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Image 3 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 1, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

t c It S roBE PABUCAH EVENING afltmSDAY PKHhUAIlY 1 SUNlr c I V V 1 111 r 4 REMOVED THE BODY BANKS WILLING TO PUSS 14 YEARS Rudy Phillips PAY THEIR SHARE FROM THE CHURCH mid 1IIc Cure lrOclack When the Minister Said the But They Claim They Have Man Was in Hell Been OvorTnxod hi Plain Wrapper to Kveryoue Who i Writes 1 tJ Texas Woman Loses AO Pounds It Is Predicted Tint the Present While In a TranceIlat Legislature Will Baser a New Weather Kills Illinolsaiis Law Soon Jt IV I havo been a I OTHKK This man Is bound to go to hell they say tho pastor declared Ills wise sat there and wo couldnt stand for It Of course wo tenor Charley wasnt an angel but If the preacher couldnt havo said some thing good about him ho ought to have kept still I 1Tr1al trying but one treat I nm free Pyramids sufferers of this dread try this medicinethe Pyramid Pile Cure It will euro when all others fan Sincerely yours Jlranclgh Schellburg Pa Anyone suffering tram tho tern bio torture burning and Itching of piles will got Instant relief from the treatment wo send out free at our KFKKCTS J pleased with Local bankers were the decision of the court of appeals yesterday In which tho court states that government fronds are exempt from taxation Wo are willing to pay our Just proportion of the taxes but we have been burdened Under the present system of taxation said a banker today Under this decision all government bonds held by a bank aro exempt from taxation and wo could If we so desired Invest all our surplus money In bonds about September 1st and this would bo exempt from taxation when itlme for tho assessment arrived Septem Of course this will not bo bor iCth done and would not bo permitted long anyway as new laws taxing tho banks will no doubt bo Intro duced In the present legislature I believe tho court of appeals render ed this decision when It did to give this legislature time to prepare new tax bill and I think It will be Pounds III n Surgical operation for piles Is norvorachlng cruel and rarely a permanent success Hero you can get a treatment that Is quick easy to apply and Inexpensive and free from tho publicity and humiliation you suffer by doctors examination Pyramid Pilv Cure Is made In the form of oasy to use suppositories Tho coming of a cure Is felt the mo talent you begin to uso It and your suffering ends Send your name and address ai k lof havo It I lIJInt In Pmliicali Crnck Colored Team lie ctIve Hood otters lmS1 The fame of the Paducah colored baseball team has spread and mem bers of the team are being sought after by teams In tho largest cities Ini 1A the couiittry a Louts Thomas who played short Stop for the team has received an offer from Chicago to play with the Leland Giants Chicagos crack col Ho also has a chance ored team to go with what Is reputed to be the best colored team In New York city Pearl tread who played loft Geld positions on Is also being offered loams In Chicago and Now York and both Head and Thomas may go to Chicago In a few days to complete l1ho arrangements The Paducah colored team did ex- cellent work last season and won a reputation as bclnit the best colored team on the road It played oil teams accepting challenges and de rented them all excepting the Chatta- nooga team which broke even with It In a series of sir games three here and three at Chattanooga w awhen t you aslc for Mrs Austins Pancako flour Insist upon having It and say Mrs Austins and no other a I ew A SAFEGUARD To guud against all possible errors every prescription that leaves our store is doublecheckedbyTwo REGISTERED DRUGGISTS- A written guaran tee that It is abso lately correct i iu every detail is there on attached I 5 pierces of 27 inch Black Taffeta Silka quality we sell regularly for 85c for this special ALVEY Engraved script cards 125 Old English 300 during January at The Sun 0 Mc i til t Ph UGGISTS 412414 Broadway 108 that 63c 2Sc I I I < eachof sheer Union Linen suitable for waists etc Our spring 35c value this special for 10 pieces 24 yards I RemnantsI Half Price All Silk I 1 c I I MOKE POSITIONS Drug Co 12444 once to Pyramid Pyramid Building Marshall Mich end let by return mall tho treat ment wo will sand you free In plain wrapper liter aotlng for yourself what I fan dp you can got a regular Cull size luickaga of Pyramid Pile Cure from any druggist nt CO cents each or on receipt of price wo will mull you same ourselves If ho should not L t Arc To Ho Filled The Govern ment- soaped I t IThe + 9 Oclock address I t M vs 11own tLOIOlUm FKKIt expense in plain scaled pack ago to everyone sending name and + TO Trance Fort Worth Tex Feb 1 + Mrs ft A McCaulloy aged GO and re- siding on Polytechnic heights has lain In a deep trance or sleep for twontyono days On January 9 Oh my she reeled and exclaimed head These were the last words done Tho local boards of supervisors sho has spoken and sho has taken nourishment but three times during will havo to take about 3OflOO tho Interval Sho has lost 60 pounds oft tho assessments against the lo In weight and Is very much emac cal national banks tho City Amer iated Physicians pronounce It n leanGerman and First and this case of hacmoplesla and they say will deprive the city county and state of about 10000 revenues this Is no hope of recovery there year Igorrotes In n Panic Tho bankers hope that something Now Orleans In Fob like tho old Hewitt law will bo pass Jgorrotcs wintering In Athletic paTh ed by tho llegislature for tho taxa created n groat uproar In that sec tion of banks Under this law tho then of tho city and It was necessary tanks paid 7bc on tho UOO on ItsI how to turn In a riot call PucAaUn capital with an exemption tho chief of tho colony died Sunday ever of 10 por cent of Its capital and tho Igorrotes Imagine they are and 47 4c on the UOO of surplus They This was an Incentive for tho banks bolng haunted by his ghost became so panicstricken with fear to build up a surplus fund and this morning that they broko out made for solidarity of such Institu Under tho present taxation of the park and started uptown tons yelling Bargaining and beating tin tho banks havo been paying out most pans and other nolso producing In of their earnings In preference to piling up a surplus to be taxed as struments they have boon dollar for dollar We would bo willing to pay Winin Weather Killed Mrn the U50 per UOO under a law slaps Danville 111Fob score or more of deaths In Yermll to tho Hewitt law said a banker This would be about what lion county in tho last fortyeight today hours many aro attributed by pity everyone else Is paying sicians to tho warm weather It Is tho highest death rate ever known Till KOUIITKKNTH here There aro many cases of ma- laria typhoid fever and measles Ituslncss Womans Cluh to He Or Kniilzcd In Kentucky Farmers nro snaking maplo sugar Feb Louisville Ky and fruit buds aro swelling causing fruit growers to fear tho crop will Louis Leo Hardln a former Ken bo destroyed by later freezes tucklan but now a resident of Den ver Col Is In Louisville to organ Was 1ost 11 Years ize a Kentucky Business Womans posKvansvlllo Ind Feb League The organization already tal card mailed at Richmond Va has lodges In thirteen states and August 2G 1S92 and addressed to Miss Hardln will break tho spell of 1C St tho hoodoo number by establish tho Lout vlllc EvatiBVlllo Louis railroad now tho Southern ing the fourteenth In this state railroad arrived horo today and Tho organization will bo perfect The card had been ed this evening was delivered Tho object Is to lost In the mails fourteen years ameliorate the conditions of tho working women and helping them To Abolish Capital Punishment to acquire a trade education while Fob Ohio Columbus pursuing their ordinary vocations senate passed a bill abolishing cap Membership In tho lodge will be ital punishment for persons con- transferable In tho event that a victed of murder In tho first degree member moves front ono city to an except whpro the conviction shall bo other for a second offense The bill now goes to tho louse Nothing will relieve Indigestion that is not a thorough digestant Killed Ily llnw Peanuts Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what Guthrlt Okla Fei lVernon you eat and allows tho stomach to Stettmund aged 12 Is dead in rest recuperate grow strong again Chandler as a result of citing too A few doses of Kodol after meals will A postmortem soon restore many raw peanuts the stomach and digest- examination revealed Como of the Ive organs to a full performance of kernels wholo In hit stomach their functions naturally Sold by Lang Dros CHIIOXIO GATAltltll CUIIKD Dentil at Central City The IUeiuniknhle 1tetieryof Mr Central City Ky Feb lndrMepihan Unparalleled la Med a wellknown Coffmaun ical History wealthy retired farmer of McLean county died suddenly at his home Columbus 0 Feb LTho case in this city of cardiac asthma and of Mr Wogahan who hasbeen cured hoart trouble at tho advanced ago of catarrh after suffering from the of seventyfive years disease for thlrtyflvd years proves that this disease can be cured Irre Nature needs only a Little Early Mr spective of climatic conditions Riser now and thdn to keep the bowMogahan Is connected with tho Unit- els clean the liver active and the ed States Carriage company of this system free frdm bile headaches city constipation Early Miser Pills never creams and gripe Inhalations vapors Sold by Lang Dros all similar remedies only irritated Being thoroughly disthe disease heartened he sent to the Austrian RUBBER GLOVES dispensary 32 West 25th street New York City for a tree trial bottle of FOUNTAIN SYRINGES ascatco and after taking the remedy for six months he was entirely cured HOT WATER BOTTLES Hs advice to all sufferers from ca- tarrh asthma and bronchitis Is to Fresh Supply at give the ascatco treatment a fair trial < LISTDRand be permanently cured IiOMN HO diG I PADUCAII Terre Haute Ind Feb IWhenas It Is reported Rev Mr iBulgcn pastor of the Christian church at Ellsworth said in a funeral sermon that Charles Robbins whoso body lay In front of the pulpit had lived n life which would send him to hell Ilobblns coal miner friends walked forward and taking up tho coffin carried It out of tho church 1 c HAPPKXIXGS r ytthat k KillUK Linn eSalet Friday Morning terrible sufferer of piles for fourteen 14 years and during nil this time you can have an idea of how many kinds of medicine I tried But I found no relief what over I felt there must bo something could euro mo without having to undergo an operation which might kill mo Now after mont of your tree to toll all fur disease to BROADWAY Silk and Bo iMiillcd 219223 C Terrible Case Cured iuliiktisly With Only Ono TrentiiHiit or 1yru I Lo- 300 Announcement Is made for exam motions to bo held in Paducah by tho Civil Service commission for a variety of positions most of which are well paid On February 20 and 21 examina tions for draughtsman In tho land office at several Western points will bo held The pay Is 4 a dartOn February 21 tho position of plant pathologist In tho experiment sta tion of tho agricultural department at Mayaguez Porto Rica which pays 1200 a year will bo contest od for as will the position of statis tical expert In the geological survey Assayers and nt the same salary ore dressers in the geological survey and nautical experts are wanted and each position carries with It a salary of 1000 a year Oa February 20 27 and 28 examinations will bo held for tho po sition of cadet In the revenue serv ice Railway clerks will bo secured by an examination February 28 and as the service Is in tho South west tho examination Is limited to SHOES FOR MEN AND WOMEN In its purchases the public has demon str ted that 300 is the real popular price for shoes both for men and women Recog nizing this fact wt are continually striving to keep our 3 line the strongest and best obtainable anywhere In order to do this we have had to choose always a shoe made to wear and NOT made to yield a long We know that this course pays profit for our customers have the pleasant though habit of coming back for the next pair you see it pays them too THE ONLY WAY to Foot Comfort is Lydons Shoe Line Lendler > LENDLER 309 Broadway J LYDON Paducah Ky citizens of Arizona California Ida ho Nevada Now Mexico Utah and Wyoming HIiiKWoriii E T Lucas Wlngo Ky writes For 10 to 12 years April 25 1902 I had been afflicted with a malady The Itching known as the itch was most unbearable I had tried for years to find relief having tried all remedies I could hear of besides a I wish to state number of doctors that one single application of Bal lards Snow Liniment cured me com- pletely and permanently Since then I have used the liniment on two sep arate occasions for ring worm nnd It 25c DOc and 1cured completely at Alvey Lists and G C C Kolas Will Messenger hospitalThe of the hospital doctors will show an exceedingly mild quarter very little Illness and but few accidents being reported Tho win- ter so far has been very mild and Transfer Man 111 Roy Webb of tho Palmer Trans- fer company Is confined to his room at Hotel Hall with a severe case of mumps Ho will be unable to fill his position for a week or more Mayfield Messenger AT THE MODEL 2s 14 OFF IALL 111 Si SECOND STNEXT DOOR COMPANY PER CT MENS BOYS I and CHILDRENS Suits and Overcoats 20 PER CENT 15 OFF ON ALL HATS Per Cent 110 Off on All Shoes Bro gans Excepted Full Line of Mens Odd Pants at Less Than Manufacturers Wholesale Price 10 Per Cent Off on Flannel Top Shirts 10 We have just finished our yearly Inventory and have many bar gains to offer you which our small space prevents mentioning in this ad r l ji Subscribe for Tho Sun Cut Prices Remember II The Now Cough Syrup the one that acts as a mild cathartic on tho bowelsIs Kennedys Laxative hon- ey and Tar It expels all cold from the system cuts the phlegm out of the throat strengthens the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes and relieves croup whooping cough etc Children love It Sold by Lang Bros Meeting trite regular quarterly meeting of tho Illinois Central hospital associa tion board Is set for next week and tho board will probably discuss sev- eral Important Improvements at tho Colored Couple Marry nt Maylleld Wednesday morning ut 10 oclock at tho home of C Thomas colored on East Water street Lona H Car man of the city and Dane Darton of Paducah were joined In the sa Dr cred bonds of hymeneal bliss D H Burkes officiated In tho cere mony and the couple after being the recipients of showers of congratula tions departed for Paducah their fu ture home The bride is the daugh ter of Marshall Carman a highly re spected colored farmer north of the cltyMayfield Hold Its Quarterly Next Week generally has been good among tho employes The matter of building a conta gious ward or converting an out building into such a ward has never been definitely settled anti may be brought up for final and definite ac tion at tho meeting The matter of beautifying tho hospital yard this spring will also come up There ira walk outlines for the yard which have never been ordered made and other similar Improvements to bu discussed health I C HOSPITAL HOAUU Itch +p o o D

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