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Image 1 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 1, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

J r f A THIS WKATHKU Generally ri fair tonlfflit rout Friday colder VOL > t r- FIRE ON TRANSPORT E CAUSED LOSS OF LIFE II I The Meade Was Ready to SailPanama Today Visited By 500000 Blaze 1The He Countenanced Hazing andI Roos Manufacturing Plant Jlas 100000 Loss Was Court Martialed t deem krT 1Sec 1on a Feb1A i partment The Ore was discovered In the for ward hold Fully a thousand troops were aboard and everything was In readi ness to sail for Manila this morning The names spread rapidly and in a few minutes the hold was a raging pit All the available fire apparatus of the city responded to the alarms Eight hundred barrels of lime were stored In the hold and tho fume rendered unconscious jill who at Firemen finally tempted to enter got the flames under control dollars f Hepburn Two Killed Jly Explosion boilCarrollton Mr Feb er of the grist mill of W H Hart ford ten miles northwest of here exploded killing Hartford and War- ren Swank The bodyof Swank was blown 100 yards and when recovered was beIng torn by hogs 1ime UatclIIl- IIn lWdhloctoilW CiFob IIn 1Jhe ducah Factory The immigration IMOKK I MEN FOR COLUMBIA I which was called by the legislature of Pennsylvania and I II anxious for his hill to pass In time to secure the approval of tho plan by the divorce congress The bill appears to have the syp port of a majority of the members oi The bill does not tho legislature provide tho place or time of holding such a congress but It will very likely bo held In Louisville some time next fall or winter The title of the bill Is as follows An act providing for tho appoint ment by the governor of this corn monwcalth of three delegates to forl mulato a law to be presented to Jthc Washington Orders au Investigation of It Fire Tuesday night at Chtcagi completely destroyed with a JliQO 000 loss tho curtain pole and wood novelty plant of time ROOS Manfact wring Co and a Paducah industry 13 destined to be greatly enlarged The Roos plant was owned by the father of Edward Boos Jr prod dent and manager of the Columbia Manufacturing Co a company thai came to Paducah tho first of the soar and lIfeascd the plant former used by Uio Rex Manufacturing Co The pjLantr hero was to be used a3 art auxiliary to tho Chicago plant btrt tile destruction of the Chlcagc plant will result in the sending ol all orders for it to the local plant Wo will not rebuild our Chicago plant said Mr Roos today but we ahull divert all tho business that we have manufactured there to our Paducah plant Wo aro now work Ing about 25 hands so now we shall have to increase this force to at least 100 The work will be sent to Paducah at once and tho in crease In the operating force made In a few days Mr Boos leaves for Chicago tonight State Departments 1 l 935000 Appropriated for Napkins vllle A yluiii Use = lloii J Cl enr Spoke Today 4 OTIlim FJIAXKFOUT NOTES I con Fob legislature concerning the regulation Camp twit commIttee In tho Charles and control of pools trusts and combell case from Pike county reported binations In restraint of trade and to tho Republican Riving Campbell Invite the cooperation of the governscat and allowing each sldo J7C ors of other states of the United and tho roport was adopted unanl States to appoint like commissioners inotiBly for the assembling and providing Judge E Barry of Marshall of- and working of such delegates and fered a resolution calling for tho a- for the defraying 6f the expenses in- pointment of a committee of fivo by cident to the carrying out of this tho Speaker to Investigate the var act ious departments of the state to as certain whether any useless salaries IIAXKKU DKAD Frankfort Ky ITho Jtbls I pt wore being paid In the administra Lion of Kentuckys affairs and to In- TnniiH Weir Passes Away at Ills quIre into conditions generally The Home In Oircnsboro resolution recited that It had been offered as the result of tho goverOwensboro Ky Feb IJames nors moHsago declaring it desirable Weir president of tho National DeResolution posit bank and the ncstor of the Da to keep down expenses adopted 43 to IS vless county bar died at his reef Th Allen bill to removo tho dence at 930 oclock Waveland doubt as to alto day upon which thu last night legislature shall elect a United He was In his eightyfifth year States senator was passed and although lie had been gradually The Linn bill authorizing the growing weaker for weeks members county fiscal courts to fix the day of his family did not think tho end for lotting contracts for working was near He Is survived by one sister and roads by taxation was passed 35000 six children One of his daughters The bill appropriating fQr Improvements at the Hopkins Mrs Robert S Trlplott of Waco Tex is accompanying the remaIns of vllle asylum passed unanimously The bill to Increase the salary and her husband who died Tuesday to force of the railroad com Owensboro was made a special order COMMITTKK KKlOUT for next Tuesday Former Score tIny John G Carlisle spoke three Said to Ho Against Trustee Byrd Will He lirouuht In Tuesday Boon merely saying ho was glad be sack to Kentucky and thanking The school board will meet In regu them for the Invitation lar session Tuesday night The com A Trust Rill mittee appointed to investigate Into Kentucky the eligibility of Trustee W T Byrd Ky Feb 1 take the first steps for will bring In Its report Jt Is said It conference looking to will be unfavorable toJir Byrd and securing uniform legislation upon according to a statement of a mem- Senator Wheeler ber of the board today he will not questions Campbell Introduced a bH In the be seated There are several memsenate providing for the appointment bers who are In faVor of seating him op- of a commission from Kentucky and but a majority Jpf the board IB I states to take allwUr posed Jo lh hofdlns that heSis not l I ttviU rpther IIoio etortiiwC1 i frottoa U hoUl Jn oH rt L O< < 0 twas e- ats I e1mtsalon Tw j l r tFrankrort ri iitrust T 1KLICK CANT SUKAIl New Role Being l lIrlllclll Louis In St t 1A to 0 St Louts Fob 1 Recently tho board of police commissioners Issued an order prohibiting policemen from wearing on duty1 and tonight an ardor was issued that policemen shall arrest all persons whomay be heard using profano lahgtfage on the After it reels and In public places ho boards order wits issued one Ilatrolmansworo and was fined 90 desirable Immigrants for tho past several years and find out whan ian guages they speak and when title Is done to send them the advertising rnatter tho committeo proposes to Issue and he also will got lists of people In these states from mem hers of congress IMcCracken county has some lands that aro find for truck farm Ing said Mr Wheeler today We nil know wo havo a good many Gardners right hero on tho market who have made independent fort unes raising vegetables and fruits on the outskirts of the city I know of ono man In Uio county who got s3o for his crop of dew berries last year and can cite you to numerous Instances where land Is bringing In from DO to x100 an acre Sow we propose to have some ono get up all data of this sort that can bo had and there is a host of It here to show what money Is being made in truck farming In McCrack en county The facilities for get ting tho produce to the big markets Attorneys Crice and Ross have pro IN BALTIC REGION pared nndwlll this afternoon file suit In circuit court for Rena Tanner col ored against George Washington Tanner her husband for divorce Flopped and another side of the controversy Women antI Children between Tanner and Prof E W Boys Shot Denton which had attracted atten lion for several weeks until both their marriage man manne cruel and Inhu flttaly ending in driv In Of St Petersburg Feb 1Ativlchs teaching here from tho Baltic regIon which aro believed to be cor meet state that atrocities committed by tho soldiers sent there to pacifs the country aro Indescribable Boys aro shot It is stated because their mothers escaped from tho jjroope and women and small children are Mch1080 Feb IJohn SOc POrkGeDeet t to C He CornSOc per b- eHayIO to IS ehaY11 Lard1OCItaiIUhes2 Lettuce S lhler Midshipman to Grndunt With Class The Hepburn Hill Discussed 1 mtGET lEANS MUCH FOR US WILL GET PARDON n PLAN SUGGESTED T A CHICAGO FIRE KENTUCKY CADET Three Killed at Erie Tunnel Mlddloton N Y Feb 1Three Italian laborers were killed and mST OALLFD FOI three injured In a caveIn at the big BANK rhaft of the Erie tunnel this morn ing Tho shaft Is a hundred and twentyfive feet deep and portion Washington D C Fob of rock and dirt fell from near time rotary of Nnvy Bonaparte today np top killing tho men Instantly proved tho recommendation math by Superintendent Sands pf the na 500000 Fire In Panama pal academy for a pardon for Mid Panama disastrous fire shlpman John Paul Miller of Ken broke out this morning and before It tucky of the firstclass recently was extinguished It caused great convlctcdfby court martial pC countedamage The ire raged in the main nancIng hazing Tho recommendastreet and twentyeight buildings tion was forwardqd to the president Ore department Including the Concordla Hotel occu and delivered and in consideration Tho Injured include officers and i pled by Americans and fifteen stores of tho excellent standing of Miller men of the Meade and of the Ice de were destroyed loss half a million in the class he will bo pardoned San Francisco Cal Feb United States transport Meade load fid with soldiers and supplies and ready to tall for the Philippines caught fire early this morning cans fig loss of life and serious Injury to a number of persons Three oodles have been brought ashore and It Is believed others are I the vessel The dead are TiURD OFFICER C WALLACE of Meade CATT DAICIN of the fire depart ment IIOSEMAN HEJfNBSSY of the nn n 1 PADUCAH KENTUCKY THURSDAY EVENING FEB 1 1906 XVIII NO 28 W r irtbiitttitri t- sIon followed and Qrlaznoff was fit fume orally blown out of the carriage and with his coachman Cossack orderly IJecomes Judge Xuims Secretary and the latters horse was Instantly Alfred Ji HendrIck son of lion A lady who was passing at killed tonight J K Hendrlck leaves position for the throe of the explosion was mor of Franltortto take the tally wounded irlvate secretary to Judge Nunn of v court of appeals Mr Hendrlck he Fighting and Arson kas been In Hendrlck Miller Mar ad St Petersburg Feb dace 1I18s tt41 UclI iJ J t r 1Late < I > Mr Cameron E Happy aged about son of Mr R D Happy deputy revenue collector for this district died at 530 oclock this morning of kidney trouble after an Illness of several weeks 25 The young man was taken 111 about three months ago but was not con lined to his bed until a webk previ- ous to his death Hewas born lu Graves county and resided In Padu- cah in his early youth attending public schools here Several years ago he removed to Mayfield again to reside and lhreo years ago returned to Paducah where fro worked until a short time ago being connected with the Scott Hardware company He leaves parents and several sisters and brothers all residing In Mayfleld and was one of the best known and most popular young men In this city and Mayfield Mr Frank Scott will go down to night to attend the funeral which I i theJ will be held In Mayfield tomorrow morning at 10 oclock Death From Pneumonia aged Mrs Loattcr Cathey wife of Mr J A Cathoy of field road died of pneumonia 30i May- last night She leaves a husband am elx children The funeral woa hold this afternoon ati2oclqckjfrom the home Interment at Halls Cemetery In the county Died of Dropsy Mrs Laura Wallace of 211 Hays avenue died of dropsy yesterday afternoon late She was 20 years old and leaves a husband The body was shipped to Klva Ky on the N C St L road this afternoon for interment i f Where Is lie who w Indifferent to e1iara sot the lady on the dollar

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