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Image 39 of Annual report. 1906

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

i . / I ji I Adulteramis and Weed Seeds of Seed Samples. 25 U soil, but the young plant secures itself at once to a weed or other P lg]y plant, up which it climbs, and later, clambers over plants and loses I; ;.h€I· , all connection with the soil. The clover dodder has, during the past “‘ site eight years, appeared in a number of localities! I have had it from 05; Wilmore, Mortonsville, Fallsburg, Midway, Bardstown and Ful- , wer tw- T Y _ » Alfalfa Dodder (Ouscutta epithym/um»).—Tl1e technical name t "i here used is appliedin botanies to the clover dodder; alfalfa dodder ' I and clover dodder being considered one species. Mr. F. H. Hillman t ree- of the Seed Laboratory, United States Department of Agriculture, ~ 3 hat has, however, after a careful study of both seeds and plants, con- _ >at. eluded that there are two species, both of which occur in both clover I fig and alfalfa. Samples of the seeds which he has kindly furnished ~’ us show that so far as these alone are concerned, the differences are ind suthcient to justify his position. And I can say that my own ex- . 765- amination of both seeds and plants corroborates his conclusion in y the matter. The alfalfa dodder seeds are of a 1·eddish yellow color A instead of gray, and are more disposed to be elongate than round. An example measures 0.04 by 0.02 inch. Fig. 19, C. HH A small clump of the plants introduced with alfalfa seed in the i N plots in the Experimental Farm in 1905 were yellow instead of red. I O Theplants were destroyed and the soil treated with crude carbolic r md acid, since which nopmore have appeared. This dodder has been I sent from Bardstown, and probably occurs in other regions on both S fl . clover and alfalfa. nd - Jat Field ])orl

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