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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), April 19, 1797

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

j, --- ;- THE KENTUCKY GAZETTE, -- , WEDNESDAY, April i9, ix79'r. 5I5 NUMBER . $ Si ji "f t SALE, F071 in inc. i own 8000 Acres on the vith Stables For tetms Henry's moo acre county, on Asher's creeky . In the name or John Pemberton. Theabove lands will be sold low for eato, ot For Military on advantageous terms "V 6""" lands on Green river, or vementty fituad in the Ctfmbeiland country. hv purchaser will apply to the fubfenberj . f dfli t ...1., L11 ..WHII,V& lt.l(llt l.i.B. rtaneA Pflmll nr r IlkUV i r.. ouacco, raw t nuies. rurs. tun "g f""" 5i.bbi., Vlour in banifs, ,o'r wiuci! faidlrti- any mthe dif- - cles of produce, a gerieious price will nt kinds, andtKerange equjto ..ood title will be glvftrf by the lubftri- - he jiiven. J ha c alfti Iron and Nails ffi Ffanklin county. jest in my hands, to be sold for Cafti. ber, living' on tbepremifes tEHWICK. n lew gooa Hones Under ieven yeai ior . nrrL-- ! ivc, !SffiKS 1fl-.iV nr 1 " r,n July 22, tf i )96-- . AMOS EDWARDS. PRIVATE ENTERTAINMENT ' i- f tf Bourbon, Ma,r,ch, 1797. : FOK MAN AtiD HORSE, aift ftrcet, ne.tdoor to Doftdr Downing s, By WILLIAM 5n -' t ar . T. 4 Alcr. t, L , ,t J ..- - S!T NO T . 1 -- T i - j. -- - - -- UIVJUUUI land, as Ihe purtliafer willLe fUfioIefH(J mak the necellary enquiries previous to his making 1'he title is fup.iofed by .the anv proporals who have carefully examined vt to be uiicjuelti- - ,egton,;S:y N. B. I will ,,.-- -- 5 LJL are requested to pay theirac- counts oriiotes to Tuomas Irwn or JohnA. Sii'rij who only .can give discharges. On-- months indulgence will be t'lven. t LAND vvithhim at any of tjjole places. Vhnr'ffr MS Ri'rJ ' Jml ,c Rough empties jnto Gfecft river. 4000 acjes on " . ',-,- & TROTTER and SCOTrr :fy $ffi.B iie, and nYat lT' EN T,dF MKCtlAN DISE5. WcU suited to all tofons. which ii,. vlll sell on ihe mcit r.3 tf K-rl- for fASR r - Twenty Dollars reward T A. y1 that uravi'd tc aboVe Trntn n feward tot .. e (,., " Mte& U , Cn'ipberland' road, near Potin?rer's station io'oo acres in the big bend of Green river, ttft ciiles abov.6 Jia.rJ'tt-'- tla(i- - . :i t. Seventy five Dollars jieiunrd s -- R' acres near Sevept's valley, on AJ.VAY frdm tti- - rt,r,..i i .u. the waters of ialt river. JT?lCen,'J'er fall ,eSo FeJIcrt, H IlTifnad; abdut Wenty-fi- : Onno acrpe in tilKv Art.t-..n.n years ot ageu mtJe 3tM a Mtfitdrj warrant, In the name ing Leathenian's settlement. Z U"" 0J".en i"'K '"S", odt, well Jolm &i Saniuel rolHctfrtfait, next door tof Sf y'" CoA upon the Mot tb fork of Goose creek i4 Mr. Stew art's- PrinSng Oface, .htt? & & 400 acre, on main Elkhorn. six miles jidf't Soi'.h brmcb of liarroi's creek, coninntuv frrfm Frankfort, 45 ac, es Reared. A Urge and general stjloQ mejunoT MrV rrT-TetS-r rfi hmdrei aercs, jo'tilrg the hnis of sllruruv CHINA jw 01 nei allociate-- fh r,,A Mary .!...... T'. to us, ani in (jUsts: GIXO'CERIES, itWUKU f Htte, isofsold,patent jffaedcoiivejed ly teeis, Vtrgiiiu, 200 acre-- of anAlio. grant, oppb- - as theje of JoSnaNctherlaiid!,8r' Illinois A iy the Jlute tf DCLF fllld"AJUhiif-J.IRONMONGEKY,' am as toejai una, is about fitethc Falls of Ohio. to tlieJJia joist 005 Varej gADpLEllV, (who was vioJentlf taken from ,rf h . to he hrjeh improved, v e hfreli rehire allperfons Aiid a large body of Land in the tain Martin And NAIL'S BOOKS' . . hiVinr am el um to the jcii land, U mete ,oem biff bend ot river. STATIONARY. age, with a bIenuffiJn"one Df hU . StfS ' WV" 1 his will Ui.orm tnufe who incline lVhWhihti will Jell at a law price five feet eight Pr nine inches high, impsuf 'f" b Produce suitable for (He P"" walkihjr, pecanonett bv ih,( 1., 1-'- ,..i. !, 'or ., to piircuaie, that ljiave lately leturn C ONMAINE. 'Mfirchq.iiqi. , ed from explorinfi; lliofl of the .above , ' ffu,!a,vay,r tVfturteenthiuft.aNesio rsi- 6w JVw Orlean AJarktt. . Lexipgtonjr Feb J,ea!:?. .0l a n.entioncd lands, paiucuarJy that on ,. 'A., ;, i"i' . J.JVIJCS III n: .7P1 l K rt ' ., .' J 1 eiir.eliee alid find it to be a body has a hrfe p;. n nn " , ' . " '"' onJ ""' 6froil( timber Watr and range, fnpe'- - byanoflre,rt)ch UK. b, Acres Of Military i'6ot A "i'y Zt'J'Z tJ"th . X - -- J- confe-igjii- w t"h s - '" pr tUt C,",E . ' c! retir-elfc- ' "fcf'tyJW"'' ' breast, neel; and bafX, b.ran('cd with n on the near buttock. Ae rsl. i..un.- - rLU. ' J . i..k jyr unnginn tie has eljpjrtl, th"W'9, 1 ,' Ped lu? rir;Vn cuttody' will h,' deliver haivto cff. Ttcttsr vslm. ,7 "' ton, -- . . ihs n.r.A.ui "7T i .uuitiiucr near tnUXI tAn.i.yM. Franklin cotihtyj Marih t2t , 797. ow. Kis THIS STATE 50do acres "V the Waters of r creej:, khicji - , will. futn'"c "? nve a opportunity ,or contracting Lexington some tjme in July laflj di Uie loho-t- Jng dcicnption, uz. A bncht bav, ahntTnrM teen hands hightighj tf 11We .jriold,' veru 6F FOLLOWING TRACTS N JJnt fcLuitfe P.erfo.,s dfefirinn' aiitereilt tracts, -- 5L? ALL PERSOiNIS TNDEBl:EDtot(!elatepartnerhij5,a( IRWIN , Ashb means to piaclice law irt peal?. &e At Moh:j!"1- of nhv ntr tnnd, . .aKeI; !so fiifi,ofr clHimed" byfa'id Mofb'y. : i Kentucfcj M VhSK "" LtiU .V FOR SALE. ltV rhtt he has lately began to I pfA'llnc pridtlle Physic, at Mil enpurganaus . " - n-- n not avail themffilvas of this notice, jhay depend Beignuonrnunu . xttmip with zeal and attention. oil fiavlng tlie'ir aftdubts put into the ha'nflC of ' V.V" proper officers for coTIectioif, as no further indultf and on moderate terms. gence can hi gieii. JAMDS M'COtJN; & Andrexv Roster, Robert JOHN CASTLEMAN. JOST IMPOF.TID noli PHILADELPHIA March' aa. ' AND ARE NOW OPENING ia tbe Bi(tk HoUfc lively occupied by MelTrs-- ' ryHIS Isp titffnii the piUtC) that a firvej . uut 11111.3 ind exKn' don ttckrrig lntenfuiveys. Itis liniiecefl'ary todefSpbetlie r. P w ? Caftleman Tjas been forne time dlflWved, b; mutual consent, wmen was inace Known hv former advilrtiftment- - All pirfoiisHnricFted to them, ire earneifly SUkJpayment ,-- .., tt IV,, fork ot Licking, above the mauh ; '" The partnerlhip of D O CT OR D U li A JVJ pcnrrTPiil.l.Y informs the nob IF l nlA. ZXim?tt,' - " . V Ma-ff- iri, Jbguining at oijchliridied poles NEIV STORE. - tAt..6. uhbred t.jousanp Acres dg. VALUAm.R LAWD:) ( BEAUTIFUL SITU- - j" HAVE just Received into my care X in the brick hoiiTc, lately occupied i til iu vib'y mr. Kelly in Bourbdh, a First qualitied Land. large aild general alloitment of Dry hundred and tluty three CONirAlNING Elkhorn, lour milej from Goods, Hatd Ware, Groceries and Queen's M'aie ; vhjehtam authori-ft- d the moutU thereof, where it empties into the to sell upon the Idwelt terms lor Kentucky iiver,airl fi Miles trom Frankfort. the land is i level anu iit . ii j.,. vwww ftirming ana nicauww , timrAic "w cleared and under fcPi"nf " six vrrienosanutnepuoi.cingq- neral. that he has ouned Tavern, in . for one yqai , or a longer time, to Benjamin Holladay, living SAMUEL ESTJLL. Nov 7 &rc. apply '! HENRY? Agent For said Bedfoid. SALTS, A JfOR FOR sAle'j GEQRGE AaAm, Tr"RESPECTFULLY infdrmshis fw - "'"' w. LottrtHoue, . Madison ft Nacres" Vlfon Augutt 3. i?9& niuruixu, & that commodious house on Main ftrqet QITUATED 5m the bounties of ths third door below. Cross ilrcet ; sJ tianklln, Clatkc, Bbtubon, Madison, Lincoln, Haitliirand n?ar Gilford. where those who please to savor him he taxes shall be paid, and with their cuHom, (hall meat with ev- Gi eenc;.f other incumbiances difcliaige'd. at the ery poifible attention. time, ani in the manner prcj'crib'cd byWanted Immediately, law. rldlieft, Indubious OVER- For Sale; 1' he fubferiberj wild jT , SELll. who uhdei Hands- the Sijc thousand ACRES of LAND, ncproes, Also an AP- - T? NTEIlr.n Ti.r mrti. Tnhn TVlnflv1 Arr irt.H reiiae in this, town, is authoriled to nagernent df pR. N HCE to the Tannine buHnefs. Hi patented in the rinie of Littlcberrv Mof-- PHPO" t C aboye mentioned pio bvv heir at law of said John Mptbyj lying, on P1?'tJr4 by.a power of attorney LEWIS CASTLEMAN recor Slate and Flat creeks, near the fron Works, William tentered and patented in the name of . Davis. Alio Picking, in 1000 acres on thendrth fork of The ingmScottcounty. &! A oj of rc7AVK0u?E ipand LOT, the nioft mvcnirf4 o( any Town ror a Publk Ho of Mason couty , hiJf of Samuel BE RENTED TO . Trias of LAND, the property is r.nit.Ttti,i, BeiTorJi ho wit.) J ' vol We y Saturdays ShUipt Per 'Siniwns : Punted on Wednesdays J. BRADFORD, on Main street : where Stiffen ftibnlJ GtXw:nty-t- y x i jjdvertiefuehts, Articles oj Intelligence, Effafi, ire. 'are Ihankjullj received) and Pi tuttug in general executed in a heat and correct inanhe.r LEXIJVGTO N y ? i V ,,, oat'i " K I lad H Tf,aaofLAND6nrvfiichYiNGrn,hccooryo UrJ, etiUdr (.eing- - wijr be either i ndV live,' the Georgia road, containing to'n on the l'nain road, leadirig ingtonV near. from annlv to tbHndred.acrestveUtereidtim. - '. i Cld'.ke court house, Sljbi,,. Sorf thce.t0 cleUVed the title indif . acres jl Sle g. l sold or ln Lex" , r- - Vt or .ented.-F, . BENI. ,S. COX.' , A? -; . " i 111s lanci jies wen, is an or tne lirlt 5.V-Feb'. 2. tf '" ' "i "-- ': qtialuy, and of indifbutable title a ' KILL. ''" FRANCIS' ,Mareh?4deed ofgeiieral.-wa'rrantwill begiv.' tf Notice. : en- - n"J inclined to Pionmr. 1 aylor. lee it iU "VaXJHEREAS am intW'mcd s rertaxii b tz"W i H"gW Tile term; be gratified by V mr. George Adams, .hatter of AVE for sale, at iMf, Fafloftr, near Ha- - may- be kriowiv,by Applying to mr. Jo- Walbihgtrt county, Maryland,' se,- Qoihy in 1 exingtorl or to' Capt. the town of Lexington, lias taken his to the different tonrt houses in Riili,ard 1 enell on Beaigrafs. a t.AacE nd GENERAii'AssojiTMEN? df1 Aiis ftata, arid foldflfem as my.manu- Aaron bonthinel to ro.ify the public, that I intend hereafter to whil'1i tieV will dlfpofe of on realbf&bte tcrnA. Je'fferfon, March j, 1797. '' March ZSjiTfl. put" iny'naili'e in e'ach of niy lists to bFoV tenns' apply to" the MAS' on the premises. fubfenber" " .y dkTake y m fj 1 1 Xl-erRcA- , NAILS, facluring-theiefoiet- Notice to Deb'ors. ' ' l" to ,sir. JohaYtkinari THOSE, ludebte--come fotward and settle their . to refceeTive acountst either witir Dr Veoepo.KU...u 1 i RidglejJI AJLRerfonc for whom I loca ted land, arepWired to' comerorward, and pay be-r- v, ri lh faVft Xexlngton, Apul forjohif 13!, 1767. . atkrus. I3m FIVEDOLLARS'E,VAllp. ... . , ( ifxinrrH - H v -- - , ttUUIL 01 imuuj deed. B frETHEZLAHD. groesr ., j(Tarch ,6' . SilD Us lioncmiuj oil jenaminc joi,tneitu in 5 ea: HIiirb.Vpme. -- rli tv w rt,, .,V. .F II l.LVjmj& ,V. X.1.1U1 rt, u 111U1I ULI I ing i'.JW ed by.arfy filch perron I. -- vTVI'Calaj'and naving:Eiven a for sale tweivethouraidacresland, -Mattel mVfelf, that, it.w.ll jiVove fufflCietl Cl LiUle Kentucky, and FloVd's Foc, JSutal'datrplifurcs'fliould.fie founrfnccclTa- miles Trom the Falls order tVenlbrc-mciit, I must have tweei eighteen aid thirty a good rVa?rity,,and lies level, which ' Ktourle ' to tW rigor of the Law. 1 will sell on icafonable teus for caiji or ne- ' CHARLES W BUD, Af'tol and make a general warranty ,, IW "s ;c- - aijy demands aijaiiift; fne, for.lalid, are desired tby com.e torwaru, as i am ready to dilchargel IKUWiu; ...J nrfvrnf Ill I, hisis ,707. tf- - 1. j . lis.: nuia "uius 1.' a' Wanted, r 7 ri ouna iviaii in a fiore,. nbut the age 4 .A ' the mVy alpertions agamtt nerfon 0 Uha- nnchaf.taole tococnml r Ntherlad, it is liopsano , -1- 1 be so until a full AahU .betwecfl. .H m' V" teardj" all derfiris will ht ,......' itorn purchasing or hjnng fed nesWirTu d C& r ,f.- - fa "l.'?-",1- - P.ier of 1 making "herland, B.u-'j"?- a;id furttjer, ahv rtroDem i,,m belonging-- to die said hn Nether-lm- ts n TlV ;ai"ry.todeWfo aid Mrs. Nclher- - iTutTpaSW58"'0lo, the Will be given, the fl.reV negroes, dehi erS tome on Hickmaii (.reck, layette coimtv of '" a,V JalUa the Aate, of1 fventy--dollars each, and all reasonable, .a t,,.' led B'NtfHfiri.Ani m Agentfiir,. March 16, 1797 OHN NETHZRLAlfD,. tf-- .11 V,UI,I. LCVEY;, -- j . , , . W7CS,' .VT7E,0l out attorney . '; i"n'"ffiers m will . . . ,tfJ appointed by the cpurV (Ulll UdT fl Til nV1. I C I ; ' 5.S".t.?. 1 "1 fcif ffflS5fc??SS,?ldj?tei' ..?. orner "'l'ctg iaia lettlcnitnti ana '" men as BQltrMvtfr fr.' niav hf,,.': .i" lav. ,..0.., ..(j..cjj u, a. nomas iirian. jol 't an:al- - fruia4j01ninsM'lW;sbne(thenndthere- -pcpowonS ol wKjePes, rf fifteen earS, 35 fip.aqt wiio can come well rccnwme naeUiand can write hereof a fairhand. Apply to 1 . r. 00 -- w acts JOHN- He-- ("tTV." rupaG (vEDJ'ARD IfORThlNGTVN-- J . April next, I" March 31, 175-7IttcThiH stall attend with. c'cmmilHor.ers, in Cainpbsjl z cquntv. at a Svcarhore tree, marked.IL, stand "T". ..Tip P fuSfcYiVlf JHg, i5 WU3 IjUJJJJUlCJtl, i.UUlt ICJI UlllO fcrtit i'1 t, uu iuvi:n4.i-'.- . .f',!,. (, .rlAft. at Jiloeafborouirh. ' a bav Tfi.Pn. rvu i'.-- J tS?? -...-.u- . "'L j,.,,..! ,.:.- - ' "c uina Kjot White 'no brafiU' . a cltatJUli the jaw sy- - w "V 'i;w"s, tl0ns t lundry inClles-t-., tamore tree, as' the tieiiiiulin"- of riiv Sntry of perceivable appr?ifed 10.61. A old, biandcd on th4 aear buttock TVtheTab(briberJ-- i the house latdlv otcuni- .j j. m iiaainjun, saddle ipots, wTioever will deli iyei ner .eauy jvir. ii u R.B rllaiMettalfe's on Hickman about" 3 miles and formerly iy. Daniel Gano. 1UCHA.HD-JV- ! GANO. liDnrtlie" mouth (ball receive Jthe above reward Apifl Hi UAlil&L. .iivuvibniviAli U & jtt "i nw kW fu're5i '''"S iey wei'e made certify in that place "T.T. Afrirtryv ttrr rrfUA tGaXfioticeithdtcn tne Private Entertainment An MAN HORSE .. r. fcw. - Coil! iStbt by th? u" uLti.rL., jfcy, nijtuoiana.awTSi r '."v B. NETKERLAND.' January 17, 17.97' ' "'j,"iiy ll'ULIAM O&dK i -- .!

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