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Image 7 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 1, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

1 T R T1Pt8I1rAR I 77 I THE PXBUOAH3 EVENING1 SUN 1 r I n HESPER u By- II HAMLIN g V 1 1 COPYRIGHT 1 4 N Btaccnto Yes but think of the real mountains I were going to climb fie girt did not speak for n moment and wbeii she dill her voice was did tluvtly sorrowful i feel as though 1 Were saying goodby to everything worth while Including me asked her escort Sho did not smile but her accent was Yes Wayne kindly ns she answered Including you cried Oh sit you make mo tlrwl Just ns If going west were tho boy bidding goodby to everything Hi Im Just begin boat his thin chest ning to live now Im glad to got uwny from the stuffy old town I want to pomcthliiK besides Fifth avenue and eutrIlIIIUlI Vuyuo Peabody laughed good natur You wouldnt wily down nt tho boy rare If civilization did stop nt tho west bunk of the Hudson river would youV I rhoutd say not Im tired of it tilltle noise und tune pavements anti the heat and the wetness I want to get nut where the wolves aid tho cranes nand the cowboys are I want to hit the trail and thud where fathers camp wore The girl spoke imulugly Its singu but I have n premonition of BOIIIO 1 I i j t 1t fsee f a 10 I 1 110t rtar r I t cr felt so licforc uot situ on my trip to Igjrpt If 1 dont couio buck I want you mi note that I was forewarned Lets go forward Poabody remarked In a low voice Louis Is transformed already It will do him Hll Ikind It of good to go west I hope BO she replied rather dreari ly hilt ho seems uuwholoBouiely ox the present moment 11011 got over that I fear ho will ho dlmippolnted Fa thers trip Wits made nearly tweuty live year ago when It was n really wonderful land Ho IH young Ho will rclmnglno It The boy stout like BOIIIO hntutlful nn Inml polHod for n spring iw tho ferry shouldered Its flunjHj way Into the Jersey dock lIt Will of loan bulk than modish sister his strong composed and his face wds as dark ns mobllcr nUll as eager UM lien was fair and lin Peabody exporleneed once passive twlugo df kern regret that Ann hail not some of her brothers radiant i adtelut I t I LARKS KIDNEYOLO5ES Guaranteed Cure for all Kidney and Bladder Diseases rsisters r startt tentionAs t softer wonl from Ann but she was 1not t 1 of those who manifest emotion amid her temperament were allUo opposed to easy expression When lie tried to tako her hand a second time with eyes that entreated she recoiled No nol You have no right to expect Her training c that SMALL AS A PILL EASIER TO TAKE Two doses give relief and one box will cure any ordinary case of Kid- ney or bladder trouble Rbmoves Gravel Seminal cures Diabetes Emissions Weak and Lame Back Rheumatism and all Irregularities of tho Kidneys and Bladder In both men and women Sold at 50 cents per box in tho no euro no pay bull by McPUersona Drug store Fourth and Broadway sole agent for Padu cah or sent by mall upon receipt of price by Lark Medicine Co Louts rUb Ky DYSPEPSIA tothree I 1 Jpain t 1 floodNever COOUearsuleed 1Gee 1 t telloulth I = wrsnTLT u f Allt lit lPres Ho was no longer a boy and bo was bred to self control therefore though hits vole trembled n little he spoke Goodby Ann Write every quietly day wont you In n voice which chilled him she re plied Every day Is protty often but you will hear from me Go and see mother please Sho will not say HO but she will bo glad to have you come and drspeiela1 think a wont of pram Depend upon mesho said lifting t4earrh Caiearetfc for their wonderful compositionne I dot to haY taken aocaned remedieshis hat Ills bearded face betrayed no at without >numerousI other at Catrarrti rtllara t > ll sod kit ml th the other I bar taken emotion bill his eyes were hot with more In a iUr tiu oaroIlmellleOnu IN MerctrSt Jersey City N J and grief TIll girl on her part felt a sudden 6est For twlilgo of remorse as sloe left him Tho Dowels thieve a tine strong manly suitor who uttered no complaint though she wounded him Tho twitching of his lips troubled her but she did not reCAN DY CATARTIC lent In her heart she sold I cant help It it Isnt In me Ho shouldnt ask Itiotds threw himself flat on tho couch I r In their stateroom and said boyishly Woro oft at last Now let her Sterllcg Remedy Co Chicago or NY 591 whiz This old train cant go fast ANNUAL SALE TEN MILLION BOXES for me Looking down at him at that mo ment Anns boson swelled with tin MEN AWL WDMEra bnfoUfln almost maternal How thin Ue DIS < 11or uoDalural Is alto thought as her eyes took lu ho dlnrhai xilnOamiuatloni Irrttatluoa or ulceralloni his slight hotly Ill go Ill do any or ciucoui membrane thing for him if only ho can grow FalnlMi anj not ailtlu pot or polonnui strong and well I IorHold by DruGI She loved that slender lad and as- sumed for him n greater weight of care tynh t r3- rtr tilt tSrn I fund hopo and fear than for any other Subscribe for The Sun human being lIe was sd like his fa I ther the soul rcgtlcsa as flame time TOTT PENNYROYAL PiLLS slender body racked worn with end WElL Scwfo and reliable they 4B2AI less enthusiasms tho burning mss overcome worxkrvoos In oreaso vIgor banish pains CAMPBELL BLOCK No remedy equals UK these MOTTS PUNNVROYAUPILI telephones Office 369 Residence her father amid when tho doctor seri Sold hr Draggliti and Dr Molts ou8l advl8ed tho Rocky mountajus she Chemical Co Cleveland Ohio eonstlpatlOll1without lk v wcaHngt to the sleeping car luipatlent of his Ou out lily ho deliberation a pair of largo Held glasses andover the other n costly camera while half concealed cages of pencils und of drawing paper bulging from I 1JsiHKvl ota announced ills artistic In his p 1 IlitliuslnmiiSurrounBed t GARLAND readily gave up her own plans tina here nail now she sat rushing toward the west to a town repulsive to her n place of emptiness amid weariness u so clan desert where no one lived but her cousins the llanicttt to whose bos pltnblo door they were bound as voyagers on n wide sei to a wing harbor Without that homo as a point of ar rival dun Ituport would have been lu Mich uncertainty of mind as besets n sailor ou u cliartless sea Sho was making this abhorrent trip lu order that lice brother might thrive lu his physical well being as well as lu his art Ho had recently determined on being an Illustrator of wild animal hooks 1m going to study them at the ho repeated often first hand way Mclharu Foster huts done Anti besides I want to Illustrate others This Journal the record of n Journal trip lulu time west wade by Philip Ru pert before lilt marriage had come to be the most powerful Influence In the lads life It was n worn little ml book in which the father land written the unity happenings and IImpressions of his trip amid Its discovery by Ioots In a Lox of old papers had quite trans formed his life It had made him nu American filling him with n longing us for till Hesperian mountains the father called the romantic laud he haul sewn but once but whose splendor lived with him throughout the remain der of Ills short life As they sat at till table In the timing car Ann again listened Indulgently to her brothers plans anti permitted lilui to order tho dinner and assume nil the manners of n grown man honestly try lug to conceal her own weariness of uplrlt sincerely regretful of her bitter words on the ferry Louis wns not weary lie eyed every man who came In avid to discover some western trait some outward sign of mward difference between himself nUll his companions but could hot They were nil quite commonplace busl ness men well dressed dodo clipped and urbane of manner Konic of thou were evidently salesmen going over to Philadelphia or out to Chicago null they rtll ate long tumid with every evi deuce of enjoyment Some of the women were young and pretty students reluming to the west for their summer vacations Ono more In time privacy of her state roain and looking out at the landscape reeling past inn sank back In her seat VharMirtlw =world Wholly tflsinnyoO cot I do out there she asked herself Of course they dont most poignantly lull1ll1l1 L l And Kindling I sr CHAPTER IEARLY the entire boat load of I passengers wits jammed iilong the forward Jutes ready to spring out upon the Jersey wharf restive to reach the waiting trains but ijultn apart from nil these whose faces were set westward three people a girl a man nearing forty mid u slim lad lingered on the after dock ns though lonth to lake their leave of the IUllllrlulclty The rcnuniblnnrc of tie monstrous hive of humauklml to n height of land tens BO marked HO tdiiKuliir that the girl remarked UJKIII It uuil tho boy u pale lad of seventeen cried out In shrill i MORTGAGES LOANS II IIAMLIN REAL ESTATE S GARLAND BY 1005 1 JANES COAL golf Qr tennis and 1 cant ride NEWCIIDROIIIbesides whom could I play with And Jeannette Is not a bit ntblctlc again the small round of her Interests s1l0 bud no gayctles wns borne In upon her I shall tile of inactivity TO 1JK EUKCTEn BY TUB Louis excused himself quite formally TIIIKI SfllKHT COXflltKnull went back Into the stroking com 41 OATIOX pnrtiiitiit to sit with the inch while Ann left ntone gave herself np to a dAto closehalf Ironic study of the absurdity t I of her position With n dozen most dc FOR RENT Four residences It wIll 71e Onjlio Site of the Old Blrable Invitations todlstlligulshed Lon Two 4 rooms sewer connections at Soconil llrvsivtiTlan Edifice tlon homes with everything before her 112GO and 16 ono 5 rooms and one 7 rooms both these sewer con nected at 20 and 25 month Tho congregation of the Thifd FOR SALE Six room cottage on Street Methodist church IB to have S E corner 7th and Harrison lot a new building on South Fifth 57 ft 9 Inches by 1C5 feet stable street whore the Second Presbyter servants house on long easy pay Ian church formerly flourished iNe ments Only SliOD cash See me for gotlatlons have been closed with details and get home In best resi- George Dornhard for the ground dence part of North Side ou which the old church building Nice 9 room N Cth house In 4 unit parsonage stand for f 1800 blocks of postofllco on easy payments and an architect will at once pre at UOOOChance pare plans for a frame church build for colored people Have ing to cost 4000 or 5000 half dozen houses for sale at prices Rev Peter Fields pastor of the 500 to 1000 on very easy pay Third Street church has been at ments Small cash and afterwards work on the project since Novem by the month ber and has accomplished a groat Have 50 fpot Ft Park lot with deal as evidenced by the resultsshade trern at 200 part on time It is hoped to have the church Come and ne itt you know tis bar completed within n year The site gain at that prlceanywhere In park on which the new church Is to bo Clay Harrison St iota at 260 erected was formerly occupied by 25 cash and 5 month the Second Presbyterian church 14th St lots near Trimble at which for several years was In a 250 on small monthly payments prosperous condition but finally Best offer in Fountain Park Is 54 began losing ground and finally the ft lot on North Side Madison St be church was sold for debt The old tween ICth and Ft Ave at 500 halt church will bo torn down or moved on time away IlargninluFarnt re lrive miles from Padu lli Htuhtil cah on Hlnklevlllo road at 3200 on rituutcd Louis llcllv Ilea Means the abjlltyto do a good days easy payments Can bo divided and lion age nnd tact w could that n girl of 0000 Fine to face the work without undue fatigue and to resold at 5000 to 141niiv she hind tunlCtlIlWiI crude runtltlonR of M western tate In find life worth living You cannot chance which had better seo me n warm slow of sisterly alTtoctMII aboutNow lu She took up till little ml l Is the the time to get small which the had till ca2lb languid In polluting the Uld dILSuch a condi places for country homes Can sell tcrcsl before mnf nrfllftg the leaves then may be hest and quickest re nice lots from 5 acres up In very de nt random foil upon bits of description lieved by Herblne the best liver reg sirable location near electric cars Now that stirred her nnnrcountnljly Five acres near La Belle park at that she was about to enter this land ulator Dthat the world has ever known W Smith writes April 3 625 on easy payments Better look of hor fathers delight the words took Mrs I use Herblne and find It the Into 02 on passion nn I power this It you want large place for They arrived In Cblcnsro behind their best medicine for constipation and home where 50foot lots sell at 200 tthodulo time and had but u few Win regulating the liver I ever used and more uto < In which to make their transfer SOc at Alvcy and G C C List 9room house 5 blocks from post ind so they saw little of the great can Kolb offlco North Side sewer connected rul metropolis To them It wassouly a gloomy clangorous Micd tilted with I in best part of city at 3500 of this 1KXSIOX VOUCIIKHS of railway coaches all 0111 strings i only 500 cash balance 30 month marked with strange names names Nice home on Fountain park 5 which meant little to her but which ex Issued on Sunday the Ith Will lie rooms front hall and back porch VnlUl Ited Louis almost to tearsSel he J a shade and 49foot lot full depth to rlcd there bill cur tram Oregon and The people who ate from Wyoming Maj A T Wood United States alley at only 1550 Bargain llod tile coached were not markedly pension agent at Louisville tins 431 North Fifth street 7room illtTercut nt first glance from those shr made a ruling to tho effect that pen 2story house in good fix at 3000 had been traveling with but Louis Bargain in Clay street Fountain more keenly discerning begun to dls sion vouchers executed on Sunday and iiifnl i type nt once null when one February 4 will be regular pay park vacant lot or twb big men ciiine III wearing wide valid and will be honored for No 1627 Broadway modern con mix and chum boniils he trembled wltb ment at the Louisville office When renlences two story eight room res Joy There an some cattlemen 1ui vouchers wero sent out from the idence which rents to good tenant sum of it ha whispered hoarsely of lee last December to all the pen at 3750 month One of the most Louis did not return to the Pullman stoners who draw their money substantial and desirable homes In till after tho trait hind let the city null city Price 4800 of this 1000 cash was Just beginning to wonder there through the Louisville ofllce it was and balance in 1 2 she and 3 years with designated that they should be exent when he came In with eyes ablaze 6 per cent Interest Ive thick em nt last be fairly cuted or approved either on Febru Three shouted In lien ear Theyre nil up in any 4 or February C As February and Ohio houses on N E corner 6th streets which rent at 33 tint reclining chairs chum boarders 4 comes on Sunday numerous In a month Price 2500 Fino Invest spit ton and nil Im just crazy to quiries were sent to Mal Wood by ment sketch two or three of them It doesnt pew nice 4room house on 50 ft postmasters notaries pay to rile lu n stateroom if you want fortficlass to see types be added In conclusive public and magistrates to know if lot with shade trees on south side they could not execute the vouchers of Harrison St between 16th and discontentAs Fountain avenue in Fountain Park day and the next wore on the on Saturday February boy began to burn with nile phase of Maj Wood yesterday adddrcsscd Low price and monthly payments his fever He commenced to taunt the u letter to several persons making See me to get home easy No 1141 Clay St new iroom hours till iio might bo able to discern Inquiry in which ho stated that all prick cottago water Inside one nicest Moxalyou the grain peak of the Ram part range whose fame Is worldwide vouchers executed on Sunday will cottages to be found Prime Jl800 be execut inn experienced her first decided thaJi be valid and for none to would be only 500 cash balance payments 1 swinging reeling ed on Saturday which of Interest as the T and 3 years rush of the train brought time great contrary to law Joining 1141 have 67 ft vacant peak Into view n dim blue dome which will sell alono or with the against the western sky Arc You lies tliKs nt Night brick cottage Easy terms At last just liS the red cons paling And Use 1032 North 12th St 5room frame harrassed by a bad cough out of the sky the train swung to the HorehounelSyrup It will cottage with stable water Inside left on its southerly course and time Mallards Price 1200 on easy pay whole Rampart range bjc un to stretch secure yeti sound sleep and effect a house For sale mentsN ami wind away ts northward qnd south prompt and radical cure E corner 3rd Tennessee Sts ward while lKtwopn the plain and the by Alvey List and G C C Koib 38 ft front on 3rd and full depth foothills rolled a tnwny sea of sod lot to alley storehouse brick frame deeply marked with ravines timid dot MitcluHH Ultimatum 5room house and vacant space for ted with plnoclad buttes The irango Indianapolis Ind Feb two more houses all for 3000 grew dimmer ns they gnzdnml nt last oven Louis was content tp sink back ident Mitchell of tho United Mine today We Workers announced In his seat mill wait 50 ft It Isnt n bit us I expected It to be must have Increased wages or there kitchen lot plenty shade he said but It Is glorious That pur will be no agreement President trees choice home place Price 1 ple green vas wonderful Im going to Mitchell said that this was an ulti 950 only 950 cash and aU Ume try to Rpt that some time It Isnt ns matum The wage scale will prob- wanted on balance Bargain precipitous as the Alps but its superb ably Two houses on ono lot northwest be settled In time district con just the same mud just think how much corner Ninth and Ohio streets Good wilder It was when father carne here ferences otter at 2100 on very easy pay Im glnd you were not disappointed boy silo replied laying her hand on Invitations and wedding announce- DentsGood fourroom residence in Me his shoulder sad caressing his cheek ments are a specialty of The Suns ihanlcsburg joining tho Blederman but you need rest Youre seeing too job department with prices lower grocery store price 850 halt cash much than elsewhere mind as much time H wanted on bal The train was now winding down to ward Valley Spring aid only time inceDont splendid sky line of the range could be forget that I have at all distinguished ns the lights of the town times plenty money to loan on farm began to sparkle out of tho obscure mortgages at 6 per cent Interest ten murk rears time porter with brush In hand came The New plat ot Madison St lots Just down the nlsle This Is Valley Springs vest of and adjoining Fountain park missThey ill level and high and street graded were met at tho cur door by a big smiling man lu modish summer tad graveled Survey just made and dress while behind htm stood a pale sweet faced woman In blue Hello Dour shouted Louis Hello luddlc How do you do monthly payments Location price Ann replied Barnett and ns Ann and and terms considered these are most lien cousin embraced the big man ieolrable lots In Paducah caught Louis by the band Hows your muscle my boy First class business property on Got nil your traps Here Tomr ho called to a both Second and Third streets near look out for these colored footman Broadway Best chance to be had in things this inns ot investment Ask for de sits To lie Continued pTay amid s L resiSence TRY ME I Am a Good One The Senior Cigar whileI Suits A- llSc SMITH CI 771 W NAGEL OM DRUG STORE Fourth and Broadway 4nUXHKART BUUJHNO PAM7GAX KX co e I u K OI4 WaOM B07TC- INSURANCE n M JANESRO- Wholesale Feed and Public Storage Warehouse OTIEOYERSTREBT 479R OLD PHONE Harrison Street 823 I IlG I Generall Insurance Agency 306 Broadway over Globe Bank and Trust Co TclPftholC OFFICE RESIDENCE I 305BDe IW St Louis and Tennessee River Packet Company FOR TENNESSEE RIVER n STEAMER CLYDE focrtv Pxioeth for Tenamij Rim Xvrry Wednesday at 4p m WM T HUNTER Master EUGENE ROBINSOlf Clerk rile company ii not rticaailtli ion larolco charges ulMi eclltetUfcy Ut led of tho Bo- Manimen Jr ninDenny ass Keitickv Book Binding Bank Work Legal and Library Work a specialty Aolu6roll to Third H STATE l OTEL NEW D A Bailey PropMETROPOLIS ILL Newest and best hotel In the city Rates 200 Two large sample rooms Bath rooms Electric lights The only centrally i located hotel In the city CtcuBcrcial Pairoaago SeHdM NEW- SUBSCBIBEBS TELEPHONE List of new subscribers added by the Bast Tennessee Telephone ompany today 2272 Burgess It 1720 Monroe 13GO Nelqn Dr Cochran Flat- A Residence 0 Residence s17JDrUlttotr Iron and Metal 117 and 119 Kentucky Ave 227C Rosier Henry Residence 21G Adams 2237 Street Mrs S A Resi- Co lience 1107 Monroe 2230 Suell KD Residence North Twelfth 2270 Cloments Chas Rrisldcnce 515 Adams 2293 Delhi il Residence 312 South Third- 1481aDouglas II A Grocery 825 South Third- C2S3fHarrUon Mrs E A Rest dence Lono Oak Like other commodities telephone service should be paid for according to Its worth and value According to the last telephone di rectories Issued we have In the city about 2500 subscribers or five times as many as the Independent Co outside the city and within the coun ty we have 63 times as many sub scribers as tho Independent Co Yet we will place a telephone lu your residence at the same rite tire lade pendent Co Is supposed to charge and provide In additlon long distance facilities which will enable yon to teach 50000000 people from your homeCall MAST 300 for further Information TELEPHONE TENNESSEE OOUPANT KELLTHECOUCH AND CURE THE LUNGS DrIChtgsiNew I I FqRC I IOUGHSanlf Surest and Quickest Cure for aU THROAT and LUNG TROUD LES or MONBY AOXf Engraved cards and plato The Stir once ILr T I U25 at r

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