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Image 10 of The Hazel Green herald, May 31, 1894

Part of The Hazel Green herald

- tliMi s foHfel t i ri ir JMP t a w cxx M4NlfpM 1mrJ Ttffwt FKKSH OUTItKKAK IN HAUL AN MOMMtTMXIF OAlTUKKD J nutria 8ll T Hnve linen Killed In Wltk A Nato Tlirnn Men KMrt ef OhIIhWa h rinnpoiHtn Itnttle Wkiit is thought to bo an important A battle took placo on Martins Fork Harlan county in which three men arc Arrest wm madt by Detect vo J II Will Send in your order before the supply runs out ofCloverport on the 23d Inst A Gran said to havo been killed outright and Best thing on the market for the money ger riding a good young horso arrived two others reported wounded one day LEXINGTON KENTUCKY OUSTOM HOUSE SQUARE there and instead of going to n livery last week Tho men said to havo been stable he sought lodging for his horso at killed are Sinolare Middleton James a negro house in the suburbs of the town Middlcton jr and II Shacklcford Tho He was a whito man and his actions threo survivors are Gilbert Saylor Noblo excited the suspicions of the negro who Honsley and Hurt Henslcy jr It is KY 12 W informed Detective Wills of tho strangers thought that one or two of the survivors Ilogulnr Monla 25 conts Meals to order nt nil hours Broakfnst from 5 to 9 u m Dinnor from presence Wills saw the man and tried wore wounded Tho three men who wero Suppor from 5 to 9 p in to buy his horse The horso was for killed were all on tho samo side and it 10 a m to 8 p m sale and the conflicting accounts tho is said that thoy were attacked unarmed stranger gave of his identity and how ho Thero has been bad blood oxisting bo came by the animal soon convinced the twecn tho parties for somo time but tho immediato cause of tho trouble aroso detective that the horso was stolon Ho placed tho in nn under arrest Tho nbout Gilbert Saylors wife Tho three stranger after giving several names taid men Had not been arrested at last ac ho was John Henry Dorscy of Jefferson counts but tho Blicrifl and posso had ville Ind Tho authorities at Jefferson started out for Harlan Courthouse for villo wore communicated with and thoy that purpose 18 20 and 22 N UPPER STREET LEXINGTON KY X stated that Dorsoy was known there Again we call tho attention of our far 1 While this investigation was going on a mcr friends who arc growing tobacco to man camo into Jcffersonvillo from tho fact that W W Reed of Mt Ster- Oharlcstown Ind and informed tho off- ling handles tho finest fertilizer for this icers that he was on the hunt of a stolen especial crop to bo found anywhere and -- MILLINERY AMD DRESS MAKING horse Tho description given exactly our advice to them is that they buy a tallied with tho horso that Dorsoy wan supply of him and give it a trial Wo riding and Wills was told to hold both used to think it was nonsense to spend Goods horso and man that the owner would bo money for fertilizer but a few years Opera House Block after it on the first train since while living on tho Eastern Shoro Dorscy was then placed in the Clover of Virginia wo had our eyes opened to KY lTR CUSTOMERS rocognizo tho fnct thnt wo nro giving port jail and when ho was told that tho the importance of it There every forthe bost vnluo and showing tho largest assortment of owner of tho horso was coming ho con mer uses mora or lees fertilizer and the NTov and Soasonablo Dross Goods Silks Novelties Vel- fessed Ho said that on Sunday night man who uses tho most is invariably tho vets and Millinery of any house in Kontucky Silks prior two men named Vincent and Mur one who has the most money at tho end A new and carefully select- from China India and Janan such stvles were never ray respectably camo to him in Teller of the season A good fertilizer and shown such beauties wero novor soon prices wore nevor so low Seo Honvillc with two horHes and wanted that is the kind Mr Heed sells will not ed Stock of the tho great variety and novolty in our French Silks Satin Duchess him to take otio of them and run it away only increase the production of tobacco Moire Antique Brocades Stripes Poau do Soio Zanzibars and Cha and soil it This he agreed to do and but it also increases its weight and in inoloon ollVcts eM404444444WM4mt Have every woavo known to the most famous makers consequently Murray gavo him the horse this section where light tobacco is tho in Europe Our Grenadines nro a spocialty and our pnttorns can bo he was riding Dorsey says thnt Murray rule that is a consideration Fertilizer is found no whom elso and Vincent belong to tho old El lard to tho fanner what advertising is to tho Our Sprint Woolens nro beautiful and our imnortntions are the gang of liorso thieves who have been business man and prosperous ones in the latest our stock tho largest nnd most varied our stylos unequnlod in Kentucky and Indiana of two classes are invariably tho ones who and operating prices that defy compe- Novoltios in China and Japanoso Draperies recent years uso tho most fertilizer so to speak tition and see us Persons who sympathizo with the and the other fellows are not in it a Embroideries Lacos nnd Whito Goods Underwear Corsets and little bit Hosiery Tndhi Linen Dimity Mulls Piquo French nnd English Nain- afflicted will rejoice with D E Carr of Respectfully sooks Embroidered Swiss 128C Harrison street Kansas City He loml Words for lolin Wood Mrs MAGGIE HOWARD is an old sufferer from inflammatory rheu John C Wood editor of tho Gazette Artistic pnttorns in wnsh materials Duck Suitings Galatea Cloths matism but has not heretofore been is announced elsewhere as a candidato Figured Corded Muslin Zephyr Ginghams Renl French Organdies troubled in this climate Last winter for railroad commissioner of this district flOMISS HOUSE our own designs Such n rnroly bonutiful selection of theso lovely CAMPTON KY goods wore bo went up in Wisconsin and in conse subject to the action of the Jtcpublicau nevor shown by one house before Childrens Gingham quonco has had another attack It party John has the ability in every nnd Muslin Dresses splendidly made 0 months to 8 years 15 ITOLLON PkoiIuetor J came upon mo again very acute and way to discharge the duties of the office Roody mado Eton Suits in black tan and blue Shirt Wninfn My joints swelled and and if a Republican must havo tho office The patronage of the traveling public is severe ho said respectfully solicited Table the best nnd Mack Dross Goods tho bost value the bost wearing tho most satisfac- became inflamed sore to touch or almost we want John to get it He is a gentle- every attention to the comfort of guests tory nro tho Lupin wonves Wo havo Ono Hundred varieties to select Upon tho urgent request of man by nature and education and a big- to loolfnt from Storm Sorges nro always ready Imperial Cords Jacquards my mothor-in-ltt- v I tried Chamberlains ger heart never beat in nny mans bosom A LLEN HOUSE Molroso Honriotttts Crepons and Granite Cloths Spring Capes Pain Balm to roduco tho swelling and Wo never liked his politics but wcadmire cloth nnd lnco Spring Jnckots now stvles light in woight low in LICK CITY KY coso the pain and to my agreeable sur the man There are no concealments price house is prise it did both I have used three nbout him his face is the index of his licThe abovepatronage now open to the pubami the solicited Table the fifty cent bottles nnd beliovo it to bo the character and in all his relations to his best the country ullbrds and charges rea Tho lnrgost stock of Jouvin Gonuino Kid Gloves in nil lengths all finest thing for rheumatism pains and fellow men he is the same yesterday sonable Good stable and care of horses colors t lie tinost mndo Give tnc a call C H ALLEN swellings extant For salo by John M today and forever a true honest man Proprietor MUn Rose whom nature has endowed with n good A Glcirtn Hlmve heart and an abundance of brains - JAMES HOTEL Tho lnrgost stock of Millinory Goods in Lexington Specinltios Bob Watson and A F Shearer came Montgomery County Times Fourth Street near Main Bonnets Hats Childrens Caps Flowers Veiling Ribbons See our in very near being killed on tho trestloback On Trliil for Murdor CINCINNATI O display of now things from Paris London nnd New York of tho postofflce Tuesday They were o Joo Debord was placed on trial last - OKO WKIJKUS SONS aimingo J standing on the track and did not hear week in tho Johnson circuit court for tho engine which was upon them before tho murdor of Joo Hall in ft The patronage of Wolfe and Morgan November counties solicited thoy could got out of tho way Shearer 1892 nt Whito House near there Miss Orr hns charge Tho latest styles are given you a perfect fit jumped and cecaped with only a slight is assurod Wedding nnd stroot costumes mndo on short notico The action of Ayers Pills upon the jolt but Watson was not so fortunate Ho was struck by tho pilot of tho engine stomach and liver is prompt nnd beneficial and knocked into tho creek falling nbout Your good butter nnd will pay Y1XA cents a twonty feet No bones wero broken nnd pound for it Eggs And when you want to got the qIEST ho has only n sprained wrist to show for GOODS for the LEAST MONEY you will his narrow escape After Watson had find that I can accommodate you in every j 1 have a large stock to selec particular AND LISTEN TO US recovered from his shako up ho went to from nnd whether you buy or not I will bo Conductor Wallace and told him ho did pleased to seo j on every time you come to town not want to got into a law suit over tho ou must luive coods and wc must liave Wishing your continued good will and monoy matter and if tho engine was injured ho We will gunrnntee n snving of patronage I remain yours to please lo to 25 per cent to you on every pur Would settle for it without any Unneces- JOHN M ROSE chase from ub We sell everything in P S Tunes are hard nnd I havent press sary litigation thoreby putting himself the Dry Goods nnd Notion fine Wc cd you but Id like to have n little money sell Carpets Oil Cloths and Window on record as tho only man in Kontucky now today if possible Shades at who over let pass nn opportunity to suo f Ma In XenKHe rlnHH - A KftfrelnmB HkMXKtaitt Pen mt w FEED J I 1EINTZ Manufacturing Jeweler SHORT STREET LEXINGTON Oysters Lamb Fries Fish and Chicken a Specialty oo02 9Wm fWffl ft ife Foreign Domestic Dry Goods STORE Grand Opening of Spring Dress LEXINGTON Every Day 0 LATEST STYLESi frewettttttootto at r 0Comc v MILLINERY DEPARTMENT ST- VDRESS MAKING DEPARTMENT 1 1 ut I WANT ALL 8c IKEEP PERFECTLY STILL SEND i ir K a railroad Boattyvillo Entorpriso No sensiblo man likes to seo a dudo but a gentleman well dressed is always FIFTY CENTS rem ATRIAL MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION TO THE a desirable desideratum Sharp Trim bio Denton Mt Storling Ky havo a fino lino of tho latest in gents clothing furnishings etc and thoy will sell tho beat goods at tho very lowest price When you go to that city call and seo thorn and toll John Sharp howdy for U8 To Mexico Without Money Vivian Gray an Englishman who left London February 6 without a cent of money for Monterey Mexico on a wager of 10000 that he could make tho trip and return without money reached Georgetown on Wednesday last A condition of the wager is that ho may accept food clothing and bedding but not money He crowed tho ocean by stoking on a steamship and claims that he has walked every milo of tho remainder of the journey according to the conditions Louisville Times THE In Irst clsuw A fino hearse and harness condition suitablo for this Very cheap anu on easy terms old at once Jnquire at tho Herald oewmtry if eftae 8tl lUQHTCftT AND BEST AFTERNOON PAPER IN THE COUTH Latest Market Quotation Latest State News All the Local News Complete Press Reports LARGEST CIRCULATION 30000 CfO IR THE SOOTH AND OVER DAILY OBNT8 Or For Sale -- COC-- Jseo a viorsrxMx OS mMW Ask Him 2 Who P JONES OF BIN6HAHT0IL INGHAMTON N Y Why on Scales He Pays the Freight AMffmXS IN CANS mM SlfeYXftWABaa 3BEEi To our customers THE BOLBEJ BOLE DBY 800DS W F HILTON STOIEJittfiSifiUu Proprietor jAr ErsEEWSi Mb m I Cask Ulckorv flrnvn iye 8eo Pn i Huclue Wis vhertryliiB S S known remedy I rcmWrta 1 yoani standing from a 3 year old miy S with three applications of Z ffl 0Nlv FOR FIXK J OH 1ltINTlNO OATX AT THIS OFFIOK I Well give you L LESS THAN HALPTHt PRICE- - OP OTHtR BRANDS SOLD AY PRICES Lexington and Mt Sterling prices not o make Gents Clothing to orin it der at Jess than ready made prices We give elegant guaranteed biggest inducements you ever cot the tn to trade with us Trv it this PUREST AND BEST Year by Mall JNOi A HALDEMANBu Manager BOS Fourth Avenue LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY What CLIMAX w3M CINCINNATI 11 m uatuucA QUIHNS OINTMENT irU ihifrIaraton I have ever ud or heard recommend It to all We have hundredi oftuch etdmoniah i 1 yurdntatfor It If he SooflmtiTtIJIdiSSL W B EDDY CO Whltehiil NriT THE HERALD IIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIlliiiimiMm only 1 a year and it SWtfni ilii ooin f3JSSi U li will i t i this year jX 36 ftfal in r FPPii liiiipi wfciMlWwflltarttort fijyaritii fr -- hvu

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