map of Virginia Harlan Coal Corporationundated1Negative of Virginia Harlan Coal Corporation mine map101Color diagram for 25 ft. fan and 16" X 30" Engine for Riverside Coal Company. Vulcan Iron Worksundated102ArtifactsSeries IV.undatedTwo old-fashioned keys connected by a small chain81Old-fashioned key82Metal padlock with key83Dip pen with cork grip84Dip pen with rubber grip, American Pencil Co.85Glass pencil sharpener86Blacksmith's tongs87Blacksmith's tool88Coal miner's carbide pocket can89Miner's safety handheld lamp910Metal bottle with Justrite brand stamp on the side811A metal mining helmet lamp912Carved statuette of coalminer walking behind coal cart pulled by a mule, made from coal1

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