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Image 2 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 1, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

THE PADUCAEL TW J I- NIN X mlw > TmTRfllVATf V1 4 f TRACK CHANGES j WILL BENEFIT I BOOST FOR PADUCAH l i Danderine AN Y 15 OU I MQ T R 0 Tr J Wetboost by talking with LIGHT Let us do some of YOUR talking for you Our LIGHT talks while SUPKUVISOIl TO COMIC The I The Paducah Light and Power INCORPORATEDt 406 BROADWAY I Cbe Kentucky STILL IN DARK Telephone 548 MATINEE AND NIGHT XO Tuesday Feb 6 B That She Was Mur d crcd nt Kvnnsvllle Did ADAMS EVERYBODY CAN HAVE NICE HAIR NOW end you dont have to watt around weeks and monthb for results either you wary first will see Improvements from 0 C tier lIalr Taku on New In the Nashville MUSICAL COMEDY Tenn Feb 1Llttle I Bankersand Ceutltraen S- at first c s Sincerely t t I i ta i I f I agon ther prellaredI 1errects I 1 j I tlIto i DYSPEPSIA CURE terlPaul I j otI workI I 1111I 1 t heartI = r t minuteI lit tlmeitht trial sli contains 2H MSrAltD E C DoWITT Se LANC HIIOS I find that will begin oh residences residences as a general rule poorly wired In Paducah In ninny in stances the wiring has bon done no badly that the appearances of the home lot atone the safeness of tho wiring Is spoiled by the class of work put up Mr Evertz will continue In the place Until a regular man Is appoint ed and dived Into tho work today He oxpeote to sue more with a vim electricians at work In Pndncarrtlrl summer than ever before In the his ONLY AT UnI jewelryt J e j tf iteaiitVi id 1 WANNER r K which seUa for Or SO THE IASOIATOIT COMPANY CUlLI CHICAGO ILL I It s Triplet Dies In Texas Owonsboro Ky Feb IRobertS Trlilott formerly of Owoniboro died of heart disease In Waoo TqX Ho was born In Loulavlllo In Sop ember loS and was a don of tugs late Hobart Triplet Ho Ipavuk u widow who was Miss horn Wolf a daughter of Jamos Wijlr of Ow The HHboro and ono dniiphtor funeral will be hold In Owensboro Thursday aUornoouJ 1 1 i Engraved cards and plate J125 at The Sun office If you have not read A Mothers Remorsee t + ceiveI Subscribe at once I andre PICTURE FRBB See premiums a- tQRONERS rl 120 Broadway- S r l15he LENOX HOTEL IN J BUFFALOJ 4 Modern Highest Grade Fireproo Throughout EUROPEAN PLAN 4 J t y Rates not excessive though The Lenox is noted for the excellence of in cuisine and general i servicet < laI onceI tcampogary t cersEngraving I Ms LATEST s gro- I t I DIGESTS WHAT YOU EAT The St 00 btltie i i nlnlrrlnI sett we f NEW YORK CITY betlI DrjJollncityI lut r mr WALLICE KodoI5014I I thet i I j WA1UCH To showhowqukklr wilt send I tree by return malt enua thus auveninemmi to Ids Knonllnn llatiitrrlnn Cu Clilroeo with FREE t I This GREAT IIAIR GROWING REMEDY can now be had at all Druggists in three sizes 2Sc SOc and 100 per bottle I ftMtriMl K JliANKTTK I sIISTCChY 1Seals > Ito IaudctluewtllulwyshacmyhestwBlu Pullman Conductor Stull was sen by Detectives Irwin and Dowd Mr Stull was shown the photograph of Mrs Mangrum but failed to recog He was asked if he couldI An Optical Treat In Scenery Cos nlze her remenjber having her on ills train on I tumes Electric Effects the night of December 14 bound for Company of 47 Chorus of 30 Chicago and he was unable to tell i whether she was or not but seemedI Prices Matinee children 25c to think that she was not aboard his GOc Night prices 25c 35c adults tralp The result of this last move 50c 75c and 100 leaves the local officers almost at the on sale Monday 9 a m end of their Investigation here for they have been unable to trace Mrs Mangrum front the time she arrived I Iflztlnnilntsoelnlocent tit I he so t at the Union Station and all efforts I to remove here Mr McXamara iIs I to learn of her afterwards have looking for a suitable residence now I proved futile Gov Bradley was imoicad amid Supt A H Egan and Roadmastor A new theory has been advanced I F L Thompson of the Louisville cheers from the banqueter and Ian In the case and that Is that she metl division of the I C who have been a brief talk so well Interspersed with her death at or near Evansville Ind In Paducah on business returned to humorous stories pertaining to Ken Miss Emerson Last Night Many officers and persons familiar Louisville this morning tucky that he kept the audience in Miss Mary Emerson In Wilt 0 case think He re- almost continuous laughter Wisp was greeted by two fairly with what is known of the the ferred to the great mon of Kentucky large audiences yesterday afternoon they have good grounds for heifer CUACIC laUDKIt CREW ing that she was killed at Evansvlllo mahy of whom attained national dts Miss Emerson Is not and evening unknown lnf Paducah having been If she went on the EvansvllleChl Is Wlntt Cnpt Joe Collins Has at tlnctfoii and to Wood ron Stone cago train the night of December 14 Crlttenden Francis and Vest all here last season In His Majesty and Central Station t It Is possible that she might have left Kentuckians who achieved fame In the Maid and she Is a clever actress He dwelt at some length Missouri The play seems to have given satls the train at Evansville Knockout a ftfctlon and the company Is excep- drops or chloroform could have bee on tho largo number of Keatucklans more body station is reaching out after Ho said his state loved tionally well balanced H E Hum administered to her and her laurels In the perfection of the Pa In Missouri hrown into the Ohio river phrey In the lead proved himself a says he Virginia because she was the mother Evansville Is only about eight ducuh fire department and 1 capable actor and Marie Falls as to lad of Kentucky and shlTlovoa Missouri miles distant from Cairo and for Intends 5fhave the crack aerial because she was the daughter of the state body to float there is within the der crew star Miss Emerson Leslie Palmer the Captain Collins once every week KentuckyDr bounds of reason though it would A Jenkins president of as Barbara a comedy role presented I only a short time for gives his men a drill In the operation the Kentucky uiverslty at Lexington one of the most original and laugh- seemingly take of the aerial truck and tie crew has Although It Is generally able character parts seen at the thea It to do so remarkably with the lad- gavo a talk on OldTransylvanla supposed that she met death on the progressed ter In some time der It requires but 4 action of a the original name given the Institu night she left tho city here there is tion over which ha presides which no evidence to that effect and her minute to raise the adder now and was founded in 1799 Capt Collins intends to ufrlii his lad Hankers and Ilrokcrs unfortunate end nay have come sevExCoy D R Francis spoke on the Yorke and Adams aro coming der crew to such perfection that the eral days after she left herehomeComing Week beginning This announcement means a night of After leaving Nashville DecembeJune 13 next when the Kentuckians joyous mirth to all who have heard f4 stopped af er njakluh Mrs Mangrum was expected to trucks well In all parts of thai world are Invited them before In Bankers and go to St Louis and was to visit a- a run Brokers Yorke and Adams offer aWhile there has been little use for to attend a grand reunion at Louis the hotel where she was ville lie spoke of the part taken new musical comedy a tuneful trifle trlendAt to have stopped mall was found ad tho truck since the city installed It by Kentucky at the worlds talc say come an opportunity to brimful of rollicking humor and em dressed to her there was no evi there might Ken- bowered with a bevy of pretty girls use It any day and Capt Collins ing that Missouri owed it to dence that she ever reached St Louis tucky to return the visit and clever comedians wishes to be Brilliant cos Miss Lucille Campbell rendered tumes elaborate scenery and novel TO ONE excellent songs and Miss Xannta liar will all contribute toward Take CURE A COLD IN Quinine DAY FIXK WORK LAXATIVK BROMO Tablet I bee a monologue and a recitation rounding out an entertainment com- Druggists refund money If it alii to cure H Songs wore plete in every particular A rattling W OKOVBS signature loa each box All the Supervisors Notices Served Both are Kentuckians 2SeI also rendered by Dempster Qodlove good time may be anticipated by all In One Week Steve Martin WALL FELL IX who attend the performance at The Sheriff John Ogllvie yesterday af- and Kentucky on next Tuesday matinee ternoon finished serving notices At the Stutz Candy Factory at See tent out by and night IOU wmivcj the county tax books out mud Jefferson 1 supervisorsThere Ilndly Needs Attention mid New In Paul Jhtsser Dead several thousand A portion of the P E Stutz candy j pect ir Will Look After It Dresser New York Feb them and each deputy sheriff was I a song writer whoso Banks of the factory at Second and Jefferson assigned to districts In the county Mr P 0 Evertz who was yester- Wabash and The Blue and theIstreets fell down Monday night or In this way the notices wcro served Tuesday morning early and did sev Gray brought his name Into public In little more than a weeks UmeIday temporarily appointed wire In at the home of his sisterIeral hundred dollars worth of dam It was a very quick job and Sheriff spector for the city to fill tho va- notice died MY Dresser was born age Jn this city Ogllvla has been highly compliment cancy paused by the resignation of The rear portion constructed of I Inspector William flllsdorf stated years ago In Terre Haute fortyseven on his brick seemed to have tumbled down ed t this morning that he would push Ind The constant vibration from tho portion of the You will never tiro of Mrs Austins work In the business power house situated in the rear of city before Inspecting the residences 11 Then She Accepted Pancakes A fresh supply now on the candy factory on Second I Tho Fair Young GlrlDllt theyI streetI is the only cause to which the pro hand nt your ducah needs remodeling Inspector t flY you have a bad I prietor of the factory can attribute Evertz stated and I will look after who hasjj Tho Old Millionaire this at once The Intersection of propdsedf Yes Im liable to drop the accident The damage to the building will streets at many places In the city dead any I amount to several l hundred dollars shows a bad system of wiring and It Tho Fair Young GIrlThen wellIIfully covered by Insurance Having In our employ Mr I be- The be attended to at once be married at I A Shene an expert hand en building is owned ny LoebBloom h lIeve that one year at good herd c Co graver we are prepared to do work on the part of the electricians Somertnachlnery for the manufac all kinds of engraving on steel and property ofrnprs will be suffi FAD I ture of candy was damaged in the It Ii quite the rage now to take leat to nut the city in a safe posi collapse and this will amount to wood pearl and Quinine in place ef the ion In the wiring matter lne Un cam pog ary about 250 or E300 The work of Mr Qllsdorf has most of the work Le take and gives betterrremoving the debris I and rebuilding In the business portion of tho city JEWELER AND OPTICIAN results You try it At all drug t the collapsed portion of the factory 428 Broadway gilt 250 up to requirements anti niter I havo QW PaIr House 1 Is now under course completed the work In this seclton I Brokers lnot Your Dandr rine hat made my hair grow 1 over three feet longer luau It was when I 1 gait In use I long Illh now over five feetUltly and keeps tlsht on ironlnc It r eniito crnnl juloliiiy Kalrv It I Ko + sy pod ulce Life and Grows 3 KsnwLTov tJuPI1RIJCn Co dJEANETTE light has been thrown on the mys tery surrounding tho murder of Mrs Rosa Mangrum an I relatives and police officers are as much In the dark in regard to Information con corning her wilqroabouts after she arrived at the Union Station here a t Feet Longer than It was Ucfore I 1 4 iT application yards Improvements to the Cairo extension of the road are also under con sideration It is practically settle- d Sul W Uth Street that the Cairo extension will be supplied with the heaviest rails on the system The present rail Is 75 pounds but the SB pound rail will be substituted This move was necessi fated by tho Installation of the big SOI class freight engines on this extension The heaviest tracks are necessary for these class engines There are several other track Im- provements under consideration by I t the higher officials at Chicago and It Is understood the recommendations CLfll will be sent In within a few with Instructions to the road departEnjoys nn Addrct From Partner ment to proceed with the work I Governor Jradley It is understood that Mr William McXamara supervisor of tracks of St Louis Mo Kobl IWilliam the Louisville division of the I C will remove his headquarters to Pa O Bradley who bears the distinc ducah shortly lie is now at Prince lieu of fhavlng ban one of Ken ton but as there Is a groat deal ofr tuckys few litpttblidm governor wont to be done on this ont of the wnthe principal speaker at the ICen division which calls for his presence tucky societys banquet at the Plant ors hotel Tuesday night It WM the A Now Theory Is CAN PROVE IT r I1KHK anjlbasket VJLLK E Forrester Presents the Clever Comedians YORK EVIOKXCi THAT MRS MAX CJUUM KVKU LKIT XASH- WE AND road Is preparing to make extensive improvements in track work this spring In and about Paducah and the Improvements will greatly facilitate the handling of logs for the several big mills and manu facturing concerns In Paducah One of the most Important im- provements now under consideration and which is said to have been defi nitely decided on Is to be made at Island Creek The road In tends to Install a series of tracks with incline in the Island Creek vicinity to facili tate the handling of logs from tha river The arrangement will be slnil lar to tthat at Brookport and will cost a great deal It will not only mean ft great saving In time and labor but will cut off n great expense to the manufacturers not losated on tile Col j t you Bleep I I Bairt for This Year The Handling of Loge VJI1 He Great ly FiicllftJitPd Jty One of tho Improvement y- I I = es 44I Grew 4Miss Wallices r C Contemplates Several Chan N Wlrt Reservations at our eipenie L GEORGE DUCHSCHERER North St tit Delaware Ave PItOrRiEToaJJ tt FI MOVEDr Northa 4 i To our new quarters 121123 Fourth street Foreman Bros Novelty Co tI I INeeNPtlllAT Both Phones 757 h It J

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