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Image 1 of Lexington observer and reporter (Lexington, Ky. : Weekly), March 6, 1861

Part of Lexington observer and reporter (Lexington, Ky. : Weekly)

' I 4 7 I). C. s i Wgr;!:niY,1 tT n.r.wicKLirri:, ft ' IS- : VY1'WO (f 't Tuts Fi:Ars riioro?nio5.-llr- . report to lburbf)Jt iba (5!tis!mr;t JetifI br '.he teceDt ( , Ct;iT-tckpk- J ea-;- loureaoe at C'ommittre wised to consider thto. and AT TT IX SIX tbrr adoption: ?dr. Serine, in behatfof hiweirlf and Mr. TrunbuU. or !'d rtf'tod dweoted from tfco 3t!tcc a rewjlutioa w For ItUisei or Vi'VtJKTI.'ING-this cllect: three fl iitn wsrklv or "ix monthii 4: m .nrbs wMt. Whukk4'., The Ifpalatur-- a of Kentucky, New Jtissy have st'jjlic j tt lverf.i?e- - Illinois and , YeBrty w.;.':V,Sl:mi-wMltlTConrrets to cil a Cvn?ntion for )rooin l,o nil tor nH vusrly iu tTuc:fir ....'t. tctre- amend ipcoU to tba Cnsututi'.-n- F:'TT AFI OS TSU?B" DOLtiSS . li i; , LEXINGTON, mARCH 2, 1861. The Teacb Cosgrkss. fa:Jc-i- Tbst the other KtntJ8 s Uo o DotLABS - .A I Ms JU . ' a 1f ' ilk ? rx ' V J 9 3 I ASf a.; WEEKLY -- TAB OBSERVER AND REPORTER !!';: 5 i? frsnsnrr Vr?rtT Evrsv - list WICKLIFFE. UMBEE C I KX' iff W i V-- 1 be invi- ted to talis the subject into coneiJeration, aodeipross their wiil upon the sub ject, to Congress, in pursuance if the C Xh artx's The iatelligance the I'oRee Confer- of the Constitution.from Washington w Mr. Hale objected to toe contjiJtxalien ence baa at length agreed upon a plan of Con- - the report, and, under the files it that it baa Vn pi ie'ittd to o'clock. )'oiieT until Friday aTl2 P ' fC,.-f- j SlS7t ,):, ESDAY, MAECH ,..,. WJEJDIS I PROPRIETOR .,.,,. Thirty-threc- ; is. )ci idling government, . wvi - 'j'" renjlcr OLUME - -i larhe wholly inex- - windsand'waterof "the T)TocLts 0f tne secceding States are separated (rom tneir sister Diocese, but tue triscorAL Chcrcu 18 .sot divided. vr MF.iipnis, Feb. 23. Tbe returns from Ai kansas aro favorable for holding a Convention. Th us far, 30 Secessionists, 21 Conditional Secessionists, and between 15 and 20 Submissionists, are elected. Yas Buben, Ark., Feb. 25. Arkansas is confidently believed to have gone largely against Secession The West and Northwest, as far as heard from, are nearly unanimous. She is for co operation with the Border SI ave States. Fobt Smith, Feb. 25. Keturns from ten counties in Southern Arkansas shsw a majority for a Convention and Secession candidates. It is conceded that the majority for a Convention will bo between and 5,000. Arkansas Election-- . that ftictmre still' unbroken; j J. II. M. Lexington, Ky., Feb. 28, 1301. Conoress. In tho Senate on Wednesday, Feb. 27, after the usual order of business bad been gotten through with, the Vice President announced the jeception of a communication from ex- President Tyler, President of a Convention recently held in the city of Washington, asking Congr6ts to submit tho mvr totne Licpmlatures o; the eever: btntcs. ( l 3-aioted b. the feace Congress.) It was read by tne Lieri and therecpon Mr Ceittespes moved that It be printed, and 'referred to a Select Cummittee with instrncti'.ins to repoit at L'pon this mone o'clock on Thursday. lion, the yeas and nays were demanded, and - n-- i . ,n- The bonds of love and brotherhood that have heretofore bound the Episcopal Church nine-tontb- s j .,.m1T ed, from being suirtrers for conscience sake "U it there ye are, old Truepenny?'' Te.AO LeTrrns Last Yeab. Uolhrook's "The resolutions of the Committee of , raised at the t'rst of the ten- - T7uited Statos Mail states that duriuj the akc the Washington Star, on seeing the an- vu;v ncia icmsu v i as uuu uii. xuti, v. vuij r ol .Mr. a.OKitr, vi SWU at toe inbtmne betu elvcted Assistant Secretary of the gini'i, and of which Mr. Corwin, ot Ohio, is j Letter otSc 9,700 letters, containing $5-- ,of this ' Trtiury of the C. S. A. This appoint- Mora than Chairman was dirted iu the House ofilolto. Thursday by ib conti- - amount has been delivered to the writer.--; n,e-'- t, and the probability that Yancy, Kcitt, nepteHcntatives on awaits the call of the own - j and SUdell will gJ to Europe, the Star totional majority of tro.third.' Thr have the ths'.ks an illustration of the way in which Those ara. yet to be auted upon in the c : i ats ensconce tncmselves in new cnecse. TTMbltiot wiil ns found iu our jpar to- fcv"ilenry Clav spokt as follows en d.)V. ine name ot uovernor hase, o ioga prominent sccebsioniat. The extract!. Oii-- , :s row mentioned in connection with LcsiyuTox TitKirr.E. Tba "Hidden is according to the reported debates of IS.jO correfpou- Hnd" has drawn very good houses during in Benton's Abridgment, volume. V pKe, (I'inet appointment, and thesays of the Cincinnati Garotte be will wi"d give oS4: the greater part of the weak, but iti.y be one of tbe President's oanstita- to tbg "Gunujakcr of Mos- place Mr. rreiidoat: I said ncthir.g ; 11.:!. '.' adviser?. cow'' founded on another Led "T s.'ntntion. to the character of Mr. Urmtt, for I- J prehe to epeak might us well name him. Hut if bim,--1 romance. It is unnecesr.ary for that Jeff. Davis advii?6E notsnced a sontiment attributed to of the character of tiii piece as it id fim'diar r'mn tte standaro or disuii.ii Ma oi r"- -' an'.' ; hope it U true. tba Now Y',lfc to the readers gv ): to he . . . . V. , T .fgtoa ort"uc:sj i ort&4 m?i naa twin, tj .. v. ocirt act, he tci', of toe tnot.t excitinz aud axrteabk stories of y r will represent the HOTR flK WILt, MEKT THE FAWOf A .iiidcll, of Louisiana, its class. The afterpieco is "Sweet Hearts altfi I IGrAt AnnltisA in thft plallei ies. H.inibprii Confmleranv in Kurnne. TtiiTf.R and Wives," which, with the recitaion of with djfficuity gu,preB ed by the Cbair War Pekpabations at CnAiiLXSTOs. Drake's "American r lag-- ' by Miss irgmia On the same occasion the great Iveutuck-iTbe Charleston Mercury notices a call of Howard, and the grand Uniou Tableaux, prespoke thus of disunion and his duty to Governor Pickens for laborers to construct sents a bill of unusual attraction. ' the Union as contrasted with his allegiance , ....., n-- ir a 1C4Via;. 1.1 , O UIIUCI SbitliU tUUL nil. 11. il. ti-the defences in Charleston harbor. Several u, , . j j G, 1SG1., fV. Y. Crr)e;)ODdonoe ral- Buffalo Commercial. XXXVII sired; and in an after conversation guve tbe reporter to understand that her effee lion for the first husband, whom she believed to have died in India, was unchanged The reporter soon left, and it in unnectM-arto state that his next calling-placwas at the house of Mr B., the agent of the wi ll known banking firm in this city. Tbe story of tbe ' two Bible;." wag aoon told, and of course Mr. B. was deeply interested. He immediately called upon Mrs. P., and kindly and carefully made known to her the story of her husband's misfortunes, accompanying the intelligence with a promise, if she desired it, that no pains should be spared to secure his pardon. What was her answer? No one wbo knows woman's heart can doubt. She did desire it, and with heroic devotion she net about accomplishing it. In campany with Mr. B.. she vraited the vic timized ruerrhnnts, tho District Attorney, the Judge cf M Court and jury, and tell- ht-ing the story ot bis wrongs, obtain 0 tue uorernor, solici ting tne convv a pfci.ion. ,rrjit" t document, f, , t .Albany ,!mi week, and L:i i audience tith Governor Morgan, the result of which wa. that with a lighter heart and ber husband's pardon she took tbe cars far Sicj 8ing, and oa Monday last bad the pleasure of walking out of tne prison doors arm in arm with the hntf- band whom she had long mourned as loct i her forever. Your readers may guriaiFe tbe rest, and if gifted with the power of prophesy may scan tun iuiuio, uui asiae irom telling the facia the reporter (your correspondent) pavtth not. y of Ntw York Gossip .4 Trut -Lights and Shadows cf Life y of of ' '!:; i tinn rjrrn Crtnie, j. ' T- Feb. 11, 1861 3 P. M. Tbe btLA;n for Liverpool, on Saturday instance of Mi'. ju thd Se iaer last, took out as pissengors two pefsous (ft- - The City Authorities of Wasiiioton whose histories for tho two or three years was referred to a Rolect Commit-"- ' Lincoln on called upon Mr. Abraham last past ould if "worked up" by the pen of tee, with instructions to report upon it tha Thursday, 2S(h ult., and was warmly weleven a mediocre novelist, create a sensation. next day (Thursday last) at 1 o'clock. The comed by him. In response to the Mayor, Truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction, a.i I to undaistatia, is su pltc, wa are given Yeas. Messrs. A nthouy, Baker, Bayard, think your readers will say when they read Mr. Lincoln said '.hat "much of the bad feelCling'nian, Crittenden, these facts, vouched for by your corresponBjKieri ISragg, Bright, atantially that agreed npn by the Commitings between the North and the South was x uu a.m xun, ioUoiau, r lieu, lutiicr, i uiuau iu it line of the Poiice, iniu- - dent, by tbe Superintendent ui 'j ic uiiou iuiiucui;i.i-- i j . utuiu: ih tee of wrvch Mr. OcTfiBiE was chairuiAD, through misunderstanding, and he begged uramai uiou uj iue 1 ht Wlth Pain he jIr VceMeal in rehearsal and will be produced in grand! planers in the several parishes aud neigh- - ter, Johnson of Tenn., Kennedy, Lane, and substantiated by Governor Morgan. .he opinion is that it will prove Fatiafac ana a confirmation of the reminkli Pierce Polk to say on this occasion, that he never had any Without unnecessary hifalutin or literary "No novel of the present maJe, that the sentiment of disunion is be-- j 'rhoods are requested to meet and arrange f.athnm Mason Xishokon tory to the Border States, although it foiled feelings other than kindness towards his fel- style next week. paint, I will preceed to dish up the facts, gremer power vi w mui re- - corairg ifttnnmr. 1 nop9 il is cununeu iu uvw iu iuy uaiiui iucj kah cuu ' to leceive the vndividtd vote of their Com- low citizens, lie had no desire or intontion aaj euioii Nays. Bingham, Chandler, Clark, CoIIa-me- promising that the names of the principals, as 3y it the Missouri Compromise to withhold any of their rights, and ex- plete with thrilling interest than the late South Carolina. I do not regardseem my re- - tine ni".y act separately. The President of Doolittle, Durkee, Fessenden, Foote, for obvious reasons, must remain secrets missioners. to bat howrable Senator Rank of South Carolina announces the Green, Oriroes, Ilale, Harlan, King, Morrill, with those whom I have named and perhaps popular work of Wilkie Collins from Li virtually restored, slav?ry b"icg intarNew York Cattle Harkeu r Kentucky un- Rarl as tiSpressed the hopo that th?y would bo better of others who are conversant Sumner, Ten tnis play is dramatized, 1 in all territory North of the line of it is, now- - furla the blnner of resistance, I never will sue of bonds to the amount of $G7G,CKX) Seward, Simmons, Wilson 21. Eyck, a Nrw lor.t, jVebrunry 27, dicto with the circumstance. The .story I will pleased when they coma to know each other BEEVES Beef in bolter denir.d ab4 adever, so very familiar to the reading public fiijht under that banner. I owe a paramount. id Sams of fifty, one hundred and Ave hun- Trumbull, Wade and degrees thirty minutes, while it better, thirty-sibaptiza with the homely title of vanced lc. Reeeipti S.Kflt). Price ranged frwc Of those who voted for lr. Crittenden's that it scarcely necessary for us to speak of allegiance to the whole L nion a subordi-it- s dred dollars, bearing seven per cent, inter- motion, remains in a territorial condition; but being to 8; to lOtiiltfv; and for pnnl-athere were but five Republicans, viz: TtlB HISTORY OP THE TWO BIBLES. owu SlatenatB one to mertts. If Mr. Weaver has succeeded in cattle. est, in aid of the finances of the State. (J-Ttelegraph inOrms us that Henry recognized in all territory south of it, withAnthony, of Rhode Islnd, Baker, of Ore SHEEP AVD 1850 Thomas Shotwell, a young man In i, Connecticut; the his been appointed impaiting half he interest to the pi vy that out any interference either by Congressional J. Lilett, of M of respectable family, and tha son of a weal- perhet. Rcceipti 6,ru). Conscl at Messina The resident has (7The case of " The Statu of Kentucky, pon, Dixon and Foster of 8WISK Krini hlutier Mteae. Rwrtri i lui or that of thg Territorial au Postmaster General, and J P. Benjimin, of the story involved, vnd he has a great repu- - appointed F. D. Behk, of Kentucky, as Con- b7 Beriah Magoffin, Governor thereof, vs. negative votfl is composed exclusively of thy mmufacturer of Leeds, England, belegishtion Quotation Republicans with the exception of 11 r. Green, Sue. came acquainted with and married Julia Louisiana. Attorney Genera!, of tbe Con- - taiioa as a dramatist ) we can safely urge all sul to Messina, vice Charlton H. Morgan, thorities; and ultimvely when the popula Willi&m Pennison, Governor of the State of of Missouri Tillotson, the only daughter of another rich admission &3 a federate Stales; and that Mr. Abroman, of who would enjoy u rich theatrical treat, to go F.-tion may be sufficient for , of this city, resigned. There were no further proceedings upon manufacturer of Shefiield. The union was On Ohio," upon a motion for a rule to show the evening of the 12th of State, the said Territory to be admitted on Louisiana, Mr. J. Crawford, of Georgia, and and see "Th Woman in Whiti!." sanctioned by ihn paters ani matet s of both reeldence of the t.ri.l6'e mother, i'ebruarv, at th --Lcimo why he refused to comply with a the subject on Wednesday. Ly tbe Key. C. J slaMt. John Forsyth, of Alabama, Commis either side of the line with or without 110,1,9 ot Kepresentatives, (fi"The New Orleans Picayune complains reouisition of the former for Lago, a free on tbe paities, and for a lew months the course of Lewis, Mr. Will. Wrtsos to Aiim 8il4J la tne fjT" The Montgomery Confederation says Report of the Committee of Thir- - true love ran smooth, and preparations were Fall, bath of Woodford eoonty, Ky. people of the State may desire. sioners to Washington. very, as the that no report has deen made of tho aggre- ner-r- indicted ia tt, oodford county, Ky. far 27th, the it is currently reported in that city that . m upon Federal Relations, came up made by the young people to set up for As this wa3 the great source of the irritating The only remaining officer of Jeff. DaviV gate popular vote cast in Louisiana for the running off slaves, was argued laot week in Win. M.. Brown, Eq , late editor of the themselves, upon the funds expected from ()V gna ttctioa. controubles by which the nation is now Cabinet to be appointed is a Secretary of the election of delegates to the Stats Convention Supreme Court of tho United State? br j Tha first resolution voted on, was the their respective "governors;" but a year afOn Tuesday night 1. t. ffor abrief illness, Wre. Washington Constitution, has purchased a vulsed, the controversy turning mainly upon Navy, and Mr. Mallory, of Fiorida, is sponow sitting at Baton Rouge. It says: Jao. V. Stevenson and Humphrey Marshall, substitute of Msssers. Bcrch and Scott, ter the wedding, tho elder Shotwell suc- F.LIZA S. McMKKKI v wife of Mr. A. f. Ale- half interest in the Jackson Miisissippian, lady. the political relation of slavery in the Ter- ken ol for the place. "The official returns of the Convention, of Kentucky, in support of the motion, and recommending to the several States of tho cumbed to the financial pressure In became MuehiD, a highly eate?.-i.-now edited by E. Barksdalo, and that it .1.- -. In St.u enuoty, ot: the 23d ult., after a u .1 bankrupt anrbbis family worse than begvriththe full vote of the State, have b?en and ritories, we do not see, if the version of the fo ' Onto, ia onnositioa there- ..' M .? li;cesj, Mr. ELIZA II.,eou-(o- rt rpnupsr. Pnnirrrtca" i fT!l a (nrpnlinn nf nil gars. The young wife's father, finding his tmct.6.i yt,i Joseph Holt, op Kstcck?. Several of would probably be removed to Montgomery still are withheld from the public. Efforts br r. alcott. of compromise agreed upon be correct, how Wui. penniless, set about devising of hi 01 age. 0. Croehetr, Exj., In the 3Hth yew The case was then ta'ea under advb-e- to and become tho official organ of the Presi- have been 'made to Obtain them, but ,he HMe accordance with the Fifth ar- any man who deserves the preservation of the Republican papers have expressed a de For reasons which, in view of the rucntbv tho Court. tide of tho Constitution, for the purposo of some means to got rid of him, quietly but efIn Shrevepprt, Louisiana, oq the 3rd ult., Dr and the perpetuity of the sire that the present Secretary of War (Mr- dent. the public peace unofficial statement as to the actual result, amending the Constitution in such manner fectually. The army ia the East weie in PENJAMAN LOGAN, ion 01 Dr. Eeo. Logq, tf Vnioii can ask more than is here claimed and Holt) shall be continued in his present posi we can easily imagine, the duty of publishand in regard to su-- h subjects as will nmre want of recruits, so a commission was pur- Shelby oeuoty, Ky., iu the 31th year of his age. V. r Tae Lexington Observer u4 Keporter. (7"Thc Hon. John Bell left bis home in ; ing tbe returns for public inforcn'.iou has adequate! v respond to the wants and ati'.ird chased for oung Shotwell, and he was asconcedod. We shall, however, probably be tion by Mr. Lincoln. The Cincinnati Ga- Tennessee on Died, in this city, on Monday evening, FebruaTs:he Epiicopal CbuicU PividVil! Saturday la3t, for Washington, been shameful! v evaded." more Rufilaient guarantees to tbe diversified signed to tha Regiinont of Horse. Old Til- ry 25, WJLLIK KLLS, in the Vth year if before this paper goes to press to lay zette, noticing this movement, paya the foltoablnd Mr Dkar Mh. Editor: f fiee from the incubus lotson, finding has it that his visit to tbe Federal and rumor nnd growing interests of tho Government hico.diseased was a I a th? Observer aud Heporter of Felruary before our readers the plan of adjustment in lowing tribute to this distinguished soa of of a "poor relation," devised how he should The mt.ire oi" TVu.lole, Sew and people composing theRni. This was re- Capital was made at tbe request of Mr. Lin$5"A Washington letter says: Hon. Oeorgo V," 1UJ nays, make the separation betweon his daughter Mexioc, where his parenrj reside. He wa jnt to dtai!, and will therefore await such detaile Kentucky: "Whether Mr. Lincoln will of coln. His namo is mentioned in connexion M. Dallas, American Minister at the Court 23d, I find a pastoral letter of the Bishop ,Jfooted by a vote ol 71 yeas ttiij city under the care of Mr. iviohard C. Morot Lootstana, d?u:iing the position of his He and her busbund perpetual before proceeding to comment further upon fer Mr. Holt a position in the Cabinet or iu sohstUute of r. KELLr,ci,of libinois, cured to bo puolisho.y in the Seivioetbst pro- gan two years since, obtalu his educawith a Cabinet appointment, but whether of St. James, writes very eloquent letters Di with an editorial hea ling which Gazjtte tion, and was plneed Umlnr tne cure oi Prol. A. not, we do not know. Whether he would upon proper grounds remains to be seen. the subject. ses'uis to mo to I 3 calcnlated, though of was also rejected by vote of o3 to 109. a report cf tbo death of the younger Snot- - S. Drake, at wifti6 hound ho to his friends oa this side of the Atlantic, deaad iiHi. Mr. Clemens, of irginia, then moved the well, and by a with a Tba great thing at last, however, about accept such a position if offered we are not couts not intended, to mislead. It is this: Willio was a lovel aci amiiiuie youth. Ba ploring the present condition of political af-Church Divided. In Loui- - "Crittenden Proposition" as a substitute; The clerk ia London, succceeded in inter- endeared himself to all wbu know h:m for bis matter is, that there Khali be exhibited prepared to say; but we believe that distin thi 8esatob Crittekdes. The Richmond j fairs in the United Stato?, and expressive of siaaa th-- Protestant Episcopal Glut roh ae- - which was also rejected by a vote of 80 yeas atr)oci-'D;te nnd between the auiforni, cheerful, cepting all coramuriiCfittoii guished gsnt'enian to be entirely worthy of (Ya.) Whi says: "A piper has been slgnod Mich a feclin? between the conflicting eleOf uiUie-t- i smipuoity. f V. you will be so to lid nays. i the disgrace which the madness of a Dofv ' wLi' wWL.e State. ' youngsters. rtnd arbanity,hieflcuoomitit08 rnspetaocl xad Iw&i Republic as will lend to a fair of the highest position within the gift of the by many members of the Convention and. ments of the of vour co1" JT ih f the Committee The resolutionsi of In less than a year"tr the publication of him. All hud know hup u It.aH wuph they Icuim-etion of our Denote, aud tho nitiabte attitu.bV'V American people. It matters little, however the General A xsenibly of Virginia, invit iog!r 1,. settlement of the unhappy controversies. words of explana- - Thirty-threof bis Mrkows 2d dvax x. Ia ctu ''- -r a were then voted on but 1ailin; young Snotweli's dejth, his suppose:! vr'itiot ftn,n, ' ),, .Ho,.i.i ,,-- . ,i,.T o; paragrapu, on; t0 receive tbe tbU oniit ninr;'."---crV. .... . ,,. bjcj m aw Tbe stake is too large and tte c ,nscq,uences , far a3 Mr. Holt is personally concerned, Senator John J. Ciittsnden, of Kentuck v i . iiiii'icea 10 iviiry nifiin, a.'.it ibis hid ro'itivee aad tueir if'i' t per,?. ai :rji aumrr . ., l American name, i nunc i:,i T v. e.d i:y sva C ip' ;iia i:crn tiine1 to ?. t.l many cif ni sf.hoolmA!.ct aflembled io to the present generation as we'l as to those whether he is retained in the position he has to addre'S themselves and tbe citizens oi .. tion of Suiae c W.b at4AB 9ndo!t with JrSi Ope Tho next day ( J hominy) a reconsidera- named Post, engaged a tho Aowrhan trade, Vrtonn th last oiTc ''Crgpuct to bismia! who re to come after us to.i '.itomaiit'jus, to S(J wci flijed, or whether bis countrven RiaiouJ, flairs of of l is country, and tuis inten led 1 a eirttfay.'oa ru l lailOJ-Spho ace.anipaijjed to New York in Taco rMQalus nw !ot;p iu uur teaati tion of the vote wnsmoved aDd cuti'j i, and whom ... . 1. 1, 1.. t fail at a iiitute time elevate him stiil c 01 1..0U- 0' ve : it March last. They hid scarcely been there ful Ce:aet?ry to await tbe rosurrectirz ;rutop and lilt v the country, la ail probability a conipU- - ,,.i8 t0 bo a reproach and humiliat J isiana hi'iself i.'iikes the me iiisuo to which the resolutions wer4 t!;on adopted by a , . i tne vtMCf ,ot lQ! Aron Anigei tiit will raise what ,1 f i distinction a Mristmtnt snail ne.tuc' oijp month when he.- second husband diod, er. rjucn an act couia noi buu o7: sumu u mentary dinner will also be tendered to the j vote yeas 13- -, n:;y3 C;i. tQ buaomvv Ul . lillt iMl lljf. UO I desire o call thi a'.tontion of your readers. yet to pa?s upou the report, of tbe Coinmis-nion- - the lustre of his fame. His r.ame will oc- venerable statesman." the tel- leaving her a fortune of some 12,000. For the embraces of his God and hm Savior. The The announcement of tho fXyHon. L. W. Andrews, of the State lie trur.'ts'y deniti that Cut L'pinaip-i- Church egraph states, was receivod with tremendous some reason Mrs. Post .emained in this city tender piant is trnnrplaiitod from the wil jorceis A a the power of bath branches cupy one of tbe brightest e pots on the pages The following complimentary resolutions ?r and boarded at a wall know and fashionable wofM to the mrudio of 'jrod. at the i divuicl. "With us," he says, "it is v, ord.-- apphuso from both the Republican and s ol American vi that body is )q the hands of tbo Repubhistory. It will be spoken to the same distinguished gentleman were Senate, addressed hi( uu neruaveu parents Bnouia ue apserea that Le aration, ; a division." While these Eoglioh hoarding bouso on Twenty-fourtCourt-houssides and galleries. in Flemingsburg oa Saturday ara often used indiscriminately, died in lhe oiidstof friends that they somelicans, it ia for them to determine whether with lovereuce by coming goneratioBS of adopted by the City Council of Cincinnati, street, where we will leave her, to give a his- was jiado by medioal skill and arrest every eliort to the afternoon last, in a speech of over two hours. times hive entirely distinct meanings. tory of her first husband after his arrival in that pruved mortal; find lhat many a tsarUimui the controversy shall cease and th Union freemen; and wherever the lia; of his coun- on Wednesday last, without a dissenting of BoWASHINGTON ITEMS. He asserted his determination to stick by the When wi'tjpeak of a divided family or houseIndia. Not being able to gain any intelli- rrow and sympirhy was shea when tbe fad funeral and equal- try shall wave his mouaory will be honored. voice: be preserved upon term of justice Washington, Feb. 2G. gence from bis wife, whom he truly and de- rites were performed. What in thair lo is tha Union as long as there was a vestige of it hold, ths idea conveyed is, not that the rich and infinite giver of their dear Willie. ity, or as a consequence of their obstinate In tbe midst of traitots, surrounded by perWhekkar, Hon. John J. Crittenden be left. The audience was large and enthusi- members of such family or household are Major Bowman has been appointed Su- votedly loved, he gave way to his passions, locally h.parated from each other, but that perintendent of West Point. ad uu patriotic course, by insanely adhering jured otBcials and public plunderers, the ing about to retire from tne Senate ot tne and endeavored to drown his griefs in dissiastic, and the Star says it bad never seen a tbey re discordant, jarring, disagreeing, disv mere theoretical abstraction, to canse a Arnolds of Buchanan's Administration, he United States, a position that he has emi It is understood that tho Government in- pation. The first news he received from his Thus the tends to institute proceedings immediately wife was her marriage to Post. A career of more attentive mass of people assembled united ia opinion or affection. permanent disruption of the Union, with all nobly maotained the honsr of his country. nently adorned by his unfaltering patriotism separations to which tbe agitation of against Gen. Twiggs. and exalted wisdom, will shortly return to j together His movement has dissipation followed this intelligence, rnd in the direful eonscqueDces of anarchy aoj cn! While treason lutkei ia the sacred chamthe question of slavery has of late years jcreatiy damaged secession in tho Bordur a drunkan brawl he attacked and maimed a his home in Kentucky; therefore. giv-iconfess that the proceedings of bers of the Government he kept himself unwar. We rise, and which were the ominous pre WHO aee tub Schmissioists .' States. Tbe Secretary of War and Gen. superior brother officer who playfully rallie U Resolved, That the thanks and grat- lhe term lied him on hUuomesiic troubles, for which he neither branch of Congress on tbe day of the spotted. In the trying hours when tbe itude of the nation, which be has so nobly "Subraissionist" is beins bandied from a to cursors of our present national separation, fccott favor immediate action in his case. Tub unj. take ten m,th,'l i m i of which titey set the example, and to and sentenced, but upSecretary Holt has addressed a letter to was w.u go .wun tmm. m I , th. R;(,hmnf, Urh; . . ia presentation of this report from tbe Peace President wavered whtn be wad oa the auu lanuiui.y berve-jof informing too owners of Hoe Jtuoiia, the hriv. o largely contributed, were properon the circumstances of the case being made endearing legacy his retirement, and ba the Governor of Louisiana, demanding the , tht tae services of Conference were calculated to give us a point uf yielding to the Cobbs, the Floyda to his children. dently intended as a reproach to persons eu- ly called uivisions; proceeding as they did restoration of Government property seized known to the Governor General bis senfrom disagreement of opinion and alienation assurance of a satisfactory termination the Thompsons, and the Touceys Holt, in Eeio'vcd, That the opportunity afforded tertaiuing certain opinions. Who than, are in New Orleans. H3 denounced the seizure tence was suspended, but he was cashiered While all these disastrous divis- as an act of tligrant and atrocious spolia- and dismissed from service. He too found of feeling. by them of the unfortunate condition of fluenced by pure and noble impulses, and of a brief stay in his progress homeward. the Submissionists? AMI Let us see. The Reions, growing out of a diversity of sentiment an asylum in New York almost simultanetion. things which has beeu precipitated upon the unmoved by promises or throats, bravely will enable our poople to hear from his owu publicans say to the South: "You hava no -in raktion to slavery, engendering feelings Gov. Moore returned the letter with the ously with his former wife. country; but the sober second thought may took hold of tbe old man who was totter- lips, Patriarch as he is of the Senate, words rights ia the Territories they belong to the of bitterness and proscription, were going Having never been schooled to labor, and Can be had for the present season on the term of counsels and wisdom ia this hoar of gloom indorsoment that when addressed in the usuand the fpirit cf concil- - ing on the brink of treason, and pointing set all things right, North." The Gulf States answer: "We oa, the Protestant Episcopal Church present- al language of official intercourse, ho would having no vocation by which to earn a living appended. and despondency to the country. OtitdfES willbe4yoar old on the th ed an unbroken front, and justice be ultimately made pre- him to the Constitution, directing attention a stranger in a strange land, outlawed by June next, black wittt mealy uoeo, 14 hands of Ae?:ii, lhat iiou. John J. Cnttendoa 6ubmit take the Territories we withdraw jestic harmony towardsand moved on in ma- consider the matter. 4 lhe accomplishment inches aiga, and of superior fur ui, bode and style. be requested at such time as he may select, i Advices from Montgomery state that Pres- his government, his case excited the sympadominant. to his tremendous responsibilities, and recalStates, on of the great work committed to hor charge. our claim." The As evidence of what is here affirmed, it may ba con- ident Davis has tendered the position of thy of Mr. Wight of the Par k Hotel, who ling tho glorious memories of Statesmen and io 'jire?s tue jiuuyiu i. vinuiunau anu We have rishlff in Her whole course has been eminently peace- Commissioner to Europe to Wm. L. Y'ancey, generously gave him a home until he could slated, that he won the first prise among tne entho other ban(1, say ... . . TuvicM . TTi.lor ihis patriots who bad him to turn his back upon tiguous cities upon the momentous affairs of tire get of bis sire (Napoleon .. as a oolt, ia 1 1 i 1 I HUM 1 ful and conservative, and if th numbers and rOtt the Territories, and demand their recogni- the nation. with powers to obtain recognition of the be put in a oonditiort to earn for himself a the t all of 1857; the first prite ii,)hisolass at the ia beading the Washington Star, of Tuesday, the daik sea of treason and disunion which living. He finally was offered and accepted Islington rair, in leos, and the sweepstake at Ectolved, That tho clerk ol the Council be tion and better security or wo will dissolve influence of her members had but corresSouthern Confederacy. s house the same time and place these bem hia nniu and he is hereby directdd to forward to Hon. partnership aud insist upon our share of the ponded with the large and liberal spirit that Major Anderson writes from Charleston, a place as porter in a largo jvs: "We hear that the War Department tbe eye of tbe faithful adviser readily i .f l?,illo:,.n he won the aetuatl them, almost universally, the cau- that do unusual preparations against him in Dey street, but he coatinued bis dissipa- exhibitions till 2 years old. In n.ViftvA nf ll.n ' have advices that Gen. Twiggs has surrendand having been first price, in Ins class, at Winchester and in the distance, We submit to no such ses leading to a of tho Stales would have property in dispute. at been recently made, and soma works tion so entirely unfitted him for his busi Paris Fairs; the first prue in his olass alsothe ered to the revolutionists of Texas all the prevailed upon to take one step backward resolution. at arrogant chums as that you setup." hich naver have existed, and the Union formed by already thrown up are apparently aban- - ness that he remained but a short time, his Kentuolty State Fair at Lexinjrton. and also the , m: charge ""Government military property in his our father, of glorious memory, would he gained suillcient strength to maintain his discharge necessarily following. sweepstake; the first pruj ia his class at the InSoldiers ok the War or 1812 o tho: ars the Submissionists? which b it that have) beea perpetual. If a permanent sep- itonod. as commander of the United States military posi on until the plotters of treason were forc L nder tho circumstances it is not strange diana State Fair, and the sweepstake; the first Bell, of Tennessee, Last night the, n,?s Dmorc 108 nemy 8lrlKes aDa Iffves 113 aration of shall ensue, ha States l meeting of department of Texas. If this be true, he ed to retire frum the councils of the nation. The Crisis. At a Judge Douglas, Mr. Guthrie, Mr. Rives, that he should commit a crime; a forgery of prue in uis class at Bairisa, ana the sweepstake; thus by a fierce, vindictive and relentless Gov. Hicks, and others, urgently appealed his employer's name, bis arrest and trial olans, having never been beaten in his Association of Soldierslof tbe War of 1812, ! bsS3ge behind? deserves hanging higher than Human for the and the taker of the sweepstakes at Tw secret history of those trying hours, when war, ithe will at least have the satisfaction of to Mr. Lincoln to interpose for a settlement. therefore, his conviction thereof, and impris-moheld in Bostoa oa the 22J, a series of resolu I o.ato rairs, winning ia one season Z4j worth o palpable tieachery and barefaced robbery of (KrThe Washington Slates bag the annex- - knowing, that this sin against God and plate when only 2 years old. He was not exhibi Holt, almost alone, saved his country from followoa in September. Their interview was continued for several tions were adopted declaring that tbe survi ihe Government involved in the act." esnnnt be Iiid to her charge. The hours. On tho day he left the city for the State ted last year, because of the entire season being ed paragraph. It shows how nws is man- ruin and disgrace, may never be written; pledged to breeders. ving soldiers of 1812 could not stand indil A correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette evonts which have fcsen of late transpiring The Commissioners from tho Southern Frison he was visited by a reporter ot a New ufactured in W ashington, and fent out by but a grateful publio will, nevertheless be have necessarily affected tlte union which has Confederacy are expected before the close of Y'oik daily, whose acquaintance ferent spectators to tbe destruction of th he had . says that Twiggs's traitorous conduct in the agency ol tbe telegraph in all directions: beretofora subsisted between her members able to appreciate the services of the worthy ORESTES was sired by John F. Fima'i im surrendering the Government property ia the week. They are accredited to the in- formed at "tbo Park," and to whom be inUnion they so dearly love. Its dissolution, j broken ttsir- unity. i On Saturday considerable They are coming Administration, and pending their trusted a narrative of his life, and the custo ported Jaok.Napoleun 3d; dam Oetelladh. Kentuckian who did his duty on that mo hut has Texas was based oa private revenge against wiey ueciare, wouia oe a revolution bi kb ais- - ; excitelnerit prevailed throughout Washing still ona, as the mighty ocean that girds the effort3 to negotiate, nothing will be done dy of some objects of curiosity and memen jennet,) by IMeeola, apd bis grand dam by Lojrao. mentous occasion; and whatever may be the nns gofc uy om imported uiatumoth, dam tbe Government for supplanting him, in the a8trous to ail races within its borders; that ton in consequence of a ruuor that the earth is one, though we distinguish different calculated to disturb the public peace. toes of ailection amoug tbem a ttible of a vuuwui.v faie of our noble ship, the name of Holt will y mporwu uscwia, Moheriy aoTa t Our South- parts of it by difforent names. appointment of Col. Waite, when it became no compromise in regard to the right3 of dif-- Peace Convention had broken up in , Feh. 28. very curious and costly design and work- Palafox Jtcuoi Loi"Va sired br Toumh Washington-' 6'0n- with their Dioceses have not The r.umor I,roved . ern Bishops ba manship. "That,"' said be, "was a present ( well known as IIough.on'9 Jack,) dm Seliuja by to have a con- never be forgotten by those who love patriknown that Twiggs intended sections, in accordance with the Con- The Peace Conference? has adjourned sine from Julia, upon our wedding day. I gave Liyasej, grana aam Laiypso. otism and honor integrity. mm ui Ulysses and Cami uuueriaiui, iu ine seceded fioia tho resi i. they simply recognise ference with the Texas Commissioners on stitution of the United States and the voica followingiiiiaieti, i;u-an.ier a die, and many of the Commissioners have her one precisely like it. Take it keep it lypso were selected on the Island of Malta, aad t.i.n manner; 1ft xist'vi; imported by Commodore ilogers, and sold to fion. the disposition of the property of the Fed of the people, can be so injurious to the peo- do ii3t consider already left for home. for me, and if I should not survive the term A memlier of the New York Legisla ramnanr .1:1. Clay. air. a., wno is The proposition before the Peace Confer- - of my imprisonment, send it to my mother lleury Twiggs gave orders to eral government. ii.ui iiico to d'sp.,'e be claims of such pie ot (lnscountry as disunion. 1 bat it woulit , wished the Peace Congress woulo? break ur ture, named Jay Gibbons, was arrested at j ne nrsi, in Leeds, with the undying love ol ber un was voteu on uy sections. rernmejt, but render obedience to the encie Y.iy officer in command ol a post in the Albany on tbe Ifih inst , charged with bri- - be suicidal and infamous to sacrifice this: n conluion. Mr. li. beard the ircm&rk to be. Can you point out to me, in refeienco to dividing tho Territory, was happy son.', He was too agitated to say Was imported by MeaeM. Weare, Wlljon Co .i,n).Ji , uqrTrtff.erit or TTxas, seventeen in Republic for any consideration, and it is the- iIr' C- that he expected it would break up powers that ill neptemoer, isou, Irom the Province of ry and corruption in demanding money my dear Mr. Editor, (I need not assure you barely adopted. more, and sobbing a last adieu was soon on Spain, and certified to be of pare Garrisua- number, including San Antonio, the head fur his vote on a bdl to increase tbe salary sacred duty of the citiz ns of the United Kansas and Indiana did not vote at all. .hat I sptik with all possible respect and en- w he Jwrf,t Sing Sing. L p to the time ot iaa blood, will be 4 years old next Spring biaek u,k Mf dow. his way to quarters, to surrender to the agents of tbe of the Deputy District Attorney of Albany S.ates amicably to adjust all differences, so. and Mr. W., beii,r a re liable newsman, tire kindness,) can you printout to me a way New York were divided. North Cardial, his final imprisonment he had no idea but with mealy nose, full li hands high, and of line by which they could act otherwise without Virginia and Missouri voted ripgatively. revolutionary State Convention, without that ' his Julia," as he termed her, was the form and bone. We are assured by the importcounty. It is charged that Gibbons offered and forever eradicate from their hearts every went tho whole length of the ity telling self destruction? The result was 8 against 7, and but for happy wife of an atfjetionate husband, enjoy- - ers, that his colts seen by them in Spain were ef Tho Episcopal Church that the Kindle man beine in arms to enforce the cause of national discord, that we mjy ba a TelT hody be met that the most superior order and formed an imDortai.t to cast bis vole in its favor for 100, and in eaea congress nan brijien up in'.on has a Liturgy, in which, accoydingto the re- - the temporary absence of one of the New ng hie in its tullnesss in uld England. consideration in making to bring biia State's demand', every particle of the mili timated that he could defeat the and quirment rf 'll'dy Scripture, she prays for all York Commissioners, would have been a tie to America, although permanently injured in ona On New Y'ear's day the reporter, above re til and united pniqle; batiles that having fought in- Und a row " property there, amounting in the aggre tary their countiy.l under tho "S:r Span. that are in authority. The people of Loui- - vote. ferred to, in going the rounds of "calls," visi- of his ankles. He wa selected by tho underwould do it, if he was not paid the said Tyler communicated to Con ted the boarding house of Mrs. P., on Twenty-fo- signed irom more than twenty otiierf, with gate to millions of dollars, including arms. amount, gled Banner," they cinnot en iura that any A report of General Twiggs' death sianarnaintain that they are no longer citi- gress ' cial reference to Jennet breeding. l ue evidence ol bis crime is said the proposition, but the House has not urth zensof the United States, and consequently horses, cattle, provision", fitreat, and while there accidentally accoutrements, should tiko from its folds one star or onoj has reached Washington. The story is that to be indisputable. that they owe no allegiance to tho President txen omciaiiy lnrorraea or its contents. centre-table- , the very saw a Bible upon the wagons, &c. Governor Houston semt his aid to Twipjts to or Congress ol the United States; would Some Commissioners Pay if the Conference copy of the one intrusted to him by the con The recent evidences of fraud and con up 3tr,P' ORESTES will maud this season, by the " Advices received at Washington represent do you think, tolerate the prayers in-- , has been productive of no other good result, vict Shotwell. payable when tbe Jennet is proven at remonstrate against hi meditated treachery they, He toott tip tne dook, open tion among those who have been entrusted to be in foal or parted with. Persons desiring a in our Liturgy for "the President it b.a3 produced a most friendly feeling among ed the tc ms was a stipulation re that among The result of tbo recent etec-- ! in gurreQ:ll,r;ns th-- G(ivcrnmcnr. property, corporate.! Abkas?as read these words: jt, aud upou the f with affairs of responsibility show the nec conditional insurance for a Jack or Jennet colt, Benin? oflicers their side arms, and another tion for delegates to the S'ate Conventioa of! when an altercation endued whioh resulted of the United States, and all in civil author- them. can, by the addition of 10 in the former case to "Julia, from Thomas, Leading members of the Peaco Conference ity," and for the "Senate and Representatroops were to be essity of a proper degree ofvf&ilance and Arkansas is claimed by both tbe Secessionists! the insurance price, or tbe deduction of 10 io Leeds, England." in? that tbe disarmed in the shooting dead of Twiggs by the Aid. tives" of the United States, "iu Congress as- from the Border States express satisfaction discrimination by the peoplo in selecting the latter, be accommodated. mvslery, and just such a one permitted to be carried to the coast for ship Here was a The news received at The rumor, however, ladks confirmation. DUN RlbO will stand this season, by tbe Insembled," prayers proceeding on the sup- with Franklin's plan of adjustment, and the their representatives, especially where mon and the L'nionists. delights t contemplato and surance, at $540 under the same conditions for a to make it a leading issue in as a reporter laentoutof Texas in government wagons, Memphis on the 25th from Little Rock repThe telegraph repof ts that tbo name of position that these are tho Rulers to whom determination ey is to be handled; and we trust the ex side, Jack or Jennet colt as abef e. Persons not stipuelucidate. So, calling the landlady one Khinh were subseouenlly to be accounted resent that the secessionists are in a majori- -' General Twiggs has baorr stricken from the tho worshippers owe obedience? Unques- the npproachirg election. lating the conditions at the time of sending tholr They maintain that their States can be he asked her concerning the ownership of Jennets, will be liable to the insurance price ef tionably tbey would not join in or tolerate The whole num posures which have taken place will not be ty "33 secessionists, 25 conditional secesfor to the revolutionists. army roll as a cowar.t aa a traitor. xupposing a state of facts which held in tho Union by it. Mr. Crittenden is the book, explaining his curiosity by uta'tng that Jack to which they breed. prayers lost upon the honest yeomanry of tbe coun ber of enlisted troops under Twiggs's com it, sionists, and 15 to 20 unconditional Union Pasturage will be furnished two months gratin, tbey utterly deny. Our Southern Bishops confident that the Virginia Convention will that he possessed one precisely like ne whose in this regard. history was a peculiar one, and as i under af'.cr thai time $1.50 per month. Grain fed at Texas was 2,WA), and tUey were try 'tuaudin acquiesce. ists being chosen." Pa in kcl Svtcuiss.- - We learn from tbe and Clergy then are placed in this position Care Kill be rates if The Virginia Cemmissioners left much stood there were but two books of the same reasonable aocidonts, desired. responsibility taken f .uttered about for the most part.overa fronOther advices, however, state that of tba ' Georgetown Jcurual tlaat Mr. George M. they must either close their churches, or act but no to prevent shonlJ The Catholic Press os Secession. in accordance with the circumstances in dissatisfied with the result of their laliors pattern in existence, bo desired to know if any ocenr. hundred miles. There are tier of fllteen Tbe Pittsburg Catholio copies an article delegates elected, 28 are for immediate and j Lloyd, a very esttmablti 'citizin of Scott whioh tbev are placed. Vith the history here. They maintain, however, that Vir- - these were the two exclusive. He was in Stables 8 milee wept r.f Lexington, tear tho r early alt the officers belonging to four regi from the Freeman's Journal, commenting unconditional secession, 20 for the prescrva- - county, committed saiicidei on Sunday rnorn-tio- n of tho English Non jurors before them, our ginia will not secede unless coercion beat formed that the book was borrowed from a old Frankfort Turnpike Road, 8 miles from aud 8 from Georgetown. Address, Lex menu, ail tbo Third Infautry, all the Eighth lady guest for adornment for the centre-tablof the Union without conditions, and j jng last, by using a thot gan, heavily charged, Sontheru Eishops of tho seceding States, tempted by the Administration, severely on the course of the Abbe Perche, Ky., JOUX ALLEN, for this occasion; and what was mcro Gen. Scott has ordered a salute of 100 guns all the Second Cavalry, five compa unless tboy would rcfuo to profit by the lii'antry, ALBERT ALLEN. of tbe New Orleans Propigateur Catholique, 27 for Arkansas adhering to the Union ia placing tho near thet nipple of the was told that the owner would not probably in honor of the Peace Congress, of the past, could hardly have acted Fayette Co., Ky., Faarnsry ltt 80- res of the First Artillery, five of First In in becouaiog aa advocate of teoesMon, aud case a settlement should be obtained through left breast, aud diechnrgrfcj the entire con-th- e lessons obiect to an explanation of tbo coincidence, Gen. Cas left yesterday for home, otherwise thau they have done. For here, !3tiy, waking forty companies iu all em savs: "I!" Catholio oditors choose to deserve a action of the Peace Googress satisfactory tents into bis bdy. He 'Mever epoke after from au that Sending up his card he wag soon showa in Tbe report is prevalent heie ia regard to the bracing COS commistiioncd officers and 2,000 Mrs. Post's presence, and with the char share of tbe disgrace which will one day to the Border States. The litter statement' tbe discharge, hi1 died la a few moments, chargo of government on the deprivation of Gen. Twiggs had been bhot by a soldier. . A T a meeting of the President and eiditted wen, liiiug more thau are iu any Advices from Charleston state that shortly acteristic freedom (not impudence) 01 a re is believed to be true. under Jam-j- II. and the accession of William and He bad been for isome time laboring overwhelm tbone who have been guilty of tors of the Totes Creek Extension TurnMary, we see certain P.ishovs and Clonrv of after the arrival of Jeff. Davis in that city he porter, proceeded to explain the cause of his oue department ia the service. o'ler The question whether a Convention should mental alienatio b, cnused by dckness. Ho pike Road Company, on Tuesday, the 2th lust, aiding and abetting beceasion, tbey have, of the Church of England, doing incalculable paid a visit to Fort Sumter, and had a long visit to learn tho history of that Bible, as. it wot ordered that 10 per ceot. of tho capita It was af-- surinir the ladv that his visit was not promo itoek of sail company be paid to the Troasarer, course, a right to do to; but tbey have do be held was submitted to. tho peoplo at tbe was aa ex:elUc I citizen, aud bi;8 malaacholy damajo to the Church, aud IhouL-- actuated interview with Major Anderson. (7"Tlie Memphis Appeal states that tbe t first by tba paretst motives, drtvu on by torwarda given out that there would be. bo ted by an idle ouriosity. Mr. P., withoat fat has ete.ted. ft feeling of glofW among bis that right to wake the church, or Catholic tbol saw time, Dd tbeia U ro doubt that br skeM. business going fa iu that city raaejs, jf?t f'l?h lsKrai?0 I? ef thj ptpl bv toI4 Wm and MaiftUBC?. ?f M 5W for thttr envuu yUwj." egy, taspeoRlbla tfttvi fW e' tf tollsllnf trocoafcr Routk Carolina. tht t--f YP"T r ClUT-TEs'P- . rting j I..l r - d -- w - ! 1 . - 1 uiu, t-- j piRice r, 1, - r half-scor- e lio. - he LAMna-MuttBadva- Md issis-ipp- HARRIED, j ii. c- die n. te -: T f.-- .:l. unsuc-cessru!l- ! - hio.i-.el- j j liv-n- mi s i j ; d .,....! tji.i v '' j r U- t.,..'a . , ie f.-, ijj e Ctitnti ; ' uaoond.-ioupnes- v.-i'.'.i- . . r . , tvo-thii'- t, l fellow-citizen- s Dera-ocra'i- t 1 h e To ths Breeders of fine JACK SrUiJii! ' court-martiale- j con-ble- - OEESTES! DOIST RIBO; ! ij.... M dry-good- ? lb, ', ) semi-annua- nt PEDIGREE ! ! . ili confu-feren- ! (fr i -- ps.s: DOX RIBO - " t CatH-luni- a, itwasaj . -- (7 j TERMS: inu-ronc- e, m Ver-tuill- J Turapike Notioe. Dlrt--xA- s i tut-jerl- 1 W?3aw? it

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