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Image 6 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 1, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

rtat r 0TllunsD1I j t to or S t I MtrtiAH EVENING THE > SUN FKimUAUY CAN REPAIR ONLY fifI fI f N ITo Be l STREETS ACCEPTED Happy Be Healthy andI fnet f I Is the Opinion of City Solicitor James Campbell f > j i ityCa- Got Constipation rtt Ordinance Ordered to Improve Nine tenth Street to Maytleld Komi > Chase off the lethargy and be alive I Beware the Daily Pill Habit I Take the famous remedy THAT CURES st t I1OAUI Chases 1 14 Ii Jil I t Velvet I w Irr Kitchikift bottler Hat Jit vest pocket tj tents TUB CJIASB MFG CO Xewtiurik i IKENTUOKY I it NEWSLETS nightI ic s This Sounds Fishy tDogs Danville Ky Feb kill tOo worth of imported sheep be I 1000 head of sheep have been killed Jjy dogs In Boyle county during the past four months I To Complete the Levee HIckman Ky Feb river has agreed to expend completing the Hick Toptonvillc Tenn levee upon condition that the amount will be sufficient or that the citizens will makeup what is lacking JIcommission Death In Christ Inn Hopklnsvllle Ky Feb lXancr C Guthrie wife of John J Guth ale 4f Sinking Fork died of a com- plication of diseases aged eighty five years She Is survived by her husband and six children She had been a member of the Baptist church nearly seventy years j IC to have Holt Line Hopklnsvllle Ky Feb tThe Illinois Central company has cod traded for grading a belt line road from the Tennessee Central division traversing the southern part of tha city and connecting with the LouisNashville road ville This means about 50000 worth of other Im provements at once I Killed Himself and Wife Sparta Ky Feb iWilliam Taylor a young man aged twenty two years shot and Instantly killed his wife and then shot and mortal ly wounded himself at the home of Ills fatherinlaw Morton Baker of this city Taylor had been mar ried since November Both are of prominent families j I A New Seduction Law L i one so convicted to marry tho glr and immediately leave the state The reform has been urged by GeoL Selion and others and will prob- ably go through the house divorceI I I I p c yfY > cigarfactory the world H Sold wherever they sell tobacco IliULUi 11V t tlit h paynts tiiNew Discovery THE CONCLAVE SUITS F1LUII AT IAUISVILUJ I For Stomach Bowels Liver and Kidneys Ilnlancu Claimed nlslnMl for Material the K of FurI Paynes Quick Relief Paynes Medicated Soap ln SMITH Louisville Ky Feb echo from the Knights of Pythias con slave held lure in August 1904 comes with suits filed by claimants for unpaid accounts for goods fur nlshcd the biennial association J 33999 The defendants to the actions are the Knights of Pythian No 2 C1aI Daniel Boone lodge I lOc All sold by Ias I il Mannodll11rot J Tbogrratr TJc V ror nrrn of Totacco or Opium I cts it3e 1Th Tti HEAL > Oil 25 INAdELv forH3 1 t1 8100 per bcntc three for 250 six for 500 I jf tnxmratiea a e aL iJisrav wbicb lens to Ornunruoo and tbucvncriitiT Inunitr 0 Wttu er e pr KnxfS order wipuarantccMKie or o DOM for e 500 inc SMUTS 11iILNtitlClercla drhte SOLD BY ALVEY A LIST AND G O HOLD PADDOAH KT AFTER USING 0 lodge No 1 Uhland lodge No 4 and Mystic lodge No 1 The suit of J M Robinson Norton Co la for blankets and other camp paraphernalia suplled to the camp In Fontaine Ferry park during the en 1 Save your Gas Bills but more important Save Your Eyes campment The total Indebtedness amounted to 30000 and of the claims as yet unsettled which will become sub jects of litigation If the suits In ques tion are decided so as to support the contentions of law advanced there Is a total of 10000 The original contractual obliga tions were entered Into by the Biennia association but as that organi All the latest patterns in improved Lamps Welsbach Lindsay Peerless I > You will save the cost of either in a short time iu a decreased gas bill Let us skew you i Try Porcela for cleansing enamelware HANNANs ED D Steam Fitting oth Phones 201 132 S PlumbingB- 4th St 325 Kentucky Ave atrI DI r L 1 TO LET f Severalsuperior offices on secondand third floors of our building providedwith heat water light electric elevator and modern sanitary arrangements Prices lowest in city for similar offices double offices especially adapted for dentists a L American = German National Bank 227 Broadway 1 DRAUGHONS mllaj4 6c tnttnj Cynlcus lw- EC C AND REPAIRING FIRSTCLASS HORSESHOEING High grade Spring Wagons Will tell Best quality of Rubber Tires Spring Wagon on Installment J V OREIF Manager paymentsd d1 J lE8ABWQAaHulBNEGRTOaTk NEW PHONE NO 109 CITY T + Yes bow to It and pass on Do not be deceived by counterfeits when you buy Witch Hazel Salve Co Is DeWitt The name of PADUCAH 312316 Ut MSHflUE Best 26CoI1ticilfl 18 IIlaln POSITIONS e on every box of the genuine cured or money I pv jfor Cuts Burns Dolls Tetter Vllei Cstslo tie will convInce you tbaMAIL luuibol1ll Is TUft BIt T Call or scud rrr It Etc Sold by Lang r w L UfiNERAL BLACKSMITHING lA te- a produces perfect system of the biggest bestequipped cleanest zation Is Insolvent it Is sought to hold the branch organizations liable on the ground that the conclave was brought hero on their Invitation and with the assurance of material finan clal aid from them It Is alleged that tho Knights of Pythias were Invited here during tho Sah Francisco conclave and that It was expected that from 20000 to 25000 men would camp In Fontnlno Ferry park As a matter of fact It Is asserted only nbout 3800 were In camp and the fund of 50000 ex pected for bearing the expenses did not grow beyond 25000 Though the Biennial association was economical It failed to make expensesNow In pursuance to the both ends meet Of the claims out monition under seal of said court to standing about 0000 are admitted me directed I do hereby give public as debts while about 3500 worth notice to all persons claiming the are disputed said boat White Oak or in any man + o t 428 Broadway- l< j factoryThere Sanderson Manager ys The fragrant filler of the Old Virginia Cheroot is blended from short developed and re leaves and selected clippings of fine domestic leaf fined be worked up into cheroots at the price of 5 cents for 3 ner Interested therein that they bo Croup and appear lu the district court of Begins with the symptoms of a com the United States In the city of Pa- mon cold there is chilliness sneez ducah Ky on or before the Cth day ing sore throat hot skin quick of March 190C at 10 oclock In the pulse hoarseness and Impeded resforenoon of that day then and thereI piration Give frequent small doses to Interpose their claims and to make of Ballards Horehound Syrup the their allegations In that be child will cry for nj and at the first OEO W LONG U S M W K sign of a croupy cough apply fre By GEO W SAUNDERS Deputy quently Ballards Snow Liniment to the throat New Church In Marshall Mrs A Vllet New Castle Co Ky Benton Feb new writes March 19 1902 I think church Is to bo built In Marshall Ballards Horehound Syrup a won county a few miles from the Graves and so pleasant to derful remedy county line at Pleasant Grove The take For sale by Alvey List and contract has been let to R G TreasI G C C Kolbof Benton and the structure Is to be concrete and will cost over 2000 GoodfellowSay what you will This will be the only stone church of we Americans admire commercial In the kind In Marshall county tegrity We all bow to honesty Wall Paper Department in Rear L a cigar mado without tho head Is TTDuc tuufK Itothem PADUCAH MUSIC STORE Phone 772 Jt cheroot Trade Mark O IJrOpertI Largest selection ever shown in Paducah Only wall paper store on Broadway Oar 30 tenant house paoer keeps houses rented No 3C papers after March i and makes them sell All these papers are roc patterns Our 5oc 75c and 100 per roll hall parlor and dining room papers are right up to date Our decorator knpws how to make It look the same as any 3 oo per paper Our paper saves you money saves time your eyes and matches in every ways saves Dont be too late Call at I J r Iroll t benchesBupt I Wall Paper Wall Paper Ie Package of 3 for 5c ing for tho Improvement of NInep teenth street from Broadway to the Mayflold roadMnrket Master Frank Smedley was Instructed to see that no one occu pies benches at the market house except those to whom they are rented The board does not Intend to permit benches subrented as It would en courage speculation In the market Keebler of the city light plant reported to the board that a worn brush arc machine which Small Five nt Mayfield Mayfleld Ky Feb large an electric company desires to pur statue on the property of James A chfise Is worth about 350 The Wright adjoining the college ground city recently sold one to the same Mr ONell was companyStreet burned yesterday Inspector Elliott was In conducting a crude oil experiment In the building and a pipe burst let structed to ibuy sixty more loads of ting the oil flow over The floor from gravel and Sewer Inspector Franke The loss of was authorized to t uy a auctloi which a blaze started contents and building will perhaps Bump for use on sewerage mains The city engineer was Instructed reach 700to Investigate a complaint from peo pie residing near Fourteenth and Police Cillers Bereavement Madlsonvllle Ky Feb lArter- Monroe streets of bad drainage also a severe illness extending overa of water that accumulates between period of three months death ended Madison Harrison Third and Fourth the sufferings of Mrs Eunice Fannie streets The fence along the fill at Brad Brown the mother of Police Chief on West Broadway Mrs Brown was 59 shaws creek Ashley Brown years of age and her death was duo was ordered repairedA ditch was ordered repaired near to a complication of diseases that and Jefferson tho skill of the attending Fountain avenue burled streets and charged to thq street car physicians company and property owner4A Whichever Is found to be responsible Ills Son May lie n Victim Mr W E Cochran reported that Morganfleld Ky Fob 1Judgeof Morganflold bel- he had long ago paid for connections A W Clements ieves his son B J Clements was but that pipes had not been laid from Young I lost In the Valencia wreck Kentucky avenue Clements was nineteen years of age near Second l 15 and he asked that the city attend to left Louisville November Ho It as private property hUll to be and has not been heard of since A press report of the victims of tho crossed to reach that of Mr Cochran disaster contains the name of J B The street inspector was Instructed Clements and Judge Clements to attend to the matter The street inspector reported that thinks It Is his son the use of the street roller to furnish steam for heating Riverside hospital Killed Ills Step Father Corbin Ky Feb tJames Ad had damaged the roller very lltle Iclns forty years old was shot and Notice almost Instantly killed by his step Co vs Gasoline son William Turner sixteen years Fairbanks Morse Boat White Oak In admiralty old After the shooting young TurWhoreas A libel was filed In the ner walked to the city hall and sur district court of the United States rendered Turner said ho did the shooting for the western district of Kentucky In selfdefense as his stepfather was at Paducahon the 10th day of Jancoming at him with an open knife uary 190t by Fairbanks Morse l The weapon used was a singlebar Co against the boat White Oak her reled shotgun loaded with a heavy engines tackle apparel furniture etc alleging In substance that said charge oj bird shot Adklns was less than three feet boat was indebted to them in the from tho muzzle of the gun when sum of 152452 for supplies may furnished said boat Turner fired and the charge toro n chinery etc frightful hole In Adklns body Tho wounded man onlylived about live minutes after tho shooting In the never been paid and prayed process house where tho killing was done against said boat White Oak her en thero was no disorder Adklns gines tackle apparel furniture etc body was on the for A big clasp and said boat be condemned and sold to pay said claim with all cost and was In the right hand knife Frankfort Ky Fob tSenator Kcton and his friends arc elated over tho passage of his bill In the senate today even though It was slightly amended The bill provides that If a man is convicted of seduc tion he shall marry the glnl and live with her threo years or go to the The amendment pro- penitentiary vides that ho may leave her If ho OLD VIRGINIACHEROOTS lThe JI offi lThe I I Y < I i your Drararrlji- N 13 cents Instead of Scents I L Its the llttloftiwkss head1 that takes more time to make than the clear lts lfand thats what makes cigars cost you eherootsMrivc You can pay 15 cents for three cigars with the heads on but why should you when 5 cents will buy three cigars of substantially as good quality with the heads cut First thing you do is to clip the head off anyway JIEITISi j j t AYOHKS Constipationt Tablets I OK Your 5 cents fulMmll perfect cent cigars with theheads cut off City Solicitor James Campbell yesterday afternoon at the regular meet- Ing of the board of public works In formed the members that the city could not legally spend public funds for keeping up any streets except those accepted by the city The question came up In regard to al leged streets through some of tho suburban additions which tho city had never accepted and was asked to keep In repair An ordinance was ordered submit ted to the legislative boards provid 1 I Jr iiiEE j u Now located at Ve DrosI = Glaubers Stable are read for all kinds of hauling TELEPHONE 499 = l 1

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