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Image 8 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 1, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

t 1t PA 4 t 1 t t 4 I Q lHE EWAS l LITTLE BUILDING b G AND FEW FIRES iHE JEiDUaAH SORRY SUNT lttENINGl SPOKE HE January k TJtpfe We are making an unusually low price on one and two initial stationery using a handsome paper in Bond or French Crepon- i h In many shades This paper is just the thing for social Also n Falling OfT In rlJujJncRs linn Shown n Healthy Ixpmt ton prices t Two quires not a great deal of build ing going on at present In Paducah but the Indications are for n rush in ri month or two f City Engineer L A Washington during the past month issued the fol lowing building permitsMergenthalerHorton basket fac- tory frame on Meyers street between Clements street and Island creek Is silver Fire quires I sliver Size of paper folded Is 3lGxG BUe of envelopes 5 38x3 EC 7C 8She f Jessie Freddy Branson SweJIIugtonr Miss fjuelllngtou ball last winter1 I understand our set Yea Indeed I have 1 U to have a grand charity ball Have you ever danced for charity Miss Dont you remember I danced with you several times at Mrs Do Swells I porting a very satisfactory business In West Kentucky to round up a T Aonesf frame on Denton road Tho splendid conditions In the number of applicants he has and near Mtirstrect 200 South whore a good deal of trie iPa the mon will be brought to Paducah ducal houses trade is have given As a stimulus for hotter shooting business this eara big stimulus 1f SPrlce frame on Ashbrook The people seem to have plenty of tho service JiltS offered prizes of 3 between Yeser and Powell UGO money and are spending it very lib- o month additional pay for rlfUlmon GE J La go re frame on Norton be eral 2 for those who qualify as Jtlinrp In the grocery whisky dry tween Tw3ntytilrd and Twenty goods and hardware and saddlery shooters and lfnr marksmen A fourth streets 400 and collar lines business all that rifleman has to have an avbriige Lof The retailer 90 a sharpshooter of SO and n could bo expected Police Arrests however are complaining and with marksman of 75 t The report of the police depart good reason Tho mild open weath merit for the month just closed shows left them with most of their Sears Inspectors Report 100 arrests a slight falling oft over er has heavy goods still on the shelves Tharopcrt of Sewer Inipotftar A previous months The arrests were The local freight departments of Franlie fpr tile nrpnthof January for the following tile rallroads report January busi shows 1 breaches of the peace Adultery Business ness better titan usual Six plumbing permits turned 24 drunk and disorderly 8 disor usually falls oK with the railroads Five yard sow r jlorinltsr Issued 5 drunk 14 derly conduct disorSix water tosfsii petty larceny 8 In January but last month was an derly house 1 probably Six smohg tests murder 2 housebreaking G ob- exception accounted for because of the cars shortage In De- Five yard scwor Inspections taining money under false pretenses leaving r cember and November Six final tests hnd sowar connec 6 4 carrying concealed weapons v presenting revolver at another 2 good deal of freight that should tions granted v Three smoke tests and sewer con maliciously shooting at another 2 have been moved In those months nections grantedDh Oooh ran flat malicious assault 1 crazy 1 sus unmoved Business at the wharf was batter In odditlpn ho spent ono week pect 2 obtaining goods by false pre tenses 1 grand lorceny 4 embez than for any January In years cleaning out the sewer on Ninth Kentucky avenue zlement 2 breach of ordinance 1 Freight and passenger business with street between the local packets being exception- and Washington street 1 sailing property malicious cutting sot his own 1 robbery 1 forgery ally good t t The architects aro very busy draw1 total 100 I10fUlfitltiJJtlIJOrt plans Jor houses to be ercctpd ing The raiIfpTd5 Spit It retorts a this spring and say they have never quiet month Ih Jo iTawi Al the be Marriage Licenses f County Clerk Hiram Smedloy Is had as much work as theyltavaIn- ginning of the tBoiUh eighteen pdsued during the month of January their offices today dents were under trqatmont Forty twentytwo marriage licenses to r one were admitted Hiring the month Recruits for the Monthtf white and nine to colored persons and at thoclosetnltptai of fourteen u Otis The Eyansvlllo district recruiting remained i ndeiftBtVeUfment < office of which the local recruiting death occar7edti 1Ilt The L C JIndn Good Month C stortiSd the new year office is n branch enlisted 50 men The oft JUvcrslilo Hospital Iiha very busy first month last month the best record one of All departments report a very good fice has ever made far January The Number In atflrst of month ten business a slight Increase over De local office under Sergeant J E four private and six public received Noycs enlisted 11 men Sergeant cember The freight department reports a Noycs will leave for several points general picking up of business due to the fact that drummers are all working now and goods are begin ning to move over the lines The baggage department Is hand IHng1 great deal of baggage duo to the general movement among the Baggageman drummers William Flowers reports a very brisk busl ness in baggage in January The ticket department also re ports a very brisk month and a steady increase In travel The road did an enormous business In passen ger service in the home seekers special rate Hundreds of homo seekers were taken through en > route to Texas and the West Itand < at close of month twelve seven pri vate and five public Three deaths occurred Burial Imnllfi cut Henry Clerk Ualloy Issued 15 burial ponuKs ton whlto and five colored during January SUIT DISMIhWIII 1I1 inn AKiiiiwt Cenrge Glblw rum IxMiiian Taken Oir tin1 Docket i Tho case of FlorcriCe Story against Geprgo Ulbbs dismissed on requestor the defense the plaintiff offering no objections It Isiindorstood that tho plaintiff did not dosrro to prose cute and recommended tile dls inissal which was made In the name i qf tfio dofonecTho suit was brought to recover 5000 damages for alleged ecduc Mr Gibbs Is a prominent lum- IJon berman of tho Cxlgen Landing neigh borhood and from the first declared that the suit was brought without any grounds TWKXTY XUW MKX it ddduL a dlhe I thlrtcenI I The Suns Circulation for Jan uary Averaged 3713a day 1 peoplesz Verily more in Paducah re a d THE suNthan any other paper in January Paditqah fire department ex nffw Ares tT g perienced an unusually quiet month In January There were not more than tot runs and not one amounting to more damage than the replacing or i Captafat of the No 1 station stated that only flue fires occurred In January and that the month wai Unusually quiet- lea 5 > v Collins Is K j Ij I THE SUN lazing i tT TwcnyTCi were addca I C woodworking sbqp8 this morning and It isl thdIarSeelytoroo that has been work d t to thq torpIq the local tho Bcveral different departments some going Into the freight car de partmcnts other to the planing mill and some to the jacking track The repair work began piling up rather rapidly and necessitated the addition of more men DOIK I The Mpmphis Commercial Appeal prints a little dope on the organi zation of the Nashville Southern league hall team which will this sea sonbo under the management of Mickey Finn and among the players to bo In the lineup an Is the name of lied ttolmnnnn who played out the sea Eon with that team last year after l Kitty league Italian l eaving the nan did some excellent stick work for the Nashville team and demon stratcd that he was as fast as any InBohannan Is book fielder they had ed for second base it Is said Umpire Bush who officiated at a fe >vganies last season will likely get n Job as umpire In the new league this3year The Capital says that Vlncennes players will report about April 15tth for exhibition games mentioned sure things Invitation and wedding announce ments are a specialty of The Suns job department with the Way for 50000 Paducalums prices lower than elsewhere Buslncbs Coal In January The charm of the wild rose is gone pnce the dewdrop Id Its heart disap January was a good mouth for the local wholesale houses all ro r nriHllnhllIJt Forcq Morning ii repairers 4 J t Sun tT = = pears I i 4 4- Y X2 W It was caused by a sunken tree Ward Roberts second clerk on the steamer Tarascon of the Louis vUo and Kvnnavllle Packet com zany died Monday owning at his home In None Amsterdam Harrison county forty miles below Now Al bang on tho Ohio river of pneu monia after on Illness of but a tow daleiobprts was twentyeight years I IllVKU 8TAOKS 33102 fall Chattanooga 10101 fall Cincinnati 28422 fall 70OC 1 4 Cairo Evnnivllle Florence Johnsonvllle r4 rilei oldI 3023 fall rail 2000d Louisville 9906 fall Mt Carmel 6105 fall Plttsburg 5107 fall Davit Island Dam Mr Wright Lecture C Wright will lecture on Friday night In tho parish Weeds life 720G fall ono of our About theweeds hlshlr common has St Loris 1370C rise woven a series of anecdotes and Mt Vernon 2G70G rise stories touchIng on human weakness Paducah 20101 fall and foibles In n lighter vein with enough of fact and truth to adorn Tho river fell 1 orQ foot last Lecture at 8 oclock Ad night tho gauge registering today tho tale mission 25 cents 291 feet The Clyde had a big trip for the The thirtyninth serlca of the Tennessee rIver last night and did Mechanics Building and Loan Asso get away until 8 oclock not tlon Is on sale J pays 10 per cent 1t The Dick Fowler had a good trip If allowed to run to maturity 10V4 for Cairo today years or G per cent pn withdrawal The Kentucky is duo out of the I Tennessee river tonight Tho Peters Leo leaves Memphis RAILROAD TIME TABLES on her trip to Cincinnati today came out of Tho Nellie Willott ILLINOIS CENTRAL Duck river today with three barges Corrected Doe la IMj of lumber for Brookport I Tho Hopkins was thoI Evanivllta racket today I January has been a good month for business In irlvor circles the 7 OUpru 8B5nm river has been open all month and Ir Nmhrlllo L1IIopkIDIIII1 eUpm r36pm 227am nil the boats have had a big bust Ly lrIDIOOD ceas especially the Tennessee riverboats and tho local packets The sunken steamship Louisiana at Now Orleans which private par- Ar lickwm 7 15am ties undertook to raise by means of Ar N Orleans llWum Illtpm n bulkhead while being lifted WedI nesday In the presence of n large LT fl4Sam 850pm crowd of people broko from the LT Memphis SWam IOlOpm Jnckiot bulkhead capsized and sank com LT RIVe llMptn LT Olbbi Tens 916pm pletely out of eight She Is a total Lv Fulton 10 10am lljjam OiQOam loss No lives wore lost but several workmen came near drowning There werp three coalboat stages in tho river during tho past month Ar NanbTllle I pm SilOatn 34pm I4alll Nothing Is being done toward Ar1 yaanllle NortonTllle lSipm tMam lOViam Ar raising tho J W Thomas sunk at Kev D beenPP 1lF uifT 4 731amLT 6apm9etxmLv 1ttIpmLT + IlljpmL11DnlllI 1I1amI ryat R- 11 58 275 i = JUYE i 4 > III not largo I s I Ij Both Phones 358 I j- Five quires 120 sheets of fine note paper and 12G envoi opes embossed with anyone or two Initials yod desire In Broadwaybetween I 2rt Five quires 120 sheets of fine note paper and 12C envel opus embossed with any one or two Initials you desire In gold 275 iopo Z 1 1 120 sheets of fine note paper and 125 envel opes embossed with any one or two Initials you desire In any color Ink 2 S3 n i I 1000I 1 t envel Two quires 48 sheets of Ono note paper and CO envel open embossed with any one or two Initials you desire In W E Cave brick qn Madison be tween Eighth and Ninth 12500FooksAcree Lumber company frame on Monroe between First and Second 300lirackett Owen brick on Monroe between First and Second 5300 Mtfl Weikel brick on Monroe b3 tween Seventeenth and Eighteenth 1 note paper nnd fine f way and Kentucky avenue 12 W N Levan frame near Klnkead Wicks frame on Fourth between Madison and Mon roe streets 400 E D Harbour brick on Third be tween Broadway and Jefferson 200 Dick Holland two frames on Bur t ijetc between Thirteenth and Four teenth streets 300 each Llllle Schmidt frame on Harahan avenue between Harrison and Clay sheets of I C Manufacturing Co frame on Second between Clark und Adams 3000 City hospital brick addition at Fourth and Clay streets 825 VV n Patterson corrugated iron building on Fourth between Broad- Mrs 48 CO Two quires 48 sheets of Ono note paper nnd CO envel opes embossed with any ono or two Initials you desire In gold 1 1 25 C7CLangstaffOrm street biu xilany correspondenceNote REPORTS FROM MANY SOURCES There t JI lttlfu a FT tVAxx ii Special Offer on Monogram Stationery e R two Initials Are Reported in Paducah for 5 SDAZ 416pmLvPaducah I tAr1dempl1a If I I 7it0amLyPaducah P2IamAr 818am1266pmAr llts0amAr 823am466pmAs 4ZOpmArIamj 174LTl 840pmAr OiStemAr Tell City The Wash Honshell Is making re- Ar ClnclnnaU BUpm IfWam pairs at Cairo t BT LOUIS DIVISION The groat steel hulicd Mississip pi river steamboat S S Brown nt PIttshurg will be run In the Arkan sas river trade by the Memphis and Arkansas River Packet company The boat was contracted to bo built She was at a cost of 150000 named In honor of the late Caapt CAIKONAf I1VILLK LINK Q S Brown She will be completed by May 1 A iPlttsburg dispatch says Wil liam L Slbort government engineer reports that for the twelve months ending December 31 9082740 tons of material passed through lock No tons 3 up stream and 11192108 Coal shipped down down stream I stream in the same period was 9 r1 Calm Doom d46pm 470280 tons Ar Paducah jjjo am 3IU plQ The LT Paducah Af Cairo dispatch says steamer Stacker Leo passed up for Capt Dan Scott agent Cincinnati for tho underwriters who returned from tho wreck of the Rees Leo on the steamer says that nothing can bo done to ralso tho sunken boat until tho river falls 15 feet The stern of the host has settled down until the water Is 20 feet deep over her roof aft The boat still Ifee straight Thq bole In herIHIIt Me + f pmr1 36836Lv j SmLvSILoUI 91OpmLvChlcago 7Q6amArPaducab amLvPrinceoa 933smLvPadncah ArSItouUiro5am SoopmArChicago 93opmllSouth illArCalro 16113611r 74samSi mAr flueday between Bndeepen i i 4gpmArxopklnavllte rFor Orlenl1ralo IoubvitteMemphlaand WarelJekelleat 8cnUA HtchQ 1 f ftAr 122Lv I r t 1 54 +

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