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Image 5 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 1, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

K HUH8PyEIJ UARYi T People writers cleft at noon for Loulsvll to report for duty to the board Mrs J B Scruggs of Memphl Tenn is visiting Mr aid Irj J A and Pltsnt Events It To Meet Friday The February meeting of the Pi ducan chapter Daughters of the American Revolution will be wllh tho regent Mrs Hubbard S Wells at the Empire flats on Broadwa DA Friday afternoon at 3 oclock It will be a patriotic meeting In honor George Washingtons bIrth of month Tho quotation will bo from Washington and the papers will be lit touch with his life 317 BROADWAY oot This cut Indicates a great sacrifice and only when you the values we offer will you be able to appreciate it see- We arc firm in our convictions and say now as before no winter goods shall be jn our store for Ithe coming season jf low prices will sell them q It has been decided by tho local 1 I Green Blue Red or Black Suits in flue cloths with best of linings will be sold Thursday morning Cfl ridiculously low price of 4the 2750 atjh 00besold 50morning and 2500 Fine Tailored Suits any color any 1 I 2000 and S 1500 v r Mrs William U McPhcrson ILOCAL LINES I 1 1 For Dr Pcndloy ring 416 J V Vorls dentist 200 Fra tornlty building 400l Drv Qllliort Osteopath Broadway Ihono 190 The regular mooting of Central Labor Union will take place tonight and tho standing committees will probably bo appointed by tho nowlj I olfccted president Mr Charles Hart Engraved cards and plate 1125 at The Sun of lceAldurman 1Vr Miller has recovered the gold watch etoloii trout him a few days ago on an I C train Thotlmoploco had bean pawn ed at Cairo Sign andcarrlago painting WQ Dr j t I R Sexton both phones 401 Tho Joint finance comniltteo ol tho general council will meet to morrow night at tho oily hall to check over accounts against the city to bo presented and allowed nt the regular meeting of the board next wook l S Dr Griffith has removed his office from rooms 1 and 2 to rooms 5 uud G Truehcnrt building Mayor Yolsor has appointed Mr Charles Kvortz of St Louis electrical Inspector temporarily In placo of William Gllsdorf who has to Louisville to take a post tion us Inspector and rate maker for tho state board of underwriters Carbon paper typewriter pope and typewriter ribbons tho very best at tho lowest prices nt It D Clements Co Tho now dry kiln for the Pa ducal Cooperage company has been It completed und Is again In use takes tho place of tho one burned The report several months ago Mr V J Blow was to buy out that his associated Messrs Kllgoro and Ulolllngshcad Is denied Building and Tho Mechanics will lend you Loan Association money to build your house at 6 per cent F M Fisher secretary t10D00damago suit to be filed by Capt Frank Farnslcy of Ifono I e The NowP SOULES BALM SOULES LIVER CAPSULES For Torpid liver and Malaria We have obtained from Mrs Bettic Settle the piivllcge to make and sell these well prepat t r I 41 1 11 f c I IltAI J y i I rr Is the lucky number It draws a range or a heating stove or a watch with 20year gold platedcase WHICH ONE WILL YOU TAKE Circuit Court Circuit Judge Reed began calllm his equity docket this morning am sat many cases Few actions of im Penance were rtakon this morning The 1 IT1 I r Egester aged 33 a WANPEDA man that understands slaughter house work CalI ored man with family preferred Apply to Jake Blederman Grocery and Baking Co- I I etwecn WANTEDA home by a nice what yo whSt you should luiv young lady In small family of paid for IhliiBs in your teem wealthy people or welltodo people shopjilng is probably enough to mak Address A F care of the Paducah It woitk while for you to rend tho The dlfTcieiico did pay Omit stofnls SunII hereafter3- J E MORGAN blacksmith 1IT01IEI11S for hlghgrado blcy clcs 326 South Third County Court- J SONS CO ol tho county for tho alleged dIsposal of mortgaged property was yester day afternoon dismissed in Justice The warrant war Emorys court taken out by tho ParllnOrcndorf company which sold the defendant Homo farming Implements and took a mortgage on a cow and mule The latter died and tho company Jumped at tho conclusion that the property had been Illegally disposed of and secured the warrant fTho defend ant yesterday proved that bAth cow and mule died and the warrant was dismissed 1111 0 DARTi GEO I CAM AVns Dismissed case against A S Miller colored FOB RENTFurnished 409 Third Old phone 457 Superior work guaranteed Exclusive agent for flore stone side wire tires the best rubber tire madeS rooms a lawyer tmd Victoria Rlchey were 304 N Sixth Old phone 1114 yesterday afternoon licensed to wed CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS It wllnniajQ the second marriage FOR SALK one bed one dress- 7Dlnck Locust and Mulberry posts Ing table Mrs DIckc Phone 1724 at sawed post prices delivered to any for boUi i Alary E Morgan deeds to E K point In city Send order to Sun property near Bonds for J2000 HEATING and storewood Frank office or A J Atchison Levin both phones 437 First and Clark streets LOST Gentlemans gold watch o UMBRELLA repairing and cover Inside engraved P 0 J ISSDUbe Sues for Maintenance S Third St tween Patters boat store and thhe Ing neatly done 108 Llnnle A Champion this morning wharf Finder return to Meyers lied sultngalnst her husband Wm WOOD phone Schmid Clark GOOD HEATING Co and receive rev F Champion for 2000 maintenance and alimony for herself ana Sander Brooks Phone 1347m ol- ward They were married In June child FOR SALE My farm on Cairo dWANEDA good cook Apply 1896 and separated In December road 6 miles from town 226 acres a sentence alleges that ho abandon at 70S Kentucky avenue 1899 She lam will sell a part or all lb suit buyer The thirtyninth series of the has refused to support Woolfolk has gono to Mem cd her and John FOR SALE Good young medium Apply to me nt my farm or to T J1 She alchild Mechanics HuIIdlng and Loan Asso to accept n position with tho her and her Infant property well slzo horse Apply to Jno Dlpple Atkins at the German National Bank tlon Is on sale It pays 10 per cent lihls leges that ho had Memphis Furniture company care RhodcsBurford Goo J Jones If allowed to run to maturity 10t of Clay worth several thousand dollars Mrs Mary Williams years or 6 per cent on withdrawal street who has been critically ill LOST Black bead necklace with Inn on North FOR RENT l F M Pusher Secretary Police Court Is Improving locket Return to Hawkins Bros Seventh street with all modern coo condition of Deputy United There wore but two cases on the kind receive Mrs Samuel Dalton of Walnureward A firstclass boarding venlenccs States Marshal George Saunders at ts expected toddy to visit Mrs Sun polka court docket this morning house or rooms will be rented one or Mayfield Is reported bettor and both were dismissed treot FOR RETCottago 431 South more to suit the renter Apply Wo desire to Inform all of hav net Boyd of South NJnth Thomas Wayulck ud iOlllotBry Sixth street Modern conveniences = JirN T L WhUwiprtnKof spring ing bought the business of Mr Ash J G Brooks Is expected Joday tb int white residents of tho South Apply 438 South Sixth brook and hope for a continuance of ilHc Tenn charge of rlslt Mrs Samuel Boyd of South Sllo were arraigned on a PUBLIC NOTICE If your horse tho liberal patronage accorded hIm duitory aho warrant was Issuea = inth CALL AT Harrells grocery and cow mule hog or dog dies notify us guaranteeing alt satisfaction and apthe cigar at the instance of the womans hus get your groceries cheap for cash while they are fresh and we will Mh Leslie Hawllns Co preciation Abram L Well matter of Kalamazoo Mlchrrliiucrp band Tho two had been separated 128 S Second St Old phone 1155a move It free of charge We also carry D Randolph the young man ror for some time Tho evidence mice a visit to relatives an assortment of horses and mules who fell from n moving freight train E Skinner of Murray has to show that she had been guilty as Rev J FOR RENTGroom house C2C for sale or exchange broke or un Saturday night and near Wing oturncd home after visiting his hargcd and the warrant was dls North Sixth St Apply 319 North broke We buy and sell Western broke a leg and arms Is said to be missed Office and stable Sixth for Information horses a specialty Improving and that amputation of a brother Mr John Skinner gono Vel Patterson colored was dls to vMrs J M1 Walton has Old phone 454r 325 North Third He Isa log will not be necessary missed of thee charge of breach of visit FOR RENTOmco suitable for Gent Elliott Paducah Ky painter and well known In this city Ubscow Ky to George relatives County Clerk Landrum of the peace doctor Third and Tennessee streets The Ladles Mite society of the Is In tho city FOR SALE Beautiful new cot Phone 22First Baptist church will meet Fri- mlthland 8KL COCIIIUN of Crlppln Mr William Leech tage near 12th street car line In day afternoon with Mrs Wm Hays 2IVANTED50girls steady em- Northvicw Creek Col Is expected this week part cash balance Craig at 3 oclock at Hotel This will bi Is Said tii Have Been Counted n route to Now York ployment Paducah Box and Basket monthly or very cheap for one halt E D Hannnn has gone to Paris In eight years Hc ltil ltlon for Him cash balance six twelve eighteen Co Teunto bid on installing a steam hIs first visit heroFowler has returnilr SaundoM months NorthVlew Realty and Im heating plant and milking tho sewer stenog- provement Co By W D Greer Gen Ky Iebcollege ed from Memphis Tenn Position as WANTED ago connections for a new State House Frankfort Mr and Mrs Frank Schmidt will rapher to bo erected this spring This part IGov Deckhain has made requisi- office Xby young lady Address this eral Mgr to of the work will cost about 10000 leave Saturday for Henderson tion on the governor of Louisiana v 4 Mr their future home WANTED FORU ARMYAble Do nut full to rend thin new story bake for the return to this slate of Sol Schmidt Is chief auditor for the lIen Cochran a fugitive from Justice Nicely furnished bodied unmarried men between ages FOR RENT ivlJrli brains In the Sun today No 62 C or 21 and 35 citizens of Undtfed excellent baths Is ono of the veryIwht that lerson Brewery company wanted In Calloway county to nn rooms llcsptr Miss Minnie Souder of the rail wer to the charge of double mur- Kentucky Ave States of good character and tem irnnilln Carliiiul has ever rlttAIItI oad hospital has gono to St Louis der The crime was committed ten perate habits who can speak read Is a Rood wholesome I 722 and write English For information FOR RENT7roomhouse story und ono wo think cal of out to attend tho alumni banquet of the years ago and according to Senator I it Louis training school for nurses Conn Linn of Calloway was most Harrison St Apply 1719 harrison apply to Recruiting Officer New render will like Miss Blanche Sholbournc of tha troclpus Cochran killed a young street > Mr Bon Pues foreman of the Richmond house Paducah Ky Jackson Foundry and Machine shops nurso corps at Riverside hospital man named Storey and a deputy Cochran and FOR SALE1 Good secondhand went to IHddyville today at noon to ins resigned and this morning len sheriff name Kelly WHY worry about getting carrlook over the Corliss engine at the for her homo in Wlckllffe to visit Storey were paying attention to the callgraph typewriter cheap Address iages and baggage wagons when you can ring up Palmer Transfer com- stale penitentiary and make a bid on her parents She will glvo up her daughter of Ketand Kelly favored R U J care Sun Cochran met pany any hour day or night and get the repair work The big engine Is professIon the suit of Storey Spring wagons and prompt service at a price as low ask FOR SALE Mrs James P Laffcy of CincinStorey out driving with the young to bo repaired shortly nati is visiting Mr and Mrs C 11 woman and engaged him In a quar- buggies comparatively new at bar- the lowest They are not only rev Notice 3udd 739 Broadway rel and Is alleged to have killed him gain price Sextons Sfgn Works ICth sposlble and reliable but can make It to go to The tilling took and Madison Old phone 401 All persons wishing Jos L Friedman and George H la her presence to your interest In many ways to do Tenn They keep on Goodman went to Jackson Mardi Gras on tho steamer Charles place within a few hundred yards of business with them ton leaving hero on Feb 8th will csterday to attend a meeting of the the Kelly home and the father of the FOR RENT Fiveroom cottage hand special fine carriages for thea please notify mo on or about tho stockholders of the company at girl was attracted by the sound ot cheap to small family Grates and ters balls weddings and funeral ser Jackson 5th us tho staterooms aro limited the firing He ran to the scene only water Inside Apply 624 Husbands vices Give them your order or 18G4 W Walker who has been II to be shot and Instantly killed It Is St or ring old phone 227C R Phone 1165R Mr Ralph Warren of the Warren The daughter of fever at the I C railroad hospl alleged by Cochran FRANK WAGNER Owner killings is still was able to sit up today WANTED Bright boy 15 or 1C jewelry store will go to Gulfport who witnessed both tal formerly living In Calloway and Senator Linn years old who wants to learn the Miss tomorrow to reside He has Gllsdorf Air William Invitations and wedding announce mentsare a specialty of The Suns cUy eleclrjcal Inspector but now In says Cochran will be vigorously pros printing business E E Sutherland secured a position with a leading Jeweler Med Co it lob department with prleea lowers spector for the state board of under l The The DrI t streetII I i t > < FOR THE SKIN I tlIIuIJ s- i t eq lUlU w IN THB COURTS en Irrtalncd very charmingly at card yesterday Afternoon at her homo 011 I The married l S Fountain avenue dies prize was taken by Mrs Chas Cloaks and Furs Klgor and tho young ladles prIze Thb lone by Miss Faith LangstarT hand prize was won by Mrs1 Jatric An nttractlerlnncheoi Madrid Mo has been prepared nnd P Smith game will shortly bo filed In the federal was served after the Mrs McPherson Is giving the secCapt court at Capo Qlrurdeati Farnsley who Is master of tho lieu ond of her series of card parties thIs I vera wps grossly mistreated by tin afternoon officers who were trying to onforci Mrs C A Mitchell of Shawnee quarantine regulations Okla Is visiting her daughter Mrs AH kinds cut lowers and flora Robert Grimm of No 607 South designs nt Drunsons Ninth street Do not till tn mid Iho new story Mr Lloyd Rogers of the Path which begins In the Situ today who hat I llejier Is one of the very Ithl thai calf Traction cbmpany llnnillii nil rIll has ever written It been acting In the capacity of trap I s ii KIKN I wholesome western lov for jlcrJt on the streets here hat glory sad one we think nil of nut peen assigned to an office position Mr Ed lawless has been made the wader will likedetectives Moore and Ualcoi transfer clerk have received from Detective Dug Mr L E Petit went to Princeton gle of Chicago copies of The Do this morning on business tectlvp for two years back The Mrs F D Reader who has her books contain pictures of many visiting in Elkton Ky arrived last criminals und will prove very Vul night and will remain In Paducah They fount a few days before going to St Louis uablo to tho officers hi looking thrOII1I1 tll booksn plat Mrs V Lr Brandon has returnee lire of Dcvlno tho young man they from Pembroke Ky whore she has arrested here recently for alleged been on a visit embezzlement at Chicago and who Mr F D Reader has returned was taken back by Detective Hug from Chicago where he had gone glo There Is also n picture of Pete on business 1o Is considering Richardson the man sent up for ripening up a restaurant In Padu three years hero for stealing n dia cah He was formerly In charge Of mond from tho late H C Allison the I C lunch stand at the local during a carnival several years ago passenger depot Richardson went to Hot Springs Mrs 0 J Ford has returned from here and was arrested and from Palestine Texas where sho taken to Nashvlllo to finish serving visited her sister Mrs Isaac Dai i k fT if i Pretty Afternoon pird Party Suits In size or color in any range Special prices on 1 Did Luck Hit Meadows Miss Myra Nolen of Tulsa I 1 who has ben visiting her slater lr8 William V Green at Cochran apartments has gone to Union City Tenn to visit her mother Mrs IrvIn McArthur of Lapce or Mich and Miss Leone Kcssell routine Mich will arrive Sundn to visit the family of Mr W J Hill J K Hendrlck leaves tonight for connected Mayfield on business of with tho Reeves Grocery Co Mayfield bankruptcy case O C Lasher editor of the Smith nnd land Banner of Smithland wife were In the city today en rout East on their bridal tour They were married at Smithland lasl night and Mrs Lasher was MU Josephine Presnell daughter of nl B PresnelL Mrs Cordla Presne accompanied thorn to Paducab Enol L Moore of Chicago a ver prominent civil engineer Is in tho city today Mr Moore was the en glneer In charge of tho construction of the Iron furnaces at Grand River when they weer erected Manager Thos W iRobcrts of The Kentucky leaves tonight for Nashville for a few days Born to Mr and Mrs Jo Shelby chapter nut to have the Klr mess until April or May and hay it then as a May festival Pro Mahler will go from hero to EI Paso Tex and return later to ar range for the IklrmcssIt is to be given for tho benel of the Confederate monument funs and will be a very big thing In the 432 South Eighth street yesterday setting and brilliancy a girl baby UDC Blue Red and Black Broadcloth Suits with straps 3000 Festival KlrniCKs Will Hu n May a C AN You Like It Club Mr and Mrs J C Flournoy will entertain with a card party this ero nlng at their home on West Jcffe son boulevard In honor of the As You Like It club SALE BEGAN THIS MORNING AND CONTINUES TILL SUITS ARE SOLD i ru ITHB EADUOAEG EVENING BUS THESE ARE THE PRICES ON ALL SUITS 4000 s in their original form as Introduced and sotdbr years by the late Dr Nel- son Soule 25c each > v I 11 R W WALKER CO Incorporated 4V DRUGGISTS rUsh aid Bwajr Beth PhoaM r 73jjjjjjjjjj 1- ecutedM i n < t 1M J t I > La < io t J Ie 4 < i w < r- N

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