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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), May 30, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jeffersonian DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday May 30, 1912 Vol. 5. No. 49 Social Notes. MESSAGE From Jefferson County Miss Margaret Roederer entertained a number of her friends at her home Sunday evening. Those present were Misses Viola Lewelyn, Fanny Winkler, Mayme Stuedle, Ida Belle Kaiser; Messrs. Albert Slaugh- INTERESTING News Letter From Dry ter, Herman Fravert, Arthur WinkRidge Community. ler, George, Ed. and Albert Roederer. Mr. ana Mrs. C. K. Roederer and children, Mrs. Geo. Briedenthal and Some of The Many Advantages children, Mrs. Margaret Frank spent Elmer Purcell Drowns, Aged WoSunday at Danville. e Offered By This Great Instiman Fractures Delegation. Hip-Bon- Entertained. tution of Learning. Again the Jefferson county dele gation at Western Kentucky State Normal School feels there is a mes sage that all Jefferson county people should receive, and the teachers especially. This message is none ether than how and what is their Normal School at Bowling Green do ing for the betterment of education Not only is the course ot studv such that prepares the teacher so thoroughly as to be able to meet the demands of life by giving him a broad view and strength of mind which enables him to cope with these problems, with great credit to himself, but there is ever that side that partaKes of a social nature, which is so essential to every individ ual's life, which is so carefully plan ed as to be of great worth education ally, as well as great pleasure. There is the lecture course which gives the student the opportunity to hear some of the best music and greatest lecturers in the United States, two of whom we have had the pleasure of hearing this year, Drs. Newell Dwight Hillis and Parkes S. Caedmon. About the greatest thing that has ever been in this city was the Music Festival given by the Oritorio Society May 10th under the direction of Prof Franz J. Strahm, the head of the department of music of this institu tion. There were two great pro grams, the matinee which was rather unique in that it was rendered not only by a forty-piec- e orchestra, soloists, both vocal aad violin, but the chorus was sung by a hundred and fifty public school children of this city. The last number of the program was an "American Battle Scene," a great descriptive piece which aroused the emotions of all present, so yivid were the musical pictures. And the night was Hay dir's Oritorio, The Creation, render ed by the same orchestra and soloists but the chorus was composed of one adult voices hundred andseventy-fiv- e The hearing of such a musical com position as this, is a treat that many of us may never have again, and one no person could afford to miss, whether he is a lover of music or not. Everything that is essential to a well rounded and fully developed education is placed within the reach of every student. We will, indeed, be glad to have more of our members from Jefferson county to join us soon, Yours most respectfully, Jefferson Other News. Frederick and daughter, Lydia, entertained on last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brandenburg, Mr. and Mrs. James Scott and family, Mr. John Bennett, Misses Lillie Lovell and Margaret Frederick, all of Louisville: also Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Frederick and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fisher and daughters, Elizabeth and Virginia. Mr. Wm. Co. Delegation, Bowling Green, Ky. Bright Lad Passed Away. Carl Nachand, aged 12 years, five months, ten days, beloved and eldest son of Mr. Chas. Nachand, of Lyn don, passed away Friday, May 24th, 1912, at 12 o'clock noon, after an ill ness of only a short time of organic heart disease. Carl had a bright and sunny disposition and became endeared to all who knew him. His sudden passing away in his youth is deeply regretted by the entire community, and all join in extending their deepest sympathy to the bereaved ones. The funeral services were held at the home on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Theo. Hemplemann, pastor of the Clifton Evangelical church. Interment was in Cave Hill cemetery. Entertained. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Durr entertained Sunday Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Gallien, Miss Minnie Lee Gallien, Miss Irene Durr, Garnett Durr, Clifford Gallien, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Simcoe, from Louisville. All took a joy ride on the motorcycle. Card of Thaaks. I desire to thank the Beulah Christian Endeavor Society for the beautiful flowers I received from them; also other friends for their Claud Swan. nice fruits. Strawberry Social. The Ladies' Aid of the Jefferson-tow- n Christian church will give an ice cream and strawberry social Saturday, June 1st, from 3 to 10 p.m., on the lawn of the Jefferson County 48-Bank. 2. Virginia and Ruth, spent yesterday with Mr. Adam Shake and wife. Mrs. Theo. Hardman and MissAnna Reid spent Friday with their sister, and daughters, Mrs. M. G. Boston. h Hip-Bon- e. 49-2- t. ST. MATTHEWS Death Angel Calls Bright Boy Home. Commercial Club to Give Fest- ivalSinging School Grow- ing in Interest. We have just heard over the phone that a tire broke out this morning at 5 o'clock in the livery stable at Tay lorsville. The stable, a horse, sever al buggies and an automobile, also the adjoining store, were burned: and the men were still fighting the fire. We hope no other buildings will be destroyed. v Sensation In Neighborhood St. Matthews, May 27. Since the rain ceased all the Saints who can handle a hoe have gone in the truck patch, so I can give account of their doings at one swipe. Nature seems in a rush to make up lost time and farmers must rush to- keep pace to her lead. Will report the results of - their activities later. . The Whitfield neighborhood had a mild sensation last Friday in the form of a fiustrated elopement. Mr Walls, a young man of about twenty- five, and Miss Etta Wallace, a pretty sixteen year old school girl, were the principals. The young lady was at school when the young man came by in his buggy and they started towards the city. The teacher, Miss Ruby Carlin, had the girl's father notified of the fact, and he phoned to have them detained at Fern Creek, until he arrived and persuaded them to abandon their intention of getting married and return home: the voung lady's extreme youth being the objection. A very dad death took place at Mr. Charlie Nachand's last Friday, when his little son, Carl, aged twelve years, was called home to God. An unusu ally bright boy, beloved bv all; especially his school mates, who sorrowfully acted as pall bearers. We extend our deepest sympathy to the bereaved parents and relatives. He is "Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe from corroding care, free from the I should like to hear more of the world's temptations, nothing can wonderful bird found by Messrs. harm him there." Smith and Stivers. It was certainly Miss Virginia" Whips spent the unusually large. week-enwith Miss Julia Dorsey, at Mrs. Eliza McDonald is visiting her St. Matthews. sister, Mrs. Lovell, of ElkCreek; who The Commercial Club at Lyndon also entertained Mrs. Howard Smith will give a festival near the station and sod, Donald, on Saturday. next Thursday evening. This will Mrs. Jacob Boston is on the sick be a very interesting and pleasant list, but we hope to hear of her be affair, indeed. Come all and make ing well soon. merry; also learn how to improve the Mr. Burdine Bridwell and family property in this growing little town spent Sunday afternoon with M. G. ship. Boston and family. The singing school at Worthington Mrs. Theo. Hardman, who was church, every first and third Satur visiting her sister, Mrs. Annie Ried, day night at eight o'clock, conduct was called home yesterday on ac ed by the minister, E. L. Jorgensoa, count of the death of Mrs. Seibert, is growing in interest and attend who was the mother-in-laof Mrs. ance, everyone is invited to take Hardman's daughter, Alma. part, free of charge, all denominaMr. J. R. Carrithers and wife, Mrs. tions. By taking advantage ot these John Carrithers, Mrs, Lee Davis and lessons we can improve our church singing very much. We are some baby and Mrs. Ernest Davis and baby party to the citv a what lame along that line; now is formed pleasant today. the time to correct it. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harris visited Many of the young people of St. part in the play"Rob- - Mr. Bob Reid and family yesterday. Matthews took Mr. Mrs. Arch Tennill and inhood," given at Castle wood by Miss baby and attended church at Cedar Grauman, for the benefit of the Springs yesterday and in company Cocheron school. We had no idea with quite a number Of relatives there was such talent for drama in dined with Dr. and Mrs. Pound. our children. Mrs. Morsey and son,Fred,Mrs. Ora Our new blacksmith, MV. Joseph Yager and children visited Mr. Lon Friebert, at Springdale, Mas made McKinley and family, of Taylorsville, many new friends and renewed old Saturday and Sunday. acquaintances in the short time he Mrs. Wallace Wells entertained has been with us. We are consider ably cheered by the ring of hisanvil, the young folks Saturday night with and gradually becoming reconciled a pie party. Mr. and Mrs. Hickman Harris atto the loss of Uncle Billy. So it is: the world moves on and we adapt tended church at Fisherville Sunday ourselves to the changes that seem and dined with Mr. and Mrs. Knapp. so startling at first. Now the shop is Mr. and Mrs. Wig Shake visited in full swing, bring on your work of Emmett Carrithers and wife Sunday. every kind; it will be satisfactory. Mr. Joe Knapp and family enterA. B. C. tained Mr. Arthur Tyler and family and Mrs. Sophia Shake at dinner Mr. Moremen Complimented. yesterday. I certainly admired the nice way Mrs. Hickman Harris and Mrs. in which Mr. Moremen answered Mr. John Bradberry made a pleasant Funk's letter in regard to conditions yesterday. in Florida. I also enjoyed Mr. visit to the city Mrs. Walter Markwell has her Funk's letter. Such letters as these help to make our paper what it is, sister, Miss Hoke, of Harrod's Creek, one of the best and most interesting visiting her. Mrs. Crit Drake, her son, Hugh, of county papers. d w Write Again. Christian Church Nearing Co- mpletionAll the Other News Interest. Middletown, May 27. Your corres- pondent from here is able to take up work again after being ill several weeks. Mrs. Mason Gregg and little Miss Fae Gregg, of Parkland, spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. I'. Arterburn, and also visited Mrs. K. T. Mitchell, who has been quite ill. Mrs. Dawson, Miss Marie Dawson and Miss Aileen M illiken, of Louis, ville, were guests of Mrs. Hugh Milliken Sunday. Mrs. Sarah Johnson, of Fern Creek, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Clore. Mrs. Henry Pearcy was the guest of Mrs. Forrest Boggess, of Crescent Hill, Tuesday. Miss Viola Weatherbee spent the week-enwith Mrs. James Urton. Company. Mrs. L. K. Browne, who spent the winter in Louisville, is at her home here for the summer. The Misses Demaree, of Long Run, The Jeffersontown troop of Boy were guests of Miss Lela Poulter Scouts is going to have a scaling wall, which will be a splendid addi- Sunday. Mrs. G. K. Maddox was the guest tion to their athletic equipment and something of which they will be of Misses Florence and Aileen Sunday. proud. All of the fellows will, no doubt, now be boosters for the Henry .MissAnna Tucker returned home Koehler Lumber Co., of Louisville, Thuisday from Midway, where she which very kindly donated the lum- has been a student at college the ber for the wall which requiredabout past nine months. The commence300 feet. ment exercises were Wednesday. When the scout master spoke to Mrs. Wm' Wood and Miss Ethel Mr. Brown,, who is at the head of Wood spent Friday with Mrs. Hemy this, one of the largest lumber companies in the state, about the boys' Pearcy. Mrs, M. P. Crask and Miss Lela desire to build the wall, he very Poulter spent Thursday with Mr. L. readily consented, in behalf of his firm, to give the lumber required. Poulter, of Louisville. Mrs. Deadman spent the week-enMr. Brown also spoke of his interwith her mother, Mrs. Netherton, of est in boys and his high appreciation of the scout movement, and said as a Long Run. Master Hampton Ward returned close observer of boy life, that he has seen the need of such a movement home last week after spending nine months at the John Pearcy College, for some time. Campbellsburg, Ky. It Is Gratifying Mr. and Mrs. Olie Fields, of LouisOne of our ville, were guests of Mrs. L. K. To be appreciated. Jeffersonian readers, who has become Brown Sunday. a patron of ours, kindly volunteered Mrs. Clore and two daughters, of the information that our food and Louisville, were guests of Mrs. G. A. service are all that we represent Bea Sunday. them to be. Let us convince you alRev. Tharp, Sr., who is 90 years so. Our patrons are welcome to the old, is quite ill at the home of his free use of both telephones. Blue Grass Dairy Lunch, 323 W. Jefferson, son, Mr. John Tharp. The Lawn Fete at the Mt. Zioc opposite interurban station. 48tf. Lutheran church Saturday eveniDg The proceeds was quite a success. Helps A Judge in a Bad Fix. will be used for painting and Justic Ell Cherry, of Gills, Tenn. the church. was plainly worried. A bad sore on In a few more weeks the work on his leg had battled several doctors long resisted all remedies. "I the Christian church will be comand tiought it was a cancer," he wrote. pleted. The stone work is about fin"At last I used Bucklen's Arnica ished, the large windows are in, the Salve, and was completely cured." ladies of the church have purchased curesburns, boils, ulcers, cuts, bruises a new carpet, and work is being pushed rapidly on the interior. The and piles. 23 cents at all druggists. Mel-leng- d put in. When all is finished it will be piece of work we will be proud of. Much credit and praise is due our architect and contractor, Mr. Henry Frank. Mr. and Mrs. Laurey Herrick have moved to their new home he recently purchased nearChenoweth Station. There will be Children's Day exercises Sunday at the Methodist church. There is a good programme and the little folks deserve much credit for their beautiful peices and songs. d Fire At Taylorsville. m Correspondent Able To of at $1.00 Per Year chairs and lights have arrived to be MIDDLET0WN Surprise Party. Cjbte a pleasant surprise was that giyen by Mrs. J. R. Nutter, of Jeffersontown, Sunday in honor of birthher husband's thirty-eightday. The guests were invited a week ahead without his knowledge, of course, and when thev all drove up and he came out to meet them, his first thought was of enough to feed But the good wife such a crowd. had prepared for the occasion and a bountiful repast was served. He was the recipient of a number of presents ind all expressed the hope to meet with him on a number of like occasions. The invited guests were Mesdames M. Nutter, E. Shroat, S. S. Coe, Louie Coe, Port Nutter. Henry Waldridge; Messrs. Port Nutter, J. R. Nutter, Irvan and Bart Nutter, S. S. Coe, Louie Coe, Willie Commac, Henry Waldridge, Misses Vena Waldridge, Gladys Coe, Pearl, Goldie and Myrtle Nutter. Dry Ridge, May 27. The sad news came early Saturday morning to Mrs. JohnCarrithers, of this place, that her first cousin, Mr. Elmer Purcell, of Taylorsville, had lost his life by drowning while out with a party of men and boys seining; heart failImportant Masonic Meeting. ure being the direct cause of his Jeffersontown Lodge, No. 774, F. & death. It is an unusually sad case, A. M., will hold an important meet- as he leaves a wife and six young ing Saturday night, June 8, and all children. Masons are urged to attend. There Fractnres will be work in the E. A. degree and Mrs. Jones, the aged and highly business of importance to transact. respected mother of Mr. Llew Jones, of Whitfield, fell last Thursday afBOY SCOUTS ternoon and broke her hip bone Very little hope is entertained for her recovery, as she is eighty-thre- e years old and had been in very bad Will Have Scaling Wall Lumhealth for some time. ber Donated By Henry Koeh-le- r m Every Thursday er TheC. W. B. M. Society of the Christian church met with Mrs. Ed. Cox, of Chenoweth. Thursday afternoon, and the Ladies' Aid met with Mrs. Hugh Williken Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. W. Harland Woods entertained a dinner partv Friday at her new home in the east end. Those present were Mrs. W. B. Wood, Mr. and Mrs, H. P. Pearcy, Miss Ethel Wood, Misses Loucile, Laura and Louise Pearcy and Master Henry Pearcy. Mrs. Rudy Ellingsworth entertained last week Rev. B. H. Talbott and family, of Bardstown, and Mrs. Geo. Green, of Louisville. Miss Emma Yeager1 gave a dinner party last Monday, May 20th, in honor of the 69th birthday anniversary of her father. Mr. Elijah Yeager. Those who attended were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Durr, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Reel, Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Durr, Mrs. H. L. Johnson, of Louisville, Misses Blanche. Martha and Mary Reel, Emma Yeager and Mamie Burkhart, of Louisville: Messrs. Arthur Slimmer, of Louisville, Tom Durr and Jas. Hockersmith. Mr. Yeager received many congratulations, aswell as some nice and useful presents. of the Christian The Sunday-schoo- l will give a Lawn Fete Tueschurch day evening, June 4th, at the old Williken home in town. Strawberries ice cream and cake will be seld for the benefit of the building fund. Six O Clock Dinner. Mrs. Henry Ross entertained at six o'clock dinner on last Sunday for Miss Mary Polk and Mr. Howard Scott Morse. The table wasdecorat-e- d being a in pink, the center-piec- e The candles, bank of pink roses. hooded in pink, were tied with bows of pink tulle. Mrs. Ross' guests were Miss Polk, Miss Easum, Mr. and Mrs. Godfroy, Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Sprowl, Mr. Morse, Mrs. Katherine Sweeny, Drs. J. A. and J. T. Sweeny, Miss Camille Semonin and Mr. Sam Claud Swan Better. Mr. Claud Swan, who has been ill for the past two weeks is better at this writing. The Demons cf The Swamp. are mosquitos. As they sting they put deadly malaria germs in the blood. Then follow the icy chills and the fires of fever. The appetite flies and the strength fails, alsomalaria often paves the way for deadly typhoid. But Electric Bitters kill and cast out the malaria germs from the blood give you a fine appetite and renew your strength. "After long suffer- ing," wrote Wm. Fretwell, of Luca-mN.C., "three bottles drove all the malaria irom my system, and I've had good health ever since.'' Best for all stomach, liver and kidney ills. 50cts. at all druggists. NOW IS THE .TIME.. 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