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Image 4 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 1, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

PAONPo II ttt I 1I j 1 < rt It THE PABUGABJ t agreed to have the committee met and the books gone over The com mittee met but the mayor didnt ajjow up neither did the c Ity clejk AFTERNOON AND WICKftl Ill auditor who had the books locked BY IHt SUN PUBustiiAli CO tipV A former city official who wan INCOHPORATCil to nsslstfthe light committee In get Wag the desired figures from the M ruH BrrcfidcnUmiKiUKtKowur J PJLXTOS General Minsc books also failed to put in his ap pearance and the committee had to SUBSCRIPTION RATEBtdlsperae BiMrod it the poctotnc at Paducah Kr Mleeota clue metierThe clerk explained tho next day THE DAILY BUN that he could not come and that he 10 t 87 tuner per week 40 preferred some one else to go over By mull per njonth In advance CM the books with hint other than the Bj mall per Far In frinee THE WEEKLY SUN former official selected so the com you by malt pcm paidit10Ad- mitted lInformed the mayor that IIt dress THE SD Padneat Kj would meet again that night with US South Third I TiiiriiiKvHoKt Prof John D Smith to assist In getOno This ting the figures they desired THE SUN on De rooao as wu auow was agreed to but the committee and pia UCla Prof Smllh found no one at the city R D Clement a The hall that night to assist them books were locked up In the vaults and neither the mayor nor the clerk shoed up Thus tho Committee isforcedto the conclusion that for soma reason there Is not a very en thuslastlc desire on part of the may- THURSDAY KI2UKUAUY 1 or and others in his coterie to have the light committee got the facts and CIRCULATION STATEMENT figures necessary In its work from Dec Dec the city books This Is only one of the many Instances of how certain officials ore 5 370C tryingto prevent a reduction of city 20r3755- expenses toy questionable methods First If ex 7 371C 3761 The reason is plain Jj725 penses are reduced and the public 8 perceives no disadvantage in It It will not look well for vast ndmlnls12 trnU9ii9 mad will be a feather in the 3717 hoards Second 1ne r114of 13 377S 3710 abutRI Sun A i Mllinut e + I i I I J vanCultnBroaV V t I r I i 148726 153739 Total j 1 163763 183753I- 22J 23373- 25y37f3 29Vi 0- 303778 93494 3740 Average for December Average for December 1904 X2963 I > f ja t k777Personally J Paxton general managerof The who affirms that the above itatcment of the circulation of The Bun for the month of Dec mber1905Is true to the best of his knowledge and belief PETER PUUYEAR Notary Public Sun I j I Jonuaryi IIDally I j i1 Thoughts hours bufbe grateful for every hbttr anil accept what It brlngiiuJThoreau I OPPOSING MUNICIPAL IMPROVE MET The city of Pnducah now finds Itself In a grotesque plight Arrayed against one another arelfkegeneral council the members of which advo cate the best possible city govern ment at the least possible cost and the remnantsof former administra tions who apparently want to hang on to every possible expense that I Il orindirect The Sun Is a friend of the people and has always been Here at the bagjnning of the year the mayor rec ommended Improvements that would have completely absorbed u tax rate had It been possible to have one and In another breath expressed the belief that the already outrageous tax rate could bo reduced to 161i Then when the present boards at tempted to reduce expenses andglvc the people what they pay for Instead of requiring them to pay for a good many things they do notgeU they are met with opposition anti niiBrep retentatlon on every hand They attempt to cut down the ap propriation for the pollqc department and the first thing they know they find a bill Introduced In the legisla ture requiring second glass gltlea tq have not less than thirty patrolmen whether they need them or not The object of this bill Is plain as It was Introduced bytho Democratic representative from paducah and as alt the other second class cities al- ready have more than thirty patrol men It Is understood 4t Is not known who Inspired this wonderful piece of legislation us whoever did will probably not hasten to acknowl edge the corn but Its pnly bject Is to add to the burden of JPaduach tax 3 payers The new boards whose only object as good business men Is to Insure the people annual benefits com mensurate with the amount of money they pay attempt to give the people better street lights at leHscQst and they find themselves confronter with obstacles on every hand including those put In their way by tljn rem nants of the aforesaid administra t lion The Joint light committee hirl gard to the light questIon desires to getithe liestlights at the lowest costJ Jt has announced Its Intention ot doing Jiothlng until It has thoroughly Investigated the ques don from every standpoint and It Is trying to do this now If It acts one way or the other It will bo able tp show by facts and figures that cannot be disputed why ithas asVd and that it has acted for the best In terests of the people It was suggested a few nights ago that the committee go over the city books and find out exactly what the cost of operating the light plant has been for several years and the mayor tslmpl t J olio 1 having Third the city Is taking care of quite a number of broken down politicians and other friends of pits adrulnlstraj rtionbgnd anyptfortltd lop of this gratt ils not thankfully hctlvexl expenses and conse- reduction quently must want to continuo to gouge tho taxpayers The Sun has called attention to municipal extravagance from time to time jn past years and feels that the present attitude of many people on the municipal questions before boards shows that the Sun has been right and Is right now and also dem- onstrates who arc the real friends of the people The city now needs rctrcnchpicnt more than ever as the decision of the court of appeals yesterday Iin the bank tax cases will deprive the city revenue that had of considerable been equated on this year It also means that In the future the city can get practically nothing from the thanks if the latter desire to Invest their capital and surplus in government securities which they are sure to do In some cases and which would mean further curtailment of expenses to meet annual expenses The Sun regrets that some officials and people no doubt through preju- dice and partisanship take the stand they do against reform and retrench Tent and try to checkmate our lo cal legislative boards In every good The conscientious move they make public Is not going to be fooled long It finally got on to some however of the crowd nndsls sure to get on to them all sooner or later An earnest cfloit to Improve local condi tions is worthy of everyones com mendation and cooperation regard less of politics or anything else and those who are trying to hamper and harras the officials In their work are tint friends to the people and are standing in their own light In germreisting wild it up quickly and per manently jCOTT 1 A p 111111 J 409 Full Street New York outh Third stree 11thisjl ninjIts j oclock of bowel complaint The deceased WM bore fn linn county but had been a resident Of this county since 1 S42 He was a farmer and lived In tho country un yla shorttime ago whet hls health jiroko and ho camd to town iJThV deceased loaves a wife stop riaughtor tour slstitWnnd four brothers Mr C B lcscher of the Clark livery stable Is a brother and was out In the country today when news of tho death of his brother reached him Tho funeral will be hold tomor IIAVKKU FIJI KrcHvjiif 1 I < iunlDo Deposit After the Wurf Insolvent 11 Feb Lpresld- r ent T D Hancock of the bank of Vnddy at Waddy Ky whoso doors were closed last Thursday has no eon seen since that day and a war- rant was today Issued for his arrest I e Is c orIiCtt with jrecejylng dgpos H its after hd know the bank was In solventt Long Ufo Wlsluil say than old French gallantry Is rapidly becoming a thing of the past Those wllo ire prone to People groltlt forget thus our national traditions should take to heart tills little lesson from tho Hungarian poet Jokal At a banquet given In his honor the poet thanked the ladies present I drink and ended with the words I 1 r i may you live to you mesdames until my hair turns gray The ladles were startled and hard ly knew what to make of the strange compliment taking Then Jokal from his head a fine wig revealed a My hair as head entirely bald you see he continued can never graParls Figarot 1 A Mob 11JIolh ifenl LIsbon Feb adcouritiuMhe The child labor law before this archbishop desiring to iidUplaco n him In Ills orktVlienthey were legislative committee at Frankfort popular priest In Sabugatthdontlre married She IIs the daughter of Dr A A lEattractlng snore than passing no populace revolted and broke windows Davidson vhdwis aniocullut of no and It la impossible to forecast in the public tice buildings Soldier 1 its Pale There arO doubtless rea were sent to restore order and the little local rip itoUon and who died Her mother died the In 1894 sons why some of IIts provisions Car after and MlsiLura Davldion Would benefit the people but there arc also reasons why others should tHe mob killing seven and wound with her tyo Komi tiger sisters Mist For Instance It lIs Ing many others when their ammu Abbey and Miss Willie Have been be eliminated nut explained It children under 18 nition was exhausted The whole reared by their grandparents who years of age nro not permitted to population was overwhelmed and the live on a taro near Mayfield When she left London she was dressed In a work and whoso lot In life is such soldiers compelled them to retire She black skirt and a plaid waist they must work or become ob that threequarter length wore a gray Heroines Traveling Auditor jects of charity or criminals what She also car D E WOodsof Dccatur ill has coat and a gray lint they are expected to do The corn tied a grip a telescope I think it pulsory education law is Ignored boon promoted from traveling and was with her I am sure she was In Kentucky and many could not tor for the Illinois Central to special coming to me and am greatly wor attend school if any effort were traveling auditor with headquarters ried lest she may have met serious Another In Chicago made to compel them to evil We will keep up the search unwIso provision In the measure is for her until we find her She hasnt The local police have been ask that giving the state Inspector the money The fore from Lon power to order out any machinery edto look out for James Hurdle a much don to Louisville Is 172 and that and son of Jas he may see fit to order out No me- fifteenyearold only leave her a few dimes wile would chanic knows enough about all the Hurdle of Trezovant Tonn when she got to Louisville various kinds of machinery used In Is supposed to have taken an N C manufacturing nowadays to bo able c St L train at Paris Tenn last FJlAXCIHSi ASSIGXKD Officers Hur to judge whether of not any certain evening for Paducah Besides there Is Icy and Singery searched the train General Malinger Jlleecker Turns piece IB unfit prevent the arbitrary when It arrived but the boy was not nothing to Light Franchise to Pnducali power conferred in the bill from be aboard Light null Power Co log abused or becoming a prolific YOU DONT HAVE TO WAIT There does not apRtmrco of graft Tho franchise sold by tho city last pear to be much use In passing now Kyery doie makes you teel better IPOI October for furnishing power and keep Jour whole ntldei right bold on the and moro stringent child labor laws money back plan everywhere Price Soci lights was assigned today by Johnso long as those we have are not un- S Bleecker who purchased It at the forced sale to Tile Paducah Light and A Constable Appointed o Thofl Doo angdon was appointed Power Co and the mayor was toMunicipal oWilefshlpa good nest constable for the third district this day notified of the assignment egg for hatching grafters Mr Bleecker Is manager of tho afternoon o company jind this is merely a formal WrlchtYou say he wrote Jokes assignment of the franchise to the Tho Texas Wonder corporation It was Intended Cures all kidney bladder and rhenmat to keep the wolf from the door I Yes Pennmnn but I guess the Ic troubles sold by J H Oehlschlae ger 601 Broadway DrE W Hall wolf dont recognize them as Jokes Building and The Mechanics will lend you oflce 2926 Olive 8t St Loulj Mo Loan Association Sometimes Its the shortest man money to build your house at G peSubscribe for The Sun who can hand out the tallest talk rcentJF U Fisher secretary lOn n > Hot Chocolate Hot Tomato Bouillon Hott Vigaral thpmwlthrhowtlls Arc the peer of hot drinks serve oply the best We STUTZS COLUMBIA Fifth and Broadway Pone 94 Y u f HIMIIUI TODAY a i arJ i1 1 t- r y t oj t 4 110Mt sappabotit Hens atMhocourt t 10j j cotmhtr decide in this caw was whether or not n saloon keeper Is liable for tins unauthorized acts of his bartender and if thin saloon keeper Is not re sponsible or liable If his bandsmen can bo The court decided that this saloon proprietor could no more be mado responsible for what his bar tender docs if It is without the knowl edge or consent of tho saloon keeper and especially when directly contrary to orders an In this case than tho proprietor would be If tho bartender wont out somewhere and killed a man or broke Into n store Anti jf the saloon Ikeeper himself Is not roo fpanxlble hU bondsmen certainly could not he This case has attracted a great deal of attention because It was gen erally presumed the city lad brought It In the nature of a teat of the ordi nance Had Jones himself been guilty of tho act of selling the ese would have been different and posul bly might have called forth an loom from thin court on the validity tho ordinance Attorneys Hose and Qrlce repre sented tho defense and City Solicitor James Campbell Jr the plaintiff r p It I S 1 opinc ofr si 1 HKV JOHN S CIIKKIv T toes to Hot Springs Ark to Spend Ten Diiyt or Longer timet b rtI pastor of John First Baptist church where a revivall has boon In progress for several weeks left yesterday for lint S Cheek aor OUR AMBITION Is to have every pair of glasses fitted ai perfectly as the condition of the eyes will permit If our glasses give trouble no matter how slight we want you to come in and have it remedied EXCLUSIVE OPTICIAN IN ONLY PADUCAH ono of tho hardest workers In tit scooting and nU health bccamu that It was deemed advisable to hove ism take a rest It was suggested that tho meeting closo but Rev Check was not willIng to havo It end at present anti It lIy understood Rev Gates lat promised to remain at least Hov Cheek roturns AVhothor or not to longer continue It will then I 1 I untilr y dccldcclt bo j a t Kevenue Collections Stamp Deputy L L Tlcboiit ivpubotl ports a very good month In J nUUffJ t1ry Ho collected a total of 10aG411 iud Issued stamps for 911i barrels 0 t tas v of whisky County Court k I DR Ma STEINFELDS OPTICAL PARLORS 109 J j 1 > I Circuit Judge William Heed this morning rendered his opinion In suit for 1000 forfeiture of bond of the city of Paducah against J L Jones a saloon keeper nt Eleventh and Uurnctt streets and his bonds men Messrs Lee and Adolph Well He decided the case In favorof tho defense Tho decision did not have any direct bearing on the validity of the city ordinance Involved In the action although time city brought the suit with the double Intention of testing the ordinance and collecting the bond for tho alleged violation ot the ordinance Jones ran a saloon In the city and hli bartender one Sunday sold liquor without the knowledge or consent of the proprietor Jones was arraigned In police court anti his bartender tined for the offense The City brought suit to compel thin bondsmen to pay the bond given to Insure that Jones wouldkeep within the limits of thelawThe court holds that time bonds men could not be held responsible In this particular case because the plainly evidence showed that the man whose surety they were was not aware that his bartender had goods on Sunday and repudiated the act Under the evidence tho court could not find for the plaintiff Judge Reed stated that lie thought time ordinance compelling a forfeiture of bond In event of a violation of the Sunday closing law valid but had his doubt about it As It was not up to him In this ease to pass on tho or dinance he would have nothing Hev forI IQl I L WAIUIANTKI Louisville Ky r S theI 10 y i- I LKSHKlt DKAD George J Lescher aged 04 diem at the residence of his brotherIn law Mr C W teacham turn TIIIS OPINION for Mnny Years Ikea n llesl ilont of MrCmckiii County JIIlk I l BUWNE G lllell Bredwij Croud Flaw I t < i down and health is at a low bb Scotts Emulsion will oclockintertent s ty saysweturaererl TroublesNO w Denton road For Lung IThe > Hence it Is clear that some of the present city officials do not seek any hardr rJust Cois 4NOT Ayers Cherry Pectoral certainly cures Indianapolis Feb miners disappeared from the Sue Bennett joint scale committee went Into ex Memorial School at London Ky last session this morning to con Friday was found yesterday at the ecutive sider the proposition submltcd by Louisville hotel where she was em tho operators Wednesday evening It ployed In the capacity of a chamber Is doubtful if an agreement will be She will today 10 sent back maid reached but if not but ono course Is to school from which she lied be probable the indefinite adjournment cause she was unable to pass an ex of the conference amination in arithmetic As soon as I F L Rabbins of Plltsburg speak her whereabouts were discovered ing for the operators yesterday de Miss Davidson was taken In charge clared that the operators stood post by her nunt Mrs Belle Chester of lively and determinedly against any 1G77 Malden Lane Mrs Chester advance whatever Tho operators of Informed the college authorities of the Southwestern district united th recoveryThe despondent fiver with the oparatqrs of the Central dis trict In caucus and bcith agreed to her failure at school and iwhonBUe standby thf position taken by Mr I left left the fpUo fng notes the first Bobbins r to her sehoohuatiesn The operators nt the late afternoon Girls Tell thejM to mqko no at- session of the joint scalp committee tempt to find mentor t will likely not l of the Central district presented their be found You will all doubtless demand which was that the present think I atri nptt a lltuous glr1 as scale standa The committee then That Is UBualfy thjjj thought when took an adjoujrumontB4iHw > girls leave sutdyilyrfjBuit my Gpd knows I am a8 far ronlanything of aomhmsu UNISt1L that kind as anyone could be Doub less you will never know why I leave Tribe of lien Iliir Sent Out ltecel Then followed some Instructions for IDurs or what to tell time various teachers and of what disposition to make of Court No 4I TrIbe irf Bon Hur her belongingstoday did somothlng probably un A letter she left for her sister precedented In tho history of organ Miss Abbey Davidson la as follows izations of this kind It sent out I I rimy never XMy Darling Sister through Its local o Hears receipts to see you again In this world and God time local mombors fur tholr tissue only knows the anguish it causes me all and atGOsamonlB for February and I know you to write these words all will think strange of my going MarchThis wits dune liocuuso thuro was away But never think Im not a found to boa surplus on hand and while It could have boon spont for u banquet It was deemed best tn never be found I cannot spend It In this way Mr II C Da My mind Is lighted vs Is child and Mr Frod Hath suo Oh sorrow of all sorrows learn IIiQort IItt rotor of the local trlbo this Is the worst one breaking I had bright hopes ohc hl 11iRi tiIds11I bile alas theynre gone Tni tearing word for thou tn Jnd1iiirtrrnktdMyour 18ubotll It ti nrlgnhmstLrnii i it heIM lilt Ion wear my clothe and enjoy thom If youTcair for I cannot J C Flournoy J D Mpcqubt W You The Joy of my life 10 gone Pllumiuol and T B HarrUon tho write Bro Connell for me I cant Ho sent me a pretty little pin with omnilttoo appointed by the local his monogram on 111H M In the manufacturers to go to Frankfort take IIn tho Interest of some legislation trunk You pan w Loforo the IcKlsInturo loft last nuilockct i Mr Ggorgo Walters also iMy prayers will always be that night Give wont up In the Interest of tho local God may take care of you llolj my love also grand unions Mzzloam Be good girls and ma and grandpa I Small Suit for Rent If we never meet again In this world Justice Chnrlos Emery Is this af God known we will meet in heaven I love you with all my heart With ternoon trying the case of the Itcd Cross Laundry company against Sam bleeding Heart I say goodbye Connell is studying for the Simon colored for rent alleged to Mr ministry and last summer was a be due The allcgud debt Is 26 prop visitor at the Coulter home four and and an attachment was run on The laundry is lotulles from hayfield and erty of Simon onehalf Mr Council urged marriage The cated at Seventh and Adams girl once showed a picture of Mr Subscribe for Tho Sun and sold tlihtho whs going Rudy 7mnrddoi6alrshelCimild help to 263771 273767 1a i 193759213769- t tfKBRUARY I 0 13712 23716 43712 63704 9h724 113715 i MAYFIELD > i J DIFFERENCE SUSTugiDiY v Ii + GIRL coughs hard colds bronchitis consumption IN LUNGS And it certainly strengthens weak throats Uni Tn the Edinburgh and weak lungs There can be no mistake WAS DESPONDENT versity three human lungs lie side by side One is of an Eskimo and is snow white In life this would be ruddy Letters Indicate Sho WasBlue with rich blood Another is SALOONKEEPER IS and Unhappy that of a coalminer and is is of a town black The other dweller and is a dirtyslate WitH Fliuilly l oiinil Worklnjj In K gray as are the lungs of most She lA SAY Till OIKUATOIIS IX TIIKI1J uUvillo lintel its Chamber why DKMAXD TO MINI ltS t cityresidents Thats meld Today vi consumption thrives in cities If llartomlcr Disobbyn Orders One reason why Scotts Emulsion docs so much to COULDNT PASS KXAMINATIOV Joint Scale Coniniltlefi Nan In SIS 1sad Violates gabbatli tifon Imlellitllo Adjournment i eep down consumption is k Likely because it helps to keep the t lungs clean and supplies If Saloon Keejier Illuiholf Is Nut Feb Louisville NeIther IH Letters Bonds them with rich red blood It ura Davidson Ky Mayflcld 1MissLgirl who the 1 1tNING P < = I11c11 II oiiItiIjtnWt 1tF Lt J WL day around Tomorrow Is Will ho see his shadow Proof of onofl temper thereoft Hogr Is thin loss J > j tijr 4n 1 J

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