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Image 2 of Crittenden press (Marion, Ky. : 1879), April 26, 1906

Part of Crittenden press (Marion, Ky. : 1879)

fvr ot Otlicr tmpoatnir edifices man the eight storied beta moat nu- rrhlrh have boon mora or less noverely merous The All nml nxaiulner buildings Injured uro tho Hotel St Francis the w almost totally destroyed In the Iii Met hotel the Hall of Justice the Mnllfll Hank lillllIlllL the lllclllt Mil nilMjiiilto and nany other idoernp ami ttii Life building and the alhigtmn were Kororvy sicken tic uuuiujg Mutosl propel t nam ii maced dis ap resulted in Hi manufaciM chief hMllitliiBH v M One of hr in Till tint mid i gi test lo- KtoUlcC d W - tilV the tenement boo- - district sini- ture of granite was h sirwaimil Mar wma The chief street of the cii Mnoo costing- to exceed Htvliltocturjil kot miming diagonally iornini miles from not airing stnndpoi t the postottue was Impress The doatrm iua of many ut the departMocks ment store and other Undue ive from n in on Market and Mission streets waa nl The lo til building was badly dan Flro addod to the hor aged and the operatlug room was a most complete cr of cery kind wan do rors of tin situation and as tin- water wreck stroveil a there were no light el mains had been hurst by the hook Neither the nil the tiro department was helpless Tho ther ra- - or elect n tt iuitk ato tholr way along Market HiSt Fraicis wu do ace hotel nor tret and other tiros Htarted lu differstroyed ns Im - the framework goes but the Inside iJ trlnjr and decora ent parts of the elty the earthiuako occurred Mit a A tloil- - Were ri ill damaged of the city friu llttii after 5 oclock In the ni uitlirt toii Tinm IN Mission street and pntct m ii lb the eutlro imputation inxMarket tic LONG USED TO - EARTHQUAKES 1 - i li - GOODS AT COST rfVjX - UJ xv I - - Offeu Shaken Been lias Metropolis Gate Golden Beginning April 25 and Ending May 12 In the Past We will sell Goods at and Below Cost j for Eighteen Days I -- i 1 I V 1 iff i - PflESLTT WORST EVER KNOWN a- i Skyscrapers and Olher Magnificent Buildings Destroyed I ires Cih Hall In Ruins Ar rested by Dynamite Earthquake of 1868 Described of the Some lit lur - - REAtf SOME OF OUR PRICES i Twain by Mark 3HJf3 fv recent disastrous PHrtntrnafcp tending over so large a part the 1acltlc const region and wrecking sueh an extensh 8f tlou of the city of San KmneJee i wh not the llrst gf these cataslroplns known In the western uietroixili thoupli y an odds the dauiavlnK Tor many years the inunloipal n tlioriiic refuse to penult full imfld ing u the cltj lcrti e 01 the fear ot cnnljiiuakod several of bieh lii l ul 1inaliv the readx cn ejTleuoed lierdi limi wm renioi however and a number oi skyM rai r re4idtel or to Uiere win hardly a I ling In eess of flre I or las and 0 fer of that helglit 1 winy tliwe ba elghhv storlets Inch aatl quite a until br frui ti4ve to fourteen Till TKW 4 A aaFa fcj- mt r i f 1SHS about 10 yclok iy hid a Mtmule shock Mrlng that put tle tet its hgti tructure It wa- - the wori earthquake sIiko 1S0S wli i for eiiflit or nine blocks on the 10 mam tdreei Maikt th ground was cra ki opi crai Inches la Hie uph aval of 1898 tho tall build it given a feurful Hbakng and eo of their oocupanta were mode dl7M and sick The Htructures were urn iii l aud irtc sinoe Unit time tl n ias not been bo nrach quastlon of safety of high bulldltujB 0 mod ern ohstructin that Is bulldlnga of st tnral Ir n ftatne and fnrlngN of pr Nhotl brick terra ootta or stone It uas M II It- - Young the proprietor and editor of the Cliroulele who Wi the plon er lu thN rohpect DVt with opposition from the iniinlcl pa1 authorities fouriefii years ago when he de ided to i u teu storv house foi Ii h newspaper It was believed tol be diugerous undertaking because of tlie tlupjake fear but Mr Ie Young tve u init and thereby set an example of enterprise to other wealthy men who have since built moro tall buildingK lor instance D 0 Mllhi file Xer York banker who owiu a great deal pt sin rranclseo property has one of the tallest and finest structures In tb la j FJPttzMgUf 1 lrs Mi- - Jmt il V J k 5 SFifi BB J N iTMg V 1 5 K Jf fci I rr Ii m i i Lvr v iFAjdfiwniiV Bring me your Poultry and Eggs will pay high- mHALfUif est market price l kitxUk fTtefiWrt 1 JILDINt XifE CALL IIj ffom the hnj back was u I most com- pletely wrpck d Hie most eoiwplouoaa buUiflng la San FVanclMCo tho city hall ta almost totally ruined It cwt from 9000000 to 7fr HVW0 took tweaty flvo yearn In contru tlou aad whB surmount I bj-a dotnf 332 feet hlsrh It waa ttioucht to verr solldbr corartroctrsl being built 8ul3tantlnlly of brick with the rt USO DESTROYED Men nnf women ruMied wlldJy forth lu their night rotn and fled in panic through the ntrvtt Mnuy wvn- oaught by tho falling roofs and walla htL I - - IKnstvQ marbVw takxm City from the In stnst Market ninny buildings - i fUJh W j i exico Kentucky VjjJijgSwTy r3fiLWiLStfAlJMrT I J E1 If V rftfV to the Wejttern Inlon and llcei al u tlM ArtsiNlateal Ir added to the dltllcitlty eight VS t 1 i I X- S T If M - Vfl iterxi- i- i w j Iosti gr- 4W- ffi Vy - J mv a i Aifb lk - J TAi sAiw T iP tyWiji 4JB 5 T ym - frrJ - r tl 11 Cj5ns5SS V5i ii 7mAMm i J t aar wl - A Pic iLii tyBHTaBfcT J laUfvt MaV JaaKrVUa Sail IVatielsco lls suffere1 f rin mauv slight selsttilc tdtock one of t them occurring almt a year ago that time a long article appeared In one of the papers slgmHl by a p f os sn- in one of the obervatorlx ne i by suiting that there was no parti uhir Linger from them tremors of tin eurlli surface The coaat region nr cording to this vriter whs newer ihin pirt of tlie country farther nisi and wa 1ierefore Mettllng He ald pe pic uld fwl no alurui a notling was ilablM to hapiMMi seii V iiitl the earths enit In the f Jate region has hoeti doing ii re xeltllliK I most vero eurtliuake Sun mo has nown prior to the proa- Ir H xr i HH HaaWr HffiqiSR8 nit Eini immm m - w dib BMaavEjHaaKA BKj I tiBSl al rinaLJd ETMViSJ JtiibiatrJMrcOTrtr IuA IXET STREK1 FROM wax In in 1SS gttlte a little though nothing re ompanible I tlrls It m the liakciip that waa made famoiiH rk Twain Tlio moat siirpn mg ti genial Mark anw tit that time v opemiiR up of the ceiling of Ii in the Up of Uk orifle work mg ami Tro like ft mouth aud ln k lIMin through and held in sic pen 11 Hfiii- - lipilii oil llll run one IW III mii Ai man The lust earthquake that oivuuvl n tan Francisco waa In January Imh t Sexiral distinct sIiociIm were fell in the moriiMg cunsln the iliru of building all over lie cltj IV ohlel building nffected wn tin- - st Nicholas hotel which was sevenlv shaken The walls collupsed in r tain parts of the structure guest- thrown out of their beds and furniture was destroyed In 1001 there was a severe seismic disturbance lu Ios Angeles which was felt throughout tlio elty and for a rudiiu of several miles around resttlteil - it- niuii li lei eititjd ly - - civLD 11 -- Mix - I U- - - - ii w- - lm3mmmn mmmmmtiHtm -- i l swr urttti viiL alLKHXfclzLvsVaVfaBlBW Mi eaauK ir aaa - - iaj i tr rniw i i i i mirT t miwhimwm ti ITliM a r iii fcnnala I Jtr h j 4m o- VWvmmmK ilaaTMBagygWilaCTfT wwMttmKmmMmiz BW I aBV B A m I aViitJriaKaaii2rHHB7aaaaaarr 43L O GAJI vl4 - blRh SECOND l iM Heriiian Oelrlchs on fashionable Nob hill Mr Uelrichs itwho is a daughter of thSenator Fair Iiiim kIiowii line taio in the nr chitecturHl plans of Fairmont the ap propria - uame of the new hotel Seen the bay this htrucinrc with lt Call the De Young building the home from classh- outlines makes the beholder Of the Chronicle and the Hearst buildthink of a Creek temple White and ing occupied by the Kxiunlncr the looms above tho busy marfbxco greut Pacific coast newspapers graceful It ket places the great wholesale district having contributed handsomely to the building development of Sun Iranclsco the crowded business section and pic turesque Chinatown which by the in recent years Tho city now has Its way is fast disappearing owing to tin buildings one being eightshare of tall oncroaciuncnts of commonand the Mlirb mtttnr titirt nnM nAlna Iti tmtfrtit dwlndUtog of the Cbiuce population of them are eight ten and twelve Hto- - hl riifiiM mm 1 richest San Franciscan os ns a building Heventeen stories high couiinouly known iih the Call luilldlng On three of the conn r sites where Third street interxcots Market in located the great Bprci kclK building ihv home of the t 11 hi ii i i riXJmitli fc i - I CITY HALL Ff Iminer lo of life and damage to prop tlirooghont Han Francisco and ttitire coaat n glon makes tills the uoi earthquake disaster In American tory excelling ereu the h t Cliirlt stitu esrtlmoake of a few Um- 4 r m - I 2 Nnn4eil with - L f vy j rL sw HWf tW - Mg or fi ehi i - t 7 PR i7Pfta n 4 - f a WBfcM WMIKaWViJw kMSBatalHBiabSmBB Xa The practical destruction of six r - etct 1 TABOR I Mere dynamited The track of one rallroiid was de-prehs- - four fe t or more for u dlstanco of tliree ml lew At one point In the city tho earth cracked opii for a dlatniKe of sir feet leaving u awning chasm of fHtlMinlss diiith The destruction of all tolcgraih wlr s one belonging to the Postal union made It almost linpowltde for the Ktrlckcn city to communicate with the outside wnrfcl Tlio severe Inlirv dflc coast mountains Clans Spreckels known throughout Another ery flue building which the country as the sugar king and tha oost over fotnXUMi is the splendid ho A YOURS FOR BARGAINS M and lu the poorer districts the teno meuta collniwed like eggshells cntalt- log ami MUtfocutlug their lnmutes before they had time to eAcapn In many caxc tire tiiilshed the work of death catching the victim as thay were walls covered by cement ne Interior pinned still ullve coder roe iVjbrls To arrest the spread of the tin- - along of the dome ww decorated with ex i 4 Close Prices on Enamel Ware arion Milling Companys Flour 450 Per Barrel Blackford Flour 400 per barrel riM r- si ql Bucket lie Bargains in Everything in My Line Btorio li Gallon Bucket 8c To Numerous to Mention 1 ciK TINWARE LOW DOWN Bargains in all Lines of Dry Goods lm -- 25 pairs Shoes 50 per cent below cost I00 pairs Shoes 25 per cl hclow cost 75 pairs Shoes 20 per cl below cost Granulated Sugar 20 lbs for 100 15c Coffee 12 1 2 Cents pound Meat 10c pound Lard 9c pound Beans 4c pound J ifclajfc nltJv irlfI M K fVf liiifei ti jCJI xj FEANCISCO HARBOR Etm W iuiimi - LK3 V i ssi i

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