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Image 7 of Crittenden press (Marion, Ky. : 1879), April 26, 1906

Part of Crittenden press (Marion, Ky. : 1879)

fte Magazine Section VOL Evifltntftn fir 27 CRITTENDEN COUNTY MARION KENTUCKY Magazine Section ibvc ibkv APRIL 26 1906 NUMBER 47 lands and placed tho cutting ot nocoflsary to develop high speed or OLD MAINE NOW YOUNG tlmbor undor tho direction of the the greater hunker capacity essential A Forestry Bureau Govornmont ilur to wider Htentrdng radius Thej point ing ItH earlier yearn hut survived them rorjra of oxports was sont into the out that In the Dreadmuight it was at MOWER KAT1IERIXE DREXEL all and Ih now a llourlfdilng liiHtltiiLtou TEX MILLION DOLLARS FOR TI1K tempted to preserve two of these PAPER MAKING HAS JWXE MUCH Malno woods nnd a closo study made TO DEVELOP OLD XEW EXG of tho troos growing on each acre The liiHtltut Ioiih which have pro factors gun power and speed hut that COXSTRVCTIOX OF GIGAXTIC srsxiis millioxs i this pered the inoHt and In which Mother of this companys holdings A plan to do ho It was iieceHsnry to sacrifice IAXD STATE WORK COXSTITLTIOX was agreed upon which assures a per- Kiitherlno Iiiih taken the greater Inler- the armor protection which they be riotual supply of timber No trco un- eut are however tiatunilly thoe lieve Kticli a btttleshlp Hhould liuve Iln rounded Many Schools rmplo Intelligent Forestry III W Perpetuate der nino Inches In diameter Is to bo More Destructive nnd Terrible than among ine irines were No Limit to Cost iiiU Indian to IttiilU ul under the InlluciicewhichCatholic nireiuiy hem The Maine Woods nnd J urnish Pulp cuL At the end of sixteen years tha the new Float Inn Giant the English of teich No Bncrillce In armament Bpeed or rutUhluud Indian Catholic Priest In Paper for spruce growth renewed it lns the OsaCh and the 1otta tu rcadnnuKht Old Constitution steaming radius will have to he made Generations Making to Juture iiof again and will have plan the enthe World he Saved u atomies under this Tln Okiikcm lind of coiirHc lu designing the new Constitution Many thouHiuirt of Indian children heeu liiHtrtieted In the Catholic faith When one stops to think of the tire threo hundred thoiii and acres One hundred thousand dollars for The only limitation placed upon the cut over every sixteen years In Oklahoma iiiul Indian Territory before their removal from Southern the preservation of the old frigate Secretary of the Navy by the Naval tremendous and almost magic growth may At Hi mfonl Falls on tho Andros- KniiMaH hn been educated by menus tf tl hy the fathers at the old Constitution and 1U0X000 for the AffalrH Committee Ih that her hull nud of tho distant West It seems strange nge iiiIhhImiih now St Paul llrnt un- rouKtriictioi of a huge new battleship machinery shall not cost more than that such un old state as Maine is still coggin li western Maine nlOtit 54- a large portion of Drexcl nilllldiiH 000 horse power is now utilized and which has for year been devoted to der thcf illrectlouH of the venerable of the same name an two provision i000000 The provision f jr the bat largely unknown and unsettled Revo- recent state report says that 48000 ada Almost Immediately after the the eaiiHc of Indian stiH hm by Pather Schuiuacher and later under to he liiciudul in the naval appropria- tleships Michigan and South Carolina horse power Is available War the settlement of uitionn Mother Kiitherlne formerly Ml km Kate Iather Paul PonrlKllone n near rela tion hill now the largest ships building for the lutionary Malno began hy Inhabitants of otbor from this stream alone Urexel of llnlndHpliln ulnler of John live of the royal fundi of Itnl h nuvv CoJiHtltutlun Is to he the navy was The loouuoo each and there of and It Drcxel tmiilu r niul wiiriir miitmitt made many JourneyH anions the nnwt powerful ship of war alloat She Is no doubt lu the minds of the mem parts of New England sure its growth Beyond doubt tho railroadsopen- with the Maine are responsible for the unit cloudy related tu the other of the buigus aftt r their removal ti the terrl n III excel the HrltlHh Dreiidiuuit t bers of the committee that If the lias been steady and tho upper half mine iiMine who have made ll fiwiuniK lory Iather Scroll of Independence recently launched by Kinc Iidvvard hy Secretary decides to go to JO IM tons exception of tho years of and imme ing and dovelopit t of years aro only z III the world of Himnce It wiih Knn nlwi ued Mi ftMinniilly lo fillu as much an the Dreadnought will et or beyond the extra L000000 now diately following the Civil War THe of this state as population however has been almost thirty or forty mies of railway were Jd other Knthcrlue who Mtnrtcd tliu In the trail through what In now OKI Bhe lb con ecl nnythini allont when provided will easily accomplish It manulinn school nt Chllocco which Iiiih hotna iih far went nit Tort Sill plctiil Her authorization may b It Is estimated thnt the armor nnd entirely confined to the lower half of built north of the centro and unnow Immmi taken In charge hy the directly the rcwult of Togo aiiunment for the ship will cost some tho state and only very recently have facturing or farming was almost The beginning of the work nmoug Kald to possibilities and re known above this point tho lmmenso iro eminent and made the principal the IottawHtoinleH uhh iiIko made iih victory In the Sea of Japan It was where In the neighborhood of SH500- Capitalists at last realized what a Indian training hcImioI of die South frir Imck an 1SI when Father llobot the llrltltdi naval attache on board 000 In addition to the hull and ma sources of the northern half been re vast amount of valuable territory west The two schools at Inwhtisku a French inlMNloiinr offered hln Her Togos flapdilp who hurried home chlnery nnd that other llttings will alized It Is estimated that at least 300 was Mug Ignored and built branch In IottowNttiiulc county are also moii vlcea to the hhdiop of Little Hook who after thnt lmttli ami vvariiml the A bring the total for the new Constitunow mlralty of the needs of the Hrltili tion up approximately to Jlo000000 000 natives of Maine are scattered lines Into tho wilderness until iintetttM of her bounty then hail Jurisdiction over till terrl throughout the other parts of the Micro are ncarlv 500 miles of tracks nnvy and this hrotumt about the co Kho kecpfl In clime touch with her lory n ml ruck out Into the Indian Ihe Dreadnaught is planned to country at tho present time Had connecting thriving cities and villages Now carry ten 11 Inch rllles Tcrk aiHl visits the Oklahoma u Ihm The Michi this vast army remained to dovel which havo sprung up In tho wake of omul r lie nettled find nt Atnkc hut M ruction of the Dreadniuiulit are to follow and eclipse the lint gan nnd South Carolina are to carry op lit which nhe Is Interested at leiiMt one in lSTl inovil to Sncnil llenrt found stpel bands it io year She Is umiinIIj hccoiiiimiiiiinI liur the fimoiiH Hi they of the Itenedlo lull mtvfil iVikiilMr eight llMnch guns The Dreadnaught to their natlvo stato that v ImiosHiic the uUfnt of the railroad In mi avo Ii titan go realize tka l The Navy Department has secund will be able to concentrate six una her stater who Ih ulo lUcpl In thifK theie which Is the only moil- full liiforimitlon coneerulni the plt for bow or stem lire with eight out ijf the Drendnntittht and the arnwiK either broadside while the Americam ilient of her powerfifl armament hips can use four guns dead ahead odi ilml it im known iilv what iiinsl lead astern and all eight ahead or done to beat her nstern on a quartering tire with all ight on either broadside So that In Ill order that the depnrtmnnt mnv not lie I tmpercd in any way In deter ilnt of lire they are nearly as ef mining upon the plain of the aew cm licient as the Dreidn lught which ex ceh materially only in the single atttutloti the forthcoinliiK bill will p vlilo that the S4eretnry of the Nn oolnt of speed To counterbalance BBMBwTKKjfc WBWkL9tBBlBKriBBBn 1 I m 4 I tf JNHbvAiill may UBe the contingent fund t secir lids the American ships have the de Information from ship builders idea advantage in armor protection workl over If he so desire1 ber The Advantage of Cunh tlnnlly jteceptlnt the ilenign of the teti The Constitution will have ns high million dollar paelller need us the Dreiulnaulit and the ouble advantage over the Itritii Provisions for Ship I hip of greater gun power and more Thin provlHlon for the new Amerh omplctc armor protection She will fen fighter Ih In line with the de- - r more able to Intllct blows nnd betJ sVBBBBBlBBB9rMtanBrQHBBBBKBBBuP5lL U1 g ti li Mi of the President and the earnetit r ter able to withstand them She will cotuinemlntloii of Admiral Dowc carry twelve lMiich rules so ar who re ently apjMarel before t ranged thut she can concentrate eight Naval Committee of the House ah f them In tiring dead ahead or dead ifHvo a spirited talk In support of tern or off the bow or quarter and vlewa au to the ueeiHity of ten on either broad lde Htnirtlns larger mid more poweliattlenlilpH for the AmvrlrMi Nuv Chew Jug ttiu vs Missons At the time th naval tmtiuiites Win The twonty sevonth annual meeting made up last fail Secretary Bonn pure of the Womens Fonlg i Missionary waa opHM4d tu nny such Invn nt he lms since eomo nround to the ihv bocitty of the - Presbj tery -of Washing r ion neiii rocennv uiscioseo ine iaci EDUCATION FOR known Mnj INDIANS the Nazareth Institute flt MtiHkogoe which wan founded In It wiih besot b tunny HHk uIUcm LARGEST BATTLESHIP 18V1 1 1 l m J I I -- -- l JBSyT M Jf JC jrA JHuFVB lO M F I -- jl s mm f 4JiJ - rjKiiT FW The naval experts in Wh Iih Ve Inilif i dVorZ - T i envlcel lse i ll ldOOOton iMttle ships Mlehlgm South Carolina authorized by the Congrean represent the limit of blllty on a dlsplaeement not dts greater To go beyond In am IA and last i t- o -- 0 0VK fH1 omci words siiuixHKH is spent tor cum and only 7WRmm1 for missions Carefully 178000000 compiled ilnta show thnt a j car goes for candv dly 700000000 for Jewels and tobuc o ap and millinery go away up Into the preciable degree the lighting elh ency millions tobacco considerably in the of such ships It will Im tiecesiiiv to lend have not only more powerful armament but higher speed and gr iter Tim Acmscic Lump ateamliig radius to gain which fiere The ordinary kero ene lamp Is the must be heavier nud more pourful best Illustration of the highest type of urn lninT ami greater coal r uig ombustiou furnace The hot gases capm ity passing tip through the narrow throat MutlUU kATtrOISL UKLXLL Ihe displiceuient of the of the cMtiiuev draw the colder air DXtN ARE OFTLN CMILtmD TO URING TRUS DOWN rROM THE HILLS liin ht Is I nt JiKMI tons greiti lllll through the hot wire gauze nt the v i In the work and who lMart In the Pnltnl Static gnvprned ti it of the Mi- higan or the v utli bottom and bring it no ir a tempera- been made as nature has done so northern Maine has increased the itpproM U lu rotninoa with Hh dirw tly from Franc lis nrni nIiIhii t aroluia Naval constrin tc a- - ture whuli will feci combustion nnd much and man so little value of timber lands over 250 per r inmlNr of tht family All of waa lather Ielli DeHraaw a hue Moro than 4000 square miles or cent and timber which beforo was too iiiilllnna he haa eiHudeO for In descemleal of tin famous Frend ni 2po000 acres of land still remain remote has become available for mar- i education have liovn inployid miral Uihjii his death two ver no ployed and unimproved waiting keting purposes r illrmlon of ih Interior Drnn he waa biiiiciIihI bj Father Murphv for capital and brains to make It ylold i aa her long atitdy of tlie Imllau i native of Snraunali a and t1 e Capital from Canada largo returns The rosourcos are alre ouikM to liave ninth flrst man of Amertcnn birth to liin beyond limit or belief most It Is to be regretted perhaps from ne of th In hI authorities on tin the brotlieriiiHHl at Haered Heart d -- i n Jn an American standpoint that a largo Thousands of Lakes and Rivers part of tho capital employed in develin this state alone there are over oping this new old state has been ft In thv vutitrj ilannod the llulldinun Porsonnlly ttnUSIl ARDT OUTWITS TRUST uIn nud St John arlioola - ie St fio thousand rivers nnd streams with MotlM r iwhtik i ImiiIi foiiiidinl by more than fifteen hundred lakos as Pln housed Ihentre Com r atro are Denied She Plays to l Vast Audience IktIiic ii ihiihIht of reservoirs to furnish powor for inbine li - of the or alie la lo-ninil numerable manufacturing plants In lent the iili it loti of the IimIIniik Besides natural water jKiwer Maine Mine Sarah Bernhardt the ccte Ii hac hniline and ommodlou Is rich in timber which in this age United actress litis entered tin- ar n hy Mnoniilly piitnifd Hiitfa is a most valuable asset When hc male Hut Kathcrine and have jrlven aa a truat buster Tho timber lands of northern Maine lu Fcv is prepnrntloiia for booking Insln of Unite children their flrt can with judicious management be playhouse of tlie state hflRc of tin- white mana leanilnr ahe found the mado to yield for generation after Ion mi to her on ac ouut of her re tllmMv of the tenliern generation and supply a vast amount fiisn to appear under the patmuagc f thfwe or similar itiH jfrnliiitcN of lumber nnd wood pulp Tho largIn Texas In wh have entered With en of the theatre syndicate est paper mill In tho world Is located f therefore idle Hll iiiiiimimI In BHMaBVJBflL BaaaaL St ir i vkST asm Into tle tslucntinn of their III n nt Mllllnocket on a small branch of tent A week or two ago a nnvi TIh trllxmtnen unite wUihiIs inethtHl of producing n pin he Penobscot Blver where a drop or waIn ve noiue Matatice from the pit- augurntisl at Dnllns when Sarah ono hundred and fifty feet furnishes nud and their scope la greatly plavinl Cainllle in a Mtf circus ted 25000 horse powor From this mill tied by the order now In etfHt vTlth Is turned out each day between 160 an audience of nooo persons olllee that every the agent and ISO tons of newspaper made from During the performamv fullj Kiooo e child of hcIhhiI hxu mtiHt he In wood pulp persons crowded around the tent and In order to draw ItH bhnru nt would huve lwld to get In If it It is commonly supposed that paper i uuulty payment making from wood pulp Is one of As it was the tent been big enough tho greatest menaces to our fore s only Henti d 11ih ami Shi h nl to Used Indian Labor it was the most but exactly tho opposite Is the ie do Mother Kntlierlne lienefnc- - or alt on the ground LBBBL BvASwSK alFI U J I he where the forests are handled Intellihave alwaya been liberal It is novel wild wed allow ever seen gently tent waa u huge affair and from the hi to let the Indian do the work -Tho modern policies adopted bv ver possible In the eoiiatrnctloii outside looked big enough to Iioukc a many paper mnkors in rogard to pi r idlinia mid work of a similar three ringed clrcua Tlie novelty of placing in a fin us petuatlng the forests aro doing inmu ier When the Sacred Heart for tho causo of forestry vo jean ao and was tent npMnlisl to the actress and slie burned of the One Malno company hns secured the Pottawatomie and Kh Uapoo gave her Interpretation miturall char ns ownership of 300000 acres of forest new aeter of Cniiillle made the brick for the in nnd did much of the work cleverlv and with as much force and audien c ljjaafBwBBLLBPBBlMMBBBBBMffj J yjy H r rds it construction working of power ns If confronted by mi jjrVBBBflBBBBB tj I kBfVB bbCSbI j of New Yorkers or Parisian- lu tin under the direction of ti white most modern I of t lien t res The thou lor Much of the maintenance nt - school which Is claimed to be sands who greeted Mine Bernhardt SOCIETY GAME poovy l Minns uesireu t went of the MIsHlnslppI river Indorsement of ns iuiicii io against incir tight her the Taught by Mail by Mother Kathcrine an I it entertained Complete Conr hC Six Ichhoiih her visits to this school that trust ns to be as an actress bv her talent Send for Hreo HuaJsomo ltooklet Address overed Albert Neirnhtninct the matchlessBrrnhnnll made arrangement Mine N Y Bridge Correspondence School Im d Pottawatomie bov educated the lent nt Wiii Io iipioflr hi nnd who Is now the onlv full- - nud Austin Texas and Oklahoma i KiiHt t2d St New York City Indian Catholic priest lu the City Oklahoma Territory In other Vfter liin graduation at Sacred Texas cities on her itinerary large lilt Ni tONSTirtTION vhe paid his expenses through IihIIn were ms unsl nud MpeclMll eipuppcil Tins Will be the M t Powerful Uattlcship Alloat 5 Year SOLID GOLD Filled Watch S5 ml the Catholic university at for the performance An llomM V ntch ut un llonet lrlic Mt U tf ifti r J rU tftrUylM s 41 f rr say hat an nddillnn of Jooo tons prevent smoke by chilling tln vapors ton tlnallv Mulshing his edu perls ll TWf w tr wul tn4 j vtrrtatMlU to the displacement of the American The llinits lu the construction of such it Home from whence he re- Uiawiftii ua nm Miita ii iui iu WMfAsMflca Hopeless Ignoniiicc am VHU wtlfc ui htftat Mi ships is iusullleieut to necoinpli li all u furnace are easily seen only two yearn ago to take up When the i U4 ltvtr nf ratal waktlfli tiftb taj i4ti mawick Is mixed a little the combustion wiih wrk among IiIh own people 4 Uftr4atl VMpcorrMt tin fvf 80j Flynn 01 toll yoz thoys no use three of the factors necessary io hftl Utfft lplftti sunt for 414 U m thi tsklt f terially Improve upon them and the is greater than the capacity of the lii J4r J thrryln to lddica ato tliim Cholneso Ui tt N4 your I lht yiUT BftfftlfMiBe t frM tIMillft under of Serernl Schools Increase would be entirely consumed furnace and smoke results When the Mulhooloy An phwya thot If J oMlJr ittia lb thw bfm Ttlllitli Mf I I tpr n tftrt i i 01 Jlst nskod wan ov thim by the provision for any one of the o chimney Ik raised from the liottom too pviiooin nttOrJrflbtrhtrfi8rJU rf wkithpt 4ttJ itv Flynn r nil Miuiinj tt tly4f ik fti jri for jptt rtlftl elsen founded and maintained tho Cholneap wur rud for SL 1atrlcks factors Tho extra guns would take much cold air enters the lire Is chilled tl4ilMCffllKlteB MBll Iff HV r Katherlue prolmbly the host day nu bwlnd he couldnt tell me It all as would the extra machinery and naln wc have smoke Albu B l lAUbiU All UertrbtlHlCAlOILl i fr - - vv v 1 JHb 1 X - - i I furnished by Canadian capitalists rather than by Now Englanders thenv solvos Tho farming possibilities of Main are almost as great as tho water pow- er and timber business offer as H haa been demonstrated that the soil and climate ate particularly adapted to the raising of potatoes on a large scale over 10000 bushels having beon shipped to various parts of tho coun try in 1901 The railroad officials realized from in order to settle and tho start tli untry through which build up ran tho freight rates their brand must bo low enough to enable manufacturers to compete with moro accessible fa tories and havo borne thta AD f r ntinuJi i Next Pjft 1 i siil J- WbbMM tSi W Mil - J - I 11 i- - M fm A jAiuM if Ttff J a Vy flHP9k wlmKTrTlicS I BR DG E THE Prevent every mlstako po II Io lu our buildlnk-- piuns wrlto t r oar iri o lurnaco RIGHT bo k its n authority on lie igr Icll how and ertit FURNACE vu r to bow to a turnaco most 1rtirlv of o i thow to p t rlil of tv stoves or FOR rcnlnro n b tlout heater Furnice vrithiurLelerbtcel youreolf YOUR uii can imt It up It haa cv ry modern aiill i Wo tem h you ireo NEW hrnt fro Ik 43 raU 7 ly 8 vr re No lit hi ats to r in HOUSE er all house nc hool etoro or Costs caunh nil imr- -13 S citi rn fir THE Lltjj7i BtfnfBfaO R2 IT 7J1 j Warming Tttn WlfeaW IluUiUsg Chtcaco UJffh i -- 1 W 99 M l 1 t o t W HI Our LEADER I Steel Furnacelj V i f fi ti v

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